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Sunday, 19 April 2020 02:04

Vita Versus Virus (VVV-369), or Life facing Virus

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If you only knew all the mysteries of numbers 3, 6 and 9, you would have a key to the Universe.

N. Tesla


A genius and a villain are incompatible... Humanity in its current state... is trying to comprehend the genius by copying “outer numerical indications” and doing other similar absurdities, without even trying to follow the “proposed” path from the Tesla’s anagram to notes and their frequency filling.

And further — to the frequency content of the world, more precisely to the “form”, because its “primary content” is INFORMATION. Then to the amazing consequences that lie behind the entire chain — a person’s dependence on the ability of his Brain to “work” with the “form” — the higher the frequency, the greater the informational possibilities of “transmission” (exchange), or at least reception. Far from today's life, isn’t it? Just a minute, now: not everyone understands what DNA is, but everyone has already learned, like they know their “ABC’s”, that coronavirus is dangerous precisely by copying part of it. Doctors are racking their brains over protection methods, but the virus has gone “further”, mutating and leaving them behind. Hopeless, isn’t it? NO, IT ISN’TYou just have to go after those who have “left the virus behind” in the comprehending of the same DNA. In its current state, the nodes around which information blocks are formed, if exaggerated “to the level of Darwin”, are “three-dimensional” because they are “of a cubic form”: each node has 3 connections. The cube is an “alien” structure which “came like a bolt from the blue” 18.000 years ago. But that is not the question now, it is — “where to run”. Sure, to the native one — dodecahedral. What is the danger of the old (cubical form)? In the “node”, each block has its own meaning: A — input, C — output, G — control, T — input/output generation unit, and now try to discard the last function. What do you get? The accumulation of informational “garbage” (and one should not cling to “trifles”: not everything that is needed can be said today precisely because “the aliens have not reached the secrets of the fourth codon and therefore we are still WE, not THEY”). 

And now — to the entirely unscientific (doctors can rest easy). All human diseases — from a violation of information exchange, even cancer — are a consequence of the loss of communication between a cell (one cell is enough) and the Brain (those cells which exceeded the bounds of obedience). So there is struggle WITH ALL DISEASES AT ONCE while changing human’s energy grating structure from cubic form to dodecahedral one... The seemingly incomprehensible “procedure” is actually very “simple” and begins with a change of worldview from a materialistic one to… (let's give it up first, then explain in favor of what), the development of everyone (this is not on the couch, not in social networks, and not even in a fitness club), that is, in the “cultivation” of the Human within himself. How? Well, first of all, just answer the question what is your purpose here on Earth, why was the Earth created, and in general — what is the purpose of all this. It is not as difficult as it seems, you all have extra time, all of you are in quarantine. And there will be no need to decide what to get busy with — look for the answers.

What does coronavirus have to do with it? Well, “on the way” you can strengthen your immunity and develop protection against this adversity. Everything that is needed for this has already been created IN ADVANCE and you can think that we are very lucky (although everything created is the result of a different understanding of the ongoing events and the possibilities to look into the future).

The origin of Knowledge and Comprehension is different. The first is formed in man because he is gifted with sense organs — his Mind remains passive in this case; and since the sense organs are alike for all people, knowledge is equally attainable by all of them. Comprehension is formed with the dominant participation of the human Mind, and external feelings are only instruments for him, which are directed by him and the impressions of which he explores in order to reveal what lies behind these impressions and what causes them.2

And since the MIND IS DIFFERENT in different people, then the level of comprehension is also different in them: there are individuals and even entire nations, which are completely deprived of it; and there are nations richly gifted with it...

Daily news releases are as bulletins from the war fronts; only a news reporter cannot, and should not, explain the reasons for the origin and the speed of dissemination. The questions are for doctors, but they also have no idea about the source, the illnesses of those who have been ill, the absence of symptoms of the disease in a good half of the infected, and the rate of mutation. THE CONSEQUENCES of the disease are ALSO NOT CLEAR to the end. There is a high probability of getting stomach or intestinal cancer in a year or so — doctors still do not even suspect this. Salvation from ignorance and misunderstanding — the list of countries self-isolated from the outside world is expanding rapidly. But this seemingly most effective means of combating the epidemic does not solve the problems in the bud.

