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...Of knowledge, only that which has been acquired for the purpose to forming understanding has value.

Life puts everything in its place”, conventional wisdom tells us. And so it began to arrange everything. And we suddenly began to understand how true natural cosmophysical processes kept people's consciousness in a state of ignorance and fornication for many centuries. It is true that at this moment we are not at all grateful for such a “miracle” performed at this very time (not by chance) but we perceive it as a miraculous open access (mainly thanks to the Internet) to the information hidden from us, as an “epiphany” of our failure to understand what is happening due to our INAPPROPRIATE attitude to such things. But this is for now, right now. Awareness of the depth of the processes will come only to those who are already holding the shovel of knowledge and have learned to apply it at least to some extent.

1The very understanding of the processes of formation of today’s everyday reality is already more detailed and widespread than all the media broadcast about it put together. And it is presented as some processes associated with cosmophysics, and not with the previous philosophical “conjectures and juggling” within the framework of the same philosophical categories – about nothing true. It is this way of understanding that will allow us to understand and accept a lot in the future (or not accept it, discarding it as unnecessary and, perhaps, even harmful) and express our assumption not only about the constructive essence of what is happening, but also about the essence of our past in its multi-direction.

We will talk the genotypes of the Brain, and about the mentality, the Consciousness and Mind associated with were used to control us and create realities that occurred earlier and are happening now to guarantee in the future, at a different level of knowledge, to isolate ourselves with the help of our Consciousness from the framework of the former fictional illusions, the slavish madness of the imposed contradictory orthodox dogmas, based on the animal parasitism and VIOLENCE IN EVERYTHING, imputed to us waerlier, including in all the spheres of our past being, everyday. Driven into a corner by the ongoing processes, the current pseudo-leaders have moved into a state of screaming hysteria in the sphere of the artificially created fifth space of war, i. e. “Cyberspace” and “Artificial Intelligence”, intimidating and overshadowing Consciousness and Mind of people with dirty lies in all things. Past large-scale wars with traditional means of destroying anything and everything have disappeared into the past, however, preserving elements of intimidation through openly demonstrated triune fascism. Against this background, everyone understands with reason that it is absurd to live the way we live, but they continue to live exactly the way they consider to be absurd. Simply because EVERYONE WANTS TO LIVE LIKE THAT. The absolute majority of people live according to the program created by the old Control System, which generated and as a residual phenomenon today, continues to GENERATE DESIRES in THEM. The auto-motility of this affects absolutely everything. They do not know why they have been running in one direction or another all their lives, and what in the end, as the very last result, they would like to get. People don't belong to themselves. People belong to desires. Desires are generated by the programs available in a person – instincts and templates. Moreover, all this is transmitted to the so-called “young generation” and is transmitted through the mechanism of the family, which we call the “unit of society”. Reducing this chain, we get: people belong to the one who creates programs – create through information that directly affects Consciousness. Along the line of instincts, man belongs to nature. Along the line of templates – to the system. The system weaves its templates into instincts through Consciousness. Moralists can say what they like, but if a person is immersed in the environment that cultivates the meaning of life through conspicuous consumption, he CANNOT have a bigger dream than to “make money”. It doesn't matter how: steal, earn, save or win it. Those who FAIL, go to moralists and moralizers1. But if suddenly good money falls on them, moralizing immediately gives way to consumption. And even understanding HAS NOT made anyone give up their desires. No matter how you spin it, WANTING IT – is stronger than KNOWLEDGE. Maybe I’m wrong about the following, that all people can be divided into three type.

The first type: is the one who does NOT KNOW anything and does not want to know. His goals do not go beyond the shopping list for the coming weekend. These types of people “just live”. Then “they will just die”. That, in fact, is their whole life strategy.

The second type of people: the one who knows what he DOES NOT want, but gas no idea what he wants. He’s like a shopper in a store who doesn't know what he wants. His gaze glides over the shop windows, his thoughts flicker in his head: "I don't want that, I don't want that, I don’t want that. As much as his movements are chaotic around the store, so much so in his life. Common words help him to be a nobody. He is much of the reasoning – “I am my own Man”, – but that's about it. Sadly.

