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At the beginning of the research Man always faces the question: What is the goal which I want to achieve? When the goal is shaped, then you have to decide which road you have to take and what you should take with you. What difficulties you may encounter and what languages you will have to speak to. But along with plain and clear questions, there often arise questions, which are often not thought over. This would not have happened if Man thought of not only the goal, but the future of his brainchild. And the future takes shape in the infrastructure, which is created by Man on the way to his goal. This is only my opinion.It must be understood. You must not believe anything.

While working out the strategies for the transition to a new stage of our development in the present-day world, while looking for the ways to get people undeceived — the state in which they have found themselves not on their own will, — first of all, it is necessary to understand and take into account the manifested root causes of the consequences that have brought all of us to the present situation. And as a consequence, it is necessary to work out preventive strategies in advance, which inevitably and without deviations would lead only to the required events, which, by their accomplishment, would acquire harmony with the general goals of the chronoprocess of the Transitional Period.

In his time, Niccole Machiavelli (1469-1527) wrote: “There is nothing more difficult than planning; there is nothing more doubtful than hoping for success, there is nothing more dangerous than creating a new system. The creator of the new system will inevitably face the selfish enmity and resistance of all those who, using the fruits of the old system, protect it, and those who, hoping to benefit from the new, will only support the creator of the new system with promises”. We will not believe any promises and will try to look into everything ourselves.

1The situation in the world politics is such that information on mentality[1], or rather the Brain genotypes and development of these genotypes, is to be in HIGH DEMAND today in order to at least somehow try to understand what is happening around us and what we are taking part in, willingly or not, sometimes without realizing it. Moreover, this information has been carefully hidden from people. Understanding this contains the answer to the main question of our time — why has not been successful a single global political project since the 19th century designed for centuries? The significance of this question is very great, because even ultra-modern projects, in which all the power of modern science has been invested such as: "Globalization", "Consumer Society", "The Third Industrial Revolution", "Democratization", etc., were stopped literally in a matter of days, in a temporary gap created by COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, the pandemic and almost instantaneous closure of the borders of states and regions, the shutdown of production, the forced rupture of economic and social contacts WERE NECESSARY, just as braking is necessary in front of the danger hidden ahead in the darkness, within the framework of the ongoing processes that change everything! There is no need to list these hazards. They are known to ecologists, demographers, economists, and other research workers. Therefore, an urgent suspension of all life support processes on the planetary scale has been required for a long time to analyze the modern world order: so that people, that absolute mainstream of people who have no idea either about the Control System or the Life Support System, or about much else, which my readers are well familiar with — fall to thinking — there must be a mistake in this project of the created world order. In fact, the closure of borders for the movement of people, goods, information is the beginning of the forced (quite expected) dismantling of Globalization. Of course, this subject is NOT DISCUSSED WIDELY, as there is enough panic in the world because of the real danger of Covid-19, and the authorities do not want to intensify it by studying the causes of pogroms, in the most stable countries of the world — recent examples of "democracy and freedom". It is not important whether they are spontaneous or organized. But it is important that a critical mass of people have dashed loose into the streets abandoning their past, their history: they crush monuments to the creators of their own civilization, set fire to temples, destroy religious symbols, books, films, performances, rename streets and towns, etc. The demonstrators make it clear that this WORLD IS NOT THEIRS, THIS STATE IS NOT THEIRS, AND THIS LIFE IS NOT THEIRS. They are strangers in this world order. They let you know that there is a very serious mistake in the project of the world order that needs to be urgently corrected, despite the pandemic and, not paying attention to the economic consequences of stopping everything and everyone.


Denial of one’s own history, massive attempts to ask forgiveness on their knees from those who declare themselves a victim of our civilization — this is the dismantling of the political system for the sake of which the “Project USSR" has been destroyed, once launched, as a part of the Brain genotype development and creation of a certain mentality, namely on our territory — the territory of the USSR. And that long-standing, historical and strategic ”mistake” initially made by the Ebres, “has got out like an awl out of a sack”. And the information that we have received in recent years from N. Levashov, A. Khatybov, the works from “Fundamentals of Mankind Formation” and from other sources,which is becoming available today — willingly or unwillingly, concerns this mistake. And there is not even a shadow of political or scientific bias in this. This “mistake” has led to the dismantling of the entire old Control System and the transition to the New Control System, but this transition is equally dangerous for the representatives of all so-called political forces and, especially, for the peoples of the planet. We should not underestimate the ongoing — we have to understand it and then the right way out will open. Everything that has happened and is to happen in the future cannot be explained by modern science, — the methodological platform of the materialistic worldview does not allow it. People are not able to influence changes in the course of the ongoing events, but the consequences can be extreme! Under way are the Programmed changes in the control of the environment and habitat on the Earth.

Everything happening excludes any random actions; ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHINGIS CONTROLLED, including the processes related to the preservation of life on the planet. However, within the framework of this, it is extremely advisable to understand what is controlled, how and who it is controlled by, and most importantly — what for.


