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369_Series. Salvation of Saviors

Sunday, 20 September 2020 06:37

003_369 The Controlling Reality 

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One’s mental capacity is not in one’s diplomas, but in the ability to develop this capacity.

Any attempts to restore the Earth Old Control System even in some fragments are out of the question. This is irreversible, it no longer exists. It should be taken as the main postulate for moving forward fully realizing the ongoing. And it is for this IRREFUTABLE MANIFESTED REASON that in April 2011, the collapse of the last unfinished phase in the development of the past Civilization WAS COMPLETED, and any attempts of administrative volitional decisions at any level and of any orientation, focused on the suspension of such states, are nothing more than buffoonery.

Recently, from a high rostrum, the UN Secretary General noted that the 26 richest people have the benefits and wealth of half the world's population. The twenty-six richest people in the world own as much as half of the world's population. The overwhelming majority of people live in the conditions of increasing inequality. For many people, especially indigenous peoples, migrants, refugees and various minorities, inequality means discrimination, abuse and lack of access to basic justice. Those who imagined themselves to be “the owners of the highest level of self-perfection”, that is, the crown of “all-decisiveness” from the “specially elected”, as well as representatives from the state departments, parliaments, state Dumas and many other structures of social violence of the collapsed power sphere of any scale, who previously realized through their activity, the programmed processes of the old Control System, — NOW ARE FUNCTIONALLY ZEROED. THEY ARE NOTHING, there are only auto-motor-like instincts of a man-made character, and their effective influence on control processes is eliminated. Residual elements — this is what we observe in what is happening now.

The entire programmed control of the information support processes was not eliminated overnight, but by the translation fading density of such an act. The control information translation was carried out not only to support the executing actions related to the control of being, but ALL THE PROCESSES on the Earth, including the state of the environment, the objects and complexes’ actions, etc. The beginning of the destruction was started in October 1985 and brought to complete sterilization of the controlled operation of objects and complexes by September 2010.

In the conditions of the new Control System functioning, any attempts to manifest activity in the format of the old System are considered today as extra-program atavisms with an appropriate liquidation reaction to this. Most people find it difficult to understand this and give an appropriate assessment of the ongoing, because, unfortunately, their Brains ARE NOT YET READY to think in new categories with the incoming information due to the same residual elements from the Old Control System. And this is one of the prerogative tasks todayto preserve people as such and form their understanding of their own participation in the ongoing processes. The Mind, even if it is still in such states (in the conditions of still unconscious liberation from the previous Interventionist Control System consequences), cannot depend entirely on the will and desire of a person. Nevertheless, today everyone has a chance.

There may be an affective misconception of ​​humane maternal guardianship on the part of the old System for the entire process of human development. Indeed, everything took shape in a different, quite disgusting final meaning for people. The System-imposed perception of the surrounding objective reality by people gave rise to the CONCENTRATED FALSE UNDERSTANDING of the limitless permissiveness of being in the environment, an undeserved and non-existent place of the "king of nature", which overwhelmed to the point of madness a vicious sense of self. All of the above was the basis for the rise of the stable acquired and growing state of destructive consumer and parasitic vices in all spheres of life. It should be admitted now that the former creative nature of Man has been completely eradicated, and there is no any ground for possible manifestation of such at the current stage of the Civilization collapse. Many thinkers of the past and present have tried to find the true causes of such vices with the aim of preventing or combating them, but everything was philosophical or mystically vain, for the main vicewas their conditionally conscious being controlled by the System! The leading majority of the world population, that is, those who had a relatively active life position, most often at the everyday life level, had only a universal secular judgment of an interrogative nature: “To be or not to be, that's what...” And no more.

