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369_Series. Salvation of Saviors

Sunday, 01 January 2023 03:37

039_369 To see the Goal and get the Result…

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«The theory is dry, my friend.
But the tree of life is lush green”.

J. Goethe “Faust”

Is there any way to cognize our being as a single Whole? But the Whole is uncognizable, for cognition is the separation of the cognizable object from the rest of the world and then studying the characteristics. It is not important what you want to understand - neutrino or a butterfly, music or galaxy, a house or a stone, people or politics. It is important that as long as the object of cognition is NOT SEPARATED from the rest, its boundaries are NEITHER CLEAR NOR OUTLINED, it is impossible to understand it. The mind operates only with magnitudes. This means understanding. But there is also a problem with understanding the Whole. It cannot be separated, because it IS EVERYTHING, which means it has no characteristics and cannot be understood. In the traditional sense, the Whole does not exist. A paradox has arisen: the meaning of cognition, for example, of the “SvetL” Complex Generation can be considered the goal derived from the Whole. But what can be considered as the Whole, if you understand that it is impossible to know the Whole, which means the IMPOSSIBILITY of the ABSOLUTE TRUTH.

1Any amount of information that you consider the truth (a book, an article, or any knowledge in general) IS NOT the absolute truth just because you understood it. To understand means to embrace, to set boundaries. But the limited truth is NOT ABSOLUTE, BUT RELATIVE. It may be true in the moment, but it CANNOT be universal and general. This understanding was quite sufficient to move forward in the development of the generation itself and, of course, the already created “SvetL” Programs, which are the target tools in solving the constantly changing tasks that arise before us in our present being. Each step in the modernization and improvement of the “SvetL” Programs, as the Complex in solving the certain, was significant. For me, for my team, and for the users, - these were the stages NOT ONLY in the knowledge of the physics of the process itself, but also real recovery, real protection in the broadest sense of the word, real development of the users ‘brain and (to a certain extent) creating favorable atmosphere in people's homes, cleaning food and much more, which I wrote about in my articles, trying to convey to readers and users the entire expediency of using generation nowadays, in the time so hard for all of us. Let me remind you that the starting point of the “SvetL” Complex development within the framework of the final processes of the reconstruction of the Atmosphere energy grids into their true state and the process of their pumping (replacement in the process of the entire Transition period) was autumn 1985 to April 2011. Naturally, all this was taken into account when creating the Generator itself by N. Levashov and the Programs for it for that period with the purpose of healing and protection. But the processes “gained” momentum, and the change in some of the parameters of TIME AND SPACE for the LIVING CELL (that is, the Life Support conditions in general, started on December 19, 2014) was massively realized on January 19, 2015, laying the foundation for both new medicine and new “SvetL” Programs. I remind you that on this day more than 8,000 programs started up using the old Chekhov Complex. The Altai-2 complex translated them to the entire group of 12 pyramids of the northern Urals and to the Arctic Circle. The same was translated to the Antarctic Circle (12 pyramids), and by January 19 the Earth was different! Few people have understood this, but if you look at the ongoing events from these positions, then much become clear. Instead of the old program for the development of the energy biogenesis of the flesh, a new one was “launched” on December 21–22, 2014 - the program (of the proto-energy biogenesis of the flesh) within the framework of the Space Anthropo-ecology. And it will be functioning MINIMUM X CENTURIES (and how much would I like to see all this with my own eyes ...!). There began the Recreation of everything that had been set for the life on Planet Earth for all EIGHT STAGES of its future development (now - only the first). At a more local level of changes, there was liquidated the system program “Fear”, which was formed from 1945 to the beginning of 1990. The last year has already “returned” to the Earth 1,200 years of its native states — such is the speed of the GOING CHANGES and the filling of new pages of our Planet’s true history.

