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Sunday, 24 March 2019 16:39

Memories of Nicolai Levashov

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1Nicolai and Paula before Nicolai left for Russia

I have many wonderful memories of Nicolai. I worked with him for 15 years and was fortunate enough to attend his second seminar in San Francisco in 1993. He taught us information we had never heard before; NEW KNOWLEDGE about Physics (the Real Laws of Nature), Physiology, how the human body really works, Biology, Cosmology and much more. He transformed our brain and spiritual bodies, giving us qualities that we did not possess before. Nicolai said he inserted a folded space of the Universe in our brain, a ‘Transformer’ which provides power for potential energy for future evolution.

How does one describe a man like Nicolai? He is unlike anyone that has ever been on our Planet. An outstanding Russian scientist, Warrior for Humanity, Incredible Healer, and masterful Creator. He had a warm generous heart ...I should say hearts, as he had two, and he showed them to us in the Seminar. Nicolai told us that it was a very painful process to build a second heart.

I could go on and on and still not be able to totally describe who he really is. Nicolai always said actions speak louder than words, so I will share my memories of some of his actions to give you a small glimpse of the man he was.

I will never forget my first healing session with Nicolai. My soul went all the way to the ceiling and they were high ceilings! I told him my soul was jumping for JOY. He just smiled and kept working. And so my journey had begun. What a journey it was, taking me into worlds I could only imagine, including deep space!

One incident I remember vividly took place when I was working in downtown San Francisco. Minutes before leaving for my appointment with Nicolai, the Vice President told me he wanted me to give a speech to the entire company at our quarterly meeting. I was in a panic! I hated speaking in front of large groups of people.

When I arrived at Nicolai’s house he immediately asked me what was wrong? He could see I had worked myself into a nervous state of mind. After my session I could barely say goodbye as I walked out the door. Nicolai told me I would be fine, but I did not think so.

26 week Seminar in San Franciso, June 1993

An hour later we arrived at the restaurant for our company’s meeting, and it was soon time for me to go on. Just before I stepped onto the stage, I saw Nicolai standing in the audience! He had sent one of his ‘doubles’. He was not there physically, but on another level and everything was exactly the same and I was able to see him. I walked across the stage and gave my speech just like Nicolai said I could. He stayed there for my entire presentation. 
That’s the kind of man he was and a vivid example of the power of his conscious intent. I do not know of anyone on the planet who could do, or would do, what he did for me that day!

On another occasion after leaving a healing session, I walked down the street to a cafe where I met a friend of mine. A few minutes later, I saw Nicolai walking by. His huge energy field was covered in gold. Just then it started raining and everything was normal except it WAS NOT RAINING ON NICOLAI! I watched in amazement. The following week I told him what I had seen, and he said, “Yes, I do that sometimes.” Another day I saw Svetlana and Nicolai walking down Market street in the Financial district where I worked. It is a very busy area, crowded with people. Their energy fields were so large that there was no one in front of or behind them, and the fields kept everyone at a distance from them. It was as if they were the only ones on the sidewalk.

Most people know about Nicolai’s bird Lonnie, BUT few people know that Lonnie chose Nicolai. I will tell you the story exactly as he told it to me. One afternoon Nicolai went into a pet store and was looking around when he spotted a beautiful baby parrot being hand fed by the store keeper. After the baby bird finished eating, Nicolai asked if he could hold him and the storekeeper agreed.

The next day the storekeeper called Nicolai and told him the baby parrot would not eat and that he would let NO ONE feed him. Could Nicolai please come to the store? Nicolai went into the store and walked over to the baby bird. The bird allowed Nicolai to feed him and Nicolai went to the store and fed Lonnie every single day until he was old enough to take him home. 
Lonnie never left Nicolai’s side. He would sit on his shoulder when Nicolai worked on the computer. Sometimes he would sit on his perch while Nicolai worked with clients. That made Lonnie very happy! When Nicolai’s family called from Russia, they thought Lonnie was Svetlana because of his high-pitched voice. Nicolai thought that was very funny!

One afternoon, after a healing session with Nicolai, I was walking down the street and a bouquet of flowers appeared in front of me (not physically, but on another level) – beautiful lavender lilacs… favourite flower. 
I could even smell them. For me there is nothing sweeter than the smell of lilacs. This is another example of the power of Nicolai’s conscious intent since, of course, I had never told Nicolai this was my favorite flower.



Nicolai's house in San Francisco before leaving for Russia

Nicolai’s books – bound by himself

My Golden Retriever dog, Maximus, was diagnosed with bone cancer when he was five years old. I was in the seminar at that time and through an interpreter, asked Nicolai if he would help him. He did not hesitate and said he would work with him.

Through the use of programmed water, Nicolai cured Max and he lived to be one day shy of 17 years old.