At the moment, I focus only on the state of the control sphere related to the being of people. The information support is fading fast in the descending information density. So far, only that LOWER MARGINAL INFORMATION LEVEL, which is related to preserving the living conditions on the Earth and the limited control of the living cell vital activity. For all that, it should be borne in mind that for quite a number of individuals with the Brain genotypes1 42 and 44, this process IS OF A SENTENCE CHARACTER, depriving them of their ability to reproduce, preserving, at best, the possibility of limited biological survival. All the problems of maintaining power control through the created social structures are becoming more and more difficult. Conflicts at any level of scale arise more and more often for no apparent reason, socionic images of any state at the interstate level are becoming more aggressive. There is no more sustainable peace in the sphere of interfaith relations, The effectiveness of political structures of any state is acquiring a clearly expressed antagonistic character, the methodological foundations of the value approach in all spheres of life have confidently stepped on the tracks of the vicious existence, all previously acquired cultural values ​​and norms of a common human civilized community are being destroyed. The world has taken a confident path leading to the inevitable collapse!Even the “word” itself, as the energy-information, previously realized as the impact control message on the previous behavioral executive state of people, coming from the Control System, has lost its control effective force as a mandatory behavioral law, as a necessary consequence of the energy-biochemical natural reaction of the living cell of people to their Brain control signal. Therefore, there appeared inexplicable behavior of double and more standards, including in political and other spheres of governing through the social structures of any society. But this is only the beginning of the manifestation of power and social collapse! The moment is not far off when there will be no perception of any established norms of behavior through the previously envisaged violence. This is ESPECIALLY DISASTROUS for the existence of usual economic foundations of those states, the prosperity of which, including the high level of the consumed wealth at the expense of other raw material regions, will be extremely doubtful and unsupported. This directly concerns Russia.

Under the current conditions of the actively collapsing control process in general, the former steadily goal-oriented being of people has gone beyond even that conventional reasonableness, which was determined by the consumer-like use of people. How should people navigate in their life and development, meaning not only the production and consumption of goods and services?

1Should people live, peeping at and taking an example of the natural organization of ants, bees existence or a herd of wild animals, making complex model calculations using the “great” capabilities of modern computer technology of the seductive “artificial intelligence” looming on the horizon or wait for some mystical clues from distant stars, sadly listening to the broadcast for years? And perhaps even more actively chase the shadow of economic, financial and other damned looming crises, amicably waving flags and slogans, hardly made by distraught politicians, on the run satisfying the need for benefits or some random services, and even stop feeling sad about something bright, perhaps about the future, to live as always — actively and with problems, because only they push our development, as philosophers of all times claim?

2But the main thing is to believe in the utter lies rushing from all sides, and without even thinking about it — because this is exactly there where we were told, starting from school, and we all believed it together — “…this is written in textbooks”, “…and the eminent scientists say the same”, — the authors and authorities from both politics and science also say the same — referring to each other. But where can you find at least some kind of a foothold today, from which you can push off and make sure that the whole “history”, and everything related to it, and the so-called scientific base, built on this, is a LIE, that HAS ALWAYS BEEN PRESENTED TO US as the ultimate truth? For me, this foothold was my acquaintance with Nicolai Levashov and his works. Our talks, reading and comprehending his works opened for me A. Khatybov and N. Morozov.

3For a long time, I could not fully understand the works of A. Khatybov, until I found and got acquainted with the works of N. Morozov, his main work — “Christ” in seven (in some early editions in six) volumes. I have read them. This was the starting point in my understanding the lies surrounding us. The main thesis — the whole history of mankind — did not exist in real form as successive events and is just a product of the RECENT PLANNING to create Man’s idea about his unbroken “Ancient history" for the formation of self-awareness as an aboriginal product in the development of Planet Earth...

4I know there are some independent researchers around the world who are working in this direction, and many people are beginning to think in this direction, at least those who discovered N. Levashov, A. Khatybov and, of course, DARED START READING N. Morozov. I am sure, this common work will bring us to the moment when people make a qualitative transition to a new self-awareness. Unfortunately, this will not be a happy discovery.

To be aware of oneself as an object, at best, of study and even an object of correction and control, as it were, from the outside, in my opinion, is rather humiliating... But we must all go through this, taking the known as the realities of today.

We now need at least minimum of basic characteristic evidence statements that will restructure us, at least, for the perception of the so-called “reality” provided to us from all sides and many “sources”.

In 1882, as a member of one of the branches of the “Narodnaya Volya” party, the astronomer and mathematician Nikolai Morozov was put in the Peter and Paul prison.

There he began to study the ancient (antique) astronomical treatise known among historians, as the “Code of Ptolemy”2 (Star Catalog).

