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Wednesday, 04 December 2019 18:30

Recreation of the Intelligent orientation in the processes of the Earth civilized perfection

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Based on the new “Structural Theory of Everything”

October. 2019

Nowadays, there takes place a multi-level process of information-control corrections aimed at the recreation of the Earth’s initially gained state of the Intelligent orientation in the process of its Civilized development. The next step of such corrections is to be completed before October 25, 2019. It was on the night of October 25 that an important process was completed by the Earth of the recreation of its partial former control abilities to form and control the processes of the true energies being at the higher level and retain its planetary internal energy balance in the state of harmony with the surrounding nature of the Solar System and our galaxy. For the people (especially those who are to integrate into the future), the processes are underway which are recreating the Intelligent orientation of their civilized development. In order to be aware of the entire complexity of the processes of being, an excerpt from the new “Structural Theory of Everything” is given, concerning exactly those states and elements of energies, which are currently subject to correction in their physical parameters.


“The energy-information” is also a quantitative potential of the energy substance, having an organizing character by its nature on the part of the magnetic energy matter, which possesses some special built-in parameters. This energy has a control influence of the gravitational nature only on the behaviour and being of the living matter and the elements of its life support (in contrast to the energy-time for the inert matter). “The energy-information” is a certain part of the magnetic energy matter of the Universe, but already generated only by the Pulsars of the Celestial level of the dimensional scale, each for its own Celestial Systems!

The gravitational control state of “the energy-information”, as a separate energy substance of the magnetic energy matter, functions with all its special parameters and is focused only on:

  • the control participation in cosmo-physical processes related to the living matter formation;
  • programmed formation processes of the all-embracing energy-information support of the living matter being development in the civilized way;
  • the direct participation in the formation of the Systems of Guiding and Control of the state and operation of the planetary Complexes of life support and through them the control of all the states of the life support formed conditions. For example, the energy-information states of water, the atmosphere layers, complex and regionally different states of magnetic field formations, considering continental-geographical and climatic features on the planet, and much, much more.

The gravitational controlling state of the “energy-information” as applied to our planet is additionally endowed with the control functions of the processes of the Intelligent orientation in the civilized development of the people’s Brain abilities, the programmed information support in the participation of people in the programmed chronological processes of the civilized development of the planet Earth itself and much more, which previously science was not even supposed to know as the processes of the external-control character.

And is gravity also directly related to this? Of course, it is, but this is something beyond the limits of the past ideas about gravity, as a simplified perception of it, as some kind of “attraction” of bodies to each other during their interaction!

Our star (the Sun) simultaneously takes upon itself and regenerates both a certain amount of energy substance “the energy-time” for the realization of cosmophysical processes related to the formation of the inert forming material (photons and magnetic particles, as carriers of the electric and magnetic energy matter each with its identified parameters), and a certain amount of the energy substance “the energy-information” (a separate flow of magnetic particles), as carriers of the magnetic energy, too but with different identified parameters (physical parameters).

The generation of the inert forming material for the objects of the Solar System and other object formations within the supporting controlling distance (the control migration of the photons and magnetic particles’ flows as carriers of the magnetic and electric energy matter) are separate processes that do not relate to the use of the generated by the Sun energy substance –the “energy-information".

Moreover, the star-Sun realizes such complex cosmophysical processes with the help of various generating objects in their model Construct. The details are not yet important to the current level of judgment. For the time being, it’s quite sufficient to quantify the fact that our Sun “gives out” 5,000,000 tons/sec of the “finished products” in the form of photons and magnetic particles! This is just quantitative. Of these, about 64-70% of the output is the process of regeneration from the volume of the flow of matter the “energy-time” coming to the Sun. So, the Sun will not quickly burn out, there is no need to worry about it!

It is difficult to imagine such complex cosmophysical processes as the physical and technological simultaneous realization without the foundations of the “Structural Theory of Everything”. There arises an additional question, – are those simultaneously realized processes formed on all stars? Basically, only on those stars, which, by their functional endowment, are related to the direct participation in the formation of living matter on the planets in their star Systems and separately (especially) on those stars that are directly involved in the control processes aimed at the Intelligent orientation of the civilized development besides their star systems, correlating themselves with the functions of the guardian co-participation in such control processes, which occur in other 

Celestial systems (for example, civilization groups of the Celestial systems as Orion, Sirius and many others) with their mandatory participation!

And why is this Intelligent orientation necessary in the processes of civilized development of the living matter in general? Well, suppose the Universe would produce various sets of beautiful planets from the formed inert substance, would form some kind of star-like Systems of different scales and purposes, using the most incredible in variety and most complex or simplest types of inert substance and super-perfect forms out of it, processing subsequently functionally exhausted matter of the planets and extracting most perfect structures of atoms’ nuclei from it (at the atomic level), subsequently forming all the exotics of “Dark matter” from only extracted assembled structures from the atoms’ nuclei (as it is partially done now), realizing some of the elements of the civilized development of the Universe. After all, everything would correspond to the programmed Target Vector of the Civilized Development of the (inanimate) Universe: gaining the Structural Perfection of the Form! But it turned out that the Universe still needed the living matter, too. What did it need it for and why all these pains? The Universe does not create anything inexpedient! It only means – it cannot create its being inanimate, and it cannot direct its being in any other way! It definitely needs to be the living Universe and irreversibly be of Intelligent orientation!

What a great amount of energy matter (especially magnetic one, as the energy substance) is given for the formation and realization of a separate cosmophysical process and its control state, directly related to the control participation of the gravitational nature – “the energy-information”, and all this is for turning it into the main part of the living matter and its subsequent life support!

The true relationships of the “energy-time” and the “energy-information” are not yet known to us, and the “accountants” do not need to make mystical efforts of their false calculations.

It is logically clear that the amount of the “energy-time” is much more (including part of the field mass of the magnetic energy matter formed by its carriers), because in order to saturate the whole of the Universe with the necessary amount of the inert substance it requires a lot of it; and for all that, all of this great amount of substance has to be controlled, imparting the right constructs to it from the atomic to planetary and interplanetary levels of dimensionality scale, properly organizing the interaction between the objects and subjects, albeit very large-scale, directing all their interaction to the civilized development and perfection of All The Existing.

Moreover, the “energy-time”, mostly existing in the inert substance and arranging its subsequent being in some structural forms, already by itself becomes a part of the formed conditions and states of the life support for the living matter origin and subsequently imparting perfect forms to the Creative Entity, its controlled being and Intelligent orientation in the civilized development of some part of the living matter. Therefore, the chemical elements of the inert matter principally differ from the chemical elements of the living matter.