2Realizing all this, it was necessary to look for the way out in what was happening or more precisely, the way to convey information to people, help them in comprehending it and, based on this, their personal decision making, which is becoming extremely important today. I am saying it once again - on the basis of the received and thought over information - MAKE DECISIONS INDEPENDENTLY, without any prompts from outside. It was necessary to look for a different process of knowledge. But what this means and how to put it into practice - I DID NOT KNOW. The only thing that remained was to express the hope that the search would one day bring to the answer. But this hope was little grounded, except for understanding the generation itself and the Programs’ making within the framework of the tasks to be solved. For all that, the search could take a lifetime and result in nothing. During this time, unbeknownst to myself, I may become a bookworm and a scribbler, for whom writing books may become the source of his “status”. But over time, I realized that you can avoid such a perspective if you DO NOT GO headlong into searching for the answer to ontological1 questions, but combine theory with practice. The theory becomes MAXIMUM EFFECTIVE when it is combined with practice. For example, you designed an airplane, built it; it fell, you took into account the mistakes, and designed a new one. Again it fell; again you took into account the mistakes and again created. And go that way - until it flies.

3Theory is the starting point. To take on the creation of an aircraft, you must first have an aircraft drawing in your hands. To do a meaningful searching, there must be a goal that is derived from the Whole and is the absolute truth. Without such a goal, practice is impossible. And then an insurmountable impasse arises, because there is NO ABSOLUTE TRUTH. So what to do? Focusing on what is happening, understanding the physics of the ongoing (perhaps not completely), but relying on the information from N. Levashov, A. Khatybov, A. Luchin, N. Morozov, B. Makov and other Russian scientists, which has become my knowledge; based on the real experience of using the “SvetL” Programs, on the great amount of feedback about their work, both in improving the health of people, and in Flora and Fauna, I saw the only way out of my thoughts - to take as a guideline the goal, higher than ANYTHING I CANNOT think of at the moment. That goal is OVERCOMING DEATH. It is not absolute, if only because my knowledge tells me that there is NO DEATH. But it also tells me that the greatest benefit that can be derived from life is to spend life on the cause that will outlive us. It does not follow from anything that after the death of the body, the Brain disappears (Spirit, Personality, Soul - whatever is more convenient for anyone). I have already mentioned repeatedly that, in my understanding, the most capacious of all these definitions is the Brain. But with full confidence, due to my knowledge of the subject, I can say that the Brain (Spirit, Personality, and Soul) continues to exist in a different being. Religious teachings assure us that something awaits us after death (heaven/hell or nirvana). Atheistic teachings say that after death a personality disappears into zero. All these teachings are related by the fact that they DO NOT HAVE any basis. It is proposed to believe in their truth. I, and not only me, - DO NOT WANT TO BELIEVE anyone's opinion today, no matter what candy wrappers it is wrapped in. Faith was good for the past level of development. For today's level, it is unacceptable. So that you understand why I deny faith today, I say that modern science is also BASED ON FAITH in the truth of basic postulates (“conventionalism2”). Scientists consider the truth to be what they agreed to consider as the truth. If they have agreed to consider otherwise, science would have been different. As an example, according to Einstein, everything in the world changes: space, time, matter. Only the speed of light does not change. But this is NOT AT ALL. In media, light does not propagate in the way that A. Einstein's "theory" prescribes. It is also known that the speed of light coming from distant stars slows down on the field galactic medium, which causes a "red shift" in their spectra.

4A. Einstein DID NOT TAKE the trouble to explain why H. Lorentz's3 formulas, invented by him for electromagnetic processes, can be used for such fundamental categories of physics as matter, space and time, which were considered absolute, i.e. unchanged. This should not happen in science. For any law of physics, the scope of its application is specified. D. Maxwell did not know the nature of electromagnetic fields, that is why his electrodynamics equations turned out to be so untenable. A. Einstein, illegally using the transformation of H. Lorentz, EXPANDED THE SCOPE of these transformations from fields to objects and time. For an abstract construction: one coordinate system moves relative to another fixed one, what happens in it with the time, mass of bodies and their sizes? Generally speaking, there are no such systems in the world, i.e., there are no fixed systems. Our world is the essence of movement, and ambiguities immediately made themselves felt, despite the fiercely vicious defense of A. Einstein's hypotheses by powerful scientific circles. This was expressed by the Russian physicist A. A. Luchin, and he turned out to be right. I want to make decisions and act based on facts. I think it's stupid to rely on someone's unsubstantiated fabrications.

