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369_Series. Salvation of Saviors

Friday, 29 April 2022 02:08

028_369 The chess board

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When forming preventive strategies one should not rely on some theoretical speculation since, there are certain peculiarities and issues the approach to and consideration of which have to be made on the basis of the accumulated practical experience of specialists of many generations from the current state structures. Undoubtedly, their experience is valuable, and practical skills are not only useful, but necessary applicable because it is аn element of the historical school of management.

The larger the scale of the subject being brought up and the deeper it is, the more vigorously people defend the truths they are accustomed to. Few people can bare criticism of their elementary truths. No wonder Descartes said that the main obstacle on the way to new views and knowledge is OUR ABC TRUTHS. In the things you like, you will exaggerate the pros and downplay the cons. In the things you don’t like, on the contrary, you will exaggerate the minuses, and downplay the pluses.

It is impossible to convince a person in the fact that he SUBCONSCIOUSLY DENIES. This applies even to science. As Max Planck once said - "... science develops from funeral to funeral." The bearers of the old do not give way to the new, not because they see errors, but because they DO NOT LIKE it. If a person, under the pressure of facts and logic, accepts the unacceptable for him, this DOESN'T CHANGE ANYTHING. In a short time, he will forget the evidence base that made him change his mind. But he WILL NEVER FORGET the feelings rooted in his subconscious. You should not think that an idea makes an impression, even on cultured minds, only in case it has been proved to be true. It is easy to get convinced of this precisely nowadays, seeing how little even the most indisputable facts effect most people. The evidence, if it strikes you, may be noticed by some educated individual in the crowd, but the new convert, being under the power of the unconscious, will still return to his original views very soon. If you see him in a few days, he will again present to you all his previous arguments and in the same words, as he is under the influence of his previous ideas, especially those constantly taken from the ever flowing Internet information which have become his feelings; and which serve as the triggers of our speeches and actions.

1When Professor Cremonini had nothing to object to the arguments of Galileo, do you think he... admitted him to be right? By no means! He just refused to look through the telescope. And he justified his refusal by the fact that he would not see anything through that pipe, except for some optical illusion. And before going, he told the taken aback Galileo that he preferred to draw information from the Bible. If irrefutable logic and facts nail a believer to the wall so that he has nothing to object to, do you think he will give up his views? No, absolutely not! Out of his pocket he will take Tertullian1 - "I believe, because it is absurd", and will stand by his decision.

You will not be able, no matter how hard you try, to make a person hesitate at the level of the subconscious, who is confident in his rightness. People take it for the truth what is customary to take for the truth and what is in line with their Constitution. No matter what you say, what arguments, logic and facts you bring, a person will always find something to object to. And even if he cannot find a worthy objection, he still will not accept what he DOES NOT WANT to accept. We do not feel like being convinced of something that is unpleasant for us to be convinced of, what does not correspond to our views, conflicts with our subconscious attitudes. It is pointless to argue whether this is good or bad. This is the way the world and man are originally arranged. It would be more correct to say that people are not guilty of this, due to the processes that have taken place especially intensively over the past two thousand years. That's it. This fact ought to be accepted as the quality of the material and you have to work with the reality WITHOUT COMPLAINING about that it DOES NOT MEET your expectations.

Today, a very important step towards the realization of the happened and happening in reality is understanding that certain situations DO NOT HAPPEN “at random”. Let me give you one popular example today: “Oil has risen in price!” - And so, not oil has risen in price (by itself), but certain SPECIFIC PEOPLE have raised the prices for oil. This will be the actual reality. And as Comrade Stalin used to say: "Every mistake has a surname." I cannot fail to mention in this context the tragedy that occurred in the Black Sea, replicated by many "experts" on the Internet and in all media. But in this case, it is NOT ABOUT the ERROR. The cruiser Moskva WAS NOT “BROUGHT” BY CHANCE, as many journalists or bloggers write, to the coast of the Ukraine (just on its own like that) - no, it was sent there by specific people (heads of the Russian fleet). And they, in turn, may have received the sanction (or direct instructions) from some other people (leaders in power). I am sure that over time, all these people will become known and the WHOLE PICTURE of this event will be fully restored.


I just want to note here that if you cannot see the entire chessboard, it is impossible even to think of the correct move (the course of your thoughts, in particular). With partial vision of the chessboard, any move will be aimless. At the moment, I am sure (unfortunately) that trying to convince people of such an approach to their vision of the ongoing is NOT ONLY a waste of time and energy, but it is also harmful to understanding of lots of raised vitally important topics. To prove to ANYONE WHO DO NOT WANT to listen to anything new and unusual for oneself, is like beating the air - you still will not prove anything, but waste time, which nowadays all of us are so much short of for something more important and vital. This can make it difficult to capture the whole picture for those who are ready for the new. The main problem is not that the mind of the majority is shackled, but that PEOPLE DO NOT REALIZE it and lots of them even do not feel like realizing it. Within the framework of the Old Control System, which is still active in auto-motor-like way in our brain, it was embedded that the LESS one had one’s own opinions, thoughts and judgments, the MORE one was guided by the program within the framework of the brain genotypes development, the MORE one considered and considers oneself free today. The more one is guided by one’s own opinion and less by the program, the less one is a bot2, and the more he feels oneself not free. If you do not think that you are ill, you have no any desire to see the doctor. If you do not think that YOU ARE NOT FREE you will not have a desire to get freed.

