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369_Series. Salvation of Saviors

Sunday, 27 November 2022 02:23

038_369 Deep drilling…

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Tip for life – learn to see the difference between wants and needs.

All of us are really eager to "have a look" at least into the near future, so that we could understand the principle of the social model’s functioning unfolded there. And, in general, what is going to be unfolded there, in the future? But to see that it is necessary once again to return to the study of the modern human "material" nature. One of the main qualities of the “human material” today is that THIS MATERIAL has small scale thinking and exorbitant ambitions. The great people of antiquity recognized certain authorities (priests, philosophers, thinkers, God...). Our contemporaries DO NOT RECOGNIZE any authority in principle. The vast majority of people at a deep level are sure: their personality is the highest value in the universe. There is nothing higher even in theory. The contemporary scientists, as in the days of Aristotle, stand in front of the gates to the mystery of man, taking their hypotheses for theories. Many years ago, even before I met Nicolai Levashov, I got to know from Academician B. G. Ananyev that “there is Macrocosm - the Universe, and there is microcosm - Man - which is NOT INFERIOR to it in the complexity.” This is not an exaggeration. But the achievements in this matter can be compared with the achievements of the geologists who tried to discover the mystery of the Earth by drilling the Kola well to 12,262 meters deep, while the center of the Earth is 6,371,000 meters or 6,371 km deep. In fact, the geologists penetrated the earth to the depth comparable to the thickness of a soap wrap on the surface of a soccer ball. In the same way, scientists have penetrated the secrets of human psychology and his behavior, comparable to the "thickness of a soap wrap." Man, physically so close that he can be touched by hand, is psychologically inaccessible to full and clear understanding, like the Earth’s core for geologists or Cosmos for astronomers. NEVERTHELESS, scientists are inventing more and more new methods of studying the human psyche, without disturbing one another at all. And this leads to the fact that people who are influenced by these scientists to one degree or another DO NOT KNOW a lot, for example, the values for which they are ready to give their lives consciously - neither in a fit of emotions NOR CONTEMPLATIONS in the kitchen, but exactly being fully aware of their choice; like Christians, having weighed all the pros and cons, died for Christ. Very few people exceed the level of urban primates, but the common atmosphere of the time is formed not by the minority, but the majority. This can be seen from the reaction of people to what is happening today in the Ukraine and everything related to it. Of course, NOT TODAY, the lack of GLOBAL GOALS has given rise to the priority of the momentary prosperity. As a result, there came into being the attitudes of humanism and liberalism, making it normal the plane of thinking. Earthly values: human life, material wealth, earthly pleasures formed the basis of the system. Its foundation is not a worldview, but instincts. The leading part of humanity has been imbued with the spirit of the time. Today it is impossible to find on the Planet a more or less developed society that by default DOES NOT TAKE these attitudes for granted. It seems as natural as breathing. Any countries, including Islamic, positioning themselves as the enemy of humanism and democracy do accept the values of humanism in the fundamental parameters. No one asks "what the highest values ​​of humanism arise from.” The people of our era take them for the truth only because THEY CORRESPOND to their instincts. People seem to be asking their flesh: “Is it good to have pleasure?” She answers them: "Good." This recognition is sufficient to elevate the EVERYDAY TRUTH to the status of the HIGHEST LEVEL, and to consider everything else as demagogy. The shortest way to realize everyday truths is money. The shortest way to get money is to take it away. This is an ideal, because the profit is 100%, the investment is zero.


