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369_Series. Salvation of Saviors

Wednesday, 15 February 2023 03:39

041_369 Waiting at the “door”…

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It is not hard to cut down a thousand-year-old oak, but it will take another thousand years to grow a new one, but it will be another tree…

It seems to me wrong to consider any questions of our life, of our existence as such outside of the current events. For some reason, all comparisons are lame, but this does not mean that we do not compare anything or all the comparisons are meaningless.

Firstly, I want to discuss this at the simplest level, at the level that is obvious even to anyone trying to deny the obvious. So, it is necessary for the discussed to be manifested - and this should be the key in their understanding. Secondly, now before each of us and before Russia, as the whole that unites us, there is one task - to win in a non-nuclear conventional war1 being waged on the territory of the Ukraine. This is not even the war with the Bandera Ukraine, it is, as we all understand, the war with the West, surprisingly clinging to this Ukraine, in the broadest sense of this. I want to note that India and Pakistan fought according to a VERY SIMILAR scheme. Once it was a single Hindustan (we will not consider its history, but it was colonially dependent on Great Britain for quite a long time), and then, when it began to free itself, it was divided into parts - Pakistan and India proper were separated, and doomed to conflict by this separation. Well, why not an analogue of what happened during the separation of the Soviet Union?! A very close analogy. India and Pakistan have fought a lot of times and NO ONE in the West has ever SHOUTED - they did not care much about it. The West was indifferent or nearly indifferent. And in what way this so-called "conflict" will end - the West is NOT INDIFFERENT at all, and this indifference just reveals what the West is, what its attitude to Russia is, and much more. But the main thing is that there were conflicts and they were resolved then, and now they are being resolved under completely different Programs and Control Systems of the past and the present. Through the ongoing events today, in most active way the DESTRUCTION OF THE ARTIFICIALLY IMPOSED Anglo-American-European illusion about the historical inevitability of their civilization superiority over the overwhelming majority of the entire community of people on planet Earth under the control of the liquidated (2011.04.24) interventionist Control System is under way. The conflict is growing, it is taking on new shapes and we have to NOT JUST survive in it, we have to win it, and we need to win (I emphasize) without use nuclear weapons, which are constantly being talked about mainly by the opposite side. And the state must win in this big conventional war. The state called the Russian Federation, such as it is. It may be and should be transformed during the war. It is this state that is moving the 500,000th masses of warring soldiers and officers today. It is this state that supplies a colossal amount of ammunition, fuel, everything that is needed for the success of the war. It presents some strategies. It is this state that produces military equipment and everything else. This is a huge clumsy inertial system, to which there is NO replacement OVERNIGHT. One can grieve about its imperfections, something can be corrected, but such a state is to fight. This is what we have in reality today. UNDOUBTEDLY, it IS NECESSARY for it to win, because we have no other state. We live in what we have, and everything else is fantasy. Therefore, in the conditions of such a war, any conflicts with this statehood, opposing it to another, seems to be completely UNTIMED, not to say - provocative. But this in no way excludes some internal transformation of this statehood. You may not love Lenin 10 times, 100 times, and for good reason.


But if you carefully read his article - "The Impending disaster and how to fight it"2, - it says a simple thing: "The Provisional Government, the Soviets, all our enemies - you must win the war. You cannot win it if you want to steal without measure. Bring it down a notch now; put things in order, accounting and control, and everything else. Otherwise, you will lose power and then you will not be able to steal moderately. Now it is necessary to stop stealing at all, and then - moderately. And now - no stealing at all!” However, in our today's realities, the key word - "... - moderately" - MUST NOT exist at all.