And suddenly, with the greatest amazement, Morozov saw (by the text and coordinates describing the “ancient” sky) that the arrangement of the stars of that supposedly ancient world corresponds to the smallest detail — to the Map of the Star Sky of the 16-17 century! Moreover, the minutes of the arc (arc minutes)3were already marked on the maps. But — mathematics begins with the greatEuler — and this is already the 18th century. He created the decimal places.5

Map of the engraver Johann Schnitzer of Armsheim (1482), made according to the “cosmography” of Ptolemy

It was only then that the tools were created with the use of which it was possible to define and calculate something. Only then did it become possible to create some kind of geographic leveling instruments, theodolites, which are able to give a certain direction and even more so to break the circle into degrees and minutes and so on. That is, until an elementary sextant4 appeared, it was impossible to navigate in the star sky.

6Then Morozov checked all the so-called “ancient” sources, and the result was the same. Morozov described his discovery (already in the 1920s and 1930s) in seven (in some editions — six) volumes under the general title “CHRIST”THE CONCLUSION WAS INDISPUTABLEthe entire ancient history, if we take into account written sources, is an artifact. And, judging by the astronomical data and "events" of the star sky like comets and eclipses, except for a heap of circumstantial evidence, ALL “ANTIQUE” “DOCUMENTS” could not have been created earlier than 17-18 CENTURIES! Remember what N. Levashov said in his speeches and wrote in his books, what A. Khatybov wrote about, what some humanitarians-professionals, some teachers of humanitarian universities and scientific workers of museums know — THERE ARE NO AUTHENTIC DOCUMENTS OF THE ANCIENT TIMES. Nowhere, in any country of the World, in any Museum of the World. In any private collection. The fact is that all the “documents of antiquity” known to us DO NOT EXIST AT ALL, and all the so-called “Chronicles”, “Acts”, “Books of Ancient Authors” of all Sophocles and Aristotles, known to mankind, appeared — only as “Lists” (copies), from supposedly found, as a rule, “randomly” “lists” of ancient documents, while the original dating of the primary “ListsDOES NOT EXIST. By the way, in the mass consciousness, apart from a narrow circle of those who “understand”, who made their own conclusions, a rethinking of the idea of the so-called objective history of mankind has not begun, even under the Native Control System. It was probably too wild to realize that there was no documented recorded antiquity. How to realize that there was no “ancient period”, there was no Hannibal, the so-called “uprising of Spartacus” and Spartacus himself, ancient sculptors, ancient playwrights, ancient philosophers and much more, as for the so-called “Tatar-Mongol yoke” — there is no question at all.

There is no real “thousands of years” history either in India or in China — N. Levashov also mentioned this in his speeches. Remembering the “ancient Babylon” and Persia, which have bored us since school times, with their great and mysterious cuneiform writing, we are all convinced that there was a so-called “ancient world” — a society of antiquity that reached outstanding heights in the field of culture. Just imagine that gigantic amount of fundamental works on antiquity, add to this dissertations, textbooks, books and articles... N. Morozov “destroyed” ancient Babylon. He moved away the ancient world as such from the reality.

Therefore, if someone suddenly remembers about an enormous layer of information recorded on the “ancient” Akkadian-Babylonian clay tables, he should also remember that this is graffiti, and the very structure of the letter was nevertheless deciphered by two stubborn Englishmen — Rawlinson and his assistant George Smith, who announced in 1872 at the meeting of the newly founded Society for Biblical Archeology that “...recently I discovered a flood story among the Assyrian tablets in the British Museum...”

Rawlinson Henry KresvicThis was the famous 11th tablet from the Assyrian collection of epics. Shortly after this speech, Smith published the “Chaldean Flood Report”, along with a short description of the epic. And this was not necessary to do, because N. Morozov read Rawlinson's work and Smith's reportAnd the end came to Babylon.