Then the directions of events that have already been manifested will be clear to people, they will be able to realize what to concentrate their aspirations on in the foreseeable future and IN THE PERSPECTIVE OF UNDERSTANDING, related to the implementation of all programmed changes in the course of this Transition Period. The stages of the Transition period and the Goal Vector of the future event processes have already been manifested and are being implemented before our eyes, whether we want it or not.

Out of two, truly terrible factors of the beginning of 2020: the first is the coronavirus, but the second is even more terrible — “mismanagement”[2]: helplessness of politics in controlling the consciousness and behavior of the world's population. Politics has become the subject of jokes, satire, mockery, even contempt. Although politicians work, they pass thousands of laws — good and bad — trying to balance consumption and resources, money supply and goods, freedom and responsibilities, but the LAWS ARE NOT OBSERVED. And this is despite the fact that thousands of specialists in manipulating the consciousness and behavior of people work for the world order system function. The size of this "army of mind manipulation specialists" is comparable to the number of people employed in the real economy. This army is made up of economists, psychologists, sociologists, judges, lawyers, journalists, writers, filmmakers, artists, deputies, officials, police and many others. All of them are specialists in working with consciousness using the methods of their profession. They have in their hands all possible tools for influencing consciousness and behavior: education, media, TV, social networks, art, literature, advertising, prisons! But the army of specialists of no less size is devising ways of NOT-OBSERVING THE LAW, creating their own illegitimate “pseudo-world order”. Even in the face of mortal danger during the pandemic, many people did not follow the mandatory rules of living in self-isolation. The mismanagement in the life support of society today has become a global problem, and the reasons for this go far beyond any state — they are all victims of the same mistake in the world order system. You can, of course, throw yourself headlong into the study of planetary, historical, fundamental psychological and political principles of the world order. But it will be just another waste of time that will bring you to the beaten track, leading to a dead end. You should try and evoke thoughts about some mysterious mentality and provide it to the reader, or rather to those who nevertheless decided to cognize the information for one’s own comprehension of the problem of the programmed process of the brain genotype development and energy biogenesis, which has come to the culmination of its completion.

The executing processes, governed and controlled by the System, have already acquired a TOUGH PACE and the beat of the overall chronological ongoing process. Among people, the process of transferring the former life-confirming foundations to a NEW STATE OF NON — MATERIAL reality in everything has been activated everywhere. All vices of people have acquired a stable unshakable state that determines the norms of life for all people. This is the current mentality of life which is being acquired. And it must certainly be taken into account when understanding the strategies for the transition to a new stage in the development of Civilization, which are becoming the reality of our being and all that is happening around us, and in the world as a whole.

Unfortunately, science today is more and more regulated, as if it were accounting. Therefore, many, or rather, the majority, reject new knowledge, which practically destroys the entire basic platform on which it has been based until now. But the NEW is VERY EASILY perceived within the framework of what we have already known and, of course, within the framework of the fundamental research "Fundamentals of Mankind Formation”, which has become a forerunner in understanding of the gone and the ongoing events. There is a place here for understanding the psychology of people, and the psychology of the mentality or the brain genotype development from the moment of its creation and substantiation of the creation both for futurology, and practically everything that is given to us as “a certain path of the historical development of Civilization” and psychology.


In the haste of the new political reality development, there is NO TIME to realize that ordinary perception and ideas about the world and the ongoing, within the framework of the already existing brain genotypes, de facto consist of three parts: 1) an operational part — “human thinking at the level of specific brain development and its mentality within the framework of this genotype”, 2) a tactical part — “social and personal process of cognition”, 3) a strategic part — “a new view and philosophical comprehension of the ongoing”.

The operational part — within the framework of the human thinking, develops and uses the instruments for upbringing, education, treatment and recovery of Man by methods of general, differential, pedagogical, medical knowledge, psychotherapy, etc. Today the operational consciousness of the brain (mentality) deals with the inner circle of Man’s problems: the compliance of his behavior with the generally accepted standards. Success (or no success) here is brought by highly professional knowledge of the “past” of Man, which is materialized in the physiology of his so-called “higher nervous activity, psychophysiology”, and in the ability (or no ability) to “recreate everything as it was before”: attention, consciousness, thinking, perception, emotions. It works in Man “here and now” ignoring the question of what kind of life the Man is prepared for or is now being prepared. The greatness of the operational thinking is in the fundamental knowledge of Man’s past. This is one of the problems that hinder the comprehension of the present realities.

The tactical part of human thinking within the framework of cognition uses the instruments of social, legal, engineering psychology, medical psychology, providing adequate relationship of a person with another person, with a group of people, with technological systems and the environment. It also studies and records the inner circle of human problems that exist in the real time and space and are accessible for objective measurement. Success here is brought by highly professional (depending on a personal professionalism) knowledge of the present, to which it is necessary for a person or a group of people with a specific mentality (brain genotype) to adapt.

