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369_Series. Salvation of Saviors

Saturday, 29 October 2022 10:31

037_369 The fifth level of politics

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There is no more dangerous occupation than replacing the old orders with the new ones. The Innovator always expects the hostility of those who benefit from the old orders, and the coldness of those who benefit from the new ones.

Today we live in the society that has neither purpose, nor idea. And without them, any society not only dies, it gets rotten alive, which many have already seen, as they say, in reality. In such a situation, the best minds should focus not on the discussing the ongoing events, but on the reason that generates them. If it drips from the ceiling, you should fight with the hole in the roof, not with the puddle on the floor. Naturally, everyone will somehow answer all the questions put to one, the number of which is growing every day. SENSIBLY OR NOT SENSIBLY – it is the second question. The main thing is that he will definitely live his life in one direction or another. If HE HIMSELF TOOK the direction, he is Man. If his instincts or habits imposed from the outside did it FOR HIM, HE IS AN ANIMAL. Most people in the world are animals, because they have never thought about why they live this way and not otherwise. In which direction they are pushed in that direction they will go all through their lives. And no need to be offended — you just should look around carefully. After all, we, humans, are herd animals. We are often afraid to stray from the herd, and this is right. But at the same time we are afraid TO BE DIFFERENT FROM THE HERD IN OUR JUDGMENTS. And here we really become both a herd and animals. The public opinion formation bodies make zombies out of us in this way: they prompt us that everyone thinks the way they inspire one to think. And most people repeat any idiocy after them, for which you feel ashamed. But these are the current realities. The realities, as the consequence of the centuries-old limitation of people in the process of comprehension through the managed state controlled by the old System.

1However, Niccole Machiavelli1 had a good point: "And one must know that there is no more difficult, dangerous and doubtful occupation than an attempt to replace the old orders with the new ones. Whoever comes forward with such an undertaking, he is expected by the HOSTILITY OF THOSE who benefit from the old order, and the COLDNESS OF THOSE who benefit from the new. This coldness is explained partly by the fear of the enemy, on whose side is the law; partly by the distrust of the people who do NOT really BELIEVE in the new until it manifest itself in the long experience. When the adherents of the old see the opportunity to act, they attack with intense bitterness, while the supporters of the new defend sluggishly, that is why when relying on them, you put yourself in danger.

The sovereign is NOT FREE to choose the people, but he is free to choose the nobility, because his right is to punish and pardon, to bring closer or to disgrace. The ruler's mind is first judged by what kind of people he brings closer to himself. If the sovereign is surrounded by the loyal and capable people, then you can be sure of the wisdom of the sovereign, because he was able to recognize their abilities and retain their loyalty."

The current motivation of the activities of the senior government officials RAISES QUESTIONS among the significant part of the country's population. And the point is not only in the fact that their actions are not always clear, but also the way they look, and the way these actions are represented. This is being done very unsuccessfully, creating a strong negative political background of distrust towards them personally and towards the state policy.

Here it is about the senior government officials (SGO) who are absolutely inaccessible to attempts to change anything in their behavior and motivation. They are, as they believe, AT the TOP OF POWER, which means that they are already perfect, and they themselves are the «motivators" for everyone and everything. The difficulty lies in finding indirect, mediated tools that solve such a problem. Today they (the SGO) UNDERESTIMATE THE DANGER they are in and THE KIND OF DANGER they are putting the country in. They are protected by the leaders of the state, who accept external reactions on themselves, and therefore the SGO DO NOT FEEL the new political reality. The new political reality is the politics of the fifth (new) generation, which is characterized by the fact that there began the process of overthrowing the politicians of the fourth (old) generation, which the Russian SGO belong to. Neither power structures, nor money, nor their own media, nor their security enforcement agencies can resist the fifth generation of politicians. I have already mentioned the generation of officials, but I will say it again in brief. GENERATIONS OF POLITICIANS differ in the scope of possibility they use to influence the mass consciousness of people. Thus, the influence of the first generation of politicians was physically limited by the space of hearing their voices at various kinds of veche, rada, etc. The second generation significantly increased its area of influence due to the distribution of printed materials such as Iskra newspaper and the books like the Capital. The third generation of politicians expanded their influence using the radio features (the Voice of America, the radio Svoboda, and hundreds like them). The fourth generation used mass television FOR ITS INFLUENCE, which became something like the "pleasure button" for the population. Photogenic, artistry, wit, etc. have become crucial (J. Kennedy, R. Reagan, etc.). The fifth generation differs sharply from the previous ones by the fact that they own the TOOLS of INFLUENCE in social networks (D. Trump). Social networks are almost impossible to control; they equate politicians with any other network participants as "naked in the bath".

