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369_Series. Salvation of Saviors

Tuesday, 16 May 2023 22:41

044_369 Realities that are realizing…

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God does not do everything himself so as not to deprive us of free will and the part of the glory due to us…

In something you like, you exaggerate the pros and downplay the cons. And, on the contrary, you exaggerate the cons and downplay the pluses if you do not like something.

1It is impossible to convince a person of what he SUBCONSCIOUSLY DENIES. This applies even to science. As Max Planck said, science develops from funeral to funeral. The bearers of the old do not give way to the new, not because they see some faults, but because they do not like it.

If a person, under the pressure of facts and logic agrees with what he does not want to agree with, it DOES NOT CHANGE anything. After a short time, he will forget the evidence base that forced him to change his mind. And he will never forget the feelings rooted in his subconscious.

"One should not think that an idea makes an impression even on cultured minds only if its validity is proved. It is easy to see this by observing how little even the MOST INDISPUTABLE evidence affects most people. The evidence, if it is very striking, can be noticed by some educated individual in the crowd, but the converted, being under the power of the unconscious, will still very quickly return to his original views. If you see him in a few days, he will again present to you all his former arguments and in the same terms, because he is under the influence of the former ideas that have become feelings; these latter serve as deep engines of our speeches and actions. I have already given this example, but it is very instructive, so I will say it again — when Professor Cremonini1 had nothing to object to Galileo's arguments, what do you think he did?.. Did you admit Galileo was right? By no means. He just refused to look through the telescope. And he justified his refusal by saying that he would SEE NOTHING through this tube but an optical illusion. And at parting, he told Galileo, who was taken aback, that he preferred to draw information from the Bible.

If irrefutable logic and facts drive a believer into a corner when he has nothing to object to, do you think he will give up his views? By no means. He will get the "argument" from the Internet and will remain with his opinion.

It is impossible to shake a person who is subconsciously confident in his rightness. People take for the truth what is commonly considered to be true and what is consistent with their constitution. This even applies to mathematics, especially if you believe that it is an exact science, where there is a split and hesitance in the foundations. The larger the scale of the topic being raised and the deeper it is, the more people defend the truths they are accustomed to. Few people are able to listen to criticism of their ABC truths. No wonder Descartes said that the main obstacle on the way to new views and knowledge is our ABC truths. Many people have already been convinced that no matter what you say, no matter what arguments, logic and facts you bring, a person will always find something to object to. And even if he can't find a worthy objection, he still WILL NOT ACCEPT what he doesn't want to accept. The absolute majority of people DO NOT WANT to be convinced of what they do not like to be convinced of, which does not correspond to their views, conflicts with their subconscious attitudes. It makes sense to reason whether it is good or bad. This is how the world and man work today. So it is. This fact should be taken as the quality of the material and WORK WITH THE REALITY, and not complain that it does not meet expectations.

At the moment, unfortunately, I am sure that trying to convince people is not only a useless waste of time and effort, but it is also harmful to the subjects I raise. I still will not be able to prove to someone who doesn't want to listen to something new and unusual for oneself, but the amount of information I give through my articles will certainly grow. This can make it difficult for someone who is ready for new information to cover a general picture. It is an important remark, in my opinion. But I made my mind to give something new through a certain interest in the past, sometimes also unknown, but quite understandable in our ideas. However, I will explain the events within the framework of the information that is available today (in my opinion and not only mine) and EXTREMELY NECESSARY AND IMPORTANT for people — those people who are eager to understand the ongoing today in order to see the prospects of their development and what awaits them in the foreseeable future. And the main thing is how to make this future, and what is their participation (or not participation) in the current events.