The strategic part — comprehension of the ongoing — works with the outer distant range of problems of a person and society at the intersection of political, economic, subjective experience, futurology, strategic forecasting. There is an ATTEMPT OF THE POSSIBILITY OF STUDYING future of a person, those changes in his consciousness and behavior which were not in the past, there are no in the present — but they are approaching faster and faster, and “they are already here”. This allows some of people, those who have decided to embark on the path of knowing the truth. at least to some extent, to comprehend the realities of today, Fundamental and large-scale changes in all spheres of life leave fiction behind. Now a “new political reality” has come, which is manifested in the rejection of systems of international treaties, obligations, norms of international relations, recognition of borders, etc. In the minds of most people, these changes are defined psychologically: as “Unusual” — we do not have ready-made “good” answers for innovations;

“Unacceptable” — innovations in politics seem unnatural to us;

“Unexpected” — innovations are not at all what we expected to see in them;

“Sudden” — innovations happen exactly when we do not expect them. Without forecasting strategic changes, without their anticipation — not a single people, or state have any chance of survival. So it happened with the USSR, when intangible instruments of destruction were used against it, which had not been used before, and were used not at the will of a person, as modern analysts and scientists believe, namely within the framework of the programs for the brain genotype development.

Today many representatives of the so-called “elite” believe that there is a danger of the Russian Federation’s repeating the experience of the USSR if it continues to ignore the strategic past of the USSR and the role of the United States in this. Although today the "Project the USA» fell into the same trap of not understanding the strategy of the political mentality into which it previously decoyed the USSR. This is how all global and requisite transformations are implemented and solved within the framework of the Control System, or, more precisely, the goal vector is implemented to which people DO NOT HAVE ANY RELATIONSHIP. But all this happens through them, through people, with the use of their mentality, they believe that the decisions of their specific mentality led to this or that result.

But there are also experts who believe that the meaning and role of mentality in the idea of the ongoing and the past events are very much exaggerated. I happened to hear this many times. They believe that mentality is a form of racism, sometimes self-racism, the only function of which is to justify political leadership, to RELIEVE THE RESPONSIBILITY of those who really are responsible, who have the resources and make decisions, shifting it onto the silent people who can be endowed with any disgusting qualities would have a propaganda mouthpiece at hand. However, there are specific historical examples known to all in which the mentality, or to be more precise, the genotype created within the framework of specifically solved tasks, played a decisive role, cancelling the political plans of entire countries, political movements and the most prominent leaders.

So far, NEITHER political scientists, NOR economists, NOR historians, NOR philosophers HAVE GIVEN a convincing explanation for that “unknown” that literally “turned off” the entire defense system of the gigantic Russian Empire in 1917 in hours, and the mighty Romanov dynasty became “nothing” in a few hours! Where were the people? Monarchists! “Union of the Russian people”, “Russian Assembly”, “United nobility”, “Russian monarchist party”? There were 850 Orthodox icons in the bedroom of Empress Alexandra Fedorovna. So, where were the monks and priests when generals Kornilov and Alekseev on March 8, 1917, arrested Nicholas II and his family? Not a single person (!) tried to protect them! Not a single!

NO rational sciences of consciousness and behavior can EXPLAIN why the personal bodyguard of the emperor, the Semyonovsky Life Guards regiment, betrayed him and took the oath of office to the Provisional Government. This is the regiment that pacified Krasnaya Presnya in 1905, and after the revolution became the most reliable combat unit of the bolshevik Uritsky! Incredible! It is also inexplicable that when on March 4 General Alekseev, by his order No. 344, took away from Nicholas II “His Majesty's Own Convoy”, the Cossacks with a clear conscience immediately went home, some to the Kuban, and some to the Terek. And this is after three hundred years of faithful service! And the entire tsarist special services, including the Palace Police, fled by the evening of February 28, 1917! But we don't even think about that, but we accept and believe that we know everything, since at school we read and “studied” this period from the history textbooks. And today this approach to cognition is firmly embedded in us with the postulates from the school years.

5If this example has already “gone down in history”, then there is a recent one: THE TRAGIC LOWERING DOWN THE USSR FLAG in the Kremlin on December 25, 1991 at 19 hours 35 minutes! It's incredible that NO MAN tried to stop it! Neither the army, nor the navy, nor the special services that swore allegiance to this flag, not a single out of the eighteen million members of the CPSU. Whatever experts speak about this: neither politicians, nor psychologists, nor economists have presented convincing reasons for the collapse in a matter of days and hours, without the defeat in the war of the brilliant “Project the USSR”, which has defeated the project of “German nationalism” and successfully competed with the liberal “US and EU projects”. It is impossible to explain where the power of the “Project the USSR”, with all its congresses of the CPSU and Supreme Soviets, with tanks, cannons, planes, and missiles, has gone at this hour!