It is necessary to discuss the key subjects that arise precisely in the process of governance in the State, which are visible today precisely through the leaders who implement them. They are visible not only to specialists, but also practically understandable to everyone. No matter how all this is important, it does not mean that in Russia you can stop discussing the MEANING OF THE ONGOING, plunging into the facts as such. Facts are very important and necessary. Honor and praise to those who get them, honor and praise to those who describe them. In addition to the facts, there is a meaning, and this meaning SHOULD BE DISCUSSED not from the position of malice about the imperfections of the existing state (they are very easy to find), but from the conceptual position and, to begin again from the beginning, from what the authorities say, in whose hands the fate of Russia really lies. This is a very serious question. So, the authorities told us (and I heard it with great satisfaction) that at the previous stage, the authorities as the whole WANTED VERY MUCH to enter Western Civilization, considered it extremely important, the only beneficial thing, and did everything to make it happen. You need to understand that what the authorities said, all this happened within the framework of the old Control System as the last stage in the implementation of the global plan in the development of the human brain genotypes. But the main thing is that today all this is said openly and manifested so that everyone could understand it. Let's try to understand what exactly was said, and for all that, in some simple positions.

2At the official level, it is said that "... we will now turn some brigades into divisions ..." and it is listed where and how exactly we will do this. This means that we had these divisions – THEY WERE IN THE PAST, then they were turned into brigades, and now they are trying to return all this. But after all, this, and that and both, are a little more complicated than rearranging furniture in the apartment. Even if you rearranged the furniture in the apartment, you still first rearranged it this way, then in a different way, and then returned to the original one. And this means that you made some mistake, probably, you didn’t take into account something. This is with furniture, and there there was some unfortunate major misunderstanding (putting it mildly), and it is NOT FREE OF CHARGE and NOT ONLY free of charge.

Any changes in any system take a lot of energy - changes require resources. These resources are material, and organizational, and temporary. Serdyukov (former Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation) did not appear under Yeltsin. For some reason he appeared. He carried out some transformations that were motivated and supported by something and someone. And this, discarding all emotions, should be understood only as the stage in solving the problem within the framework of the Old Control System. But let's take a broader view - how does all this correlate with what is happening with the Russian state today? What kind of state is this? How did it come into being? To whom and what is it the legal successor? How does it see its own succession? Is NOT it CALLED discussing the current day with its tragedy at the same time? Now I am moving from this story with brigades to the fair and very timely thing that was (finally) said today that they wanted to enter the Western community, and then it turned out that they did not want to take us there. However, we must ask ourselves; with what and how did we pay for the time of waiting at the front door of Western civilization? Were we just standing at this entrance? But this is NOT SO, and this scheme of actions with divisions and brigades also speaks of the fact that this is not so. At this entrance, we performed certain actions aimed at opening the door. We earned an entrance ticket to enter there. In other words, one SPIRIT (called the Soviet Union in its certain version) was waiting at this door of Western civilization and it was said that this SPIRIT COULD NOT ENTER there. Let's transform it into such a Spirit that will be able to enter there. Let's cut off this thing, then this one, then that one... - then there will be this kind of Spirit (we have cut off everything - all unnecessary growths of Sovietism) and, finally, we have got something. And here is THIS SOMETHING - it will definitely come in. As part of this, a lot of actions were carried out, including actions with those brigades. This is only a micro-particle within all the other actions that were carried out. This is how, through specific people, the last stage of the deformation of the people’s mind structure was built, which is the so-called genotype of the Brain, implemented within the framework of the Old System. These people DID NOT UNDERSTAND any longer one thing - if a person is only capable of taking, but not creating and not replenishing or eliminating the consequences of his deed, - he cannot be defined as a Human. This is NOT even a PERSON, but a controlled biological being. It can have only limited auto-motor functions of the Brain for domestic arrangements and his temporary life support at the expense of the destruction of the harmony of the environment and his additional use. They, these creatures, are called people. The process of changing the Systemic power allowed the current "authority" to say that it NEVER AGREED to carry out complete nuclear disarmament or even a very strong reduction of its nuclear potential. In the initial Yeltsin period, there was such a belittling. The Soviet model for opposing non-entry and anti-entry was close to optimal, but for the entry it was absolutely REDUNDANT AND UNNECESSARY. It was not distorted in itself, as a thing in itself; it was distorted in relation to a certain goal-setting and NOT DISTORTED in relation to another. From the end of the 80s to the present, THERE WAS NO moderately liberal economist who DID NOT DISCUSS how idiotically Stalin began to build the entire new industry, that is, from the heavy machine tool industry. How correct it would be to build everything from light industry and so on. How smoothly and not costly we would then turn into an industrial power, - in some 50-70 years. Stalin did not have 50-70 years; he DIRECTLY SAID that he had only 10, otherwise they would crush him. And from the point of view of 10 years and opposition to the colossal bloc of Western powers, called the Nazi Reich, it was optimal to build everything from heavy industry. This is to the thoughts on what is happening today for those who are STILL CAPABLE of thinking. It was optimal to build everything the way it was built, and from the point of view of existing, having entered the global civilization, and being on a par with England, Germany etc., it was disgustingly stupid to exist like that. This WAS IMPLEMENTED when “hovering” before the front door through the parameters of the executive step-by-step processes from the programs for the “Development of Brain Genotypes and Energy Biogenesis of the Body Flesh”. This is the main law of development and the whole of history, but not anything else.

