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369_Series. Salvation of Saviors

Saturday, 22 April 2023 13:57

043_369 To understand and realize…

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Everything can be and there can be everything, but there is one thing that cannot be: the one which can no longer be, although … it can also be!

For more than thirty years, we have been creating certain societies, focusing on certain ideas that provoke more and more amazement over the years. But after all, no one removes them from the agenda. The idea of rebuilding the world seems to most people to be an EMPTY FANTASY, not because they consider the goal unworthy or see logical errors, but because the scale confuses them. So an ant — it will take the matter seriously only within the framework of its anthill. It WILL NOT COME UP with the idea of activities outside its home. The same way people evaluate the ongoing today with domestic, commercial ... maximum — political benefits (which is the same commerce). A person DOES NOT THINK beyond the usual scale. Even if he generally agrees with the stated arguments, he WILL still NOT IS ABLE to take the ongoing seriously. All he does is to dream and talk about it. But in order to take the ongoing around him as real, the implementation of which needs to be started by him and immediately —it is beyond his scale. It exceeds the usual horizon too much, so much that the thought DOES NOT GO in that direction. The roots of this behavior are in the instinct of self-preservation. Those who were not afraid of the unknown and incomprehensible, the so-called evolution, or to be more precise, the program for creating Brain genotypes, filtered out. Therefore, people avoid everything new. They want to look at it from the outside first, make sure it's NOT DANGEROUS. And if they see that it is also useful, they are brought down there in droves. While there is no certainty, they are watching the place from around the corner. They're careful. They are assessing the situation. And life and chances are going away..."And I see that people don't live, but everyone assesses the situation and puts their whole life on it. And when they rob themselves, having spent time, they will begin to complain about their lot. There is no point to complain. Everyone is his own destiny! I see all sorts of people now, but there are no strong ones! Where are they?..."1.

We were all born and raised in a consumer society, the society created against our will. The idea of the omnipotence of money permeated us to the core. We all know household wisdom in the style of: "Money solves everything", "What cannot be solved with money, can be solved with a lot of money", "happiness is not in money, but in their amount" and like that. In the early nineties, and even later, many so-called "politicians" said that "everything was bad with us. But when the "dormant market forces" start working, EVERYTHING WILL CHANGE immediately, we will be saved; we will have wonderful dynamics and all that." At the same time, THERE WAS NOT a single specialist who believed that, for example, the market could carry out structural modernization, that the market was generally self-sufficient.


The minds of our intelligentsia, which was just beginning to live thanks to the thoughts and ideas brought from outside in all areas of life and, naturally, money, invented such a phrase as "command and administrative system", which ruled earlier. That's bad when it's command and administrative, but when it's market-based, it's good. And the command and administrative one will definitely LEAD TO A DEAD END. I will say it more clearly — your brain and central nervous system are a command and administrative system, and when you think that your finger should bend, it bends. This is a command and administrative action of the central nervous system within the framework of solving the problem decided by your brain (read - the head of the control structure). But there are some autonomic2 processes (I am not a yogi). I really cannot control them with my mind {I am not a yogi). Therefore, they are controlled spontaneously, and no one wants all processes to remain only command and administrative. A bigger part of life really should be carried out on the basis of this very autonomic system, which has its own rights. Sometimes, when the mind is "VERY STUPID", it "turns it off" and works on its own, - we also know about it. And both systems, after all, somehow coexist... What does it mean to put this command and administrative system into oblivion at all? This means saving all centralization and all volitional, teleological and other "impulses" the trouble of taking RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE HAPPENING. They are illuminated, they are no longer there. And what is this strange society in which they do not exist? Don't they exist in American society or in some other society, either? Here it is appropriate to quote a well - known A. B. Chubais, through whom, within the framework of the old system, significant stages were implemented in the very construction of what was supposed to be "built", but in reality DID NOT TAKE PLACE. At that time, he said bluntly: "... When I looked at our scientifically and technologically advanced intelligentsia, who hugged us all the time, who supported us, I kept thinking: Oh, my God, but we will have to destroy you in order to have new social relations - capitalism and the market and everything else. We don't need you, but you support us so much… How sorry I am for you..."3. And all this has practically happened! What number of the most modern and advanced scientific and technical means WERE DESTROYED during the last 30 years! And what other country in the world, when creating a new social order, destroyed its MOST ADVANCED productive forces!? At that time, we embarked on some strange path, which was characterized by several constants that had exactly the character of faith - FAITH AND ABSURDITY. But the main conclusion to be drawn (it became clear ONLY NOW, precisely in the present time) is that one of these constants was as follows: as long as we are a Communist country, we have enemies who DO NOT WANT us to be like that. They hated our ideology... and so on and so forth. As soon as we become the same country as all the others are, they will stop hating us, everyone will love us. This was "hammered" into us in all possible ways, by the media and ideology within the framework of the already residual automotoricity of the program state of the performers of Brain genotypes 42 and44 as their vital functional performing calling, imposed on them from the outside by the old control system. Suppose we would become like everyone else. But the more Russia looks like everyone else, the more it WILL BE HATED. Paradoxically, but today we see that this is EXACTLY THE CASE. Because such things are the changes that our world is currently subject to due to those global processes that NO ONE CAN change.

