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How could we imagine our future? To make it easier for understanding, about which the reader would ask, let us imagine the future world order as a field on which cows are grazing under the supervision of a shepherd. The field is our planet. The cows are the states. The shepherd is an external power.

“If you are not interested in politics that does not mean that politics is not interested in you”. This quote, which for some reason people like to attribute to Bismarck, actually belongs to another — the Athenian Pericles. Bismarck paraphrased it this way: “If you do not care about politics, then politics will take care of you”. Therefore, as I have promised, — we turn to politics. The current politics and where it will bring us to if we DO NOT GRASP the reality in the ongoing.

Tuesday, 10 August 2021 11:56

016_369 The reason for expediency…

he point of the goals is not in the concept, but IN THE BEING ITSELF, which for our vision is not different from non-being and is not reduced to the potential existence of the goal in the mind. In the end, the phenomena of expediency have, as it seems, the form of existence that is eternally real. They are hidden from us precisely by their eternal reality.

Nowadays observing and feeling the effects of the ongoing it is very difficult for all of us to take in and grasp the revolutionary global character of all the happening (it is difficult to assess the global at the moment of its fulfillment).

“Life puts everything in its place”, conventional wisdom tells us. And so it began to arrange everything. And we suddenly began to understand in what way true cosmophysical processes of nature kept people's consciousness in a state of ignorance and fornication for many centuries. It is true that at this moment we are not at all grateful for such a “miracle” performed at this very time (not by chance) but we perceive it as a miraculous open access (mainly thanks to the Internet) to the information hidden from us, as an “epiphany” of our failure to understand the ongoing due to our INAPPROPRIATE attitude to such things. But this is for now, right now. Awareness of the depth of the processes will come only to those who are already holding the spade of knowledge and have learned to apply it at least to some extent.

Monday, 28 June 2021 10:00

013_369 Mainsream…

Nowadays, when we receive information (it does not matter what is its source), we all have to strive to ensure that understanding becomes the support in the modern concept of thinking, which must be necessarily involved in the process of our own knowledge, in our own research and formulation of the recommendations for our own comprehension and knowledge.

Friday, 11 June 2021 10:16

012_369 What we strive for…

While working out the strategies for the transition to a new stage of our development in the present-day world, while looking for the ways to get people undeceived — the state in which they have found themselves not on their own will, — first of all, it is necessary to understand and take into account the manifested root causes of the consequences that have brought all of us to the present situation. And as a consequence, it is necessary to work out preventive strategies in advance, which inevitably and without deviations would lead only to the required events, which, by their accomplishment, would acquire harmony with the general goals of the chronoprocess of the Transitional Period.

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