There is no ideal model of existence at all; it is just beginning to build up. There is a model of existence in an optimal way, corresponding to goal-setting - entry, non-entry and anti-entry. From the point of view of this anti-entry, determined by the "Iron Curtain" and many other things, of course, it was right to have an ideology according to which - "...there, over the hill there is the devil, and we are the Holy Land." The Americans did exactly the same thing, they said - "... we are the city on the hill, a holy state - democracy, and over there - a monstrous totalitarianism." And we would say - the city of the yellow devil is over there, and we have a good state. And this is not the first time this has happened in history. This is an axiom that Nikolai Morozov3 drew attention to. Moreover, when this was done in earnest, it was saturated with certain content, CONVINCING ENOUGH for the population. It is not enough just to say that there is Satanism over there. It is necessary to talk in detail, convincingly and for a long time about why there is a minus there, as well as to present some plus. But if we believe that we have reached this state, and it is optimal, and we will stand against the whole West for a long time in it, it CANNOT be otherwise. It means that there, in the Western world, there is some absolute knowledge about optimality, and we took this optimality from their absolute knowledge and embodied it here. But this absolute knowledge about the homogeneous Western world is about optimality in it, and NOT ABSOLUTE knowledge on optimality as such. There is no optimality as such. There are several types of optimality. What kind of optimality are we looking for now, and was it so far from the Soviet one in the imagination of those who lived in the Soviet Union? I don’t want to sing all the details of the Soviet system, even more so because many of them are UNRECOVERABLE, and some of them ultimately led to the destruction of the Soviet state, and the only argument in favor of its NON-OPTIMALITY is that it has collapsed. I'm just writing about what was obviously present in this Soviet model, and it is the simplest. Now, if we need to return some full-fledged self-sufficient industrial outline, then the question is not only how we truncated it, but where WE WILL GET everything that we threw away. We did it, and now we need to RETURN not the brigades, but this industrial complex. Where do we get it from? How do we grow it? I think that turning brigades into divisions is much easier than making our industry self-sufficient. I'm not saying THAT CANNOT BE DONE, but it MUST BE DONE if we want to endure for a long time. How are we going to do it? What example to rely on? We, due to the automotority of our thinking, are always looking for examples in the past, in order to apply them today. Whether this is good or bad is the second question, the question of the possibility and understanding of what is happening and the idea (at least in some configuration) of the future.