So why is there need in the living matter? What a great amount of additional troubles arises with its manifestation and subsequent formation of a numerous variety of "the whole of the Living World"! It cannot exist, unless water is created, certainly not the same everywhere, on any planets and not only in our galaxy, but structurally similar to a single model likeness, for example, for storing the energy-information! It cannot exist if the stars do not generate photons and magnetic particles with certain specific parameters and their strictly identified behavior (potential) relating to a general and private programmed and other set of control elements for the formation of the necessary life-support process, as applied to their star-planetary Systems, their comprehensive orientation to the Intelligent civilized development or not relating to it. It cannot exist, if the created conditions for the all-round biological life support are not provided, and subsequently are not controlled at all the necessary levels of energy information support. It cannot exist, if the control of the processes of autotrophic and heterotrophic interaction and the harmony of living matter in all its great and non-random variety are not organized, while providing the organizing production processes and reforming the minerals structure from inert substance to the states of an organized “food chain” to ensure complex biological life of the living matter with the mandatory co-participation of the heterotrophic being of all the flora, no matter what images and species it acquires. It cannot exist if the process of the programmed Intelligent civilized perfection of not only Man, but the whole of the civilized developing model (with the example of our Earth) is not manifested, and a lot more. This is the so-called trivial part of all the unconditional general causes and necessary conditions for the formation of the living matter in our galaxy and in the whole of the Universe, from one rather unimportant side.

But how can the program part be logically judged from another even more trivial side, having some indisputable individual character? Take, for example, the entire worldly life on our Earth with its human population, traditionally organized in a kind of social groups of their cohabitation, somehow directed toward their supposedly civilized development? Wasn’t all living matter on our planet formed only in order to ultimately organize the parasitic World Financial System and on its basis realize financial fascism as an instrument of violence “devouring” any attempt of creative advance in any of the spheres of human existence? And it, somehow, did not make sense to generate life on this planet just for the formation of administrative-bureaucratic and national-demographic fascism! The Universe does not know such, does not strive for such, and it will not forgive such!

Perhaps, for the sake of gaining conditional perfection of the Muslim Civilized Way of Life or Chinese expansion, as different from the American Civilized Lifestyles? No, not for this! Or perhaps, life was born on our planet for the sake of the invention and practical development of the most modern types of weapons of mass destruction and the subsequent complete elimination of this very life, together with all opposing civilized ways of life, as being incompatible?

Then, perhaps, for the sake of accumulating money, getting limitless “life-detrimental” pleasures in wine, tobacco, drugs and other vicious pleasures? No, not for this! Or perhaps, for the sake of the formation of mysteries of the “elite’ parasitic existence” through the organization of closed clubs, orders, clans, separation and rising of certain ruling classes, as a specific form of the concealed manifestation of violence of the minority over the overwhelming majority, that all brings them to even more miserable humiliating social status ? Not at all, either!

Well, then people, perhaps you, in your such a “high civilized perfection” are not needed at all to our Mother Earth with all your rotten worldly vices and paranoia from the destructive all-round permissiveness, since with such way of life of human being there can not be any talk about the realization of ideas concerning the true purpose of the true Human on this unique model of the Earth! Why is the living matter formed on our planet? The question remains unanswered.

But yet, not everything is so sad. The punishment for such a vicious and worthless “civilized orientation” is undoubtedly going to come, more so, this process is already under way in the sphere of cohabitation of people all over the planet; and there is no doubt there will be given a fair trial on liquidation such feasts of violence and parasitism, unless the target and essential direction of the civilized development is changed. Without clarification of the elements of cognition concerning the “energy-time” and “energy-information”, it is not possible to answer the question about the possibility and the way of saving life on the Earth, certainly, without bureaucratic and administrative craftiness..

We are more interested in the question of why the “energy-information” is needed, as the element of the energy substance with its material carriers, which are conditional upon some leading control over the processes of the living matter formation, at least as an example of our planet. With some anticipation in the awareness of the complexity of the cosmophysical processes realization related to the living matter formation, we should remember the fact that the origination of this diverse species of living matter is only a part of All Mighty (granted from Above) governing creative deeds, excluding random choice!

And in what form of the programmed perfection this living substance had to come into being, why such an amazing and great variety, which we still haven’t figured out on our home planet, why there is a need in this apical bugbear of this wonderful planetary birth of life and life support, like Human? It is high time to adequately appreciate this fact.

Well, albeit involuntarily for some unknown reason, it so happened that the "all-round nature" in the sphere of all living matter on our planet was somehow improved to the level of such an amazing complex perfection – as to the appearance of Man himself. Well, why didn’t he live in peace, like a true “relative of Darwin” at the level of development of not higher than “homo erectus”, although with certain mental deficiencies, but still an “upright” creature, and rather proud for the living conditions in the “woods” (most part of day), and that's quite enough for him. For all that, he would receive as a gift, as an encouragement for his contented behavior, “approved by nature a vertically respected social position in the woods”, with his quarrelsome character and constant need for moving from place to place and supremacy in everything; and he would enjoy granted to him the vertical living conditions in the thicket, not worrying about the problems of social and technological arrangement of his existence, he would not form the problems of geopolitics; he would not think of the geopolitics problem and their solving, he would not know wars and other minor liquidations troubles, correlating himself unconsciously to the level of not quite high perfection, like people.

But the intemperate state of the modern majority of “homo sapiens” makes one organize one’s life in a completely different way and with such a huge load of problems that it becomes impossible to avoid “the imposing of some fictitious liberal democracy” in the end, since everything else has already been tested in the “civilized” anticipation, i.e. having gone through the full “hexagon of history” from the primitive community to the current model of the social structural absurdity, entirely based on parasitism and violence in all the spheres of life organization and “bloody” realization of any designs, which the contemporaries call “democracy”, obviously meaning minority’s unbridleness and criminal fraudulent permissiveness against the overwhelming majority!

Or perhaps, people are very smart only in “an upright position", i. e. in their upright bust and legs? You can’t say this, looking at the sedentary way of life of the officials of the governing class (as if the most actively organized, “revered” and the most “smart”, though only by their own assessment). It seems that all the true "creations have never been made “on the move” with benefit for their subsequent practical application, so vertical mind vagrancy does not make Man smarter? Then, why was the “vertical life” granted to this “homo...”, and even the opportunity was given to express demonstratively the supreme sovereignty over everyone else, sticking out his selectiveness, although very doubtful by the results of his fulfillment of all his “worldly creations”, especially for the last bloody centuries?

One can talk endlessly about this. The following can be summarized with certainty – up to now on the side of the guardians of the Earth life arrangement there are no obvious deserved substantiated reasons for the extreme necessity in the natural and irreversible care for and saving of people! This is precisely what is important for our judgments about the high purpose of the True Man in the near future; since the meaning of the study is related to the true essence of what is “the energy-information” and its significance for the future Humanity.

“The energy-information”, quantified by its volume and behaviour (controlling potential), technologically limited by its generation on the part of the Sun Control generating objects, is not an unlimited and uncontrolled quantity of energy substance in this subtle cosmophysical process of its control manifestation.

For this reason, there is no need to worry about the terrifying forecasts of the “limitless” number of births of people in the future, infinitely increasing “population” from year to year. What happened with the growing of this very “population” and is still happening now in a motor-like- way, accounts for the “control” of the former “interventionist System”, and it will soon come under the “control of the true control states of the Earth itself and from without” .

This has its own truly real programmed quantitative limit and it is related to not to the "limited food" and not “guaranteed water" for the future population. Such "low" concepts are based only on the former practical level of understanding the point of demographic issues related to the past "interventionist basis from the sphere of the livestock view of the people's lives purpose." Such a “simplified livestock approach, measured by the number of people as a livestock” in this very delicate issue of today will not work!

