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369_Series. Salvation of Saviors

Sunday, 11 September 2022 01:33

035_369 Climbing the mountain

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Our Mind is our only way of realizing the reality, our main tool of survival. We are free to reject the Mind. We are free to refuse to think. But we are not free to avoid the consequences of our blindness.

1Lots of people are full of determination. They are like a rocket ready to launch, from under which clouds of smoke and fire fly out. The man-rocket is roaring, shouting to the whole world that he will achieve, make progress, break through... But then something comical happens to such a man-rocket... He takes off and flies along a strange trajectory: in zigzags, to and fro, erratically. As a result, he either collides with a similar rocket or hits the ground. In both cases, such a man-rocket crashes. And all this happens because he has NO GOAL. Or more precisely – he might have a goal, but it is disproportionately small relative to the energy that Man possesses. He is given the power to move mountains; he can make the planet rotate in the opposite direction. And the system, created more than two thousand years ago, offers him to use this energy to trade irons, to think inside the box such as "plant a tree, build a house, have a baby." These goals are good for people with a small charge, for everyman. For people with a lot of energy inside, with a deep mind and large-scale thinking, much more is needed. And if otherwise, THEY ARE DESTROYED by their own energy. So you will not break through anywhere and achieve nothing UNTIL YOU HAVE THE GOAL that you could call your essence of life. The goal you were born to achieve. And these are not high-sounding words, these are current realities. Imagine your life as a ship. You have a lot of things to do on it: paint the cabin, catch a fish, set sails and entertainment in the evening ... Business, business... - your head is spinning ... But where are you going? Hardly anyone can clearly answer this question.

Anyone can say ONE’S GOALS in life (within the lifetime). For some people, it is power, fame and money. For others, as I have already said, - to plant a tree, build a house and have a baby. The third have some other goals of their own. It is not important what kind of goals in life you have. It is important that the goals are all within your life. But what is THE GOAL OF LIFE ITSELF? What is that you were born for and what do you want to get in the end? People get lost and frozen by this question. They HAVE absolutely NOTHING TO SAY. For the average person, the concept of "the essence of life" is as empty a sound as for a worm (let's say it is reasonable) the concept of "a star". Talking about the essence of life for him is always the same nonsense as for a worm about the stars. This is especially clearly manifested in our current time.

Our life is like a car controlled from a satellite. A man is sitting in the back seat. He has no idea where he wants to end up. The car is going on its way, and the man is looking around. And one day he sees a cemetery in the distance… There are many who are no longer satisfied with life in a track. They would like to go where they want to, not where the road leads. But to go to your goal, you need to KNOW THE GOAL OF YOUR LIFE. Where can a person get such a goal? To take someone's sophistications or revelations on faith? But if a person DOES NOT WANT to believe ANYTHING, if HE WANTS TO KNOW, there is nothing left for him but to figure it out on his own.


My long considerations have brought me to deny today's habitual concepts of good and evil, traditional morals and ethics, old norms and taboos. Because I understand perfectly well that this is the heritage of the Old System, imposed on us through generations of people, at least starting more than two thousand years ago. There are many who will be scared away… I started writing this "series of articles – "369" in order to gather a group of like-minded people to climb the mountain. Those who ARE NOT LOOKING FOR anything, to whom everything in life is clear… I do not take this kind of people and I will not take them. They are waste rock for me. My audience is like–minded people - passionately seeking people. For them, the goal is always the same. And it is primary. The rest is used as a tool to achieve it. At the same time, the secondary can also be called the goal, but in fact it is always a resource and a tool. For the sake of the primary, YOU CAN SACRIFICE the secondary. And never – the other way round, because it contradicts the common sense. The goal determines the logic of the action. The emergence of a new goal gives rise to a new logic for everyone. Here is an example that is happening before the eyes of my generation. When communism was primary, the authorities were ready to sacrifice Russia. When Russia became primary, the idea of communism was sacrificed. What strengthens the country is good. What weakens the country is bad. By this logic, the idea of a permanent revolution, which put Russia at the level of firewood, is condemned. Then the ideological component itself fades into the background. The new edition of the Stalinist Constitution NO LONGER DESIGNATES the main goal of the Communist Party to build communism throughout the world. The old goal is being replaced by a new one: building a strong socialist empire that opposes the capitalist world. But we should not forget that all this WAS SET FROM THE OUTSIDE and within the framework of the Old control system. First of all, the issues of the step-by-step process of the Ebr program’s execution of "The development of the Brain genotypes and Energy Biogenesis of the body flesh" were solved. The new goal makes new requirements for the power seekers, or more precisely, for the bearers of the specific brain genotype. Previously, the authorities consisted of a kind of "priests" who deeply understood the essence of the communist teaching. It was a kind of requirement. If a person did not have a complete understanding of Marx’s theory on the gradual change of the world and the inevitability of the victory of communism, he HAD NO chance to be in the highest echelons of power. All the talk that Stalin himself DID NOT WRITE ANYTHING, that they wrote for him, as for Brezhnev, is ruled out by this fact. A person who did not understand the point of Marx's teaching COULD NOT be at the top. No matter how well he spoke on the podium, no matter how great an organizer and administrator he was, but if his knowledge of communism was limited to general words, he could not get into the highest power. Stalin was at the highest level of the party hierarchy. That says it all.