The politicians of the third or fourth generations, to whom the majority of the highest state officials of the Russian Federation belong, focus on the influence through their status, power, content - which supposedly most powerfully affect people. They have totally excluded emotions from the instruments of their influence, which generate motivation first of all for them, and then affect people who see, listen and read them. In the new political reality — the politics of the fifth generation — THE INFLUENCE CENTER OF GRAVITY is built on the formation of emotions and feelings that really guide the behavior of the masses of people to achieve the goals of their leaders.

 For example, in the USA, recommendation of K Izard2 has been adopted for action: "Emotions are the core of the motivational structure of the personality and the organizing factor of human behavior, his development and relations with the outside world." The recommendations that A. I. Yuryev3 sent to the "high authorities" on this issue, namely the SGO, were just ignored. Relying on emotions, the winning politicians of the fifth generation today EFFECTIVELY MANIPULATE their feelings and the feelings of others: ethical (duty, conscience, honor, love, patriotism, freedom, justice...), aesthetic (admiration, appreciation, inspiration, joy, humor, sarcasm...), intellectual (insight, understanding, amazement, truth, conviction, discovery...), material (contentment, tension, fatigue, cheerfulness, confidence...).

And facts, figures, names, political forecasts are just incentives for the formation of the NECESSARY EMOTIONS and FEELINGS and appropriate political behavior among themselves and the masses of people.

Feelings are a higher level of representation of a politician's motivation and affecting other people with it. They can be defined by three axes of three-dimensional space: X - pleasure—displeasure, Y - excitement-consolation, Z—tension-resolution. Together, these three components of mood are represented by a point in the three-dimensional space of a person's emotional and motivational state.

The situation that has developed today with the representation of the SGO can be described (to put it mildly) as the "emotional and motivational failure". It is caused by the attitude of bureaucrats to "dry up" the emotional and motivational coloring of their public behavior. And THIS MANIFESTED itself most vividly in their complete helpfulness in the current events. This drying up means the exclusion of emotions and motives in the appearance and speech of the SGO. The protocol they are guided by today was created almost a HUNDRED YEARS AGO and requires bureaucratization of all parameters of the SGO internal and external activities: the mandatory format of meetings, reports, clothes and facial expressions, saying duty, useless words, phrases, messages, etc. In other words, the Protocol completely removes emotional and motivational elements from the SGO behavior, WHICH ARE political life itself.

Of course, we must proceed from the fact that the SGO work with the information of such depth and scale that its public disclosure will cause more harm than good, to put it mildly. There are many other restrictions on what the SGO report in their speeches. But for the mass audience, the facial expression and calm hands say THE MOST.


In the most desperate days of the Great Patriotic War, the voice of Yu. B. Levitan sounded — incredibly emotional and firm, transmitting  ONLY THAT INFORMATION that gave people under stress — faith, hope, positive emotions and the RIGHT MOTIVATION. For all that, Levitan reported complete, accurate information about the situation on the fronts WITH ACCURACY TO THE VILLAGE. The saturation of Levitan's voice with the necessary emotions and motives was so important for the outcome of the war that for 25 years the places from where he went on the air with the reports of the Sovinformburo (a basement in the center of Sverdlovsk and the district council in Kuibyshev) were classified. He WAS NOT in Moscow, although he began with the words: "Moscow speaks!".