The limited generated “energy-information” will not allow such uncontrollability to come true! As the self-confident people from across the ocean say: “There are many gentlemen, but few places” (not even suspecting that this is not at all in their favour). Be sure that this is not a populist slogan, but the expediency of the programmed processes of the civilized development of the Earth itself, as a complex life-containing model. The volume of the generated “energy-information” by our star is approaching its real controllable quantitative “norm”, and this norm in its potential (behaviour) can and will provide life support for approximately 1.2 billion individuals on the Earth. But what “thoroughbred and smart", not wanting US dollars and not considering their accumulation and possession to be the purpose of their life! The processes of demarcation of the specific territory of the guaranteed life support are already “going to be completed”. It began as early as November 2013 (according to the materials of the “Foundations of Mankind Formation”). And that’s all, because for the time being it’s informative enough for the public level of judgment!

For this reason alone, without any additional persuasion, people have to be much more modest in their everyday behaviour, and in their desire to correct their lifestyle without any influence of the “digital support” from bank accounts! Recommendations from closed clan organizations regarding gaining some kind of “elite”, party formations and equal to them administrative and mafia structures will not work, there is no place to “submit” them and nowhere to “pay” for the corrupt advisory service! Integration into the future is the most important measure of this process and it was stated about this in “Fundamentals of Mankind Formation” (4 volumes, B. V. Makov, Moscow, 2009-2017). Those who consider this information to be the reason for the formation of only rumours, let them continue thinking this way, but the eventful chronological processes of recent years speculatively demonstrate all this happening as true reality of today.

The Earth is returning into its natural controlled states after the System’s power change (after 2011.04.24) and is getting free from the previous external interventionist control dependence, bringing itself and its program state of harmony into its true state. At a good pace it is implementing the rehabilitation into the previous states of the general programmed chronological process. But most important, – it is bringing all the true initial Control Complexes into their governing effective natural (physical) state!

And all this is being realized within the framework of the Transitional period (12 years, starting in 2011), and not in somewhat distant future! No nomenclature decisions of any former power level of the control Structures of people’s being are required for this. All of them are free from “"human care for their being”. It is no longer necessary to be persevering through violence and parasitism, the time of the “interventionist support” in servile past society actions is gone! A different kind of perseverance is required in its perfection – the knowledge of much higher level, the intelligent orientation and development of the states and elements of the Consciousness and the Mind! Once again, it makes sense to bring to mind that the Earth, as the planet of the Intelligent orientation in its civilized development, does not do anything inexpedient in this practical sphere of human life support and will not put up with any inexpediency, like atavism of the past!

Let us narrow the scope of the important problematic question of our judgments: “Why is the living matter necessary, some little part of which should be directed to the Intelligent civilized development, including Man himself with all the complexity of his functions on the Earth, as an important hypostasis of Her Mind? “Is that smallest part of that great amount of the living matter of the planet that important in its development that such an indefinitely large amount of the energy substance in the form of the “energy-information” should be spent on the organization and its life support of its controlled being and mind development? In our current state of the changing Consciousness and level of knowledge, we are just beginning to touch very new facets of the true methodology of value accepted in the entire Universe, but even this already strikes us regarding the reality in terms of the value of the life support processes for the recreation of Man!

Even without previously suspecting that some more or less such energy were spent in general, even in the past simplified control being of people (under the conditions of the so-called consumer-goods-like use of them by the old interventionist system), it is very difficult for us to imagine at least on a conceptual level how much we can “value energetically” for our native planet in the future, while at the same time surely and confidently striving for providing us-beloved with the energy-consuming comfort, deliberately greatly increasing the value of the electric and magnetic energy, as the basis for the synthesis of the future necessary known and unknown substance, on the one hand, and the value of the energy substances – the “energy-time”, – and, especially, “the energy -information”, on the other hand, so far unknown to us!

The energy and its true value are no longer an empty idle-talk illusion invented by people, traditionally expressed through current temporary stupidities in the form of some conditional money or some derivative value likeness (in any case, issued only on the condition of the same dubious trust).

 The true value of all the planets of any Celestial Systems in all galaxies of the Universe, which are independently life-containing and life-supporting, and Intelligent-oriented in their civilized development, like our Earth, is cumulative value (on the conditions of external generation and its coming from without) and plus actually self-generated by the planet itself the “energy-information!” That's what the true value is!

Such planets as special conventionally independent “spaceships” capable of moving somewhere by the program or some other necessity is a kind of “handmade piece work” in every galaxy! And on such special planets – spaceships, it is especially important to be friends with gravity, since it becomes extensively and comprehensively significant through all its controlling participation in the realization of all cosmophysical processes, related especially and most of all to providing life support of the living matter, as well as its special value ​​– the “energy-information”, about which people do not know anything so far, and, moreover, even with the appearance of some “rumours” about the presence of such an energy substance, people just reject it completely!

Such a level of ignorance can no longer go on and will never be! For all the galaxy objects, the center-forming “energy-time” generation provides All the inert Beings of this galaxy with the conditions of sufficient gravitation equilibrium in the realization of the matter formation functions and the necessary shaped body forms for and while their programmed interaction, both at the level of the inter-objects dimensional scale of this galaxy, and at the level from the pre-atomic to the inner planetary one. This is a very important moment in the harmony of the single likeness in every galaxy.

While implementing the cosmophysical processes of being of the life-containing and life-supporting planets, additional identified mechanisms of control protective functions are arranged, which protect from some unforeseen possible situations of the temporarily established situational coercion, bringing about some deviations from the programmed expediency of body being when interacting with other bodies at the object level at the scale of these galaxies.

For example, the Earth has been given a rare ability (unlike many other planets) to form a complex structure of its own combined magnetic common field, with the help of which a lot of special intra-planetary physical processes are arranged, including in the interests of acquiring the necessary additional protective functions that exclude excesses in additional flows of incoming photons or magnetic particles with unnecessary parameters for the Earth. As a result of such protective abilities of our planet, the excess of matter of magnetic and electrical energy is “thrown away” in the direction of the outgoing trace of its movement. And this is a gravitationally regulated process of the most complex nature of the feedback and the energy sufficiency regulating control (objects of the Control Complexes of Antarctica, Antarctica pyramids, etc., located along the South Arctic Circle).

Therefore, the gravity manifestation should be understood and comprehended much deeper in all its multilevel complexity, not to impede consciously the realization of physical processes with their participation on the Earth, and especially not to destroy the planet complex states, which are specially formed by it, including due to the so called "minerals." They are more commonly called “useful minerals”, but useful for the Earth, and not for bankers and world-thieves oligarchs. That is, we have no choice but not to plunder the "natural wealth" of the Earth and all that it creates (synthesizes matter) and to this day for some other higher purpose that we have not yet fully known than "we need for our own consumer dependency and predatory parasitism!”

The Earth forms them, among other things, so that the cosmophysical processes of the complex control gravitational support are realized without program deviations, ensuring trouble-free processes of its civilized control and development without any distortions. And even if we are so impatient and really need similar “wealth”, then we have to learn how to synthesize it as the necessary substance in our economy, using the technologies, as the Earth does it, and then the need to plunder the Earth for all this will disappear by itself! It is necessary to learn to create, but not to plunder and destroy!