When the idea arising from the all-round understanding of the laws of human development is replaced by the idea formed from a momentary situation, there arises another quality. There begins a corresponding rotation of the personnel. After Stalin, not the one who understands the scale of Marx and communism gets into power, but the one who can create the might of the state.

Thinkers are replaced by people of MUCH LOWER LEVEL — business executives, military, scientists. They create industry, science, and the combat-ready army. The scale is no longer a decisive indicator. The ability to increase the might of the country becomes a pass-through ticket to the power: to make good tanks and bombs, to develop industry and agriculture, to explore space and virgin lands. Thanks to this, the USSR is the first to go into space and perform many feats. But all this is done NOT FOR THE SAKE of implementing the communist idea, but for the sake of building a powerful state, as the basic element of controlling people within the framework of the processes of the Old control system to create specific brain genotypes in a given territory.

The corridors of power are filled with specialists to solve small tasks (relatively small). No one says that such tasks should not be solved. It is only about the POINTLESSNESS to SOLVE the SMALL, if no one solves the big (just does not see it). The actions of the small honest people postpone the collapse of the structure, but DO NOT CANCEL it. The global structure created by the first Communists begins to shrink like the Magic skin. The idea of communism is turning into an empty tradition and a smokescreen. In reality, the IDEA OF SERVING THE STATE becomes the highest idea. You have to serve it without trying to understand why. Just have to, and that's it. Whoever refuses is a traitor. Why it had to be considered this way, how it followed from the idea of communism - it was NOT INTERPRETED at a deeper level. The populist version of "we need to strengthen in order to stand in an enemy environment" was more than enough to replace a serious explanation. For an ordinary person, that was more than enough. But thinking people could not help but see a change of strategic course, a reorientation from one idea to another. A gigantic propaganda campaign is under way, suggesting that the Motherland is the highest value compared to all other values. For the sake of the good of the state, it is necessary to give up the personal good. If you have to die, you are to die. If there is a situation when you have to sacrifice your family's life FOR THE SAKE OF THE STATE, you are to sacrifice. And most importantly, for the sake of the state, a temporary deviation from the foundation — the theory of communism - was allowed. Take a look around the current realities. Does it remind you of anything?

During the period of temporary retreat, ANOTHER STRUCTURE IS FORMED. It raises the people who are in line with it into power. The key seats are occupied not by those who are primarily focused on serving the state, but by those who are FOCUSED ON THE MARKET. The benefit is not the ability to heal the soul, but the ability to organize an effective business. The caretakers receive the status of spiritual teachers and leaders. A new subculture forms around them, dressed in Christian clothes taken out of dusty closets and hiding a different essence. It's only a matter of time before it all goes sour. It is impossible to be outwardly a confessor, but inwardly an economic manager. This is exactly what happened to the Communists. And exactly this is being tested in our time, if we carefully analyze the ongoing before our eyes. Having elevated the good of the state to the status of the highest goal, in fact, they DID NOT JUST abandon the communist idea. They created a new type of religion — Soviet patriotism, where the Supreme Being was the state. ITS divinity DID NOT FOLLOW from anything except from itself (as befits the deity). The very question: "Why is this so?" was equated with sacrilege, an insult to the deity, for which cruel punishment was provided.