Just a year ago, on the night of April 24, 2022, the transition to the program process of the 12-year cycle’s last year of the "Transition Period" was completed, which began on 2011.04.24. It was exactly 11 years ago that an epochal change of the System Power was accomplished — the interventionist Ebres System was overthrown! Of course, people, not only here, but of the whole planet, DO NOT UNDERSTAND the entire basic part of the creative process of the ongoing evolutionary changes being embodied today and reduce the ongoing in their perception only to the LIMITED INITIATIVE actions within the framework of the "Special Military Operation" of Russia, as if carried out (according to the Anglo-American-European lies) for militaristic purposes, thus "manifesting hegemony over innocent and defenseless Europe, demonstrating one’s greedy aggressiveness so far only on the territory of the Ukraine." That's exactly how this false slander sounds from all the means of the criminal mass media system for residents of Europe, England and America. But this year has continued to intensively correct those temporary deviations in the formation of public consciousness of all people. Any level of theatrical organized lies will NOT HELP, because it is temporary and HAS NOTHING TO DO with the truth of the happening. People are waking up and freeing themselves from the shroud and fog of lies, previously imposed by the parasitic violence of an insignificant Anglo-American-European minority on the overwhelming majority of people all over the planet! This year has already been filled with a HUGE NUMBER of newly introduced program elements in the control structure of the complex being of the planet, especially regarding the reconstruction of the true states of the Earth's energy balance. The magnetic field of the planet is beginning to have a significantly larger mass and an unevenly increased density, orienting it to the already prepared modified picture of the functional and territorial NEW ENDOWMENT of geo-administrative entities (including at state levels of scale).  Under way is the process of the serious adjustment of the controlled habitation conditions on our planet towards the true program state. Some of the physical parameters of the Atmosphere layers are changing significantly (especially in layer No. 3 from 0 meters to 1240 meters) and much more. The real picture of these processes was demonstrated almost all over the territory — from England to Kamchatka and North America from April 21 to April 24, 2023, and from time to time this will continue depending on the changes taking place.


The hydro meteorological center does not give a clear explanation to all this, except as an atmospheric phenomenon, like the northern lights. The overall picture of the cohabitation of the entire planet is undergoing SIGNIFICANT CHANGES. The process of transition to "Another path of Civilization development" is gaining momentum..

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The starting element of this most complex episode is the process of the final destruction of all three "Civilization Lifestyles" previously created by the Ebres System, especially the American lifestyle (triune fascism), which was "imposed" on Russia and not only in the early nineties. The very fact of the COMPLETE DOMINATION of the state will over the society’s will is classical fascism in the NEW FORMS of its modern manifestation. It is for this reason that there appeared an  expanded possibility of imposing three main forms of social parasitism brought to the level of fascism by the newly formed liberal-democratic state, namely: financial, administrative-bureaucratic and national-demographic. These are the very "three pillars" as a bulwark of modern state violence, based on the dominance of the state will over the will of the people, in the form of fascism under the guise of the FORMAL DEFINITION of the liberal-democratic state structure of governance, which took over the programmed function of forming an organized being without any practical active participation of the indigenous peoples of Russia.

The events that are unfolding today within the framework of the implementing scenario of the performing program actions "the Ukraine", the entire Anglo-American-European platform WILL NOT BE LET OUT from the whole execution of program actions until elimination of the American triune fascism, imposed on Russia and other countries formed after the collapse of the USSR, is basically completed. Therefore, everyone secretly involved in “is running about" in panic, but this will not help them. Russia, through its people, will independently defend its function as the Leader, since It HAS ALREADY LED the rest of the peoples of the World by a different path of Civilization development. But the main tension on the common global platform will remain and increase for the time being — this was "shown" by the System (and not only that) in the "colorful pictures" of April 22, 2023. You can take what is written exactly as it is understood by virtue of your own current thinking, but the ongoing is the REAL EVENT of the global scale — the elimination of the alien intervention of the Earth! The auto-motor- like residual processes in all spheres of the collapsing organized being of people related to the elimination of the consequences of the interventionists’ System Mind, as well as replacement of some of the preserved fragmentary elements of the former control with MORE ADVANCED and "native" ones, are carried out in the course of the implementation of the main evolutionary and restoration transformations in all structures and states of the Earth's energies, and their control in the transition period 2012-2024, with an increasing intensity. Natural disasters caused by tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and other so-called "cataclysms" in the last few years around the world only prove the above.

By its very fact of the accomplishment, the Global change of the System Power has made it necessary for the people and communities of them to participate in the development of a number of IMPORTANT STRATEGIC GUIDELINES and tasks for themselves and their future at the level that they are allowed by the current state of the Brain, but taking into account some correction of the PREVIOUSLY PROVIDED knowledge.

These tasks represent the most complicated complex of the whole new future lifestyle of people, the reconstruction of their true role and place not only in the limited model scale of the Earth, but also beyond its borders, and no matter how FANTASTIC IT SOUNDS today — in the System of the single hierarchy of other planetary Civilizations of Intelligent Orientation. Only this way, already manifested, and only through the implementation of everything currently indicated to people by the native Control System through the "future" and information provided by it in any other form, is it possible to find harmony of "Humanity" with other civilizations.


