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369_Series. Salvation of Saviors

Friday, 04 March 2022 10:54

027_369 To find connection between the facts…

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If you want to put in your head something, you need first you have to make room there by throwing out of it everything unnecessary.

What is power? Where did this construction to control people come from? And why has it been used? What does it look like? And why? Imagine two companies. One company has a permanent director; the other company has a temporary director, for 4-5-6 months, the working collective through all-working elections (similar to popular elections) makes decisions. He cannot hold the director's chair for more than two terms; maximum, after 8-10-12 months the director has to leave the office. Other things being equal, the first company should be more efficient than the second one. But if the latter is more effective, how can all this be explained? If we proceed from the fact that NO production CAN exist with such a turnover of top personnel, then we are being shown a trick. In reality, the power in this prosperous company is permanent, but for some reason it is beneficial for it NOT TO DECLARE itself. It is more beneficial to present figureheads created by fake elections as power. Keeping proportions, you understand that changing the ruler of the country every 4-5-6 years is the same as changing the general director of an enterprise every 4-5-6 months. With such a turnover, the system CANNOT be preserved. But if it is preserved, it means that behind the figureheads there stands a permanent, irremovable force, independent of any elections. Which IS actually the REAL POWER. From the height of this fact, I state about the existence of the force whose representatives do not dance in front of the voters and do not promise them anything. People do not see this power at all. And this power does not care who is going to be elected president. If in the same USA the president is not Smith, but John, they will be power only for the masses. For the owners, they are something like a hired director. Thus, the power built like that is similar to the power of the owner of a ship; the power of president is like the captain on a ship; people - as sailors. Suppose, by law, ship-owners do not have the right to appoint the captain, he must be chosen by the sailors from the candidates given by the ship-owners. As a result of the all-sailor elections, the winner receives the status of captain and power. But this is NOT the power of the OWNER, but of a hired person. It is limited by the will of the ship-owner and does not extend beyond the ship's turnover. The sailors do not know anything about the ship-owner; they have never heard about or seen him. For them, the power is the man dressed in a captain's uniform, giving orders from the captain's bridge and living in a separate captain's cabin. Only he is NOT THE POWER, but a representative of the power... The strategic course is set by political and economic clans, whose position cannot be shaken by elections. They control all strategic resources and key components of the system. But why do they need such a way of keeping power? Why don't the real owners declare themselves in power openly? Why complicate the system with “fake” elections? Because you can't sit on a bayonet. To comprehend the meaning of the last sentence, let's look deep into history. In the religious era, society considered it a fact that there is God, and that the earthly world is organized according to the principle of heaven. As in the Kingdom of Heaven God is above, archangels are below, angels are even lower, so in the earthly kingdom above is the anointed of God, the king, below - the nobility with the priesthood. At the very bottom is the TAXABLE ESTATE – the SUBJECTS, people under tribute, merchants, artisans and peasants. The top of society declared that its "power is from God", and therefore it has the right to make laws and collect tribute. The dominant position of religion was not the result of society's interest in the problems of the universe, but the result of the intensive ideological creativity of the aristocracy in order to assert their UNLIMITED RIGHTS to land ownership. The religious message was the same everywhere: each piece of land was given in perpetuity to a specific family, whose inalienable right (and duty) was to pass this land on from generation to generation. The lower part of the society had no rights. There were only duties: to obey the laws and pay tribute. The feeling of injustice was removed by the phrase "God arranged it that way." The man was to obey God and endure inconvenience, because "God endured and commanded us". The Church constantly repeated that the more common people obey the authorities and pay tribute in good faith, the higher their chances of saving their souls and going to heaven. The common people agreed with this. And they took it for granted that the count and his children from birth higher than the children of a worker, scientist, peasant and merchant. Because this is how the Old Control System "arranged" when solving the problem of creating brain genotypes, but it was presented "to people" as "because God arranged it that way". Why did he do that, the church said nothing about it. Or to be more precise, it said that man was not able to comprehend this, for “...the Lord works in mysterious ways...” Man did not feel deceived as long as he believed that God had placed some people above others. He saw in the titles of nobility a kind of sacredness and superiority. In dukes, counts and barons with their wives and children they saw something like saints of a non-religious format. Commoners cannot be compared with them. The central element of the construction was the idea of ​​God. It removed the contradictions of society, and the construction was solid. But when the level of development of society, through the development and introduction of new brain genotypes, in a specific implementation of the ongoing processes, reached a level that made it possible to explain the picture of the world without resorting to the hypothesis of the existence of a higher power, when science made it possible to deny God, the godliness of society rapidly went down.


The most advanced people could no longer accept the information coming from the Church as the divine truth. The titles turned out to be only military ranks. The emperor is a commander-in-chief; the prince – a commander of the district, a type of marshal; the duke – a governor, or a general; the count – a colonel; the baron – a major. Their wives, respectively: the Empress, Princess, Duchess, Countess and Baroness (or in modern terms: general's wife, colonel’s wife, lieutenant colonel’s wife, major’s wife). There was NO MORE superiority and holiness in them than in the rank of a general or his wife, a general's wife, or their son, a general's little one. The magical mist was disappearing before the eyes. And there grew a sense of deception. The indignant mind boiled and was ready to go to the mortal battle. From this point on, the position of the elite is becoming unstable. There are no answers to the old questions. The masses want to know: on what grounds do some stand on top of the pyramid and others at the bottom? Why are people judged by the same criteria as a horse - by breed? Why are children born of “pedigree parents” from birth higher than children born to ordinary people, workers or peasants, like a foal born from a thoroughbred mare, from the moment of birth, is higher than a foal born from a simple horse? Why is a simple person, even if he is smarter and more talented in all respects of a nobleman, is still considered lower than him? Why are the majority in rags and starving, while the minority is in gold and spoilt? There were many such questions. In religious times, the elite gave clear and simple answers to them. With religion moving away, there was absolutely nothing to answer. The monarchical system found itself in the position of North Korea - the red monarchy. The power there is transferred according to the monarchical principle - the son inherits power from his father by right of blood. But in order to recognize this right, there must be religion that would say that it is God who arranged it this way, and this state of affairs is his will. But North Korea categorically denies religion. It is impossible to justify the right to power by blood in such a situation. The only way out is to sit on a bayonet and AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE ISOLATE people from unnecessary information (this is what the North Korean authorities do). This model is very fragile. If the information blockade is broken, the system begins to fall apart like an avalanche.