The first fact: no one knows (although there are many who believe that they know, based on what they read from N. Levashov, A. Khatybov, etc.), what will happen to his Brain (Spirit, Soul) after death, especially in today's processes of the transitional period. Maybe IT will disappear into zero or go to heaven / hell, to nirvana or some other options.

The second fact: my earthly life in today's body shell will end. My body will become lifeless flesh to be buried or burned. This is understood and known by almost everyone.

The third fact: regardless of what AWAITS us THERE, NOTHING or something, everyone would like to grow old and die according to one’s own will, and not someone else's. And while there is NO DESIRE to go beyond the limits of earthly life, everyone would like to remain healthy, young and alive. The answer to the question depends on the form of the question. If I ask a priest whether I can run, jump and wave my arms while praying silently, he will say: “You cannot.” If I ask whether I can pray to myself during sports activities, where I run, jump and wave my arms, he will say: “You can.” The answer entirely depends NOT ON THE POINT of the action, but on the architecture of the question. Why am I writing about this in such detail, from the point of view of a simple person who has not yet known the works of the authors mentioned by me? Because this is exactly how my thoughts “went”, highlighting from the main goal defined by me (overcoming death), a small part of what I started this path with (implementing the known theory into real practice in the application of the “SvetL” Programs for a decade, into the real practice of creating the “tool” with which it will be possible to confidently move towards the designated goal), realizing that this is only the beginning of this path, and not only for me, but for those who will follow me and with me. This will become the meaning of their life, which people are looking for and CANNOT find, because they do not have a global goal. I want to emphasize here that it was NOT ME who "gave birth" to this global and comprehensive idea. I have already mentioned this - for me - it came from the Man, with a capital letter - the Man who substantiated this path and turned me in this direction, giving me objective information about the idea that I turned into my goal. This Man asked NOT TO MAKE his name public and associate him with the information provided, believing that authorship here is inappropriate, and the information should be for everyone and belong to everyone. He provided a lot of material in this direction, and I am giving it to you, of course. In my letters to him - I called him just the Author4, and he agreed with this.

Now everything should move into the real practice of gradual implementation and, of course, explaining to people how to bring this idea to life, making it the MAIN PURPOSE of their existence on our Earth. The most global processes are rapidly “unfolding” by the New Control System, and against this background, as one of the “planned” stages (in my opinion, the most important), the process of recreating the Life Support System of people is underway. This idea (goal) could appear only in today's time, because it was hidden by the Old Control System, which turned all the activities of people into the CREATION OF DEATH (in the creation of numerous tools and WAYS TO DESTROY PEOPLE on our Earth, starting from a stick, a bow with arrows and ending with nuclear weapons and today's modern high-precision weapons, in some ways superior to nuclear weapons). You only try to imagine the RESOURCE OF THE TOTAL SPENT on this by people over the past two thousand years. Just try! That is why I started everything from understanding, and then creating a “drawing” of the new Complex, together with a very small team of my associates and like-minded people, as part of solving a partial, albeit small, share in this global goal. And this fact once again proves that the Russian Scientific and Technological Society (RSTS) is not some kind of organization that exists only on paper, but a real team capable of solving very complex problems.