Well, perhaps one day we will learn to synthesize the required substance and produce it as much as it is really necessary to ensure our comfort and livelihood without overloading the Earth, but what does gravity have to do with all that at this particular time? The fact is that the very cosmophysical process of the matter formation, and consequently the formation of minerals from this substance, "the use of so-called “useful minerals" and the very control of the gravitational processes in the interaction of bodies from the pre-atomic level of dimensionality up to the planetary one inclusive when implementing life-supporting processes of the civilized development of our planet Earth, – all together this is realized only with the participation of the gravitational control support and with mandatory participation of mineral formations of inert substance, specifically collected in the certain not random places on the planet, which are able to hold the potential and fields of the Earth in the stable state of inner harmony. The external remote reach of the fields of our planet substantially depends on the mass of these fields. It also imposes the entire functional set of processes of the gravity control influence on the matter and bodies from it at all levels of our planet dimensional scale

That's what gravity has to do with these complex cosmophysical processes. By the way, one of the basic reasons for the all-embracing increase in the pace, the scale and the level of complexity of diseases among people could also be in the growing failure of the programmed processes of the living cell gravitational life support, including the destruction of mineral formations of the inert matter.

This most important problem that modern medicine does not consider at all because of the lack of knowledge in this direction, but it is a mistake! There is no need to look for the external reasons in the annual complication and manifestation of such massive and dangerous diseases as the flu, HIV infection, or an increase in the number and types of cancer. All these reasons are not “from without”, they are internally generated, that is, on our planet, and they are mostly related to the processes of the programmed deviation or destruction in the control support of the gravitational nature. This is an example, how much important is the non-interference of people’s destructive consumer being, which eliminates harmony with the nature of the surrounding reality! It does not go unpunished for people.

But is the control role of gravity confined only to this factor? No, it is far from it. This is just a small part of this control gravitational support process, given as an example, again concerning the Intelligent orientation in the civilized development of the Earth itself and Man together with it! But what should be done by the “partially admitted from among the present generation of people in terms of their knowledge” judging “from without” to the subtleties of such a complex process as true gravity? – To remain in “scientific oblivion and sit silent”? Of course, you should not stand still, you have to move forward in your experiments and try to introduce your results in the practice of human being, and otherwise cheating will still prevail over people's minds.

Just for comparing the levels of approach in the processes of cognition, we can give an example of the often broadcast series of "scientific films" with the participation of Anna Chapman about the mysteries of the Universe and the Earth for the scientists at the "kitchen level of judgment", well, at least on the subject of the formed canyons on the American continent, Central Asia and other geographic places. From all sorts of invented legends about the mysteries of some past civilizations on the Earth and the traces of the consequences of their being, to many fables of a another kind of fiction, this is a set of subjective “compositions” formed with the aim of as if “clarifying” the natural or artificial causal nature in the appearance of these canyons. One thing is clear: that no natural causation of this phenomenon origin can explain anything, since it is impossible to wash off and transfer such a huge amount of heavy and hard soils anywhere, as well as for the people to dig such many-billionth massifs. And most important: where did the soil of such a huge amount disappear? That is, all those pseudo-scientific films with A. Chapman are just to entertain housewives but presented as a scientific basis for revealing the mysteries of nature.

And the truth about the formation of such and similar canyons was that great quantities of matter from the Earth were moved away from it not by the will of our planet! And it was not carried out with the help of some transporters, but with the use of the directed flow of the substance-formed states of energy matter (electric and magnetic energy matter) in their inertial state of energies at their pre-atomic level of dimensional scale in various directions of “matter plundering” . The main direction has been revealed – this is towards the group of the Ursa Major constellation (the fourth Star group – Sur). This also explains the main causality of orienting the energy axis of most pyramids towards Ursa Major. A certain part of the pyramids in the areas of such canyons (and other places) was used precisely for such operations – “transfer of substance in a disassembled state”, especially from the emerging deposits of rare-earth metals, tin and mercury! Even such "deeds" could be done to our Earth at the beginning of the intervention. The transfer was implemented in time intervals from each prepared point.

This all concerns the information deliberately presented to us at the level of our current knowledge with the help of such “television entertainment programs”. And who does it work for and in whose interests does it work? What invented mysteries of the Earth does it reveal, spreading its lies through those like Chapman? This still remains a question.

As for some true scientific problematic questions related to the Intelligent orientation in the process of the Earth civilized development, we have repeatedly emphasized that such orientation is necessarily realized with the direct participation of Man, the development of his states and Brain functions , his direct participation in cognition of the truth about "the World Created", his gaining a perfect Mind, the continuous development of the elements of individual and social Consciousness as the level of knowledge grows, and much more. Modern science has not yet manifested such an approach and awareness of its significance and has not set such a goal for itself.

What role can gravity play in this issue, what is its governing position? At the moment of judgment, some superficial consideration of the physics of this complex issue is quite enough for us, since deeper judgment and research are separate scientific directions of the physics of the Brain and physics of the cell, as directions of science of the near future.

On the way to knowledge, we cannot avoid the following questions:

  • with the help of which and in what way the physical process of control gravitational support is being realized with the same formation of the Brain neuron connection patterns at short or long-term contact states of our Brain; when the cosmophysical process of receiving and decoding externally coming "energy-information" is realized, in whatever form and with whatever minimum density of the incoming flow this would happen;
  • how the control distribution, secondary guiding of energy matter, change in the nature of the non-random behavior of matter of electrical and magnetic energies in the formed or newly temporarily formed neuron connection patterns, etc. are further realized;
  • not being a kind of template-containing energy substance, how “the energy-information” generates in the connected patterns of the Brain neurons the most complex holographic contour forms of some kind of the imagined bodies in the structure necessary for their perception and provides a plan of their interaction (taking place simultaneously in the past, present and future), without generally confining oneself to the technical possibilities (from the standpoint of physics) of minimal dimensional scale in the interaction of everything ongoing in the surrounding reality;
  • how we can imagine everything that we, with the help of our own sensations, have never perceived and will never physically perceive due to the limited abilities of our material dimensional sensations;
  • how we build logical models of our error-free judgments, which we later indirectly confirm, confidently and well groundedly relying on what we had not encountered before, had no any experience and, most importantly, we ourselves are aware of the fact that the next millennia we will not gain such an experience, since some of such judgments concerning people’s being can not touch in any way (not their level) such a level of being of the energies of the Universe;
  • how we are provided with such a level of knowledge, "impossible for our independent researching state considering the level of our possible knowledge";
  • why exactly at the right moment of some events or an unmistakable time cycle of a particular ongoing fragment from the going chronoprocess of independent natural being, we are provided with the necessary, sufficient and unmistakable “energy-information”, perceived by some temporarily assembled neurons in our Brain, which is able to give a general model of something, is able to somehow timely reflect in our feelings, and even in such a complex, but intelligible to us (a structure image or some planned interaction of bodies) that we can really perceive all this as elements of our Consciousness, i.e. in a way of registering and saving as a formed information element in itself?

It is not absolutely obvious that without the basics of the “Structural Theory of Everything” all of the above can not be consciously realized, nor can it happen in reality through its realization, either! And is all this also involving gravity, as a cosmophysical process? Yes, it is!

