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369_Series. Salvation of Saviors

Tuesday, 15 September 2020 12:31

001_369 Salvation of Saviors, or still… look for the ways

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Tomorrow depends on what
We are doing Today.

Our consciousness is so structured that it denies unsolvable problems.

Does the consciousness decide what to solve? Our Brain is designed in such a way that it avoids unsolvable problems — “it is still in its infancy” by its octave or level of development — whatever is more convenient, the negative result is important.

However, if there is a problem, there must be a solution. Mathematicians have found the means to escape — “under the given conditions, the problem has no solution”. But if there is no solution, then it would be good at least to see the problem itself, go round it from the back, front, sides, top, bottom. It is like this. It is impossible to solve. Or is it possible? There are many such things — original sin, salvation, redemption, why God, if He exists, why did He create evil, and if He does not exist, what is the point of life... And especially today — what is happening? Why does it happen like this? How will it all end? Everyone is looking for something and find suitable answers in a tear-off calendar or in the catechism1, or in Wikipedia, or, as it is fashionable now, “ask Google”. But for some reason, no logic gives an answer. And Christianity does not give either. Neither Judaism nor Buddhism. “So should we submit…” many people think — there are too many unsolvable questions. There are things that you have to learn to live with and get out of them, and not solve... Or still...

For something to move, you do not have to accept it and not calculate the depth of the fall but look for effective ways out of the current situation. This should be the priority. To look for the ways out of the current situation and find them, first of all, there must be information and the ability to adequately assess it. It should be accessible and intelligible. It must be protected, and the best protection of information IS ITS DISTRIBUTION. Exactly from this I proceed, and I want to convey to people all the information that I have, which I have got from the sources I trust, and from my own observations and judgments, in order to explain what the ongoing events, which, especially the last few months, burst into our lives like a hurricane, “sweeping away” all our concepts of what we have been invested since birth. Emotions overwhelmed the Mind of people, bringing to confusion and some kind of hopelessness in the thinking of many of them. Those who believe that, due to their “rich” experience in politics, and in predicting situations, and their explanation, they say and write one thing, those who oppose them and have the so-called “their own opinion” based on their life experience and “experience in politics” — they say and write different things, just the opposite. And where is the simple electorate” to go? And we also have the “elite”, — those who called themselves that way and are proud of their “elitism”, shutting themselves up in search for answers to the questions of the primacy of the phenomenon “chicken — egg”, “matter — consciousness”, “money in the morning — chairs in the evening” and why not the other way round. Sometimes, in their reasoning, they are about to understand where at the right historical moment passionaries2 and whole societies come from and where they go and why. Their seemingly correct answers further plunge people into confusion and misunderstanding of everything that is happening, or make them take on faith everything that this “elite” announces. 

“The gate of HELL” 1890 (FRAGMENT). Rodin’s greatest workThe intensity of passions, fueled from all sides for few months, against the backdrop of the “sudden outbreak” of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic and the adoption of the so-called “amendments to the Constitution”, “nullification of everything and everyone", led to the fact that either the economy, or politics, or diplomacy, or people — DO NOT KNOW what to expect from the new political reality and because it is “not on the surface” — this is a deep psychological and political problem. It is deep, because the unusual, the sudden, the unexpected, the unacceptable are taking place in the “depths of the political psychology” of peoples: all the secrets of what is going to happen in the coming years are hidden there today. But a lot can be foreseen and many mistakes can be avoided with the help of information and its correct understanding and explanation of it to ordinary people, which make up the majority today, who are looking for the way out of this situation. 

For Man with the true worldview, the main thing now is the knowledge of his true purpose on Earth, deep understanding of HIS PERSONAL FUNCTIONS and his obligatory and maximum possible usefulness from the fact of his existence for others who are equal. That is, this is the question of the point of human life under new conditions of states and processes, including correct perception of one’s development, harmonized with the ongoing general changes on Earth as a whole.

All normal people want to understand where, why and what for they are suggested to go exactly this direction. Not to listen to never ending sly chanting of “heroic” deeds through the theatrical lies of historical impostors and false patriots, but to deeply realize the true root causes and consequences of everything that has been done to Russia from the end of the 20th century to the present day. Only this will make people possible to bring their state of mind into a serene revelation and free them from historical dirt, giving them the opportunity of some personal choice. The current theoretical and ideological ignorance of Russia, which appeared as the result of the BLINDING GLARE OF LIES through the diligence and intervention of “Western assistants”, should be LIGHTED UP ONLY WITH THE TRUTH! The Truth is based on the truthful information that people will perceive due to their knowledge and comprehension. However, I am well aware of the fact that talking to a person thinking in familiar categories, on the subjects that are unusual to him, is like talking to a child. Most people, even being clever, will not take this talk seriously. If someone thoroughly understands nuclear physics or remembers the structure of a mosquito's foot, this indicates the presence of intelligence or knowledge, but NOT THE SCALE OF THOUGHTIf there is no large-scale thinking, the mind alone does not solve anything. You cannot do anything which scale you are not able to grasp because you do not believe in the reality of this, you take it for nonsense and empty fantasy. And one more, in my opinion, important remark in order to go forward in one’s comprehension — People always act not on the basis of the knowledge of reality, but according to their scale of thinking. In fact, there are only a few of this kind of people in this sense. The bulk is simple, ordinary people. They, like children, are worried if someone else's uncle takes away their toy. But they sure won't bat an eye if this uncle takes all the jewelry out of the house because the jewels are beyond their perception of the world. The main treasure for most people is toys. The same is with the scale of the personality. If a person's house is robbed, it is a great misfortune for him. But if his country is robbed, he will not even pay attention because this problem is OUT OF THE FIELD of his vision.

