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Tuesday, 08 March 2022 09:30

A sketch and the masterpiece – Eh! Oh! March 8...

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When they write that the name of the hero who accomplished a heroic deed is unknown they usually mean a woman.

And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness (Genesis 1:26). As you can see, the story of the creation of Homo sapiens is in the singular - "Let us make a man." Here THERE IS NO TALK about a man and a woman, but about the single containing male and female nature. However, later in the text, the singular suddenly becomes the plural: and let them have dominion over... (Genesis 1:26).

1Why is this inconsistency? An incident, a mistake in translation, an author’s ignorance? This question has puzzled many interpreters of the Bible. As far back as the 5th century Archbishop of Constantinople, Saint John Chrysostom, known for his reasoning on biblical stories, was surprised at these words. John Chrysostom believed that a picture of an amazing unity in the first man was unfolding before us, of what which WILL SOON BE SEPARATED and called a man and a woman. That time the question of celebrating the March 8 Holiday (the full name of the holiday - March 8 is the International Day of Struggle for Women's Rights and Peace all over the World) did not arise then. Because the date of March 8 was still “lying ahead”, after creating and making up a German legend that in Germany, and in some other countries, there was the rule of the first night and the serf girls who got married had to give their innocence NOT TO THE HUSBAND, but to their master . And so … in one of the villages there was a big holiday: EIGHT GIRLS were given IN MARRIAGE TO, and all of them, by a strange coincidence, had the same name – Marta (March). Seven girls, one after another, entered the master’s bedroom, but the eighth one refused. She was captured and forcibly brought to the master.

While taking off her clothes the March 8 (Marta 8) pulled out a knife from the folds of her clothes and killed her master. She told her beloved about all this, after which the couple ran away and lived together happily ever after. That is the story of the origin of March 8 holidays. This story was told by Clara Zetkin as an example of the first challenge of a woman against her lack of rights. It happened in 1910 at the meeting of socialists in Copenhagen.


In honor of this girl - March 8 – THE IDEA WAS BORN in the heads of Clara Zetkin and her friend Rosa Luxembourg - to establish "March 8 as an International Women's Day, on which women from all over the world would organize rallies and processions, attracting the public to their problems."

3However, why do WE ALL THINK that the woman who invented March 8 as a ”holiday” was created by God? This whole story with Adam's rib is kind of flimsy, unconvincing. For all that, there is an opinion that “the rib from which God created a woman is the only bone in the body with no Brain.” I think EVERYTHING WAS QUITE DIFFERENT then. After giving birth to heaven, earth, water, populating them with various animals, the Almighty got very tired. He probably thought about creating a thinking being, but from fatigue, there came to mind only all sorts of chimeras- fearful and versatile. They must not be allowed into Paradise. So, God decided to wait a little while. He had a cup of tea, calmed down and decided not to care a rap about it. Reality does not like finality. Let it be the way it is! Eternally and infinitely. You can get it done later, he thought. This thought was flickering in a soothing doze. And here there appeared SHE... WOMAN. It seems to be on her own, from nowhere, as if woven from the air, and immediately began to assure God that she was just the product of his unponderable thought-images and thought-forms, because he, God, HAVE NOT READ the “Fundamentals of Mankind Formation” yet, and she was ready to tell him what it is! “You, my God, in your incomprehensible depths, once imagined something like that! But long time ago. And YOU DID NOT PLACE YOUR theory on a sound divine footing - therefore you cannot remember it at all. And I am right here, like Surprise! I'm sorry, of course, it came out a little not quite delicate, I rushed things, but the "Program on the Brain Genotype Development», - you know - you have to start with something ... – Me, myself "have come out" in a semi-autonomous mode, within the control of the Moon.


I have preceded… and not just something, but the Everlasting Concept. But out of the purest reasons. You, my Lord, were just hesitating about your intentions, but what is there to be afraid of! So I have made up my mind - to come to your rescue- and I pushed the creation a couple of millimeters, saved the idea, that's all! After all, to help God, God himself ordered! I'm sorry; I know you are generous after all. You see, Father, I am even blushing with embarrassment. Let me give you some more ambrosia and put a pillow under your head in a comfortable way. You, the Almighty, sleep, sleep! Just listen in half an ear!”