Such formed elements of the state of Consciousness can no longer arbitrarily disintegrate, since they are supported by the processes of the gravitational control nature occurring in our Brain, as well as from outside support by the Earth through the functioning of its Control objects or some other objects equal to them and not contradicting each other with their control influence. The basis of all these processes is field physics, including the use of physical effects like N. Kozyrev’s mirrors, but has nothing to do with the relativist illusions, which have no relation to nature!

There are too many such problematic questions, and physics of another level will study them in the near future. We have to comprehend the following truth:

we are not able to part with any past thought or our past belief until this internal “information state”, as an element of our knowledge, is “gravitationally” supported and does not make it possible our past believes to be destroyed or sink into oblivion!

This applies not only to materialists and their materialistic basis of support in their current level of knowledge and conviction, but also others, since this is just the physics of our Brain field with all its states and functions independent of us! As always – everything turned out to be very simple, and it was this simplicity that laid down the most complex “System” with its multifaceted abilities, that is, our Brain itself with all its functions and abilities!

It is also necessary to assimilate a different thought: is it permissible to let the present generation of people technological understanding and practical development of the processes of such a unique natural gravitational support of the functions of our brain? People will immediately turn such a level of knowledge and such technological ability to control the processes of gravitational control support for the sake of gaining a new, tougher ability to irreversibly enslave others with the aim of parasitizing over them or just kill all those equal to them without much effort and expense, i. e. to use weapons of a completely different destructive power. With such new acquired possibilities, all the past nuclear charges are the level of past children’s fun with percussion caps. This is not a rhetorical question. And we are returning to our previous “superficial” judgments.

We will only touch on the issues related to the Brain development and its functions, the development of some elements of individual and public Consciousness and the question of the Intelligent orientation of Man in the processes of the Earth civilized development. And all this is very briefly, because this is, in principle, quite enough from the point of view of the general understanding of the physics of the processes under consideration and a deeper level of knowledge about gravity as a whole. First of all, let us return to the issues of the Consciousness elements development and the Intelligent orientation of the civilized development, with which we began our judgments, but from the point of the physics of this process, not relying on the past “moss-covered” philosophical categories of consciousness and mind.

Consciousness, from the point of view of “field physics”, is a cosmophysical process related to the formation of the associated Brain neuron connection patterns for some sort of subsequent practical interaction while realizing its certain functions of conscious mental activity. Such a process is possible only with the controlling participation of the gravitational processes, initiated, among other things, by the Control Complexes by generating the energy-information flows with their specific material carriers (magnetic particles).

From now on, we can safely declare a scientific assumption that Consciousness has a gravitational basis in general, and the formation of its elements is arranged on the basis of field physics, which, so far, as if has not existed at all, but there is a lot of idle-talk about these fields! It remains to clarify what and with the help of which such a control of the gravitational nature is realized, i.e. who or what is the gravitational “ruler and shaper” of some elements of our Consciousness?

Before touching upon issues related to the formation of the elements of Consciousness, we need a very important scientific clarification of the physical process related to the ability to possess speech, i.e. we should decide – what is speech, as a physical process? Under the concept of “speech” over the past few centuries, a great many different affirmations, beliefs, definitions, and all other generally recognized things in the society of people have been presented. But we will not touch on all this and leave alone past definitions and the whole universally recognized and philosophical level of understanding what speech is in general, as such.

“Speech” should not be understood in only an accustomed way as a limited process, which is connected in some simplified, indefinite way with the use by people of some “invented” sound images, gutturally pronounced sound forms and techniques by which as if some generally accepted and universally recognized informative simple or complex images of the entire surrounding reality about objects, their interactions and events, reflecting or in some way, connected with the surrounding reality being and people in its environment, together with all their actions and interactions, as well as its generally accepted unambiguous understanding or description of something in judgments with the help of speech not voiced by people (judgments without a sonic character, i. e. not aloud).

One way or another, speech is typical images (forms) of simple or complex elements of the Consciousness of people that are already worked out and understood by people, presented through the Brain neurons connection patterns of a permanent nature. When we talk “to ourselves” (without voicing the results of our talk), we still use the generally accepted abbreviation of the same form of speech, with all the same techniques or methods we understand to present information, only in a “mode” of non-sonic. Therefore, it doesn’t matter whether we “voice” our opinions or not, write or read, but we use the same speech as a mandatory tool for “transmitting” some of the information through the granted to us ability to “talk to each other” or an imaginary interlocutor.

In order to possess a certain “speech potential” or a comprehensively developed universal set of the speech process “behaviour” in case of its voiced or not voiced application, – each individual in the process of his cognition inevitably is to “work out” (form, acquire through learning and training) a certain number of typical patterns for the brain neurons connections, which are responsible for speech as such through its functions. The speech should present an object image of the constructive holographic model of the very subject of the speech description, as a physical body; it should learn (train) to present and describe all kinds of observable or imagined physical processes at the present, past and future moment in any interaction of this body with other bodies (observable or imagined) in the world of the surrounding visible or imagined Existing. The speech should be able to transmit this information with the help of the “speech potential of behaviour”, it should ensure that other individuals accept and understand the entire speech transmission, and it should also make it possible to state everything indicated in written or graphic information from using accepted conventional speech symbols and other figurative and visual design techniques. As a result, the speech ability granted to us is an indispensable “participant” in the formation of the elements of Consciousness.

It remains to clarify yet another very important “participant” in the formation of the elements of our Consciousness, namely, what is a material carrier of some energy matter that is different in the core and essence, moving in different patterns of our Brain neurons connections, emphasizing the fact that there is no simplified banality in these processes, because such movements and with the help of such movements a certain amount of specific addressed information is transmitted, which is extremely important in general or individual cosmophysical processes of our flesh cells being, support or execution of some control processes and functions of the Brain, particularly those relating to the formation of the elements of our consciousness and the like.

If not going into detail concerning this issue, then it is necessary to state the following: the physical basis of the entire complex set of these realizing processes is “field physics”! The material basis, as the carrier of energy matter, which forms the entire basis of the field physics, is the primary and secondary flows of matter of magnetic energies of different parameters, as the basis, and the directed flow of matter of electric energy, not conflicting in their manifestation due to the difference in their parameters and their physical essence, even flowing and intersecting in the same neurons patterns, as the primary material contours of all cosmophysical primary initiating processes for the formation and realization of the great number of functions of the complex Brain of Man, especially its head part.

The secondary levels of cosmophysical processes of a permanent or temporary nature (directed multilevel processes) of no less importance of the controlling and executive nature (i. e., some specifically manifested secondary functions of the Brain or their temporary manifestation) are the Brain formed conditions of life-providing and life supporting flesh cells, as the governing process of the control and support of all the cell of our body life, on the one hand, and the formation of the elements of Consciousness and the elements of the Mind structure under the conditions of the Intelligent orientation of the civilized development of our Earth, on the other hand.

Distinctions of the material carriers’ behaviour in the Brain neuron connection patterns, inter-pattern interactions of various levels of functional importance and causality of such heterogeneous behaviour (potential) of the magnetic energy matter – all this happens as the complex of cosmophysical processes under the control of the gravitational nature. Understanding physics of this process, it becomes possible to puzzle out some deep earlier incomprehensive mysteries of the epiphysis participation and its influence on many functions of the Human Brain (like the “third eye”)!