Power is the operation of a volume proportional to the object. If you have ten people under your control, you need to control personalities. If ten thousand, the mass becomes the object of the control, there are no personalities. If the number goes to millions or more, the objects of the control are not individuals or masses, the object of control are social institutions. Since the foundation of social institutions are the values, the control of millions is the control of values, the creation of concepts of good and evil for the situation. To know the point of this IS the BREAKTHROUGH in your own understanding of the foundations of building the Society within the framework of the old Program and, as a result, the understanding of the ongoing around all of us. Therefore, it is relevant or even extremely mandatory to understand in detail the foundations of the created control of people in the past, through the ideology and construction of the so-called Conceptual Power1, which determined the passivity and parasitic functions of the inferior use of people, as the main sentence to them, - to be applied. If a person cannot foresee or find connections between the facts of the changing reality around him, then the ongoing events , do not have a logical connection and feedback with him. Such a person (or a group of them, the magnitude does not play a role) is only an accidental passive contemplator and a SECONDARY APPLICATION to the ongoing for a very short period of his use as an object or tool and no more. This happened in the processes of the old Program. And this is happening today, within the framework of the automatism of people's thinking, because the Conceptual power is the power of ideas that have dominated human society for millennia and the power of people who are able to generate such ideas. It was the highest intra-social type of power out of 5 existing ones: conceptual, ideological, legislative, executive, judicial, and which quite recently began to be “called” POLITICAL POWER, becoming the main instrument of manifestation of the power hegemony of an unfairly separated minority and independently determining for themselves a predominant social position in society, in relation to the absolutely overwhelming majority. After sorting it out, one can and should go forward if one accepts for oneself the path of knowledge and creation in the ongoing events.

Political power is the system of relations between two parties: the subject exercising power influences, usually referred to as "A", and the object in relation to which power influences are made, called "B". From this point of view, lots of participants in the political process are in very complex interactions and are NOT POLARIZED in such a simple way. However, subject "A" has power over subject "B" to the point when he can force "B" to do what "B" would do in another way. That was the core in creating the "power control" within the framework of the imposed Control Program. All definitions of political power that belong to, or to be more precise, were imposed through the scientists such as Tikhomirov L.A. (1905), Trubetskova E.N. (1922), Bernal D. (1939), Guardini R. (1961), Harsany JE (1962), Hillebrand and JJ (1949), Lasswell HD (1930,1950), Oppenheim FE (1961), Rosinski H. (1965), Russel B. (1985), Sampson RV (1965), Votav D. (1966) and others are correct and, from the point of view of the created concept, are the elements of the power system. The present time and the current events have only confirmed this statement. The idea of ​​the systemic power was expressed by many authors. For example, M. Foucault2 wrote that placing power in the superstructure would be just as wrong as believing that it can be substantiated in the rules of law, limited by law, i.e. to believe that it can be “appropriated” and be “owned” by one or more state institutions, or belong to a dominant political subject (class, party, group or an individual). Power IS NOT given, exchanged, or reclaimed, but rather executive and it exists only in action. Power is pyramidal...but, might be segmental and linear; it is exercised through adjacency, but not through height and distance. This is the power of reward, coercion, normative, the power of the standard, expert, informational power. It is understood as: 1) a characteristic of an individual, according to which the point of power lies in the individuals themselves. At the same time, power is described as "an exclusively human phenomenon", and it is even postulated that the thirst for power is inherent in the very nature of man; 2) interpersonal category, which considers the changes that individual "A" could make in the individual "B" despite his resistance; 3) a resource (commodity) based on the concept of value, the value of power is understood as the cost of that part of the resources belonging to "A" that he needs to influence the behavior of "B"; 4) a causal construction, justified by arguments of similarity between causality and power; 5) a philosophical construction discussing the morality and immorality of power, its value, the relationship between power and responsibility, the influence of social norms on declarations of power. All of these points of view on the nature of power are convincingly justified. This suggests that each of them is true in its own way, but manifests itself under certain conditions. Combined points of view on power can give a holistic view of its essence and psychological mechanisms. But for this it is necessary to consider, in addition to the composition of power, its integral structure and psychological and political functions, if we want to understand what is happening to people today through whom this power is “realized”. The psychological structure of political power, “built” within the framework of the processes that were implemented by the old Control System, made it possible to avoid one-sidedness, fragmentation, and incomplete use of the entire wealth of this unique psychological and political phenomenon. But all this was realized only with the aim of introducing the so-called "governing class", with a real misunderstanding of the ultimate goal of the processes being implemented and the tasks being solved, one of which, for example, was the construction of a "powerful", all decisive and influencing "world market", organized by a small group of the dominant brain genotype all over the world, including Russia.