The third type of people: alas, is the smallest, those WHO KNOW WHAT THEY WANT. They differ sharply from the others in their purposeful behavior. But when the world is immersed in a vacuum of ideas, where do such people come from? Only through one's own consciousness and the awareness that life is senseless, but that we have all settled into it and do not feel the slightest discomfort.

And I see that people do not live, but try everything, on and on and waste their whole lives on it. And when they have robbed themselves of their time, they start blaming fate. What is fate here? Every man is his own destiny! I see all kinds of people, but no one is strong! Where are they? (Gorky’s “Old Woman Izergil”).

Thousands of books have been written about consciousness in all languages of the world because this very phenomenon was chosen by the world order system, or to be more precise, it was embedded as an element in the development of specific genotypes of the human Brain through the old Control System to control the behavior of many generations of people on the planet. It is the “king” of psychology and the “king” of politics. Many researchers, without realizing it, for reasons quite clear to the reader, write that “the mystery surrounding consciousness has stumped the greatest minds in the history of mankind”.

It is paradox and mystery that most accurately define the psychology of consciousness. The scientific development of the problem of consciousness continued for about four centuries, but even by the beginning of the twenty-first century the concept of consciousness remained immensely broad and undefined. IT COULD NOT HAVE BEEN ANY OTHER WAY in the framework of the processes going on at that time.

For many years, attempts to unravel the mystery of consciousness have not progressed beyond the definition of Academician B.G. Ananyev2: “mental activity as consciousness is a dynamic ratio of sensory and logical knowledge, a system working as a single whole and determining each separate concept of knowledge... This working system is the waking state of man or, in other words, a specifically human characteristic of wakefulness is consciousness”.

The problems of today's world order require an understanding of how the “political consciousness of a person” has been used for hundreds of years as the most effective tool of political management. The theory of functional psychology is best suited for this case. According to this theory, “consciousness is a stream, a river in which thoughts, sensations, memories and sudden associations constantly interrupt each other and are bizarrely, “illogically” intertwined”. More precisely, the “stream of consciousness” is understood as a sequence of continuously changing holistic mental states, a stream of experiences from which consciousness selects what meets the needs and formes the inner world of a person. Four properties of the stream of consciousness are distinguished:

  1. Each “state of consciousness” tends to be a part of personal consciousness.
  2. Within the boundaries of personal consciousness, its states are changeable.
  3. Every personal consciousness represents a continuous sequence of sensations.
  4. It perceives some objects willingly, rejects others and generally makes a choice between them all the time.

N. Levashov in his explanations aptly said that “Consciousness is a small island in the middle of the great ocean of possibilities of the human psyche, about the boundaries of which we know nothing”..

There is an explanation within our understanding of how these four properties of the stream of consciousness connect it with mentality. Stream of consciousness is, of course, NOT an ANALOG of a homogeneous stream of water chaotically carrying random garbage, the stream of consciousness consists of rigidly organized “channels”, and they do not carry chaos, rather orderliness. It is extremely difficult to penetrate into consciousness, which is why today a huge army of specialists successfully invents more and more new ways of penetrating into it with further manipulation to control human behavior.

The diagram from Professor A. I. Yuriev's works shows a cross-section of the stream of consciousness from the channels of human mental processes, properties and states: they collide, mix in the stream, and all together form human consciousness.


A cross-section of a person's stream of consciousness that organizes information coming from an external space.

The cross-section of the stream of consciousness organizes the mentality

The first channel: emotions and feelings (affect) pass into consciousness through involuntary attention. The simplest and most effective way.

The second channel: sensations and comprehension (perception) pass into consciousness through involuntary memory. A simple and accessible way.

The third channel: motive and action (will) pass into consciousness through arbitrary attention. Quite a difficult way.

The fourth channel: using speech and representations (thinking), consciousness passes through arbitrary memory. It is a very difficult, time-consuming way.

Consciousness became political from the moment when the IDEA APPEARED to PENETRATE it through these four channels, forming an attitude to power and the world order. This idea appeared only in the framework of the development Brain genotypes in order to solve the problem of managing people, as the implementation of the mechanism of their subordination. Power is primarily expressed as the power over consciousness and only then over the territory and economy. If a ruler does not have power over consciousness, he is not a ruler, but a caretaker on the farm, at any time replaced by someone who has power over consciousness.