2If you carefully look through that great number of speeches, statements and arguments of the representatives of various departments related to the most pressing and most monstrous of our problems and everything related to the SMO, it is impossible to resist the strange feeling that appeared in people. For the success of the special military operation in the Ukraine, we must first (or at least along the way), as a necessary prerequisite, DO SIMILAR ACTIONS in relation to many structures (to put it politically correct) of the Russian state administration. It became obvious that liberalism is serving the interests of financial speculators against their people. Liberals, liberalism is today's embodiment of fascism, the embodiment of fascism of the information age. Anyone who doubts this can look through numerous speeches (and not only by Russian liberals) who unanimously support the fascists, in particular, the fascists in the Ukraine, the finished Bandera. These so-called liberals are supported in their actions by individuals with the pronounced Brain genotype 4xx, even if within the framework of their auto-motor-like actions but this is publicly expressed exactly that way. The main thing here is to clear our own Russian state administration of liberals, i.e. obvious and potential accomplices of fascism, by starting this "process" at least by teaching Russian officials to use their native Russian so that their answers are understandable to an ordinary normal person without any "translators". So far these "translations" are not from the bureaucratic language into the Russian literary language, but from the bureaucratic language into the OBSCENE RUSSIAN. Although I should note that in the essence of most of these answers, translations into obscene Russian better correspond to the real meaning than the literary Russian.

3It's very hard for people today, no matter what anyone says. And of course it is necessary to tell them in this everyday situation about the fact that everything ongoing is not the decision made by one (albeit collegially) person, but the development of the situation of 2023-2024 — through them with a completely different plan, which is BEYOND THE COMPETENCE of their understanding. But all this comes across current and SUDDENLY APPEARED problems to be solved by people, for example, the announced partial mobilization (both for the mobilized and for the parents and relatives of these mobilized). In the process of this action, a lot of questions were raised, ranging from "... why, what for and who for ..." up to finding the way out of this situation, as they say, by all "improvised" means - up to escaping (in any form) from the country. These are the realities of today. The realities to which there are still no clear and INTELLIGIBLE ANSWERS from those who consider themselves "rulers" and ruling for the good, because over the past at least a hundred years, within the framework of the implementation of the final period of the old system, even in the processes of the implementation of the new control system (which began only in 2012 in an intensive way), we have become so saturated with untruth that if people look deeper into our current world, most of them say completely objectively and openly— "... after all, it's all lies around, all without any exception!.." This is a very important moment! Most people do NOT even IMAGINE the scale of this voluntary or involuntary "lies" to themselves, to each other, to everyone around. From everyday minor misunderstandings to the picture of the world order and world understanding, the meaning of life of all living things — from microscopic creatures to Man on the earth, and from him further and higher, to other perfect creatures. In addition to CONSCIOUS LIES (when they lie for selfish purposes or to manipulate the minds of others), there are, after all, lots of unconscious, involuntary lies — lies from ignorance, lack of information or distortion of information, even when INCOMPLETE OR UNVERIFIED information is spread under the guise of informing. Such unconscious "lies" eventually (under whatever pretext it is done, from supposedly scientific "theories" to the interpretation and understanding of simple words) for many people become the "breeding ground" of their life reasoning and their own understanding of the ongoing. This is the BASIS FOR CONSTRUCTING an incomplete picture of the world, in which many gaps are just drawn (as an assumption that this may be so), i.e. a SUBJECTIVE OPINION with a very limited outlook. It has even become the order of things — it is fashionable to draw pictures of the world from the point of view of each of the numerous sciences, perceived as the "ultimate truth". And here, even if you are super bright, it is difficult to avoid mistakes and shortcomings (this is in your own defense), which, in fact, is observed among the "ruling elite" today. This is the formalized Western approach that WAS IMPOSED ON us. The trouble is when such (let's use a milder word instead of "lies") "insufficiency" is not comprehended and is said bluntly, categorically and making it even worse, first of all, for yourself, because there is responsibility for everything, there is no escape. In such conditions, it is wiser NOT TO RUSH (as the proverb says — “second thoughts are best"). It is wiser to beware of ERRONEOUS CONCLUSIONS, decisions and actions. You can follow another good proverb again: "look before you leap", acting carefully, prudently. And not the other way around: first, on emotions, cut and break everything and then try to start thinking on a pile of scraps (if there is such an ability at all — to think, more often something else is taken for it). And what about the result now, how to get out of the mess of consequences? Everyone knows that circles diverge far from a thrown stone. So you are full up with the problems you have “cooked up” for yourself. Or, when there is no ability to think at all (it happens that way), some people disperse emotions even further and destroy everything around them, including themselves.

