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369_Series. Salvation of Saviors

Wednesday, 01 June 2022 05:05

029_369 Transformation — the first regularity

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There are some delusions which cannot be disproved. The deluded mind should get such knowledge which will enlighten the mind. Then the delusions will vanish on their own.

There are no problems in the world which solution could be halted due to the lack of money. Everybody does not move because of the lack of ideas. The reason is that the mind is bound by the total, elementary, eternal and obvious truths. It cannot make a step beyond the lines outlined by them, while the new is always beyond the lines of the known. Everything within the lines, at best, is an upgrade of the old truths, but not new at all. However, exactly now the time has come to REMIND SOME and tell many people - from where and which “box” there was pulled out and cleaned from historic dust that “something” which those who imagine themselves to be the strategists in the construction of the so-called “new world” are trying to apply without realizing, that all their attempts are in vain.

Nowadays the relations between the Russian Federation and European Union remind us of the relations between the USSR and Europe in the pre-war and war years. Europe is as dissatisfied with everything related to the Russian Federation, as it was dissatisfied with the USSR before. And it turns out that even earlier IT WAS dissatisfied with the Tsarist Russia in the same way, and even much earlier - with the Russ.

The current world politics has rejected the principle of political correctness and opened the Pandora's Box, using as accusations against Russia "the deeds of bygone days" as if Europe had NOTHING TO BE BLAMED FOR on a global scale. If we remember them, then, perhaps, the senseless persecution of each other with heavy reproaches of the distant and recent past will stop?

It is good to remember. 1. Deterioration of the EU relations with Russia occurs periodically. What is the reason? 2. Well, the deterioration of relations always arises with the united Europe on the basis of the common ideology – on the basis of which the unification takes place. 3. Every unity of European countries ends with the attack on Russia. What for? 4. Germany participates in every armed attack by the united Europe on Russia. Why does Germany? 5. In all the cases of European attacks on Russia, England turns out to be her ally. Why is England always OUTSIDE the UNITED Continental Europe? 6. What psychological and political mechanism, nearly a natural regularity, makes the countries of Europe unite and start attacking the neighboring states? Answers to these questions are imperative in order to prevent another confrontation between the united Europe and Russia; after understanding its psychological and political mechanisms, not to attach the significance of the catastrophic and unprecedented event to the current aggravation of relations with EU – such situations happen NOT THE FIRST TIME. Everything lies in the fact that the escalation of violence in the foreign policy of the united Europe is caused by the lack of living space, which is transformed into the IMPROVEMENT OF THE IDEOLOGY of military aggression. Russia is historically “guilty” before Europe for the fact that it DOES NOT HAVE ANY DEFICIENCY of “living space”, and the ideology of its existence is adequate to the natural and climatic conditions of life. But there is also an internal problem, which lies in the fact that there is “TABOO ON IDEOLOGY” in modern Russia after the collapse of the USSR, which has made the country helpless in discussions with the EU ideologists, which one can see in the realities of the current most severe information war. The tradition to avoid formulating one's own ideology dates back to the Soviet times, when the "instructions" on the methodology of historical research contained strict precepts: "the main governing factor and the basis of all historical development are NOT IDEAS, not certain views of people, but the conditions of the material life of the society, social production. Therefore, it is precisely political ideas, ideology that were completely withdrawn from the analysis of modern political processes, which are completely determined by the STRUGGLE OF IDEOLOGIES, manifested today in the open information war.

RUSSIA HAS NO ideology capable of repelling the ideological aggression of its opponents, because in the late 80s and early 90s the authors of the Constitution of the Russian Federation legally prohibited the formulation of the ideology of Russia in Article 13 of the Constitution of the RF: “Article 13. 1. The Russian Federation recognizes ideological diversity. 2. No ideology can be established as the state’s or obligatory…”.

Yon can create and present the ideology of Russia WITHOUT REPRESENTING it as the state one, so as not to conflict with the Constitution. But for this you have to understand - in order to put something necessary into one’s head, you must first CLEAR THE SPACE, throwing out everything unnecessary from it. Nobody was able to do this, and as a result of “ideological diversity”, there was created not only an absurd, but also a dangerous situation: inside the country the struggle between the direct representatives of the ideology of Russia’s opponents with the supporters of its sovereignty is under way.