5 Try to imagine your body as a house, and the world around you as a forest. You are used to the house and the forest. And now they tell you that beyond the forest there is ANOTHER WORLD - a city. You don't believe it at first. One day you are persuaded to take a tour there. You personally see a different world, it surprises you and you really like it. You are offered to move from the house to the city apartment forever. But you ARE NOT READY yet and return to your forest house. Then once again you come to the city and stay there to live longer. You start to like city life even more. And one day you decide to finally move from the old world to the new one. This happens at your request, and not because the house suddenly burned down or collapsed from the old age. Similarly, with the body - everyone would like to leave it on their own free will, and not because it fell apart from the old age or it was destroyed by chance. This also became one of the reasons for the creation of the new  Complex as part of the task. But most importantly, it was necessary to realize that the ongoing process would be completed in the shortest possible time, namely: the elimination of the energies of the Interventional System, imported from outside, ALIEN BASIC OCTAVES, together with all its docking energies (18 basic octaves); restoration to the true state of the basic basis for the formation of spaces (from cubic to tetrahedral and, later, to dodecahedral); liquidation of all previous Control Systems, control and integrated support, together with a part of complexes and objects, etc. The change in the energy and structural foundations of the environment of the entire Earth model will be completed; everything will be brought to its true native state. And all these are GLOBAL MILESTONES in achieving the main goal. The main milestone (task) for creating the "drawing" of the New Complex, I considered the "launched" new program, the program of proto-energy biogenesis of the flesh. But between the milestones, people need to live and exist and, most importantly, to PROMOTE THE ONGOING. That's why I began to make a "drawing", which grew into the structure that was able to fly!

The more intellectual resources are concentrated on the task (material resources are secondary), the more chances to find a solution. Maximum chances are given by the maximum concentration of resources (also remember that a chance and guarantee are not synonymous).

Nowadays, the entire World System is arranged in such a way that intellectual resources, and all the rest, are aimed at NOT AGAINST DEATH, BUT AGAINST LIFE (for military spending, which we are seeing today not only in the Ukraine, but throughout the world). As long as this system has been preserved, it is basically impossible to redirect resources in the opposite direction (from "AGAINST LIFE" TO "AGAINST DEATH"). But it is being destroyed before our eyes with all the obviousness of the processes that destroy it, in almost all spheres of our present being. Therefore, it is necessary to help people (there is no doubt that not all of them) FIND THEIR PLACE in these transformation processes. The search for the solution gives a chance, while inaction crushes all hopes. We are all passengers of the sinking ship called Life. Death approaches each of us. How surreal the passengers of the sinking ship would look, running up to their cabins to clean up in order to have time to clean up BEFORE THE SHIP WENT DOWN, so ridiculous we look, mortal people, ignoring the approach of death, giving all our time and energy to making money, buying things, home arrangements and entertainment.

Here it is appropriate to say that I am NOT AGAINST earthly values. I take them as a bonus on the way to the goal, but not the goal itself. If moving towards the goal requires giving up the bonus, I will give it up. I know my goal and call it MY MEANING OF LIFE. I don't see anything higher. If you show me a higher goal, I will take it. So far, I do not see a more effective investment of my time and effort, except for the idea of overcoming death and precisely through what I have known, created, experienced, applied and received as the result. I don't know where I will come to and what I will end up with. I know and am sure that something will turn out in the direction I have chosen. I would rather move to the goal than meaninglessly swim in the STREAM OF OLD VALUES; and I want to invite readers to follow me. That's my whole truth... If I managed to SHAKE THE OLD PATTERNS that your head is full of, there is a chance that you would like to go with me beyond the horizon line. If I failed, you will remain with your views in the old system of values and will live the way you have always lived. I just want to say that the set goal is achieved through changing the World System in such a way that resources go NOT AGAINST life, but AGAINST DEATH. This task determines the nature and direction of the initial practical actions, which I decided for myself as the modernization of the “SvetL” Complexes and Programs as part of the ongoing changes in the direction of the improving people's health in this NOT that SIMPLE time, and their development (the development of their Brain) for understanding the ongoing, feasible participation in these truly global changes of the World. And, of course, there will be articles (perhaps they will grow into another book) with new information on the current events and explanations of what has already been written (not by me), but NOT YET UNDERSTOOD by you. In order to minimize speculations, provocations and nonsense around the Idea and around what I have planned as part of the implementation (at least partially), I will tell the stages (as I see it) of this path with large strokes in my articles of series 369.

