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369_Series. Salvation of Saviors

Friday, 26 August 2022 09:59

034_369 The Past In the Present

Written by

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All the great changes in the life of one person, as well as the whole of humanity, begin and are accomplished in thought.

In order for a change of feelings and actions to occur first of all it must occur the change of thought.

We are happy only when anticipating the change, - that is the way life works. The changes themselves mean nothing to us; they have just happened, and we are already hungry for new ones. We were told that there had been changes somewhere. This is evidenced by disturbances in the spectra of all celestial bodies–say those who believe that they understand celestial bodies and their spectra. The changes may be kind. They may turn out to be bad. They may also be neutral. WE DON'T KNOW. Some observers think that something is happening that can be safely ignored; but those who are watchful and at least make an attempt to assess the ongoing understand that the wisest is the one who is ALWAYS READY for the unexpected. In order not to go too far for an example: who, I ask you, would dare to claim that the outbreak of a mysterious epidemic among the natives of Sumatra is not in any way related to some cosmic changes, to the influence of which the inhabitants of Sumatra appeared to be more susceptible than the peoples of Europe with their more complex culture? Or why – everything related to Covid-19 coronavirus has not affected Sumatra?

I am not inclined to reconsider the ongoing, but it would be as pointless to insist on some explanation now as to reject it. Only the most narrow-minded "expert" in his impenetrable stupidity WILL NOT UNDERSTAND that all this lies within the limits of the ongoing scientific foresight, based on the information that has become available today, but still NEITHER UNDERSTOOD NOR PERCEIVED by many people as the reality of today, which makes it possible to see that the "Operation Coronavirus" is the forced stop of everything in the modern world order that has exhausted its essence "to the bottom" (see the Appendix to the article). But this was only the beginning and preparation for the main start of the destruction of everything that still remains and is agonizing within the framework of the triune fascism (administrative-bureaucratic fascism, financial fascism and national-demographic fascism). On the night of February 23 - 24, 2022, THERE STARTED THE BEGINNING of the transition to a different way of the civilized development. This is expressed by the "special military operation" in the Ukraine. Naturally, such things ARE NOT CARRIED OUT by any public or state structure, this cannot be. As such, IT IS NOT EVEN MADE by the decision of any state. This is a supranational decision, which is realized through a specific person in power today. Because the structure of the past controlled being NO LONGER EXISTS, it has been eliminated. But the auto-motor-like manifestation of its reduced impact is still being manifested, but it NO LONGER EXISTS as the control structure.


Undoubtedly, THERE IS a PROJECT of the new world order that saves the planet from the complete destruction by the old world order. According to the first steps of the implementation of this project, in our current human understanding, it is obvious how cruel, merciless it is: unexpected, sudden, and even in the opinion of the majority – unacceptable! But otherwise, it is hardly possible, because this majority, being controlled by the so-called elite, the "ruling" elite, that will never want to part with the comfort of life at the expense of the planet. Therefore, even the first measures to stop the functioning of the old world order project triggers disagreement and protests. But everything has already been LAUNCHED SYNCHRONOUSLY in all countries of the world at the same time. And what about Man? What is he like now and what is in store for him? We need to think about this in order to stop and adapt to the new reality, then we can see what is happening to us and what awaits us.

* * *

…Of all the living beings inhabiting our planet, only Man does not want to accept his fate. All others submit to the forces that gave birth to them, and when these forces turn AGAINST THEM, they passively condemn themselves to extinction.

Man is the only one who BOLDLY LOOKS these forces in the face and, as soon as he sees that nature is turning away from him, seeks to find means of self—defense. The last of Saturn's children, he escaped the fate reserved for them all. He deprived his progenitor of any opportunity to regain his original power and took possession of the scepter of the world. Before the appearance of man, many majestic creatures followed one after another, as if in a giant procession, and disappeared from the face of the earth. These were monsters that inhabited ancient seas, hulking amphibians, striving to crawl out to earth at all costs, reptiles, dinosaurs, winged reptiles of Mesozoic forests, the first mammals — colossal and ridiculous, huge sloths, mastodons and mammoths. They appeared and disappeared, as if an unknown giant had molded them for fun, and then broke them and threw them aside until Man APPEARED and PUSHED AWAY this huge hand that was trying to destroy him too.