1Throughout the entire history, Europe's main claims to Russia have been ideological: they either concern religion, or the form of government, or values, or the goals of the Russian state. It is the ideology that is primary in relation to "the conditions of the material life of the society, social production." Only ideology answers the three most important political questions: what is the point of politics, what are its goals and what values ​​does it stand for? Answers to these questions today await both the citizens of modern Russia and representatives of the EU (which ideology was built by the United States, or, to be exact, by the Anglo-Saxons (a specific brain genotype)). Ideology forms the consciousness of Man, formulating the meaning of his life, the goals of life and life values. European countries have united MORE THAN ONCE in their history, and these unions have always been followed by conflicts with neighboring countries, turning into wars in order to capture their “living space”. This is, in fact. a natural cyclical phenomenon that occurs when Europe hits a dead end in its development. Nikolai A. Morozov1 wrote about this in his time. How was it, and what kind of the theoretical model allows us to understand it? Once again Europe was united in 962 under the name of the Holy Roman Empire in order to control political and spiritual life of various regions, tribes and slaves. Roman emperors (or Popes) claimed supreme power in Christendom and over the world in general. The instruments of influence of the Vatican were ideology, ideological expansion and forceful coercion of the peoples of the world to accept the faith called Catholicism. The Holy Roman Empire became a MAJOR CREATOR of problems for Europe.

The main problem was the division (schism2) in 1054 of the Church into the Roman Catholic Church in the West with its center in Rome and the Orthodox Church in the East with its center in Constantinople. For Russia, the division was of great political importance: the Holy Roman Empire sought to prevent the Russian Church from having the patriarchate, so that its rulers COULD NOT get the title of emperor. You can count on the title of emperor only if there is a patriarch, and the patriarchate could only be where the apostles preached. Then THERE WAS NO information about staying in Kyiv of the Apostle Andrew the First-Called. The ideologist of the crusades of the united Catholic Europe to the North of Europe and Russia was, in particular, Pope Gregory IX. The ideology of Catholicism was advocated as the faith that meets the requirements of the time, as opposed to the so-called paganism and Orthodoxy. It was claimed that only Catholicism is capable of: destroying paganism; ensure that the treaty is sacred; force to live by the laws; to make labor necessary for the salvation of the soul; to ensure that property becomes sacred, etc. But the main thing was the improvement of the control of the masses of people within the framework of the “Development of Brain Genotypes” and Energobiogenesis of the Flesh of the Body”3 Programs through the previously created human genotypes within the framework of their purpose – to control.

2The significance of the confrontation between Russia and Europe shows how the task of extermination of the Brain genotypes, which, for one reason or another, DID NOT FIT into the general plan of creating specific Brain genotypes with the imposed characteristics for a specific time, was practically solved. As an example, the fate of the vanished Slavic peoples, whose homeland was all of Central and Eastern Europe. The brutal assimilation of the Slavic peoples followed the Catholic ideology. You can bring the fate of the Polabian Slavs4, who vanished from the map of Europe, from the world history. The Polabian Slavs were doomed AFTER Poland ACCEPTED Catholicism, being squeezed by Germany from the west, Poland from the east and Bohemia from the south. They, refusing to accept Catholicism, were ruthlessly exterminated by the Germans. Now on their lands, on the political map of Europe, is the Federal Republic of Germany, and none of the inhabitants of modern German towns and cities knows that once these lands had Slavic names. For the forceful expansion of the Catholic ideology, the Livonian Order was created (1237): the Catholic and military-political organization of the Knights of the Teutonic Order. The founder of this organization is Bishop Albert, a conqueror with imperial ambitions.

While solving these problems in 1238, the Danes, Swedes and the Order began MILITARY ACTIONS to capture Pskov and Novgorod by the Roman Catholic Church. In July 1240, the Swedish commanders Jarl Birger and Ulf Fasi attempted to invade Novgorod lands under the pretext of exterminating the pagans. The crusade of the Teutonic Order to Russia ended for them with the defeat in the "Battle on Ice" in 1242. However, this cycle continued in the Livonian War of 1558, in which the allied forces were resisted by the army led by Ivan the Terrible. Nevertheless, during the Livonian War in the middle of the 16th century, the Order suffered a series of defeats from the RUSSIAN TROOPS, after which it ceased to exist in 1561.