 When the Great October Socialist Revolution took place, then after this very event and the unfolding Civil War (about four years later), the RECOVERY PERIOD began. And during the Civil War, Lenin, who raved about industrialization, began to say that it was necessary to build Volkhovstroy, and then immediately there was a GOELRO plan and everything else. What were the parameters of the system that completed itself so heroically in order to survive in the Great Patriotic War and which many people (both in the country and outside it) called idiotic, that violated ALL THE LAWS of the world existence and development? What was used by the Control System and imposed on the specific people to implement the intended, so that the sense of self-righteousness and faith in the future WOULD NOT BE violated? Majority of the most intelligent and capable personnel of the military complex of the Russian Empire found themselves with the Bolsheviks (Kamenev, Brusilov, Shapochnikov, Bonch-Bruevich) — there were a lot of these people. The Bolsheviks gathered the entire possible officer corps, a significant part of the main directorate of the Russian Imperial army. Talented naturals were attached to this — Sergeant Budyonny, who smashed General Mamontov, Vasily Ivanovich Chapaev, and so on. These naturals BEGAN to BE TRAINED, and they were trained by VERY TALENTED and highly competent tsarist officers and generals. There was a symbiosis of the new and old army, and the BEST SYMBIOSIS. Very different people from the imperial generals, from the imperial professors, the best parts from other strata of society worked in full to teach the young "barbarians of the Soviets" from the LOWER RANKS OF THE SOCIETY who came to them to study everything they knew. These young barbarians absorbed everything like blotters, like sponges, and were young, energetic, and talented enough, and wanted to study, and studied. Lenin's thesis — to study, study and study — was not empty. This was immediately fixed in a certain hierarchy of the Soviet society — meritocratic4, under which these barbarians were trained, becoming the Soviet elite, and a clear hierarchical ladder and clear channels of vertical mobility emerged. They were NOT PERFECT, they could be criticized in many ways, but they were OBVIOUSLY EFFECTIVE. The old imperial corps of teachers taught the new fierce barbaric Soviet youth. They taught them, passed them the torch, and they began to develop it all. There appeared Korolevs, Sakharovs and others. And Colonel B. M. Shaposhnikov, staff captains A. M. Vasilevsky and F. I. Tolbukhin, Lieutenant L. A. Govorov — became Marshals of the Soviet Union during the Great Patriotic War.


A young Soviet engineer who came out of the grassroots was happy that he was making the future, and he had ideal motives. Such an anti—Marxist phrase — being determines consciousness, but his being was brought to the same standards - it was better than others. He understood that the SOCIETY NEEDED him and this was reinforced by HIS MATERIAL WEALTH, which was higher than that of others (compared to other social strata, it was elevated). Now LET'S TAKE a CLOSER LOOK at what we have now after 30 years, and these 30 post -soviet years —are not 3-4 years of the civil war. The Soviet professorship, which, to put it mildly, was NO LONGER VERY GOOD by 1991, and which was more or less in good condition somewhere in 1980, was completely worn out - these were the people who were 80—odd years old, or already passed away. Those who became marginalized and desperate, those are people who have gone abroad, or those who fit into the post-Soviet specific life, which is devoid of all these criteria. The first question is who WILL TEACH and whom? The second question is whether this will be understood as a priority task? And the third question is how does this go with the inertial, auto-motor remaining orientation to the west (the so-called West centrism)? And to be more precise, it is still the AUTO-MOTOR-LIKE PRESERVATION of the "illusion of Anglo—American-European civilization superiority." In this regard, we need to understand that the arms race is a very unpleasant thing. If we can stand up against the billion West, we are of 140-150 million, having far from being the best weakly militarized economy in the world, and they are a militarized developed economy, then THIS IS WONDERFUL. People just don't understand today — how? And if not, then - how should this be done in conditions when, in fact, West-centrism permeates the entire elite, and why does it permeate it? - Because it was created that way. They were created within the framework of the Old Control Program through these people who are "in power" today. But THEY DIDN'T FINISH... They have got the salt of the earth — these are rich people — entrepreneurs who partially spend their time with their families abroad, who identify themselves quite surely in the Western way, having corresponding offspring who also identify themselves that way. But today there were words that the salt of our Land are those who are fighting in the Donbas and in the Ukraine as a whole. They are heroes, and this heroism is necessary. This is a step towards understanding what is happening in reality. This is like a kind of cultural outgrowth that transforms the entire structure in the same way as the return to divisions is a military outgrowth. And this is NO LONGER a MECHANISTIC process, but a meaningful one.

