In 1974, after graduating from the M.V. Frunze naval college, specializing in anti-submarine weapons, I was assigned for service to the Red Banner Northern Fleet (4th submarine squadron, at the city of Polyarny).

From August 1974 to October 1978 I served in the positions of commander of a torpedo group, commander of a mine-torpedo combat unit, assistant commander, and senior assistant commander of a large diesel submarine.

From October 1978 to October 1979, I attended the navy’s No. 6 senior specialist officer classes.

From October 1979 to August 1985 I was assistant commander, then senior assistant commander of a cruiser class nuclear submarine (Western Facing).

From August 1985 to September 1988, I commanded the cruiser class nuclear submarine K-369 of the 11th nuclear submarine flotilla of the Northern Fleet (at the port of Gremikha).

In September 1988 I enrolled in the A. Kuznetsov Naval Academy, graduating in June 1991 with a specialisation in Command and staffing, operations and tactics.

From June 1991 to November 1991 I was a representative of the State Naval Inspectorate in the city of Leningrad.

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