Such catastrophes that have changed the world CANNOT be convincingly explained either by economics, or philosophy, or politics, or psychology, or the wartime. There were many who tried to explain the disaster of the “Project the USSR”: the reason for the collapse of the “Project the USSR” is the BETRAYAL OF THE PARTY ELITE. But the possibility of betrayal had been foreseen by the control system both in the Empire and in the USSR: every detail had been thought out, considered, perfectly executed, and repeatedly tested in the most difficult historical tests. It is unlikely that such petty representatives of the elite, such as Guchkov, Kerensky, Ruzsky, Khrushchev, who thought of themselves a lot, could “cheat” the security services of their states. And about this, about the events that happened before the eyes of our generation — for some reason we do not even remember and do not reflect, against the background of what is happening around us today — taking the ongoing for granted, relating it to some names, “parties” and all that is given to us from the Internet and the media.

A long and comprehensive examination of both cases from the point of view of new knowledge shows us that people’s political behavior in critical situations is governed not by their consciousness, but by their mentality (a genotype that has received specific information for execution from outside, within the framework of the tasks and changes being solved)! And in both cases, the people and officials, organized by the instruments of consciousness (monarchist, socialist), refused to defend them as political constructs alien... to their mentality. The mentality of the people WAS NOT CONSIDERED in the political superstructure of either Tsarist Russia or the USSR. They turned out to be aliens.

Here lies the reason why, with the slightest weakening of the political consciousness position under the pressure of the really existing, but not considered mentality (the brain genotype of the specific executors) empires, republics, unions collapse, kings are executed, political regimes that only the day before were supported by millions of people and defended by the world's best special services, disappear. And in order to hide everything related to the cognition of brain genotypes, political positivists left in politics only that which can be called "rational" (consciousness), and everything that could be considered "irrational" was removed (mentality — genotype). The irrational is not what is beyond the mind, but what is not deciphered by the mind. Therefore, when people return to what they have already known, they come to the conclusion that THAT IS the fatal reason of the modern civilization “mismanagement”, which is being minimized by the "digital civilization" during the pause created by COVID-19.

And if we look at the ongoing from the point of view of irrationality, then we see that the truth in the fact: by the end of the period (until 1990) the programmed process of the brain genotype development and energy biogenesis approached the CLIMAX OF ITS COMPLETION. The executing conditions of all spheres of the organized human being began to take on a different form. In the field of finance, social parasitism has intensified, limited by the framework of the planetary parasitism — the Globalization program. The manifestation of the old forms of the executing programmed conditions, NO LONGER WERE ABLE to cover the growing volumes in their needs. Therefore, in 1990, the following genotype 461 was introduced (supported by the California Control Complex). The entire structure of the energy-information translation of the control (by that moment) had been FINALLY DIGITIZED for the main vector — the conditioned possibility of transition to a completely different form of worldview and, as one of the components of this, the issue of money related to its new accounting system, application and imposed paid burdensome services through electronic media and control portals. Simultaneously, a NEW FORM OF MONEY was introduced — electronic money.

6Money acquired a previously non-existent special state — they began to possess a conditional virtual value outside the material world, beyond the conscious awareness of people, beyond the real world perception. From now on, the world has been controlled by the virtual delirium through its own global financial system, created for the future leading brain genotype 46! It is worth THINKING INTO THE MEANING of the very fact of the annually adopted Law on the Budget. Through some pitiful conventional numbers, supposedly calculated by some “madmen from the ranks of the financial colonizers” of pro-Western service, the whole sense of life of the people of our entire vast country is determined through “their alien money”. ARE NOT people ABLEto see the dangerous, unreasonable and controlled by the greedy financial group “organized” existence on the verge of the complete collapse of the entire life foundations? Why is it impossible to resist the clearly expressed FINANCIAL PARASITISM on the total planetary scale, organized by a group of banks? The real reason is precisely this, and realizing this, it becomes obvious what happened in 1917 and in 1991, regarding the “collapse of the USSR project”.

Through the individuals of the brain genotype 46, the System (through the Caucasus, Alps and California Control Complexes) IMPOSED a special technology for controlling the executing actions of all people using complex violence against them, without their active meaningful positional participation. The system provided and supported:

  • the level of consciousness of people, which brought them to their full receptivity and diligence while having an illusory world outlook and reality perception;
  • an absurd and completely unfounded absolute admiration of all peoples and states for the virtual structure of SOME WORLD CONTROL, which has given itself an independent right to unconditionally form the amount of electronic money required by the current and future conditions for maintaining the unconditional financial colonization of all countries and peoples of the planet. However, under the New Control System, the executing processes, which are now managed and controlled by it, have acquired a tough tempo and the beat of the general chronological process. Everywhere among the people, the PROCESS IS ACTIVATED of converting the old life-affirming foundations to a new state of NON-MATERIAL reality in everything. All vices of people have acquired a stable unshakable state that determines the norms of the present and future being of all people. This is revealed to more and more people who have chosen the path of knowledge in life.