You, certainly, remember that somewhere in the 16th century the Calendar was finally updated. This is the so-called “Problem of the Julian and Gregorian chronology”. But everyone somehow forgot that the process was just a discussion and it did not create a pure Calendar from scratch. The discussion CONCERNED THE FINISHED CALENDAR. The calendar, allegedly clarifying the “ancient” Julian, was formed (Morozov writes about it in detail5) by one astronomer — Chaim Dayan from the notorious city of Cordoba in the 14th (15th?) century. And just the fact that his name, except for an extremely narrow circle of experts, was firmly forgotten, and it was for a reason. All encyclicals of the planets of the so-called Babylonian period, that is, the Calendar (and Astronomy), which is used in “Ancient” Babylon, which, as we were told at school, was used by the Sumerians and Assyrians — are based and in fact — exactly the calendar of Chaim Dayan.

Julian and Gregorian CalendarsAnd this calendar, was used by those who created these clay tablets and carved),

Cuneiform inscriptions on stone slabs. It was a calendar in this version of the 14th century, which later, in the conventional 16th century, was claimed as Gregorian. For some reason, it was used by those who created this calendar of Babylon in the 18-19th century. These clay “Babylonian-Assyrian tablets and stone Stella”, WHICH WERE ENGRAVED BY SOMEONE in the 19th century using pneumatic cutters “cuneiform”, describing unthinkable “ancient” events and using the Dayan Calendar — ANNIHILATED THE BABYLONIAN PERIOD. Nobody wanted to bother themselves and recalculate into the Past... They just used the ready-made general planetary atlas of Planets ordered by Dayan.

This was the most unpleasant thing in the history of those three-, five-, seven — thousand-year “Cuneiform” tablets and steles of the kings Cambyses, Darius and Cyrus. Since it was a calendar like the Proto-Gregorian European calendar, in which the star sky is not of that unthinkable antiquity, but the sky of the 14-15th century.

But the most interesting thing here is that the Dayan calendar, as well as, all the materials of the meetings, and the minutes of the discussion of the Calendar by Pope Gregory, were “found” somewhere at the end of the 18th century, as usual, in another Spanish monastery.

9But what about the “Sacred History”? After all, if this is a false history, where the invented key figures were inscribed, then what a naive “mass fool” was the pan-European Man who began to shape the entire world type of his life to the requirements of these artifacts of history. And if this is so, then, believing in the existence of “sacred characters” like Cleopatra, Augustus Octavian — the grand-nephew of Julius Caesar, Julius himself, Alexander the Great, Pompey and his son Achilles, and quite a lot of other “historical characters”, not realizing and not knowing the story of the so-called “Christ”, not even thinking until recently about his true name and the purpose of his “so-called” “coming to the sons of Israel”, not having any idea that the “Old Testament”, “The Gospel” and “the Koran” were written in the 18th century, he, this Man, created illusions for himself and made himself live in this world of illusions.

Information comprehension and acceptance of it FOR ONESELF — is now a search in the sea of ​​information, which has become available, attacking people unprepared for independent analysis. This is skillfully and shamelessly used by those who think they are “rulers” and take others for “cattle” in order to “establish” the elusive control of the “popular masses” by using so-called control tools of the past. But, firstly, not only they have such an opportunity now; secondly, you, readers, know this fact now, which means that it is not that easy to control you in such a way.

Let's take Lenin and Stalin’s example. The books by Nikolai Morozov were always at hand for both Lenin and Stalin. It was Lenin who IMPOSED A FULL MORATORIUM on the discussion of the materials and conclusions made by academician Nikolai Morozov and concluded a Concordat6 with the Russian Orthodox Church, which (the church) still exists only thanks to this Concordat. And Stalin extended the ban on discussing N. Morozov’s conclusions and the Concordat with the Church. As far back as the time of the preparation for publication, the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, the World Church, and the Russian Orthodox Church began to fight to death with the works of Morozov. Why? Because N. Morozov buried Jesus Christ in that form that history presented HIM to people. Because N. Morozov buried the Christian Church and proved the absurdity of its existence and the falsity of everything that this structure presents to all of us even today as the ultimate truth of our knowledge of the world. Because N. Morozov buried Ancient History. He buried quasi-documents, which allegedly confirm the fact of ancient history, killing the “antiquity” of these “documents”.