This truth is not framed in a strict system, but it exists at the subconscious level, prompting to perform logical actions arising from basic attitudes. People steal everything they have access to, and in SOPHISTICATED AND UNEXPECTED forms, covering it up with various blah-blah-blah (or not covering it), which only reinforces the atmosphere of cynicism and corruption. Any administrative attempts to somehow change the financial and socially infringed position of the main part of the people only doubly worsen their position in any area of ​​application of such decisions. In practice, this is exactly what happens. There is irrefutable evidence of various attempts to solve problems on the part of governing structures: in the field of healthcare, social housing, changes in housing and communal services, pensions and many other things that require specific active actions using the sphere of financial concern or its application. As soon as any guiding decision or practical actions are initiated, expressed by a specific figure in the financial budgetary expenditure, then immediately the "invisible shadow of the generally suffocating financial social parasitism" will perform its annihilating and all-destroying "solo". It does not matter through what position or name the realization of what has been said will take place, but it will be exactly like this, and NOT OTHERWISE. Neither the position nor the name even suggest in advance that it was precisely for this that they broke through with their gift of the granted functional “life endowment” to this place, so that, as an “electronic or all-enveloping paper trap”, TO STEAL FROM THE PLANNED BUDGET EXPENDITURE exactly that and as much as could play as a positive impact on the solution of some problem of a private social nature for everyone else. The quintessence of the situation is in the political sector.

2Politicians call for what THEY DON'T BELIEVE IN - not because they are bad, but because in their actions they proceed from their vision of the world. The speeches of people who position themselves as national leaders are empty. At first they were funny, now they're just annoying. Everyone understands: THEY DON'T KNOW WHICH WAY TO TURN. There is no goal to reach to which you can call. The attempt to replace the higher goal with the calls to "live good life ..." had the opposite effect. The leaders were guided by a seemingly obvious logic: if everyone strives to equip one’s life, in the end everyone will live good life. But since the most effective tool for achieving THE STATED GOAL is money, and the most EFFECTIVE WAY IS THEFT, the highest goal has become getting money in the optimal way. Guided by this flawless logic, people took their position primarily as the way to make money. Here are the roots of all theft and abuse. To shame people for the fact that they conscientiously follow the prompted attitude is stupid and senseless. What considerations should a person be guided by in order to refuse a bribe? Why, having a choice - to do harm the society (and make money) or to benefit the society (and not make money), a person, a product of the modern society, nearly always chooses the first option? It is because there is NO MOTIVATION for the second one. The atmosphere of the temporality of everything, including positions and life (the democratic system with its constant change of power is based on this), greatly enhances the effect.

The current leadership’s concern about the growing life-established corruption is in vain! Corruption is not a bureaucratic disease of society. This is the program state of the performers of Brain genotypes 42 and 44. This is their vital functional executing vocation, imposed on them from the outside by the System. Therefore, it is possible to fight corruption only by eliminating this “vocation”, however, TOGETHER WITH THE EXECUTORS and it is bound to be so! Now this is the task of the new System. It is not instantaneous in its completion, but will be fulfilled during the transitional period. During this period, there should be at least MADE ATTEMPTS TO SELECT individuals of a different Brain genotype for such work, and the result will be obvious. But the current leadership does not have such a “genotype-tomographer” with which it would be possible to determine the genotype. And who will allow them to isolate such an individual from the financial environment? This is a private task. But it is solvable, it is already being realized before our eyes, but we do not understand this yet. I'll try to explain. Thus, INDEPENDENTLY OF PEOPLE, a certain destructive action was carried out by an invisible state of parasitism, manifested by its effectiveness in cruel material and social infringement up to the destruction, especially on the historically indigenous peoples of Russia. The atmosphere of the temporality of everything, including positions and life (the democratic system with its constant change of power is based on this), greatly enhances the effect. The system raised its own gravediggers.

If over the past two decades we have been told DAY AND NIGHT, directly and indirectly, that the main thing in life is MATERIAL WELL-BEING and everyday life improvement, - then now the system is reaping the fruits of its attitudes. Theft and bribes have exclusively ideological roots. As long as the settings have not changed, there is no chance to defeat theft (whatever it is called). In order to change the situation, it is necessary not to copy the patterns of the past, as obvious as they seem to be, as non-working, but to GIVE A NEW WORLD VIEW. A new worldview, so that it is easy to understand and accept, can be found by analyzing the past, or rather those events that are similar to the current ones. Take, for example, the work of V.I. Lenin "The coming catastrophe and how to deal with it"1. It is extremely relevant in solving many current (main) problems.