As a result of the victory of Russia in the resistance to the United Catholic Europe, Russia was proclaimed an Empire on October 22 (November 2), 1721. The Russian Tsar Peter I the Great assumed the titles of Emperor of All Russia and Father of the Fatherland. But after the Crusades, the Orthodox, as the predominant part of the population, survived only in Russia, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, and Bulgaria. Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovenia became Catholic. In the Ukraine and Belarus, the number of Catholics is significant. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, HALF OF THE LOCAL SLAVES are Muslims, and the rest are both Orthodox and Catholics. Novgorod and Pskov survived.

The Holy Roman Empire lasted until 1806 and was abolished during the Napoleonic Wars when the last emperor, Franz II of Habsburg, abdicated. There began processes that were incredible for the times of Pope Gregory IX and other ideologues of the Roman Catholic Church. Religious power collapsed, unable to resist the new realities which triggered revolutions in the Netherlands, England and France. Now revolutionary France BECAME the LEADER in creating and solving ideological problems. Since the adoption of the "Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen", Catholicism HAS LOST THE STATUS of the state religion. The constitution separated the church of France from Rome and subordinated it to the "enlightened" state. All the church possessions were nationalized, all monasteries were dissolved. All their property was CONFISCATED AND SOLD OUT. The clergy who refused to swear allegiance to the Constitution were deprived of their civil rights and expelled from the country: about 40 thousand priests were forced to leave France in columns that were escorted to ports.

Omitting details, it must be said that when Pope Pius VII wanted to place the crown on Napoleon's head, the latter pulled it out of the pope's hands and put it on his himself. Napoleon exported his ecclesiastical views to other European states. But the point of his achievements and the main export of the French army lie in the Napoleon Code of 1804. He himself said: “My true glory is not that I won 40 battles: one Waterloo crossed them all out. That which will live forever is my civil code.”

3The Napoleonic Wars exported the ideology: the equality of citizens before the Law; personal integrity; freedom of conscience, etc. All the countries of Europe defeated by Napoleon, one after another, ADOPTED THEIR CONSTITUTIONS on the basis of his Civil Code. The Napoleonic Wars were MAINLY IDEOLOGICAL, and then aggressive. Again it was the ideology, but incompatible with the Orthodox ideology of Russia. Only two countries in Europe did not accept the Napoleonic Code: Russia and England. There are many economic, diplomatic reasons for Napoleon's attack on Russia, but the main ones were again the entirely NEW IDEOLOGICAL CLAIMS of the united Napoleonic Europe to Russia: to accept the Code and reform the society and the state. The words belong to Napoleon: “In five years I will be the ruler of the whole world. Only Russia remains - I will crush it ... ".

The fact that Russia, as in the time of the Livonian Wars, dealt not with one country - France, but with an IDEOLOGICAL ALLIANCE around Napoleon of all the countries of Europe, is evidenced by the facts:

A. The Napoleon army that invaded Russia, more than 50% consisted of the soldiers of 16 nationalities of Europe: divisions, regiments, battalions, squadrons from France, Austria, Hungary, Prussia, Poland, the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Holland, Spain, Italy, Saxony , Bavaria, Lesser German Principalities, Berg and Cleve, Westphalia, Würtenberg, Hesse-Darmstadt, the Kingdom of Naples.

B. Napoleon was able to gather from 400 to 450 thousand soldiers on the campaign against Russia.

C. By 1811, the French empire (read - United Europe) totaled 172 million. The population of the Russian Empire in 1811 was a little over 40 million people.

Although in historical science it is not customary to consider the attack of the Napoleonic army on Russia as an ideological war, but in fact it is. Without an ideology uniting the army, no one was able to seize territories, resources, and communications of the enemy.

The ideology of EU during the Napoleon era became constitutional: the church was separated from the state, monarchical regimes were transformed into republican ones, constitutions were introduced everywhere, courts were created, before which everyone became equal. The ideology of Russia remained the same: the church remained a part of the state, the monarchical system was preserved, the constitution was NOT CREATED, and the courts remained class-based.