6Nowadays, many people believe that humanity is developing in a natural way. Unfortunately, THIS IS NOT SO. The present civilization is one of the possible projects of the world order, which can have errors, like any project. One of the most sensible scientists, in my opinion, Professor Chernigovskaya T. V. does not feel at peace with mistakes in the project of the world order. “A civilization of idleness is coming for which we are, in general, not ready, either. What are all those people going to do that are to be replaced with the digital technologies? When they say to me: “the scope for creativity is freed up”, it makes me smile sarcastically. Do you really think that innumerable thousands, in fact — millions of people, in the time freed from hard work, will begin to write madrigals and play the lute? Are you serious? The exact opposite will happen. And we cannot pretend that it is not so”. Here she only hints at the existing and diverse (multifaceted) mentality within the brain genotype today. What she said should be, first of all, understood as the beginning, independent of people, process of weakening the previously imposed parasitism in the construction of the past organized life support and the society being. I would especially like to note for those who think — the solution of today's processes through revolutions and violence — on the part of the reconstructed true Control System in the current event processes, IS OUT OF THEQUESTION. And what is especially important — in terms of their previously endowed capabilities of the Brain functional states for receiving information of the cognitive and controlling nature, both an insignificant powerful minority and the overwhelming majority CAN NO LONGER be interpreted and applied at a level higher than the current achieved development of states of Consciousness and Mind, within the framework of their specific mentality. That is why, in such an unchanged state of the Brain functions, the main part of people has a barrier limit to the perfection of the development of states of both Consciousness and Mind in the conditions of emerging and surrounding reality. This is what Chernigovskaya had in mind in her reflections. True, she is not aware of the possibilities of already applied Technologies, which in one form or another make it possible to overcome this barrier. And here I want to emphasize — it does not concern all users of these technologies. Everything, first of all, depends only on the person himself and his purposefulness, but in the right direction. Look carefully at what is happening around us and DO NOT MAKE hasty conclusions within the framework — “bad — good”. Look at the ongoing within the framework of your knowledge and mentality. Out of the more than seven billion people on the planet, only about 800 million are employed in industry, slightly less are in agriculture. There are many who were taken into the service sector, which has twice as many people as industry. The rest are outside the structures of the world order, they are superfluous. The decision makers managed to create pseudo-employment by letting endless streams of cars along long-range highways and bridges; lifting thousands of airbuses into the sky; launching bullet trains, cruise liners; setting up crowded hotels, resorts, beaches; opening museums and ancient cities for excursions. All these streams of idle people are signs of a “civilization of idleness”. Millions of people rush around the planet, leaving behind mountains of waste and do not find what they seem to have lost.

Hundreds of techniques for manipulating human consciousness have been developed, which are used by all who wants, because the Old System introduced into the Brain of the leading genotypes — the optimal format of mass control — manipulation. Therefore, in all countries, the media play an enormous role (previously, their functions belonged to religion). Without it, people can only be controlled by force, but force is the most ineffective way. Manipulation is the most effective. Most people do not think beyond the boundaries of the everyday scale, and therefore it makes no sense to explain to them the logic of this or that state decision. The heroes of most films and books are advertising specialists, lawyers, writers and so-called “bloggers” — they are innumerable. Because of this (or, more precisely, within the framework of the changes that have begun), the policy of the ruling regimes HAVING LOST THE MONOPOLY to manipulate the unstable human consciousness — is trying to return it by all means, believing that this is how they will be able to maintain their power control of people. Therefore, the architects of the new version of the world order decided to replace verbal-figurative methods of mind control with its direct control by electronic methods, relying on “digital civilization” and “artificial intelligence”. Artificial intelligence, in their understanding, presumably, will duplicate Man not only in work, but also in everyday life, forcing him to subconsciously act contrary to his needs, motivation, evidence, etc. Among many projects of this kind is the “Smart City 2030” Concept, which “defines the priorities, goals and objectives of public administration and development in the field of digital technologies in Moscow until 2030”. It uses, oddly enough, the IDEAS OF the FUTUROLOGISTS AND FANTASTIC WRITERSRay Kurzweil — Google; Ian Pearson — British Telecom; Nicola Millard — British Telecom; Brian David Johnson — Intel; Dave Evans — CISCO; Dave Coplin — Microsoft. But among the developers of the Concept, it is not by chance that there is not a single psychologist, philosopher, historian — specialists in “humanness” — IT specialists “have taken away” their consciousness. There is a question that Globalization COULD NOT answer, or the answer turned out to be unacceptable: what will happen to Man?

Obviously, the system has to be changed. We ought to develop the ability to live in a digital world and not lose humanity. But in reality, we ought to overcome this digital world and “artificial intelligence” imposed on us just because it is artificial. In the table below compiled by Professor A. I. Yuriev, you can see what “loss of humanness” means.

New political reality — dismantling of globalization
(А. I. Yuriev — 2018 )

New political reality

Digital civilization is a unified system of the control of any activity, labor, and work of everyone and everything.

Digital culture is a unified information control system about what was, what is now and what will be.

