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369_Series. Salvation of Saviors

Friday, 14 January 2022 09:58

025_369 Courage...

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Courage is resistance to fear and control over fear, but not lack of fear.

The word “fear’ reigns in the modern world. See how it is easy to control people in the face of fear. Leaders of either municipal or the whole country’s level - use fear to control us. Fear is devouring us along with our guts. And we are more and more adapting to life in constant fear: fear of terrorism, fear of poverty and fear of the unknown. Fear is the main problem of our life, our society, all-pervading, sticky, all-enveloping fear. And the main fear in Russia is NOT THE FEAR of physical pain, or of violence, not the fear of going to the dentist, or undergoing surgery, although all these are quite unpleasant things. The main fear is the fear of the state. This fear begins in kindergartens, where little creatures have to confront educators, ruining their soul, their morality, their will. Then it goes to school, then to work. These are fears of the police guards, who are now called policemen, and the so-called “competent authorities”.


The main source of THIS FEAR IS THE STATE, which ruins morality, our psyche, thus making our life harder and harder and more and more desperate. And nothing can be achieved in Russia; nothing can be changed, if we ARE NOT ABLE, at least in part, to get rid of this all-pervading social fear, the main fear - fear of the state. We have already got used to live with these fears, we are getting used to bypass them, we are learning to get along with the servants of justice, with those who supposedly defend the Motherland and the rule of law - false guardians, I would call them. In fact, in the depths of our souls, there is a deep-seated fear.

It is not power that spoils people, but fear. Those who have power are spoiled by the fear of losing it, and those who submit to power are spoiled by the fear of power.

The current situation, not only in Russia, but throughout the world, is characterized by grandiose transformations that are realized through the new reality of the ongoing processes of change in everything and everyone, including people as direct objects of change. Despite the fact it was foreseen, and there was a lot of talk about it, it suddenly dealt such a crushing blow to the economy of our country and people, which is comparable to the situation after the Great Patriotic War.

2For me, the main things are the losses that Russia suffers, the HEAVY LOSSES of human capital1. Many people will find it very difficult to return to work due to the destructive mental states, being so strong that they are capable of destabilizing the psychological and political situation in the country. It accounts for the fact that the current situation forms a system of fears and phobias among the Russian citizens awaiting release from the quarantine into a destroyed socio-economic space.

Destructive mental states are caused by a new reality that was warned about, but there were few who believed in it. The new reality is more and more manifesting itself before our eyes within the framework of the Programmed changes and in the Life support system, as well as in the perception of everything ongoing. THESE ARE:

  1. Unexpectedness - when innovations are not at all what they were expected to be. (Total cessation of work and job cuts. Total control over human behavior instead of the expected freedom.)
  2. Impermissibility - when innovations in politics seem unnatural. (Obedience is required without reference to laws, logic, ethics, and human rights.)
  3. Suddenness - when innovations occur exactly when they are not expected. (Replacing civilian administration with wartime order in peacetime.)

Today, these fears of future arbitrariness among the masses of people are much more dangerous than the fear of the pandemic, which has acquired the CHARACTER OF PHOBIUS among “the responsible people”. This pandemic will be over some day, but we can confidently say that the second, and then the third pandemics may come, and under these conditions we will have to live in 2022, 2023, etc. years - to produce food, household items, to preserve the education and upbringing systems.

The fears that have been seen since the nineties are returning. And they SHOULD BE CONSIDERED in order to maintain stability. But who should do it under the present conditions of practical loss of orientation in the ongoing, and especially among those who consider themselves to be “the rulers of the processes and our destinies”?