The next cycle of the Unification of Europe and its claims to Russia began after the victory of the Great October Socialist Revolution in 1917. By this time, the Russian Orthodox Church repeated the fate of the French Catholic Church: it was separated from the state, the monarch was also overthrown and killed, the Constitution of the USSR was adopted, elected courts were created, and much more. It would seem that Europe should be satisfied. But... Now Hitler's Germany BECAME THE EUROPEAN LEADER in creating problems and solving them. On February 24, 1920, at the Hofbräuhaus beer hall, Hitler announced his 25-point program, which canceled all the gains of the previous historical period in Europe. Everything that Napoleon had created was canceled, as he once canceled everything that the Roman Catholic Church had achieved by 1804. The ideas of the Pope and Napoleon were replaced by: THE NEGATION OF THE MODERN WORLD under the sign of denial of the capitalist modernity; accusation of modern culture and the liberal intelligentsia of the departure from eternal values; the appeal to the frustrated5 middle classes affected by the crisis; the obsession with the idea of the international conspiracy; the envy of "nations of five meals a day"; taking the people for the monolithic unity, expressing the total will; hatred for the “rotten parliamentary democracies”, etc. But the program OPENLY stated AGGRESSIVE DEMANDS to occupy someone else’s “living space”, mandatory “belonging to the nation”, transfer of all power in the country only to “citizens”, concern only for the life of "citizens of Germany", the suspension of migration to Germany. The question of the prohibition of unearned income, bank interest, nationalization of joint-stock enterprises, confiscation of wartime profits, prohibition of land speculation, the death penalty for crimes against the German people, creation of the accessible public education system, the people's army, etc., was extremely acute. Hitler’s ideological basis: “After centuries of nagging about protecting the poor and downtrodden, the time has come for us to protect the strong against the low. This will be one of the main tasks of the German state activity for all time - to prevent, by all possible means, the FURTHER GROWTH of the Slavic race. Natural instincts command all living beings not only to conquer their enemies, but also to destroy them. This inspired many Germans, humiliated by the defeat in the World War 1, unemployed and starving. German science has fundamentally worked on the justification of the "25 points", creating a racial theory, the philosophy of leaderism, the project for organizing a new order in Europe, the formation of a people's community, the point of power, etc. One of the ideologists of National Socialism - Guido von List - insisted on "brutal extermination of all enemies for the entry of the chosen into their lands and thus gaining prosperity!".

Based on the "25 points" by the end of 1941, in group III of the Main Directorate of Imperial Security, the General Plan Ost (German: Generalplan Ost) was developed and put into effect - a program to consolidate the Third Reich in Eastern Europe. It planned the forced eviction from the territory of Poland and the occupied regions of the USSR up to 75-85 percent of the population and its placement in the Western Siberia, the North Caucasus and South America. This plan for the colonization and Germanization of the eastern territories was developed on the basis of the racial doctrine and the concept of "living space" under the auspices of the Reichsführer SS Heinrich Himmler. In many European countries, Hitler's "25 points" received support from the significant part of the elite as an effective method for solving the problems of unemployment, food, order, and justice for the citizens selected on a racial basis. Today, Nazism, as an ideological doctrine, is officially prohibited at the international legal level, and the propaganda of this doctrine is criminally punishable in all highly developed countries of the world. And then in Europe, there began the unification of numerous supporters of National Socialism in organizations temporally forgotten due to considerations of political correctness. Only the USSR and the Seventh Congress of the Comintern in 1935 condemned fascism and decided to create the Anti-Fascist Popular Front, proclaimed the struggle for peace, rejected wars as inevitable, etc. Nevertheless, on June 22, 1941, the "Principle of Drang nach Osten" was set in motion as Hitler described it in Mein Kampf in 1925. The Nazi troops read orders before offensives such as the order dated May 2, 1941, the commander of the 4th Panzer Group, Erich Hoepner, in connection with the upcoming hostilities in the East: “... The war against Russia is THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THE STRUGGLE for the existence of the German people. This is long-standing struggle of the Germans against the Slavs, the defense of European culture from the Muscovite-Asian invasion, the rebuff to Bolshevism. This struggle must serve the purpose of turning today's Russia into ruins, and therefore it must be waged with the unheard-of cruelty...”.