Science is a unified technical digital base to control and govern the behavior in all forms

  • Suddenness — the innovations turned out to be far from what was expected to be (total shut down of production, movement of people, goods, further — information and money, massive unemployment)
  • Consciousness of the subject: the knowledge of one’s role and place in the social process is devalued.
  • Will to live is modified by the introduction of the total external control for any activity, work, and labor.
    - Practical intelligence (PQ) — (excludes the possibility of finding your work environment using your experience and knowledge)
  • The subject, deprived of the opportunity for self-regulation, turns into a Serviceman (controlled)
  • Unusualness — there are no ready (good) answers for innovation (total information control in personal communication, in print, electronic, television communications)
  • Consciousness of individuality — understanding of the goals of behavior and development plans disappear.
  • The purpose of life is modified by distorting the picture of the world in the systems of education, science, culture, media, TV, IT.
  • Academic Intelligence —( IQ) (there no access to understanding higher abstract-logical operations)
  • Individuality — deprived of the opportunity for self-education, one turns from a creator into a Consumer of Competencies

Religion is the strugle against the introduction of the system of digital dogmatism instead of religious dogmas

  • Suddenness — innovations happen when they are not expected (politics in peacetime is carried out by the method of wartime: passes, prohibitions on going out, patrols, checkpoints, video surveillance of people and cars).
  • Consciousness of the individual — loses connection with his mentality, i.e. with "eternal truths of being" — dogmas about the meaning of human existence.
  • The meaning of life — is modified by reducing contacts based on love, and increasing the mass of contacts based on threats and punishments.
  • Emotional intelligence — (EQ) – the ability to realize the meaning of one’s emotions and the ability to use them in relationships with other people is lost.
  • An individual who loses the need for self-regulation is ready to turn into a Cyborg.
  • Unacceptableness — innovations in politics seem to be unnatural (the politics is not substantiated either legally, logically, or common sense, and looks illegal: parties, the State Duma are removed from the process).
  • Personality consciousness — loses touch with reality and the ability to act rationally.
    - Values of life — are modified by their weakening to lower the resistance of an individual to radical changes.
  • Social intelligence (SQ) — The ability to understand the behavior of people and the ability to interact with them personally is disappearing.
  • A person who loses self-control turns into a mass Network Man.

The table shows how “man and humanness” will look if instead of “unreliable consciousness” of Man the model of “artificial intelligence” is chosen — a) a human-cyborg; b) “a serviceman”; c) “network person”; d) “a person — a bearer of competencie”s. The crisis in world politics pushes the accelerated adoption of such a replacement: it is rejected by demonstrators around the world as a “bad history”; which is NOT RECOGNIZED as fair by many nations on the planet; which forced “decision-makers” to close borders. The fight has started between the powerful elites. The fight that is the beginning of their elimination, as the “ruling class” within the framework of the executive processes of the New Control System. Against this background, the failures of the “Democratic Project” are a consequence of the fact that it has turned, in fact, into a new political religion, another modification of positivism, which is aimed at “cleaning out” from the psychological formula of Man (his Brain) the political mentality — the centuries-old fundamental basis of the world order. This is becoming a “fatal mistake” in the creation of today's world order, a method of destroying the old, which is being understood by more and more people who are thinking, but NOT SEEING TO THE END the globalism of transformation processes within the framework of the New Control System. We discover something new for ourselves only when we are ready to accept new information. UNTIL THE RIGHT MOMENT COMES, we DO NOT NOTICE even those things that seem obvious to the most. “Humanness”, which is still only being developed today, within the framework of our understanding, is, strictly speaking, the independent moral, ethical, aesthetic behavior of people based on: 1. self-control (of an individual); 2. self-regulation (of a subject); 3. self-control (of individuals); 4. self-education (of an individuality). These functions are provided “from within”, by one’s mentality, without compulsion of any external force, expressed by today's auto-motor actions of the so-called “rulers”. It is “humanness” that has been preserving the socio-economic stability on the planet to this day. The functions of the “internal control” of the “rulers” (the brain genotypes created to “rule”, mentioned above) are practically “disabled” today. This is the reason for the “mistake” that they are looking for today and are trying to overcome with the help of “artificial intelligence”, within the framework of their auto-motor thinking, without the support of the Old Control System, and their mentality practically “disabled”. Few of them, and especially with regards to the so-called elite “created 20 years ago”, within the framework of the golden million, understand that the social model remains stable and firm if there is a global idea embracing all layers of society from top to bottom. Such an idea can arise ONLY OUT OF THE WORLD VIEW, created within the framework of the specific mentality (brain genotype). If the worldview disappears, the old idea remains in society, left over from the past worldview. The elite has to use the old, there is no other for them. Only now there is no ideological justification for such use. Ideological manipulation and violence are replaced with commercial manipulation and violence. Deception and violence for the sake of money have always been, but they could never form the foundation of the social structure. The quality is not right. The constant broadcast of false information to the masses has a number of extremely unpleasant consequences. Firstly, the cynicism of the elite, who looks at the masses as a colonizer at the native, is growing exponentially. But the bearers of such cynicism are quickly decaying themselves. Secondly, cynical manipulation lowers the intellectual level of the mass below the natural level. She will concentrate on solving current domestic and technical problems. Physically, she will not be able to see anything beyond everyday life. People today see inequalities that annoy them, and SEE NO explanation for this. This gives rise to hatred to the ruling classes only for the fact that they are representatives of the authorities (now this effect has been observed in the Russian Federation since 2019, when everyone considers it their duty to kick the power, and the word “official” has acquired an abusive meaning). But the society immersed in an ideological vacuum inevitably rots from head to tail at the same time. The elite takes the masses not for the people “which God gave them to rule”, but for livestock. The masses see in the representatives of power and capital something hostile to themselves. Absolute distrust, suspicion of hidden deception in their every word and deed. If each individual regards the collective organism as something alien to him, then it is quite obvious that this organism actually DOES NOT EXIST ANY LONGER, but becomes a kind of ghostly product of the intellect, a kind of fetish.