Apart from man, there is nothing on earth that would rebel against the force that gave birth to him — nothing but the fire generated by man. But fire has no intelligence: even a small stream or a changeable wind can extinguish it. But Man resists the circumstances. If the fire had the mind, it would build a boat and cross the stream, it would outwit the wind, waiting out in the sheltered places, smoldering a little and saving itself until the grass turns yellow and the forests become dry. But after all, fire is just the product of man, before man, our planet did not know about fire in any of the habitable places and saw it only in a flash of lightning or in a distant glowing diadem of a volcano. Man introduced fire to his daily life, forced this vindictive and hot-tempered slave to serve himself, drive away animals from his night shelter and protect himself, as a faithful dog protects him today.

Let's imagine that some eternal, independently existing intellect would have been observing the changes of life forms on earth for centuries, noting the spread of some, then others, their collisions, adaptability, the predominance of some species over others or extinction, and that suddenly he would have witnessed this amazing and impressive event - the transformation of an ape into a human. At first, this creature would have seemed to him an ordinary kind of tree-dwelling and fruit-eating mammals; it would differ only in that it leaned on a stick when walking and used a stone as an impact device. And next to this creature and in front of it, all visible space would be filled with rhinos and mammoths, countless herds of ruminants, saber-toothed tigers and huge bears. Soon the observer would notice that the STRANGE CREATURE he had singled out was showing more and more inherent dexterity, that an unusual intelligence for the animal world was shining in his eyes more and more. He would have noticed in this creature an aspiration not previously manifested by any representative of the fauna — the desire for independence from climatic conditions and seasons. When trees and rocks could not serve as a sufficiently reliable shelter, it equipped itself with a dwelling; if there were interruptions in ordinary food, it changed the nature of nutrition. This creature began to go beyond the habitable places, adapting to its changed needs, coming out of the forest and capturing river valleys, carrying the lights of its fires, as if they were the banners of conquerors, into the mountains and into the snow-covered deserts.

The progress of man into new areas was, apparently, relatively slow, and each stage of it lasted for centuries. But from century to century he moved faster and faster. In any case, from the historical point of view, a huge period of time, including the transition from the scattered primitive tribes of the Stone Age to the first towns, would seem almost instantaneous to our imaginary observer, who thinks astronomically and on the scale of the emergence and extinction of entire races, biological species and social groups. During this time, perhaps a thousand generations have changed; man moved from complete submission to climatic conditions and other forces of nature, as well as to HIS OWN INSTINCTS that brought him closer to animals, from temporary settlement in small family groups in the most favorable places — to permanent settlements, to the formation of large tribes and national groups, and then to cities. During this relatively short period of time, he populated vast spaces, began to explore the polar latitudes and the tropics, invented a plow and a ship, tamed most domestic animals, and began to think of the origin of the Earth and the mysteries of the existence. Writing made it possible to add chronicles to oral traditions that were less amenable to the action of time, and man was already laying roads. Five or at most six more generations have passed, and man has reached our level — ourselves. We rush into the field of view of our observer as a short-lived, transient reflection of the Eternal Man. And after us… The end.