Therefore, NO excuses with the darkest view of the terrible secrets of economics and politics SHOULD interfere with the appearance of the SGO in the public field and influence their performances. It is possible to influence the motivation of the SGO activities only indirectly, bringing their appearance in the public space closer to the requirements of the new political reality — to the fifth generation of politics. But NOT that MANY of them are able to understand this today. This is the real problem, which is directly reflected in the current realities. A.I. Yuryev emphasized that an attempt should be made to convince the SGO in the new approach to their real public activities. He believed that the SGO protocol appearances in the public space should be replaced BY THE STAGED, fascinating mini-performances. Participation in such a staged "performance" will indirectly strengthen and redirect the motivation of the SGO. And today there is a scenario for every meeting in some form, usually bureaucratic. We need new scenarios, each time with a new plot. Each of the SGO should be made a hero of a small political performance, sketch, reprise, which is MUCH MORE IMPORTANT than what he will say. The "active ingredient" will be his own mood, his emotions, optimism. It is well known that one must teach another in order to learn it oneself. In this form of the SGO appearance in the public space will strenthen and clarify the motivation of them themselves.

It is not coincidence that the politicians of the fifth generation, before appearing on the political arena, do some intensive training as actors, TV news reporters, etc., where they master the professional skills of presenting their motivation and moods (Reagan, Trump, Berlusconi, Johnson, etc.). To be a politician of the fifth generation,  NO ONE in the public space SHOULD SEE tense SGO faces, anxious eyes, defensive posture, frozen facial expressions,  no one should notice that they seem to be waiting for: "When will all this end?". This kind of spectacle is not necessary for either citizens or the state, because negative emotions in voice, facial expressions, posture pass to the audience; weaken their faith, hope, will.

The mise en scene used today has not been changed for almost a century. Even the mise en scene of the meeting of the State Council on May 7, 1901 in the painting by I. Repin looks more cheerful.


For decades, the SGO of the USSR and the Russian Federation have been sitting at a long table in the same position, with the same faces, as if there were NO changes in political regimes, national leaders, forms of government, ideology in the country. Obviously, the "Protocol" is being observed, but its presentation does not arouse any interest of the audience — "the hall is empty." Then, why show it and force the SGO to suppress all their emotional and motivational components? There are many options for arranging furniture and seating at meetings of the SGO, except for a long table, at which HALF OF THE COLLEAGUES ARE NOT VISIBLE. The main thing in the new mise en scene is that each participant sees all the others, and all the others see him. No one should be a spectator on the podium — everyone should be a player on the field. Such a mise en scene will indirectly radically affect the motivation and emotional state of all colleagues.

Long reports written in the dead bureaucratic language, delivered in front of the participants with absent faces ("boo-boo-boo"), is an unproductive waste of the SGO time, of which they have very little. It is clear that such reports are NOT JUST the execution of the protocol, but a warning, a message for specific people or organizations. But MILLIONS OF TV VIEWERS see it, who take it FOR AN INSULT: what for is it all for them? On the contrary, every mass TV viewer should think that the happening is addressed literally to him and in such a way that he could UNDERSTAND THE PROBLEM and support its solution.

In order to captivate viewers and gain their trust, the discussion of the SGO issues can take place in fascinating forms that have long been accepted in practice: a round table, a conference, interviews, debates, brainstorming, etc. These and other forms of notifying viewers about the activities of the SGO may involve them in the process of their work, but this, as we see, doesn't happen in the current everyday life.

Of course, such procedures have nothing to do with  randomness, rudeness, lack of culture on TV shows - on the contrary, they should elevate the viewer to the level of culture, competence and logic of the work of the SGO, IF, of course, we REMEMBER about the scenario of the meeting and the distribution of the roles. Indirectly, this can also change the motivation of the participants and their emotional state. And, of course, it is necessary to change the requirements for the content of what people hear and see from the SGO on TV. To say only what the people want to hear and what they believe! The people of the "time of the fifth generation of politics" are just as different as the leadership of the country, so you should not go out into the public space to report that the information of the State Statistics Service on the level of wages is accurate; the information of the State Bank on the level of inflation is correct; the statement of the Ministry of Defense that the Unified State Exam improves education, etc. What for? To lose the trust? Moreover, the current SGO deals with those who have learned over a hundred years that if the SGO say that "something will happen", it means that it "WILL NOT HAPPEN"; if "something will not happen", then it means "it will be" (the experience of statements by the SGO about devaluations, crises, lower-higher prices, dacha amnesty, privatization of apartments, etc.). For the country, such public acts of the SGO give the opposite effect to what they hope for. Dangerous effect: "Do you hear the rumbling boots of the fifth generation? They will not forgive.

