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369_Series. Salvation of Saviors

Saturday, 04 March 2023 10:33

042_369 Leadership Control

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Our consciousness creates the world. The old consciousness lives in the old world. The new consciousness manifests a new world. It is an axiom.

The world is systemic, and this is what important…. Therefore, the foundation of modern knowledge development should be based on the System Knowledge, which we habitually refer to as New Knowledge, although the very concept of "New" reflects only the temporary linking of MODERN KNOWLEDGE to any period of the object development that is in the focus of our attention, and means related to the functioning and development of the systems. And, since they reflect the development of the systems currently being considered, therefore, at the moment they are New. It is from these positions that we are going to consider everything that happens around us in everyday life and makes us LOOK FOR the ANSWERS to many things that are NOT fully UNDERSTOOD by us due to our thinking. Do not jump to conclusions and DO NOT LOOK at the situation through the prism of this or that routine. And the main thing is to distance yourself from emotions.

The modern world with its market, democracy, progress, the priority of material values over spiritual ones seemed unshakable yesterday. By default, it was considered: the night will be replaced by day; winter will be replaced by summer, after the economic downturn there comes a new upsurge, and periodically arising problems will somehow be resolved. But the familiar world has been shaken. Today it hits the most thick-skinned: THERE COMES SOMETHING too alarming and too large-scale. It is scary ... because of misunderstanding. The analysis of the ongoing events shows that the modern world is going into oblivion. This is NOT THE CHANGE of particulars, and even NOT THE CHANGE of epochs. There will no longer be a familiar world, like the greenhouse tropics and dinosaurs disappeared in their time. The larger sweeping events to come, comparable to the Flood and the Ice Age.

To make the unfounded hopes of sitting out become obvious, let's consider the visible part of the situation of the last one and a half hundred years. Let's start with the undisputable facts. Unprecedented technological progress has increased the speed of information transmission and cargo movement. Today, the planet can be flown in 40 minutes; information can be transmitted in seconds. The space seemed to shrink, and time accelerated. People began to think within their region (city, country), perceiving themselves as the whole, and the world around them as a semi—abstraction and something like a resource application. The only perception of the whole world — religious — with the beginning of the new era began to give way to new thinking. The world is understood now as the whole NOT IN RELIGIOUS and philosophical terms, but in political and economic terms.

America has made the most of the prospects that have opened up; rather, an intellectual group, through whose efforts a new type of the world empire was being built. For the politicians of the new formation, thinking globally, on the scale of the whole world, was as usual as it was for us to go to work every day. In 1907, the US Federal Reserve System appeared. In fact, it is a factory for the production of world money — the dollar. The whole world makes goods and services, extracts resources and energy. The USA makes money with which they buy goods and services of others. It did NOT happen OVERNIGHT; the situation was shaped for decades. At first, the United States developed science, industry, and the economy. But in parallel, they built a "factory" for the production of world currency. And one day the system started working.... It started working as an objective process through specific people with a specific Brain genotype, independent of their activity, because in the period from 1841 there began the fourth stage of the era of the digital information civilization of human development, which lasted until 1990. Let me remind you that during the "Easter" of 1841, the Alps 2 Control Complex introduced Brain genotype 442, the DEVELOPMENT STEPS of which completed a long stage of the control development process of the entire System, one of which was the implementation of the program for the development of the entire Brain genotype 44, namely, the formation of the basically special group of performers framed in the structure of the Golden Billion.

The formed group of individuals had a smaller quantitative mass, but had significant advantages in the functional purpose, one of which was the CREATION of the "FACTORY" for the production of currency. Through this, there started the path of the development of the planetary program "Globalization". Barbarity in the target orientation of the functions assigned to this group and the cruelty of the methods towards everything living and existing, compacted and COMPRESSED IN TIME, gave them an incredibly cruel and bloody nature in all steps, programmatically embedded thoughts and actions when implementing the set goals as a private Vector of THIS STAGE of the Brain development. This is the true reason for the particularly high saturation with all the revolutionary events and world wars of this period, as the way of implementing the imposed program on the part of the System. That was the program.