 The known facts: the entire united Europe fought against the USSR. The USSR was the IDEOLOGICAL ENEMY of all of Europe in the first place and the owner of the "living space" and natural resources in the second place. In the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945, the USSR, with the initial strength of 190 million people, fought not with 80 million of the then Germans, but with almost all of Europe, the number of which (with the exception of England allied to us and partisan Serbia not surrendering to the Germans) was about 400 million people. The war on the USSR was declared NOT ONLY by Germany, but by the WHOLE UNITED EUROPE”: Italy, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Croatia, and Finland. All of them except England. But in fact, about two and a half million volunteers, representatives of such countries as Holland, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Austria, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Sweden, Finland, France, Switzerland, Spain, Luxembourg took part in the "crusade" against the USSR . All of them took the Volunteer Oath upon entering the service: “I swear to you, Adolf Hitler, as the leader, to be loyal and brave. I vow to obey you and the chief appointed by you until death. And God help me”.


Holland fought. Anti-Russian hysteria in Europe is evidenced by such facts as the formation of the Volunteer Legion "Netherlands". The basis is the Nordwest regiment, volunteers are members of the assault detachments of the Dutch National Socialist parties. The organization – the recruiting centers, where came the privates and officers of the former Dutch army. The motivation is the desire of the Dutch to fight the "damned Bolshevik hordes". The result - by July 1941, five battalions were FULLY EQUIPPED. In the Finyov Luga area, it was the Dutch who captured more than 3,500 prisoners, including the traitor general A. A. Vlasov.

Belgium fought. In August 1942, the Flanders legion occupied a sector of the front in the defense zone of the 2nd SS brigade, having received its place in the ring of the blockade that squeezed Leningrad. Along with the Flemings, Dutch and Norwegian volunteers fought in this brigade. In February 1942, the Flemish Legion acted together with units of the 250th Spanish Infantry Division in the area of the Chudovo-Novgorod highway. In early April 1942, the legionnaires fought in the area of the Volkhov Cauldron, east of the village of Lyubtsy, interacting with the Spaniards from the Blue Division. The Legion commander Fitzhum in his speech thanked the Flemish volunteers "for their contribution to the struggle for the common cause of the German people - the conquest of living space (lebensraum)".

Spain fought. Spanish Foreign Minister Serrano Suñer said that Spain was ready to help Hitler with volunteers. For this - dozens of recruiting centers were opened, to which thousands of those who wished to fight against the hated Bolsheviks rushed. The result - there were 40 times more applicants than necessary: on July 2, 1941, recruiting centers were forced to curtail their activities. The volunteer "Blue Division" was formed: the total strength of the division was 18,693 people (641 officers, 2,272 non-commissioned officers and 15,780 lower ranks). On July 31, 1941, the Spanish volunteers swore allegiance to Hitler, and the Blue Division took its place in the ring of the blockade of Leningrad, occupying the 29-kilometer front.

France fought, which DID NOT RESIST the German army. “The soldiers from the defeated army said the same thing: there were no real battles, there was no real resistance. From the very first blows of the Germans, the retreat of our troops began everywhere, from top to bottom. The headquarters dug in in the rear, with which it was impossible to establish contact, they did not give orders, the officers abandoned their subordinates, and they immediately retreated due to lack of ammunition. But nevertheless, to help Hitler during September-October 1941, a completely combat-ready 638th Infantry Regiment was formed from volunteers in France. In October, the regiment was sent to the environs of Smolensk, and then near Moscow, on the Borodino field. The 33rd SS Grenadier Brigade (later a division) "Charlemagne" gained the greatest "glory" out of the French volunteers. The French fought near Stalingrad, on the Kursk Bulge, in the battles for Poland and East Prussia. If in France 20 thousand people died in the ranks of the Resistance, then about 50 thousand French people died in the ranks of the "German" army on the battlefields in the USSR. It was the French who fought to the last, defending the Reich Chancellery and the Reichstag.