The time in which we WERE BORN, LIVE AND DIE will seem to our fictional observer an instantaneous phase compared to the period in which our kind fought for liberation from ancient imperatives. Our time will seem to him a time of unprecedented rapid changes, achievements and settlement. Indeed, in a short period of time, electricity has ceased to be just an entertaining toy and now provides the movement of a good half of humanity along its daily routes, illuminates our cities with such force that they outshine the moon and stars; it forces to serve us two dozen hitherto unknown metals; we reach the very pole, climb to any peak, float on the clouds; we were able to overcome malaria, which for a long time blocked the white man's path to the tropics, we managed to snatch the sting from a good hundred more similar carriers of death. We rebuild old cities by dressing them in solemn marble, grandiose new cities grow up to COMPETE WITH THE OLD ONES. Never, it seems, has Man been so versatile, active and persistent, and it is impossible to imagine the force that would curb the scope of his energy. And all this forward movement, taking place with greater and greater speed, was due to the growth and INTENSIFICATION OF HUMAN INTELLIGENCE, thanks to its perfection through the development of speech and writing. All this happened in defiance of the strongest instincts that make man the most belligerent of all beings and more than all of them, striving for destruction, happened despite all the attempts of nature to take revenge on man for his rebellion, for his campaign against the established order, and to send on him unprecedented diseases from time to time and almost universal pestilence. The forward movement was a consistent and necessary consequence of the first vague glimmer of the PURPOSEFUL THOUGHT, manifested in the darkness of man's animal existence. At that time, he was still completely unaware of his actions. He was just looking for ways to satisfy his needs more fully, to provide himself with protection and security. He still does NOT FULLY understand the changes taking place in his life. The illusion of disunity, which makes possible the life of animals, the desperate struggle for existence, feeding of offspring and extinction, is the prototype of those blinders with which nature has provided us so that we would argue and embitter each other, and these blinders still exist. We are still living a very incomplete life, being embodied in millions of disconnected individuals; and only in MOMENTS of EPIPHANY do we begin to see and feel that we are SOMETHING MORE than our fellow animals, which easily die falling from the tree of life. Only during the last three to five millennia, with the help of weak and imperfect ways of expressing one's thoughts, clunky cosmogony and theology, WHILE NOT AVOIDING countless omissions and mistakes, has the human mind managed to very roughly outline its path to the future, to the eternal existence of the human race. Man is still making war on himself, creating armies and fleets, building fortresses and fortifications, like a sleepwalker who injures himself in a dream, like a reckless barbarian PLUNGING A KNIFE into his own limbs. But man is awakening. The nightmares of empires, racial conflicts and wars, the absurdity of trade competition and trade restrictions, the primal stupor of lust, jealousy and cruelty — ALL THIS pales in the light of day penetrating through his closed eyelids. After a while, we, each of us by ourselves, will surely realize that we are molecules of one single Organism, – the Earth’s organism and our thoughts merge together from hazy wanderings into the harmonious wholeness of the awakening intellect. A few dozen generations ago, all living beings were our ancestors. A few dozen more generations will pass, and all of humanity will, in fact, be our descendants. From the physical and intellectual point of view, WE, SEPARATE INDIVIDUALS, with all our differences and individual characteristics, are only particles separated from each other for a while in order to then return to our one single life, with new experience and knowledge, as bees return with pollen and food to the friendly family of their hive. And this one single Man, this wonderful child of the old mother Earth - that is, all of us, according to the dimensions dictated by our hearts and minds — he is now only at the cradle of his history, facing the future. His conquest of our planet is only the early morning of his existence. It will take a little time, and he will reach other planets and make the great source of heat and light — the Sun - serve him. He will order his mind to solve the riddles of its own internal contradictions, curb jealousy, envy and other harmful passions, regulate reproduction, select and educate representatives of an increasingly perfect and wise human race. What NONE of us CAN think of alone, what NONE of us CAN even dream of — except in fits and starts and without understanding the full scope of the task — will be easily solved by collective thinking. Some of us already feel this merging with the Great Unity in ourselves, and then moments of unusual insight come.

2…Sometimes in the darkness of loneliness, on a sleepless night, you suddenly stop being Mr. Someone, renounce your name, forget about quarrels and vain aspirations, begin to understand yourself and your enemies, forgive yourself and them in the same way as an adult understands and forgives empty quarrels to children, knowing that he is above it; you rise higher your petty troubles, realizing that you are Man, the master of your planet, rushing to immeasurable destinies through the starry silence of outer space…