I do not just refer the reader to this work, which few people know now. In the next article I will try to dwell on it in detail, explaining the realities of the ongoing described there. If people consciously consider this to be true and agree with the conclusions (like the passenger on a sinking ship, recognizing the information about the disaster as true, agrees with the conclusion that certain actions are necessary), this is the way out. As long as they try to replace the worldview vacuum with the IDEA OF MATERIAL WELL-BEING, the situation cannot be corrected even in theory. The authorities are doomed to use the last argument - fear. Here, too, there are problems: to strike fear, punishing bodies are needed. Punishers are the same townsfolk. They have no other purpose than to equip life. It means that they will start NOT SO MUCH punishing as TRADING THEIR OPPORTUNITY to punish. The security forces will not be able to perform a punitive function. Their powerlessness against terrorist attacks confirms this. UNDERSTANDING YOURSELF in the service to the idea is one model of behavior. Understanding YOUR PLACE AS THE TROUGH is another behavior pattern. In both cases, the logic of behavior is determined by the starting point, and not by the desire for power. The Soviet security officers served the idea of ​​communism (it doesn't matter that they didn't understand it deeply, it's enough that they believed in it). This explains why they could do just about anything. To see the volume and thoroughness of the work, let me remind you: during the terrorist attack in the late 70s in the Moscow metro, the KGB checked all the subscribers of the Soviet Sport newspaper. The reason: a scrap of this newspaper was found at the site of the attack. How did it get there? Perhaps it had been there since morning, accidentally left by someone, and had nothing to do with the terrorists. It is unknown. But the security officers CHECKED EVERYTHING. The newspaper had over three million subscribers. Everyone was checked. If the Soviet KGB, with those cadres, took up the problem of terrorism today, the result would be quick and visible. Moreover, if there was political will, even our (to put it mildly, “non-initiative”) FSB could solve a lot. But what to solve if there is no will at all, and this is noticeable in lots of examples that we see every day? Instead of solving the problem, they pay it off. Anyone understands that this is a time bomb. It is not clear what the people taking such decisions hope for. The logic level of our authorities is an OSTRICH TACTICS. As long as the problem is settled with money, we solve it with money. When the problem is no longer solved with money, then we will think about what to do. Such a strategy leads to a dead end, because by that time the problem WILL NOT be solved AT ALL. Pain medication can relieve pain, but it DOES NOT REMOVE the cause of the pain. Injecting painkillers is the easiest thing to do. To take it for the cure is the most dangerous thing. As long as people have a different motivation, anything strategic, in principle, CANNOT be.