I have learned a lesson for myself for the rest of my life: NEVER TAKE anything for granted. Actually, Nicolai Levashov said the same thing, and Alexander Khatybov, in unison with him. Any information should be taken with the presumption of innocence. Since then, I have NO AUTHORITIES. If tomorrow creatures from other worlds appear before me, I WILL NOT ACCEPT information from them on faith. If it comes from an unusual source, this does not mean that it is true. If tomorrow a child gives REASONABLE INFORMATION that contradicts what I know now, I will change my mind. I am not a dogmatist and I know that the truth does not freeze. Today's truth in our understanding may become a lie tomorrow, and the truth may be what we are afraid to think of today.

As mentioned above, you can start creating an aircraft with the drawing in hand. Without it, no matter how huge resources may be, you DO NOT CREATE an aircraft. I passionately wanted to act and create Programs that would repeatedly overlap what was already created, working, and no matter what anyone tell me today - working well, bringing help to people. I perfectly SEE the POTENTIAL of the Generator Created by the Genius (I'm not afraid of this word), of N. Levashov, and I understand that I use NO MORE than half of its capabilities (if it is appropriate to assess it that way). The main assessment of what was created and applied was the “test” for “COVID-19” (coronavirus infection), which showed, and most importantly, really convinced the users of the enormous possibilities of all the “SvetL” Complexes created by that time. But a year later the question arose – what is next? What to focus on? On the slogan "Take everything from life! Or “For everything good and against everything bad!” If I HAD NOT BEEN FACED with questions from the series: What is the meaning of life? What is the world? What am I? - I would live in the current moment - household chores and everyday goals, believing that everything goes on and that I HAVE FULFILLED what I had promised N. Levashov. I would consider business and politics to be the peak of human affairs. I would write about it, "resting on the laurels" of the created. Now in the world there would be one more jingoistic patriot, businessman or politician filling a pause in anticipation of death. But there CAME QUESTIONS to me. It is impossible to go into practice WITHOUT AN IDEA of what to do. Whatever one may say, but first of all, there must be a theory. There is a parable about the builder of the tower, which says a lot to those who understand: “For which of you, wanting to build a tower, first sits down and calculate the costs, whether he has what is needed to complete it, so that when he lays the foundation and not could do, the all-seeing would not laugh at him, saying: "This man began to build and could not finish?5"

6V. Lenin and B. Napoleon were guided by the principle: "the main thing is to get involved in the battle, and then we'll figure it out." I also used this principle when we created New Knowledge Clubs named after N. Levashov all over the country. They were effective in the moment that lasted more than 10 years and, of course, brought tangible benefits to people, and this is the main thing. But wittingly or unwittingly, both the participants and I ignored the basic questions (what exactly - I will tell later). There was a speed in the dissemination of information and a momentary result. But the structure contained CONSTRUCTIVE ERRORS. When the long-term consequences of ignored problems came out, many of us and I, of course, came to our senses. I realized that we had done a great work that few people in our time could do. The work of disseminating information for people, which became their New Knowledge, but we DID NOT REACH the goal. The price of enjoying rapid growth is contemplating the death of your offspring. Whoever wants to build a skyscraper faster, and therefore builds it on the foundation for a five-story building (in the hope that he will somehow figure it out later and solve problems as they come), will eventually observe the COLLAPSE OF THE CONSTRUCTION. It will be necessary either to start all over again, or to abandon the project. The speed of the creation is proportional to the scale of what is being created. It suddenly became clear to me: the more I hurry, the more time I lose, in fact, it turns out slower. The information given by me both in books and in written articles - at most - encouraged people to create sites and groups (I have nothing to do with many of them). But what was the point of them if no one in these groups HAD ANY IDEA what to do. They slid into a pattern when a NEW TECHNOLOGY was needed. It is impossible to go by the old roads to new places. It is common for people to endow well-known technologies that have proven successful in the past with versatility. (This applies not only to the “SvetL” Technologies). This is clearly seen in politics. If fifty years ago leaflets and strikes were successful, it is believed that they will still be effective today. I stand on the position that new goals are achieved ONLY BY NEW TECHNOLOGIES.

