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In 1974, after graduating from the M.V. Frunze naval college, specializing in anti-submarine weapons, I was assigned for service to the Red Banner Northern Fleet (4th submarine squadron, at the city of Polyarny).

From August 1974 to October 1978 I served in the positions of commander of a torpedo group, commander of a mine-torpedo combat unit, assistant commander, and senior assistant commander of a large diesel submarine.

From October 1978 to October 1979, I attended the navy’s No. 6 senior specialist officer classes.

From October 1979 to August 1985 I was assistant commander, then senior assistant commander of a cruiser class nuclear submarine (Western Facing).

From August 1985 to September 1988, I commanded the cruiser class nuclear submarine K-369 of the 11th nuclear submarine flotilla of the Northern Fleet (at the port of Gremikha).

In September 1988 I enrolled in the A. Kuznetsov Naval Academy, graduating in June 1991 with a specialisation in Command and staffing, operations and tactics.

From June 1991 to November 1991 I was a representative of the State Naval Inspectorate in the city of Leningrad.

Military dynasty

In our "family of generals" there was a tradition; men should serve as officers in one of the branches of the land-based armed forces.

In 1986, I chose to break this tradition, and instead of the College of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR, I enrolled in the first year course of the anti-submarine faculty of the M.V. Frunze Higher Naval School in Leningrad.

Government service

In 1991, I graduated from the A. Kuznetsov Naval Academy, specialising in Command and staffing, operations and tactics, and was appointed to be in charge of the Baltic group of the State Standing Commission for acceptance of ships for the navy.

In September 1991, I took an active part in the political events of the city of Leningrad, and in December of that year was appointed deputy representative of the President of the RSFSR in Leningrad and the Leningrad Region. In February 1992, I was transferred to the Navy's reserve for organizational and staffing measures. I am a veteran of the ‘cold war’ at sea, and a veteran of military service.

I am a State Councillor of the Russian Federation, Third Class.

1996-2000 годы

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A photo of participants in the return of the Tikhvin Icon of the Mother of God, which commenced in 1995, and for which the blessing of the Patriarch of All Russia, Alexy II, was received.


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