So, if we want to overcome seriously and keep ideology, according to which we are a plus, they are a minus — this overcoming is some kind of confrontation. If with this the Iron curtain and many other things are coming back from their side, then should we consider that the Soviet experience is the experience of some collapsed "absurd sovetism", and we have a much better situation now, and we will improve it even more, and we shall overcome – and it is as easy as brushing one’s teeth? I'm afraid that this is an EXCESSIVELY SUCCESSFUL point of view. It is better to have a moderately excessively successful point of view than an excessively successful one. We already had this excessively successful point of view when the official military operation in the Ukraine began. It was carried out on the assumption that there would be no mobilization, and so on and so forth. This excessively successful point of view DID NOT LEAD to an optimal result. And this suggests that this is the subsystem itself, which is called the Army within this state, it is NOT complete JUNK, but not at all the splendor that was described. Against this background, were Krzhizhanovsky, Krasin, Lenin, Stalin and others such idiots when they built a state in a certain way and understood that they would have to build the state of fundamental confrontation with a huge powerful Western civilization?!. Have a close look — mighty Asia is rising. The West knocked itself out when it ensured the rise of China, India, as well as other Southeast Asian states, which fully swear to the idea of catching up development. As we see today, these states are by NO MEANS EAGER to SUPPORT Russia straightforwardly and with an exclamation mark. These states today are looking for their national benefit. If it is profitable for them to have a certain balance between the West and us, they exist in this balance formula. If it is PROFITABLE for them TO GET something from us at lower prices, they get it, if it is profitable for them to deliver NOT THE BEST, but what we "will swallow", they will supply it. They are waiting, they have, as it were, discovered that we are on the edge of this confrontation, they applaud this confrontation. They sympathize with us in the thoughts, they do not want to completely take the side of the West, but they want to suck two queens. And they will do it. So, after all, we are talking about the fact that we need to confront this West with less population, with a very unkempt country, with a huge number of problems, with sparsely populated territories, with these cuts that have been carried out for 30 years. And here — isn't the Soviet experience something that should be used? But we know that our so-called elite have been waiting at the door for all these 30 years. While we are all (being aware or not being aware of it)- were waiting at the door, we have already realized WHAT EXACTLY HAS HAPPENED — how exactly our society has changed, how it plunged into dissipation, and how many "magnificent institutions" have been created for this entry! All these WTO, the World Health Organization, the Bologna education system, and so on and so forth. Today we understand what kind of elite has been formed over these 30-40 years.

4I, like many, hate the word elite. But the elite are the ruling class, and we put it on our necks ourselves. However, to be more precise, it was within the framework of the processes of the Old Control system, when creating the "golden billion" and "golden million", which DID NOT HAPPEN and WILL NEVER HAPPEN again. But the involuntary actions have remained! I draw your attention to the substantial, representative and positional essence of the modern "assortment" of the elite which through their formalized tribune appearance and embracing the whole range of interests and aspirations of the free (from the values created by them) people of the whole country with their targeted "liberal-democratic" aspirations. It should be a question asked, a NON-STANDARD question: - are they at all really legitimately delegated representatives on behalf of today's humiliated and socially disadvantaged overwhelming majority? Are they not the HIDDEN STIMULATOR of the increasing violence and parasitism, a deterrent factor to the involuntary retention of the illusion of the Anglo-American-European civilization superiority in relation to Russia? It is exactly from the perspective of such a fair question that it is advisable to consider what is happening today. These elite were formed on the basis of a phenomenon called the anti-Soviet consensus. I want to explain here, but beyond the framework of the standard thinking imposed on us. Simplifications of brain functions in the individuals with genotype 4XX (the "ruling elite today"), in terms of their influencing significance in the scale of the entire society and the usefulness of their actions and their very existence within the framework of the ongoing processes, occurred due to the FUNDAMENTAL CHANGE in the very point of energy-information translation on the part of the recreating new Control System to support the performing actions of people in general. This is a systemic process. It proceeds independently of the will and consciousness of people. There takes place a completely different orientation in the preparation and execution of actions and events. Those former goals, techniques and methods of action and the way to control them are already becoming an atavism. The preservation of a part of the controlling energy-information support for them is to ensure their biological existence and support of the actions related to the destruction of the old Structure of their organized existence. This simplification has occurred since the "Final change of the System Power". This "simplification" is increasing, which, in fact, is observed today. This logic presented by the “elite” today I do NOT DISCUSS — it is what it is, and within the limits of this logic, for those who DO NOT UNDERSTAND the realities, it is much more effective and reasonable to say that Lenin made the Ukraine too powerful, that is, to continue using anti-Soviet linguistics, rather than to talk about what is really the only ideological, world outlook, moral and other justification of the happened for them. And the only ideological, moral, metaphysical, any other justification for what happened lies in the following simple thing — within the framework of the implementation of the final stages of the Old Control system, instead of the cohesive republics (formed according to the ideal principle — the Union of the unbreakable, free, united forever republics of Great Russia), they, these republics, became sovereign and independent.