Hungary fought. Nearly one and a half million Hungarians fought against the USSR. They proved to be the most brutal and ruthless Nazi military formations. The Hungarians played a decisive role in August 1941 in the encirclement and liquidation of the Uman "cauldron", where the troops of the 6th and 12th armies of the Southwestern Front and the Southern Front of the Red Army - at least 20 divisions - were killed. 100 thousand Soviet prisoners of war were placed in the concentration camp near the town of Uman, unofficially called the "Uman pit." In the battlefields and in the camp, the HUNGARIANS SHOT Jewish prisoners of war, commissars, the wounded and weakened. Even Joseph Goebbels on May 18, 1942, wrote about the punitive actions taking place in the Bryansk forests: “Hungarian formations are fighting south of this region. They need to occupy and pacify one village after another. When the Hungarians say that they have pacified one village, it usually means that there is not a single inhabitant left there.” The Hungarian occupiers recalled how they committed massacre on women and children, and thanked God for being able to participate in the extermination of the "Slavic and Jewish infection." The total losses of Hungary on the Eastern Front during the war amounted to 809 thousand people and, in addition, 513,766 prisoners.

Belgium fought. In July 1941, the 373rd Walloon Battalion was formed, which was transferred to the 97th Infantry Division of the 17th Wehrmacht Army.

Austria fought. Two mountain rifle divisions of Alpine riflemen were formed, which became part of twelve mountain rifle divisions: Bosnian Muslims, Albanians, Norwegians.

Croatia fought. Volunteers formed the 369th Wehrmacht Infantry Regiment and the Croatian Legion as part of the Italian troops.

Bulgaria fought. They did not fight directly with the USSR, but put forward 12 divisions against the Yugoslav and Greek partisans, and thereby made it possible for the Germans to transport their units from the Balkans to the Eastern Front.

Sweden fought. 2000 people signed up as volunteers in Finland. Of these, approximately 850 people participated in the fighting near Hanko as part of the Swedish volunteer battalion.

Norway fought. The volunteer legion "Norway" was formed. After taking the oath to Hitler, it was sent to Leningrad. By the end of June 1941, 294 Norwegians were already serving in the SS Nordland Regiment.

Latvia fought. Waffen-SS units (15th and 19th divisions) were formed, which became part of the 6th SS Corps, which in turn was included in the 18th Army (Army Group North). Of the 150 thousand soldiers and officers of the legion, over 40 thousand died and almost 50 thousand were captured by the Soviets. The 1st Latvian battalion participated in the last battles defending Berlin and the Reichstag.

Denmark fought. The Danish "Volunteer Corps" was formed. By the end of June 1941, there were 216 Danes in the SS Viking Division.

In total, 1 million 800 thousand volunteers from all over Europe joined the Nazi army, of which 59 divisions, 23 brigades and several national regiments and legions were formed. Many had their own national names: "Wallonia", "Galicia", "Bohemia and Moravia", "Viking", "Denemark", "Gembez", "Langemark", "Nordland", "Netherlands", "Charlemagne", etc.

The blockade of Leningrad can be considered a PAN-EUROPEAN CRIME.

In addition to the Norwegians, the Dutch legion "Netherlands", a Belgian battalion, fought near Volkhov. Spanish volunteers from the Blue Division fought here, Finnish and Swedish troops besieged Leningrad from the north, Italian sailors were preparing for battles on Ladoga. The Dutch showed unheard-of cruelty near Leningrad in relation to the civilian population. According to eyewitnesses, anyone only suspected of having links with the partisans was mercilessly killed by the legionnaires on the spot.

All of Europe served the combat of the Nazi army. Ammunition for the Nazi troops was brought up by 8,000 Dutch drivers. About 300 of them died in Stalingrad. Technical assistance to the Nazi army was provided by 4,500 Dutchmen. Up to 80,000 Dutchmen served in the German construction battalion. Holland supplied the most volunteers for the Reich. About 10 thousand Dutch people died in the battles.