It turns out that it is one of the regulating active control centres of the human Brain gravitational states. It is more functional at night. An interesting “coincidence”: it is exactly at the same time that an active process of all “reinstallations” of various control programs takes place, carried out under the control influence from outside (from different Earth Control Complexes, and the like.), including such programmed processes of changing the flows of the material carriers of the electric and magnetic energies matter, as the “preparation” for the future processes of the “energy-information” reception from outside due to changes of some external influential nature (including the Control Complexes of the Earth). For the geo-and helio-dependent people, this is especially vital! This is a short summary of the controlling gravitational processes realization with each individual’s Brain involvement in the formation of our individual Consciousness. But what happens during the formation of public Consciousness?

As for the formation of public consciousness, it cannot be formed at all without gravitational processes support! True, about this neither politicians and philosophers nor physicists of the past, guessed, but they have been using this for millennia when organizing their being through the people’s participation in all every day life spheres. Could relativists of the past have supposed this? Of course, they could not, because for them up to now there is no such a concept as “field physics” with which it (public Consciousness) is formed! “Such a scientific postulate can only be the subject of judgment in the realm of science fiction,” as the present relativists and materialists will say!

Sorry, but this scientific postulate is really far from fiction, it is confirmed by practice and by the results of many experiments. True, such experiments were not always public, but this is not important at all, and it is not from relativists to ask permissions for such experiments. It is enough to give the following examples as evidence, namely, the results of the practical experiments conducted by the scientists from the Novosibirsk Scientific Research Institute named after Academician V. P. Kaznacheev, under the guidance and active scientific position of the present leader and successor – Academician A. V. Trofimov.

The associated (collective) connection of the Brain neurons in people completely unknown to each other (volunteers of different nationalities and from different continents at the same time) was formed at indefinitely great distances (thousands of kilometres away from the translating source and from each other), accepting without error the same translated information using the “Kozyrev Mirrors” (graphic signs, translating complex images or commands, forming the need to perform some collective actions, etc.). The interaction of the neurons of their Brains as individual physical bodies, despite their small level of dimensional scale, correctly brought to the formation of some complex individual or collective patterns (especially) under the influence of the effect of the gravitational control nature during the energy-information translation of such an image or information about the action. With such an interaction, the most complex process of error-free connection into certain individual and associated patterns occurred, allowing each participating individual to perceive separately the same images or desires of actions correctly. And this is also gravity! And for such “gravity” the Internet, print media, television, radio broadcasting facilities and the like are no longer required! Moreover, this form of translation allows generating and transmitting information in its holographic form without distortion, and of such complexity that the Human Brain perceives immediately without traditional need for its decoding, i. e. directly, unlike text, iso-graphic in two-dimensional format and the like!

Gravity is a multi-level programmed process in which the “energy-information” plays the role of the controlling stimulator and the container of information about the final form of constructing something into a specific Construct of perfect form or models of actions, which has to be obtained and achieved using gravity and organization of material bodies interaction under its influence in the entire “material” range of dimensional scale from the pre-atomic to the planetary level separately in the depth of each Celestial System.

From the point of the above, understanding the processes of the social Consciousness formation as such seems to be more wider and deeper, as a cosmophysical process, but not the previous philosophical “speculation and juggling” with philosophical categories about nothing true.

Public Consciousness, as a certain program for the collective actions of somehow united people or their similar perception of the observed surrounding reality, is undoubtedly related to the independent formation of collective patterns of the Brain neurons connections of the participating individuals into a single whole circuit or formation of some kind of individual “task for actions” of everyone involved in some collective actions or events, while the physical distance between the individuals, information-translators, etc. do not play a special role (A. Trofimov’s experiments)!

The use of N. Kozyrev’s mirror translating technology in the experiments is an individual case, but irreproachably demonstrating the fact that the cosmophysical process of gravitational influencing control is the basis in the formation of public Consciousness, and not anything else that was previously accepted – on artificially fictional understanding through simplified philosophical categories and other superficial absurdities due to the limited knowledge. But what was happening in the worldly practice before the appearance of the so-called “technology of N. Kozyrev’s mirrors”? Did they manage with the limited possibility of the articles from the Iskra newspaper or were contented with the “immeasurable depth of Lenin’s works” and his associates?

In the practice of life before and after N. Kozyrev’s idea, was there anything which supposedly could play the role of “translators” of energy information support? Under the interventionists control System, all the information correction of the programmed processes was carried out using Big and Small mirrors of the Kailas-1 and Kailas-2 CCs and their translators, the Caucasus interventionist CCs, the Alps CC and California CC and their translators (the material is provided in the “Foundations of Mankind Formation”, Volume 1-4). And now the Earth is still only recreating its two initial Altai-1 and Altai-2 Control Complexes. As a cosmophysical process to recreate the true conditions of the Earth’s civilized development, this is still quite sufficient to provide the current level of energy-information support of the true control processes, while involving the executing actions of people and their public Consciousness formation for this, changing their being for the transition period, and the like. The “Mirrors” of the Control Complexes are very important, but not the only means of translation to provide the energy-information support for the living matter existence on our planet.

At the moment, we are not aimed at considering in detail the entire System of energy information support, since there should be a separate consideration of the issue. But at least superficially, it should be pointed out that, in addition to the “mirrors”, other means of translation and support also participate, namely: the star of our Celestial System (the Sun) with all its systems objects of generation and the “energy-information” translation flows (as part of the magnetic energy matter flows from the Sun, but with the specific parameters and special velocity characteristics of the matter flows as they move toward the Earth), as well as the stars of other Celestial systems participating with their controlling influence of their flows with their specific “energy-information” (with their own special set of parameters and a joyful star “winking”, making astronomers pleased) at this stage of the civilized Earth development with the entire Civilization group of Sirius and all their Celestial systems, their generating objects and all kinds of special planetary translators; the Earth Control Complexes retranslators with the part of the Atmosphere grating (in some individual episodes of the living matter being support); fresh water, as the most capacious accumulator on the Earth and the repository of the generated “energy-information” coming or generated here on the planet, etc. Here you see how the world turns out to be much more interesting, apart from the songs of morning nightingales and the amazing changes in oil prices and public utilities!

The cosmophysical process itself, as it is, related to the formation of the collective patterns of the Brain neurons of the individuals involved in the executing processes under the control of the gravitational nature, using the “energy-information” substance as the information material carrier on some kind of ongoing programmed chronological process in the surrounding reality presented at this moment – that is the basis for the formation of public Consciousness, as a kind of life collective practical scenario with a certain group of people participating in their collective actions, perceived in the past, present and future as a temporary single image of the collective concepts of Existing being for this collective perception of Him at the present moment. And all together – this is a complex cosmophysical process of the real interaction of the real or presented as real bodies being realized at the moment or program-planned realization of some of the scenario fragments of the event-chronological process in the future, carrying for its realization the true physics of fields with specific earlier unknown energies carriers.

The material carrier of the gravitational interaction programs within each galaxy for the bodies of the inert substance of the entire hierarchy of dimensional scale from the pre-atomic to the galactic levels is the “energy – time”. And the carrier of the gravitational interaction programs for living bodies is the “energy-time”, both at the level of interaction from the protozoa, heterotrophic states’ organization and control in the sphere of the flora being, and the “energy-information” at higher levels of interaction, control and self-organization, such as having a set of the Brain functions of people and the society of people and their developing structures of social organization and cohabitation.