There are tragedies large and small all over the planet - tornadoes in America, floods in Brazil, an earthquake in Turkey, SMO in Russia and Ukraine, and so on, etc. But most people, unfortunately, DO NOT UNDERSTAND that there are no mistakes in the sequence of the ongoing today. The events that invade our lives, no matter how unpleasant they may be, are necessary for us in order to UNDERSTAND THEM and realize what is necessary to know. This is our chance, and there will be no other. But everyone wants a lot and at once. However, saying it again and again — this is the sequence that is strictly to be observed today. First - a phenomenon, then - an action, which together generate an event. The opposite NEVER HAPPEN not only somewhere in our collective, not only on the Earth… , in general, in the Universe.

4For those who are beginning to understand and strive for Knowledge, this is the Program information, a hint on what we ought to do next, how to act in detail, having successfully fulfilled what has been revealed to you. It's simple and there will not be any other way. Each event determines, AS IT WERE, a certain "platform" for the next stage. Based on this, the law of causation should be explained exactly this way, and NOT AS we were taught at school. This is a very important law, in which, by the way, there is an element of the law of logic — it speaks about the primacy of the phenomenon, subsequent actions and the event being accomplished. From this angle, in the totality of the above, open your eyes wider and say why nowadays in Russia, it is NOT CUSTOMARY to say compliments, it is NOT CUSTOMARY to praise each other, it is NOT CUSTOMARY to say nice things. On the contrary, it is customary to criticize and say bad things, insulting and offensive, presenting it under the guise of pure truth, believing that a bitter truth is better than a pure lie.

Our people are so UNABLE to praise someone that sometimes there is a feeling that where they should say something pleasant, they become numb in this situation and not just numb, their facial muscles become stiff. They can't even smile. I emphasize that pleasant is NOT NECESSARILY false. Flattery can be false, but compliments, nice words — they are true. They must be based on some element of truth or not truth, the real state of things, and the real perception of a person. I think that you have noticed more than once that it is NOT ACCEPTED to smile in our society, and those who smile (as they say, without reason) cause alertness and suspicion. Let's ask ourselves: why are we so arranged, why CANNOT we often physiologically say compliments, and have forgotten how to smile? Usually this is explained by culture, upbringing, and some social rules. This is really true but only partly. Within the framework of the processes of the old Control system that took place, and BEYOND OUR UNDERSTANDING, and beyond our educators’ understanding, we were brought up, and still continue to be brought up in rudeness, in the atmosphere of suspicion and prodding, starting from kindergarten. It is NOT CUSTOMARY for us to praise, it is not customary to encourage verbally. It is customary for us to criticize, prod, shove and hurt. And praising is extremely rare. Moreover, this style is very often, NOT ALWAYS, but very often adopted in families too. It is tacitly assumed, that if a person (son or daughter) behaves well, then what is there to praise for? This is the norm… I should say here that it is the same at school. This is very noticeable at school. But if you make a mistake in something, if something GOES WRONG with you, even if it is a trifle, then they will start criticizing you, they will start prodding you, they will start reproaching you for this. The size of this criticism is often NOT PROPORTIONAL to the size of your misconduct. And they explain it all by your own interests. You are told: "... well, the fact that we are criticizing you now, the fact that we are prodding you, is all for your sake, dear ...". And they nag these UNFORTUNATE CHILDREN non-stop. And this little man needs neither criticism, nor prodding, HE NEEDS AFFECTION, warmth, kindness, and more kindness. He needs encouragement. This is what adults need, too, we all need these "strokes". But children need them much more, because it is at this time, when they are very young, that they learn a style of behavior. And they become what we then see them. And how do we see them, how do they grow up? They grow up if we DON'T PRAISE them, if we DON'T ENCOURAGE them (even if we assume that at home the attitude to children is good and positive, but at school it is very often different) – they grow up gloomy scowling, suspicious, always waiting for verbal slaps in the face. This verbal slap in the face is considered criticism for the sake of him, the child. We tell him the truth, not realizing that this is VERY SUCCESSFUL way to break children of rejoicing. Therefore, we should not be surprised that we so rarely see smiles in our society and that we DO NOT KNOW how to rejoice — we do not know how to rejoice in little things and DO NOT WANT to rejoice in the successes of other people. Unless we accept some artificial "stimulants" (mostly found on the Internet today) or natural "stimulants" (guess here yourself) that allow us to "rejoice".

