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369_Series. Salvation of Saviors

Friday, 03 September 2021 04:04

019_369 Take one’s own platform…

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All our theories are nothing but generalization of the experience, the observed facts.

The present civilization is like a great canvas called “The Blind Lead the Blind”. We think of ourselves as profoundly civilized, highly spiritual and developed in all respects. We are proud of our achievements in the arts and sciences. But in reality we are barbarians, dressed in modern clothes and sprinkled with fashionable cologne. Our neighbors on the planet are our enemies. And like a prehistoric tribe, we proudly beat ourselves with our fives in the patriotic chest, brandishing a nuclear club and terrifying the enemy with the unbreakable force of our muscles. We still cannot comprehend a simple maxim: the strength is not in our muscles, it is in kindness, intellect, knowledge (your knowledge, not someone's, no matter what big names this knowledge comes from) and the ability to help. We cannot see the simple truths that are hiding in the open. For example such — THERE IS NO insult to the power. It is impossible to insult the power — it is not a person, it has no feelings. The power can only be criticized. At the same time, there is no “healthy” and "unhealthy" criticism either — just criticism and that's it. Anyone from here and there tells us colourful stories about the power and how strong and useful it is, without any understanding what the power is. And the power, FIRST OF ALL, is the power over consciousness. And only then the power over the territory and economy. If a ruler does not have power over consciousness, he is not a ruler, but a supply manager on the farm, at any moment replaced by those who have power over consciousness.

It is also erroneous the idea that if there is a phenomenon on the Earth related to the natural environment, for example, an ecotype, then nature “needs” it. In fact, NATURE DOESN'T NEED ANYTHING, it has no goal, no desires, no morality and no compassion. The examples of hundreds of thousands of extinct species — “deadlock branches” of evolution — are the confirmation of this. But this also confirms the fact that absolutely everything on our planet was directed and subordinated to the processes of the Brain genotypes development within the framework of the old Control System introduced by the aliens 18,000 years ago. But since we have no reason to believe that the evolution of living beings has stopped with the change of the CS, we can confidently say that almost all types of living creatures, including humans, are not “dead-lock species”. The only thing that nature “needs” is to occupy all possible ecological niches, including the pathological changes in the species that occur in it when it occupies a new natural niche. This also concerns Man today. It DOES NOT FOLLOW that you need to respect all the consequences of such an expansion, whether it refers to the invasive species or ecotypes of Man, because today people have lost the quality of life, but they have acquired a bunch of pathologies in the internal structure, appearance and mentality. Try to tell yourself that it is not true.


Not flesh but soul is depraved nowadays,
And Man is desperately longing...
He’s bursting to light from shadow of night.
But having found the light he is grumbling and raging…

F. Tyutchev
June 10, 1851


Changes in the life around occur faster than people HAVE TIME TO PROCESS THEM. An ecological view of the world allows us to at least somehow understand the reasons for the ongoing. Who, except ecologists, twenty years ago foresaw that half of the population of Russia would not have access to normatively clean drinking water and would breathe the air contaminated with harmful substances 10 times more than it should be according to the standards of the World Health Organization? Nowadays, personal problems of Man stepped back into the background; they are replaced with DESTRUCTIVE SOCIAL EPIDEMICS that arise like flu epidemics. Mass unrest with manifestations of primitive cruelty wanders from one continent to another, from one country to another one. In the 21st century, which takes pride on the fact that "it can move mountains," the monuments of the millennial history of mankind, the very material basis of life: cars, houses, entire towns and countries, are being barbarously destroyed. This madness can only be comprehended from an epidemic point of view, because NEITHER the rebellious slaves’ despair, NOR the class hatred, NOR the logic of the invader of other people's wealth ARE SUITABLE for explaining this — everything is plunged into death, dust, ruins. The idea of destructive social epidemics must be given the same scale as the theory of the unconscious — only this can save many people from becoming their prehistoric ancestor. To explain the ongoing, first of all it is necessary to take the platform, which is completely new and different from what is imposed on us by science, politics, and religion in understanding the processes that affect everything and everyone more and more intensively. And most importantly — it affects people, changing their psyche and thinking beyond recognition, which is directly reflected in their actions, a lot of which are beyond any logic. It is necessary to create (lay down) your own platform, and for this you have to take "building material", which will include knowledge and the ability to understand how everything has been lined up in recent centuries and the new information that has already made a big breach in the artificial barriers created by science, politics and religion — with specific goals but they are NOT DESTINED to take place ever again. This is the way we are going to take, keeping in mind that knowledge, that is, information on the world, comes to the mind of Man as a result of the cognition process.