The new ideological construction is not even based on an empty place; it is being built on a negative place. Figuratively speaking, the construction stands not just without a foundation, but ON THE SWAMP, which actively pulls into itself the construction. For obvious reasons, such a religion could not live long. The period of worship without any reason, solely for the reasons of current security, could last a couple of generations at most. Then follows an inevitable disintegration.

There has never been anything like this in the field of building ideological structures in history. This is from the point of view of philosophical reflections. And from the point of view of the Brain Genotype Development Program, this is its systematic implementation in the ongoing. Against this background, the value for which one should not feel sorry for oneself, one’s family or life has always followed from the worldview. For example, under the monarchy, the BASIS of PATRIOTISM was religion.

The tsar was considered a representative of God, and therefore the defending of the nation that God entrusted to him was considered the service to God. Sacrificing himself for the sake of Russia, a person, in the end, accepted this as the sacrifice to God. Communists could not imagine sacrificing their lives to the state as the sacrifice for the sake of communism for the reason that communism fundamentally denied the value of the state. In the "sacred" texts of communism, which were considered the works of Marx and Lenin, these thoughts were written in black on white. Those who remained in power could not but understand this, but they saw no other way out. The new religion was an integral part of the plan to ENHANCE the country's DEFENSES. The former cosmopolitan Stalin, who once was proving the secondary value of Russia, addresses the people: "Brothers and sisters." People will die "for the Motherland, for Stalin!" with the same dedication with which the first Christians died for Christ.

4It seems that it is good and right to serve your country faithfully. But the country itself is always positioned as the secondary value, the tool that somehow works for the primary value. The only known variant of positioning the territory with the primary value is found in druids1. To renew it, you need a worldview from which such a conclusion will follow. There is no such worldview yet. Proclaiming patriotism as the highest value will inevitably be profanation, especially in the current reality. With the same success, you can proclaim a football club as the highest value. The production of patriots is based on the same technology as the production of football fans. For some reason, the so-called "rulers of today" still cannot understand this. But even this - an objective process – IS NOT GIVEN to the rulers. It DOES NOT CAPTURE people of a higher level. After all, a person wants to know why he should consider the state more valuable than his life. When he DOES NOT FIND the answer, patriotism is ridiculed. Which, in fact, we are witnessing with our own eyes, as a kind of repetition of what once happened in the recent past. It was so odd situation at that time, but very similar to today’s, that's why I'm writing about it. Formally, the "theorists of communism" were priests covering the whole world, understanding the laws of its development, defining the goal and setting the direction. But in fact, they WERE LOOKING FOR PERSONAL BENEFITS, making a career, telling jokes about communism in the smoking room. It was an analogue of the religious scribes of ancient Israel; only modern "priests" were given the task of coloring any decision of the authorities in communist tones. The Central Committee made a decision based on the moment. The "scribes" presented it as stemming from a global understanding. V. S. Chernomyrdin was right when, at one of the meetings in the Presidential Administration, he said "... you can't build anything new except a replay of the CPSU Central Committee."

There are two types of people in power. The first type: honest people with economic, political and military talents. The second type: dishonest people with similar talents. The former can be called honest druids who consider it a sacred duty to serve the State. The second are imaginary druids, seeking personal benefits but not the country’s. They covered their true goal with communist demagoguery (now they cover it with democratic one). Empty speeches are pouring from the stands, which are applauded by empty people.

While Stalin was alive, the imaginary druids carefully concealed their goals. But you can't hide nature. There were groups fighting among themselves for warm places. They took the energy of the society for the free resource, which they used to improve their everyday life. Stalin did not allow the false druids to fill their lives to the brim. This slowed down the destructive processes, but DID NOT STOP them. Externally, the deity-state continued to strengthen materially. Internally, it was rapidly weakening.