4This is clearly seen in the security forces. People get jobs in the FSB and the Ministry of Internal Affairs not to serve the society, not to protect it, but to earn money. Lots of them have frank dreams: if only I could grab several million at once, and then let everything go all the way to hell. I don’t blame these people, especially young ones, because if you were taught to take everything from life from an early age, and if everyone around you takes everything from life, and the system squeezes out the eccentrics who don’t, because they are a blood clot in financial flows, how can you expect otherwise? When a child is taught to speak only English from an early age, he WILL NOT SPEAK Russian. Only a complete idiot can scold him for speaking English. You can change some generals and privates for others as you like and as much as you like, but if the new ones have the same purpose as the old ones, the situation will not change. People need to be given a goal (not to be confused with a slogan that is unclear why it should be followed). With the NEW PURPOSE, they will perform different actions. Modern people are like worms living in a tree. Striving for their own good, they gnaw holes in the roots and trunk, equipping their life, NOT EVEN HAVING IDEA of destroying the system, if only because they do not think on such a scale. All their thoughts and goals are within the framework of everyday good and vanity. If the worm is asked whether he wants the system to collapse, he will be indignant - OF COURSE NOT! On the contrary, he wishes the tree be healthy and prosperous. He even is able to make a speech spontaneously on this topic. And this is not guile. His logic is clear: the healthier the tree, the more he will get. If you explain to the worm that he is sawing the branch on which he sits, and let's say he understands everything, NOTHING WILL CHANGE. Previously, he felt: not everything is calm in our kingdom, it is necessary to make reserves at an accelerated pace, without looking back, until the system collapsed. And our worm will begin to intensively prepare an “alternate airfield” for himself. A typical example: the post of rector of a large university is vacant. The candidate for this position is appointed by voting. There are a lot of ​​applicants. One group "brought" to who should, agreed on contributions with kickbacks, and the like. The decision was made in favor of the person of this group. It remains to follow the formal procedure (academicians must vote for the candidate). The CANDIDATE is NONE. It is impossible to negotiate with academicians for a bribe. They are key figures, their vote legitimizes the appointment. How to make the academicians vote for the one for whom they "brought"? (Pay attention to how the emphasis has shifted: they used to say “gave a bribe”, that is, condemningly, and now they “brought it”, that is, casually and businesslike). In this change one can grasp the nature of man. People DO NOT WANT to look bad. But they WANT TO ACHIEVE their goals. And since the goal is money by any means, they veil unseemly acts with neutral words. So, in order for academicians to vote correctly, there must be a situation created for them when all candidates, compared to our “none”, are even worse. Finding themselves in such a situation, the academicians will begin to operate with the logic of “in the land of the blind the one-eyed is king” and vote for the desired candidate. So far, it seems to be nothing special, the usual kickbacks. The special thing is here: in order to create a situation in which “none” will pass, the “deciders” identify applicants who are really professionals with a name and could raise the work of the university.

Having identified "dangerous" figures, THEY CLEAR THEM from the list (good candidates are weeded out for formal reasons). Wretchedness, on the contrary, is given way. The more wretchedness is in the candidates, the better "none" (for who they brought) looks. The academicians who choose the rector are shocked by the nominations presented. They grumble (but not very actively) about why worthy people are NOT INCLUDED on the list. They are unaware that all the worthy were especially carefully cleared out in order to PUSH THEIRS. As a result, academicians vote for “none”, because you CANNOT LOOK at the rest without tears. Such is the personnel policy. This is a repetition of the well-known political technology, when all the unwanted candidates are removed from the elections, no matter how good they are. The passing mark here is not in the ability to create, but in the guarantee that the person put into office will steal and share. And that the object led by him will begin to fall apart - this has its advantages. There is reason to point out insufficient funding. Their people will competently draw up the necessary papers, not a thing can be said against it, and everything will look right. Next year the budget will increase, the income of worms will grow. But the object will still kick the bucket.

5The accident at the Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP demonstrates the dependence of the visible structure on the invisible system.  Hydro unit No. 4 collapsed not because of a technical error, metal fatigue and other nonsense that the media feeds us. Competent people know: this happened due to the Kickbacks and Cuts. The money for the planned repairs was stupidly stolen. The official's logic is simple: why spend money on something that works anyway! Wouldn't it be better to spend it on yourself? Further, the strategy of action is clear. Everything was done on paper as it should be, in practice the money was stolen, and the hydroelectric power station could not resist. The uninformed reader may NOT BELIEVE. How is that possible? And if it is possible, who is to blame and why NOT RESTORE the order? But how can one restore the order if the system is built on this? You cannot get any contract without kickbacks. Or rather, you can, but only once. The second time without a kickback you will not get an order. You will be refused for formal reasons. It comes to the ridiculous. Allocations for replacing the sleepers of the roadway are made and a good-round sum is wanted. The contractor says: if I give you that much, I will physically not be able to do the work. He gets the answer: do not change all the sleepers, but every second one. Funds are allocated for the construction of the Moscow Ring Road. Further - a kickback, and - the road BECOMES NARROWER. Billions are floating away. Criminal cases are initiated. Then "someone’s palm is greased and the cases are curtailed. And NO PRESIDENT WILL DO anything here, because the system is stronger than any of its parts. This effect was noted by I.V. Stalin when he spoke about the strength of the Staff. There are examples that generally "do not enter any gates." The mayor of one large city quarreled with the owner of the airport and began to “shut him down”. The mayor started a “repair” of the road and the bridge, effectively blocking the way to the airport for all ground transport, and also made it difficult for direct rail links between the city and the airport.