And what did they start doing? Immediately they began to rebuild in an anti-Russian way (to the least extent it affected Belarus). They HAD NO special experience of a separate existence. What is the great state of Uzbekistan or Kazakhstan? It's a chimera. What are the Transcaucasia states? These are half-chimeras who try to address to some precedent of their own from the very, very distant past. And the Ukraine? This is a complete chimera, it could only separate itself with hyper nationalist utopian anguish and be built as something absolutely autonomous. And everywhere in these states waves of nationalism were rising, that is, "these Russians" were expelled. The illegal collapse of the Soviet Union led to an unprecedented infringement of the rights of the Russian population and their expulsion from the land, because their rights were not protected by anything. This group of people in almost all the breakaway republics that called themselves states has become OPPRESSED AND UNNEEDED. And a lot of optimal things in other conditions were destroyed, and the population returned to a kind of the middle Ages and was fueled by savage nationalism by a refined nationalist elite. Who are, these elite, gang up on? On Russians — on doctors, teachers, engineers, on everything else that supported the framework of modern life at that time. Could it have happened painlessly? No! Already at the moment when the Belovezhsky agreement took place, the future blood was laid. The civil war in Tajikistan, for example, alone destroyed several hundred thousand lives, including children and the elderly. Is this all the result of what? Is it the result of the Soviet absurdity? No, this is the result of the criminal Belovezhje. And this truth must be told to the world by looking into the eyes. And although it has already been said that the collapse of the Soviet Union is a political catastrophe; and it has already been said that the West is satanic; and it has already been said that we stood at the door for too long and then moved away from it, but NOT EVERYTHING has been SAID so far. And everything is not said, because IT ALL remains BEYOND THE CONSENSUS of the elite. But then it is the counter—elite (at best) or marginals but the elite in today's understanding are JUST BEGINNING to form, like the salt of the earth, in the Ukraine. But it is only being formed. Therefore, let these elite that exist today (in any state and movement) win. But how can this victory be built in the most acute confrontation, more acute than in the years of the Cold War with a very ambiguous position of Great Asia? The question is — WHERE SHOULD WE MOVE? We need an army of three million. This is not three million people earning a little more than in the pour province. These are three million HIGHLY PAID SPECIALISTS of the highest qualification, of the corresponding moral motivation and all the rest. It costs a lot. This is not 2% of the budget and neither 3%, nor 5%, and nor 7. %. If there is no alternative, then it should be so. But this cannot exist by itself, it must be a military-industrial complex — not the one that exists now, but self-sufficient. We need another military-industrial complex. Now it is said that there will be as much money as necessary. It's great that the financial system has survived; it's great that the counters are full and everything else. Only happiness is not in money here, not in buying something for this money, but in HAVING SOMETHING to buy. And the goods that have to be bought, including tanks and missiles and everything else, should be produced at the reserve capacities which do not exist. This means that these capacities need to be created, but THEY CANNOT BE CREATED INSTANTLY. Many people ask again and again: "Did Stalin dream only of fighting on foreign territory and with little blood? But then - why did he build zero cycles in the Urals?” Yes, he was building, and therefore it was possible to quickly switch to military rails. The plants were of dual-purpose and had reserve capacity. For example, a pasta factory produced pasta today, and artillery powder tomorrow. And all the Soviet gerontocrats after the war — all the Ustinovs and others - they kept these reserve capacities because they thought there would be a war and wanted to win. They still remembered the war years. How to deal with it now? Whose brilliant brain destroyed the production of ball bearings in Russia? Thanks to Belarus for producing them and everything is fine. But it was done. What for? How to restore this MIC? It cannot be restored without the entire industry, LARGE AND STATE-OWNED the (non—private) industry - machine-tool construction, first of all, and for this all we need are engineers — those Soviet engineers. We need new industries, such full-fledged ones as electronics. And this is trillions of dollars, and these engineering corps need new science. Apparently, we STILL HAVE other wars ahead of us in various forms of their possible manifestation. As an example, pay attention to how many biological laboratories have recently been opened around the world and, in particular, in the countries around Russia. Today, this is a real auto-motor--like activity within the framework of the implementation of the "golden billion" program with the subsequent destruction of all others on Earth. So, we need our own science IN A LOT OF fields. Not a copy of the Western one, but our own, which will take all the best from the West and rethink and for this IDEOLOGY IS NECESSARY. And there is no need to nationalize kebab shops and everything related to consumer goods or even something more that can work so that the counters are full. Any private owner of this type should be freed from today's too intrusive guardianship. Give him more opportunities, untie his hands, and stop bureaucratically pressing him. And if all this is done this way, if we have to win all the time in this confrontation, including military, then there will be a new Russia. Today I am more than sure that those who BUILT the PREVIOUS Russia should build a new one, because any other approaches - with "sweeping to the ground, and then ..." is fraught with occupation. But we have to build something! This is already obvious.