The causality and the point of the governing triptych formation that has been running everything is becoming clear: the Supersystem, System and Subsystem, on which we had to repeatedly rely on in the theory of "Fundamentals of Mankind Formation" without explanation. Regardless of the level of dimensional scale in the depths of the entire Universe, through all the spiral of the dimensional hierarchy in the sphere of the inert substance the controlling gravitational influence of the energy substance “energy-time” passes through during the formation of the bodies interaction from the pre-atomic level to the level of the entire Universe, but realized with a mandatory individual “character” in each galaxy separately.

During the formation of the control vector triptych (Supersystem, System and Subsystem) for the bodies interaction in the sphere of living matter, the control gravitational influence is formed with the joint participation of the energy substances “energy-time” and “energy-information”. How is this interaction realized? This is the issue of physics of the Brain and physics of the cell, as separate scientific spheres, which we have repeatedly mentioned.., but now this judgment with all its logic seems to be out of place, i. e. not expedient.

It would be appropriate to try to express in general guidelines what “Life” is from the point of the cosmophysical process of bodies’ interaction in the sphere of the living substance in the whole of the Universe. So for the sphere of the living substance, “Life” is the process of its being, as the living Existing, at the cellular level and the level of simple, complex and mega-complex organisms from them, as the perfecting harmony of the intercellular interaction under the gravitational control influence from the “energy – information" and "energy-time "as the energy substances.

By the level of the organizing perfection, the entire hierarchy of "Life" of the living matter supposes three levels: unicellular; multicellular without any control of the Brain function; and multicellular with the Brain control of the states of being. The last level is presented by two ways of orientation: the Intelligent one and Non-Intelligent one. Each level of this hierarchy, in turn, supposes sublevels of the dimensional scale, but such details at the moment of judgment are out of place for us.

Summing up some intermediate result of the study of the proposed element of the structural civilized perfection (the dodecahedral sphere and its structural derivative internal and external elements of the Pulsar type), as a stage and as a complex and functionally important structural system element of the perfect forms of the Existing being of the Universe, it seems to us that we are putting forward for the first time a number of scientific statements that require and make it possible to fundamentally change the degree of perfection and the level of the present knowledge, and chiefly the very system of modern non-relativist physics views on gravity, as such, first of all, its cosmophysical control and functional point of its manifestation and realization in the Construct of the entire Universe. Under the conditions of the science stagnation, it is precisely a very important and necessary step, as a kind of significant impetus for initiating the further advancement of science into the future. On the basis on what did we come to this conclusion? Here's the point.

We suggested that the former simplified and functionally reduced idea of ​​gravity, previously perceived as a simple interaction and attraction of bodies to each other, for centuries being stagnated in the Consciousness of people, not paying attention to the dimensional scale of such interaction from the time of Newton, should be changed to the idea of gravity, as the realizing process of the cosmophysical level of the entirely different functional meaning and true point of its perception as the process in the sphere of the control being of All Existing in the unbounded hierarchy of the all possible importance from the possible lowest pre-atomic to the Universal mega scale.

That is, in reality, we are already dealing with gravity not in the previous simplified perception of it, as familiar to us “attraction” and all that our consciousness previously connected with it, but as a complex cosmophysical controlled process that realizes precisely control functions and goals of the being of All the Existing within the framework of the complex creation of the Universe itself through the interaction at the level of matter of the electric and magnetic energies, i.e. the process with the participation of precisely those states of energies still unknown to science, which possess a complex of functional control and, above all, structural orientation in the sphere of being, presenting real images of the material and non-material parts of the Existing through its perfect forms and structures.

In the process of our judgment, we suggested that the scientific problem of the matter formation, should be considered in a different way. not false mystical or religiously incomprehensive, but real formation of matter in the Universe (and finally, without stopwatch in the hands of the made-up “outside observer”, as another episode of ungrounded invention of some seconds after the “Universal Explosion”), but as a true control process of nature within the space of the real bosom of the Universe and the complex geometry of the model presentation of the space-time (starting with galaxy level of dimensional scale to the atomic level) and the bosom of space less than the atomic level of dimensional scale of the same Universe.

Such natural character should proceed only from the true point of the being of the energetic substances of All The Existing. We reject all previous subjective, non-scientific “inventions” about some sort of “explosive Origin of the Beginning” of the Universe formation and indefinite (as if random) material filling of its “greatly blurred and indefinite” bosom space. We suggest firm believing in an organized really natural cosmophysical process bringing to the physical order in the nature of the Universe bosom, i.e. to Cosmos and built into its bosom the space-time invariants of structural states at galactic levels (for each galaxy and inter galactic formation) with programmed physical properties and characteristics of matter and bodies from it with the guiding behaviour (potential) as the cosmophysical process of non-random nature of the realization, and their corresponding interaction, not having any pretentious threat of its destruction through the "expansion" (or scattering) of the Universe invented by people. There is no tragic destruction of objects and subjects in the Universe of some random nature, but there is a system of the structural dismantling of the functionally worked out bodies and formations from them which condition is “obsolete” and it is inexpedient to replenish their irreducible level of the energy-time and energy-information density!

 We also suggested paying attention to the fact that an important role in the processes of matter formation as such is laid in the possibility of imparting it (the matter) the necessary Systems structural perfect forms that are characteristic for the structure for the whole of the Universe and are suitable for all levels of its dimensional scale, imparting physical properties, not as some kind of acquired chance, but through the specific controlled process of gravity (for the sake of gaining aimed interaction) and retaining them with the same control process in the given relatively stable state in the true dimensional bosom of the Universe, or the “space-time” of each galaxy and within a certain specified time, also of the control nature.

We also suggested changing the previous simplified idea of ​​the random nature of the formation of such complex physical and chemical properties of matter. All this should be understood as a cosmophysical control gravitational process, realized for a specific structural and functional orientation of the whole variety of the substance (in all the variety of its chemical and physical natural properties), both in the bosom of the space of general harmony of the whole of the Universe, and in each particular case of the space -time at the level of dimensional scale within each of its galactic Subjects (Objects), in particular, related to the required amount of substance (according to the total characteristics of its physical mass) and the quality of its behaviour (potential, with the total mass of its field including), generally excluding a random character, that is. acquisition by the substance of all possible physical and chemical dimensional quantities that are now known to us (as different in the properties chemical elements) or newly discovered due to the changing control gravitational process immediately in the entire Universe or in its individual structural invariant components at the level of galactic subjects. Not all chemical elements are the same on all the planets, but their likeness tells about common unifying features of the functionally applied nature, since the “imprint” of differences in energy-time parameters for each galaxy makes itself felt.

It should be emphasized yet another irrefutable novelty in our judgments at the level of new scientific statements, consisting in the fact that everything known and not yet known variety of chemical elements (and not only on the Earth, but throughout the Universe) – is the product of the developing process of gravitational control of the bodies interaction at the atomic level of dimensional scale in the environment of their (atoms) behaviour in the process of the future energy potentials formation (the processes of collective substance behaviour) of their structural perfection into larger substance Constructs in the transition to the molecular level and subsequent realization in much larger scale of physical bodies at the level of planets (stars) and much higher levels of dimensional scale.