3The diagram below, created by Professor A. I. Yuryev, who was one of the few who really understood the true purpose of the power being built since 2000, the so-called “power vertical”. It IS EASILY TRANSFORMED into a ring system with feedback, the table of rectangular coordinates, while maintaining all elements and all relationships between them. In line with this scheme, political power is the pinnacle, integrating all other forms and manifestations of power. It accounts for the relative accessibility for a “capable” person (a specific brain genotype) of mastering the mechanisms of particular manifestations of power and the “divine inaccessibility of its pinnacle for the majority”


Fig. 1. The psychological composition of political power

THE INACCESSIBILITY OF POLITICAL POWER can be explained by an example of an electrical circuit: the output effect of the entire circuit is not determined by one of its elements, even the most complex. Only all together they give the output effect, simultaneously and in turn forming the final electrical signal. Similarly, political power is a derivative of lots of psycho-political phenomena. The lack of one element in the power structure is tantamount to the failure of one element in the electrical circuit - there WILL BE NO power impulse at the output of the power structure.

The creation of the structure of political power required, in addition to sources of power, introducing the concept of holders of power, and this legalized and justified a specific genotype and its being “in power”. In this case, the source of power acts as the subject of research, and the power holder - as the object of research. Without indicating the real people and their associations interested in power, shaping it and exploiting it, the discussion of political power has become meaningless. Power is political when all its main sources, holders of power and functions of power are present. Based on the materials of these studies, the following list of holders of power was formed (see Fig. 1.):