This process can BE ORGANIZED if a person takes active steps to gain knowledge, AND SPONTANEOUS if it happens on its own. Cognition is an active reflection of reality in the consciousness of Man, the process of gaining new knowledge. At the heart of the destructiveness of the social epidemics that are shaking the world today, first of all destructive political epidemics should be considered, which have their own nature, following from the peculiarities of politics. The peculiarities of politics lie in the fact that WITH PERFECT SENSE, on the basis of fundamental scientific reflections, it changes the sense of life, its purpose and values ​​of life. Politics is always an artificial project, it seems to grow a "virus of reforms and revolutions" in a scientific laboratory in order to change the direction of society's development, redistribute material and spiritual benefits. If social destructive epidemics stir up natural viruses, then political destructive epidemics give rise to ARTIFICIAL INFORMATION VIRUSES. Both those and others “form adaptation disorders with signs of demoralization”. The situation is aggravated by the fact that nowadays; a lot of “underground political laboratories” operate in parallel, aimed at creating destructive political epidemics. The fact that these are political epidemics at one time was spoken and written by everyone who found themselves in the zone of these epidemics: D. Furmanov in the novel “Chapaev”, A. Serafimovich in the novel “Iron Stream”, etc. Unfortunately, a lot of our contemporaries think that those are the episodes of history that will never happen again. However, many scenes of cruelty from their books are repeated with precision in the events of North Africa and the Middle East today.


Psychotherapists, as a rule, successfully work with the consequences of mental trauma caused by natural event viruses, because they obey at least some natural patterns. But lately, AVALANCHES OF ADAPTIVE DISORDERS periodically affect a lot of people with signs of demoralization, which put in a difficulty because of their artificial invented structure not only psychotherapists, but also many others who are trying to understand what is happening, Their nature is incomprehensible to the majority, and therefore the methods of curing disadaptation1 and immorality of large masses of people are also unclear. To discover the "genetic code" of a political virus, one has to constantly monitor the publications from the "laboratories" in which they are created. In addition to information on New Knowledge at hand, those who want to understand the ongoing should have the sources that analyze the time of our being. Our past being, which still remains AMBIGUOUS for our generation, but allows us to realistically assess the present. These are publications that are nearly unknown to the modern generation — “60s. The World of Soviet Man" by P. Weil and A. Genis, "Stories of Life " by K. Paustovsky," Once Upon a Time " by V. Shklovsky, "People, Years, Life" by I. Ehrenburg, etc. They describe the sources of mental trauma, which is not yet, but which is to be.


Unfortunately, over the past two years, the situation in the world has worsened significantly — adaptation disorders have not only become more severe, but even worse, they are no longer perceived by those suffering as problems that have to be got rid of. But nature cannot be fooled: the number of self-confident people dying prematurely, traumatizing others along the way, is growing at an unacceptable pace. This requires a logical explanation, but it is impossible and will not be perceived without the concept of the basic platform built on New knowledge of the ongoing. This is how everything is being ruined which was created on the basis of the energy-information dialectics of the step-by-step development of the Brain genotypes and the control improvement with the use of the complexes providing and supporting Systems and Objects under THE OUTSIDE PROGRAMMED CONTROL. Something similar, as the problem of destructive political behavior that can cause chaos, at one time tried to describe Samuel Huntington in his book “The Clash of Civilizations and the Transformation of the World Order” (1996), Francis Fukuyama in the book “The End of History and the Last Man” (1992), and even earlier, Oswald Spengler in his philosophical work “The Decline of Europe” (1918), etc. Although these are, of course, controversial points of view, but no one considered the problem of chaos in another way, because it was — NOT GIVEN that time. In other words, there are many sources that can help analysts of all stripes consider the mechanisms of the destructive political epidemic in order to fulfill their duty. But it is not worth hoping that both analysts and politicians are qualified people who will figure out who is right and who is wrong by analyzing the source of the social and, in part, political epidemic. Today they are simply NOT ABLE to do this, because one way or another, but the virus of a destructive political epidemic does not affect a person in general, but his very specific mental processes and functions, especially those of the above, claiming to be understood and, most importantly, to leadership.