In the near future, the recreated Man is not a destroyer of nature, as a "master" on the Earth. He can and ought to be a co-executor of all the ongoing restoration processes, the necessary creative implementations in the material world, which will arise in the course of the general civilization development of the entire model of the Earth. It is not HE who created the World with his own hands and his presence, but today he is PROVIDED with SUCH an OPPORTUNITY and conditions for complex material and immaterial life support for arranging his participation in the active generally useful existence in the interests of harmonious being in this world created  not by him. He must and ought to be a caring and economical guardian of all the nature surrounding him and all the creatures on it. Only then is He a true Man, and only then will He really be needed by the Earth and its recreating Mind. There will be no more winners in the "conquest of nature" in the material and immaterial World Created. And there is NO PLACE for parasitic destruction for the private purposes of one’s consumer limited existence in any form in the future. Today's rushing about of the so-called "ruling elite" in making and implementing various kinds of decisions within the framework of the still existing state administration, which is obvious to almost everyone, is caused by only one thing - the destruction of the previous program processes of interventionist’s Control System and liquidation of the main humiliating basis of all the previously occurring processes and events. People WILL NO LONGER BE involved in the performing states on the terms of material application. All future performing states and actions to implement the chronology process in the development of the new civilization, related to the natural and reasonable involvement of people in those processes, are already organized, supported and provided by the native Control System of the Earth WITHOUT USING VIOLENCE, on which the entire development of mankind has been built for the last almost four thousand years within the framework of the program "development of the Brain genotypes and the energy biogenesis of the body flesh." Such large-scale changes, implemented now through actions and events on the Earth and directly related to the very fact of involving people in them under the control of the new System, cannot be instantaneous, no matter how much we would like it. But it is already impossible NOT TO SEE it. The main thing is to learn to understand what is happening and independently (or in groups of like-minded people) analyze, reflect and look for answers to an increasing number of emerging questions caused by the lack of real knowledge, the auto-motor-like way of thinking of the current scientific and  governing elite, as well as ours. There is no need to be afraid of this. You need to define your own guidelines for yourself, which are based on your knowledge, obtained from sources that you have identified as acceptable, true and close to the truth, both happened in the past and the ongoing. I am saying it again and I will say it repeatedly — hoping for the readers’ response — we are fixated on the present, on experiencing the present. And this is objective by virtue of our understanding it today. NO one CAN look into the Future. I understand why — this is a sign of a very deep mental decline, and socio-cultural too. But if we want to move forward, we will have to focus on this.

7Today, as a rule, NO ONE NEEDS new knowledge, because the absolute majority of those people whom we can refer to as leaders of some state structures, benefit from the current state of affairs. Why? Because such state of affairs is stable and uses the potential opportunities that are provided by this power. As people say — "we do not care if the Flood is after us….", i.e. they (these people) do not think much about what will happen in twenty, fifty years. - We live now, we DO NOT THINK about anything, we enjoy life, and everything suits us. Moreover, it preserves our power, our economic and financial well-being. – They benefit from the fact that everyone else DOES NOT UNDERSTAND the laws of the world, the capabilities of a thinking person, because it is much easier to rule people who DO NOT HAVE freedom of thought and who are unable to analyze and understand anything. This is the manifestation of auto-motor-like activity and thinking of those people whose Brain genotype under the Old Control Program was supposed to become prevailing, but IT DID NOT HAPPEN and WILL NEVER HAPPEN. However, on the basis of this automotoricity (which, by virtue of our thinking, we cannot even figure out what it "brings about"), we still strive to learn completely new aspects of the ongoing, which HAVE NEVER BEEN in reality, if we carefully analyze what we see, hear and what is done today not only by the so-called "leaders", but also by many other people, even by people around us and close to us both by kinship and in spirit. And this is justified by the fact that a whole class of experts has grown up in Russia — from couch analysts to academicians, whose favorite thing is to GIVE ADVICE, to teach everyone in everything, even in what they HAVE NO idea about. This is done by all-knowing bloggers and various so-called "activists" - writers and journalists, economists and techies, lawyers and TV presenters, theologians and shamans, even there appeared collective farms leaders. Everyone teaches how HARMFUL the existing system is to HUMANITY, that it is necessary to immediately start doing this and that, change one for another, prohibit the third and limit the fourth. They prophesy that if this is not done, the country will collapse, NO TRANSFORMATIONS WILL HELP (and they personally, and with them all honest people will not support all that "ugliness" that takes place) to move into a bright future. The fact that there is a situation in life when you can tolerate something and at the same time disagree is not clear to them. They wouldn't tolerate it. And since President is slow in the immediate execution of all their advice, the verdict of the advisers is harsh: either the authorities will hear them, or…However, this "or" has been promised to Russia for many years, and mainly since 04/24/2011, when the change of the System Power was finally completed. Many experts have completely erased their tongues during this time, promising from day to day the collapse of the regions, the economy and Russia, UNTIL everyone GOT TIRED of their horror stories and they STOPPED being taken seriously. Almost no one is quoted any longer. But in addition to the experts who have been published, real think tanks have appeared. The Izborsky Club2, for example, has turned into a headquarters for the search for modern concepts.