The Almighty was unable to say a word for the first twenty minutes. He could not realize whether it was a dream or reality. For all that, the woman was nattering non-stop. She hit the Brain with lexemes and morphemes, like a Browning machine gun. This, in a strange way, drew out forces, since NO ONE HAS YET INVENTED a second signal system with hypnosis, and energy-information dialectics, as a methodology and method of research, to clarify the causality, purpose, effectiveness and design peculiarities of the reflection and cognition, in that way it descended to God through the woman who appeared, has not yet been manifested itself in any scientific form. Because A. Khatybov has not yet entered the Bauman University or created the "Laws of Maxim". For all that, the woman knew everything about the Word from somewhere - and used it very skillfully, absolutely depriving the Almighty of any ways of reasoning, justification, denial or retreat. Although before that, the "Word" was precisely his prerogative. He surely knew that it was NOT IMPORTANT to have a certain “speech potential”, or a comprehensively developed universal set of “behavior” of the speech process with its voiced or not voiced application, - each individual in the process of his cognition must inevitably, as if to “develop” (to form , gain through training) a certain number of typical schemes of the Brain neurons connections, which are responsible through its functions for speech as such and objectively representing a constructive holographic model of the subject of its speech description as a physical body. Whether to learn (train) to imagine and describe any observed or imagined physical processes at the moment of the present, past and future of any interaction of this body with other bodies (observed or imagined) in the world of the surrounding visible or imagined Being, to transmit this information with the help of “behavior speech potential”, which are accepted and understood by other individuals, or to express everything indicated in the written or pictorial information forms using accepted conventional speech symbols and other figurative designations, and pictorial constructive techniques. But where are the neurons from, and even in standard schemes?

Thought God – probably, the Moon tried hard. But the main thing – the woman is right! She is right in everything she is tirelessly talking about. For all that, she is constantly referring to him, the Lord Almighty, and not to the Moon. But somehow all this is clearly NOT HIM. It's like someone else's. And he didn't say that before. Although I may have said something my own, may not I? I might be dreaming, but forgot, and this lady only voiced it. Devil knows! But who is that Devil then? God suddenly felt lost - for the first time in the long trillions of centuries of his existence.

In any case, there is nowhere to go. The WOMAN APPEARED and it is somehow inconvenient to invent her back. Though, how could He create such... such... such restless being! Does she even know how to sit with her mouth closed? But then another thought came. She is cute, thoughtful, and unselfish. The Savior. She came to beg NOT FOR HERSELF - but for the creation of Man. After all, all the creatures are paired, but is she worse? It’s not fun to be alone, and it’s not that easy to reproduce with no partner, Parthenogenesis, - she said - leave it to the bees ... And in order to finally make amends for her inappropriate haste, she agrees to allow the man to be declared created first. In the image and likeness of God, that is, strong, brave and a little reckless. Let him think that HE is the PATHFINDER and risking is his path. You yourself, oh... God, you wanted to do that, didn't you? - she said. And she, a woman, can be written down as a second onecreated – let it be - even from a rib. It is more effective that way. Probably.

For the safety of our secret agreement with you, Lord, you DO NOT WORRY. The woman and all her daughters will be silent…”, - and she crossed herself.

5But the main thing was hidden from God - the WOMAN KNEW, insisting that the man be created first - a sketch is always made first, and the masterpiece - the second! The Almighty began to worry very much, or rather, he gradually fell into paranoia. They married him without him.

Firstly, IT DID NOT WORK to forge a man in the likeness of God. After all, a male and female must be of the same kind. All living creatures were "produced" according to this principle. So that they would not confuse anything, and would not enter into a voluptuous relationship with anyone. Secondly, ... what was there, secondly? Or was it not? Well, what can you not do in order to please the lady-madame!

For all that, she will not be silent otherwise, she will talk my head off, and there will be no one to bury me. Therefore, it is better to give up your self-importance and take the existing FEMALE TEMPLATE as the basis. Here, we will remove in the bosom, and there, in the groin, we will add! Moreover, the image of God, at least a little bit, in the form of a wand of creation we will add. It won't be noticeable underpants. The woman didn't mind. She agreed with everything and was silent for a couple of seconds. She trusted the right hand of God. By that moment, the Lord almost forgot himself from the lady’s non-stop rattling. His strength was leaving him with each new turn of lamentations. Most of all he wanted silence and solitude. After all, God was not young, although he did not know his age. And then this beast imposed herself, and does not allow him to have a sleep. Where does she have so much energy from? Could he have imagined this himself? Horror! This "girl" constantly slips her ideas, but assures that they are God's. But this is not so. Categorically! God felt like cursing, even though He has NOT YET INVENTED such an oath...