An ideological vacuum means: there is nothing to rely on anymore, there is no strategic goal. This leads to the natural consequences — the system swells and collapses. There comes A CYNICISM AT THE STATE LEVEL, they begin to call black white. This is how the last stage was implemented within the framework of the Old control system, on the transition from the state as the main element to control people to the beginning of controlling people within the framework of interstate corporations, which had not existed in our state yet. Visible contradictions destroy both Stalinist Druism and Leninist communism with equal effectiveness. Soviet society formally claims to serve one deity (communism), but actually serves another (the state). This is about the same when the missionaries, by hook or by crook, persuaded the pagans to cut down the oak tree to which they prayed and build a Christian temple out of it. The pagans agreed, but in reality they continued to pray to the oak tree, which now existed for them in the form of the temple. Christians without the purpose of worshipping Christ have transformed into Christian pagans. Communists without the goal to build communism have turned into communist druids, and even worse. The cunning pagans at least knew exactly what they were praying to. The Soviet people didn't really understand what they were building. And they could not and did not have to understand this. That is the way the program of the Old control system was "built". Marx and Lenin clearly understood the consequences of deviation from the strategic course. It's like if you are sailing to another continent, a small deviation from the course for a short period of time IS NOT noticeable. But as the ship continues moving, it deviates more and more from the course. And if there are no people on it WHO ARE ABLE TO SEE the strategic course, one day it becomes a toy of the elements, which throw it on the reefs. Therefore, the fathers-founders clearly placed accents when talking about patriotism. Stalin also understood everything perfectly, but saw no other way out. A disagreement with the strategic partner (Germany), which gave rise to the specter of an impending war, LEFT NO chance to continue the previous policy, and THERE WAS NO new one. Optimal in this situation were the change of orientation and the preservation of communist rhetoric. But it was not possible to go far on rhetoric alone – which was confirmed by the collapse of the USSR.

In the atmosphere of the state worship, Stalin is replaced by Khrushchev — who, as a thinker, is not even zero, but minus (in the scale, too). For Khrushchev any theory was demagogy. He was, as they say, a "real simple man", that is, he did something the result of which can be seen in a short period of time. His thinking was typical of a small man. He considered the control of the security forces to be the GUARANTEE of MAINTAINING personal power. If the security forces can physically destroy anyone, as the Stalinist repressions prove, it is necessary to control the army, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the FSS. He focused on this task, realized it, but for the rest of his life he COULD NOT UNDERSTAND why he lost power.

Short-sightedness is the nature of the unprincipled rulers. The last composition of the Central Committee of the CPSU could not understand, either why, having a powerful army and punitive agencies, lost power. And the modern "state leaders", when their time comes, and it is approaching by leaps and bounds, WILL also NOT UNDERSTAND the reason for the loss of power because they are already in the state of "denied".


Two thousand years ago, such structures were accurately diagnosed: a house built on sand will collapse, and its fall will be great. Only a building with the stone foundation will stand under the pressure of external circumstances. It is impossible to compensate for the imperfection of the "miracle of architecture" with money, no matter how hard someone tries. The house we live in is no longer a house on the sand (without the foundation). It is already a falling structure. By historical standards, it is separated from the impact on the ground by moments. Soon it will fall apart. Due to the discrepancy between the speed of the fall and our perception, we DO NOT RECORD the action. It seems to us that everything is fine. There are shortcomings, but they have always been. And if so, WE ARE GOING TO BE ENGAGED IN THE USUAL DAILY ROUTINE But if you get perspective, the approach of the obvious end cannot be denied. Unfortunately, our "rulers" sincerely are not aware of this.

Stalin understood the importance of the foundation and did not abandon the idea of communism to the last. He tried his best to combine a large-scale idea with the prevailing circumstances. He did everything possible: he changed the technology of achieving the goal, replacing the kindling of the fire of the world revolution with the armed confrontation with the West, positioning this decision as tactical. Until the last moment, he claimed the strategic goal of building communism on the whole planet.

