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Thursday, 15 January 2015 16:16

"Gifts from Santa Claus", or what is happening before our eyes

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Before you go to the summary of what is happening before our eyes, it is necessary to remind ourselves of some of the concepts that "...soaked in the us with his mother's milk".Today modern science is steadfast pyramid of knowledge created by Mankind during his existence on Earth. This is a rigorous and consistent system of knowledge about the Earth, the Noosphere, the Cosmos, the development of life on Earth. She transformed into specific technical products: the atomic bomb to destroy Humanity (if needed), ships, planes, rockets, power plants, factories, and everyday products – diapers, grenades, TVs, guns, and so forth. Pyramid of modern science was built on a century, so it had to be steadfast.

1No one had a right to encroach on DOGMA even if they were founded over 500 years ago, for example, in MEDICINE, which actually will be discussed. Pyramid science enough "that" and "patched", so any encroachment by the looks of anarchy, as the other pyramids there is no (and cannot be).

 It is known that the mouse Brain in exactly the Human Brain.

This property relies on a medicine, in particular, pharmacology where the action of drugs tested on mice, and if the mouse is not sick, the medicine is prescribed for the use of the King of nature (he – Man). However, in the production of medicines add a variety of chemical additives (especially in Brintsalov), which can cause allergies or any negative consequences.

2Everything that made the knowledge in medicine, is the formation of separate spheres of existence. What has been done.

Medicine is a clinic, hospital, syringes, pharmacy. It's all area of reseptionist and nothing more. And do september from medicine TREATMENT and NOT A CURE. MEDICINE will become a science only when KNOWS what is LIFE what is LIFE CELLS and what is LIFE FLESH of these living cells.


You can give an example of how the tale of "Koschei immortal" is the principle of building structures of the cell. Therefore, doctors and physicians, it is advisable to read "Russian fairy tales". There's a lot of "draw" for knowledge.

"...and grabbed Ivan the fool first pike, flew out from inside the duck, duck – egg, eggs needle. 

3Broke Ivan the fool needle, and did not Koshcheev..." Translate into the structure of octaves. The initial octave is a structure of an external condition. The needle is octave structure of the Brain. For a Human Brain – 71.5 octave (271.5). The sperm has 96 octave. Dispersion 96 → 71.5 increases the size in the tens of thousands of times. Density potentials octave 71.5 such that the dispersion within 100 years puts a needle into the egg (elimination of the Brain).

When the answer to these questions, then MEDICINE will be SCIENCE.

The article in this direction has already been written. But after the publication of Research Institute «Center of Proactive Strategies» (www.salvatorem.EN).

THE SECOND PROACTIVE STRATEGY and BEGINNING conduct Online Research Conference, organized in 2014, that has continued this year and adopted us (RTO) decisions about ACTIVE PARTICIPATION in this Conference and consultation with SRI NMC we think it is worthwhile SETthe material only in accordance with how to go PROCESSES, reflected in the materials THE SECOND PROACTIVE STRATEGY. Regardless of any situation. Already published materials provided to actively discuss and review SUFFICIENT for in-depth understanding of the processes taking place before our eyes and require careful thinking on the part of our Associates and Admirers.

Today considered and proposed to the comprehension questions:

  • Hydropower.
  • Nuclear energy.
  • Heat power engineering.

Timely information will be provided and related issues The MEDICINE of the FUTURE, INFORMATION and MANAGEMENT, ECOLOGY of FOOD and HOUSING. Us details will be explained to all aspects this information, which is associated with «change» (not by the will of the people) occurred after the following dates, in terms of generation (Generator "Dark matter" and Programs "Is SvetL").

Therefore, we put in the fame and OFFER to fulfil all our recommendations in the terms indicated below, ALL participants Programs "SvetL", regardless of the existing "media".





What needs to be done to the participants of the Program "SvetL", who own the Complex, arising in connection with events and phenomena.

  1. January 19, 2015 (20:00) to record all their positions, exhibited at the Complex on this number.
  2. From 20:00 to 21:00 (Moscow time) on January 19, 2015 to produce FULL restart Complex.

Reboot: to enable the Complex to enter the section «Load Control», press any icon and DELETE EVERYTHING! A graceful shutdown of the Complex and leave it connected to the network through the power supply.

  1. The more complex DO NOT TOUCH to 08:00, January 20, 2015.
  2. After 08:00,that YOU COMFORTABLE or You have installed before. Turn OFF (correctly) Complex. Wait at least 10 minutes. Turn the Complex and, as said N. Levashov, – "...Let's GO!.."

Your Complex (GENERATOR) is fully adapted to the NEW changes occurred in the system. In the new environment it has become much more efficient and reliable. All that will be presented to You regarding the "Medicine of the Future" in the continuation of the information within the SECOND PROACTIVE STRATEGY, the most direct way covers "Program participants "SvetL"".



Recommendations for those Program participants "SvetL", who owns the Bracelets "SvetL" and Bracelets "SLN"


  1. From 20.00 to 21.00 (Moscow time) on January 19, 2015 REMOVE the BRACELET and PUT IT in a place where it will not be available for random tapping third-party people (children, friends, etc)
  2. After 08.00 - 20.01.2015 year (preferably within 2-3 hours) to take your bracelet and keep it in your left hand, so that THE CENTRAL PLATE was clamped in his fist not less than 5 minutes. If someone (for whatever reason) you cannot do this (old age, decrepitude, disease, and so

Your Bracelet (GENERATOR) is fully adapted to the NEW changes occurred in the system. In new condition – it has become much more efficient and reliable. In this You will see literally within the first 10 days.

For Complexes "SvetL-Flora" no further action and "transformation" to do NOT REQUIRED regardless of where he is (in the land or the house, on a shelf). Don't touch him with 19 until the morning of the 20th day of the month (and it is better to "seed"). He (Generator) adapting to new conditions.





Wellness sessions that You use with our customers too, "endure" significant changes. They will become more effective and stable in his "work". It is recommended that, after January 20, "download" the sessions again and start their application in accordance with the instructions on the website. All the "doubters" and disseminators of false information about these sessions, again offered himself to carry out comparative analyses with those sites that are "present" like "Wellness" sessions.


P.S.The release of the new Complex "SvetL" that was promised, arrested, but only for the reason outlined in this article. All of its obligations in relation to the new complex "RSTS" will perform certainly, beginning in February 2015.

Recommendations for use of water in usual, we recommended process to continue unchanged until the next information for YOU after the publication information related to The MEDICINE of the FUTURE, INFORMATION and MANAGEMENT, after our explanations in this direction.

Today, 15.01.15, within the interactive Conference in 2015 THE SECOND PROACTIVE STRATEGISTS, the materials provided to the active discussion, consideration and study related with The MEDICINE of the FUTURE – 1.2 «features of the System revealed evidence of unconditional rejection of destructive technologies, scientific and organizational problems in the field of modern medicine». (

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