Social networks! The SGO SHOULD START systematic and organized work in social networks. More than once, everyone has witnessed that the exact execution of the procedures of the "protocol political struggle" surely led to the explicit or implicit defeat of the fourth generation of politicians. Without a PERSONAL DISCUSSION of the SGO with the opponents on social networks, they are doomed to lose power with all the consequences that follow. So far, it seems that the SGO believe that the large-scale political exercises conducted by the platforms of the Union of Protest Groups channel, telegram channels of "Indefinite Protest" HAVE NOTHING to do with them; or the work of the "Barents Region", which is well above the work of many SGO in the north-west of Russia. The systematic work in social networks is relevant to all the SGO: these and other networks have already "taken on" those who know nothing about this and are still involved in the PROTOCOL EVENTS against the background of what is happening within (and not only) the Special operations in the Ukraine and confrontations with NATO states and, of course, the United States.

As an example, here is a note from the TG channel "Operational Perm". "The visit of the Governor of the Perm Region Dmitry Makhonin to the mobilized Permians at the training center in Elan ended in failure for him. He was booed, swore at and bombarded with accusations. The arrival to the mobilized began with the fact that a full parade ground of soldiers lined up in the cold waited an hour for the beginning of the governor's speech, which took about 30 seconds. At the same time, the head of the region did not say anything intelligible to the soldiers, and after that he just ignored the ordinary fighters and communicated only with the platoon commanders. This greatly angered the mobilized, who immediately began shouting obscenities at Makhonin."


It seems that even the example of Trump has not changed anything in the content and form of the SGO activities. Although it is already clear that in the new political reality, those who effectively use NEW COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGIES win. Franklin D. Roosevelt and W. Churchill proved this much earlier — on the radio, D. Kennedy — on television, B. Obama — with the Internet.

The first step is the hardest. Trump started with 2-3 pages — "Citizens for Trump", "Students for Trump", "Coalition for Trump", and then about 500 groups were created: "Women for Trump", "Workers for Trump", "Latinos for Trump", "Bikers for Trump", "Working mothers for Trump", "Sicilians for Trump", "Jews for Trump". Who of the SGO, even in such a tense and difficult time, has anything like this?

It's time for the SGO to start changing, while the students of social networks have NOT YET GROWN UP, whose self-organization already surpasses the organization of the law enforcement forces and the army. If the SGO do not understand this, their future fate is deplorable in all respects. There, in the networks, there are their own heroes, whom millions of future voters see and know. At their command, they can appear in minutes where they are not expected, and disappear just as quickly, and most importantly, they are imbued with new protest ideas that have aroused in them the PROTOCOL FORMS of the work of the SGO of the Russian Federation. So far, their duties HAVE NOT INCLUDED informing people on their motivation in the performance of their official duties, giving people positive emotions and a good mood. This needs to be changed — the policy of the fifth generation has begun, as the process that no one can cancel, and the usual methods DO NOT WORK.

It is QUITE REALISTIC to give a gift from the SGO in the form of a positive emotional and motivational influence for the mass viewer and participant of social networks. It is necessary to use for this, to put it mildly, partial changes in their orderly rows by methods of reconstruction of these rows, their content and the mise en scene of the activity of the SGO. Only political will is needed; before it's too late.

A NEW POLITICAL REALITY has come into being in the world, and there are many who have realized this. Because of this, the requirements for the higher officials of the Russian Federation have grown rapidly. The fifth generation of politicians has already appeared, who are adapted to the new political reality and successfully use its tools to "seize positions" that are still occupied by the politicians of the fourth generation. This is an objective process that has been greatly intensified today and is a DIRECT CONSEQUENCE of the Special Operation launched in the Ukraine, at the same time being a global detonator of the changes that have begun around the world.

