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So what are we all to do? Here, we are improving, improving, becoming better, smarter, kinder, but what a pleasure it is when someone makes a decision for you. The she-wolf says to her cubs: “Bite like me”, and that's enough, and she-hare teaches the bunnies: “Run away like me”, and this is also enough, but a person needs someone’s advice — what he should do today, in this, absolutely UNCLEAR situation for all of us, the events that do not lend themselves to our comprehension, the changes in nature, which neither the Hydrometeocenter nor the gray-haired "academicians" arc able to explain.

Friday, 24 September 2021 12:23

020_369 People and Man…

It had never occurred to the majority of people that they would have been witnessing such changes in Man in their lifetime. It looks like their childhood passed in one world, and they live out their lives in quite a different world of different people. Therefore, the posthuman1 for them is NOT AN IDLE question, but a completely real problem of “relocation” from the comfortable world of their parents to the world of different people, getting used to them, living among them.

According to the scientific data, human anthropogenic activities in the production of carbon dioxide account for only about 1-8% of all emissions. Therefore, emissions of carbon dioxide caused by human activities should not have any fundamental effect on the greenhouse effect. The much larger, multiple increase in methane in comparison with the pre-industrial era did not provoke decisive actions comparable to decarbonization. The decarbonization imposed on the society is practically not related to the actual processes of improving the ecological situation on the planet, but has as its goal an increase in the cost of energy and energy resources for the consumer and, accordingly, an increase in the degree of the society control.

Friday, 03 September 2021 04:04

019_369 Take one’s own platform…

The present civilization is like a great canvas called “The Blind Lead the Blind”. We think of ourselves as profoundly civilized, highly spiritual and developed in all respects. We are proud of our achievements in the arts and sciences. But in reality we are barbarians, dressed in modern clothes and sprinkled with fashionable cologne. Our neighbors on the planet are our enemies.

How could we imagine our future? To make it easier for understanding, about which the reader would ask, let us imagine the future world order as a field on which cows are grazing under the supervision of a shepherd. The field is our planet. The cows are the states. The shepherd is an external power.

“If you are not interested in politics that does not mean that politics is not interested in you”. This quote, which for some reason people like to attribute to Bismarck, actually belongs to another — the Athenian Pericles. Bismarck paraphrased it this way: “If you do not care about politics, then politics will take care of you”. Therefore, as I have promised, — we turn to politics. The current politics and where it will bring us to if we DO NOT GRASP the reality in the ongoing.

Tuesday, 10 August 2021 11:56

016_369 The reason for expediency…

he point of the goals is not in the concept, but IN THE BEING ITSELF, which for our vision is not different from non-being and is not reduced to the potential existence of the goal in the mind. In the end, the phenomena of expediency have, as it seems, the form of existence that is eternally real. They are hidden from us precisely by their eternal reality.

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