H. G. Wells1 wrote this in 1913 (from the book "The Englishman looks at the World"), when some progressive people HOPED to CHANGE the WORLD ORDER as a result of the First World War. It should be borne in mind that lots of the state secrets were opened to him – he was NOT JUST a writer, but a career English intelligence officer. The war ended, and nothing worked. Then, the same thing was seen by many in 1939, on the eve of the Second World War, And again everything turned out "clumsy", because people saw one thing, and within the framework of the Old Control system, the issues of the step-by-step process of executing Ebr programs for "The development of brain genotypes and Energy Biogenesis of the flesh of the body" were solved. And now, “what have we come to?!” ask some people. How will it come out now? How to explain and how to understand that there were people who thought beyond the framework of the Programs, contrary to everything that was imposed on everyone else, people like H. G. Wells and others like him, whom we consider "thinkers of their time" today.

In the executing processes of any level it IS NOT ACCEPTED «administrative time", which was invented for people (model 60 x 60 x 24), in the basis of the forming chrono-process as a whole. The execution is based on "the event time", i.e. the phenomenon (execution) of the actions and events OCCURS UNEVENLY and not "by stopwatch". It happens step by step, (step-by-step execution, any number of steps), but the execution itself is by a package. For example: every event in the process of formation is preceded by a certain number of mandatory actions, as a result of which, in fact, the FORMATION OF THE PERFORMING CIRCUMSTANCE is ensured, and accordingly, a FUTURE EVENT is being prepared, precisely as the performing circumstance. The performing circumstance itself (it is also an event) is accomplished on the command from the CC (Control Complex). This is what happens and had happened in all the processes on the Earth. Therefore, the "initiative" and even completely correct inventions and actions of individuals (brain genotypes) COULD NOT influence those events that were formed within the framework of the Old Control System. The overwhelming majority of people either DID NOT ACCEPT the information that was initiated by people like H.G. Wells and similar progressive people of his time, or ignored or ridiculed them. But they still went ahead and brought people information about their vision of what was happening at that time in which they themselves lived, thought and created.

3Outstanding Russian philosopher, writer and publicist Ivan Ilyin2 lived abroad for more than thirty years. However, along with Nikolai Berdyaev and Lev Shestov, he became one of the iconic Russian philosophers of the first half of the XX century. "It is worth living only for what it is worth fighting for and dying for..." he wrote in his time. No matter how hard it is for you in life and hard on your heart — for you who selflessly love Russia — believe that THE RIGHT CAUSE WILL WIN! And therefore, never be embarrassed by the domination of evil: — it is temporary and transitory. But, first of all and most of all, look for rightness, only it is truly vital, and only in it will a new force arise and arise from it, leading, saving and guiding. THE RIGHT CAUSE WILL WIN. This does not mean at all that it is protected from earthly failures, from temporary trials, from periods of genuine suffering and visible humiliation. No, all this is not only POSSIBLE, but INEVITABLE. And countless times, people going on the right path, clearly suffering and apparently humiliated, have prayed and will continue to pray after the Son of God — both so that this cup may pass them by, and why the Lord left them. But it is in these prayers — after Golgotha — that the deepest confidence will always live that RIGHTNESS IS DESTINED to WIN, and that in the visible "dying", in "obvious" failure, the resurrection is invisibly being prepared and created. Yes, the bearers of the right idea of the just cause are destined for hours of failures and suffering. But all these failures and sufferings create only a purgatory for the future feat, only the SCHOOL OF THE COMING VICTORY. For none of the people is ready for a feat from their very birth; but everyone needs a long probating, testing and hardening. And among other peoples, perhaps, we, Russians, need this hardening most of all — with our characterless passion and with our dreamy carelessness. In this characterlessness and with this carelessness, in the chaotic mixture of good and evil, it was impossible to further build Russia, neither its church, nor its state, nor its economy, nor its spiritual culture. The war and the revolution have clearly proved this, and having proved it, they have brought us into a period of severe trials and merciless hardening."

That's how the Past manifests itself in the Present.