  1. Scientocracy, meaning the power of the knowledgeable over the ignorant,the power of the "initiated" in the secrets of nature and society over the uninitiated. Its occurrence is explained by the fact that Man throughout his existence has to resist the forces of nature in the struggle for survival, fight for primacy in the kingdom of the animal and plant world, to rival in the competitive struggle for a place in the human community. Nature endowed him with very weak physical means of the struggle for power, giving him only one advantage - understanding the laws of the world around him. Therefore, the assertion that power is a compensation for inferiority SHOULD NOT be taken as offensive. Man is always "inferior" in his attempts to achieve the goal and is forced to use specially organized behavior for this. One way or another, in the modern world, Man striving for power more and more uses the scientific and technological achievements of society. He no longer needs, for example, oratory, as it used to be in the ancient times, and in modern conditions he acquires "mechanical power", i.e. the power based on the achievements of scientific and technological progress. It is not without reason that was believed - to think power means to know all its traps, tricks, provocations to which it resorts in order to become socially invisible and therefore inexplicable in terms of subjective understanding.
  2. Democracyis the power of the majority over the minority. All of the history shows that the minority CANNOT BE RELIED ON; it will never care about the interests of the majority. Behind an individual power there have always stood flatterers, intriguers, scammers, etc., As a kind of the cover for this, the assumption was introduced that power was a philosophical construction, in its core being parallel to physical, mathematical theories, although in its form it was completely different from them. And the power was defined as the production of intentional results, which made it possible to conclude that replacing one system of power with another was similar to modernizing production: discoveries in physics, chemistry, new technological processes and equipment strengthen those who were able to retrain or change jobs. But a citizen of the state where the modernization of power relations was carried out, in case of inability to accept them, had to either emigrate, or resist, or reconcile. The modernization of power is still the most significant and most powerful change that can occur in the life of Man. Fear, despair, betrayal follow this kind of change in society. There may be a danger of the collective rebellion, including indifference to pain and even death.
  3. Partocracyis the power of the organized over the unorganized.All researchers of the psychology of power emphasized its natural character, that NEITHER a single active individual, NOR a normally functioning society, which always needs a stable order of relations and some subordination, CAN do without it. Evil is not in the power itself. Both the evil and the good of power are entirely determined by the technology that the winning party brings. It is impossible to avoid party membership, the very fact of the appearance, existence of parties, their influence on the life of society. In the history of mankind, the cycles were systematically repeated when society found itself in a dead end: technology and organization of production become obsolete, available natural resources are depleted, contradictions are accumulated among people – the power no longer justifies its purpose. Therefore, power was understood as the ability to make changes. The desire for changes came when society realized (of course, through specific representatives of the dominant brain genotypes) its moral, material, and intellectual crisis. The responsibility for the changes was taken by those who were psychologically inclined to unite in political formations or parties. Political parties were, and still are today, the natural creators of the models of power and compete with each other like, for example, aircraft or soap firms, with the only difference that the consumer is free to choose between brands of soap, but CANNOT avoid obedience to the system of power that has won. Through the parties, as the only and unique structures, the functions were realized as well as the powers to “design” the mechanisms of power, produce them and exploit them. All this was done within the framework of the created state. Gorky warned: “There is no poison viler than power over people. We must remember this so that the power does not poison us, turning us into cannibals even viler than those against whom we have fought all our lives. But calls can never break nature. If the state is a non-biological form of life, it goes to its own good. If Man is also life, he also goes to his own good. And having found himself in the power of the state, he considers it to be good NOT TO GO WHERE his idea indicates him to go, but where the state orders. All these processes are clearly visible in the history of the USSR. The party began the struggle for power in order to harness the state to its idea. In practice, it turned out exactly the opposite - the STATE HARNESSED THE PARTY and forced it to "plow" for their own purposes. People were like flies in a web. They either worked for the spider-state, or the spider killed and devoured them. In this sense the formula pronounced by a soldier when he receives an award in one form or another is significant. At the beginning, the party members (Bolsheviks) used to say: "I serve the working people!" And in the end, they evolutionarily came to “I serve the Soviet Union!”, which today is transformed – “I serve Russia!”. There is a DEEP MEANING in this change. In the first phrase, the people are the symbol of communism. I serve the people - I serve the idea. And in the new one - "I serve the Soviet Union" it sounds clearly - I SERVE THE STATE. In fact, they called a spade a spade - they recognized the owner. This is how the transformation went on and the fiery revolutionary party members turned into cogs in the state machine - into civil servants. On the podium, they still, and even a little louder and more pretentious, said that their goal was communism, and today it is “democracy” and equality of all before the “law!”. The emasculating an idea changed the personnel structure. The party was filled with people carrying from the podiums assurances of devotion to the idea, but in reality their goal was to keep power. "The party seeks power solely for the power." Today, the goal, for which everything was started, goes out of sight and does not go further the podium. Now it is all dressed up, from head to toe decorated with beautiful slogans, and sits in a place of honor in the red corner. A new atmosphere has been born in which diseases related to an ideological vacuum flourish - dogmatism and hypocrisy, and as a result of this - corruption and nepotism. “By their fruits you will know them” (Matthew 7-20), which, in fact, is clearly manifested in the ongoing today.
  4. Plutocracy- the power of the rich over the poor. The specifics of the public opinion forced the plutocrats NOT TO ABUSE their claims to political power, and therefore it has an indirect character. In any case, the power of plutocrats is poorly, rarely and reluctantly covered today in studies and publications. Within this framework, power is the resource for exchange. Power is metaphorically defined as the ability to turn certain resources into influence within the system of the interrelated subjects. The power understood this way is the ability of the subject to realize his interests within the framework of the system despite the resistance of other subjects. There are plenty of tools for this: 1) curtailing any activities if marginal cost is greater than marginal revenue, 2) marginal revenue - an additional payment that is received as a result of expected losses, 3) manipulating the ratio of unemployment and inflation, 4) acquiring information as long as the expected marginal gain from this is greater than the expected marginal cost of acquiring information, 5) adjusting the ratio of wages and employment, 6) mutual adjustment of supply and demand, 7) buying and selling risk, 8) managingthe ratio prices and gross national product. The instruments of influence of the plutocracy on politics, and therefore on the mechanisms of power, are quite enough. Under certain circumstances, part of the plutocracy power is quite successfully exchanged for part of the political power.
  5. Writercracy - the power of those who writes over those who reads.“The writers” are all those who produce information in any form: textual, visual, sound, computer, etc. A very little part of the knowledge which determines Man’s political behavior is from personal experience, communication, and the like. Even the most intimate and frank information that the “readers” are proud of was practically always once invented and published by one from the writercracy. And the owner DOES NOT KNOW OR SUSPECTS, since this information was given “from the outside” through a specific brain genotype, for the tasks of the current time being solved. The behavior of even the rulers of the supreme political power was determined by the work of the writercracy, because they are the organs of perception and the keepers of the society memory. For example, if certain events took place in the political life of the society, let's call them: 1, a, 2, b, 3, c, 4, d, 5, e, …then while memorizing, reproducing there might be involuntary or arbitrary errors. There can be several types of errors: 1) Amnesia - some events disappear from the texts of the writers, are skipped or forgotten, 2) Inversions - the sequence of events is violated, 3) Perseverations - some events are repeated, which was not in reality, 4) Contamination – the events that happened at a different time and in other places with other people are all mixed up, 5) Reminiscences - extraneous events are woven into the sequence of events that actually happened, 6) Confabulations – the events are listed that never occurred instead of those that actually took place. For all that the information grammatically, stylistically and logically, always looks quite plausible. The problems of all political leaders were related to various kinds of voluntary or involuntary psychological mistakes of the writercracy.
  6. Autocracyis the power of the strong over the weak.Power on the one hand and subordination on the other are by no means the result of any violence, suppression of one person by another. In the complex nature of Man there is an UNDOUBTFUL SEARCH for power over himself, to which he could submit. This is one of the main achievements of the Old Control System, which has been "perfected" for more than two thousand years, in all the created brain genotypes. And it is manifested as the force of moral attraction, the need of one soul to influence another, thus uniting people into society. It makes one person to look for another person in the human environment whom to obey, whom to be guided by. The fact of power is absolutely inevitable as a direct consequence of the mental nature of man. For example, the power of Caesar, who spoke from the podium: “The family of my aunt Julia, on the one hand, goes back to the kings, and on the other hand, to the immortal gods ...”, etc. According to some historians, after the death of Julius Caesar, he was placed in the ranks of the gods NOT ONLY by the announcement of those who awarded him this honor, but also by the inner conviction of the people. In Russia, the “teaching of Ivan the Terrible” is known, according to which royal power is given to encourage the good and punish the evil. Royal power cannot be limited either by hierarchical power or by the aristocracy. The king's responsibility is before God. On the earth, the king IS NOT RESPONCIBLE to his subjects. Peter the Great repeated these principles: “His Majesty is an autocratic monarch who must not be responsible to anyone in the world, but he has power and authority.” Power is an attribute of Man and does not exist without a holder. Each Man is initially endowed with two related, but not identical passions - the aspiration for power and fame. Both passions are insatiable and infinite. This was especially evident at the last stage of the brain genotypes development, which was NOT COMPLETED under the Old Control System, which, in fact, is clearly manifested today. Therefore, in my opinion, a "human motive" should be included in the study of the causal laws of the society’s development in order to understand the bygone past and the ongoing present.
  7. Technocracy is the power of the able over the unable. It would seem that designers, industrial technologists, being far from politics and power, but they have their own interest in political power, without which work on mastering new types of energy, creating new materials, etc. stops. The entire history of mankind known to us shows that without technocrats, wars are NOT WON, the behavior of the human masses is NOT CONTROLLED, the reigning dynasties are NOT SAVE. Technocrats, at one time, ensured the expansion of the political power of Europe to the rest of the world, inventing and improving the rifle - from the 14th century balister to the 15th century musket, to the shortened rifle of the 19th century, to the breech-loading rifle of the late 19th century, and finally, to the modern automatic rifle of the 20th century.