All European countries helped Germany to eliminate the ever-increasing shortage of its labor force due to the conscription of Germans in the army. 875.9 thousand workers were brought from France to German factories, from Belgium and Holland - half a million each, from Norway - 300 thousand, from Denmark - 70 thousand. The army that invaded the territory of the USSR was provided with weapons and food by ALL OF EUROPE. The armament that Germany captured in the defeated countries was sufficient to form 200 divisions. For comparison: the USSR had 170 divisions in the western districts. It took the USSR several five-year plans to provide them with weapons. In France, after its defeat, the Germans IMMEDIATELY received up to 5,000 tanks and armored personnel carriers, 3,000 aircraft, 5,000 locomotives. The French not only HANDED OVER all their tanks TO THE GERMANS, but also produced a huge amount of military equipment for them - from cars to optical rangefinders. In the summer of 1941, EVERY FOURTH TANK in the German army was Czech or French. The most powerful tank of the Wehrmacht during the attack on the USSR was the French B2. Half of the super-heavy guns that shelled Leningrad and Sevastopol were produced in France and the Czech Republic. By the beginning of the war with the USSR, 1.6 million people were employed in the French defense industry, which worked for the Wehrmacht. According to incomplete German data, by January 1944 they supplied Germany with about 4,000 aircraft, about 10,000 aircraft engines, and 52,000 trucks. The entire locomotive industry and 95 percent of the machine tool industry worked only for Germany.

Belgium transferred to Germany half of the rolling stock for the needs of the economy and war, etc.

The Czech Republic had 40% of the world arms market in those years. On March 31, 1944, weapons and equipment worth almost 13 billion 866 million marks were received at the disposal of the Fuhrer from the shops of 857 factories in the Czech Republic. Only at the expense of Czechoslovakia, the German Air Force increased by 72%, receiving 1582 aircraft. Already by June 1941, almost a third of the German units were EQUIPPED WITH CZECH ARMAMENTS. The hands of the Czechs collected 25% of all tanks, 26% of trucks and 40% of small arms of the German army. Only one company, Skoda, produced more weapons than all of the pre-war Britain. From its factories, the Reich received over 6,600 tanks and self-propelled guns, more than a million and a half rifles and pistols, and about 4,000 guns and mortars. In 1944, the Czech Republic shipped 300,000 rifles, 35,000 various machine guns, 625,000 artillery shells, 100 self-propelled artillery pieces, tank guns, Me-109 aircraft, aircraft engines, etc. to Germany every month. As a result, Hitler at the expense of only Czechoslovakia was able to arm and equip 50 divisions. In addition, fascist Germany received a gold reserve (80 tons) of this country, as well as the people who meekly worked for the criminal Nazi regime all the years of the war.

Belgium and Holland supplied the Germans with coal, cast iron, iron, manganese, zinc, etc. The Poles built aircraft, in Auschwitz they produced explosives, synthetic gasoline and rubber for the "German" army, the Swedes mined ore and supplied the Germans with components for the military equipment (for example, bearings), the Norwegians supplied the Nazis with seafood, the Danes with butter ...

What did they promise to all the participants in the attack on the USSR? Hitler's plans were to colonize the USSR. Thus, 30,000 Dutch were preparing to move to the Ukraine. The first began to arrive in 1942. What was the end? The Reichstag and the Reich Chancellery were defended by units of the SS division "Nordland" (citizens of Holland and Norway), they were joined by the French battalion Fene from the division "Charlemagne" the Latvian battalion of the 15th SS Grenadier Division. Representatives of all European states were taken prisoner with weapons in their hands on the territory of the USSR. Germans - 2,389,560, Hungarians - 513,767, Romanians - 187,370, Austrians - 156,682, Czechs and Slovaks - 69,977, Poles - 60,280, Italians - 48,957, French - 23,136, Croats - 21,822, Moldovans - 14,129 Koreans 7,785 Dutch 4,729 Mongols 3,608 Finns 2,377 Belgians 2,010 Luxembourgers 1,652 Danes 457 Spaniards 452 Gypsies 383 Norwegians 101 Swedes — 72.

Back in the mid-1930s, the question of organizing Europe after the end of the war was raised in Germany. The ideologists of the NSDAP formulated the provision on the great space as the subject of international law on the principle of the people's organization united by one race of peoples. Hitler's 25-Point Plan FAILED. But the plans for the attack of the united Europe on Russia remained the same: 1) THE PRIMARY striking force of aggression, THE IDEOLOGY that united Europe (either Catholicism, then the Napoleonic Code, then Hitler’s “25 points”); 2) behind the ideology was the theory of “exclusivity” of European nations; 3) then claims for the living space and resources of "inferior peoples"; 4) then the peoples who adopted a foreign ideology disappeared from the history of Europe and from its geographical map.