5And then the question arises — how to build it quickly? The West does not want to destroy itself, it wants to destroy us. We have two tasks FUNCTIONING AND DEVELOPMENT. It is possible to function only with the support of existing institutions, and they must be supported, each of their mild reforms in the right direction should be welcomed, they must overcome. But we still face the task of development, because without development, even our radical victory is doubtful. Perhaps the existing system, straining muscles and volitional potential, which is at zero, will mobilize the partial rationality available. But without intensive development, this is a path to nowhere, because further there will be even bigger troubles, they will increase avalanche-like, within the framework of the new Control system, which is only gaining momentum. Therefore — with loudmouthedness — "right now we will demolish everything and then we will build..." — is high time to finish. You will demolish and build nothing. And you ARE NOT ABLE TO demolish anything now. There must be something else. We need a filigree responsible strategic work.

K. Marx has such a term SPIRITUAL PRODUCTION. No one wants to remember that in explaining this, Marx said that the most important productive part is the power of man, and his spiritual production produces it. Today the question arises — our modern spiritual production, what kind of person does it produce? It has been producing a QUALIFIED CONSUMER for many years — I hope the reader understands why. And this has led to the fact that most of people have become technocrats. What is technocracy? First of all this is a synonym for the lack of ideas. We have a wonderful technocratic apparatus — wherever they turn, there we go. And what happened at the exit, which all of us saw with our own eyes in all its glory? What is the Skolkovo experience or the RusNano experience? This is the experience of destroying high-tech productive forces, but we got a lot of things with the prefix "nano-". The nanomaterial from which the uniform of the fighters on the front line is sewn and in which they just freeze today, and the like. It's good that "nanoguns" and "nanomissiles" they did not have time to "make". There are many "nano examples" to give. And now we have to correct it all, restore and recreate. But the question arises — how could it happen like this, if we saw that in many processes of what happened, authoritative people were at the helm, as we believed? But the authority should be based not on the past achievements, but on what the person is at THE PRESENT MOMENT. If yesterday he was great, and today he is stupid, his authority will do the harm. As a visual illustration is the example of Stalin. This man had an EXORBITANT AUTHORITY, which was a plus for that situation. But he didn't have the sense NOT TO SPEAK OUT on the subjects he didn't understand. He spoke about cybernetics and genetics, calling them bourgeois pseudo sciences. As a result, the USSR has fallen catastrophically behind the West in these areas. But it was an objective process within the framework of the same Old Control system for solving specific tasks. Today, the RESTRICTION of INFORMATION of the controlling nature has led to a corresponding subsequent restriction of the states of "public consciousness", a significant change in the formation of "needs" as the basis for subsequent practical actions (focused mainly on a sharp increase in uncontrollable aggression, an increase in insane vicious activities, including unlimited material accumulations by force, destructive violence in any contact in the sphere of being and so on), and also