I AM NOT A SUPPORTER of the rules "we'll figure it out later". NO, WE WILL NOT. This is clearly demonstrated to all of us by the events begun on February 23–24 and taking place now. I am sure that the Club Members will agree with me today. Before attracting people and resources, there must be a CLEAR ACTION PLAN. It’s better to DO NOTHING than to create another (unable of anything) “political party” or “public organization”, or something like that from the “association” of people who (as we all now see with our own eyes against the backdrop of what began in February) have lost all their abilities and are no longer able of anything in this configuration of the union.

7My assistants and I do everything honestly. If nothing works out, we will have NOTHING to reproach ourselves with. We are human and we tend to make mistakes. Only stupid person can say that if he once changes his views, NO ONE can BELIEVE him. There was time when I was close to religion and belief, when I found the Icon of the Tikhvin Mother of God in America and, with the blessing of the Patriarch of All Russia Alexy II, I did everything so that the icon returned to Russia6, and then I revised, by virtue of my knowledge, the attitude towards religion, and Christianity. Today I oppose any state as a form of controlling people. I do realize that the new society will be built on other principles that are not defined as the state ones. New information, and especially New Technologies, oblige us to draw new conclusions. The one, who is not open to the new, DOES NOT STRIVE for the truth. But it’s one thing if mistakes crept in against my will, it’s another thing if I see mistakes, but hope for a chance, and start building something, NOT REALIZING that I’m driving off in general terms, like politicians all over the world. But with politicians (political businessmen), everything is clear, their real goal is NOT WHAT they say, but to amuse self-esteem and get some material “gingerbread”. My goal was to answer the question “what is the meaning of life?” and dedicate my life to this goal.

"If the blind leads the blind, both will fall into the pit.7" Nicolai Levashov often used this expression. Under the pressure of this argument, I again had to get down to thinking on the use of the Programs and the capabilities of the Generator in order to try to create something universal that would absorb everything that had already been created and bring significant benefits. The contours of the main idea are TO CONQUER DEATH - were not even formed yet. I hoped to cope with all this in 2-3 months (it seems funny when I remember it now). It took more than two years to comprehend and create a “drawing”, but the final design fully manifested itself only with the appearance of my main, comprehensive idea, which, I am sure, you hardly find more global in the world today. And then both the "drawing", and the design itself, and the capabilities in solving today's problems – all lined up as a kind of new step for me and for my team in the initial understanding of the implementation of this idea, naturally, within the framework of my knowledge and capabilities. In a very approximate description, without mathematical and physical details, which for obvious reasons CANNOT be made public, the design of the new Complex is a combination of the technologies of Vladimir Shukhov, Nikola Tesla, the calculations of A. Luchin and A. Khatybov, and, of course, first of all the Generator of Nicolai Levashov, but in a new, SIGNIFICANTLY IMPROVED embodiment of its capabilities, relative to the completely new created programs used in it. Everyone who helped me in the implementation of this idea (the design itself according to the drawing and in “metal”) took it for granted. For the first time, a specific goal was identified - OVERCOMING DEATH. It did not follow from the worldview, and therefore it cannot be considered worldview.