Tyrian shekelThat is for you, readers, to judge: — the Gospel was written at the beginning of the 18th century. The Gospel “was killed” with 30 “pieces of silver” of Judas. And everyone knows about it, even those who consider themselves atheists. Let’s go to the main source of knowledge. “Wikipedia” — Thirty pieces of silver (old Slav. Tridєsѧt sredbrєnik; in the original — ancient Greek τριάκοντα ἀργύρια) — payment for betrayal, which Judas Iscariot received, agreeing to hand over Jesus Christ to the high priests, are mentioned in the Gospel of Mark and the Gospels of Luke and John, in the latter two cases without specifying the exact amount.

Thirty pieces of silver are usually identified with Tyrian staters7 (shekels, shekels) or ancient Greek tetradrachms. The Gospel and Christianity were killed by science, known among people as Mineralogy. In Judea, of that time (126 BC and 19 AD) SILVER COULD NOT BE. At that time there was no silver in the world at all! It appeared at the end of the 16th century.

No Priests, Scribes and Pharisees, who allegedly lived and worked in the Roman Province of Bithynia (Judea and Samaria), with all the desire COULD give 30 pieces of "Silver Shekels" (30 pieces of silver) to Judas in 0033 AD. There were no such silver coins anywhere and WILL NOT BE FOR ANOTHER 1500 YEARS!

Judas receives payment for betrayal (Giotto, Scrovegni Chapel, 1304-1306)In the real history of Metallurgy and Geology of Europe, silver, more precisely, polymetallic ore, which contains Silver among other metals, only at the end of the 16th century and not earlier began to be mined in Spain. It was not found anywhere in Eurasia, except Spain, and in Spain there is only a composite ore containing silver. However, from what is written in the Gospels, it follows that by 0033 AD a silver coin had already been made and distributed throughout all provinces, including Rome, which actually did not even know what silver was. The Romans had no idea about polymetallic ores and that they were somewhere. They still had information to get — most likely from God — about silver, about polymetallic ore; that, at first, it is necessary to get to the mountains of Spain, to do some geological exploration there (although no one still had any information about geology), find geological signs of ore and start to chisel mines with steel red-hot tools (which will not be for another 1500 years), take samples in the exits of ore veins and determine the silver content in them; know — again, most likely, from God — how to make a furnace, how to get coke, how to create blowing mechanisms and start smelting ore, having known — from God — how after that to separate the required metals in the smelting process! You see, readers, it is all rather straightforward.

Silver, as a real usable metal, became known from the late 16th and early 17th centuries. This is a really possible period — how gaining knowledge of the chemistry of metals, development of complex smelting of polymetallic ores were realized in silver and then in silver coins. But in addition to this, it was also necessary to learn how to make steel tools for mining. So, let’s take a spade and dig deeper — in the direction indicated by N. Morozov.

The Torah — what about the Torah?

12Let us take the officially legalized translation of “the Torah, that is, the Law or the five books of Moses" — Literal translation by L. I. Mandelstam, candidate of sciences at St. Petersburg University in 1872.

“The Torah” begins to “use” “silver shekels” from the “Book of Genesis”. So, the book in which, according to the plot, THE SACRED HISTORY IS DESCRIBED, which afterwards will end with the appearance of the so-called Jesus Christ and the Gospel...

1st Torah Silver — Chapter XX Art. 16 “...And he said to Sarah: “Here I have given a thousand Silver Coinsto your brother; after all, he is a cover for your eyes against everyone who is against you...” In the Torah, silver is used 57 times in different contexts. The last time — 5th book, Deuteronomy. Chapter XII Art. 29 — 50 silver coins — A fine for rape...

13Silver in the “Torah” finishes not only with the Old Testament, Christianity, the Bible, which consists of the Old and New Testaments, but also that fundamentals, which Christians call the “Old Testament”, and the Jews call TANAKH (Torah, or “Law”, Neviim, or “Prophets” and Ktuvim, or “Scriptures”). It was first called “the Bible” (or “Books”) by the Hellenized Jews of the Diaspora, which came into conflict with theJewish traditionalists (directly translating the early Hebrew name “ha-spharim” into Greek, which preceded the word “TANAKH”). Under this name, it, the Bible, became known in the European culture. Christianity grew out of the Bible.