Individuals of Brain genotypes 442, who had a higher ability to accept and perceive only the "program-object" reality provided for them by the state of the Mind control substance, were destined to pass the path of five social forms in a short time: capitalism, socialism, fragments of communism, liberal democracy and global (local) industrial feudalism. Based on the grandiosity of the program scale, the extreme intensity of constructive global transformations in the social structures of the states, the multiple changes in the legal and value foundations of the local and international scale, the intensive development of planetary systems in the FIELD OF FINANCE, military-political, economic and other spheres — there HAS NEVER BEEN an equal period in the history of the entire civilization. For a hundred and fifty years, only the basic foundations of social values in the whole planet HAVE FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGED FIVE TIMES. Throughout the entire period of functioning of the old Interventionist Control System, people were subjected to the program control through such a Mind, i.e. only such a controlled awareness of the "objective reality", which the System developed through the Control Complexes, gradually increasing the brain octaves and only for its programmed purposes "growing peculiar Brain genotypes" and no more. With the introduction of Brain genotype 442, the entire system of the control of the world community being finally moved into the phase of the IRREVERSIBLE PRIMACY of the "Golden Billion" over the rest of the planet's population, structurally consolidating all the power of its authority through complex all-round violence framed in the form of the pyramid of power. There began the phase of civilization — the control through the force supported by the Complexes. The SUBJECTIVE FACTOR is completely missing in the legitimacy of such a construction, since it has been replaced by the power of money, the power of the authority, the power of sacred and various confessional influences. For all that, this whole structure of the world control was provided and supported by the Control Complexes (the Caucasus and the Alps), forming a programmatic individual and associated "program-object" mind that directed all individuals of the planet not to the true objective reality, but to the ARTIFICIALLY CREATED by the System. At the head of this complex pyramid of the world control there was a certain structure of individuals of Brain genotypes 442 — the "Super-Jewish Priesthood"1. Through them, as the leading executors of the old Conceptual power, the implementation of strategic programmed processes of the old Control System was carried out, ensuring a stable state of the control pyramid.

 At this stage of development such methodology of values as "People of price" acquired a completely different character, in which the most valuable and dearest for people - life - began to be defined through the captured social position, the power of money and the power of the authority. As a special additional organizing tool of social values, a PROGRAMMED IMPACT on people was applied — the "division of labor", as a model construction of the social inequality. The programmed acquisition of the social status and division of labor according to the Brain genotypes played a really LEADING ROLE in the definition of the statehood construction and establishing all the legal foundations of the societies’ being without participation of the subjective factor and his mind, with strict provision and support by the Control Complexes. With the introduction of new Brain mantissas, the System, through its Control Complexes, including Alps 2, created all the circumstances for the significant change in the meaning of the program-defining control substance of the Ebres Mind state of that time, giving it an aggressive destructive character in everything. It was from this fact, if we can put it in the words, that the degree of deviation from the harmony with the primary substance of the Supreme Mind reached its maximum limit and was subsequently held at this level almost until 1985 by various control methods.

The perception of the surrounding "objective reality" by the leading performers from the Conceptual Power was fully focused and framed in the "Power of the authority" program for the entire century and a half, taking into account the already started up and functioning "money factory". As the result of this program implementation, the performers organized and executed a bloody step-by-step path: Revolutionism, Militant Fascism and Destructive Democracy. The state of the “Overbearing revanchism" in the field of the control, which lasted until 1990, made it possible for the representatives of Brain genotype 442 to fully realize their program functions. They managed on the bones and blood of hundreds of millions of people to prepare an UNSHAKABLE DOMINEERING STATE in all spheres of the control of the world community being, to create programmed social and control structures of the local and global plan, to ensure the necessary amounts of the accumulation and concentration of the financial resources control and the circulating produced substitute in their hands, as well as to prepare a different social situation for the future "Golden Million" (as the leading part of the "Golden Billion") at the subsequent stage of the development. I am writing about all the above so that the illusions in simplifying the assessment of the ongoing processes would disappear. The processes that are implementing complete changes in the world "built" by the Old System that surrounded and surround us today.

Here I have written about the global, that is understood and perceived by very few people exactly as it was in the original. "It is proved that there is no Mankind — it does not have any history, at least — there is no B.C. history. And the later history is apocryphal so much that it can be perceived as a fairy tale ..." N. Morozov2 said in his time on the basis of his own research. And he is right, of course. We are being convinced of this every day.