Nowadays, within the framework of the ongoing changes, if a person (which happens to be a rare manifestation, unfortunately) has additional capabilities of higher octaves, more often octave 96, and there are already representatives with elements of octave 128), has found practical application of NEWLY MANIFESTED Brain functions for receiving information, then the Control System is usually GRADUALLY BEGINS TO INVOLVE him in some processes of controlling influence, focused on the formation of actions and subsequent events. If the level of development of such additional functions is even more successful, then such a person may be used in receiving information for the knowledge with further translation it to all others around. The manifestation of the rudiments of such formation of additional brain functions, most often manifests itself through the person’s real craving for Knowledge, which even may lead to the formation of additional brain neurons connections. What happened to you earlier during the life period YOU OBSERVED is precisely the formation of additional brain functions at the level of its higher octaves than the rest of the Brain and especially its part - somatic3 thinking.

For almost two thousand years, people DID NOT HAVE a purpose for their existence, they just did not have, and all this feigned, exploitive, oiled and salted idea about the "philosopher's stone", which explains the ESSENCE OF THE PURPOSE of each PERSON - is just bubbling, put into philosophical fabrications. The true purpose, the international purpose of people’s existence on this planet has now been announced: "salvation of planet Earth - salvation of the life granted to us." That is the essence of people's existence today, in the broadest sense of all the above.F. Shkrudnev



Photos that prove that we are in danger

It is useless to explain to people what is really happening on our planet. These photos speak most convincingly.

1. View of densely populated Mexico City (more than 20 million inhabitants).


1. An elephant killed by poachers. The Merciless left him to rot.


2. Fire in the rainforest. Once wild goats grazed here.


3. Excessive aircraft traffic over London.


4. A huge truck carries piles of sand for recycling. Oil—bearing sand is the energy source of the future.


5. The stench of the Yellow River in Mongolia is unbearable for ordinary peasants.


6. Incineration plant and its surroundings, Bangladesh.


7. A firestorm is rushing through Colorado. The increased risk of forest fires is the result of climate change.


8. Traces left from the extraction of oil sands in the Canadian province of Alberta.


9. Night view of Los Angeles. The energy consumption is incalculable.


10. In Oregon, this perennial forest was cut down for the construction of a new dam.


11. Almeria region in Spain, dotted with greenhouses farther than the eye can see.


12. Poachers pose proudly with the skin of a Siberian tiger.


13. Mir mine in Russia. The largest diamond mine in the world.


14. A dead albatross is torn from the inside by debris. People, without hesitation, throw it all out on the streets every day.


15. A bird's-eye view of New Delhi (more than 22 million inhabitants).


16. Maldives, a popular resort, is under threat of constantly rising ocean levels.


17. "Black Friday" in the electronics supermarket. Boise, Idaho.


18. Literally tons of broken equipment end up in developing countries. With the help of deadly substances, they are dismantled for the sake of precious metals.


19. The punishment of the Brazilian tropics befalls the forests here in Canada.


20. A dump of worn tires in the Nevada desert.


21. While the whole world was watching the events of Fukushima 2011, a thermal power plant was burning a few miles away. All attempts to extinguish the fire were useless.


22. A polar bear forced to starve to death in Svalbard, Norway. Disappearing glaciers deprive them of both vital territory and food.


23. The oil field in California and its merciless human exploitation.


24. A massive waterfall from a melting glacier. An indisputable proof of how rapidly climate change is developing.


25. The brown coal power plant pollutes the air with its emissions.


26. Indonesian server Dede Surinaya conquers the wave.


When the last tree is cut down, when the last river is poisoned, when the last bird is caught, only then will you understand that money cannot be eaten."

This prophecy is becoming more and more cruel reality. But even now, not everyone realizes how terribly our life sometimes affects the environment. – Picture link





1 Herbert George Wells is a British writer and publicist, the greatest master of critical realism. Born on September 21, 1866 in the London suburb of Bromley (Kent)

2 Ivan Alexandrovich Ilyin (March 28, 1883 - Moscow - December 21, 1954 - Zollikon, Switzerland). Russian philosopher, writer and publicist. Doctor of State Sciences, Professor.

3 Somatic thinking is thinking within a certain group of people (in today's time).


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