No one knows today how surprisingly coincided in time the "indestructible virus", the beginning of the events in the Ukraine and other factors resonated by this and destabilizing the entire world order. With the massive support of the media, TV, social networks, they stopped (!) the entire world, social and political economy at the pace of military demobilization. NO ONE COULD do it so quickly, even during the world wars.

The situation in the world and in our country is fantastic, and the explanation of the ongoing, which we hear all the time, also seems fantastic. The information on WHY THIS IS DONE, in the circles of those who go on taking themselves for the “ruling elite”, being for the most part, as it should be - in the COMPLETE INADEQUACY, which is clearly manifested (if you look at the entire "chessboard") by their decisions and deeds –which they call (mostly - in a whisper, with a manic obsession with the idea of being recorded...") as SACRED KNOWLEDGE, i.e. knowledge, to which: 1 - only persons of “super national impotence” are allowed; 2 - no one knows who they are and they cannot be influenced; 3 - under no circumstances the sacred knowledge of the ongoing now will become known to the uninitiated.

But what has happened? Or rather, how are certain goal vectors being implemented by the New Control System through people, into a new structure of the controlled organized life and in the manifested events triggered and being triggered in the time, which we observe, and in which we participate? But for the most part, we draw “shallow” conclusions, at the level of our knowledge (without trying to expand it through the correct analysis of information, which then becomes our Knowledge), and this DOES NOT ALLOW us to see the “chessboard” in full, focusing our attention only on some individual episodes and figures on this board.

A) The virus, the price of oil, the so-called "special operation" (war) served only as an excuse to test and destroy the sustainability of globalization and based on the results of its reconstruction: globalization has become a problem for those who "invented" it.


B) Therefore, the so-called "reformers" in a few days managed to eliminate the main factor of globalization - "WORLD - WITHOUT BORDERS". It has become impossible to: 1) move production without borders, 2) move people without borders, 3) move goods without borders, 4) disseminate information without borders. The borders have been re-established NOT ONLY for the states, but even for individuals in the apartments by the method of “self-isolation”. The borders, tough borders have been restored, which was influenced by the “special operation in the Ukraine”, as one of its factors.

C) A total stop of any relocation on the planet is possible for: 1 - "inventory" of the entire life support system on the Earth; 2 - to take real measures for the new zoning of everything and everybody on the planet. The total “shutdown” of life, performed this way, will allow it to be resumed in a completely new format. With a high probability, new zoning of territories is possible: new places for industry, for the extraction of raw materials, for living, for recreation, for control centers, for location of "think tanks" (in completely new formats for developing recommendations, based on New knowledge), for armed forces, for food production, etc are arranged.

D) The countries, or more precisely, their "leaders", demoralized by the "knockout" of the entire system of imports and exports, the inability to provide the population with essential goods, will automatically accept the conditions set by the similar "leaders-rulers": renunciation of sovereignty; denial of one's place in the world division of labor; denial of one’s own money, denial of execution of contracts and claims to other countries and campaigns. Adoption of a new system of financial transactions, forms of payment, full subordination to the instructions of the supranational authorities (the dream that has not come true, but the desire remained), etc. This is how the global “reset” process is going on within the framework of the New Control System.

E) But the main thing - the “Coronavirus” project and “the Ukraine”, which suddenly stopped (without any tension, which is significant) the “Coronavirus project”, created the conditions for the “Paralysis of the world without borders”, in order to conduct an “exercises-inspection - 2022” of the controllability of the global world: 1 - the possibility of simultaneously inclusion on all the information resources of the planet to create a "viral and military psychosis"; 2 - the possibility of simultaneous closing of borders of all countries and even regions of these countries to stop the economic process; 3 – the possibilities to exclude the "consumer society" up to the complete depletion of all food and energy resources; 4 - the possibility of generating total hostility towards any nation of the world, up to its complete isolation and readiness for its destruction (so far the old people); 5 - attempts to replace the leaders of the countries that do not fully agree with the rules of "supranational authorities"; 6 – the possibilities to realize the goals and actions of the Coronavirus and the Ukraine Projects UTTERLY IGNORING elementary logical, scientific, legal, economic evidence. That has never happened before in our memory!


F) The results of these "exercises" have already made it possible to proceed to the complete reconstruction of the world order, the goal of which, within the framework of the Old Control System, was “planned” at the last stage of the “of the Brain Genotypes Development” Program, the beginning of population reduction by methods tested in the “exercises-2020-2022” and the final ordering of the “control pyramid” of the World, in line with the genotype of a particular Brain.

Fantastic! It will seem to lots of people. But as an example, in solving similar things and the possibility of comprehending the ongoing events today – it was exactly the meaning and purpose of the two world wars and Napoleon's wars. The scale was smaller because of the power over only part of the world. After these wars, there came into being new “statehoods” in place of the old countries, with new money, laws, and a new inclusion in the world division of labor. In other words: new money, new states, no one owes anything to anyone - life began “from scratch”.