Now, politicians without technocrats CANNOT SOLVE the problem of the life support of the population of the Earth, which in 1900 was 1630 million people, in 1985 - 4840 million people, in 1989 - 5162 million people. And nowadays (2022) it is almost 8000 (7920) million. It is not clear how to increase the consumption of energy and the extraction of raw materials by 30-40 times in this regard? At crucial moments in history, political power without the support of technocrats became too insignificant. Courtesy of President Eisenhower, technocrats began to be called representatives of the military-industrial complex (MIC) and NO ONE HAS ANY ILLUSIONS about their interest in power. But since the time of Eisenhower, technocrats have mastered not only a lot of "non- iron", but literally organic technologies, on which the existence of any political regime depends: in the field of chemistry, physics, biology, genetics, psychology, computer science. We will see the effects of the decision of the states, in response to actions in the Ukraine, to stop supply of components for almost all vital technologies "produced in Russia". The claim that power exists in the very nature of man and can be combined with power over nature and non-human forms of life is quite true for technocrats.

  1. Bureaucracyis the power of the authorized over the unauthorized.It is often mentioned as the phenomenon of social life, lost touch of the people and realizing the system management alien to them. Personally - it is a professional class of managers. The Russian scientist Tikhomirov L.A. (1890) believed that Peter 1 made a fundamental mistake, NOT PROVIDING the union of the supreme power and the nation, and subjugated the entire nation not to him, but to officials. Chicherin G. V (People's Commissar for Foreign Affairs of the RSFSR and the USSR) pointed out in his time that from a convenient tool of power, it can turn into an independent body with its own interests. Already at that time, four main negative properties of bureaucracy are listed: 1) it considers the matter from the point of view of its post, 2) it constantly worries about removing the responsibility from themselves in every case, 3) it is always busy inventing ways to get around laws and regulations, 4) it directs her abilities to flatter the changing tastes of the changing authorities. The modern explanation of historical arguments about the dangers and benefits of bureaucracy is given as follows - "power is an interpersonal category." In any large organization where the leader has significant power, there are LESS NOTICEABLE people who have the power to influence the leaders through personal means. In this area of ​​the power functioning, an individual aspect of power is important: power over an individual and power of an individual. The first is carried out with the help of encouragement and punishment, influencing the human mind to create the necessary opinion and certain habits in him. This is called "naked power". The second has a wider range of action and includes, firstly, power over other people, the achievement of which is conditioned by a person’s aspirations for power and fame, his psychological characteristics, and secondly, power over nature, non-human forms of life. If in the system of power the interests of all strata, groups of the population are represented, this speaks in favor of the fact that politics is a matter for the whole people, and that power is really the production of intentional actions. However, this is FAR FROM BEING THE CASE and today, in particular. Power has taken possession of the time and space of Man so much (selection, training, supervision, elections, attestation, examination, training, registration of a place of residence, work, income, etc.) that to say that power can be localized at one chosen point of sociality, to define it as an "external enemy" and to offer "revolutionary means" of combating it - such a plan would be a historical provocation.

The psychological nature of power today is such that the subject of power (as well as the object) lives in conditions of simultaneous and joint influence of heterogeneous factors on him. For example, the physical state of Man is simultaneously determined by atmospheric pressure, activity of magnetic fields, outdoor temperature, light intensity, etc. Similarly, the political state of Man is determined by a whole system of influences. At the same time, Man is in the field of power of bureaucracy, scientocracy, writercracy, plutocracy, and the like., which is an integral system. Within this system there is a continuous interaction of its constituent elements. By coexisting, the holders of power enter into VARIOUS RELATIONSHIPS, ranging from attempts of mutual destruction to attempts to merging. The first relation corresponds to the policy of hegemony, the second - to the policy of vote, the third - to the policy of blocs, the fourth - to the policy of consensus, and the fifth - to the policy of opposition. For all that, forty (!) variants of political relations arise between partners in influencing the consciousness (actions, labor, work, behavior, activity) of objects of power. All these are auto-motor-like actions, the result of the Old control system activities, which no longer exists. But once again I want to emphasize that in order to understand how to build something new, you have to understand the construction of what was and continues to function:

  1. The function of hegemony is the imposition of political views, attitudes on laws and mechanisms of power by one holder of power on another. It is possible in relations between people, political organizations, social movements, peoples and states. The policy of hegemony lies in the fact that one holder of power tries to make, on the one hand, other holders of power have some differences from each other, and on the other hand, seeks to reduce these differences to different ways of asserting the same thing. Psychologically, this means that the power holder, who claims to have hegemonic relations with partners in influencing people's CONSCIOUSNESS, suggests moving towards the same goal, but allows them to use different means for this. Hegemony is based on the PSYCHOLOGY of COERCION - fast and accurate execution of stereotyped actions of partners on the basis of traditions, charters and other norms of behavior. The purpose of coercion is the unconditional fulfillment of the instructions of the dominant holder of power. The technique of coercion is aimed at immediate prohibition of undesirable actions and at indicating the only permitted behavior of the object of power. Coercion is effective if the partners are equally bound by the responsibility before the law for the execution of actions that one party is obliged to do, and the other party is equally obliged to achieve their implementation.
  2. The function of a vote is to achieve a decision, an opinion obtained as a result of voting in various forms (by a ballot, pressing buttons, raising hands, exclamations of approval, press campaign, active work, voluntary mobilization, etc.). TRUST ORDISTRUSTarises in relations between power holders. They can be formalized (trust in the Government) or have an unofficial character (rallies, demonstrations). The vote leads to abandoning political struggle due to the recognition of special qualities of the leader or flawless actions of one of the power holders. In this case, relationships of subordination are established between the holders of power. Psychologically, the vote is based on the mechanisms of the suggestive influence of the bearer of power - uncontrolled influence on the part of partners through personal communication, negotiations and the media on the system of their perception, emotions, understanding of political reality and behavior. The willingness of other power holders to take a position of self-assessment of their feelings, perceptions, ideas, and thoughts is used. Feelings, moods, emotions of other power holders are also used. The point of suggestion is the usefulness for the partners to follow the proposals of the applicant for the vote, which does not give the partners a reason for objections, criticism. The applicant for the vote DOES NOT INSIST on the immediate execution of the decision he needs.
  3. The blocking function means reaching an agreement, uniting the power holders, political parties, public organizations for joint actions, common political goals. For various reasons, the power holders are forced to join blocs in order to gain the majority in the struggle for possession of full power. The bloc is a temporary phenomenon and exists only until the intermediate goal of counteracting the opposing holder of power is achieved. The bloc can be created in case of intersection of the goals and objectives of several power holders. Intersection is a logical operation, strictly speaking, as a result of which a new set is obtained from all those and only those elements that belong to intersecting sets. The requirement for shared values ​​makes building a political bloc REALLY DIFFICULT. History keeps many examples of intricate combinations of states, political forces in various blocs. Psychologically, the policy of the bloc is based on the psychology of persuasion - purposeful and systematic training of partners in the bloc to fulfill certain roles in the political system. The purpose of mutual persuasion is the formation of a fixed moral attitude among partners on their responsibility and involvement in the achievement of a specific political goal. The condition for the implementation of persuasion is the POSITIVE RELATIONSHIP between the holders of power. Goodwill relations should be supported by the presence of authority and mutual respect among partners in the bloc. The point of persuasion is the significance of the task facing equally all holders of power.
  4. The function of consensus is the development and adoption of decisions, documents, in which the provision under discussion is NOT PUT TO A VOTE, but is adopted by agreement. Coordination is understood as the situation in which the holders of power participating in the negotiations, even if they DO NOT AGREE with this or that provision, nevertheless DO NOT OBJECT to adoption of the decision as a whole. Consensus is based on the consent, unanimity that arises when there are similar orientations between the holders of power. A strict description of consensus can be reduced to a description of the relationship of the unacceptedness, in which the relationship between the positions of the power holders completely excludes each other, but at the same time does not together reflect all aspects of political reality. The power holders may find themselves in a position of absolute incompatibility of their political positions, and if their representatives have enough reason, culture, education, they will agree that they ARE NOT representatives of something absolute, God, for example. The awareness of the temporary, local, transient nature of their political actions against the background of the grandiose history of mankind prompted the search for consensus. Psychologically, consensus is based on evidence - bringing the behavior of the power holders in line with reality on the basis of facts, which reflect the laws of power and politics. The condition for the proof is the use of RELIABLE INFORMATIONirrefutable logically and factually. The proof is possible if the dialogue is conducted within the framework of an intellectual discussion of the problem without switching to methods of emotional pressure. NONE of the opponents PROHIBITE anything to their partners and they DO NOT REQUIRE anything to be done immediately. Each opponent decides on the consensus himself and can report it sometime later. This is the most complex psychological technology that requires very high somatic, psychological and intellectual conditions of the participants.
  5. Opposition function - a) opposing one's policy to another policy, b) speaking out against the opinion of the majority or the prevailing opinion in legislative, party and other structures. The opposition is distinguished as moderate, radical, loyal (ready for agreement and support of the power), constructive (formulating meaningful, business proposals), destructive. The opposition is considered from the point of view of relations between contradictory judgments. Together, these judgments CANNOT be either true or false; of the two contradictory judgments, one and only one is true, and the other is definitely false. Obviously, such a situation can develop between the power holders, insisting on their construction of an integral mechanism of political power. Since the system of power is being considered, in the extreme case, all holders of power may be in opposition to each other, but most often one, two, etc. holders of power are in opposition. The opposition widely uses the psychology of changing the state of partners - the complex use of psychological means to eliminate or weaken the partner's undesirable attitude towards himself and his proposals. Most often this is achieved by the state similar to the phenomenon of "trance" in its non-medical version - due to the phenomenon of induction (mental infection in crowded places or in the process of political discussion). The main idea of ​​achieving an altered consciousness in opponents is that people are controlled by "images of achievement" - positive images of their own future. These images are very stable, but with a certain impact they can be changed. The power holder creates a psychological state in which the partner has the desire to create new images of achievement that are beneficial to the power holder. For