There are serious doubts that against the background of the ongoing processes within the framework of the New Control System, it is POSSIBLE to CHANGE the behavior of the SGO of the Russian Federation through the change in their motivation so that they perform their duties at the level of the fifth generation policy. If they DO NOT MOVE to the fifth level of modern political technology, then when they encounter with politicians of this level, they will lose everything. They are already losing for this reason. This is not their fault, but their misfortune and an indicator of the "work" of the New Control System in the so-called transition period. But, in my opinion, such an attempt SHOULD HAVE A PERSPECTIVE, because NOT RESPONDING to something so obvious for many people can have serious consequences.

5If there are doubts about the above, then I am giving only one (out of many) historical example: the way to the revolution of 1917 was paved by Nicholas II's catastrophic lack of knowledge of the politics of that time (he was not a politician — he limited it to the protocol marching in front of the army formation). The tsar knew about the politics from Adjutant-General G. D. Danilovich (never participated in any military campaign); historian V. O. Klyuchevsky (all efforts focused on the knowledge of the past); a certain N. K. Girs4 gave him some information about diplomacy and law (only failures in his execution); the tsar heard about economics from N. H. Bunge (did not create or implement any economic project); something about fortification from the composer C. A. Kui (who, being a military engineer, wrote 14 operas). It is not difficult, probably, to transform the above said regarding today's SGO. As a result, not being a politician even of the first generation, Nicholas II was opposed by the politicians of the second generation (Social Democrats). They masterfully used an insignificant fact: the dismissal of four workers by some master Tetyavkin and ... organized the events of January 9, 1905! Nicholas II, not understanding what was going on, thoughtlessly left for Tsarskoye Selo the day before, leaving everything to politically unprepared ministers. As a result, we got the Great Russian Revolution, which began in 1905 and continues to this day.

6What does that mean? The SGO of the Russian Federation will have to move from "the driver's seat of the political car to the pilot's seat of the airliner." This is AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT LEVEL of political governance. The fact that they are recognized experts in their narrow fields of activity DOES NOT MEAN ANYTHING today if they closely encounter top-level opponents. The SGO are already today either clearly losing their fights — this is evident from unpopular economic reforms, where they created political problems in the country from scratch; or avoid them. Should they be helped? Yes, they should, because in the current situation their mass change (replacement) will only aggravate everything. The task SEEMS UNSOLVABLE if you try to solve it "straight": to motivate the SGO to "learn" the new level of politics by putting them at their desks, listening to lectures, etc. They will reject it all. They have neither the time nor the energy. The SGO will even show obedience, but they WILL NOT study. Even the methods of androgogy5 here will be completely useless — not that level. They have such knowledge, such life experience, which no lecturer who dares to teach them something directly has. This is ridiculous and unacceptable. BUT THEY HAVE TO BE TAUGHT. And it is necessary that they THEMSELVES WOULD LIKE to rise to a new level of their activity — to form the strongest motivation for this.

7It is absolutely necessary to transfer the activities of the SGO of the Russian Federation to the modern, fifth level of politics. At this level, D. Trump and others, "who were not expected," have already come to power and are working. And Russia already has its own "unexpected". It is impossible in any case to use STANDARD METHODS of retraining the SGO, such as lecturing. The SGO will not be motivated to perceive anything from the height of their official level. And most importantly, it will be a useless attempt to form external motivation. It is necessary to apply the "method of indirect formation of their motivation" in order to transfer the SGO to the fifth level of politics. People of this level act on the basis of the internal motivation, which appears when they begin to understand that they have no choice. The basic point here is - they have no choice. The internal motivation for obtaining a new political qualification for the SGO will appear only in case of the VITAL NEED to do so. And only the change in the external conditions of the activity and new work protocol can force them to adapt to the new political reality. There are no other options. I will not consider indirect methods of changing their activities here — they are well described in the works of A. I. Yuriev and those who wish, including the SGO (and I have no doubt about it, because already now they are rushing in their search for a way out of the current situation without losses), can get acquainted with them. Today they need advisers they can trust. But advisers can be people of their level who are able and capable to work with the SGO ON a PARTNERSHIP BASIS and have experience working with the professionals of this level. These are people who know and understand the requirements of the fifth level of politics, tactful, sociable, trusting, frank, not insulting the SGO, "like eggs that came to teach the chicken." And such people are available, but it's another matter — they will determine who they will become advisers to. And who they will not. If you don't do it now, then others will do it later. And where to start this "transformation", without breaking the existing, but transforming it? In my opinion, the answer is unequivocal — “The introduction of the procedure for taking the oath by state civil servants."