5The paradox of the situation is that the more we criticize, the more we "prod", the more people stiffen in this behavior, which seems to us inexcusable, seems to be an omission, and seems to be a mistake. Not only children, but adults, too, INSTINCTIVELY RESIST this, although outwardly they can agree with our criticism, but they "stiffen" in what we criticize because firstly, they consider it part of their identity. Secondly, who likes to be under pressure constantly and without any grounds, from one’s point of view? At the same time, we are talking about criticism NOT ONLY of children; we are talking about criticism of us. Often, although, of course, not always, we take out on the children and on each other our grievances, our worries. We take out on children our own problems and our insecurities, because children are dumb. What are we taking out? There are two very strong motivations. Moreover, it is very important that these motives are unconscious, that is, they move our words, move our vision, but we are NOT FULLY aware of it. There was time when I also HAD to MAKE some efforts to realize this and better understand my own behavior and my own motives. So one of the strongest motives driving people is an instinct of power and desire for revenge. These explain MUCH BETTER than education the nature of our dislike, Russian dislike of compliments and at the same time our painful craving for hypercriticism4 on the verge of insult. We don't just criticize, but very often we TRY to OFFEND other people. This is inherent in people, and this is a clear confirmation of the development of people precisely within the framework of the programs of the Old Control System to create specific Brain genotypes. So that we could move forward in our awareness of the ongoing today, we must understand such things as what the covering of motives mean or unconsciousness of motives. We always explain OUR BEHAVIOR to ourselves in a flattering way, because we believe we cannot be bad. Other people may be bad, or some bad circumstances that made us do wrong. We consider ourselves worthy people, so if we criticize someone, we try to make that person better. And in order to make him better, we tell him some bitter truth or criticize him from day to day. Every day we hit one point, believing that it will help a person.

What really drives this criticism? This criticism is very often driven NOT BY THE DESIRE to help a person, but by the UNCONSCIOUS desire to hurt a person. Pay attention to how we criticize, look at how people criticize each other. They try NOT TO HELP make a person better. They want and are driven by the desire to STING HIM, to wound him AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE, to insult him. This is a very strong subconscious desire. Do not think that they are taking revenge on people, taking revenge on those they criticize, those they speak ill of. No! They TAKE REVENGE ON OTHER PEOPLE who have offended them. They take out on those on whom they can take out their irritation, their desire for revenge. This is what has been laid down in people since childhood as a specific, purposeful process to achieve a specific goal within the framework of the development of the Brain genotypes. It was in this way, independently of people, that a CERTAIN DESTRUCTIVE effect was carried out by an invisible state of parasitism, manifested by its effectiveness in cruel informational, social and material infringement. Now we observe everywhere the so-called automotive residual manifestations of all this.