You cannot say that Khrushchev understood or did not understand it, he DID NOT THINK at all on such a scale. This sphere JUST DID NOT EXIST for him, like quantum mechanics. Therefore, with all his desire, Khrushchev could not even imagine what forces he was unleashing by proclaiming the peaceful coexistence of the capitalist and communist systems. Practically – with his "idea", which sounds great on a momentary scale, Khrushchev sentenced the USSR to death. Under him, Lenin's idea of the world revolution came to naught. The Stalinist idea of confrontation between the two systems followed. Populism and philistine wisdom took the place of the highest idea. The comical situation is that, having buried communism in the grave and hammering the lid of its coffin, he makes statements about the construction of communism by 1980.

Even if we assume that Khrushchev was a good business executive and administrator (a controversial thing, however), but even then he was NOT SUITABLE for the role of the strategic leader by the key indicators. A major leader should think in strategic categories and form philosophical judgments. For Khrushchev, all this was pure demagogy. He believed that formation of the worldview was for the clerks. And he focused on the main thing — on the control of the army and the economy. And also on corn, the idea of which was brought from the USA (today the modern "corn" is nanotechnology, which, by the way, the modern "Khrushchevs", also good business executives, brought from the USA).

Stalin's idea, though druidic, in fact, GAVE the SOCIETY the GOAL and, therefore, the ground for the feat. The Soviet man somehow understood that it was necessary to resist the West, which, saving its skin from the all-powerful teachings of Lenin, wants to unleash a war. To avoid war, you need to work hard and honestly. Not for fear, but for conscience, that is, to serve. The Soviet man had a mission. Khrushchev crosses it out by proclaiming peaceful coexistence with the West. The object that Stalin called antagonism, with which, in principle, there can be no peaceful coexistence, like fire and water, Khrushchev declared a potentially compatible entity. Like, capitalism is no longer the enemy of communism. This is a potential partner and, maybe a friend, in the distant future.

In a short period of time by historical standards, the GOAL in RUSSIA has changed four times. At first, the goal was to serve God. Then the goal was to build communism all over the world. Then druism (the state as the highest value) became the goal. Since the time of Khrushchev in the USSR, the goal has been just to live. Just eat, drink, have fun, work, but the main thing is to equip your life. All this means humanism, which teaches: it is not worth living for God, for the idea, for the state. You should live exclusively for yourself, which, in fact, is supported in the current time, as an auto-motor-like phenomenon from the past. Each change of the idea had natural consequences. The Roman slogan "bread and circuses» declared the main goal. The difference with Rome was that the Roman elite DID NOT RAISE this rule to the status of the highest idea. For those elite, it was just a way to influence people. Under Stalin, this slogan becomes a tactical tool that does not cancel, at least on paper, the highest goal. Khrushchev raises everyday life to the rank of the highest goal, and from that moment the last stage in the program for the development of the brain genotypes begins to be implemented. Against this background, the Soviet man loses ground for the feat. If the ULTIMATE GOAL is irons and carpets on the wall, why build missiles and tanks? It is necessary to develop consumer goods. And since the West manages to make consumer goods better, it is necessary to imitate the West. Ideally, it is better to go there to live, because life is much better equipped there.

7There is nothing wrong with simple human values making the current life, as long as they take their place. Trouble happens when THEY BECOME the HIGHEST GOAL, taking the place of the worldview idea. The Soviet man, focused on the household well-being, which he DID NOT HAVE, because he built tanks, has a split consciousness. It seems two forces are tearing him apart; one is calling him to go to the left, the other to the right. Something like Byzantine guile, when you look for benefits for yourself, but show this search as if you are serving to God. The idea of peaceful coexistence destroyed the Iron Curtain and with it the remnants of the communist idea, which at that time was manifested in the ritual glorification. Liberal ideas are beginning to erode the religion of the Soviet druids. Under Stalin, they began to forget about communism. Then it was transformed into humanism (under Brezhnev, they began to forget about the strong state). Under Gorbachev, the dominant idea was the idea of the "Roman plebs", which Khrushchev once gave the start to life. Here, I will allow myself a small deviation, having known about the death of Mikhail Gorbachev. In my opinion, THIS is A LANDMARK event – in 2022, all those whom we consider guilty of the collapse of the USSR died (passed away). Stanislav Shushkevich (May 3), Leonid Kravchuk (May 10), Gennady Burbulis (June 19), Vadim Bakatin (July 31), Mikhail Gorbachev (August 30). And one more thing, against this background – they all died (passed away) in the year of the 100th anniversary of the formation of the USSR. Further events become as irreversible as they are natural. A human deity in pursuit for the good, above which NOTHING CAN BE, will come into conflict with other "deities" who are just as sure that there is nothing above their good. A new ELUSIVE ENTITY is born. Its signs: the price of a thing is formed by 1-20% material functionality, and 80-99% is the brand. The brand is primary, the functionality is secondary. Remove the brand from Coca-Cola bottles, and sales will fail thousands of times. The same applies to those who, as we are told, "we ourselves put forward to power." Not their views and professionalism are primarily, but the brand in which this person is "wrapped" by the professional technologists (who replaced thinking philosophers) and submitted for "consideration by the public". If we DO NOT ALLOW the process to stop (and we do not allow it), there is no doubt that the brand (virtual) will very soon squeeze out the matter from the thing. There will remain a pure brand that has lost its materiality... The mainstream of the population directly and indirectly says today that we DO NOT NEED the right to choose, we DO NOT NEED freedom of speech, political rights and other abstractions. We NEED A SAFE, stable, well-fed life. We need work, warm home, food and a set of simple pleasures. That's it; nothing else is needed, leave us alone…