Although COVID-19 belongs to coronaviruses (there are 37 similar, in particular, SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV), little is known about it. Having realized the connection mechanism, scientists CAN'T EXPLAIN THE REASONS AND THE MECHANISM OF SUCH MUTATION, precisely aimed at the “deficiency” of human DNA. The virus got its name for the shape of the spine’s arrangement on the surface of the virus: it seems that it is surrounded by a crown. THE CAUSES FOR THE DISEASE in Humans, THE WAYS OFPASSINGARE NOT CLEAR. In the opinions of doctors, the airborne droplets prevail, fecal-oral is suspected. Hence the traditional means of protection for these methods, and sources of appearance. But one of the suspicions “on what triggered the virus” — the rapid development of 5G communication networks, the increasing disharmony of man and nature are beyond their serious attention (there is no understanding of the “world frequency”, especially the informational source). Awareness of everything related to COVID—19 goes beyond the scope of traditional science and IS RELATED TO OTHER PROCESSES ON GOING ON THE EARTH. These processes are aimed at restoring the native state of the environment and the energies associated with life and life activity on it. It is the difference in the present state of people from the native ones that are getting restored, which goes beyond the certain framework, can be yet another negative factor contributing to the disease. Therefore, the vaccine creation is just a financial project that is not related to people's health, and is not able to solve their problems. It is just an elusive, like the similar unnatural way of strengthening (actually destroying) the immune system. Closing borders, isolating, and canceling mass events will not change the situation; barriers to the virus are on a different plane of ensuring people’s safety and health. The virus is most dangerous for certain types of people united by the Brain genotype (their Brain frequencies, if we simplify it to “Darwin”). This is, of course, hushed up by those people who think of themselves as “rulers” and “arbiters” of the World. Modern science does not know what the “brain genotype” is, and therefore does not understand the mechanism of lesion to the body. 

The natural way of the appearance of the virus predetermines the need for the natural remedies to combat it with the help of one’s own immune system. A few months before the start of the epidemic, people were “granted the remedy” that would protect them — it is called mumijo. And it was “revealed” precisely in Russia where it was tested and used.

The origin of mumijo, as well as the mechanism of its effect on the body, is not known to science. Although everything is very “simple”: on the one hand, mumijo contains elements of the so-called periodic table in a proportion exactly corresponding to the needs of the human body (a random choice of such a coincidence is practically excluded), on the other hand, it breaks down toxins that the body cannot cope with in order to remove them by natural means. Intoxication of only 6.2 % of certain cells can lead to the appearance of a malignant tumor (due to interference in the information transmission).

The new wave of interest in mumijo brought back to life a commercial interest in it. After all, the output of the finished product from the initial raw material is only a little more than 2%, and the period for the correct cleaning of the raw material is up to three months. Therefore, the shelves of pharmacies are filled with a poorly cleaned product (at best 30 %, usually only 5—6 % purity!), the therapeutic effect of which is significantly low. Only the mumijo prepared by the specialists of the Russian Scientific and Technological Society has 100 percent purity and is guaranteed to comply with proven accurate cleansing procedures. At some stages, the process even requires special and different utensils for storing the product and a strictly defined water temperature. It shows how amazing mumijo is in its exactingness for its care. And it owes its properties to its origin — the natural collection of minerals, formed by nature as a part of the work of those very means and systems that are engaged in ensuring life support and life on the Earth under new conditions. In minor doses, it is good for the disease prevention, including coronavirus, or more precisely, complete protection against it.

Well, if you were unlucky and still got sick — only it, the mumijo in a short time will save you from all the misfortunes and, most importantly, from those hidden threats that the so-called “disease” itself carries. Let us remember once again — at first the “protection” was granted, and then the “virus” went for a walk. VITA VERSUS VIRUS (VVV-369) (Life Against Virus) — this is the name of what was “granted” (Mumijo) in anticipation of the ongoing events.

But what about the transition to the dodecahedral grating? Those who are interested and those who have read it to the end — the direct way is to use “SvetL” Technologies. They, together with the mumijo, yield the best result, acting on the body's immune system, each in its own way. Mumijo — by regulating the “mineral” balance, “SvetL” Technology — by helping the Brain.

The most “powerful” in the “technological line” is the Bioinformational Adaptive programmable Complex “SvetL” (or just the “SvetL Complex”), it harmonizes the flow of primary matter (waves of different frequencies) from which a human is created, in harmony with their current state and needs for improving their Health and Development. For this, the Device creates its own — “ideal” space of “existence”, which reconstructs (modifies) the person's space of existence and saturates it with the necessary primary matter, supplementing the composition of the primary matter as necessary. Immediately after activation, the Device helps the Brain identify the cells with the potential excess, activates the channels for their removal, or returns the “out of the control” cells under the information transmission control, expanding the corridor of the Brain’s capabilities, clears cells and intercellular space from residues, and restores the ways for the undistorted transmission of information. Those curious or interested in the details and feedback of the Device’s users can be easily satisfied on the resources of the RSTS (Russian Scientific and Technological Society).3

The conclusions of “how to live” are up to the reader!

Those who can and want come to your own rescue!

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