On what scale do you feel, think and act? On the scale of yourself? Your family? Relatives? Your Country? Humanity? The answer to this question is your scale. If all your aspirations are around buying new “toys”, saving money for buying these “toys”, in fact you are a child in a sandbox. All children like to “make cakes”. Some have made them, others dream of making them, but in both cases, aspirations are not higher than Easter cakes. With age, children's sandbox transforms into an adult one. The role of Easter cakes and scoops is now performed by mansions and Rolls-Royces. The quality andcostof “Easter cakes” are changing, but the point remains the same — a sandbox. Therefore, a person with a childish type of thinking tends to CARE ONLY ABOUT HIMSELF. And even if he has an academic degree, a fortune of one hundred million and an age of fifty, but he thinks only of himself, in fact, he is a child. If he also thinks about his family, he is more adult. If about relatives, too, he is more grown up. But still, his “adulthood” does not reach the required scale. Our Motherland (I emphasize — Motherland, it is far from being just a country) needs people who think and are ready to ACTIONS ACCORDING TO THEIR KNOWLEDGE.

Those who are capable of doing things for the good of Russia that are not tied to personal gain, like in the song: “First think about your Motherland, and then about yourself”. I believe and know that there are still people who think of Russia like of their own family, who think on a global scale, those who are not embarrassed by such a scale. Because the more of us, the fewer of them. This is the key to success.

Most people's scale of thinking never goes beyond “to plant a tree, build a house, and raise a child”. All this is certainly great, but someone has to think about planting forests, building town and educating people. If no one cares about this, if everyone does everything at one’s own discretion, the fate of trees, houses and people gradually falls into the hands of predators. They, like robbers, who got into the house where there are no adults, calmly rob it, confident of their impunity. Because they know children do not understand anything, but there are no adults.

Question: how can children protect themselves from smart and talented predators who came to rob their house?

Answer: only through growing up and through knowledge based on information, the authenticity of which is beyond doubt.

And only then there will come understanding of the ongoing geopolitical processes, of moral corruption, fluctuations in the exchange rate, pricing policy, and waste of resources and of other problems. Today, unfortunately, the scale of the majority's thinking rules out such a possibility. You can, of course, write a lot about this — build up various assumptions and theories — think about what will happen after a while — but all this is NOT MORE THAN shaking of the air, meant for your own setting you mind at rest and nothing more. You can search for information, try to comprehend it, relying on the authority of authors, scientific and historical “authorities” — but all this is going to be like “one way street” until we understand the very root cause of the happening and ourselves in the ongoing processes. But all the same — there must be something from which one could start up, perhaps even TAKE something ON FAITH, but after taking this direction to go forward, comparing everything that you learn about with what we have been taught for our whole life, like “the ultimate truth”. It is very difficult, it can be compared to Hercules, who undertook to clear the Augean stables, but it is worth it. The understanding that will come after the comprehension of the knowledge will undoubtedly change both your life and the life of people who believe you and follow you.2

Almost ten years have already passed since the time when the INFORMATION WAS REVEALED, giving answers to almost all the questions that people are looking for and do not find. The Information that “blew up” the Brain of people who are in quest for knowledge. But, unfortunately, this information has not yet touched the minds of the mainstream, due to certain reasons that have been opposing spreading the word and, most importantly, its understanding. What has happened recently in our country is fully consistent with what was stated ten years ago and allows us to foresee what lies ahead of us. People are completely entangled in the flows of informational lies created precisely for this purpose, which is going to be discussed.

This work is called — “Foundations of the Formation of Mankind” (FFM 1—4). It is not difficult to find it, if you wish to read it and make conclusions for yourself. I have repeatedly turned to it and used it when writing my books and many of my articles.

However, I am sure that I have to return to this most relevant information today and introduce it again to people with my comments and explanations, which will make sure of the truthfulness and relevance of this information, and no matter how grandiloquent it might sound — the possibility to understand the ongoing — which participants we are — whether we want it or not. And when I saw the video sent to me, which captures the event — which does not fit into any framework of sanity — Pope Francis kisses the feet of the leaders of South Sudan, I realized that I was doing the right thing.

4These are going to be articles (blocks of information) on the most relevant today's challenges and events, but for those who are interested in this, I recommend looking in the original source first of all.

With this introduction, I begin my new work, which I told about, finishing writing the fifth book of the series “N. Levashov’s “SvetL” Broom in A. Khatybov’s “Bath Science” and A Labor Spade”.

There will be 369 articles, notes, essays and other forms of information (in abbreviated form — Series 369), explanations of this information and, possibly, recommendations for use.

As always, I leave the conclusions to the readers, and, especially, those who find the answers to their questions in this.                                        


1 Catechism — a summary of Christian doctrine in the form of questions and answers.

2 Passionarity is an inner thirst for activity aimed at achieving some goal, which, as a rule, is difficult for a person to control and explain to himself. It is related to the ability to receive more energy from the external environment than is required for personal and species survival. The passionary personality (passionary) subconsciously uses the excess energy to create a state of internal super-tension and fixation on the certain idea. Such ideas are always associated with a change in the surrounding world. The desire for activity in such individuals can be conscious or not. Their goals are often illusory, they are beyond rational explanations and objective circumstances, but they themselves may consider the need to achieve them more important than their own life, and even more so the life and happiness of other people.


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