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Tuesday, 15 September 2020 11:03

About the “Afterword” to the book by F. D. Shkrudnev “N. Levashov’s “Svetl” Broom in A. Khatybov’s “Bath Science” and a Labor Spade

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There come extraordinary times when Man who knows but is searching has the prospect, when fulfilling certain requirements for the chosen methodology of knowledge, to look around and plunge into the “given depth” of the world Cognition, so that, having known the Truth, go to the stage of Man who Comprehends and possesses the Truth. For all that, the volume of knowledge, as opposed to the well-known Leninist formulation, does not pass into a new quality when it comes to knowing the Truth. Here the author gives his own understanding of Knowledge and the Truth, based on his personal experience and the experience of the New Knowledge founders.

The epigraph to the article contains the quintessence of its content: everyone has a brain; just not everyone knows what to do with it.

It would be possible to understand how the world works if cause and effect were clear to us – what can happen when our brain reaches the level that was before the invasion. But we know from philosophy that every cause brings to a certain effect. Here, the author gives a new approach to understanding the relationship between cause and purpose, which determines and controls it (the cause) through the phenomenon of the Non-being domination over Being. The truth exists, but it is not realized, and it is unchangeable, and only false knowledge is changeable, which changes depending on the situation, “ exists even when it is not written down or pronounced, or realized”. The author gives his own interpretation of false and true knowledge. It is very important. As it is known in science (technology, art, etc.), the authors of new knowledge and concepts make their models of the objects under consideration, based on a number of reliable facts, as a rule, and then compare them for compliance with real objects. Hence, there is a great number of models and theories that are far from the original, and, according to the author's scale, are referred to as false ones, because they initially contain variability, which is related to the technology of obtaining knowledge. As you know, this technology is based on the primitive Trial and Error Method (T&E), which allows changing the investigated objects’ original models. Hence, the knowledge obtained by each researcher is different; therefore it can be classified as false knowledge, and “incorrectly formed”, as the author points out. The true knowledge is immutable and correctly formed in line with the understanding Mind’s nature. In science, the correspondence of the proposed model to the investigated subject is considered the achievement of the Truth, however, this correspondence cannot cover all aspects of the subject, about which we do not even have an idea due to the limitedness of our capabilities and knowledge, therefore they can be classified as false, although they bring us closer to the Truth. We need a New Philosophy of Cognition, which could allow us to correctly form knowledge in line with nature, from which we should learn to cognize “ourselves”. For example, you should know how an atom is arranged, and why exactly this way, and not otherwise, i. e. know about its content, which determines its form in accordance with the laws of harmony.

One can consider that the analyzed book made an attempt to give the foundations or the direction in which it is necessary to develop this New Philosophy of Cognition.

The author uses three properties of Knowledge as the basis of the new approach to Cognition: correctness, truth and correspondence to the subject, which condition each other in a certain sequence. For all that, the correctness of the knowledge formation consists in the complete correspondence of the formation process with the NATURE OF THE COMPREHENDING MIND. And at the present period of Cognition, first of all, it is important to form comprehension, because knowledge and comprehension are at different levels and they differ in nature and origin. At the initial stage, knowledge is limited to study of surface features that are intelligible for us, not connected to the system; but to understand the subject, it is necessary its deep comprehension through its integral perception with the human mind dominant participation – a unique instrument of Cognition of the surrounding world. But even in this case, due to the peculiarities of the human brain, it is impossible to cover all the aspects of the object under study at all levels of the large-scale dimension.

The truths, in which knowledge is expressed, as the author notes, join each other, and ONLY IN COMPREHENSION THEY ARE CONNECTED.

Knowledge appears by reason, but comprehension comes with purpose. The combination of human knowledge is what the human brain is enslaved by. But human comprehension is the world created by human thought, in which Human Mind dominates.

For the first time, a human ability for cognition and comprehension of the cognizable the author relates to a human genotype (such a conception has not existed before), which gives answers to a number of “paradox” questions: all people have similar knowledge, but comprehension and capabilities are different or they are missing ... Some follow the path of “mechanical” accumulation of factual knowledge to infinity (the result: encyclopedic knowledge, but, without comprehension it), while others are synthesizing it through methodological comprehension and understanding. It is the second way that leads to the human brain development.

A lot of work to rethink and change our logic, which is discrete due to certain peculiarities of human development in the last 20,000 years, lays ahead us.

The article touches upon various questions and some of them are answered. For example, the author pays much attention to the uniqueness of the Russian language – the language of communication with the Higher Mind, the program language of the control and communication, which has the highest degree of information density saturation. That is why it is so important to study it in the Old Slavonic style, which is still unusual for us, as a new format of linguistic communication.

The author also draws our attention to such issues as the reasons for some people to fall into the network of sects and various organizations that skillfully use weak human qualities, especially their unwillingness for self-development. Such people are desired by parasites, which for a long time ruled and changed us to the worse, limiting our mind development. But, here, as Nicolai Levashov wrote, one should be grateful to the enemy, who, with such an attitude towards us, actually “gives us a chance” and makes us develop, not especially wanting it. And it’s not always good when everything goes smoothly, because then there is no progress, but failure or success make us complacent. Here one should always remember that “Failure is movement forward” and to ensure the accelerated brain development, everyone will use and develop ONE’S OWN BRAIN, no matter how difficult it is, “without trying to maneuver in the crumbs of someone else's judgment”...

The author's advice to those who decided to devote themselves to gaining New Knowledge, its research and further development is very important.

But even the true knowledge today is not supposed to be accepted and investigated completely, but only, in the author’s opinion, which is intended to FORM COMPREHENSION.

Here it can be briefly expressed in simple words: do not rush to take decisions of any scale, for they will be based on the old, distorted foundation of a person’s, but not Human, thinking.

A changing and being changed world CANNOT be in harmony with permanent unchanging structures. This is a subject for a separate study for those who want to try their knowledge and their brains to solve this problem. And, as the author notes, “nothing will come of it if you rush – not only in trying to take a decision while realizing the desire, but even when choosing the desire itself”. You should hurry slowly, because in serious problems no one “steps on your toes”.

And, finally, one of the most pressing questions for many people, which was raised more than once by the author of the article and other authors in their articles is HELPING PEOPLE in solving their health problems, including, in the context of their own development. There are a number of problems here – moral, ethical, etc., which can be solved individually while understanding the problem itself and ways to solve it. Then the movement is more likely to TAKE THE RIGHT DIRECTION.

Thus, the cycle of books that F. D. Shkrudnev has finished, can be considered the foundation on which the New Theory of Knowledge, its Philosophy, can be based. And, as the author of the article urges us: “it's time to start looking for the answers to the questions, but not asking them” in order to eventually say to yourself: OH-HOU (OUH-HOUH)!

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