It is very important for us to learn to understand the specific reasons that affect the ongoing events, the reasons that are initiated by people who think that through these reasons they will achieve their goals, but as a result they solve completely different tasks, many of which ARE NOT CLEAR either to them or to many other people.

 Simplifications of the Brain functions in individuals with genotype 4XX, from the point of view of their influencing significance throughout the society and usefulness of their actions and their very existence within the framework of the changing ongoing processes, occurred due to the FUNDAMENTAL CHANGE in the very point of the energy-information translation on the part of the recreating new Control System supporting people's performing actions. THIS IS A SYSTEMIC PROCESS, and it proceeds independently of our will and consciousness. There is a completely different orientation in the preparation and execution of actions and events. Those former goals, techniques and methods of action and their control ARE ALREADY BECOMING an atavism. The preservation of the part of the controlling energy-information support for them is connected with ensuring their biological existence and supporting actions related to the destruction of the old Structure of the being ORGANIZED BY THEM. Such simplification has occurred since the "Final change of the System Power" (since 2011.04.24). This "simplification" is increasing and especially rapidly nowadays, which, in fact, why many of them do not understand what they are doing.

This is what we will consider with you, making our own conclusions, which will allow us to understand what seems objective today, but in fact is a consequence of the destruction of everything that was built within the framework of the old Control system to achieve a specific goal, which is NO LONGER TO BE REALIZED ever.

1In the era before gunpowder, wars were fought with metal. In the era of gunpowder — with fire. In our time, the war is waged with information, because it is the only weapon in the fight for consciousness. The soldiers of this war are directors, screenwriters, composers, writers and other workers of the creative "factory". Forming an information army of the enemy, they have no idea about the purpose for which they are working. Roughly speaking, the army of talents is used in the vague. A vivid example: directors and screenwriters put bed scenes in the plot of the film NOT IN ORDER to corrupt people; this goal is not of their level. They want to attract the public and make money. What kind of task is solved through this, the businessmen of creativity and the creators-performers DO NOT SUSPECT. Everyone strives for their own small profitable goal, actively working for someone else's. The comic nature of the situation is that you cannot say to the majority that they are working for someone else's goal; they are destroying the foundation of traditional civilization. Well, you can say, of course, but people will laugh. Only a few of the creators are able to think: why everyone is amicably going in the same direction, without conspiring? And only very few are ready to look for the answer.

A number of questions arise. First of all, how is it technically possible at all — to "attach" a navigator to all creative people and make them move on a course they do not realize? How can you make a person play a role in someone else's play without familiarizing him with the script? How can an entire army of talents be used as a tool? In the second half of the twentieth century, a fundamentally new, NON-FORCEFUL plan for the destruction of traditional states was developed. For the first time in the history of mankind, manipulative technologies were used as the main offensive tool. Previously, they were also used, but only as a secondary tool. In the new type of war, the emphasis was not on industrial and strategic objects, as in a classical war, but ON CONSCIOUSNESS. The ideological bombardment of consciousness has replaced the traditional worldview with a consumer one. On the basis of someone else's ideological base, a light myth about a consumer society and a dark one about the traditional were created. After such ideological bombardments, deep cracks appeared in the state body, where various "wedges" began to be hammered — from worship of the consumer lifestyle to immorality. As a result, the structure of the country began to fall apart. NO ONE really UNDERSTOOD anything, because no government covered the entire scope of the situation. The processes that began were taken as spontaneous. Only the system can resist the system.

An information army can be opposed by another information army. If the enemy has an army of creators, only the army of creators can resist it. Individual geniuses are NOT QUOTED for many reasons. Firstly, they do not make a shaft of products comparable to the "military". Secondly, everyone acts to the best of their understanding, whereas the military "works" in the rigid corridor.

2Is it possible to create such an army now? The answer is UNEQUIVOCALYES. Despite the fact that society is thoroughly saturated with consumerism, there are remnants of the traditional worldview in every Man, including Man- creator. And even products based on traditional values are available. Another thing is that it was purposefully ignored, and the brisk "cuckoos"-conjuncturists pushed the traditionalists out of all spheres of activity.