Pay attention to how the model of criticism in Russia is built. This is very noticeable in social networks, where there are practically no conventions, and THERE ARE NO checks. It usually begins like this — "... you, respectful, DO NOT UNDERSTAND anything about this issue ...". Of course, I exaggerate, usually the treatment is more rude or immediate transition to a personal attack — "... how can this one... understand geopolitics" or "what does he understand in our life", or they immediately begin with the phrase — "how much you hate Russia!" This is what people consider fair criticism and are sure that they are telling very bitter truth. There is only one piece of advice here — if they try to have a conversation with you in such a manner (there is no need to listen to the lectures of teachers or anyone else), immediately curtail this conversation; because this is NOT CRITICISM, this is an insult. Under the guise of criticism, people, I am saying it again, are trying to insult us, because they take out on us their desire for revenge, resentment that someone offended them in turn and nothing more. Simultaneously with revenge, hypercriticism expresses the instinct of power, because when we criticize someone, we thereby show our own superiority, intellectual, moral superiority. Why do people like to gossip about each other so much? To show your own moral superiority — "... ah, pay attention to what is happening in this family, what this comrade meant when he said ... etc., but we are not like that...". All this needs to be "corrected" in people's minds, but only through their awareness that it is incredibly difficult today, but still possible - through explanations and interpretations, even if most of your explanations are not perceived by the majority.

Note, for the comparison, how the model of criticism is built in Anglo-Saxon (far from being a supporter of the Anglo-Saxons) countries. There they will start with this - (even if they catastrophically (not categorically, but catastrophically) DISAGREE with you) – they will tell you something good, they will note interesting and truthful exact elements of your position. At least they can say that "you WERE SINCERE, you were frank, thank you for your frankness ... , this is a very interesting point of view, a very interesting position..." and only then they will move on to something else. That is, first they will actually tell you a compliment, FIRST THEY WILL PRAISE YOU. Almost any person has something to be praised. You just need to LOOK at this person with AN OPEN MIND. I have repeatedly been convinced of this myself, when visiting these countries.

Our misfortune today, the misfortune of Russia, acquired over the past at least two thousand years (or rather not a misfortune, but a congenital or acquired defect), is that the evidence of one's own merits is based on the humiliation of other people. We are good not because we are good, but because there are bad people nearby. They behave immorally, they are greedy, they are poorly dressed, they wear glasses, and they are bald and all like that. In PR, this is called "background creation". We create for ourselves (this is the most common strategy in Russia today) a negative background in order to look better against this background. Or, as they say more simply, "... everyone is in shit, I'm the only one in a white coat, I am the only D'Artagnan." Many people, probably, have come across this MORE THAN ONCE, perhaps they themselves resorted to such a strategy of self-affirmation, demonstration of superiority, demonstration of power. Ignorance is strong because there is no doubt about it. It doesn't know anything, but it thinks it knows everything.

I hope now you understand why we are so afraid to praise others and why we love to criticize others so much. And NOT JUST to criticize, but to criticize in an offensive manner. And we consider this manner to be a message of a truth. THIS IS THE EXPLANATION of our tightness, the explanation of our being unsmiling. After all, we are constantly expecting a trick when someone smiles at us, especially spontaneously and involuntarily. We think - what is it, what is behind it, is something wrong with me? Undoubtedly, something like this needs to be changed, changed meaningfully, and as quickly as possible. Is there an alternative to this? Of course, there is! You just try to speak well of a person, say about his virtues, about his skills — and the main thing will begin to happen — you will BEGIN to JOIN his virtues. This, strange as it may seem, is a MORE SUCCESSFUL STRATEGY today than the strategy of highlighting against a negative background. If the people you communicate with are worthy of respect, worthy of encouragement, worthy of your compliments, probably you are worth something, aren't you? Think about it. By speaking positively about a person, you increase your own assessment in the eyes of not only yourself, but also of other people. This is the beginning of the transformation of all of us to solve more global problems, which are becoming more and more apparent for our comprehension every day.

Let's ask ourselves a natural question and, as they say, you would rather start with yourself and do it simply: in the evening, try to remember —whether you said something pleasant and truthful to anyone during the day. Believe me, if you start giving out positive words, compliments, then, most likely, you will be answered, and your feelings will be returned to you. Not all. You should not hope that everyone will answer, but most likely you will get something in return. What you get will be pleasant to you. Remember Bulat Okudzhava — "let's say compliments to each other, because these are all short moments of love ...". Not just love is short, our life is short. W in our Motherland e must always remember this. Who needs this insulting truth that we exchange with each other so easily? It is offensive and, perhaps, it is NOT even TRUE AT ALL. Our life, unfortunately, is fleeting; we should not turn it into hell with our "fair" criticism. NO one NEEDS this contrived justice. People need love, especially children. We need understanding, any understanding that will be expressed in something, first of all, at least in words, our gestures and in our actions. This is what people need, and especially today, in our Motherland.

Help those people who defend common sense, human dignity and moral values in Russia. Help as much as you can — with a kind word, a new word that many still do not understand, with stories about your participation in something that can attract attention to your activities both in reality and on the Internet - with likes and repost.