In a person, there occurs a sharp replacement of the usual sense of life with a different one, traditional life values ​​with new ones ​​and, finally, the substitution of the purpose of the entire life for another purpose of life. All these changes are very precisely revealed in the changes of his mental functions. A holistic system for describing the psyche of these and many other people allows us to clearly show how and at what points there occurs disadjustment to life of a person or mass of people. I want to draw your attention to the fact that analysts of all stripes and purposes are increasingly dealing with the so-called "political person", who was first described back in 1989 by Alexander I. Yuriev2. In reality, every person is political as much as biological, physiological, social, professional, etc.

5The peculiarity of a political person is that “his encounter with the authorities” (which prohibits, compels, condemns, punishes, takes away or, on the contrary, allows, frees, rewards) RADICALLY MODIFIES his qualities in order to interact with it. He either supports the power, or resists it, making politics the content of his mental processes, properties and states. His feelings, thoughts, speech, actions become political, because otherwise all his personal meanings, goals, values ​​become unattainable. Defending them as the point of his own life, a political person manifests political behavior: activity, work, actions — depending on what role he gets in politics. This is extremely important in today's understanding the ongoing events.

6A “political person” exercises his political behaviour using all his psychological and political properties and characteristics. The entire known system of psychological properties and characteristics of a person, which is used in disciplines adjacent to politics, TO STUDY HUMAN BEING as a “human operator”, a member of a small group, a student, a team member, a patient of a clinic, a client of a family consultation, acquires special features when he encounters with the authorities... The psychological qualities of a political person are transformed when he finds himself in various political environments. The political environment is understood as mass political phenomena such as a crowd, a meeting, a parliament, a collective, an army, a party, etc. When a political person is in the family, and an hour later he finds himself in a crowd in the street, he manifests ABSOLUTELY DIFFERENT FEELINGS, thinking, speech actions, in general — political behavior corresponding to the environment in which he is. The concept of a political person and his political behavior is based on (to be more precise, is given within the framework of the New Control System) — the SYSTEMIC DESCRIPTION of the psychology (in full understanding of this term) of Man. Why is this valuable to us? The fact that the human psyche system, or, to be more precise, the system of the specific Brain genotype construction has 16 psychological qualities (system elements), distributed among four substructures of his psyche:

1. An individual (gender, age, properties of the nervous system, statue).

2. A subject (will, thinking, affect perception).

3. A personality (temperament, character, orientation, abilities).

4. An individuality (individual story, individual characteristics, experience, productivity — in fact, those characteristics through which the basis of the genotype is expressed).

These 16 qualities make it possible to fully and systematically describe the Spirit (Brain) of a person, UNDERSTAND the REGULARITIES of his life, explain his behavior phenomena origin, etc. All of them function together as elements of one harmonious system, the system of the Brain genotype, but each of them HAS DECISION VALUE in the performance of its specific function, which is supported by all the others, and not only the psychological qualities. In the life (everyday life) of a person, in some cases, the entire load falls on the person's thinking, determining his profession and the characteristics of his behavior. In others, the dominant and decisive factor in a person's behavior is his will, in still others, his character, etc.