That's how a "new deity" appears, feeding on the flesh of the state and man. There are three components of our being: spirit (religion or philosophical idea), matter (the state as an organization of society plus a resource) and an individual (man). In any period of history, there is a higher value, to which the other two are sacrificed, and at the same time one value is constantly being squeezed by another. When the full circle is passed, the confrontation of spiritual entities arises again. That is what is happening today. Once, religion was squeezed out by the idea of communism. Time passed, and the state pushed out the idea of communism. Then the man kicks out the state. Before our eyes, a new round of history began — something new, elusive began to squeeze out man. This is not the state or matter. It is the PRODUCT OF THE DEIFICATION of everyday life and brand. We have to go through this – because the "remains" and all imposed on Man by the Old Control system are very deep in all of us and this, as I hope the reader understands, is real and objective. The development goes further. It is a matter of time when the new in our consciousness will "absorb and squeeze out" all the old imposed on us. Now it is difficult to imagine exactly how it will look, but THERE IS NO DOUBT that it will definitely happen. IT IS ALREADY UNDER WAY. Even the short sighted will soon see the contours of the new. Success for us is the compliance with the requirements of the system, the achievement of what it prescribes to us to achieve, but never - the achievement of what we want. This makes us the people who live according to the program embodied through everyone, but we must be (become) Human beings. You cannot plant a new tree in the place of the old one without uprooting the old one first. You cannot build a new building without first demolishing the old one. You cannot create a new world without first dismantling the old one. The creation of the new on top of the old is NEVER NEW. It is always an upgrade of the old one.


The old world is like a rotten building that is about to fall together with the residents on the heads of the passers-by. No need to wait for the natural collapse of the falling. In this situation, it is optimal to follow Nietzsche's words "Push the falling one". The old world needs controlled demolition not only because it has outlived its time, but also for the realization of the idea-minimum and the idea-maximum. The current state of the society best illustrates the difficulties of bringing it into the state corresponding to the tasks at hand. After all, only the support of the majority (better- the overwhelming majority) provides the foundation for the transformations that everyone is talking about, often, alas, with their own in mind. To realize this, we need a fundamentally new socio-economic form that will BE ABOVE the STATE and force it to do what it will never do on its own. That's why WE NEED to GATHER THE TEAM of like–minded people – passionately seeking people for whom there is always one goal and it is primary. The team that you can take with you – to climb the mountain.



1 Druids (Latin Druides, in Gaulish druich, dravid)- the priests were called so of the Celtic peoples in ancient Gaul and Britain. In Gaul at the time of Caesar, they formed a closed, but not hereditary class, which, along with the nobility, differed from the rest of the people in that it was free from taxes and military service. Druids as priests. they performed private and public sacrifices in sacred places. They were considered soothsayers, were judges in disputes between individuals and tribes, were engaged in healing, studied the course of the heavenly bodies, the division of time, and possessed the art of writing. Their science was kept secret from the people and was taught orally for a long time to those who joined the class.


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