  1. The fear of hunger, which has every reason to exit and which is kept in the memory of the people since the times of revolutions and wars, the so-called dependence of the masses of people’ behavior on the level of FOOD SUPPLY.
  2. The fear of betrayal, which has every reason for existence because of the disappearance of the country's elite in the hardest times of 1917, 1991, 1993.
  3. The fear of repressions,which is reminded by the specifics of the orders of both the leaders of the country and the leaders of the regions in the fight against the virus pandemic, and the unjustified actions of the law enforcement forces to implement these orders. The systemic professional organization of society and the need to maintain production have been REPLACED WITH THEIR administrative zeal.
  4. The fear of being unnecessary. The virus pandemic has destroyed the existing structure of the job market, making it impossible to restore most of the industries and enterprises - people are not able to get the job they are used to, and will not find another. But the main thing is that many branches of the national economy will disappear as the result of the so-called "third industrial revolution", but modern science CANNOT find employment for them. Meanwhile, a person needs work, which “lies on a natural basis, because it is dictated by nature itself: a healthy organism needs a normal portion of labor and the cessation of rest” (K. Marx). The most terrible person is an unemployed person – it is in the subcortex of the “ruling elite”.
  5. The fear of loneliness. After a long “self-isolation” NOT ONLY the labor market but also social ties between people disintegrate very easily: in isolation, a person finds himself without means of subsistence, help, just real contacts with other people, he is left to himself. The state of anomie2, demoralization develops, ties with society disappear. There appears a feeling of alienation from people; voids in life are formed, which will cause deviant behavior and mass suicide. If nothing is done.
  6. The fear of crime. Finding themselves in the metaphysical nothingness (having lost their meanings, goals, and values), many citizens of the state ARE BETRAYING IT and moving into the ranks of criminal communities, which take care of their security and safety. Lots of people, abandoned by the state, WILL NOT LIVE in line with its norms, which give advantages to some of them and deprive others of any chances. The fight is being waged with all available methods. There reborn: “Blatnyak”, recognizing only thieves' laws; “Banditry”, a terrorist bureaucracy, a specific form of the social control; “Thieves in law” are professional recidivists who never work anywhere and live according to the laws of the criminal world: they get money for living only through criminal means; and others.
  7. The fear of death - One of the urgent problems is the problem of fear of death, the solution of which is determined by the worldview attitudes of people. The basis for recognizing the inadequacy of the fear of death is the IDEA OF IMMORTALITY of the human soul. But the fear, evoking gloomy thoughts, obscures the true ideas about life after death. Some evidence of immortality of the human soul for the most part, does not make a person free from hard thoughts today and thereby from the fear of death. This line is adhered by many so-called political scientists, who believe that the sources of fear of death are NOT ONLY the inevitable finiteness of human life and the infinity of nothingness after death, but also social factors. They include among them the economic distress, which seems to a person as “the threshold of death” and deprives him of peace of mind. However, this “false fear” of the nothingness creates nothing but vices: greed, murder, betrayal, envy and hatred. The only way to get rid of the FALSE FEAR OF DEATH is to understand the nature of things and the physics of their internal structure. Here the mind should be “turned on”, because it is the mind that acts as a decisive factor on the way of giving up the fear of death.

What can be set against this? The main wealth of the country: Human capital is a sufficient number of people possessing the necessary qualities for self-preservation and reproduction in continuously changing and increasingly complex living conditions, it is an analogue and a phenomenon that is symmetrical to financial capital in terms of significance, importance and value for the country. However, few people understand this, or, more precisely, they understand, but they are PANICALLY AFRAID of it.

Vitality is the ability of people to prolong their personal life as long as possible and continue it in their descendants, thanks to COMPREHENSION and despite the futuro shock from endless life changes and trials. It is found as a demographic problem related to the state of people's lifestyle.

Efficiency is the ability of people to work beyond their strength for the required time, creating a world-class use value THANKS TO the developed vitality and intelligence. It is revealed as an economic problem caused by the erosion of the life position of people and precisely today.

The ability to innovations is the ABILITY OF PEOPLE to create innovative products in all spheres of life, mastering them thanks to their life values ​​and not losing faith in themselves and their country in the ever changing world. It is found in social conflicts caused by the contradiction between their traditional worldview and the NEW REALITY, which is accepted by some and not accepted by others.

The ability to study is the ability of a person to GAIN KNOWLEDGE, abilities, skills and give them in the process of solving completely new tasks ever arising in all spheres of life. This ability manifests itself in the formation of a new picture of the world, allowing finding new ways to achieve your goals, but not in everyone, since the process is directly related to the Brain genotype today.

If we talk about food security, which is becoming more and more relevant, but which lots of people see only through the prism of supermarkets, then it will be ensured only if there is Human capital, which should be given primary attention in the economy today. If there is human economy - there will be human capital - there will be people capable of producing sufficient amount of food.

