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Monday, 06 March 2023 14:45

Attention! – Month of March…

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Spring is coming — give way to spring!
Spring is in the air…


One thought generates five more thoughts. Each of the five can generate another five thoughts. This is how theses and ideas about what you want to write are begotten. The thought has ruffled the memories ... The memories about the events of 1908 when 15,000 women in New York demonstrate d, demanding  shortening the working day, an increase in wages and the right to vote (in most states, women gained it in 1920, when the 19th amendment to the US Constitution was adopted). The following year, the American Socialist Party proposed that the last Sunday in February be Labor Women's Day. In August 1910, the well-known figure of the German social democracy Clara Zetkin, at a conference in Copenhagen, proposed the establishment of an International Day to Struggle for Women's Equality and Emancipation.

1About a hundred participants from 17 countries supported the idea unanimously. In 1911, it was first celebrated in Germany, Austria-Hungary, Denmark and Switzerland. The demonstration in New York that started it all took place on February 28. Clara Zetkin did not name a specific date. The first Women's Day celebration in Germany took place on March 19 to commemorate the March Revolution of 1848 in Prussia. Then Women's Day in different countries was celebrated on March 2, 9 and 12, as well as on May 2 and 12.  The date of March 8 came to the international left movement from Russia, because everything, always and everywhere - came, comes and will ever come - from Russia. In 1917, on this day (February 23, old style), a strike of workers of weaving factories of the Vyborg district in Petrograd began demanding “Bread and Peace"! - which grew into a revolution.

And the holiday went on confidently across the Planet, from spring to spring, with each spring becoming more and more beautiful and meaningful for those who gained it, and especially for those who are preparing for it, starting from February 23. March is the most feminine month of the year. During a short March, every woman is born anew - becomes a magical beauty. Coco Chanel, for example, said that if after 30 a woman is not beautiful, then she is a complete fool. A woman is born with some purposes, and one of them is to be beautiful. Therefore, try to perceive your beauty as work that cannot be done badly. And at the same time keep in mind that it is impossible to be beautiful only on the outside. Your appearance is amazing for two minutes, and then you have to prove that you are rightfully wearing your beautiful dress. By the way, if someone pretends to be a prince on a white horse, urgently call the police and an ambulance. In nature, there are no princes on horseback, but there are only normal men who will know that you are the most beautiful if you manifest all this to them. And if you do not hesitate to do so, you will reign supreme. Take what I have written as "a manual for queens." And there is nothing to deny, and shy away in the corner. Fearlessly climb on the throne and reign! Yes, yes, this is also your mission, your work, your duty, after all.


3Our charming, modest, passionate, gentle, kind and generous, practical and light and airy, mysterious and open, the most incredible, endlessly amazing representatives of the fair sex - on the spring day of March 8, we are your admirers, aficionados and defenders, we wish you to make everyone feel passionate about you, delight everyone with the beauty of your body and soul, illuminate the dull everyday life of relatives and loved ones with inner light! Let radiant smiles adorn your faces, let the radiance of your eyes be brighter than the northern lights, let the warmth of your souls melt the ice of everyone who comes into contact with you! Let your days be filled with lively, bright, powerful emotions and real magic! Let every minute of this festive day bring joy and love! May there be a lot of good, bright and kind ahead! Have a bright spring! Happy holiday, our dear women! And here, I have got the fifth idea! Still good holidays are February 23 and March 8. And why not bring them together into one holiday - "International Women's Day, Loving Defenders of our Motherland."

Yours F. Shkrudnev

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