A political person uses the SAME sixteen psychological qualities to exercise his political behavior, but being filled with the political content "translated" at a given time by the CS, they acquire the psychological and political specificity in order to achieve a specific so-called "goal vector"3 — this is within the framework of the knowledge of the majority of scientists and people "involved" in this process. The psyche system remains the same, the psyche structure is the same, the relations between them are the same, but they perform special functions. For example, the artist's perception of red is aesthetic, the driver's is instructive, the fireman's is signaling, and the politician's is world viewing. Likewise, all other psychological properties of a person are filled with political content, which defines his political behavior in an ABSOLUTELY SPECIAL WAY, different from any other behavior. The political person’s psyche, within the framework of the information support of the New CS, perceives reality in terms of relations with the authorities today, which INTRUDE ON THE PERSON’S SENSE OF LIFE as an individual, in his life values as an individual, in the goal of his life as an individual, in the vital force of a person as a subject. When dealing with the authorities, a person's psychological properties acquire a SPECIFIC CHARACTER, which forms his behavior as completely different from any other type and kind of behavior — the so-called political behavior — the actions of the subject of politics that characterize his interaction with the social environment, with various socio-political forces ... The presence of conscious political interests and personal values is of decisive importance in the political behavior. Since political interests reflect the position of various groups of the population in the society, the representatives of these groups, as a rule, aim at realizing these interests through politics. Equally important are the values ​​shared by this or that population group. Political behavior covers all forms of political activity of an individual, his actions and no-actions.


Psychology of a political person

8Quite a natural question arises. For what purpose and why with that many details I am stating everything that is related to the concept of a “political person”, his political behavior, using all his psychological and political properties and features, linking this with some of the subtleties of the step-by-step process of the energy-information dialectics of the introduced brain genotypes, previously under the control from outside? The fact is that the process of the transition period into other executing program processes of a higher level of complexity and order on the basis of the true knowledge is FAR FROM BEING SIMPLE PHENOMENON, and the new manifested actions to implement into reality will have to be implemented and they are already being realized by that kind of people who (and this is objective) DO NOT IMMEDIATELY gain a new state of the Brain functionseven being aware of the ongoing. This is extremely important to know today. Gaining new higher octaves of the Brain is not an educational retraining, as many people who have taken the way of knowledge believe. This process requires a CERTAIN PERIOD OF TIME. It requires both third-party (possibly through technologies for the Brain development) and information targeted support. Therefore, when forming your understanding and strategies for your behavior in the ongoing events, one should take into account many factors and features of the old (CS) technology and the control procedures.

While forming the new, the previous control states, their peculiarity, the energy-informational need for acquiring other knowledge and control in general, to a certain extent, are technologically partly preserved in many fragments of their implementation. Awareness of its essence and nature HAVE TO BE SUFFICIENT, unmistakable and deep for the people “defined” as the leading executors, provided that these people themselves are striving for their knowledge. And the knowledge, first of all, is built on the platform, the basis of which is the comprehension of what had been happening and its causes within the framework of the old CS and what is happening today within the framework of the new CS. Then Man becomes much more complex and significant in his essence, and the numbers on his personal account will no longer play any role. The process is underway; it is incredibly fleeting and predetermined! Everyone has a choice. And for those who are “ruling” today, the awareness of the problems IS OF NO importance. So far, emotions — desires decide everything, behind which are instincts and patterns. These “comrades” have the right to set goals and give orders. But orders are not followed and they have no understanding of this. Understanding is the mind. IT has no right to set goals and give orders. It is an executor, by nature. The Mind sees everything, but since there is no order (from the new CS), it is inactive.

From all my long experience in this subject, I have learned one lesson: in order to encourage people to act, there is no point to tell them about some danger to their lives because of their actions, for example, death. They already know it. It is moralizing4 to point out the danger that everyone knows, for example, to a smoker about harm of smoking. If it motivates a person to something, it is only “to send the moralizer to packing”. Information can be valuable if it discovers something new. Human mortality as such is not new to everyone. All this only means that you have to radically change your strategy. It is NOT THE MIND that it is necessary TO ACTIVATE (there is no point in asking it, it already knows everything), but instincts and patterns. If a person can trigger them, they will give him a signal to take action. In my opinion, this is the most important thing today. In this vein, let's go further. Returning to understanding of the psychological and political quality of a person as an individual, let us define the reference points for our understanding, which will make the basis of our platform.

The psychology of political perception is the accuracy and completeness of the direct vision of the political picture of the world. It manifests itself in the purposeful reflection of the POLICY BEING OBSERVED as a single whole, united into a meaningful system of elements that have functions and relationships with each other. If a single scientific picture of the political world IS NOT ACCEPTED, then a political crisis develops in the society, in which politics is replaced by black PR.

