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Wednesday, 01 April 2020 04:36


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What shall we do, that is, where shall we run from the "filthy viruses", whoever they belong to, but only not to me?

Nowadays, among the public and non-public information network there are plenty of statements of specialists of various levels and professional orientations regarding the most disturbing subject for the entire world society — fast spreading and affecting everyone coronavirus pandemic.

One could easily disregard this subject inflaming awesome mysterious fear, pleading a folk proverb saying: so many people, so many opinions. And the proverb is true in its nature, it is not nothing that it has been hold respect among people for centuries, for the wave of the "word of mouth" has involved in this universal process of irrepressible whispering even those who are limited by the power of speech and hearing.

By the level of the current knowledge of the truth about the nature and essence of the Universe this subject is so deeply unknown to anyone that we have become equal in our ignorance with the whole World and, for this very reason, we can "make information news with impunity and irresponsibility", that is create any information image of the nature of the ongoing process in the surrounding reality and around us in the way it comes into our heads, irrespective of the causality of this!

Dear "news creators", or information makers! Let us, in the very near minute, after reading this information stop for a short time inflaming your desire to "speak out" and get silent for a while, i. e. follow a universal and extremely useful command for all of us: Listen to what is happening in the "compartments".

It seems to be useful to all of us; we ought not to sow distrust and fear, based on our general ignorance. This way, we will help greatly to all those who at this moment and around the clock without having any rest, are contributing to the limitation of the scale of the real disaster that has happened equally to all of us. So, let us stop unnecessarily overloading the work of medical institutions and their employees. There is nothing to envy them even without our reasoning at the moment; let us not "courageously" resist against administrative decisions on our own temporary isolation (that is, useful to us) throughout Russia and stay quietly and without rebellion in your shelters, without interfering, but supporting each other in surviving this not that easy process. Everyone will have the opportunity to "lie on an embrasure" once, but even then, it should be expedient for all others, but not in one’s own favor. It will be more useful to look ainto the nature of the current realization of the chronological process’ elements. This is quite sufficient to find one's rested mental state.

We are all worried about ignorance, and, above all, what is really happening to us and around us! We are being so much exposed to the mass media influence from all the means of transmitting it) that we have slipped down to the previous level of materialism in the field of gaining true knowledge.

I am not going to revise the previously published comprehensively covered information on the currently created pandemic provided by medical specialists. Each of them is absolutely fair with their judgments of the subject at their level of dimensionality scale — the virus, i. e. its atomic-molecular level of its destructive influence on our body.

But is it just a virus, or is it some kind of perfect constructive similarity of it, but of a higher controlling influence, like some element of the previous life support conditions of the liquidated old interventionist system that got lost in the past? (See the materials in "Fundamentals of Mankind Formation").

It is not worth talking about a kind of "mean trick of some laboratory origin" in the process of its manifestation, because it is so perfect in its complex constructive arrangement that there is complete and guaranteed confidence that people are not ready to "create" it!

Before being able to create such a thing in the laboratory, it is necessary, at least on a theoretical level, to have some elements of knowledge of the true nature of the Cosmo-physical process realization related to the phased civilized structural perfection in gaining an expedient and functional harmony of the form, harmony of the minimally indivisible actions, harmony of the gained perfect peace (harmony of the internal potential, i.e. functional behavior) and, finally, harmony of the expediency (the basis of cognition is the new theory "Constructive Theory of Everything"). Even just an accidental possession of some episodes or elements of such cognition, without mastering the technology of energy synthesis and substance synthesis, will not make it possible to dream of such "destructive creativity". We should not forget the point of the first secret key that was left for people two and a half millennia ago by the sage Lao Tzu, relating to the truth cognition: "All Existing comes from being. And being comes from non-being".

When the current laboratory robbers decipher such an interesting secret key, then they might create something, but I especially emphasize: it might be if by chance they find themselves without being temporary guarded by our mother Earth. I would like to say Amen!

There is no doubt that such attempts to create a "parasitic instrument for elimination life" on the Earth are being realized, especially regarding the laboratory capabilities of the United States and those located in the former Soviet republics. Remember, the former "brothers", it was you who first received this verdict on the elimination of life, and what is going to happen next (as a possible variant of your not surviving) is not the point of judgments in this article. You still have a chance to return, but there will no longer be any initiative on the part of Russia. For this reason, it is proposed to stop spreading any rumors about the laboratory origin of such a perfection of "nature", as this so-called coronavirus. Laboratory "enthusiasts" are still rather weak in their minds for such a level of "creation". But now let's get back to the point of the article.