6Worms stop seeing the border in pursuit of their goal. But to be consistent, the worms are right. They log ically and with all their might strive for the goal that they were inspired to. If you awaken pity for the tree and its inhabitants in the worms, logic will still take its toll. "WHAT WILL CHANGE?" - They will think - "if we, one of the many" cutting and greasing the palm, stop doing it? Nothing. And if so, what's the point? We will only make things worse for ourselves and for everyone who depends on us. But what for? What is the purpose? Dead end…

I will get the analogy about worms to close with their complete justification. It is impossible to condemn people for choosing the most effective way for themselves towards the goal that THEY HAVE BEEN INSTILLED. Human nature is such that it CANNOT HELP BUT STRIVE for the good. What people consider good, they will strive for in any ways. But what exactly people will consider good, DEPENDS NOT ON THEM. It depends on the system. We have dubious human material. His main vice is that he sees the only goal of his life – to equip his life. He is initially oriented to take as much as possible from society and give as little as possible (ideally, take everything and give nothing). A modern person absorbs these attitudes with mother's milk; they are AT his subconscious LEVEL. It is extremely difficult to force people to abandon these attitudes, but it is possible and mandatory, otherwise Russia just will not exist, and many people understand this today. How can we change and build the social construction we need under these conditions? In my opinion - only by the method of "deep drilling", not superficial, as with the above, but precisely deep, to the very crux of the planned.

We have to understand that the situation has reached the point where the Western intelligence services have activated their "tentacles" that have long been built into the corridors of the Russian power. By all possible means, up to DIRECT BRIBERY they have activated them. These "tentacles" (agents) are trying to persuade NOT ONLY officials, but also officers of the Russian Armed Forces to cooperate. The report of the Henry Jackson Society (HJS),2 published in Britain, makes a recommendation: it is necessary to facilitate the flight from the country of senior officials and officers. According to the authors of the report, the traitors will be promised political asylum in any country of their choice in exchange for meaningful information. No more and no less. Western governments SHOULD ENCOURAGE the desertion of Russian government officials who will be granted asylum in the country of their choice in exchange for insider information. All this is already being written quite openly, no one hides their intentions: they encourage betrayal in exchange for "buns". There is no longer any secret that the West has set itself the goal of destroying Russia as an opponent. They called it decolonization. How widespread can such a dangerous situation be when these “servants of the people”, both in civilian and military service, can harm us very much? I put this in a mild way, because the process is already underway, and it CANNOT but go on, which was revealed by the ongoing special military operation in the Ukraine. It was the detonator of many processes taking place in the country and in the world, which most of us knew about, but still harbored the inner illusion that this CANNOT be, because it CANNOT BE. The society has stirred up, realizing that a number of officials in Russia live a lie, a big lie and a total lie.

7This is something that has NOT been JUST incorporated into the system of power, but has become its foundation. That is, the floor above - less truth, higher - even less truth, and there begin manipulations. And these people (basically genotype 4xx) are now beginning to understand that the situation has got worse, so they are trying to cancel the special military operation at any cost, they want to reach an agreement no matter what it costs. They are ready for anything. They are even ready to demolish the country, because they clearly understand: they WILL NOT GO ANYWHERE; they will remain in their posts and, perhaps, even move up in the ranks. After all, it will be necessary to manage all this. And if they demolish the country, sanctions will be lifted from them, which mean that everything they have stolen will remain to them and their “heirs”. Against this background, it is the easiest way to say (and many of them say this): "political decisions must be made; otherwise we will find ourselves in the same situation that was in the Russian Empire in 1916-1917." Everything is correct. Only after taking such decisions, who will carry them out and implement them? Those worms? The mind of MANY PEOPLE today has caused confusion and some hopelessness in their thinking. Some, by virtue, as it seems to them, of their “rich” experience (both in politics and in predicting situations and explaining them), say and write one thing. Those who CONFRONT THEM and have the so-called "their own opinion", based on their life experience and "experience in politics", say and write something completely different.