However, along with reasonable fears, there are “empty and feeble” fears. They are characteristic of people “who are highly prone to superstition (and in fact it is nothing but panic fear), especially in hard, troubled times”. Fear, worries about the future plays a double role. On the one hand, it STIMULATES the COGNITIVE ACTIVITY of a person, thanks to which a person gains practical knowledge which helps him to arrange his life. On the other hand, “fear of invisible things”, combined with ignorance (lack of understanding of the ongoing), is the main source of illusory ideas and religion. Ignorance of the natural causes of certain phenomena gives rise to fantasies, reverence of invisible and imaginative forces that become gods through imagination. Due to these inevitable circumstances of life, a person begins to feel fear, which is intensified BECAUSE OF IGNORANCE.

3In addition to being accustomed to certain phenomena, I consider knowledge to be a means of overcoming this fear. Fear is gradually vanishing as the person KNOWS THE CAUSES of the observed phenomena and learns how to avoid their influence. If before the emergence of the civil society, religion, together with fear, performed the function of maintaining peace, unity and harmony, then in the civil society there appears another form of fear, which is necessary to maintain order. This is the fear of punishment inspired by the authorities, without which universal power in human society is inconceivable. All living beings (bees, ants), with the exception of humans, “live in harmony with each other” “without any coercive power”. And only agreement between people is something artificial. This mechanism (not knowing and not understanding another possibility) is used today by the authorities which are unable to think because of its own fear of losing their power. Therefore, their fear is one of the few restrictions that society can oppose to the arbitrariness of the authorities.

4The new reality (objectively) is EXCLUSIVELY HEAVILY traumatizing human capital, driving many people into destructive mental states of fear, depriving them of the necessities: working capacity, ability to learn, cognize and innovate. Only specially trained people who had not been trained in Russia before - THERE WAS NO need to solve the problem of people’s returning to effective labor activity. This was the opinion of those who are not able to have any opinion today for reasons known to us. For such a task, there must be people who are able (taught and trained) to work with the so-called mass phenomena3. Mass phenomena are a crowd, a meeting, a demonstration, a strike, and participants of disorders, traumatized by the new reality. Working with the masses of such people is the most difficult task, urgently in demand today. This is a profession, in my opinion. A rare so-called “state leader” today will find the courage, knowledge, skill to GO OUT TO THE ANGRY MOB. We saw a specific example of this right now in Kazakhstan. In Russia, very few people were taught to work with a mass of excited people without using force, because fear sits in the subconscious here, too. Who is able to teach how to transform the destructive energy of a mass phenomenon into CREATIVE ENERGY which would remove the problems agitating people and get a clear result, expressed in saving the political process from violence, destruction of material values and creating chaos in public order? This is a risky job for STRONG AND SMART people, which could be compared to the ability to return retreating people to the trenches in a war, restore order in the ranks of the masses of people, and prevent them from following any extremists. In the process of the formation of the so-called modern capitalism in our country, which still cannot completely replace socialism built at one time, the instability of the socio-economic situation of representatives of different strata increased, as well as the alienation from each other and isolation of a person and his loneliness. Under these conditions, people seem to have gained freedom, which they DID NOT HAVE in the socialist society of the builders of communism, but lost confidence in the future. The world around us has become hostile, new forces have appeared that threaten a lonely person - the market and capital. Under these conditions, freedom has brought a person insecurity, helplessness, doubt, loneliness and worries. Therefore, an opposite desire arose - to get rid of freedom. The mechanisms of escaping from freedom, loneliness and worries are authoritarianism, the desire for destruction and conformity.

5Thus, troubles and subsequent fear can be considered NOT SO MUCH a consequence of the conflict between the elements of the personality's mental structure, but rather the result of the interaction of the individual and the social conditions of his life. Behind all this is the present day state that has destroyed socialism and has not built capitalism. This is the consequence of the completed processes within the Old Control System and the processes that have begun within the framework of the New System. I will not bring up here the concept of the basics for the formation of public Consciousness of people, as a kind of scenario about joint actions, being realized in the past, present and future, and perceived today as an image of the concepts of the current events, including the emergence of uncertainty and fear in the framework of the most complex cosmophysical processes of the reality already accomplished. You can see this in my books and think it over on your own. I want to offer my vision of overcoming fear in the CURRENT EVENTS, initiated by people who believe that the state is only the instrument to support their life and to get rid of the fear of losing everything (including power) that they have achieved within this mechanism once created by them.