G) It is absolutely clear that only a COMPLETE “LOCKDOWN” of all life support systems will make it possible to get out of the impasse in which the world order, driven by globalization and Breton-Woods3, has fallen. Similar situations have been systematically repeated in history, and they have always been resolved by the world wars, which shuffled all the "cards and dealt new ones." But that was the way under the Old Control System. I just want to note that today - "dreams" are no longer repeated in the implementation of the plan.

H) A world war is impossible when nuclear weapons are available, although there is a lot of talk about it today. And not because "it is available ...". But it is quite possible to get the effect of "the post-war devastation" at the moment of coincidence: a) of the economic restructuring b) with natural, predictable cycles of solar activity according to A. Chizhevsky, as an example, and other possible cataclysms NOT PREDICTED by anyone (tsunamis, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc.). Now the moment has come when the awakening of the activity of all “worlds” on the Earth is expected: bacteriological, physical, psychological, social, economic, which are necessary to activate the processes of radical reconstruction of the outdated, overpopulated world order. It is possible to predict the same effect on the 36-year historical waves of the Fibonacci spiral and other similar ones, but the events are developing and will continue to develop IN SOME DIFFERENT physical concepts, within the framework of the New Control System and people's life support system.

One way or another, millions of people, caught by surprise by the introduction of the Coronavirus Project and the Ukraine Project, as starting projects in the development of global changes that are already manifesting within the framework of the New Control Program, BEGAN TO LEARN to live in a new political reality: unusual, unacceptable , sudden, unexpected.

While they are only learning and some even have fun, as if it does not concern them. But very soon it will affect everyone, and they will have to fight for their lives, as in the worst times in the history of mankind. Everything that they know today, are able to do, understand what they own, what status they have, will be “zeroed out”.

Despite the fantastic nature of the total blockade of everything and everybody on the planet, the renewal of the world order is gaining momentum, accelerating in time faster and faster. In my opinion, one component is missing - a GLOBAL IDEA that will unite all participants and not only in our country. But we will discuss this later, because there is still a lot to understand, why and for what purpose this idea came into being, and precisely now at this NOT THAT SIMPLE time.

Now, with more people understanding the situation, it can be considered (in a simplified version) that there is a dramatic battle between the supporters of globalization and its opponents on the planet. It is obvious that many "rulers" NO LONGER LIKE globalization, in the form they tried to "create" it and they got out of obedience to the authors of the global world order. But the "authors" who make decisions need to put somewhere the trillions of dollars “pumped” into the price of oil, and many more trillions of dollars printed "to save the banking system." They are not backed by all the resources of the planet; they can buy the Moon and Mars. But where these dollars are - no one knows. In a word, “the Virus” and “the Ukraine” are ONLY AN EXCUSE to stop the entire economic life of the world in order to reset it. And this reset of the world order can no longer be limited to "cleansing the excess dollar supply and derivatives." Everything is just beginning - further events are going to be even more impressive than those that are observed today: every day, every week news will come that have no analogues in the history of mankind. And then, you can think in line with A. Chizhevsky (for easy understanding) - in 2030-2040, the Sun "activates powerfully" everything on the Earth, which is still dormant today, but will announce themselves, as it happened in the memorable times. We all have to learn to live in a new political reality in order to save our country and our people. Who will set such a task? Such a task can only be set within the framework of an all-acceptable and GLOBAL IDEA...

But in order for us to move on, let's still define what the difference is BETWEEN KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING, which many people are talking about today. This is one of the key moments in the knowledge of the world around us, what is happening around us and in this world, and a serious step towards the “chessboard” which we have to see in its entirety.

The human mind is related to the theoretical activity, it is something closed and deeply independent. Not Man has the Mind, but He, the Mind “lives in Man”, subjugating his will and desires, but NOT SUBJUGATING TO HIM. In itself, the Mind carries its purpose and, rather, makes Man forget about all the needs, than serve them. External activity suppresses it. The mind is not the same in different people, and understanding is different in them. Only through the Mind does Man come to Understanding of himself and the outside world, which is MANDATORY FORMED with the purpose. Understanding reveals what lies beneath external objects and forms, what produces them. The purpose of understanding is to comprehend individual phenomena in their interrelationship, TO UNDERSTAND THE WHOLE, the parts of which make up this phenomenon. Everything is necessary and clear in understanding. Understanding improves, becomes deeper and fuller. The truths are united only in understanding. Understanding is formed with the dominant participation of the human Mind, and our feelings are only tools for it.

 Intellect is related to only practical activity: it can make mistakes, IT IS NOT INDEPENDENT, it is attached to other abilities, and it is their tool for achieving specific known goals. It DOES NOT HAVE its own tasks and therefore is inactive and gets weaker when there is no activity. INTELLECT FEEDS ITSELF with KNOWLEDGE. Intellect is limited to those features and forms that are available to the senses. Intellect gives knowledge about the fact that the thing exists.


Knowledge is fragmentary, incoherent; it does not connect various phenomena into one whole, tightly linked into an internal causal connection. Everything is accidental and inexplicable in knowledge. Knowledge is growing through the simple addition of one knowledge to another. Each acquired knowledge is closed in itself and DOES NOT mandatory CAUSE new knowledge, it is limited by external features and forms, but not by the internal nature of the phenomenon being studied. This is a kind of “residual” phenomenon imposed on all of us by the Old Control System, which we ought to correct on our own by learning to “draw” new knowledge from that heap of information that has fallen upon us.