TIME HAS COME to thoroughly push the "cuckoos", and instead of the soap-porn-bloody "cheapies" imposed on us, give people a quality product that carries love, kindness and a sense of pride in the work of human hands. The Soviet creators yesterday and the liberal ones today DID NOT MEAN to create a consumer society, but they have created it. People who grew up on their books and films became atheists and "believing materialists" not from eating sausage, but from using information. What quality the products were, such were the people who consumed them. It's funny to see how the aged creators complain: the new generation offends us. The comicality of the situation is that they themselves, in their time, with their creative work, imposed on people the model of behavior that they are dissatisfied with today. Creative people sincerely do not understand that they spat into the well. Now it's time to drink water, and they frown.... It seemed to the creators — they just created, wrote books, made films, composed songs, through which they expressed themselves. Human themes about love, meanness, honor and all that were raised. Some of them dreamed of making society better, others just chased fame and money. But all of them, AGAINST their WILL, “sewed into the fabric of their works” the strokes that made a second-plan picture that formed the subconscious. The Soviet and liberal systems made creators so that they would inspire society with a materialistic understanding of the world and destroy the religious one. When trying to create an army out of existing creators, there is a danger of getting a wolf in sheep's clothing and the wolf himself DOES NOT understand what he is. I readily admit that he will take up the creation of the ordered product in good faith, but his subconscious never leaves him. Acting mechanically, with the brain functions “simplifying”, he paints his product with colors, which, in his opinion, are the ordered product. As a result, you get a cheap popular product that works not for the idea, but against it. Although outwardly everything looks beautiful, there is nothing to complain about. In addition, he will stuff it with materialistic and consumer attitudes, which he WILL NOT SEE himself, but which will slip into the subconscious of society like another snake.

Now I would like to move from this problem to political problems. Remember — our mass media discussed the problem of vaccination in a very strange way. They discussed it hysterically and with elements of obvious insults towards those who DID NOT AGREE to do it. The question arises, about which those who organized such a thing did not even think — they, clinging to power in hysterics, broke off relations with this group forever, did not they? This relationship WILL NEVER be restored, will it? And in the elections, either? Did they not understand that every time the requirements of this vaccination CROSS THE LINE of categorical imposition — the effect is reversed? They, and we, too, watching what was happening or becoming participants in such refusals, have forgotten the words of the great classics that the strictness of Russian laws is compensated only with not having to comply with them? Didn't we understand who the trust was actually transferred to as a result of this hysterical campaign? It was transferred to local priests, local minor doctors. NO ONE ELSE WAS TRUSTED any longer. Was it so necessary to achieve that? Why couldn't the same thing be done 10 times nicer if vaccination was necessary? I am sure that 15-20 percent more would be vaccinated calmly. I am NOT CONSIDERING the effectiveness (benefit — harm) of the vaccine itself here, this is a separate subject. I focus on the performance moments in the group of the mechanically acting "managers" as an indicator of their effectiveness in solving the tasks set. Does anyone know how many were vaccinated? How many fake certificates were given? How many have avoided all this by all means? Have you forgotten that in Russia the most important saying is "whether it is the law or the telegraph pole — it comes to the same thing - you can't jump over, you can get around..."? Please note — this group of the population just DID NOT RUN OUT of the country. Moreover, many of this group volunteered. Why was it necessary to traumatize this group excessively by the command of "zealous performers" through all the mass media with their assessments on the principle of "idiots, degenerates, lowbrows"? It is this group, that turned out to be the backbone for the entire existing system of power, it is the backbone for every next election (about the democracy in the elections in the following articles), and it is the backbone in the war. It is these Russian guys who are going to fight.