to simplification the elements of the residual unstable worldview (including the organization of conspiracies of various scales, the redistribution and remaking of the world, etc.), LIMITED OPPORTUNITIES in finding solutions, and much more, previously uncharacteristic for many people. Moreover, all new information of the controlling nature, translated from the recreating true Control Complexes, is accepted by those whom we call the political “elite” in a limited format (for "technical reasons"), mainly focused only on the unconditional execution and within the framework of the actions related to the destruction of THE PREVIOUSLY CREATED BY THEM old Structure of the organized being. This is a short explanation of what is said above, nothing more. However, there is understanding of what is happening today in our purely human and emotional perception, which is inherent in the majority. That's why, looking into our past, into our great Soviet past, which rose unprecedentedly during the Great Patriotic War and which then shamefully collapsed; looking into our present and into the fact that this pro-Western Russia, which was waiting at the door, suddenly became the leader of the confrontation with the West, which before our eyes is turning into the natural enemy of humanity, looking at all this, we are simultaneously looking into the future, in which either great and successive novelty, or death. That is why I am speaking now and I am sure that the reader will support me — long live our future! The future, in a completely new country, and it is NOT IMPORTANT what it will be called — Russia, the USSR or something else. It will be a vast territory where people will understand WHY AND WHAT FOR they live on this earth, loving this earth sincerely, and with all responsibility to it — as it was not that long ago, just 18-19 thousand years before!

All that I have outlined here is a small but significant piece in the realization of the most global task with a unifying idea for all people — "To Defeat Death". And there is no more global idea in the world today.



Fyodor Ivanovich Tyutchev, 1854

On the eve of the Crimean War



1 Conventional war (from the English conventional — ordinary, traditional; generally accepted; habitual) is an armed conflict between two or more states, conducted in accordance with the norms of international law: the rights of participants in the conflict, prisoners of war, civilians, as well as the non—use of weapons of mass destruction (WMD - nuclear, chemical, biological). The provisions of conventional war are described in the Hague Conventions, the Geneva Conventions on the Protection of War Victims of 1949 and the Additional Protocols thereto of 1977, resolutions of the UN General Assembly and other documents.

2 Written on September 10-14, 1917. Printed at the end of October 1917 in Petrograd in a separate brochure by the publishing house "Priboy"

3 Nikolai Alexandrovich Morozov was a Russian revolutionary who spent about 25 years in prison for revolutionary activities against the tsarist government. He was also an academician who published works in various fields of science and history, and a pioneer of aviation in Russia. His books marked the beginning of the so-called theory of "new chronology", which denies the historical course of events.

4 MERITOCRACY (lit. — the power of the worthy, from Lat. meritus — worthy and Greek. ϰράτος — power), a form of government based on the principle of individual merit. With this form of power, the most worthy, competent, talented people from various social strata come to manage society




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