And where is the simple "electorate" to go? And in addition we have the “elite” - these are those who gave this name to themselves (called themselves) and they are proud of their “elitism”, locking themselves in the search for answers to the questions of the primacy of the phenomenon “chicken-egg”, “matter-consciousness”, “ money in the morning, chairs in the evening” and why not the other way round. Sometimes (but not very often) in their reasoning they rise to the attempts to realize WHERE passionaries3 and entire societies COME FROM at the right historical moment, and where and why they leave. Seemingly correct answers plunge people EVEN DEEPER into confusion and INCOMPEHENSION of everything that is happening makes them take on faith everything that this "elite" announces. But about the "elite" and their elitism see below. Much more important, perhaps, is the fact that against the background of today’s numerous demands for the MOBILIZATION OF THE ECONOMY and its transfer to the MILITARY BASIS, the news about the bankruptcy and sale of the defense plants property sound absolutely fantastic. And meanwhile, the slightest attention, careful thinking are enough to make sure that there are ways to deal with this catastrophe (I'm not afraid of this word). The measures are quite clear, simple, feasible, quite possible for the people to take, and these measures are impossible solely because their implementation will affect the unheard-of profits of a handful of certain people. I guarantee that today you WILL NOT FIND either single speech, or a single article on your favorite Internet or anywhere else, or a single resolution of any assembly or institution, where a perfectly clear, definitely basic measure to counteract the catastrophe is recognized. This measure: control, supervision, accounting, regulation on the part of the state, establishing the correct distribution of labor forces in the production and distribution and conservation of the people's forces, the elimination of any unnecessary waste of forces, saving them. CONTROL, SUPERVISION, ACCOUNTING – these are the first words to deal with the situation in which we find ourselves today. That's what is not debatable and generally recognized. And this is exactly what they DO NOT DO for fear of encroaching on the omnipotence of the so-called “rich people”, top government officials, on their immeasurable, unheard of, scandalous profits and incomes, which are based on high prices, artificially created on military supplies, as well. And now, directly or indirectly, almost all state corporations, banks and large companies are working for the war, whose profits everyone knows, everyone watches, about which everyone gasps and groans, and EXACTLY NO serious control, accounting, supervision by the state (which stated that IT WOULD DO exactly that) in fact UNDERTAKEN. There is a widespread, systematic, steady sabotage of any control, supervision, and accounting, any attempts to establish this on the part of the state. And there must be incredible naivety NOT TO UNDERSTAND, there requires pure hypocrisy to pretend to BE UNCOMPREHENDING - where does this sabotage come from, by what means it is carried out.


This sabotage is initiated by bankers, bureaucrats and so-called "capitalists". These are THEIR EFFORTS to make impossible any control, supervision, and accounting and cover their actions with democracy and democratic principles, which are completely distorted by them. But where is the way out? Should we rely on the new Control System and expect a miracle created? Or still learn to understand the ongoing: “read” those “pictures” that the System shows us through the actions of people. And understanding this, actively support the processes that are being formed and implemented before our very eyes. It is not the time that changes something, but we are ahead of our time or waste the time on the wrong thing at the wrong time.