In matters of our current knowledge, it is of interest that knowledge and comprehension of at least one particular psychological conception — mentality,- gives answers to questions of not only, for example, historical and psychological sciences, but of global politics, as well — it indicates the main mistake in the world order. They do not give rise to the slightest doubt, so high is the reliability and completeness of the materials discussed, presented by the above authors and methods of their analysis. All this fully ruled out the loss of any part of information about the mentality or a specific brain genotype. But the main thing is that a theoretical and methodological basis is being created for a new METHOD OF SEEING THE EVENTS in domestic and world history from a completely unexpected side for those who are eager to comprehend and learn. At a minimum, the behavior of many people (political, psychological, everyday life) makes it clearer to see in the time of the new reality that surrounds us.

To comprehend the information in the series of “articles 369” it is necessary to approach them not from the standpoint of the orthodox materialist worldview, but from the position of the already accomplished transition to the stage of the true cognition — materialist idealism. Applied for the first time by the Russian scientists, indicated in this article, the methodology and research method based on the energy-information dialectics of the stage-by-stage development of brain genotypes (mentality) and the improvement of the control with the use of Complexes, providing and supporting Systems and Objects, under the programmed control from the outside, made it possible to show IN A DIFFERENT WAY an objective necessity to revise the semantic and target hierarchy of all the historical processes that have taken place in the development of human civilization. The logic of cognition (research) of the mentality (the brain genotype as such) has led to the need of studying the totality of explanations of its nature, as a system that includes faith — the primary source of the mentality content (religion); dogmatics — the stability of the mentality functions (philosophy); the mentality (proper) — structuring the consciousness of a person (a complex phenomenon); consciousness — synthesizing human behavior from the tenets of mentality and information out of the “fearfull spaces of the Universe” which embrace a person (operational psychology); the struggle between liberalism and conservatism — the “human” constructions of the world order of both forces have come into a fundamental contradiction (politics).

Objective breaks in this system caused by the cancellation of the Old Programs and “making disabled” of specific brain genotypes (their mentality) is the so-called reason for geopolitical failures of the recent times, which are perceived by the mainstream as the essence of the ongoing. But the worst thing for the current state of awareness is the programmed consumer — goods-like APPLICATION of people without their will and awareness of this very fact IN THE PAST, as such. With such a process of irresistible violence against people, the programs and plans of the external control were focused on their specific target lines directed to the achievement of the certain controlled level of development of the specific mentality (brain genotypes) for a limited contingent of individuals. In complying with the above, the multi-stage plan for the energy biogenesis of the human body had been realized, with a focus on development and giving it such complex features and states that were to be harmonious and acceptable for such a brain genotype and corresponded to their further specific plans under the external control of the old System. That is the true point of the entire history. This information, and the one that is going to be given in the next articles of the “series 369”, is NOT CONSIDERED TO BE TAKEN as an intellectual entertainment: it will require the reader to do intellectual work: at least primary (and for deeper, — more profound) knowledge of psychology, history, philosophy, religion, biology, politics. This is justified by the fact that inaccuracies, superficiality, understatement in this information, as the basis of New knowledge, are excluded. Therefore, one must immediately dispose oneself to the immersion in the depths of understanding very mysterious, at first glance, theories and methodologies, but each one can determine for oneself whether this is a theory related to the reality under study, and if so, which one. Everyone is to decide which aspects of this theory can be chosen to study the ongoing events today. This is the basis with which to go into the comprehension of the reality and a serious impetus to the answer to the question asked by more than one generation, even within the framework of the Old Control System — what is the meaning of life. It is for the earnest seeker after the truth to embrace the whole — everything existing plus something, which IS NOT DEFINED as existing, but at the same time it does exist. A smaller scale embracing will not allow deducing the meaning of life, the concepts of good and evil, norms, taboos and values.