The primordial consciousness is objective, organized, clear, concreate, sufficient for life, necessary for adequate actions. But politics, which has always been a vector (an integral part) of the processes, implemented by the Control System, penetrating into one of the four channels of consciousness, has always been able to and today can still falsify their content, disorient, destabilize, disinform, disorganize, discredit, disintegrate in such a way as is necessary at “this moment of this policy”. Thus, consciousness becomes a field of BATTLE BETWEEN TRUTH AND FALSEHOODpolitical consciousness: in the struggle for consciousness, opposing politicians collide at its entrance. Not all of them are evil. This is the simplest explanation. Nevertheless, today the stream of consciousness is as littered as never before in the history of mankind.

From this place begins the most difficult part of the problem of relationship between consciousness and mentality: how are the “channels of the stream of consciousness” organized, and who does it? The convenience of using consciousness for politics was that it is "visible" to an outside observer, easily responds to its influences, quickly modifies itself, and directly gives reactions to the information offered. But the stream of consciousness is continuous (nothing can be fixed in it), it is changeable (one content can easily be changed into another). And it is quite inconvenient that the stream of consciousness is individual (not everything can be accepted for an objective reason), and selective (not everything is accepted for a subjective reason).

Therefore, today's so-called “politicians” have many competitors to “fill the channels” with their content, and the attitude of society to the policies pursued by these “politicians” is critical. Actually, this is the real objectivity in the resulting processes created by the new Control System.

Due to the imputed disregard of the four properties of consciousness as a stream, non-professional and professional politicians have lost the ways of verbally controlling consciousness. Because of this, politics has weakened, there is no politics, being replaced today by imitation politics.

The level of verbal influence on politics through the development of Brain genotypes has been demonstrated. W. Churchill wrote “The History of English-speaking Peoples”; “The World Crisis”; a 6-volume analysis of the First World War, a 5-volume analysis of the Second World War, and delivered the Fulton speech. Stalin wrote 16 volumes of political analysis and political projects. The complete works of V. Lenin consists of 56 volumes. F. D. Rooseveltwrote the Second Bill of Rights, which, however, was not adopted, etc.

Todays, due to the clogging of consciousness with advertising and verbal garbage of all kinds, politicians are forced to manipulate people's behavior, but not with words, like their great predecessors, rather, with the distribution of money and physical violence. Neither their mentality nor their consciousness within this mentality, are capable of anything more. Under the current conditions, it is obvious that must be replaced to in order to PRESERVE WORLD ORDER. And in order to look for a replacement, you just need to start understanding what is to look for in a replacement and why it needs to be done.

It is necessary to treat the awareness and the understanding of what is stated above not from the position of the past orthodox materialistic worldview, which still dominates in the minds of the majority, but from the position of the already accomplished transition to the stage of cognition of the truth of materialistic idealism.

The methodology and research method applied for the first time, which has been repeatedly discussed and will continue to be discussed, on the basis of the energy-informational dialectic of the GRADUAL DEVELOPMENT of the Brain genotypes and improvement of management using Complexes that provide and support Systems and Objects with the programmed management from the outside, allowed us to show in a fundamentally different way the objective need to revise the semantic and target hierarchy of all events, including historical processes of the development of human civilization. A fundamentally new approach of research allowed us to reveal the truth, the most terrible for the current state of consciousness, that, in the past the very fact of their program was the material use of people outside of their will and awareness. With such a process of insurmountable violence against people, the programs and plans of the external management were focused on their specific target boundaries associated with achieving a certain controlled development level of the Brain genotype for a LIMITED CONTINGENT of INDIVIDUALS and the formation of consciousness both in them and in all other people controlled by them. Corresponding to this, a multi-stage plan for the “development” of people, including the energy biogenesis of their body, was implemented with a focus on the development and giving it such complex features and states that should be harmonious and acceptable for the specific Brain genotype (a specific mentality) and correspond to their further specific plans under the external management of the old System. Based on this basic foundation are we able to go forward and begin to understand what, and most importantly, why, is this is happening around us today, how to perceive what is happening and how to react to all this.