The same happens with the Koran, because the Koran is not the bearer of an independent Teaching. The text of the Koran is a constant controversy with the Old Testament and the Gospel. The Koran either changes or denies the Old Testament and Gospel Regulations. The entire cosmogony or cosmology of the Koran is a continuation or interpretation of the cosmogony of the Old Testament and the Gospel. And silver is also used in the Koran, which means that the Koran was also written in the early 18th century. Neither Abraham, nor Moses, nor the Prophets, nor King David could have silver.

For centuries, mankind has been destroying itself, paying off hundreds of millions of corpses in the attempt to establish a digestible interpretation of dogmas and rituals for the sake of an unknown social experimenter’s imagination, while feeding an enormous and miserable structure called the Church.

It is important to note THE STRANGE IGNORANCE of the Civil and Sacred history in relation to the metals used in the generally accepted history of Mankind. It turns out that over the LAST 160 YEARS, in any book of any author in the world, if they write about any period of history, they tell you a lie about the metals of antiquity. In this case, the author can be an academician of the USSR Academy of Sciences or an academician of the Imperial Academy of Sciences, a doctor of historical sciences, a "Master" of Oxford or the rector of the history department of the University of Copenhagen, a famous writer or the Holy Father-Elder from the Holy Dormition Sarov Desert — they tell lies about metals in history. In parallel with the development of Academic History, there is the real history and real development of the Mining and Ore Industry, Geology, Chemistry, Metallurgy, but all the achievements and rigid postulates of these disciplines for 160 years have NOT had ANY INFLUENCE on history. In every country of the world, head of state or Supreme governing body pursue their PUBLIC FOREIGN POLICY, depending on the amount of the mineral resources in the country. The might of the State or its weakness are basic minerals. More precisely, those metals that are extracted from minerals.

All deposits of minerals, databases on them are known all over the world — in Europe, America, Asia, Russia — by meters of their bedding boundaries and by volume of their deposits to a cubic meter. And side by side with this knowledge, utterly primitive ridiculousness flourishes. For Academic history, as the history of history itself, as science, all this knowledge in the field of Geology, Chemistry, Metallurgy DOES NOT EXIST as APPLICABLE KNOWLEDGE160 years of its history have been deleted. History creates its own personal World!

Another example — geology says that THERE WAS NO TIN as a product in the Mediterranean at the time we are discussing. It follows that IT WAS IMPOSSIBLE TO GET BRONZE THEN. 371 historians in 1293 (writings) books, innocently looking at you and steadily relying on historical science, say that EVERYWHERE in the Mediterranean region, tin, obviously, HAS ALWAYS BEEN. And they name 87 places where it “was”. Geology, as science, says something completely different.

Geology informs that silver in Eurasia was only in one place of Europe — in Spain. And in 178 books of historians, it is stated that throughout the entire Eurasia for 7 thousand years (3-5 thousand years BC), silver was mined, used, coins were minted from silver, which had circulation in everyday life. But geology and geologists say “This s bullshit”. Two sciences — Geology and History — exist in completely different worlds! If you turn to the Internet, to “Wikipedia” on this subject, or carefully examine the date tags on exhibits in museums around the world, you will find yourselves in that world invented by historians, where there was silver in Greece at that time, which was also used by the Jews, and on Mars, perhaps apple trees were growing. I don’t want to disappoint the reader, but, in my opinion, the dates indicated on the exhibits in museums, the place of their “find” and the date of manufacture, regardless of the chemical composition, are the product of the doctrinal8 conspiracy of the masters of the academic Lodge, the so-called History performed by the fountain pen of the “wise man-scientist” in an academic skull-cap.

The ancient world with its “scientific worldview”, and, especially, the history of the first centuries of Christianity, are separated from us by an impenetrable veil of gloomy church autocracy, which filtered ALL HISTORICAL DOCUMENTS through its fires in the 12th-15th centuries and permitted us to read and see only favorable for the “rulers” of the dominant church depending on the needed information at different times, in a forged or distorted beyond recognition form, sometimes truncated to a complete loss of the original meaning. The time has come to free ourselves from the unnecessary and already dangerous burden of stereotypes of the pathological planned regression imposed by Christianity and opportunistic academic history. I do not want to offend believers — everyone has the right to choose, especially in their faith.