The current Constitution of the Russian Federation was adopted in 1993 in the completely different market and political realities. According to President, some provisions of the Basic Law need to be brought in line with the current needs and development goals of the country. The analysis of the proposals made by the President of the Russian Federation shows that THERE COMES THE OPPORTUNITY to make another important amendment to 9 articles that will solve the following problems:

1) Voting activity. The people of the Russian Federation — "The bearer of sovereignty and the only source of power in the Russian Federation" - need to see in the updated version of their Constitution such amendments that they have been waiting for a long time to actively support them when voting.

2) Interest in changes. In addition to the 10 points of changes proposed by President, we also need such an amendment, expected by the people "exercising their power ...", so that it elevates the work of those whose duties are described in the Constitution to the level of their Service to the people of the Russian Federation.

3) Perception of corrections. In order for the President's amendments to receive universal support, one more must be added to them: a) oblige those whose powers are represented in the Constitution to pronounce the obligatory oath upon taking office — publicly, aloud and with a signature; b) the text of the Oath they take must contain such words that its EXECUTION WILL ENSURE universal respect for the state official, and its FAILURE TO COMPLY WILL LEAD to national contempt.

4) The opportunity to fulfill the order of the President of the Russian Federation dated January 26, 2016 on the introduction of the Oath. Then, following the meeting of the Anti-Corruption Council, President Vladimir Putin approved the instruction:

a) inform persons holding public positions of the Russian Federation, positions of the federal civil service, positions in the state corporations (companies), foundations and other organizations established on the basis of the federal laws, positions in organizations created to perform tasks assigned to the federal state bodies, appointment to which and dismissal from which are carried out by the President of the Russian Federation of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Russian Federation, as well as other positions provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation, on the need for timely and proper fulfillment of the obligation to report in accordance with the established procedure on the occurrence of personal interest in the performance of official duties, which leads or may lead to the conflict of interests;

b) to ensure the provision of methodological assistance to the persons named in subparagraph "a" of this paragraph in the preparation of appropriate notifications on the occurrence of personal interest in the performance of official duties, which leads or may lead to the conflict of interests.

The deadline is March 1, 2016;

c) to submit proposals in accordance with the established procedure: on the introduction of the procedure for taking the oath by state civil servants and disciplinary responsibility in case of finding facts of its violation;

The deadline is April 1, 2016.

Responsible: S. B. Ivanov

The President's order has not yet been fulfilled, perhaps because it encountered STRONG HIDDEN RESISTANCE from those who were to take the Oath. And the oath must be taken not only by the SGO, but also by all officials in public service in all regions of Russia. The attempt to avoid taking the oath betrays the desire of many government officials to make their work invisible, unknown, unaccountable to the people and irresponsible. And this means — opposing the letter and spirit of the Constitution. Failure to comply with the President's instructions on the introduction of mandatory swearing greatly reduces the effectiveness of the 10 amendments of the President, and hence the implementation of his Decrees. This IS BEING OBSERVED TODAY — in such a hard period in which we are already living. Amendments to the Constitution represent the only opportunity to bring the Constitution into line and its real execution by the state officials.

It is proposed to use the words of the text of the oath, RATHER THAN LISTING the points of the job description. Failure to fulfill the oath should lead to the destruction of the official's reputation, and not be limited to the administrative conclusions; therefore, the words of the oath should be "REAL WORDS" that powerfully characterize the personality taking the oath.