Our consciousness today is gradually beginning to “awaken” against the background of the development of the mind, which is still blocked by “violent streams” of information, most of it false and contradictory, aimed at maintaining a position in terms of governing the majority of people through a limited minority, which is in a virtually INADEQUATE state of thinking and vision of the processes taking place. What is the objectivity of such conclusions? In understanding and comprehending that for the last 18,000 years has been only one Civilization – Civilization of Parasitism and Violence”, and it has been divided only into stages of changing interventionist conditions of governance and corresponding to those imputed states of the general stages of the UNNATURAL existence of planet Earth from the moment of its capture and until recently, as the “development” program, not connected by its essence with the true purpose of the Earth as a whole. Parasitism, as a peculiarity of the system and as a property at the same time, is the basic TARGET REFERENCE POINT of the very meaning of the whole existence of the interventionist Ebres System3. In the basis of its formed Reason parasitism is put as the basis not only of existence, but the main condition of the development and survival in any macro-environment captured by them. They could exist only through the destruction and application of what they captured and re-equipped for their living conditions. Creation as such is alien to the Ebra System. Which, in fact, has already been clearly demonstrated in almost all aspects of our existence today.

Since the life of people in all their essence and substance as such is the investigative result of the influence of control information, which, in turn, is a target contact control process with the substance of the state of Mind, it means that the STAGES of INFORMATION DEVELOPMENT are the stages of the development of people's lives with all the corresponding step-by-step embodiment’s of their being. The true reasons for the expression of specific stages of the development of civilization are only the stages of the development of Brain genotypes, as an externally controlled process implemented through the Complexes and Objects. A strictly verified external intervention program for the development ofvery specific brain genotypes was carried out in 12 stages (this was presented as 12 generic tribes) for almost 18,000 years. It was CAREFULLY HIDDEN that a person also has a Mind and Consciousness, and he is represented by a specific Construction (!), which the Ebra System tried to "deform" in various ways. Each individual typology of the deformation of the Mind Structure is the so-called Brain Genotype.

The acquisition of a contact information state (Consciousness) is provided through the CONSTRUCTION of the MIND. The imputation of Brain genotypes is the process of giving performing actions with a low, i. e. blocked level of consciousness of people, like a cyber appendage for imputing and implementing their plans. The time frame for the occurrence of each stage of the development of Civilization was based on the parameters of the executive step-by-step processes from the programs for the “Development of Brain genotypes and Energy Biogenesis of the flesh cell”. All history, science and human cognition, as the program of the Brain genotype development, is the MAIN LAW of what happened and what is happening today (as a residual manifestation of the management of the Eber Control System), and not anything else. Today we are witnessing the consequences of all this with our own eyes. The fact that the era of political consciousness is demonstrated by everyday facts:

  1. Russian language radio and TV programs (poems, prose, songs in Russian) have disappeared.
  2. Russian language teaching at school has been curtailed, and students at universities make 20 grammatical mistakes on one page.
  3. In the titles of TV channels and in social networks the Russian language is blatantly mutilated, which has supposedly become a sign of fashion.
  4. Books have almost completely been replaced by smart phones on public transport.
  5. When we change our place of residence, the first things thrown in the trash are books which up until recently were “worth their weight in gold”.
  6. In theaters, speech has been replaced by non-verbal expression of thoughts and feelings through paroxysmal movements and grimaces.
  7. In all TV programs that show new apartments, there are neither bookcases, not even shelves, not even an elementary bookshelf: when books end, reading ends – consciousness ends, including the so-called “political” consciousness.

And in this regard, we need to understand today what affects the genotype of the Brain (its development), or more precisely, how mentality affects consciousness. Because the mentality is the main and prevailing feature (if you like, the main component) of the Brain genotype. The mentality determines the gradation of the (4XX) genotype.