8Its participants describe the situation very competently, deeply analyze the causes of problems, wisely find the roots of the conflict between global and local elites, summarize brilliant generalizations, found the external cause of internal difficulties, and some participants, on the contrary, found the cause of external problems in internal mistakes. And all this "flows" inexhaustibly through the Internet on the heads of ordinary people, causing complete inadequacy in the perception and understanding of the ongoing. Everyone draws variants of the required strategies at the state level at least. THE POLITICALLY EXCITED COMMUNITY got tired of clapping their hands with applause and waiting for President to finally start LISTENING to SMART PEOPLE and start implementing their advice. How much can you tolerate those who cannot be tolerated? Cannot he, President, SEE what is going on? Does he really live in another reality? Have the people around so confused his head that he has already broken himself away from the life of the people and apart from the "sweet reports" of the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank perceives nothing else? Russia is dying! And there, in the Kremlin, no one is even listening! The situation looks like the Soviet cartoon "Robbery in Italian", where the main character, the father of a poor family with many children, is chased by a crowd of sympathetic neighbors shouting: "Giuseppe, when are you finally going to rob a bank?" As a result, relatives, acquaintances, police and mafiosi themselves bring Giuseppe into the bank, where the cashiers solemnly hand him bags of money, and the whole cheering crowd spills out into the street, where they praise the timid hero who finally decided on the right thing.

Everyone is already hoarse and tired, trying to shout over each other in advice to President, written wherever possible and impossible, on the Internet — what he, President, needs to do literally from Monday at eight o'clock in the morning, because the end of Russia is inevitable from Tuesday immediately after midnight. And President keeps procrastinating and thereby brings his temperamental supporters literally to a semi-fainting state. Why? Are they wrong about anything? Are they mistaken? One can say for sure — they are all right in something, all without exception. They all see real problems and talk about them to the best of THEIR UNDERSTANDING and beliefs. And President, in my opinion, understands this very well. Then why is he in no hurry to follow their advice? The reason is simple — they DO NOT ADVISE what President needs. President does not need to be told what a bad system we have and what dangers its preservation poses. He knows this better than all of them, because he is most burdened with its risks and consequences. President needs to be told HOW to AVOID pitfalls if you start implementing their advice. That's where the fun starts. That's where all the major holes are hidden. But NO EXPERT IS TALKING about this. They didn't say a word about what kind of social overload would hit the country if they started implementing everything they had advised from eight in the morning tomorrow. THEY ARE NOT INTERESTED IN IT. They "look" into the distance. It seems to them they look beyond the horizon. Those insignificant and despicable difficulties of realizing their prophecy DO NOT FALL within the scope of their professional interests. Their task is to draw a picture of the existing and what they want, explain how disgusting the first is and how wonderful the second is. The problem of combining one with the other is NOT THEIR profession. Their job is to "draw" the project they want. But for the curved walls of the project being implemented — to the builders.

Naturally, all failures will be attributed not to their own account, but to the account of President, who FAILED: understood in the wrong way, put the wrong ones at the helm, relied on the wrong ones, and believed the wrong people. collected the wrong ones, failed to organize, anticipate and implement, allowed the way out of control, did not demand from the responsible one, did not replace with the one  necessary, listened to the wrong people and not as advised, was not able, did not have the right height of the forehead and not so broad the horizon. At the same time, all of them, the advisers, still remain in a white tailcoat, and only President is in an unpleasant situation. But these "advisers" do not understand one thing — there are no restrictions in fabrications, even if they are auto-motor-like — there is an implementation of the goal vector, which, due to the current processes, is beyond the control of even President, but is carried out just through him. Most people think like these "advisers", and there are many who agree with them only because (I don't want to offend anyone) they DO NOT UNDERSTAND — how? And they cannot put everything that is happening into a single whole, which will show the contours of the reality. NOT THOSE realities that we observe in the present, but those realities that are implemented precisely through what we observe and evaluate partially, even WITHOUT ADMITTING that this is only a part, and not the whole. This is exactly how global processes occur, which change everything as it should eventually be manifested and executed under the control of the New Control System. We are NOT GUILTY of such mental conceptions. This is a deep, artificially created understanding of the world, which has been fixed in people for the last millennia through the old Control System as part of solving the problem of the step-by-step process of executing Ebres programs for "the development of Brain genotypes and Energy Biogenesis of the body flesh." The realization and understanding of this must be regarded NOT FROM the STANDPOINT of a vulgar orthodox materialistic worldview, but from the standpoint of an already accomplished transition to the stage of knowledge of the truth — materialistic idealism. The methodology and research method applied for the first time on the basis of the energy-information dialectic of the stage-by stage development of the Brain genotypes and the improvement of the control with the use of Complexes, providing and supporting Systems and Objects, with the program control from the outside, allowed us to show in a FUNDAMENTALLY DIFFERENT way the objective need to revise all the historical processes of the human civilization development. The new approach of the research allowed us to show the true, but THE MOST TERRIBLE thing for the current state of awareness - the material use of people not by their will and awareness of the very fact of their programmed use in the past as such. With such a process of insurmountable violence against people, the programs and plans of the external control were focused on their specific target boundaries related to achieving a certain CONTROLLED LEVEL of the Brain genotypes development for a limited contingent of individuals. In line with this, a multi-stage plan for the energy biogenesis of the human body was implemented with a focus on the development and giving it such complex features and states that should be harmonious and acceptable for such Brain genotype and correspond to their further specific plans under the external control of the old System. This was the TRUE ESSENCE of the whole history. And this is what we are all faced today, trying to comprehend the ongoing, unfortunately, through the prism of the imposed on us understanding, which did not allow us to comprehend our past.