Salvation is a general and NON-SPECIFIC concept. So that it could take specific forms, it is necessary to clearly understand the structure of salvation, the nature and SEQUENCE OF ACTIONS of the structures that organize it. At least, you need to imagine what kind of power can be salvation. What does a real savior look like? What kind of structure should it have? What resources and abilities should be assigned to them? Is that a state of a certain type or a supranational structure? Why is this particular structure salvation and the others are not? It is in this direction that I recommend you to think today while carefully observing the ongoing before your eyes, but understanding it in a different way, because those who are aware of what is happening are doing everything possible  so that we DO NOT UNDERSTAND what was  planned  and so that the planned WOULD NEVER HAPPEN. But they have NO COMPREHENSION that NOT a single person (or group of comrades) IS ABLE4 to change anything planned within the framework of the Control System.

Since there is a real attempt to break up and colonize our country, we ought to fight against the supporters of the colonial version, with all the supporters who are concentrated within the country and, most importantly, occupy, as they believe, "key positions." For this, we need people - cadres As I. V. Stalin said: “The most valuable capital is people. Cadres decide everything! What do we need for this? For this we need people who FOUGHT WITH WEAPONS IN HANDS AGAINST THE COLONIZERS. Where can we get them, and is there a hint in this regard? There is a hint - it is on the surface. In other words, these are the people WHO PARTICIPATED in a special military operation, but were commissioned due to some injury, for example, or at the discretion of someone who is CLEARLY DETERMINED to control and perform this task (I won’t give the name, I think that the readers understand who we are talking about) - to single out those who PROVED THEMSELVES in military operations and have organizational abilities, and - use them too. Appoint them to important positions, explaining: “Guys, around you are the same enemies as they were there, at the front, only much more dangerous, because there they were behind the front line, and here they are next to you. And we must see them, identify them, fight them - and win. In addition, these fighters (I’m not afraid of this definition) will have the right to create a commission to investigate ANTI-RUSSIAN ACTIVITIES and “invite” the people there so that they publicly, for the cameras, answer specific questions. Invite some governor, senator or deputy prime minister and ask him: “Why do you have a villa there?” Or: “Where did you get this from?” And then the commission ON ITS OWN WILL MAKE A DECISION on this or that official, of course, within the framework of the new law (no matter what it will be called) or, most likely, within the framework of the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation. That's all. And we have already at least TENS OF THOUSANDS of such people.

In fact, now, within the framework of the special operation, a NEW RUSSIAN ELITE is being formed. These people - they must become the elite. Once, those who came from Afghanistan WERE NOT ALLOWED into power, although this should have been done even then. And now such people should not only be “allowed into power”, but BUILD IN almost ALL key positions. But they need to be taught before these appointments or in the process of these appointments. Where and how? And again, everything is “showed” to us. Pay attention to WHAT KIND OF OPPOSITION is under way on both regarding the one to whom this is “entrusted”, and regarding the Center created by him, already known throughout the country, the Centre that has outlined ITS TASKS5.

9The opening of such centers in other cities of our country is already being considered. And there is no need to be afraid of getting into a situation where NO ONE IS LEFT IN POWER, because the deputies and officials HAVE NOT TAKEN any action to ban the ownership of foreign real estate. But it WILL NOT make any difference. An official, governor or oligarch are called and told: “Either you answer questions and continue working, or you don’t answer, but we immediately remove you from your post.” As for the oligarch - immediate nationalization, since he is not able to be a responsible owner of the property located in our country. Thus we get THE CYCLE OF OFFICIALS in domestic environment. Of course, first of all, POLITICAL WILL is mandatory. The will is either exists or it does not. But according to the actions that I mentioned, it exists and has been developed. I understand perfectly well that if these “people” had been “removed” from all positions of authority and warm seats a year ago, they would have had time to unite and receive the support of the West. These influence groups are very serious in terms of their capacities, money supply, and so on. They have leverage; they have banks, companies, positions - ministerial, deputy prime minister and others. And the big question is how the whole thing would have ended then. But today, when the West itself is NO LONGER UNITED, when there is a desperate struggle for survival, the situation has definitely changed. Therefore, the solution is simple - FIRE THEM and that's it. And there WILL BE NO problems. At least there will be no sabotage. There will be mistakes, of course. But from my reasoning, I hope it is clear who and how will correct these mistakes. This will happen and soon enough. This is the angle you have to look from at what is happening. This should be discussed by all of us, and thought of and talked about it. In my opinion, today there is no alternative and cannot be.