Someone has to say a new word; it's very difficult to do. We should not have lost our birthright by renouncing some particulars of certain doctrines, - the UNIQUE RIGHT to a new word — ALTERNATIVE HISTORICITY. Not history but exactly historicity. Now this right must be painfully restored in words, THOUGHTS, education of generations and in specific actions of today. And when this right is restored, then many other things will be restored. And we have to start with our ability to communicate and carry information to people. People who, of course, DO NOT UNDERSTAND the entire basic part of the currently realized creative process of the ongoing evolutionary changes and reduce the ongoing in their perception only to limited initiative actions within the framework of Russia's "Special Military Operation" being carried out today. According to the Anglo-American-European lie, - for militaristic purposes, "manifestations of hegemony over innocent and defenseless Europe, demonstrating its greedy aggressiveness so far only on the territory of Ukraine." This is exactly how this false slander sounds from all means of the CRIMINAL MASS MEDIA SYSTEM for residents of Europe, England and America, finding echoes, of course, in Russia. But all the circumstances that are developing today are already correcting these insignificant (no matter how anyone raises their importance) temporary deviations in the formation of public consciousness of all people, not only in Russia, but throughout the world. And any level of theatrical lies now organized WILL NOT HELP, because it is temporary and DOES NOT CONTAIN, in our current understanding, the truth for everything that is happening.


People in Russia and all over the world are waking up and freeing themselves from the shroud and fog of lies, previously imposed on the overwhelming majority of people all over the planet by the parasitic violence of an insignificant Anglo-American-European minority. It is necessary to inform people that this year and most likely the next one will be loaded with a GREAT NUMBER of newly introduced program elements in the Control structure of the complex existence of the planet and especially the RECONSTRUCTION OF THE TRUE state of the Earth's energy balance. The magnetic field of the planet will have a significantly larger mass and its density will be unevenly increased, orienting its value to the already prepared modified picture of the functional and territorial NEW ENDOWMENT of geo-administrative entities (including at state levels of scale). The conditions of the controlled habitation on our planet are already being seriously adjusted towards the true program state. Some of the physical parameters in the atmospheric layers will change significantly (especially in layer No. 3 from 0 meters to 1240 meters) and much more. The general socionic5 picture of the society (the picture of cohabitation of people with different Brain genotypes and subgenotypes) of the whole planet is already undergoing significant changes. The starting element of this most complex episode is the process of the FINAL DESTRUCTION of all three "Civilization Lifestyles" previously created by the Ebres System, especially the American image (triune fascism), which was fully manifested in Russia through the dominant Brain genotype of the specific performers within the framework of the so-called "democratic transformations". The entire Anglo-American-European platform will not be "released" from all the circumstances of the execution of program actions named "Ukraine" UNTIL, basically, the EPISODE of the ELIMINATION of the American triune fascism IS COMPLETED. Therefore, everyone involved in secret "running" in a panic, but this WILL NOT HELP them. Through the people of Russia, a new system of statehood will be created, the beginning of which has already been laid, and Russia will defend its own leadership function, since it has already led the rest of the peoples of the World by a different path of Civilization development. It is against this background that the most global idea is born — To Defeat Death, as the idea that includes everything that is written above. But people will implement all this; you and me, together with those who have begun to see the ongoing today from a completely different angle, from what is being presented to us. With those who defend common sense, human dignity and moral values, who began to tell people pleasant things and the truth, that is comprehended personally, within the framework of one’s own knowledge, realizing that it is impossible to change anything if you struggle with the existing reality. If you want to change something, create a new model so that the old one is simply outdated…

Take care of each other, and know, know firmly and never doubt, no matter how hard it is now, Victory will be ours, it will certainly be ours.



1 M. Gorky "The Old Woman Izergil".

2 The activity of the autonomic nervous system does not depend on the will of a person. This means that under normal conditions, a person cannot force the heart to beat less often or the stomach muscles not to contract. However, it is possible to achieve conscious influence on many parameters controlled by the VNS using special training methods.

3 I quote close to the text published in Forbes magazine.

4 Hypercriticism is a method that allows you to verify the reliability of sources and prove the existence of valid errors in them.

5 Knowledge of the basics of socionics, understanding yourself and others allow you to resist psychological manipulation and helps to strengthen the psychological stability of the individual, self-confidence and self-image of the world.




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