This was the sequence of "the going and unfolding" of the so-called historic events, and all of the above was carried out exactly that way. But why such a clear chronology in the happened events, coherence and validity in our understanding when comprehending this information? Literally, this will continue to be grinded up by historians in different versions. The truths that seem to us are justified by the depth of our knowledge of the world - not absolute truths, but only the truths of our world. For a deeper knowledge of the world with a different understanding of the laws of development of the ongoing - they are not true and may even be absurd. The realization and understanding of the above must be taken NOT FROM THE POSITION of the orthodox materialistic worldview, but from the position of the already accomplished transition to the stage of the cognition of the truth — materialistic idealism. Such an approach in cognition allows us to show the real, most terrible for the current state of awareness - the use of people as material things against their will and awareness of the very fact of their programmatic use in the past as such. With such a process of insurmountable violence against people, the programs and plans of the EXTERNAL CONTROL were aimed at their specific target milestones related to the achievement of the certain controlled level of the BRAIN GENOTYPES DEVELOPMENT for the limited contingent of individuals. Since the life of people in all its natural diversity as such is a consistent result of the impact of the controliing information, which in turn is the target contact control process with the substance of the state of Mind (including the current time), it means that the stages of information development are the STAGES OF the DEVELOPMENT of life of people with all the corresponding phases of their being imbodiment. The true reasons for the embodied expression of the specific STAGES of CIVILIZATION DEVELOPMENT are only the stages of the Brain genotypes development as an externally controlled process realized through the Complexes and Objects. The program for the development of quite specific Brain genotypes in 12 stages (it was presented as 12 ancestral tribes) was carried out for nearly 18000 years, strictly consistent with the external intervention. It was carefully concealed that Man also has a Mind, and it is represented by a specific Construction (!), which the Ebr System6 tried to “deform” in various ways. Each separate typology of deformation of the Mind Structure is the so-called Genotype of the Brain. The whole of history, as the implementation of the program for the development of the Brain genotypes, is the Main Law of History, and not something else. And ignorance of this fact leads to such reasoning, which I have given in this article.

The signs and facts in the plain sense are indicated correctly. They are carefully collected and presented to the readers in the strict sequence of the events. But this is an illusion, which the interventionist system was hiding behind, realizing and embodying the planned within the framework of the certain goal vector. Look at the part of the table "Creation and Development of the Brain Genotypes" and much will become clear in the above. I will give the full table in the third article (31_369), which is planned to be written precisely on this topic, in my opinion, clarifying all the current events, unfolding in strict sequence and certainty, which no one is allowed to change.




To be continued... (30_369)



1 The most ambitious work of N. A. Morozov is the philosophical work "Christ». which was published for five years, accompanied by accusations of religious propaganda and ended on the seventh volume. The remaining volumes were destroyed.

2 Schism in Christianity, ecclesiastical schism (other - Greek σχίσμα — "splitting", "splitting") is a division in the Christian church organization caused by theological, canonical, mass and multiple aggregates.

3 Each separate typology of the deformation of the Structure of the Mind is the so-called Genotype of the Brain. Acquisition of a contact information state (Consciousness) is provided through the CONSTRUCTION OF MIND. The imposing the Brain genotypes is the process of imparting performing actions with a low, i.e. blocked level of Consciousness of people like a cyber appendage to impose and implement their plans.

4 Polabs, Polabian Slavs - a historiographic term adopted to refer to a large group of West Slavic tribes that inhabited from approximately the end of the 5th century AD to the middle of the 13th century a vast territory from the mouth of the Laba (Elbe) River and its tributary of the Sala (Zale) River in the West, to the river Vodry (Oder) in the east, from the Ore Mountains in the south to the Baltic Sea in the north. Thus, the lands of the Polabian Slavs covered the east, north and northwest of modern Germany (FRG), which is at least a third of its territory.

5 The term "frustration" is used to refer to an unpleasant mental state that results from the inability to get something strongly desired. This is the feeling of a dead end in life due to the fact that on the way to the goal there was an insurmountable (or seemingly so) obstacle5

6 See "Fundamentals of Mankind Formation, part 1-4", F. Shkrudnev Reconstruction of the reality. Book 1 - "Revealing the Hidden".


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