In this regard, only for this reason alone in the whole of nature, there could not be any manifestation of randomness in general. The minimal indivisible simplicity in the world surrounding us has thus been the foundation of all the material formation and the enormous variety of phenomena and body forms from all non-random variety of matter! Is nature’s imagination fertile in “non-random varieties” or not?

Both yes and no! No matter how miraculous is the imagination of the complex nature substance in any of the galaxies, but it’s natural simplicity is the same, everywhere and in everything – the structural uniform similarity in the entire Universe, which we considered in our judgments about the stages of the civilized form perfection! And this is the mightiest resistance to any accidents! That is exactly how the first key to cognizing the secrets of the truth was realized and declared by the sage Lao Ji: “All Existing comes from being. And being – from non-being!” So tiny, but so significant wisdom!

From our side, for the first time, another quite an important new scientific statement was made that the control gravitational process has an additional and very important mandatory function in co-participation in the formation of the conditions for guiding life support for the life-containing planets, especially of the Intelligent civilized orientation in their development, as the most complex and important for the Universe of material objects and not only at galactic levels of dimensional scale, i. e. participation in the governing and supporting processes of biological and other activities of living cells, which realize their being according to special plans of civilized perfection of the whole of the Universe and much more related to this.

At the galactic level of dimensional scale and higher, – the Intelligent orientation of the civilized development is in itself a unique phenomenon, and for this reason is especially preserved and supported by the Supreme Control State of the Universe. People themselves will begin to make sure of this in the near future. But for the beginning, all the evil thoughts they have created against nature and its phenomena, have to be rejected from all the spheres of their vicious being!

And today, at least for this reason, one should be sure of the scientific statement that the Planets Mind itself (for the planets of the civilized development of the intelligent orientation) with all its existence is directly related to the special cosmophysical process – the state of the control gravitational process, especially in the interaction of bodies at the pre-atomic and atomic level of the living matter dimensional scale, i.e. in all those cases of the physical state of energies in which the need for intelligent orientation arises in the structural interaction of bodies even before the living substance takes its material form, and the Brain functions are not yet formed (it is not yet a single control complex). For example, the formation of the error-free patterns of the Brain neurons connections (even at the level of not very smart ones, but which as if being at the control level due to their organized selectivity), and many other special cases (in the sphere of flora being, for example, but already without selection, but due to their “natural” characteristic), to which modern science with the present level of knowledge, can not give an explanation!

Researching into the most relevant (mentioned above) new scientific spheres, forming and putting forward the new “Structural Theory of Everything”, it may seem to us that we have already known all or nearly all, at least the one that would allow us, as if, to begin to be aware of and cognize that basic part of the truth about the Universe unattainable to anyone for the time being, namely, to approach and to know the true essence of the Target Vector of the future phenomena, actions and events of the civilized development of the whole of the Universe, the embodiment of the general being chronoprocess of Her All Existing and especially the basic formation methodologies of the Intelligent orientation of Her all corporeal being as the most important mystery of the Universe, i.e., the Programs and mysteries of the Control of Her herself.

But what are we? A kind of temporary “chance” that has manifested itself, not even in the Universe, but in the Milky Way galaxy and in the sphere of Her control processes? People, for their entire existence, have never even thought of this Highest Conceptual level of the Control and such a contact that has now occurred with It, and more precisely at the level of “Almighty Control”. For people this sort of “Conceptual being" is the apophatic (incomprehensive) highest level of the "Supersystem” and for this reason, it is not supposed to be reached a priori!

We were granted just to touch all of this, and obviously not randomly, but by some will of chance in the chain of the ongoing chronological processes related to the reconstruction of the true states and the level of the Earth civilized development and the corresponding rate of change in the present gained knowledge.

The point is that people are now allowed to either fundamentally change their current way of their Civilized development from destructive to another more expedient, or they will be eliminated as parasitic atavism, with their subsequent replacement by other groups of people with a higher level of their Brain’s octave and level of cognition after a certain period of about 150-200 years! Therefore, such an eventual urgency arose and the need to gain that level of knowledge which is slightly higher than what is now required, and for this reason it has been given the opportunity to determine the feasibility of seeking the transition to this other way of people’s Civilization development on the basis of the Intelligent orientation.

Well, all this presented itself for the first time for modern people as extremely majestic, grandiose and unexpected, more so, under the conditions and contrary to the still prevailing stagnant position of the relativistic physics and imposed by them subjective methodologies that are important and interesting only to their authors, in most of the current spheres of scientific knowledge about the veritable Universe and its model structure of the processes to control it.

But is this just enough of this material and non-material of All Existing, even proceeding from the position of significance of mastering a new level of cognition of the Structural arrangement of the Universe and its being in it? Are we able and willing to answer all the questions with the help of the “Structural Theory of Everything” at the current level of its presentation? Has it comprehensively covered this very not only structural, but also civilized truth, and even partly touched the Target Vector of the Universe being and the elements of its future chronological process of the civilization perfection?

In principle, for the time being, one can be sure only that the basic part of it, which provides for the formation of cognitive elements at present and in the near future, is able to guarantee and support with its ideological and theoretical basis the entire experimentally-bold part of the practical development of the future technologies; and only this allows you to see the guiding line in relation to the point and the purpose of another way of the Civilized development, and not only this century, but also in the subsequent ones. But does it in this state meet the real universal requirements for sufficient and all round cognizing?

Of course, it may still be somewhat too early to talk about this, but we are close to this, because this moment we need another very significant theoretical step forward for the current period of time, related to the lack of one important aspect of complex knowledge that we have not considered yet! We do not intrigue, i.e. we don’t hide sugar in the pocket to treat the capricious “horse of knowledge”. This is quite different, this is a judgment under the conditions of counteraction of the “capricious” (scandalous to the manic insanity) relativistic physics, which itself never stands in for the confirmation, but in all other cases it always requires multiple research confirmations of practical results in the interests of gaining one’s own “confidence” in other people's scientific assumptions. Relativistic physics now parasitizes on the results of many other sciences. As they say, “God be their judge” in their invented illusory world, but nonetheless ......... let us return to some really scientific assumptions granted to our attention due to the formation of the new Structural Theory of Everything foundations.

In addition to the real model presentation of all the processes of the structural civilized perfection of the forms and details of their step-by-step realization; the elements of Consciousness manifestation in gaining the truth regarding the concepts of energy as the energy substance (rather than a philosophical category or relativistic past subjective formulae errors and definitions); the types of energy matter understanding and perception; the manifestation of the clear model understanding of the most complex nature’s processes at all levels of dimensional scale through the energy-time, the energy-information and their control harmonious interaction without sensory-material touch and recording the results beyond the material technological fixation (unobservable perception of the processes beyond the materialism of the past); grasping the point of the cosmophysical processes realization in the formation of various types of matter (inert and living) and comprehension of the interaction control of the continuous formation of material bodies through the energy programmed processes of the gravitational control of this behaviour (common potential) at all possible levels of dimensional scale (from non-material pre-atomic to the level of the whole material Universe), and much more which we covered for the first time, there arises the same question about the adequacy of the awareness and the level of cognition. Which fragment of the new theory is absent in our judgments and is there such, that we have not yet strategically covered? Of course, there is, and in our subsequent judgments, we are going to touch upon it.


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