The words of the oath of all times and peoples are the most powerful that had to be publicly pronounced by people who accept, listen and observe it: I SWEAR, DUTY, HONOR, and CONSCIENCE. The power of these words is such that many people physically CANNOT pronounce them in public, feeling their unbearable responsibility! Therefore, the texts of many oaths are reduced to a list of operations that the person taking the oath is ready to perform. But the people are waiting for the real oath from real words. The Keywords of the Oath, which is given in the text of the Constitution of the Russian Federation:

I. The honor sworn by those taking the oath is a "reward given for virtue" and recognized by the person taking the oath as a guarantee of his good name and reputation, his loyalty to his word and deed. The honor gives you the strength to carry out your activities in any adversity and blows of fate.

DEPRIVATION OF the HONOR in case of violation of the oath is the deprivation of a person's good name and reputation by insult in various forms: physical impact, statements, and gestures.

"Officer's honor since the "Peter's" times —

Is the symbol of bravery, the officer’s spirit.

"My Honor!" — in fact, is the country’s  bastion,

Duty and service are Gods’ work.

That’s the right to be first in unequal battle

And the shoulder offered to friends.

The Honor is like Victory banner at the parade.

"My Hohor!" — As the symbol of heaven.

My Honor! For the Motherland’s Glory!"

II. The duty by which the person taking the oath swears is his specific MORAL OBLIGATION to the people. This means that he takes the oath on his own free will and on the basis of the Constitution and that he guarantees that his actions stem from the duty, which determines the morality of his deeds. Failure to fulfill his duty after taking the oath means his professional disqualification with the reputation of the person who cannot be trusted with any government work.

"The true Duty is not for bread,

But the service to the Truth,

Not for the sake of fame and ranks.

IT doesn't need big words."

III. The conscience that Man taking the oath swears by is the pledge of his ability to the ACTIVE SELFCONTROL of his actions: their comparison with the moral norms. His oath means that he has an internal behavior regulator that monitors compliance with moral requirements, acting as a stopping, correcting factor in the moral assessment of actions. Lack of conscience is a complete loss of self-control in relation to one's actions and moral norms in relationships with people. This means that he does not have a behavior regulator, and he is equally dangerous for "his own" and "strangers": he is neither a brother nor a friend to anyone: he poorly hides his hatred for everyone. You MUST NOT TRUST SUCH MAN, AND HE WILL NOT be trusted.

"Whatever sorrows threaten you

Wherever trouble waits,

You never compromise your honesty,

Never, neither day nor night!

We live never ready to die,

Forgetting the shame, therefore.

But, like Madonna invisible, honesty

At every crossroad reminds."

Based on the above, it is proposed:

To introduce additions to the Basic Law in 2020 and to fix in the Constitution of the Russian Federation: on the introduction of the procedure for taking the oath by state civil servants and disciplinary responsibility in case of finding facts of its violation.

In fact, this is the execution of the order of the President of the Russian Federation dated January 26, 2016 "on the introduction of the Oath", which had not been executed by the people responsible for this.

In this article, in memory of my teacher and friend, Alexander I. Yuriev, I applied some of the materials from those that we handed over to the "high authorities" in February 2020. But it might not have come… Conclusions — of course - for the readers...




1 Niccolo di Bernardo Machiavelli, sometimes translated into English as Niccolo Machiavelli, was an Italian diplomat, writer, philosopher and historian who lived during the Renaissance. He is best known for his political treatise The Sovereign, written around 1513, but published only in 1532.

2 Carroll Ellis Izard (October 8, 1923 — February 5, 2017) was an American psychologist, a specialist in the psychology of emotions.

3 Alexander Ivanovich Yuryev (October 6, 1942, Leningrad, USSR – November 26, 2020, Saint Petersburg, Russia) was a Soviet and Russian psychologist. The creator of the scientific direction of political psychology in the USSR and modern Russia. Doctor of Psychological Sciences, Professor.

4 Nikolai Karlovich Girs - Russian diplomat, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia in 1882-1895.

5 Andragogy is a science that covers the theoretical and practical aspects of the development and development of adults. Alexander Kapp first introduced the term "andragogy" in 1833, perceiving it as pedagogy for adults.


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