Max and I lived in the hills of Sausalito, just outside San Francisco, for several years. The views were spectacular! Late one afternoon Max and I went for a walk on the hiking trail by our house and we came face to face with a Mountain Lioness. She and I stood there staring at each other, neither one moving. Max was off his leash and further away but still fairly close to the Mountain Lioness. He did not even seem to notice her, thankfully. I stayed perfectly calm, called Maximus to come, and we walked home. Nicolai’s protection surrounded us.

 A similar situation happened a few years later with a large rattle snake. I was walking my friends’ dogs when I heard a hissing sound by my left leg; I looked down and the rattler’s head was reared up, ready to strike. I continued walking and the dogs did not notice, it was as if the snake did not exist for them!

The next day there was a sign in the lobby with a picture of the snake and the words, ‘Beware. Large rattle snake on the premises.’ When I told Nicolai, he just acted like this was all perfectly normal.

Nicolai always wanted everyone to feel a part of what was going on. When Svetlana was in France, they asked her what she did to keep her skin so beautiful. She told them her husband programs the cream she uses. 
Needless to say, the Frenchmen wasted no time flying to San Francisco to meet with Nicolai. Although they did not come to an agreement it was interesting for us to witness all that was happening. He programmed cream for the women, so we could have beautiful skin as well!

After the seminar, Nina, the interpreter, Irina, a friend of Svetlana and I stayed to talk with Svetlana and try on all the exquisite hats she modelled (in France, I believe). I was the only one who did not speak the Russian language, but I still had a wonderful time! Happiness is Universal when you are with Nicolai and Svetlana.

In the seminar, Nicolai told us that the Bible was programmed. When I took him my Bible, he put his hand above it and said, “What do you see?” I described the man I saw. Nicolai told me that HE was the man who programmed the Bible. Nicolai erased the program so that we could see the information correctly.

About this time I referred a few of my female friends to Nicolai. They all had serious problems and were fairly young. After meeting with him they were angry with me and said they would not continue to see him. I asked Nicolai if I had done something wrong? He said, “No, their souls do not want to be healed.” That was hard for me to understand at the time, but I understand it now. Nicolai always treated all people very kindly.

Nicolai programmed our digital watches to help us between healing sessions. He gave us a specific example of how he programmed one woman's watch: “Program #1-Protetive Field, #2-Body Cleaning, #3-function of Kidney #4-Circulatory System, #5-Pituitary #6-Lungs #7 Ovary #8 Control of Metabolism #9-Regeneration of cells. Energy in harmony with human organism and activate all programs to create balance”.

This was the precursor to the current and improved Svetl Complex that he and Fyodor Shkrudnev worked on before he left the Planet.

In 2011 I started receiving Newsletters from the website. I was using Google Translator to read the articles and publications from The Russian Science and Technology Society A lot of the information I read in Fyodor Shkrudnev's articles and books I had previously heard from Nicolai himself. Fyodor has also written a tremendous amount of new information which I find extremely valuable for my ongoing development. I am very grateful to him for his incredible kindness and support.

5In the name of knowledge and a future – sincerely, Nicolai Levashov – August 15 1997

Nicolai gave us exercises to practice at home. In the dark we were to stare into the flame of a candle. As you concentrate on the flame at some point it may separate into another flame. You may also see the colours of the different levels; orange, yellow, green etc. As I was staring at the flame, I saw a man appear behind the flame.

The next night at the seminar I asked Nicolai, “Who was the man who appeared to be coming out of the candle?” He asked, “Was he wearing a tuxedo?” Surprised, I exclaimed, “Yes!” He told the class that was him, and that he was there for protection! Every time I closed my eyes Nicolai was there in his tuxedo, even when he was back in Russia. When he left the Planet, the protection left too.

FOR those who are interested, another exercise that is important for learning different fields of energy is as follows: Cut out 7 squares of different fabrics; orange, yellow, green, light blue, dark blue, purple and red. Use an all-black fabric as the background, put 1 colour at a time on the black fabric, do not touch, put hands above the colour, and experience how you feel the difference in the colours. Do not close your eyes. Just experience the feeling in your hand. Remember and record how each colour feels, mostly in your hand. Concentration is important.

Check yourself. Cover your eyes and mix up all the different colours, try to recognize what colour you picked. Do not get upset if it does not happen right away. Practice, practice. This is extremely important for future development.

Another exercise is good for concentration, focus and development of sensitivity; form a ball of energy in your solar plexus, then with your mind bring the ball up and through the arm slowly.

In the seminar, Nicolai shared this quote from Socrates with us, "TO UNDERSTAND THE UNIVERSE YOU NEED TO KNOW YOURSELF"…. and the work continues. Knowing Nicolai has been the HIGHLIGHT of my life and I will remember him forever.6


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