9It is only on paper that everything goes smooth. And we remember how in our youth a beautiful and all-powerful teaching, absolutely true in the criticism of the existing, completely failed in the implementation of the conclusions of this criticism. They dodged, swerved, hesitated with the party line, declared one thing or another correct, adjusted the results of the five-year plans RETROACTIVELY, crushed conspiracies and enemies of the people, imprisoned, shot, broke into space, raised virgin lands, then criticized for excesses and cults, for demoralization, shortage and stagnation, for perestroika, which turned into a shootout. And even rockets and ballets DIDN'T HELP. NOTHING CAME OUT of the prophesied, and in the course of adjusting reality to the project, they committed such follies that after 70 years everything that was done became uninteresting to everyone — so much so that together with the mistakes they threw out the great state that was created, about which we are shedding tears today… Against this background, what CONSEQUENCES would absolutely fair calls for a return to improved socialism ENTAIL? Should we cancel the results of Chubais' shameful privatization? Break up the oligarchs as a political force? Nationalize the banking system? Introduce currency controls? What forces can become a support, by what and how to suppress the resistance of the overthrown class? What is the price of the question? What happens if everything goes wrong, goes out of the control and goes wild, by what and how to crush sabotage? Who will imprison and shoot? And what will it give? Who will support? Who will betray? And if it fails, what’s then? What should be done if it doesn't work out? And where are the weak links? What are the backup plans? Where are the backup resources? The "advisers" are silent about this although half of them are doctors and academicians. They don't see such problems. They paint pictures - one is more beautifully than the other, NOT CARING about the price of the next great turning point. And the people, holding their breath with delight, fell asleep under the speeches of the smart and honest, but NOT ALLOWED to the power by evil fate…

Or should we still need to think and remember our sayings, created by everyday experience, — "Before you enter, think about how to get out"; "It's better one step forward and two steps back than jump forward — and there is an abyss there"; "More haste, less speed"; and also – more haste may ruin the country, That's why President does NOT LISTEN to advisers. Not because he's angry or stupid. They just DON'T SAY what he needs. They don't help save the country. But there are hundreds of options to destroy it. And there is none to save it, it would be another thing if they not only gave advice, but showed how to best implement it. Then, maybe, they would have realized that they did not have enough necessary knowledge. Not the knowledge they boast about, but the knowledge created from the information that is still perceived by their Brain. They DO NOT UNDERSTAND that the information is not provided “to stock up some canned meat and survive the apocalypse" and not for the feeling that everything will be great and bright for all of us. But only in order to MAKE PEOPLE think, create and help — to help, by virtue of their knowledge and their awareness of the ongoing, which, unfortunately, is almost  useless. But, in my opinion, let them advise. There is a benefit from them — they will eventually convince ALL DOUBTERS that it is time to change the old for the new. And perhaps then it will be concluded that it is not enough to say where to go, you still have to know how to get there…



1 Cesare Cremonini (December 22, 1550 — June 19, 1631) was an Italian philosopher and poet. A staunch Aristotelist, the leader of the Italian peripatetics and an opponent of Galileo.

2 «The Izborsky Club» is a community of researchers (mostly conservative) specializing in research on Russia's foreign and domestic policy.


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