In his time Alexander III said a phrase that was used by more than one generation: “Russia has only two allies - its army and navy. Everyone else will betray her at the first opportunity." I will allow myself to slightly change this statement for our realities: "Russia has only two allies today - people who have known war on land and people who have known war at sea ...". The second part of the statement is not subject to change.


And the last - for those who will "sign up for the Drillers" ...

One day the donkey said to the tiger: "THE GRASS IS BLUE". The tiger replied: "No, the grass is green." An argument broke out, and they went to the lion, the king of the forest, to settle their differences. Even before they reached the place in the forest where the lion was sitting on his throne, the donkey began to cry: “Your Majesty, is it true that the GRASS IS BLUE?”. The lion replied: "Yes, it's true, the grass is blue." The donkey was delighted and went on: “The tiger does not agree with me, argues and annoys me. Please punish him." The lion announced: "The tiger will be punished with five years of silence." The donkey joyfully jumped up and went on, repeating - the grass is blue, the grass is blue ... The tiger, accepting his punishment, asked the lion: “Your Majesty, why did you punish me? IN FACT THE GRASS IS GREEN. The lion replied: "Indeed, the grass is green." The surprised tiger asked, "Then why are you punishing me?" The lion replied, “It has NOTHING TO DO with whether the grass is blue or green. You have been punished because being a BRAVE AND SMART animal like a tiger, you cannot waste YOUR TIME arguing with a donkey and then come to me with this question.”

The worst waste of time is to argue with a fool and a fanatic who does not care at all about the truth or reality, but only about the victory of his beliefs and illusions. NEVER WASTE time on completely meaningless arguments. There are people who, no matter how much evidence and facts they are provided with, are still NOT ABLE to understand. And today it is an objective reality. The only thing they want is to BE RIGHT, which is far from being the case. When ignorance screams, the intellect is silent.

The past is being gone, the new is waiting for those who want to know it.




1 “The coming catastrophe and how to deal with it”, the work of V. I. Lenin, dedicated to the justification of the economic platform of the Bolshevik Party on the eve of the October Socialist Revolution. Written on September 10–14 (23–27), 1917 underground, in Helsingfors (Finland); published in October 1917 as a separate pamphlet by the Priboy publishing house (see Poln. sobr. soch., 5th ed., vol. 34, pp. 151–99).

2 The Henry Jackson Society (HJS) is a transatlantic foreign policy think tank based in London. Its goal is to promote liberal democracy around the world. Currently, it is focused primarily on supporting global democracy in the face of threats from China and Russia. The society is named after the American politician Henry M. Jackson, a Democrat, senator from Washington State, who was a civil rights activist and anti-communist, liberal hawk.

3 Passionarity is an internal thirst for activity aimed at achieving some goal, which, as a rule, is difficult for a person to control and explain to himself. It is related to the ability to receive from the external environment more energy than is required for personal and species survival. A passionate personality (passionary) subconsciously uses excess energy to create a state of internal overstress and fixation on a certain idea. Such ideas are always associated with a change in the surrounding world. The desire for activity in such individuals may be conscious or not. Their goals are often illusory, outside of rational explanations and objective circumstances, but to them the need to achieve them may seem more important than their own lives, and even more so the lives and happiness of other people.

4 The Foundations of mankind Formation (FMF) — parts 1-4.

5 "PMC Wagner Center" is a complex of buildings in which there are places for free accommodation of inventors, designers, IT specialists, experimental production and start-up spaces. The mission of PMC Wagner Center is to provide a comfortable environment for generating new ideas in order to increase the defense capability of Russia, including information


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