What is the best way to approach this? How to get closer to decoding the process and the result of understanding?

For example, UNDERSTANDING OF THE TEXT is incomparably more than just reading. Education in our country has propagated a peculiar and wrong idea of ​​understanding. School and everyday requirements have reduced understanding to simple remembering what is mandatory to be understood. The ability to repeat “by memory”, to reproduce completely and without mistakes a certain text, IS CONSIDERED TO BE UNDERSTANDING in most “popular” education systems. At school poems, formulas for solving quadratic equations, the periodic table, etc. are memorized. Everything is memorized, and that’s it. The fruits of such education are reaped today in adult political life. The error of reading lies in the fact that it ASSUMES MEMORIZATION AND ACTION "within the given information." But UNDERSTANDING MEANS “going beyond the given information” - working with what in the text, in the information you received outside the text (audio, video) there is not. This can be explained by the following example: a series of numbers is presented for understanding: 144; 89; 21; 377. I ask the question: "Is it clear what it is?” Practically always the answer is: “These are arithmetic numbers 144, 89, 21, 377” (within the given information) - this is pure memorization, which GIVES absolutely NOTHING to a person. In this case, the ability to remember, keep and, after some time, reproduce four numbers to the full satisfaction of all parties is used – you get "top five" in secondary and higher schools. But understanding is replaced by memorization here.


7In his time, A. I. Yuryev4, my friend and teacher, taught us, those who came into politics and who were too far from it. He taught us to understand it and, most importantly, to see the types of understanding, placing a very great emphasis on this. The schemes presented here are created by him and have been tested not only in my work, but also in many others. I decided to give all this to people who themselves have taken the path of knowledge and who are not indifferent to what I have stated above  and in the series of articles “369”. Conclusions and, most importantly, comprehension, of course, is up to the readers.

1st type of understanding - "restoration of the destroyed information". In this case, this is the restoration of the order of the presented number series (21, 89,114,377), and then finding the missing numbers of the Fibonacci series (34, 55, 144, 233) and presenting the entire series in the correct order - 21,34,55,89,144,233,377.

Nowadays, almost ALL POLITICAL information presented to the society is "destroyed" intentionally or due to incompetence. In this case, it can be referred to the policy of goal setting. This is done by "political analysts" of all levels and stripes in the current time.

2nd type of understanding - "reproduction of the previous information". In our example, this is an indication of all the numbers of the Fibonacci series preceding the initially presented ones: these are 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, and 13, which WERE NOT in the presented information. Similarly, all political events and organizations have centuries’ old previous history which predetermined their appearance. Without knowledge of the law of "predestination" of specific events, it is unthinkable to correctly understand brief messages about the current events. The expediency of politics can only be understood in such a context. This is the work of a political "historian" in the past, because in the present such things "do not work" anymore.

3rd type of understanding - “anticipation of the subsequent information. Here is an enumeration of the numbers of the Fibonacci series following 377: 610, 987, 1597, 2584, etc. to infinity. To give a political or other forecast based on this information directly, without knowing the key to it (like the law of the Fibonacci series) IS UNTHINKABLE. Politics has its own logic, as strict as mathematical, and there CANNOT be events that are not predetermined by some psychological law of their occurrence. In our example, this is close to the politics of determination. This is the work of a political futurologist in the future, provided that that futurist has at least a little understanding within the framework of the new Control System, including what this Control System is.

4th type of understanding - "realization of the presented information". The Fibonacci series is based on the "golden section" (dividing a single segment in relation to 0.618). It is the UNIVERSAL LAW of the living and non-living world, ensuring its stability and harmony. Purposefulness of politics is connected with this type of understanding. This is the work of a political strategist who uses the past, the present, and the future of the political process. But today there are very few of them, unfortunately.

And of course - the criterion of understanding.

An emotional criterion of understanding is used by the users of texts, tablets, mobile phones, etc. Others know the Fibonacci law and use this knowledge practically when creating architectural structures, designing cars, in literary work.

An empirical criterion of understanding is for the producers of information, technical, and aesthetic systems. Still others, who are familiar with the theory of numbers of the Fibonacci series, use it to discover all its new patterns and consequences from it. This is a logical criterion of understanding for designers of political, social, technical and other systems.

It is easy to figure out that THERE ARE 12 TYPES of understanding, each of which allows you to extract from the text only one twelfth of its content. Understanding is inextricably linked with what you need to KNOW EXACTLY what you are looking for in the text. A person finds, extracts and uses, but at the same time, 11 meanings of the text out of twelve remain unknown to him, as if there were not in the text. But they are there - experimentally proven that they are there.

Understanding suggests we rely on modern ideas about thinking, which are to be necessarily involved in the process of political research and formulation of recommendations: the analytical method, scientific approach, systematic approach and so on, which will allow us to approach the UNDERSTANDING OF POLITICS.