6There are two ways to get rid of such a fear. The first way is the way of collective actions. The second way is much more difficult, but I would say much more noble – an individual way. The way of collective action has now been perfectly demonstrated to all of us by the Khabarovsk residents and, in general, by the inhabitants of the Far East. A single emotional impulse, a great number of people fill the streets and squares of their hometown and everyone give them way: the false guardians, the mayor's office, the regional authorities and even the authorities in the Kremlin begin to scratch their heads - what is happening? Not scary yet, but rather unpleasant. There are lots of people, a single emotional impulse, but in order to achieve success and not be content with the only emotional impulse that will end sooner or later, there must always be a strategy of actions, the worked out way that will lead to the realized goals which people wish to get. The most important is to start building a NEW STATE, which is NOT TO BE DESPOTIC for our society and our people, but the state for the people, in the name of the people and through our people, our nation.

7The path of an individual struggle is difficult but noble, and sooner or later we all have to think about taking this path. How tough is an individual path? If company in distress makes trouble less, then when you are struggling with social fears, that is, you enter into a social conflict with the bosses on your own; you must first, literally according to A.P. Chekhov, “squeeze a slave out of yourself drop by drop”. This is a gradual process. It doesn't happen overnight. Sometimes it does, but very, very rarely. Therefore, we will have to make long-term efforts on the path of getting rid of fear, on the path of SUBMITTING FEAR TO YOURSELF and transforming fear into a positive emotion, the emotion of struggle, the emotion of achievement. In order to successfully and safely follow this way, we need the following conditions. Firstly, common sense; secondly, the support of relatives and friends; thirdly, knowledge of at least some simple techniques of overcoming your own fears and the desire to understand the ongoing (it is better, of course, to know the very physics of the ongoing). And this is possible only when there is no doubt about the authenticity of the information. And only then there begins the process of understanding the occurring geopolitical processes, which will prompt in each specific case the way to overcome the fear caused by this or that action of people who are confident that “they are the state”. When I mention common sense, I mean - DO NOT RELY on an emotional impulse. An emotional outburst can push you to the actions which you might bitterly regret later. Therefore, at first balance and reconsider your strengths, your own resources and your intentions, even if everything inside you are boiling. Remember, it has been said more than once that prudence is the most important part of valor. Prudence and caution.

So, weigh your strength and determine the real goals that you set for yourself. Second - this is very important - it is highly desirable in the struggle that we are waging (and the struggle begins within each of us), to have support and understanding of the family, relatives, friends and people around us. If friends CANNOT help you, they often step aside and say: “...well, you go first, and then we will follow you ... we'll see how you do it”, but you can rely on your family - on your wife, your children - this is great ... In this sense, it is always easy for me, much easier, because I can always rely on my family, on my wife, on my relatives and friends. But keep in mind the following - even if you have considered your RESOURCES, YOUR CAPABILITIES, YOUR GOALS, EVEN IF YOU HAVE SUPPORT – IT IS NOT AT ALL EASY to take this first step - from understanding the situation to changing the situation, A very simple technique can help you here. It is a kind of logical reasoning combined with visualization. Think about what you may face if you come into conflict with your boss. I mean – you DO NOT TRIGGER OFF some scandalous conflict, but calmly and with a sense of dignity, begin to sort things out and explain which side the law is on. Think - what may threaten you? Visualize the worst thing that can happen. I call this NEGATIVE VISUALIZATION. Have you visualized? Nothing terrible actually happened. But this feeling of fear paralyzes us. We think of the worst. But it turns out that there is NOTHING FRIGHTENING.

Even after considering the situation you get down to actions, please keep in mind - no one guarantees you any success or victory, no one can promise you that you will defend the truth for yourself or anyone else. There are no guarantees, nor can there be. Moreover, you need to clearly understand in advance that you can lose with a high probability, and most likely you will still lose. But by losing in social opposition, you are winning personally. It is very important to understand this. When we struggle with social fears, with fears in general, we do it not for someone else; we do it first of all FOR OURSELVES. We change our own nature, or you can put it another way - we reveal our true human nature!

