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Sunday, 24 March 2019 17:12

SvetL technology and the main desires of man

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Luck versus pain prevention

Among other things, Russian SvetL technology
can help to find more happiness in life. 
Why is that important?
Because this is one of the most significant experiences 
that every sentient and inspired person strives for in life.


Just be happy. Long lasting, if possible – forever. That would be nice, wouldn’t it? But why is it different in real life? Honestly, life is always somehow different, interrupted by a few moments of happiness. If people are asked about their moments of happiness, they have to think and search for a long time. Maybe the search goes back to the dreams and wishes that we had as a child.

Somewhere deep in emotional life, this memory must first be found and then recovered, so that it can consciously come to the surface again. It is like the salvage of a great sunken treasure. Happiness is very often an experience spilled from the rubble of the emotions of everyday life.

Then there is this other feeling, pain. Every day it lurks in the shadow, always ready to strike. Pain is more present than happiness, as we have learned in life. And our being has been programmed since immemorial times to foresee this pain: to be careful, to be circumspect, to sense the danger. The unconscious radar works at full speed to avoid pain by all means. Therefore, the avoidance of pain always has a higher priority than the experience of happiness.2

For example, if you are afraid of water and someone tells you that you have to swim to an island because your happiness is waiting there for you, then you unconsciously weigh both against each other: swimming = crossing water = fear = pain. The result is: "avoid swimming!" Happiness is consciously avoided because fear or pain in the body feels much stronger than some possible happiness. The following proverbs express that thought: "The fear is in his bones" or "The fear is on his back". 

It is easier for us to experience fear and pain than happiness, and not only because pain prevention is stored as a program in our brain. As children, we were always taught to be careful: watch out, do not fall down, do not make any mistakes (mistakes are punishable = pain). We are so used to this behavior of avoiding pain rather than having joyful feelings of happiness, that avoiding pain becomes an unconscious obstacle on the way to happiness. Because in order to get where the luck is, I have to do something that I have not done before (otherwise I would already be lucky!). This very idea is typically met with rejections, because "doing something else" is usually exhausting, costs time or money, is uncertain, unknown or otherwise annoying.3

So we have been imperceptibly conditioned over time: our thoughts have been shaped accordingly, our brain and nerves were trained accordingly, and our hormone system is composed accordingly as well. Note: a fearful child and a lucky child have completely different thoughts, completely different nerve pathways, completely different body chemistry, and, as a result, completely different emotional worlds.4

This conditioned emotional life can not be changed with a thought or a finger snap. This change will need physical change and habituation. The "right" substances have to be produced by the brain again for happiness to work as an experience. Unfortunately, most people remain connected to their once-learned very small range of emotions for life. One could also say that the true, full and happy life remains only an eternal dream because everything new is simply rejected by the inner system to avoid possible pain; thus, any new experience possibly leading to happiness is also avoided. 

One of the great desires of man is eternal life, the fountain of youth. To be healthy, beautiful and happy for a long-long time. Myths and legends are entwined with this longing, and entire industries live off this hunt for youthfulness by selling creams, elixirs, recipes, rituals, courses, books, videos, new professions. And of course everything is organic and pure!5

However, if you look deeper, then this delusion is always based on fear. Mostly, it is our fear of inconvenience and inadequacy, fear of pain. Many people are willing to spend a lot of money to avoid their aging process for as long as possible. Unfortunately, this is usually nothing more than proverbial cosmetics where the façade is beautiful, but everything is hollow and rotten on the inside. 

Let us think it through: isn’t it sad that when a person has amassed life-long knowledge and is really beginning to live by wisdom, their physical body is degraded, has limited movement and less available energy, depends on medication, has pains, has to learn to deal with health-related restrictions… All of this is not only exhausting, but seems very unfair, agree?6

Could it be different? Could we be fit and vital for a long time? As an expert in life now, could we continue to make a valuable contribution to life, and for a lifetime to carry this wonderful feeling of being valuable, to lead a long, beautiful and fulfilling life? The life of many moments of joy that continue to shape the flow of happiness…?

 Do I get the desired life for my contributions? Honestly – not at all.


We need new concepts, a fundamentally different attitude towards ourselves and the world, and other beings. Thinking, feeling and acting have to change, because old thinking produces old results. Only new concepts enable new opportunities. These new possibilities are always there, but with old thinking we do not look for them. What did we do as children? We approached something new without any bias, and with thirst for knowledge and action. This unbiased approach helped us to develop our “data network” in the body, which is brain and nerves. 

As a 70 years old and life-experienced psychologist, I can say that I found these issues with my clients and myself again and again as obstacles in life. Even the real techniques of quantum medicine, with which I have been working for 15 years, could help here, but had their limits. In search of new developments, I came across SvetL Technologies, invented by Russian scientist Nicolai Levashov, and developed now by Feodor Shkrudnev, the leader of the Russian Scientific Technical Society (RNTOin Russia). 8

I have been using my first psi-Generator SvetL (2nd generation, developed by Feodor Shkrudnev) for about 2 months now and have to say that I am enthusiastic! From the first start with the Bracelet-K, it was only logical to switch to the programmable SvetLdevice, and 6 months of neuralgic back pain were gone within 3 weeks. I have more energy and vitality, and can work in the garden again (together with SvetL Flora generator). I enjoy better concentration and generally more balance in everything. 9

Have I mentioned that this amazing result happened only after a short time of a few weeks?! I would like to sincerely thank Feodor ShkrudnevRussian scientistand a wonderful person, for his advice and support. He has made sure that this wonderful SvetL technology is available to anyone who is interested in improving their life. The central and most important purpose of Life Technology Generator is to make the brain more efficient and to restore or improve its communication with the body’s cells at all levels (physical andenergetic). 

Presently I'm waiting for yet another device, also invented by Feodor Shkrudnev and his team of scientists: it is called the “Dome DI” and will be used for safety of my house and property. Dome DItechnology improves the Life Support System of people and removes blockages to development such as aggression and negative emotions. 

After my first experiences with SvetL Technology, I can say that SvetL programscan help to open new horizons in one's life. 

The detoxification, nutrition and energy saturation of the cells lead to increase in life energy because a cell that is perfectly detoxified and cared for can live much longer by our standards. See Nobel Prize for Physiology and Medicine of 1912 to Alexis Carrel. He carried out experiments with chicken cells that lived more than four times longer life than normal because he completely detoxified and nourished their cells. 10

What does that mean for us and our desire for less pain in life, and more happiness and longevity instead? Exactly, it means a new possibility that did not exist before. And now there is Russian SvetL technology! A chance that anyone can take if they are brave enough to face their dreams and to resurrect them in life as a reality.

Join in! Be there! If not now then when?


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