Political behavior is a multi-layered system, on the surface of which lies the Factual level of its understanding (facts, actions, dates, names) intelligible to non-specialists, but its real point IS HIDDEN AT DEEP LEVELS: context, subtext, sacred knowledge that cause political behavior.


Deeper than the factual level of understanding lies the context that hides the real purpose of behavior - to change a person's attitude to life values, exalting some of them and bringing down others. Strictly speaking, the context is facts, names, etc., which influence "understanding" of its meaning.

Politics is also a multi-layered system, especially today; despite the fact that many "politicians" have lost the concept of this multi-layered system.

The factual level of political understanding (facts, actions, dates, names) hides deep levels: context, subtext, sacred knowledge, which form the policy.

The context level contains the real purpose of politics - to change the attitude of a person to LIFE VALUES, exalting some of them and bringing down others. Strictly speaking, the context are the facts, names, etc., influencing their “understanding” of it.

The levels of politics understanding

1. Factual (level of behavior understanding)

Analysis of specific facts of political work

Events, facts, dates, names, actions - politician’s Serving? A new life position?

2. Context of behavior (2nd level of behavior understanding)

Researching the values that dynamize political work

What values does the politician advocate? What is his calling? A new worldview?

3. The subtext level(3d level of behavior understanding)

Setting of the political purpose, political activity

The purpose of the political activity, its Mission? A new Picture of the World?

4. The sacred level of behavior (4th level of understanding)

 Understanding the meaning of the political activity.

What is meant by political activity? What is its mission? A new Way of life?

The subtext level contains the purpose for which POLITICS SUBSTITUTES VALUES. For this, you need to have a scientific picture of the world, by which the goal is determined - the trajectory of policy change. The subtext determines goal setting (identifying the starting point in the picture of the world and finding the desired point in the picture of the world); purposefulness (the direction of changes when moving towards the given goal); set purposefulness (offer resources that will be enough to move towards the chosen goal); expediency (figure out the time, schedule for reaching the proposed point in the picture of the world).

The level of sacred knowledge of politics contains its meaning. Everything is much simpler and more interesting: the sacred level of understanding political behavior contains various versions of the meaning of human life, around which there has been a political struggle for many centuries. All modern politics IS THE STRUGGLE OF MEANINGS, although it seems to many people that this is a struggle of economies, armies, special services, etc. Whose meaning of life is enforced in the minds of huge masses of people, without using weapons, those defeat any enemy EVEN the most numerous and heavily armed. Here I don’t mean the esoteric understanding of sacred knowledge as having a “secret meaning”, as the “secret knowledge” of the previous civilizations, which were in the books destroyed in the Middle Ages, in the time of the Medieval Inquisition. This preamble HAS NOTHING to do with the secret capabilities of the human Brain, organism, time control, gravity, other people, etc.).

How can we approach the new reality in which we are increasingly immersing? Probably, as a kind of System that we can understand and accept in our reflections.

By "system", in its classical view, is understood such an organization, where SEPARATE ELEMENTS WORK TOGETHER in order to obtain an output effect that a single element cannot give on its own. Then the system must meet the following assumptions:

1) to have a hierarchical organization, i.e., a lower-order system is built into a higher-order system so that its output effect is accepted by a higher-order system and converted into a process.

2) to be determinated, because a person is involved in it, and it is ARTIFICIALLY CREATED BY HIM for something.

3) each element of the system must obey a common goal. The goal is the STARTING POINT for the development of the system, the goal determines the activities of the participants in the system, and the goal allows judging whether the system is working correctly.

4) each element of the system must influence all its other elements, and the output effects of individual elements must be transformed into the output effect of the entire system,

5) measurement, estimation, feedback must be integral elements of the system.

Politics is as SYSTEMIC PHENOMENON, as the world climate, as the ecology of the planet, or relationships in the society between people. Politics seems to be chaos only to those who do not consider it as the system. The latest world events in North Africa, in the Middle East are the creation of very complex political systems of the 5th generation. Modern Russian politics is a new politics of the 5th generation of the post-globalization era; within the framework of the New Control System it is a system, and there is NOTHING RANDOM and NOTHING EXTRA in it. Each event in politics, as in the system, is inextricably related to all other political events. And all the political events that DO NOT FIT into the system, DO NOT GET development – they fade away and disappear. It is so much systemic as much physical phenomena such as the Ohm Law are systemic.