3Through such examples, and not only through this one, the UNDESIRABLE effect of confrontations in the control began to manifest itself, which should be called as the extreme selfishness. It has played and still continues to play only a negative role in the effectiveness of the control process in the execution of the set programs, because the effect of the program with the rigid hierarchy between representatives of Brain genotypes 42 and 43 is becoming more and more blurred. Firsthand and everywhere, the effects of a sharp increase in "business activity" are already being manifested not in their business, i.e. not according to their purpose. How much is trust worth today? Is the world possible without any trust? When we get on a plane, do we trust and believe that it will not fall? In my opinion, it is NOT WORTH it at all for the Ministry of Finance. I believe that the measures that have been implemented in pension reform have seriously undermined confidence. We are told all the time that there is ENOUGH money FOR EVERYTHING. But the same Ministry of Finance estimated that by raising the retirement age, a lot of money will be saved, which will go to people's social security. Did the Ministry of Finance estimate how much grandmothers cost in Russia? But it's not in its power. How much does the free work of grandmothers, who need to be replaced by qualified nannies, cost, and will the Russian people trust these nannies the way they trust grandmothers? And where are we going to get these nannies?

Then the question arises about demography. This is the most important issue today. But the whole demography is determined by the amount of maternity capital. And this is only one ideology that is in the heads of "managers" and decision-makers today. Their Ideology is — "we will solve everything through the amount of money."

4It seems that women give birth if they are paid. I do not mean that there is NO NEED TO PAY. I mean it’s NOT ENOUGH. Today the war is not for the territory; the war is for the future of humanity, moreover, the future, which now points to demographic problems, is problematic as such. Mothers will not want to give birth, and any money will not stimulate them to this, although money is an important component. Undoubtedly, a lot of material, spiritual and social factors are necessary, and within them THIS GRANDMOTHER is one of the main social factors. But within the framework created by the Ministry of Finance, these grandmothers will soon be out of the habit of their family-free paid work and disappear as a social factor. You cannot treat the Russian heritage so carelessly. And all of these — we have to change. To change within the framework of the current state, and not "... we will destroy… to the bottom, and then...". But this cannot be changed by keeping on billboards in Moscow a lifestyle expressed today like this — the picture is moving — sausages, then a half-naked model advertising stockings, then a hero of the Donetsk operation, then a hero of Russia, then a half-naked model again ... and it seems to everyone that it's cool (in today's popular terminology, which also has to be changed). Little can be changed when medicine, for example, has become the field of services. In Russia, medicine and education, which have become the field of services, are dead. By NO means, EVERYONE should live under communism, but doctors and teachers MUST NOT be dependent on any commercialization.

Any great country dies without great goals. Reducing Russia from the level of the world power to the level of the world warehouse automatically destroys its greatness and power. The voice of individuals that correctly assess the ongoing is scattered among the children's hum. The country is like a theater of the absurd, like a kindergarten abandoned to the mercy of fate. Where are the roots of this situation? To begin with, there are still forces in the world that are interested in destroying the roots of traditional countries, be it even Russia, even Germany, even France. The simplest and "peaceful" option of weakening is to organize processes that place people in key positions which DO NOT CORRESPOND to these places by their scale. Be they honest at least three times, but if the problem lies beyond these people’s understanding, any of their actions will lead to the collapse of the country. The visibility of this has already been shown and is clear to many. There is no need for any saboteurs and terrorist attacks. It is enough to bring adult "children" into the power, and they are guaranteed to destroy any object. Only very large-scale and MAXIMALLY CLOSED people with the Brain genotype 4xx could organize such a situation.

In the era of advanced communications, when Internet and TV are in every home, POPULARITY EXCLUDES freedom of action. The information age makes every famous person a HOSTAGE TO THE SITUATION. As soon as a person becomes popular, he loses the ABILITY TO CREATE the situation. Now he can only integrate into it. The situation is created by someone who sits at the chessboard as a player, and does not stand on it as a piece. A popular politician always goes where the momentary situation pushes him. Whoever DOES NOT GO becomes a political corpse, so popular figures today CANNOT have their own long-term strategy. In reality, these are pawns in a very big game, which for some reason is being implemented today not within the framework of the planned, but in a completely different direction, but the implementers CANNOT understand this for the reasons mentioned above. Sometimes their desire to appear modern comes to nonsense, for example, with the introduction of nanotechnologies, which were known to the Sumerians and Egyptians. But the Japanese Norio Taniguchi3 introduced in 1974 the concept of nano- for the formation of names and designations of decimal fractional units. A unit which name is formed by attaching prefix nano- to the name of the original unit is obtained by multiplying the original unit by the number 10−9. In other words, the newly formed unit is equal to one billionth of the original unit. And the "nano-" businessmen picked up this term and began to attach it to different concepts: nanomedicine, nanoeconomics, nanomaterial, etc.