In what ways it is impossible to light a nuclear reactor with firewood, in the same ways it is impossible to create a new movement by sitting in social networks, to create something that can affect the present being and at least make it easier for people today (in the full understanding of this). As was said above, new things SHOULD BE DONE with new methods. Whoever does what he has always done will get what he has always gotten. I wanted to get a new result. After Nicolai Levashov's gone, there were a lot of difficulties, but looking back, I see now that everything was not in vain! The people who came to the created Clubs, who began to use the Technologies not out of despair, but being aware of their usefulness, - their unwillingness to live as the System offered them, OUTWEIGHED THE LACK of a clear plan of action. There was some kind of a plan, but it looked more like an intention. My authority played a certain role, but the main thing was the desire to change life. We filmed videos, wrote articles and created other content, posting it wherever possible. The results, on a comparative scale, in my opinion, are NOT SIGNIFICANT. I began to receive letters where people called my thoughts THE WORLD VIEW TEACHING, and me, respectively, the Teacher (with a capital letter). This meant that there were many who DID NOT UNDERSTAND what I was writing about in my books. Perhaps, I didn't explain well... Here I am not going to explain anything (we will consider all ontological topics, if, of course, it will be interesting after practice). I will only say that in the phrase "worldview teaching", which means knowledge of the Whole, there is as much meaning as in the phrase "square circle". It is impossible to grasp and understand the whole for the same reason as it is impossible to understand the infinite. In the word "Teacher" (the bearer of worldview teachings) for me there is as much honor as in the status of "representative of the square circle." One can manifest one's thoughts as a worldview teaching, and oneself as a teacher, either from the lack of understanding of the depth of the issue, or from a small scale of thinking, or by pursuing prosaic things that HAVE NOTHING TO DO with the search for the truth. I do not declare my thoughts as a worldview teaching, and myself as a teacher, because I UNDERSTAND THE REALITY. But I want to draw the readers’ attention to the fact that this is just MY OPINION and IT SHOULD BE ACCEPTED. You should not believe in anything. I need not believers, I need those who understand. "I need living companions who follow me, because they want to follow themselves - and there where I want.8"

8Science assures us that death will be overcome in the next two or three centuries. If you're lucky, maybe even in a hundred years. Against the backdrop of historical layers – just within arm’s reach. But for us it's like never. If development maintains the evolutionary speed, none of the living now has ANY CHANCE to live to the victory over death. We will all lie down in the ground ... Perhaps we are one historical step away from the goal. But it is larger than human life. In order for everyone to have a real chance to overcome death, the Brain of people (human) must make a jump – a jump over the historical distance that separates us from the life free from death. So let's take the first step - a step in this direction, which, of course, is just a small step - but the main thing is to understand the goal, above which there is nothing today.

 Welcome the "support" in this step - the New Complex "SvetL-Vita". In the following articles of Series_369 I will give more detailed information on the physics of the Complex, and how, in my opinion, to go towards the main goal that I have outlined. The Goal Vector of this process, as well as of all evolutionary processes of people's life arrangement REQUIRES the MANDATORY rules of the following sequence in their manifestation: phenomenon - action - event. This is what we will start from. I am sure that we will not be afraid of what is wandering down today - we will begin and will live in the future.



1 The main question of ontology is “What exists?”. The main concepts of ontology: being, existing, structure, properties, forms of being (material, ideal, existential), space, time, movement. Ontological problems are built as the identification of the common in a single case, the awareness of the unity of reality and man in this reality. In accordance with the general levels of separation, being is classified into: the physical being of the world, the special manifestations of which are space and time.

2 Conventionalism (from Latin conventio — agreement), a trend in the philosophy of science, according to which the basis of scientific theories are based on explicit or implicit agreements (conventions) of scientists regarding concepts, definitions, axioms, hypotheses, etc., and the choice of agreements is regulated by considerations of convenience, expediency, simplicity, aesthetic perfection, etc. The founder is considered to be A. Poincare. Based on the application of the axiomatic method in a number of mathematical disciplines, he came to the conclusion that axioms are products of agreements that do not have an experimental origin, their choice is due only to considerations of productivity of mathematical proof. This idea was then exteHendrik and "works" to this day.

3 Hendrik Anton Lorenz. July 18, 1853-4 February 1928. Dutch theoretical physicist, winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics. Member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences, foreign corresponding member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences and foreign Honorary member of the USSR Academy of Sciences.)

4 "Project Russia" is a series of journalistic books of anonymous authorship. The books were published in 2005 — 2010. At the moment, the series officially includes four books: "Project Russia", "Project Russia. Choosing the path", "Project Russia. The Third Millennium" and "Project Russia. A big idea." The following information is more significant.

5 Gospel of Luke, Chapter 14, verses 28-30.

6 Now the miraculous icon is located in the Assumption Cathedral of the Tikhvin Mother of God Assumption Monastery.

7 Gospel of Matthew chapter 15 verse 14.

8 Friedrich Nietzsche - Thus Spoke Zarathustra.


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