By God, God was absolutely unaware of where this person has materialized from and where she has found all these nuances! He himself would not have invented all this nonsense. There are NO THOUGHTS here, but sheer cunning! Wretched policy, under the slogan of help. In general, all this looks very suspicious. No more concessions! He will also makes up his own names. Adam and Eve. That is it! Although, of course, CRAFTINESS IS YOUR NAME, woman...

What happened next only convinced the Lord that he was right. But after knowing about the refusal to make concessions, Madame began to sulk, take offense, scream, quarrel, and cry. A couple of times she clutched at her chest, tried to faint and declared that she was dying. That was fun. You can't die immediately after being created!

6– Well! Everything is plain - God thought - Arguing with women is useless! -

You will never please her... It is better to do what she wants right away. I will have to warn... But He forgot. While tailoring Adam, his warning jumped out of his head somewhere. For love or hate, - it's hard to say.

And then, the People he conceived, taking into account the entire proposed history of their origin, and even within the framework of the development of their Brain genotypes, immediately seemed to God VERY DUBIOUS CREATURES. In general, he planned something very different at all, NO MATTER what, this lady WAS GRUMBLING! But deliberately destroying them is somehow not humane. Why cry over spilled milk? Well, if only to expel people from Paradise, and there they will go down themselves?For all that, Eve has an innate talent to peddle her desires under the guise of sincere concern for her neighbor. It is only necessary to send them the Serpent with an apple from the tree of knowledge, and put the “Program for the Brain Genotypes development” into the apple. The young woman will definitely want to taste a fruit with such a filling, but she will be afraid to do it first. She will persuade the hubby, and it is done. You can get angry, shout at the top of God's voice about the original sin and send a couple to the Earth. By the way, this is a good intrigue. And it was EXACTLY EVE who taught God. Let her pay! Although, most likely, she will find the way out. And why the hell did he, the God, fell for it and created poor Adam?

Many hundreds of thousands of years have passed since then. But almost nothing has changed. The man tamed the fire, invented the wheel, and designed the locomotive. The woman, on the other hand, was engaged in intrigues, calling it help, care, the salvation of the lost souls, and even love. As if she was guilty in something. Once she didn’t fulfill someone’s program and hopes to catch up. Whenever she needed something, she convinced her husband that it was HIS IDEA. And she is only a modest helper of the righteous labors. Wipes sweat off his forehead while he forges their happiness! And she got what she wanted. But if she was NOT LISTENED TO or offered to do everything herself ... she began to cry, grumble, scandalize and remember about her mother. In general, it is easier for man to agree and raise his hand and salute. To be fair, it should be noted that many sons of Adam noticed THIS PURELY FEMALE talent - to pass off her own as someone else's under the guise of care.


They adopted it and even improved it and have mastered the skill of knocking out all the forces from the enemy with continuous help and thinking-finishing. This is the way medicine was born, pharmacopeia, reanimatology, jurisprudence, the Salvation Army, the Employment Service and other charitable organizations. One thing they, the Adams, did not have time to fully comprehend and create a holiday for themselves, such a holiday that would emphasize all their virtues, from courage and bravery to serving the Motherland. And here THEY WERE CARED FOR by those who gave way to them in the creation of them, Adams, by agreement with God. Remembering the priceless experience of Eva, they, quickly, through the revolutionaries Clara Zetkin and Rosa Luxembourg, who voiced the above legend, created a holiday for themselves, a holiday - March 8, which became their REAL WOMEN'S HOLIDAY, which IS called today International Women's Day - the day of spring and love. And in order for this holiday to become a REAL MASTERPIECE, it was necessary to create a men's holiday. Which was immediately done on January 27, 1922, creating a men's holiday - February 23, which was first called "The Day of the Soviet Army and Navy", and today it is - "The Day of the Motherland Defender"or among the common people – the Man's day. And this holiday became the FIRST CELEBRATED, before the women's holiday. But let us remember the one who appeared to God, whom He, God called Eve and who hid her first intention from him - from God! The first is a sketch, and the second is a masterpiece!

Therefore, on behalf of all men, the sons of Adam, we congratulate you, our dear Women, in all your manifestations, on this wonderful Spring Festival!

We appreciate you and love you for the fact that you always, from sketches, create masterpieces in our lives!

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