5Today, it is NOT THE WESTERN world that wants to destroy us. Those want to destroy us who have already had a complete simplification of brain functions, but they are still at the top of the power structures. The real danger lies in their automaticity of today's thinking. There is nothing more dangerous than a conspiracy theory, when everything is attributed to some evil forces and without any stirring there, nothing happens in the world. But this does not mean that there are no conspiracies. NOBODY SAYS THERE ARE NO BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS. The Western world wants to destroy us and DOES NOT WANT to use strategic nuclear weapons as a whole for this. It is afraid of the retaliatory strike and is NOT SURE that it is so ahead of us that it can do without this. But there is another weapon — BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS, which the Americans took from the Japanese and developed in an appropriate way, and 10-12 major centers are working on improving them with a total budget much more than our entire medicine. Cannot this biological weapon be used today by those who rule, within the framework of hysterical plans and automaticity of their activity to destroy people? How many biological centers have been opened only in the Ukraine and IN THE territories ADJACENT to us! What is going on there? How many people do not hesitate now to talk about what it is and why all this is organized! Why have people with world-wide achievements, Nobel laureates in everything related to the virus, genome, and so on, been expelled from the process of scientific discussions on these issues? How did the scientific community cancel the imperative of discussion with their own kind, when some were simply sent to insane asylums, others were harassed and all this? What has happened? Does this NOT SUGGEST specific thoughts? We may need to quickly build many centers of the highest — fifth degree of protection in the near future, in which the population can be hidden. Perhaps Russian product supervision organization has to come partly to the biological troops and expand them to a million people. Who said it wouldn't be like that? At least, all the data that we receive about biological weapons from the Ukraine speaks about this. Should we think about it? Of course, we should. Moreover, the very use of such is covert, multifaceted and extremely effective.

We are already facing many of the things that threaten us or make us think in anxiety. But the anxiety, which nevertheless made us think and think about a lot, is objective and, in my opinion, turned out to be extremely useful. Anxiety finally forced everyone to turn off their "life autopilot" and switch to the "manual control", depending only on our own understanding of the ongoing events. And the events are already openly saying that the current system of administration is built ONLY ON HEGEMONY, i.e. on the superiority of a narrow group of non-random appointees, supported and secured by the actions of the law enforcement agencies. All other instruments of power are adjusted to this. In this regard, the need for the use of the "Leadership Control" under the existing control system has arisen and matured. Leadership Control is not a substitution or an intervention. This is primarily curatorial supervision of the execution of commands and programs and assistance in the control under difficult conditions. This is preserved from the Old Control System and will be continued for a CERTAIN PERIOD as direct Presidential Control. The rest of the private structures for building society and management will be provided and manifested by the System in the future. The beginning of this process could be noticed on February 21, when carefully analyzing what the President of the Russian Federation said in his annual message.

Time mercilessly tears off the masks from everyone and everything that, as it seemed yesterday, form the basis of this World. The world is really disappointed in the ruling elites — they cannot force anything out but arguments about democracy, progress and human rights, while continuing to trample on them daily, considering progress through the state of their bank accounts and selling war to the World at the highest price for it, which leads away from peace, progress and human rights. The main conflict today is the conflict between the minority and the majority. The "elites" can only win it by holding power over the people by violence and people’s ignorance, therefore all talk about progress is talk about those who will be "admitted" to it tomorrow through the opportunity to gain knowledge. And the further, the more they understand that people do not need this kind of states, but they, the "elites", still need them — the more likely it is that there will be no one to frighten with a war. And the main thing in their current misunderstanding of the ongoing is that they promote the idea of death for the Motherland, but not life for the Motherland. Life, which is to defeat death.



1 See “The Foundations of Mankind Formation”.

2 Nikolai Alexandrovich Morozov was a Russian revolutionary who spent about 25 years in prison for revolutionary activities against the tsarist government. He was also an academic who published works in various fields of science and history, and an aviation pioneer in Russia.

3 Taniguchi, Norio (Eng. Norio Taniguchi) is a Japanese physicist who first proposed the term "nanotechnology".


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