The only chance to break through in understanding is to CAPTURE the ESSENCE of the surrounding reality and draw a conclusion from it, which is to be the purpose and meaning of life. But in which direction to go in order to come out into the light — still there are many, even among those who nevertheless decided to take the path of knowledge, who do not know the answer. Ordinary thinking leads to a dead end. You need to look for a way out beyond this routine. Even those who I often communicate with vaguely see the course to be followed, and it seems to them too crazy. But when you, in your reflections, finally bump into a dead end, believe me, it was the same with me, and with Levashov, and with Khatybov and with others whom I mention here, there will be a choice: either to abandon your view on the world, or to become crazy... In practice, the latter means — not to try to adjust your thought in order to look normal in the eyes of the “respectable public”. It is not such a big price to pay for the chance to FIND THE MEANING OF LIFE. By doing this you will make yourself free of the absurd limitations and start thinking without any restrictions. For me, this finally happened after the death of Nikolai Levashov in June 2012 — quantity turned into quality. I cannot say now that everything is absolutely clear to me. Far from everything. But I got out of the dead end and made up my view of the world in rather large strokes. My worldview still needs clarification today, but it is enough to see the GENERAL DIRECTION OF LIFE, as well as fundamental concepts in the ongoing processes, good and evil, norms and taboos, a scale of values, and so on. But since my understanding of reality implies a goal that is unattainable alone, I am constantly looking for companions and supporters. But to become supporters, people must understand the information of my articles and books and share the goal and values that follow from them, while getting aquatinted with my view on the surrounding reality. So, the PURPOSE IS OMNIPOTENCE, which arenot absolute possibilities within the limits of our world, but the possibilities limited only by our own imagination. It seems crazy for the most people, but most people are not be able to explain why they think so. The main argument is — “unusual”. But this is not an argument. If a person can fantasize something, in itself it means that he can realize it. What we cannot realize, we cannot fantasize. This is confirmed by the creation of the Programs within the framework of the “SvetL” Project, expressed in all its forms of application by people. It does not matter that I am not yet sure that I know how to achieve this goal. My ignorance today does not change anything. We still have to look for the solution. It is paradoxical but true.

8So, summarizing — the goal is omnipotence. The way to gain it is to go beyond the boundaries of the observed reality, to the program that shapes and organizes our world. The key is to bring together the critical mass of the awakened people. It remains to figure out how to get together such people. It is impossible to attract them with material values. The only thing they will go for is the goal that attracts by the meaning of life. For a mortal person, such a goal, as I wrote in the previous article, is OVERCOMING DEATH. Everything else is secondary, if only because everything else is to be existing, to be alive. Even if you are ready to die for the happiness of people, in order to achieve it, you need to be alive. Everything exists only for the existing. For nonexistent, nothing exists. I, just like you, reader, can hypothesize about what death is, but what it is, I don’t know. Because I have never died yet. But it seems to me that the gate in that direction is open.

I DON'T KNOW the depth of the programs that are being implemented today by the new Control System in the framework of the development and life support of people, but I know that these processes are to bring us all to the situation of human life and development in the period prior to the seizure of the Earth by the aliens — Ebres and therefore I can assume that overcoming death is provided by the System. Then immortality is achieved within the framework of our world. But it is possible that the program prohibits such a result. Then the solution is beyond the limits of our world. However, it is encouraging that even today I can assert that after a while, having solved certain tasks facing us today, relying on the calculations of A. Khatybov, A. Luchin, the information from N. Levashov and the knowledge of the “Foundations of the Mankind Formation ”the so called life path of Man” can be prolonged up to 132 — 136 years. Perfection and modernization of the Technologies and the generation process, within the framework of today's changes in the life support system of people — I am sure, WILL ALLOW US TO IMPLEMENT THE PLANNED and go out exactly beyond the boundaries of today's observable reality. This will be one of the first steps in solving the Main task — overcoming death.

Why is exactly this direction chosen? Because a physical opportunity will be added in the temporary factor of the current period of being to prolong precisely the purposeful work of specific people in achieving the set goal. But, at the same time another question will arise — who should be “given” such an opportunity? Probably, those who can prove their usefulness in solving this main task by their own deeds.

The scale of the task is grandiose. The visible world in which we live is only a small prison cell suspended between two abysses — infinity and nothingness. To solve such a large-scale problem, you will also have to create the construction of many theories, relying, of course, on the information that we already know where to get from and how to apply it, using keywords of the highest complexity: consciousness, mentality (brain genotype), faith, subjectivity, dogma, religion, politics and, of course, a constructive theory of everything, within the framework of the “Foundations of the Mankind Formation”. Without any doubt, these phenomena are linked into a single system and cannot function separately. When they are linked together they plunge into the infinity of the phenomena, facts, events surrounding Man, and in an amazing way they find in it exactly what Man needs for life and the continuation of his kind. This is the way we are going to move. And I invite all those who accept the declared goal to take this path with me, — boldly, confidently, BUTCONSCIOUSLY. In my opinion, the only chance to evade the slowly chewing and grinding auto-motor jaws of the system is to grasp the essence of the surrounding reality and make a conclusion out of it, which is to become the purpose and meaning of life. About the awareness of this and on Consciousness as such within the framework of the concept of mentality and its transformation we will talk in the following articles.



1 The word "mentality" comes from the Latin "mens": spirit, mind. That is, mentality is the spirit, the mindset of a certain group of people. The mentality is its worldview. The concept of mentality includes views, assessments, values, norms of behavior and morality, mentality, religious affiliation and many other nuances that characterize a particular group of people. The term originated in historical science, but is now often used in psychology and sociology.

2 "Mismanagement" — the term was introduced by D. I. Mendeleev.


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