4The hope for strengthening the role of the mentality, including the political one, is ripe. Mentality is an integral characteristic of people living in a particular culture, which allows us to describe the pecularity of how these people see the world around them and how they react to it. Mentality, or genotype today, in the framework of the management of the new Control System, is, in my opinion, the spiritual and stationary base of a human being, which allows him to modify his behavior endlessly, while remaining the same. There are many definitions that do not cause criticism, but none of them lead us directly to the concept of the Brain genotype as such, rather, they will only allows us to think about the mentality and, by virtue of my knowledge, I assume:

The first assumption. Mentality is older than consciousness, which has grown out of the mentality and remains dependent on it, and moreover, mentality "works" when it gets into a critical situation, INSTEAD OF CONSCIOUSNESS. It has been noticed that all people who have fallen into a desperate every day ordeal go to church, even if they are non-believers. The well-known psychological categories listed in the section of the stream of consciousness are derived from the categories of the section of the mentality that forms consciousness. The cross-section of the mentality consists of very poorly realized and difficult to formulate philosophical and psychological phenomena: the meaning of life, life values, life goals and the will to live. But the carrier of consciousness is speech, so the meaning of life in it appears as affect (emotions and feelings); the values of life – as perception (sensations and perception); the purpose of life – as thinking (ideas and speech); the will to live – as the psychology of will (motive and action).

These categories of consciousness are easily studied, realized, formulated, measured, formed, applied in the form of a response to stimuli, but they have their origin in mentality. It is important for us to understand this today.

The second assumption. Mentality plays the role of “super-consciousness” or “pre-consciousness”, because it, being at the entrance to the stream of consciousness, DOES NOT LET anything into it from the “terrible spaces of the Universe” that threatens consciousness with destruction. Mentality stops excessive manipulation of consciousness in order to protect it from delusional and super-valuable thoughts, jumps and obsessions, products of incoherent and disconnected thinking, and Pseudophilosophy. This has always hindered and continues to hinder those who imagine themselves to be rulers, the policy itself, and use it against mentality itself. Since mentality is associated with the ethnos of its carrier read – specific genotype of the Brain), the ethnos was always attacked, for example, “the struggle with Great Russian chauvinism” in the 20-30 years of the twentieth century. But it is ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE to INFLUENCE mentality, because it is hidden both from an external observer and from the very bearer of the mentality, of whom almost NO NONE CAN answer the elementary question: what is the meaning of their life? Or what is the purpose of his life? The answers to these questions in a non-verbal form are in mentality, but they are protected even from its bearer: he himself cannot “take them out of there” so that no one else can do it either.

The third assumption. Mentality is indeed between the world and consciousness, as a prism analyzing all content entering its channels from the perspective of "the collective or personal unconscious in the pure or sublimated form, from which our thoughts grow, and which is an organic part of living culture. The unconscious content (meaning of life, purpose of life, values of life, labor) is IMPLEMENTED by the MENTALITY as a frog absorbs water with the skin of its entire body surface. The content of mentality is “absorbed” throughout life, without any evaluation, criticism, questioning or analysis. It is the invaluable experience of survival in the environment of one's life; and it is more powerful than any political content that can break into the stream of consciousness through the control of mentality.

The fourth assumption. The mentality itself is derived from dogma, which formed its own channels. A discussion is likely and appropriate here. I believe that quite a long time ago, a NEGATIVE ATTITUDE towards the concepts of “dogma”, “doctrine” and “dogmatics” was formed in historical terms. And in our time, ordinary thinking habitually perceives these words extremely negatively. This an attitude to dogma is the result of a philosophical and political struggle: the Great French Revolution fought against Christian dogmas and for replacing them with anti-Christian dogmas, which were later formulated in the form of dogmas of positivism – a new post-revolutionary religion that carried such new dogmas as: “..there is only experimental knowledge based on what is directly given to us”; “science is a philosophy itself”; “to look for not the essence of phenomena, but their relation”, etc.). So dogmatics has never ceased and will not cease in people until people become Humans. A dogma is always a scientific-dialectical system or principle of it. The significance of dogmatics is that “dogma ...is the AFFIRMATION of ETERNAL TRUTHS in opposition to all material, temporal and historical course of phenomena. The main meaning of dogmas is that they form the content of the channel of mentality and, accordingly, the genotype of Brain, developing it or slowing it down depending on the global tasks being solved within the framework of the Control System. Thus, the dogma of the “human mission” in mentality is transformed into the meaning of life; the dogma of “human destiny” in the value of life; the dogma of “human vocation” in the purpose of life; the dogma of “human service” in the will to live. Without these dogmas, which form mentality, and then the stream of consciousness, there would be complete chaos in a person's behavior with all the consequences that follow.