First of all, it is advisable to draw your attention to the fact of the realization process of the so-called "0" potentially sick person who has suffered from this (we assume conditionally) coronavirus. What kinds of versions have already been published, and what kind of mud has been slung at each other at the international diplomatic and foreign policy level! This is normal and it has always been in the field of human cohabitation. But this has nothing to do with the truth.

Most of the official publications on the origin and development of this process, which reached a pandemic, are associated with the city of Wuhan (Hubei Province), and according to the time of the event, it was supposed to start on December 15, 2019. I would like to calm the flaming heads of the authors of the publications accusing peoples of starting up this disaster, whether they were American soldiers who took part in exercises near these territories, or poor bats (but certainly only Chinese), seafood markets (connect the incident only with Chinese fish and not any other) and generally the entire population of China, etc. Well, why not to blame the aliens right away, and demand a significant increase in the budget for NATO troops, because, according to the American press, only they are able to withstand any attacks from aggressive aliens! Then it would be much easier to drive a new cycle of anti-Russian sanctions at any level of scale. Rather weakly did Russophobes work; apparently they had problems with a fever and a terrible horror in the minds. Well, it serves them right!

And now, having given up the artificially created illusion (as the main goal of all informants), it is necessary to take into account the following.

Indeed, the former Sichuan Control Complex, which has not yet been completely liquidated to this day, on December 7, 2019 (at 01.15 Moscow time), there occurred discharge of the information-control nature. There is no need to go into detail in a public format about all the subtleties of such a random or non-random information discharge, but it was of a programmed nature at the previous governing planetary level and was of a past programmed liquidation character. It was from this moment that the process of the programmed character started, spreading westward in a strip approximately oriented to the 400NL. This determined programmed process went around the planet along the specified strip, completing its "round" on March 24, 2020 at the point of the Sichuan Control Complex.This is only the program setting; it is not yet connected with its actual implementation. Well, this has brought rather large-scale "concern". The next мdischarge "is focused on mid-autumn of this year. The programmed process will also take place in the northern hemisphere in a strip slightly higher than the accomplished. There will be no more information and no answers to clarifying questions. There is plenty of information for an independent judgment on SALVATOREM.RU — "The Foundations of Mankind Formation".

A few words about the "virus". As a result of such an information "discharge" and under its controlling influence in the radius of the Sichuan Control Complex activity, in people’s bodies of the certain Brain genotype, synthesized structural energy substances were formed at the pre-atomic and atomic levels of the dimensionality scale, which, within a few days, are converted from non-inertial states of energy into specific constructs of the inertial (material) state). This is how the most important Cosmo-physical process "from non-being into being" is realized. This is the manifestations of one part of the Existing as an energetic substance possessing a specific structural form, specific physical parameters and specific potential, that is, functional behavior! True, it is not good that it is destructive, but this is no longer important. This is such a super "virus".

After "starting up" such a "virus" in its manifested material state, its spreading around is not a problem, since its "transmission" in a certain part may already have a conditional contact character. It is not necessary to cuddle up to someone or somehow contact directly with the carrier of such a natural "gift", it is enough to be within the reachable effectiveness of the magnetic field of the individual, the carrier of such a "virus"Approximate dangerous distance can be of 1.5—5 meters, depending on the condition of the patient. By the way, the more serious the condition of the patient, the greater the mass of his magnetic field for the reasons of the protective nature of the body, which means its effective "infecting"effect increases with the distance increase.

The program has already been started up at the programmed level, and in the northern hemisphere, the population from among those who are not integrated into the future will get this "programmed control"state, but it is not worth arranging tragedies out of this, it does not mean anything for the individual who has got it. It makes no sense to try to eliminate such a "natural gift", since it is not known what capabilities of "constructive coercion" such a virus possesses being in the flesh of people, if you try to eliminate it.

The only reasonable way to solve this problem is to replace its energy-information functional nature by substitution and thereby neutralize it, without interfering with its application for other purposes, including not destructive ones for the existence of the flesh cells.

Russia has no problems in solving this terrifying scientific problem!!!!!

That is all.



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