We still HAVE TO RECOGNIZE FALSIFICATION of the entire and familiar to us, but, unfortunately, artificial periodization of our Russian history and an absolutely invented quasi-sequential chronology of the world history. All our history is given to us through the Control Systems programs of the supporting Ebr9 Complexes. There was comprehensive support for the execution of the Programmed actions bringing to the results and events planned in advance by the System in the development of human civilization for the realization of the interventionist System’s strategic Programs: “Development of Brain genotypes” and “Development of energy biogenesis of the flesh cell”. And in this understanding is the great merit of Nikolai Morozov, who told us that the main argument for the defense of the so-called “ancient history” as a reality is the real existence of the Christian Church today, which, with its invented "Sacred history” claims the existence of quasi-ancient history and destroys the ability of many people to acquire free thinking, necessary for understanding the ongoing events. The logical and significant result of all that has been said is the statement of A. Khatybov — “the direct proof of the absence of science is the existence of the church...”

The Control System, taking into account the “pluralism” of perception and comprehension of commands, adjusted the main performers’ work of the Brain, through whom everything was falsified, in order to form faith in such a way so that in a short time, all fundamental performers had a unity of opinion on the specific sequence of processes, which did not exclude, and sometimes required the destruction of such harmony in the future.

To this day, we all live partly, and some of us entirely — hypnotized by the flows of information that falls down on us every day. Such distortions and apperception10 must be kept in mind... when studying not only the ancient and medieval history of peoples and states, but also when perceiving and comprehending current events taking place before our eyes.

Moving mountains is the easiest. It is much more difficult to leave the sofa for this. The most natural thing in the process of our knowledge of the world around us and our real past would be preceding the acquaintance with the works of N. Morozov with the study of the history of the primary tools creation on the Earth and the first tools for transforming the world around us, and most importantly, the history of creation of tools for processing the first Metal. Such a specialized excursion will demonstrate that the first instruments’ history does not exist at all. Nobody describes how the first file was made. After all, for this you need — the first file. Realizing that it is impossible to start from scratch the production of primary tools on the Earth, with its geological characteristics of minerals location, other questions cannot but arise — and you understand that the entire history of the human community is artificially created by some unknown structures of some extraterrestrial origin...

I will continue this most interesting subject, in my opinion, in the following articles, transforming my story into the works of N. Morozov, N. Levashov, A. Khatybov and other true scientists, whose information was deliberately concealed to achieve goals set for at least 18 thousand years back by those who came to our Earth.

Where are the facts, facts? — The reader may say. Why should we believe all this? Please, look for yourself, in addition to the works of the authors mentioned by me, also those below, at least about the geology of minerals, including silver and tin. I think it will be informative.

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1 Genotype — the combination of the Brain neurons capabilities and the genes of a given organism, which, unlike the concept of the genetic fund, characterizes an individual, not a species.

2 Ptolemy's map — the map of the world and 26 special maps of the earth's surface, which were attached to the treatise "Guide to Geography" by the ancient Greek scientist Claudius Ptomeleus. The maps list about 8000 cities and localities with their geographical coordinates.

3 Arc minute, arc minute, or simply minute is a unit of measure for angles equal to one sixtieth of a degree (1⁄60) or (π⁄10 800) radians.

4 Sextant, sextant (from Latin sextans — the sixth, sixth part) is a navigational measuring instrument used to determine the height of the Sun and other space objects above the horizon in order to determine the geographical coordinates of the point at which the measurement is made.

5 N. A. Morozov “History of human culture in natural science coverage”.

6 Concordat (from the medieval Latin concordatum — agreement — I agree) — according to canonical terminology, an agreement between the head of the ROCh and the state, regulating the legal status of the ROCh in this state.

7 The Tyrian (or Tyrian) shekel, stater, is a silver coin minted in the Phoenician city of TIR between 126 BC. and 19 A.D.

8 Doctrinal — strictly following the doctrine, arising from the doctrine; doctrinal interpretation, coming from theoretical lawyers, clarification of laws, legal norms.

9 Ebrs — the evolution of the protein mind. Parasitic civilization of the invaders.

10 Apperception — attentive, meaningful, conscious, thoughtful perception. You paid attention and realized what you saw. dependence of perception on the personality, his past experience. At the same time, different people, depending on their ability to comprehend and their past experience, canl see different things. They have different apperception.


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