The fifth assumption. Thus, mentality is included in the hierarchical system of regulating human behavior, but it finally becomes political when its connection with a person's faith is revealed. It is NO SECRET that dogmatics are a derivative of faith, which determines the content of its channels, and THIS is RELIGION. Most scientists believe that “faith is the most important component of the mentality and is always initially present in the human consciousness”. Supporters of this point of view make a strong argument: “Only a few beings are the subjects of their thoughts. Most of them repeat someone else's words. Having your own opinion on all issues is an impossible task. We have to believe...”. Therefore, the integrity and strength to mentality is given by ITS BASIC CONSTRUCTION FAITH. Religious ideas have decisively shaped the “national character”. This is the formative role of mentality in the development (or not – retention in a certain state) of specific Brain genotypes. It is well known that of all the forces that humanity has at its disposal, the power of faith has always been the powerful. We can quote similar thoughts of A. Einstein, E. Fromm, who believed that “reason cannot be effective until a person has hope and faith”. The most well-known deep channels of influence on human behavior initially determine the entire system of forming mentality, and after it, a person's consciousness. The fundamental religious category – Love, gives rise to the category of a person's Mission in dogmatics; also, Faith gives rise to a person's Destiny in dogmatics; Hope is the source of the dogmatics of Vocation. They initially determine the essence of a person from unknown depths and give each person a Mission from birth that he ought to fulfill; Destiny that protects him from dangers; and Vocation is the ways to fulfill his Mission. They initially determine the essence of a person from birth; it is inevitable, like the color of the eyes or skin. But in mentality, they are transformed into the meaning of life, the purpose of life, the values of life and the will to live. If a person for some reason has breaks in this chain of transformations of these categories from faith to consciousness, then he remains “alone” with the outside world, LOSING the SUPPORT of the MENTALITY, the Control System (both within the Old CS, and today, within the new CS). Then the external environment does what it wants with him, relegating him to the bottom of life.

The sixth assumption. There are fundamental differences between political consciousness and political mentality. In addition to the obvious dependence of an open consciousness on a closed mentality, they are protected from external influences to varying degrees. The strength of the content of the mentality is such that it easily reflects attempts to penetrate it via any external content. While the strength of the content of the stream of consciousness is much weaker than the external content that penetrates it. Another fundamental difference between mentality and consciousness is that the information flow in the human Brain is unidirectional: from mentality to consciousness, and never from consciousness to mentality. Consciousness does NOT CHANGE the content of the mentality, and mentality is always ready to fill the stream of consciousness when it experiences difficulties. When the stream of consciousness is filled with “information garbage”, which produces “wrong” behavior, they try to blame it on the mentality that Russians supposedly have: “a smile in Russian communication is not an obligatory attribute of politeness”; “love of arguments”; “habit of stealing, bribery and deception”; “love of free stuff is a characteristic features of Russian mentality”, etc. At the same time, the source of such behavior is due to the “littered stream of consciousness”.

5In our current awareness, how can we approach such important questions that can somehow define and prompt our understanding of how, why and what is happening today? How can ordinary people understand all this, who are striving to realize at least something, but due to the conditions created for them in understanding, they do not even know from which side and from what angle to look at, with regards to everything that I have outlined above? NOTHING PREVENTS us from applying what is clear, familiar and meaningful to us, whether at school, in college or other educational institutions, or, of course, in everyday experience. However, we must apply what is meaningfully and always in comparison with current information, which pours down on us in a steady stream. He, who sees the essence of things, distinguishes the primary from the secondary and is able to think beyond the alphabetical truths. Whoever understands that there are no right solutions today and that any nonsense can turn out to be true, can expect to enter the “door of knowledge” and, having entered, NOT to GET KICKED OUT of there without having understood or realized anything.

I like the saying of the early Communists: "There are no fortresses that the Bolsheviks could not take. This attitude guarantees answers to all questions and overcoming of all obstacles. So let's enter the “door of cognition” and in order not to get kicked out, let's look at Consciousness from the position of “field physics”.