The impact of the world "philosophy crisis" on people in the new reality, first of all, is in the fact that there is no understanding of global changes in people's lives. People consciously and unconsciously want to get an answer to the question, what should they be? Lots of them have fallen victim to globalization, which has made life incomprehensible. The answers to the questions: what is Man? What is he supposed to know and understand? What is he allowed, as a person, and what is forbidden? – are doubted. The effect of the global moral crisis on people, also generated by globalization, which exists only in the conditions of the full replacement of the traditional morality and ethics with completely NEW NORMS of behavior based on digital civilization. Moral standards have been replaced by digital criteria for success, amenable to mathematical processing. Since the concepts of remorse, conscience, duty, honor, and justice ARE NOT COUNTABLE, they ARE NOT the values ​​of globalization. The impact of the global intellectual crisis on people, which lies in the fact that the present day power has NO SOLUTION to specific global problems of our time: ecology, employment, crime, education, culture, medicine and much more. The ongoing international forums of the most educated, intelligent, responsible people on the planet DO NOT MAKE any decisions that would somehow improve the situation of people. And this is an objective process, a process of complete misunderstanding by these people of either the ongoing processes or the consequences of their decisions; provided that these decisions may not materialize in the realities they planned. The impact of the global financial crisis on people, which is becoming more and more obvious for everyone, is a VERY MYSTERIOUS phenomenon for many, and it is hardly possible to believe the materials of discussions of financiers and economists at international forums. The organization of the financial system of the Russian Federation after entering the Breton Woods agreements and the Washington Consensus is still a closed topic, and only recently a real step was taken to break this well-established scheme, again as part of the start of the practical executive actions of the New Control System. For many people, it is already clear and THIS IS A DEFINITE SUCCESS in understanding that the entire project of modern civilization is man-made, and in simple terms it is just a business project: it is all built on financial regulation with the dominance of dollar, and even simpler - on a man-made financial fascism in relation to people. Economic crises trigger off temptations in world politics as well. Many modern social scientists and politicians acknowledge and cry out their predictions of an impending collapse in the field of international politics, and this really cannot but disturb society. It is quite enough to mention this uncontrollable state of established uncertainty in the sphere of politics only as a significant factor influencing a comprehensive assessment of the current conditions, which are observed today more and more clearly.

Undoubtedly, there are MUCH MORE influencing factors for assessing what is happening today, as the basic foundation for the overall picture of the development of events in the world, than mentioned here. But I do not set my mind to analyze this with scrupulous accuracy; I will focus only on the media space created in recent years, the fruits of which we are now “reaping”. The media space, primarily the Internet, has become a new habitat for mankind. However, it has its own natural disasters - for example, a flood of information that falls on people and consumes their time, freedom and peace of mind. This DRASTICALLY AGGRAVATED the perception of the new reality by almost everyone. There is a reality that confirms the reality of the ongoing. The fact is that our memory and sensations are imperfect and one-sided. To what extent is real what we think to be real? Where does "the reality which we take for reality” begin?


You can ignore the reality. But you CANNOT ignore the consequences of the ignoring reality. We can change objective reality only if we change our subjective reality. And you have to learn to do this through the knowledge and experience of its application. The difficulty in the perception of the new reality by people today lies in the fact that its innovations are always presented as:

  • unusual, because there are no ready-made “good” answers to them,
  • unacceptable because of their apparent unnaturalness;
  • sudden, because they occur exactly when they are not expected;
  • unexpected, because they turn out to be completely different from what they were foreseen.

You cannot describe reality. We see the reality from different points of view. Reality is fundamentally incomprehensible, because it is INFINITELY DIFFERENT, and is always perceived individually. You can describe people's reaction to today's new reality - their impressions, their views on it.

Fear - under the influence of new experiences and sensations, a mentally healthy person ceases to distinguish the real from the artificial. The ground is cut from under his feet, since the very definition of a normal psyche, normal life is no longer considered normal. The flow of changes brings unprecedented complications in the lives of people who become victims of the future shock. In the years to come, the world awaits a person in which THERE IS NOTHING IN COMMON with the world which he got used to... If only the technology broke loose, even then our situation would be quite difficult. The mortal danger lies in the fact that other social processes have thrown off the bridle and are rushing furiously in an unknown direction, refusing to submit to all our attempts to control them. And here there is politics, as a PART OF OUR REALITY. The danger is that politics often cries out about itself as the only reality.


Loneliness - I suggest that anomie5 appears with rapid social, economic changes that violate the order in the social structure. The overturning of social norms and the loss of restrictions make people feel like being in the space WITHOUT REFERENCES. That is what we observe all over the place today. Having no reference points, people get tired of their existence. Their efforts become useless, life loses its value, and there comes a rapidly going self-destruction.

Boredom - "The deeper the grief, the longer the boredom lasts." It is BOREDOM that STOPS social, researching, personal processes, bringing to stagnation all spheres of life in the society. A person intuitively tries to fight boredom, which leads to degradation of his personality, to falling down into primitive and criminal forms of behavior. If he struggles with the boredom, then he becomes politicized.

Apathy is the state when everything around becomes indifferent, there is no desire to talk to anyone or do anything. This is aloofness from everything that happens and stoic calmness. It manifests itself in INDIFFERENCE TO OTHERS, which can turn into distaste for life. The signs: bad mood, drowsiness, lethargy, lack of emotions and appetite, indifference to everything that is happening around. Once important and significant things are no longer of any interest.


What are the ways to accept the new reality, what are these tools…?

The meaning of life is something which makes life WORTH LIVING. This meaning is revealed when a person realizes himself responsible for something, in relation to someone or something. Life has the meaning which is always beyond of one's own "I". In the lack of meaning, a person becomes weak, loses support, any unfavorable life situation throws him off balance. There is no greater meaning in life than helping people find it.

Life values ​​are something that irresistibly attract a person. They are something he is ready to defend even at the cost of his life. They manifest themselves as a feeling, a passion for some occupation, comparable to love. Life values ​​are the way to GIVE PEOPLE your gift, your talent, everything that you are rich in by nature. If there are no life values ​​or they are petty, then the consciousness of a person narrows to an animal limit. In the lack of life values ​​in which a person piously believes, he is no longer a personality and loses the ability to self-control.