The psychology of political memory is memorizing, preserving, and reproducing the meaning of politics and its values ​in order to develop a corresponding political goal. It manifests itself at the moments of the NATIONAL AWARENESS and revival of the people, but in case of the national memory loss it causes revolution, but in case of hypertrophy of the political memory — the other extreme — nationalism, as in the Ukraine, Belarus, Syria, Afghanistan and even in the so-called "strongholds of democracy" — the USA and England.

The psychology of political ideas is a reproduction of the political world picture as its new generalized image based on the PAST EXPERIENCE, processed by the imagination. It is revealed in the process of the councils’ activity that make politics, that is, create a new image of it based on political imagination. In case of impossibility of creating a new image of politics, it degrades to dogmatism and provokes a political coup, and this is extremely relevant today.

The psychology of political speech is suggestion, persuasion and proof in the process of linguistic communication and propaganda of one's political picture of the world. It manifests itself in the process of parliamentary activity, but in case of refusal from political speech in the situation of mental tension, it can be REPLACED WITH OBSTRUCTION OF THE OPPONENTS or even criminal jargon.

Very important are the psychological and political qualities of a person as a subject.

The psychology of political thinking — is understanding of the essential relations and laws of politics in the course of the intellectual expansion of its sense and purpose. The intellectual expansion is manifested in the form of political thought, implemented in the text, speech, images, and decisions. NOT KNOWING the methods of systemic thinking, it degrades unscrupulously to the corrupt thinking and shadow economy.

The psychology of political will is an ultimate mental effort over oneself and the circumstances in the process of implementation of the political sense through the achievement of the goal through resistance. The ultimate mental effort manifests itself in the extremely bold, resolute, inexhaustible political behavior despite fatigue, stress, mental tension and anxiety. In case of disagreement with the political sense and purpose of the policy, it LEADS TO AN OPEN COUP or hidden banditry.

The psychology of political affect is an explosive release of excessive emotional excitement because of the loss of the sense of politics and deep disappointment in the political goal. It manifests itself in the form of very strong political emotions, feelings and moods that make it easier to overcome one’s confusion and external limitations. In case of a very strong uncontrollable political affect, it may TURN INTO A RIOT (rebellion), which is stopped only by the armed forces.

The psychology of political stereotypes are the standards of political behavior applied in collectives, corporations, public places, which are imposed by economic coercion. It comes out when doubts arise about the sense of politics and its goals, which leads to active denial of political stereotypes, TAKES THE FORM OF A STRIKE, and it may result in the passive denial in the form of sabotage.

The psychological and political qualities of Man as a personality are now coming out to the fore.

The psychology of political contagion is the process of the unconscious passing of the emotional state and political behavior from person to person at the psycho physiological level. It manifests itself in the adoption of the political values ​​under the INSPIRING INFLUENCE of a small group. In case of rejection of political values, criminal values ​​are accepted, and a community of thieves in law is formed.

The psychology of political imitation is the choice of a model of the political behavior from the variety of options available for observation, influenced by the proximity of political values. It manifests itself at public meetings of an artistic, scientific, religious, friendly nature, where the promoted behavior, appearance, statements are welcomed. In case of any incompatibility between the accepted pattern of political behavior and the patterns of behavior in the current policy, THERE ARISE CONSPIRACIES AND BETRAYALS.

The psychology of political persuasion is a purposeful and systematic pressure on the development of a person in order to make him ready for the performance of certain roles in the system of political relations. It manifests itself in the process of applying the method of persuasion in training party cadres who consciously accept the party's worldview. In case of inability to use the method of persuasion for spreading political ideas, it is replaced by obvious ostracism and UNOBVIOUS BLACK electoral technologies.

The psychology of political education is a joint activity of experts in political work and party functionaries, in which the former pass political knowledge, skills and experience and guide the process of understanding them, and the latter assimilate them. It manifests itself in the classroom training for mastering the subject of politics using the method of proof. In case of refusal to use the method of proof in political education, there occurs MISUNDERSTANDING OF THE PASSING KNOWLEDGE and the students’ leaving the classroom for different versions of sectarianism.

And, of course, to complete the picture of today — the psychological and political qualities of Man as an individual.