This is a cosmophysical process related to the formation of associated circuits of the Brain neurons for their subsequent practical interaction in the implementation of certain functions with the controlling participation of GRAVITATIONAL PROCESSES. Today, we can safely state the scientific assumption that Consciousness itself has a gravitational basis in general, and the formation of its elements are arranged on the basis of the physics of fields (which, as it were, does not exist yet, but to mention there is a lot of chatter about these fields)! It remains to clarify how and by what means such a control of gravitational nature is implemented, i. e. who or what is the gravitational “ruler and shaper” of some elements of our Consciousness..?

6It is impossible to state everything that I would like in a linear sequence, thoroughly arguing each thought. I say this confidently, since I'm trying to do it in series 369. So far – IT'S NOT QUITE WORKING OUT (to put it mildly). Each topic, which, in my opinion, is extremely important for today’s understanding – is so huge that it requires a separate book. And there are a many of these books.

To build them all into a single chain so as to bring one topic completely to the end, without interrupting the other, is most likely unrealistic. If interrupted, the first topic is forgotten while the second one develops. What I am becoming more and more convinced of, communicating with those who, according to their words, have read everything (and not only what I have written). This approach forms a mountain of one intricate-mixed rope, which NO ONE PERCEIVES as a single structure. At best, this is a bunch of interesting thoughts and facts that are not related to each other and do not add up to a single picture. You can pull out individual fragments from it, but you can't see the whole picture. And without seeing the whole, many people (the majority) do NOT HAVE the motivation to change their worldview and the main course of life. But even if I somehow managed to present all the material in one main line, the output would be an exorbitant volume of work, frightening people by its very appearance. How much time would this process take, I don't even know what to assume here... it is an infinity. I thought about this for a long time before starting series 369. You can avoid such terrible disadvantages if you present the material in such a way that it can be grasped all at once, without going immersion in details. As part of this goal, I decided to outline in the largest strokes only whatI CONSIDER to be the MAIN thing in the knowledge of today – the IDEA that, in my opinion, can change almost everything, and most importantly – Mentality, Consciousness, the way of Kowing and through all this – the possibility of achieving the goal and the way to achieve it. This is probably the most important thing in the conceived series 369.

Argumentation and secondary accompanying themes, as reference information of comprehension, I will finish later and insert in the text as references – both my own information, which I possess and which has already been published, and those authors, on which information one can rely on or simply start your own journey, as for example, the works of Nicolai Levashov. To whom the major strokes of the series 369 are sufficient, one can move from theory to practice. To practice with his personal responsibility for his life’s deeds. Whoever needs argumentation, – let them go and expand the link for understanding in the above. Of course, help can and should be sought according to the age. To the extent that rock art corresponded to primitive humanity, electronic media corresponds to the information age. Such a medium is optimal in many ways. For example, you can take the information with you, correct the text, add or delete without limitations, and always be in step with the time and move away from the old, but DO NOT FORGET the printed books which are gathering dust on your shelves today and on your parents' and grandparents' shelves. They're also bearers of information, and sometimes more meaningful and profound than electronic books.

If there is a lot of things do not understand, especially about what is going on around you, there is no need to be embarrassed about it. The task has now narrowed down to such specifics as IT has NEVER BEEN before. The main thing now is to get off the ground. To shift everything and especially in your understanding.


One more piece of advice — read WITHOUT HASTE.

Be sure to reread it. And the next day, with a clear head, reread it again. There is an analogy with learning a foreign language – it is impossible to read a self-study book from cover to cover once and speak the language. It's the same with unfamiliar thoughts – you can't assimilate them just by reading. You have to soakу it in. A thought enters the head and, if it is retained there, takes root everywhere. The brain is not transformed by knowledge, but by understanding. The only important knowledge is the one which aims to form understanding and leads to it. If you are interested in knowing this process in detail, read the following article which will continue this most important topic in my opinion.




1 Moralization — a mechanism of psychological defense, similar to rationalization and expressed in the unconscious search for a way to convince oneself of the moral necessity of what is happening.

2 Boris Gerasimovich Ananyev (14 August, 1907 — 18 May, 1972) was a Soviet psychologist, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, professor, academician of the APN of the USSR, the creator of the concept of the current faculty of psychology at St. Petersburg State University.

3 Ebres (aliens) are the evolution of the protein mind.


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