The purpose of life is the product of goal-formation, consisting of: a) goal-setting, based on the information and cognitive processes of the society, reconsidering the adequacy of the state of the society, b) determination - manifested in the nature of the still existing political parties that are choosing the direction of the society’s development, but, as can be seen today, are no longer capable of this c) purposefulness – relying on the strong-willed qualities of leaders (ready to give people the main Idea, which is missing today) and peoples that encourage political change, d) expediency - dependent on the real psychosomatic capabilities of people to achieve the goal. The goal, as a conscious image of the anticipated future, is one of the eternal problems of politics and cannot exist without the Idea proclaimed by the leader. That is the point, which many people are not given to understand, unfortunately, including politicians.


How to define the system of views and what to be driven by in so hard times for all of us? What is the main concept of our actions? The main thing, in my opinion, is to try to turn people's NEGATIVE EMOTIONS from the collision with the new reality to understanding the situation and to a joint search for innovative solutions and adaptation to the new socio-economic reality. This will make it possible to switch the natural dissatisfaction of people with the deterioration of their situation from the emotional perception to reasonable comprehension. The main thing is to remove excessive emotional tension and INFORM and EXPLAIN about the ongoing events and methods of adapting to the new reality and understanding the patterns of this new reality in the world and in Russia. It is like a plot of a political play that, act by act, explains the changes to be expected from the new reality and how people or a particular person can successfully fit into this new reality.


When talking with different people, discussing the current problems of the surrounding reality, I come to the conclusion that in the current time in Russia there are three main points of view on what is happening.

“People in uniform”, overwhelmingly, soberly assess the situation, fully support the project “the Ukraine” (MSO) and the TURN OF THE STATE towards independence. And none of them even suspect a "police" or "dictatorial" state in the short term.

"Business people" almost with no exception are on emotions, they consider the project "the Ukraine" (MSO) to be untimely and they ARE AFRAID OF THE FORMATION of "the police state" or "dictatorship" in the country, which will hit all the weak points of their business (mainly small and medium-sized businesses) even harder.

"Office plankton" more often DOES NOT HAVE their own precisely formulated point of view and often staggers between the two previous opinions.

The rest of the mass - occupies a WAITING NICHE, "it is no concern of mine” we’ll wait and see”.

15At the moment, it is extremely necessary for all of us who carry or try to carry and “distribute” information which has become our knowledge to understand, that ONLY THE DIALOGUE with people, explaining to them why and what for everything they see and feel is happening and in what way it is going to be reflected in the current life – only then there is a chance to comprehend the ongoing and gain our own experience on the hardest path for all of us discarding the emotions and finally “turning on” our Human Mind. You can paint the picture of the world with black colors as much as you like, - it will not be CLEARER AND MORE OBVIOUS, for the benefit of practical actions to get out of the current catastrophic state. Of course, most of those who you talk and will talk with on such topics may ask - "and you, where did you pick up and read all this ...?". You yourself will find the answer to this question if you remember the approach described above - "soap has risen in price." A little more than 10 years ago, due to specific circumstances, the information that was collected and concentrated in the Work “Fundamentals of Mankind Formation” - 4 books and 10 appendices to them, became public. The people who collected, and prepared this


Information are RUSSIAN PEOPLE, or to be more precise – they are Humans. Today, we CANNOT give an assessment of this work of theirs in full because of its importance not only for understanding the situation, but also for practical application in today's realities. These are NOT PREDICTIONS – these are an explanation of all those processes that were “launched” on Our Earth due to the objectivity and which "have brought” all of us to exactly that point (as one of many examples) and to that development of events that are unfolding today before our eyes and which are easy to understand in reality only after comprehending the information presented in these works. It is to these HUMANS we ought to be infinitely grateful! For all that, this information is NOT CONSERVATIVE, but is continued in its informative publicity through the same Men (some of them have gone, unfortunately) in our objective reality and is already available. It is necessary to suggest that EVERYONE should READ everything that is public on one’s own, but since reading today, to put it mildly, is “not in high esteem”, you should make for yourself some extracts from the main Work (Fundamentals of Mankind Formation) on specific topics and give explanations to people within this framework, causing the interlocutor's interest in the whole work and the desire to start reading and learning the main work.

I will try to correlate everything that is written above with the information given in the "Fundamentals of Mankind Formation", in a concise, understandable way for people who are NOT FAMILIAR with it, but in such a way that it would arouse interest to go further.