all that, it is important for him to minimize the partner’s resistance, NOT TO RELY ON the ideas that are alien to them. To put one in a trance the power holder uses the material that DISTORTS THE PERCEPTION of time (plots with unpleasant and pleasant experiences), age regression (return to history), reading the text “to oneself” (negative glitches), telling about non-existent sensations (positive glitches) etc. This is actually used today in the process of confrontation between the authorities of the Ukraine and Russia in all possible sources of information that affect people on both sides. A systematic description of power, within the framework of its practical destruction, precisely through those who have been creating it so carefully lately, OPENED NEW PROBLEMS - this is the need for a psychological technology for pairing eight power holders with its five functions. Each power holder simultaneously interacts with the other seven partners, using all five forms of relations with them: consensus with some of them, bloc with others, opposition with the thirds, hegemony with the fourth, vote with the fifth. In total, 40 (!) political relations are formed, each of which requires its own psychological solution. Suppose the partocracy entered into a bloc with the writercracy and technocracy, stood in opposition to the autocracy, found a relationship of consensus with the scientocracy, achieved a vote with the bureaucracy, democracy and plutocracy. And similar tasks for their part are solved by the other seven holders of power, and in such a way that their solution coincides with the decision of partners and opponents. The task turns out to be SO DIFFICULT that the political decision grows to the solution of problems of higher mathematics. Each of the 40 political tasks involves the most difficult psychological solution. If the holder of power for some reason (unprofessionalism, lack of time, resources, personnel) leaves at least one “unresolved” cell, then the relations in it are still formed in an involuntary way, and the political process for the power holder BECOMES UNEXPECTED AND UNCONTROLLABLE. Such a situation can happen in the realities of today, but the result of this, I am deeply convinced, will be not the predictions and forecasts made against this background by those who organized all this, but absolutely different results - aimed precisely at the final destruction of both the statehood, as such and reconsideration of all power principles in the management. The emotions that now grip the vast majority of people are just out of place here. Only the so-called "expediency" of the ongoing processes is appropriate. But we must not forget and keep in mind that historically, for example, and today, the bureaucracy builds its relations with the plutocracy in a special way- through taxes, the autocracy - through the table of ranks, the partocracy – through the security service, democracy – through the judiciary, scientocracy – through the budget financing, technocracy – through the government order, writercracy – through censorship. And in each individual case, the bureaucracy is forced to apply a special set of psychological stimuli that produce quite definite psychological and political reactions of its partners. With such an approach, in order to implement the above, the highest professionalism is required, and today it is PRACTICALLY MISSING, due to the processes that are occurring with no will of people, which has been repeatedly mentioned. This professionalism can and should begin with an understanding of the subject of political power and its object. The purpose of power lies in the formation of goals for the society, giving it the meaning and the form of life. Without this, no one would need power, which, indeed, often happens. Power is achieved in many ways, but it is kept in one way - by working for the system created within the framework of the state. For this, it gives gingerbread, taking time and effort in return. The state was created within the framework of the Old control system, first of all, as a NON-BIOLOGICAL FORM OF LIFE, solving the main problem - the problem of the control, through the power of specific brain genotypes created in a certain period of time. Two main blinders3 were created, between which people were placed who "ran" into a brighter future. One blinder is the state and the second blinder is religion. Every life strives for the good. Accordingly, you should take the state desire for ITS GOOD as a starting point. Everything else is taken by the state, as material or tools. At the fundamental level, this desire was initially expressed in the preservation of oneself. The realization of aspiration is expressed in the accumulation of strength. The stronger the state, the higher its chances of preserving itself. The weak were filtered out by the evolution. The tool determined the size of the target. If you have nuclear weapons at your disposal, well, for the life of me, but you can’t bake rolls with it. Nuclear weapons predetermine the size of the target of its owner, the state - the geopolitical scale. Similarly, with the state power - if you set the direction for the whole society, you can only set it towards something global. TO NON-GLOBAL - just will not work, as it will not work with the help of an atomic bomb to grow cucumbers. If the goal of people in power is to increase the volume of consumption, they are NOT POWER in relation to the object of the control. They are just smart people. It is not difficult to be convinced of this, observing the events taking place today, both in power and in the state itself. The end always justifies the means. This sounds cynical, this is pure Machiavellianism, but for all that, it was a reality. Whoever shifted relations between individuals to relations between states is in the wrong place. Those who DO NOT CONSIDER the long-term consequences on the way to achieve the goal are focused on the momentary result; they are also out of place. They make decisions from a human scale, not the state one. The scale of values ​​and the logic of the actions of the power were determined only by efficiency and the magnitude. This was the nature of power. It was originally focused on PRESERVING AND STRENGTHENING ITSELF, and not at all, on people’s happiness, as they thought. If the power focuses not on increasing the might of the country, but on the happiness of the population, such a country will be crushed by its neighbors. Today, when the state, by its representatives from the rostrum, convinces that it wants people to be happy, it does so not because it has such a goal, but because this is the best way to encourage the masses to move in the right direction. Not a single political party that sought power to implement a worldview idea (not to be confused with the household organization, such as the “Green Party”), has not been engaged in the implementation of the idea for a single day. At first, the revolutionaries fought for power, rightly believing that without a resource, the goal could not be achieved. All their forces during this period went to the struggle for power. Having received power, they are again NOT UP TO THE IDEA. Now the power needs to be kept day and night. The moment you relax, - the power passes to the opponents. It is not only the collapse of revolutionary hopes, but also a personal disaster - new rulers usually execute their predecessors. Not out of spite, they often do not even know each other personally. These are just the rules of the game… There is only one way to keep power – to strengthen the state around the clock, which means solving its political, economic and social problems, responding to the intrigues of external and internal enemies, and strengthening the system on all fronts. This was demonstrated to everyone who understands within the framework of the Security Council, in the personal speeches of those who still imagine themselves to be the "rulers» of our destinies, to justify the start of Russia's special operation in the Ukraine. As soon as you TAKE AN IDEA as a guideline, and put the interests of the state in the second place, that very moment the state structure begins to weaken rapidly. Then it will be crushed by external forces, together with the party in power ...