Both our authorities and those who are called the elite, the establishment, are also struggling with fears. This is demonstrated by the current events. Their fears are EVEN STRONGER than ours, and they are fighting these fears in a non-trivial way, increasingly resorting to occult practices, completely unaware of the futility of this. And any of their excuses thrown through their own media - that, they say, it is necessary to maintain order - has nothing to do with it. There is only one convincing explanation for this - the leaders of the state and industry have “discovered” (and especially since the nineties) inexhaustible resources of power, control and benefits in the field of control by fear. But the beginning was taken mainly from the “creativity” of N. Machiavelli4, applied in the framework of the implementation of the Ebres Control System programs, as one of the factors in the creation of specific Brain genotypes (an instrument to control the subjects of the sovereign). In discussions about mercy and cruelty, about what is better - to instill love or fear, the latter was always preferred. In doing so, the following arguments were presented.

Firstly, love and fear have a hard time getting along with each other.

Secondly, people are vicious, ungrateful, hypocritical and deceitful.

Thirdly, the fear of punishment is a factor in social behavior and attitude towards the sovereign.

8And, finally, the control of the subjects with the help of fear is a sign of the sovereign’s independence, who knows how to rely only on his own power, for “people love the sovereign at their own discretion, but they are afraid at the discretion of the sovereign, therefore it is better for a wise ruler to count on what depends on him, and not on someone else." If before the emergence of the civil society, religion, and with it fear, performed the function of maintaining peace, unity and harmony, then in the civil society, created within the framework of the state as the system of government for solving specific problems, another form of fear appears, which is necessary to maintain order. This is the FEAR OF PUNISHMENT inspired by the authorities, without which universal power in human society is unthinkable. Due to these inevitable circumstances of life, a person begins to feel fear, which is intensifying UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF IGNORANCE. The means of overcoming this fear, apart from the habit to certain things, can ONLY be KNOWLEDGE. Fear is fading away as a person learns the reasons for the observed phenomena and learns how to avoid their impact.


Once again, I am returning to the information NOT ONCE mentioned. Why does everything happen exactly this way? We cannot understand what exactly put in “this way”. In our understanding, quite different processes are being realized that pose creativity and transformations aimed at our good, no matter how long we are resisting. The fact is that the process of the transition period into other programmed processes of a higher level of complexity and order on the basis of true knowledge, which is now gaining impetus, is far from an UNAMBIGUOUS phenomenon, and the actions to implement the newly revealed will have to be done by the people who will NOT IMMEDIATELY gain a new state of the Brain functions. The Brain transformation to higher octaves and thereby opening a deeper understanding of the ongoing is not just an educational retraining. This process requires, albeit not a long, but a certain period of time, therefore, this fact and this feature of the previous control procedure should be taken into account, including everything related to the fear instilled in us. When forming the understanding of the ongoing and finding the correct answers to the questions that arise in us while gaining different knowledge, the awareness of the point and nature of this should be sufficient, unmistakable and deep by those who will be “included” in the leading group, who will be allowed to control. It can be each of us, and it depends only on Man himself and his desire to overcome fear, and to cognize everything that is given today to cognize. Then Man will become significantly more complex and valuable in his essence, and the size of the numbers on the personal account, obtained in some traditional way, no longer plays any role. The process is underway; it is incredibly fleeting and predetermined!



1 A.I. Yuriev - “Psychologists certainly know how much effort and money it costs parents and society to give birth, nursing, upbringing and education of each person. A child, a person, in general, is the most capacious and most profitable object of investment. There is nothing dearer than a person. So - the most time consuming, the most highly qualified, the most expensive labor is human reproduction. This is the crown of all other labor, scientific, military exploits, which, in fact, are performed for the sake of the birth of children - our successors, the meaning of our life. As a result, it turns out that human capital is the subject of psychology, politics and everything else, except for the main thing... "

2 ANOMY (from the French anomie - the absence of law, organization) is a concept denoting the moral and psychological state of individual and social consciousness, which is characterized by the decomposition of the system of values due to the crisis of society, contradictions between the proclaimed goals and the impossibility of their implementation.

3 Mass phenomena are phenomena described in psychological terms and arising and existing in large social groups or masses of people. Mass phenomena of the psyche include: 1) the phenomenon of panic; 2) the phenomenon of the crowd; 3) spreading rumors; 4) the presence of social stereotypes in society; 5) mass religious psychoses; 6) the phenomenon of fashion.

4 Niccolo Machiavelli (May 3, 1469, Florence - June 22, 1527, ibid) - Italian thinker, politician, philosopher, writer, author of military-theoretical works.



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