Like creates its likeness. In this way it was more expedient and easier for the interventionist System to control and realize all its ideas in the general process of the allegedly Civilization development. That is why a sufficient group of people were imposed brain genotypes 42-46 (22% of the planet's population). But they were NOT ABLE to resist those forcibly given to them SPECIAL STATES of their consciousness which predetermined their worldview and their worldly being only within the limited framework, and obligatory manifestation of VIOLENCE AND PARASITISM in any scale of their actions! This consciousness, distorted or deviated from true human values, is defined today (conditionally within the framework of understanding) as a “phenomenon of parasitism”. But should we consider and one-sidedly claim that such a phenomenon is naturally “inherent”, and all the outgoing executing actions of people because of such a state, deviated from the truth of consciousness, subjected to the influence of this imposed phenomenon, are also naturally inherent and, moreover, historical regularity? NO, CATEGORICALLY NOT, and lots of more times - no! It was in this that social science was deeply mistaken and partly is to blame for this catastrophic tragedy, both as the result of the civilization development of people (especially the last century), and the emergence of the very fact of the anti-civilization conspiracy of the international oligarchy - "Globalization". Yes, THIS IS interference through violence on the part of the interventionist System in the process of development of the Mind of people. Yes, in the end, this is Systemic violence over the entire course of the Civilization development, but this IS NOT a natural thing for the Earth and, moreover, ALLEGEDLY HISTORICAL REGULARITY, created by the executing actions of people! Due to this MAIN AND THE ONLY reason, “The inevitability of the Anglo-American-European civilization superiority imposed on the world” DOES NOT HAVE anything to do with natural true being, it is also not an unconditional historical regularity, and this is just a partially accomplished product of the executing actions of the part of people who were subject to the formation of the distorted and deviated from the truth consciousness through their forcible involvement in the interventionists programmed process - “The Brain genotypes development”

Thus, the "Anglo-American-European civilization superiority" is just a particle from the general executive state, as the FINAL PART of the vector programmed process (presented to people as a kind of civilization development program - "Globalization") of the interventionists Control System to implement on the Earth "the Civilization of parasitism and violence"! THERE CAN BE NEITHER historical regularity, nor anything natural inherent, or any other judgment about this in the future! At the present time, the attention of independent publicists, historians and progressive social scientists is focused on revealing the extremely scandalous fact about the ongoing implementation of an international planetary conspiracy organized by a small "elitist" circle from the Anglo-American-European community, which is conditionally defined as "World Revolution - 2.0". The goals of such a conspiratorial revolution of the “globalized elite of degenerates” were quite expressively formulated by Maxim Kalashnikov:

Realizing that the POSSIBILITIES OF CAPITALISM HAVE BEEN EXHAUSTED, and that it is on the verge of crisis, a dangerous analogue of the Western Roman Empire collapse, the rulers of the capitalist system are deliberately transforming it into a caste society of new slavery. For all that, the rulers of this society were to get (thanks to the development of medicine and biology, IT and nanotechnology) a long (several centuries) active and healthy life, and then - practically infinite physical life. Plus - super capabilities. In this way, they were to form a real "super race", separated from the subservient purely biologically. This is nothing more but transhumanism, the artificial change of Man with the help of biological and other high technologies - but only for the narrow elite circle. For all that, a decisive breakthrough in this direction was to expect by 2045.

With some preemption, we dare to confidently state that it WILL NOT BE POSSIBLE for them to do this, since it was really such a prospect of the programmed realization under the control of the old interventionist Control System, but IT HAS BEEN LIQUIDATED both as the Program and as the System. For all that, the planned fact, by itself, of the appearance of individuals of the brain genotype 46 (in line with the program there should have been 984,000 of them), which were to carry out such a program of "transhumanism", has been also destroyed, since immediately after the appearance of the representatives of genotype 461 with the involvement of the former California Control Complex, the program for their further manifestation was completely eliminated, i.e. Brain genotypes 462-466 ​​have never come into being! The world can be calm, and let the "conspirators" remain in their insidious dreams, their longevity and everything else is APRIORI IMPOSSIBLE AT ALL.

The auto-motor-like manifestation of no longer controlled and unaccompanied actions by the hands of the aggressive remnants of the past” (current individuals of brain genotype 46) will be completely destroyed along with their representatives. But, nevertheless, IT STILL exists and is a very dangerous destructive process for the entire world community. That is what we are all observing today, but the process itself, for the majority - after reading the above, is just a fantasy. I am finishing with what is going to be discussed in detail in the following articles of this series.

Dream + method = Idea.

Dream – method = Fantasy.



1 The famous "Credo quia absurdum est" ("I believe because it is absurd," that is, metaphysical in understanding) is a fragment of Tertullian's essay "On the Flesh of Christ, where, in a polemic with the gnostic Marcion, he wrote: And the Son of God died: this is indisputable, because it is ridiculous. And, buried, he rose again: this is certain, for it is impossible.

2 A bot, as well as an Internet bot and the like, is a virtual robot that operates on the basis of a special program that automatically and / or according to a given schedule performs any actions through interfaces intended for people.

3 The Bretton Woods system, the Bretton Woods Agreement is an international system for organizing monetary relations and trade settlements, established as a result of the Bretton Woods Conference held from July 1 to 22, 1944.It has changed the financial system based on the "gold standard". The conference laid the foundation for such organizations as the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

4 Alexander Ivanovich Yuryev (October 6, 1942, Leningrad - November 26, 2020, St. Petersburg) - Soviet and Russian psychologist. The creator of the scientific direction is political psychology in the USSR and modern Russia. Doctor of Psychological Sciences, Professor.

5 Anomie is the state of society with the disorganization of social norms and institutions, the uncertainty and instability of the conditions of human action, the discrepancy between proclaimed public meetings and the availability of legal means for the masses of people to achieve them.

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