The psychology of political passions is a violent and poorly controlled emotional activity in response to some danger or getting rid of danger. It is manifested as VERY STRONG LOVE or hatred for someone or something in people's co-participation in dangerous political events. It is characterized by the loss of the ability to correctly perceive reality and organize one’s behavior because of the loss of the sense of the ongoing events. Political passions either give rise to disturbances and riots, or die out in drug addiction and crime.

The psychology of political worries is a form of emotional political activity that arises when comparing politics and one's own, deeply personal hopes for supporting and maintaining the family. In case of the loss of the politics sense for the preservation of the family, on its basis THERE APPEARS A MAFIA, or the feelings fade away, right up to turning into base needs.

The psychology of political feelings is a long-term and stable emotional attitude to politics in terms of accepting or denying its meaning. It manifests itself when politics becomes a close, significant phenomenon — THERE ARISES PERSONAL PARTICIPATION IN it. Excessively strong negative political feelings lead to an uprising of the population, more often to vandalism, destruction of everything to which people do not feel being part of it, consider not their own, but strangers’.

Psychology of political mood — moderate and unstable manifestations of political emotions are the reaction to changes in people's livelihoods. They are manifested in the form of increasing or decreasing vitality, which LEADS TO PARTICIPATION IN RALLIES of protest or support, demonstrations, and in unorganized cases take the form of hooliganism.

Let's summarize some conclusions:

A destructive political epidemic is a FAILURE IN THE SYSTEM of human political behavior, spreading like a virus to large masses of people. The failure means that one or more parameters of the system that regulate political behavior go beyond its constructive norm. This means that a person's political behavior is no longer regulated by rational logic in general, by his thinking and consciousness, and becomes criminal, revolutionary, rebellious, crushing and killing everything around without explainable reasons. And all this is caused by the collapse of the interventionist structure of the organized existence of people on the basis of parasitism and violence.

It is impossible to figure out the destructive political epidemics without accurate understanding of the entire system of political behavior: its elements, their relations and functions. Therefore, the efficiency of the activities of those people who have taken upon themselves the heavy burden of explaining New Knowledge depends on their ability to see which of the 16 listed mental functions of a political person has “gone off the rails” in order to return it to normal parameters of activation in the form and content. In the DPP system, it is enough to “break” one element for the whole system to “explode”. It is this element that ought to be sought and regulated, rather than trying to influence human behavior and those of his elements that are either missing or have been destroyed by the destructive meanings, goals and values. The criterion of the regulation is simple: the human life and his life support system are above all other ideas, revelations, discoveries, etc. The activation of a person's psyche to a state of hatred, mistrust, hopelessness is always a consequence of the fact that the picture of the world is distorted in his mind; such a worldview is invented that declares all others hostile, an unprecedented, supposedly "modern way of life" is being defended; an aggressive struggle is being waged for a life position that deprives millions of people of their life support. All this shows that psychological knowledge alone is not enough to work with destructive political epidemics: those who carry information, which is to become the knowledge of people, are required to have the highest philosophical, historical, political science, and linguistic training. A sure sign of success is the restoration of political behavior as the system, the elements of which are political involvement (reaction to the change in the lifestyle) or political work (reaction to the change in the worldview), or political functioning (reaction to the change in life position), or political activity (reaction to the changes of the world picture). And as a result, in the political behavior of people there appear: self-control based on their lifestyle, self-regulation based on their life position, self-government based on their worldview, self-education based on the scientific picture of the world.

We ought to take fire from the past, not ashes, and it is important not just to provide information, but still be a human who, together with you, empathizes with what he tells you about...



1 Disadaptation is a partial or complete loss of a person's ability to adapt to the conditions of the social environment.

2 Yuriev A. I. “Introduction to Political Psychology”. L., 1989.

3 "Foundations of Mankind Formation" 1-4.

4 Moralizing is a concept that denotes such moral statements or reasoning in which assessment (condemnation) and invective are tied (through delusion or hypocrisy) to abstract criteria and dominate the understanding of the real state of affairs. Not only ethically unjustified evaluative-imperative judgments are defined as moralizing, but also those in which fundamental moral principles are distorted.


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