Analyzing the ongoing today, you come to the conclusion that a certain CONTROLLING BODY is needed, to put everyone in the right place. Figuratively speaking, we need an organism with a healthy head, which in common sense means the head filled with brains.

The first criterion for the new saviors, which we do not yet see clearly manifested: only brain cells have access to their “head”. Any other cells, no matter how good they are, MUST NOT penetrate the head. Today we have not just the reverse situation, but something even worse: the “heads” of the posing “saviors” are not just filled with the wrong cells, 99% of them, are filled with garbage. You cannot rely on the saviors with such "brains".

5In order to realize the conceived idea - to defend ourselves and solve the problems posed - it is necessary to create a structure that excludes all sorts of garbage getting into their heads. This is the main condition that determines further success. The prerequisites for this have been created right now and at the moment by the events taking place. If it is not fulfilled, everything else DOES NOT HAVE ANY SENSE. The idea-minimum is in salvation from disasters that are looming in the foreseeable future through ongoing events, and not only in Russia and the Ukraine, but practically all over the world. Since we do not see the saviors (and they do not see themselves in this role), the idea of ​​salvation can be realized only by ourselves. Until recently, everyone thought: there is such a state structure. Today, after the lapse of time and in the current situation, it became clear: to find the optimal form of the state organization IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR THE TIME BEING. Not another utopia that ignores human qualities, human capital and proceeds from some ideal assumptions, but a working model that takes into account all the qualities inherent in a real person. Today we can state: it is impossible to create a procedure for the formation of power, raising to the top only the smart, strong and noble. First of all, this applies to any form of ELECTION POWER. All forms of democracy, fascism and communism are science-fiction. They do not work for the same reason as the perpetual motion machine does not exist. For a perpetual motion machine to work, you have to break the laws of physics. So that the democratic principle really work, the laws of human nature must be violated. As L. Tolstoy said, “only saints and honest people can choose saints and honest people.” Since society is far from the state of holiness, the continued implementation of the current electoral system will mean that any active shit (pardon for the bluntness) will get the opportunity to rise to the top. That, in fact, has been happening before our eyes for the past 30 years. The second step - in order to strengthen his position, “it” (the shit) will begin to pull up its own kind, which we have observed and are forced to admit: any type of state structure known and studied in educational institutions (that is, all options for democracy, monarchy or tyranny) is imperfect, primarily due to THE PRINCIPLE OF POWER FORMATION. All of them have holes through which, to put it mildly, not the best human material penetrates into power. The only difference between these state structures is that the holes are in different places. It is unrealistic to build a “non-leaky” model of the state in today's conditions. Who will build it? That something floating cannot and will not. If you close one hole, another will appear. Here, as with a short blanket: the feet are covered - the head is cold, the head is closed - the feet are cold. I will make an intermediate conclusion that will allow us to comprehend all of the above, to get some guidance in understanding the ongoing, its calm and reasonable comprehension, and in the following articles I will continue this subject, in more detail, based on the events that are unfolding before our eyes and are fueled by the information interpretation of both parties for only one purpose - which I have outlined in this article and hope to be understood.

Political power, as a tool for the manifestation of the power hegemony of an unfairly singled out minority and independently determined for themselves a preferential social position in society in relation to the majority, is a complete atavism for all Humanity, as the society of equals, as the society of components of functions from each and to everyone. It should be absolutely and immediately RECOGNIZED BY ALL ACTIVISTS who aspired to power in the past, and who are striving now, without even understanding what power is, that it was political power in its former embodiment that was the MAIN SOURCE of generating social injustice, NO MATTER what slogans IT WAS COVERED WITH. This even applies to the period of socialism in Russia or China, since everyone knows and remembers the presence of “especially red party cards” among the communists who fought for the “equality and brotherhood of all peoples.” It was the political power in all its diversity of the past embodiments, no matter the way they were called and no matter what goals they emotionally erupted - they were the ideologists and organizers of the EXTREME EGOISM of the whole society, achieving their predominant social position by force, while using at the same time ALL THE NEGATIVE OF VIOLENCE of that time over the majority. The nature of this is being exposed today through its key feature - the CONSCIOUS CHOICE. If there is no choice, it is anything but your personal choice. It is possible to make a choice if the chooser has knowledge about it. Without knowledge, choice is impossible. Through manipulative technologies, psychological and physical violence, Man can be induced to take an action that looks like a free and conscious choice. But if you look not at the external side, but at the core, he does not make a choice. He is a puppet whose actions do not fit into the concept of "conscious choice".

It turns out that Man WITHOUT knowledge cannot make a choice? NO, HE CANNOT. The only thing he can be is an object for manipulation. In order for him to choose, he SHOULD BE GIVEN KNOWLEDGE. No knowledge, no choice. No choice - no understanding of the ongoing and today's purpose of Man.

Everything that is happening today, which has begun to be realized so intensively through the events related to the Ukraine and the reaction to it of almost all the states and their power structures, completely changes the approach and the previous understanding of the truth of values, their role and function. This, in turn, will change the material point of the currently existing true and convertible substitute4, as a result of which there WILL BE A CARDINAL CHANGE in the functions of not only money, but also the entire complex of financial institutions and the financial system itself that is currently dominant. It, as an essential basis of the entire economic mechanism, will undergo not only structural changes, but also functional ones. This does not depend on the will and desire of the current organizers and managers, just as the outcome of the process that has begun, related to everything that happens supposedly within the framework of military operations, does not depend (it does not matter what it is called in the press and the way it is presented to people) between Russia and Ukraine. Their inert auto-motor-like power functions in the next moment will not be noticeable and not felt by them. There is no financial or economic crisis, no crisis in all spheres of today's "statehood" and all the processes related to it. The processes of the old Program have been terminated and are NO LONGER CONTROLLABLE. Any attempts of not-programmed new actions to save the old will be severely suppressed by the System and are already being suppressed through the "zeroing" of the capabilities of the dominant brain genotypes created within the framework of the Old System. There is no need to provide any evidence of this; they are enough to this day. Let him prove to himself – the one not wanting to know and NOT BELIEVING. Such is his fate. In a word, changes in the way and form of our being as a whole began to manifest themselves at a very rapid pace.



1 The system of supra-state control of society that has developed over many centuries is defined as a special kind of power - conceptual power. Conceptual power is power people who are able to generate social processes in society that cover the life of society for many generations and proceed according to the developed concept, in addition, it is also the power of the concept (plan or system of ideas) by which society lives, over the mass public consciousness.

2 Paul Michel Foucault was a French philosopher, cultural theorist and historian. He created the first department of psychoanalysis in France, headed the department of the history of systems of thought. He worked in the cultural representations of France in Sweden, Poland and Germany. He is one of the most famous representatives of antipsychiatry. Foucault's books on the social sciences, medicine, prisons, insanity and sexuality made him one of the most influential thinkers of the 20th century.

3 Blinders (eyecups, shields) are special plates worn on the horse's muzzle, covering its view on the sides. Used to limit the horse's field of view so that the horse is not distracted by extraneous objects on the sides of the road:

4 Substitute (from Latin substitutio - replacement) - A fungible good (interchangeable product, substitute) - a product (or service) for which there is a direct relationship between the price of one of them and the demand for another, that is, a decrease (increase) in the price of one product (service) causes a decrease (increase) in demand for another.


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