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Wednesday, 08 February 2023 11:56

America remembers Nicolai

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Greetings to those who appreciate Nicolai Levashov and Fedor Shkrudnev on this the anniversary of the birth of Nicolai on our planet!


1I am Ruth Scott, a student of Nicolai when he was in the United States, and now working closely with Fedor Shkrudnev to bring SvetL Technology to humanity.

In our time with Nicolai in San Francisco, California, I was fortunate to participate in regular classes and seminars led and taught by Nicolai over 20 plus years. During each extensive seminar we were steeped in introductions to the New Knowledge, a fascinating exploration of the “real science” of our universe and universes beyond.

Accompanied by personal work with each student to open the mind and brain for receiving and processing the phenomenal information being given, Nicolai took us to cosmological concepts previously unknown, even to those few classmates who had “science” backgrounds.

We were introduced to our individualized understandings of quantized space, primary matters, homogeneity, dimensionalities and their gradients – how the universe was formed, the true workings of a living cell, the subtle bodies of man, and the realities of birth and death. And this names only a few of the topics we were regularly treated to based on Nicolai’s vast store of information – imparted to us for opportunity to convert to our own knowledge. The path was exhilarating and daunting, as we each sought a boost up the evolutionary ladder, with only meager understanding of where that boost would take us if we had the good fortune for it to occur.

With eager anticipation, we arrived each night to sit in chairs around the large living room where Nicolai lived. The sessions took place for 3 hours each night – because Nicolai informed us it was the amount of time needed to make the necessary transformations in our brains or spirit structures. And so – we had the privilege of being for 3 hours in the presence of this man of enormous energy who was accomplishing changes in our very beings!

2At first there was a Russian translator, but Nicolai quickly realized the translations were not as he wanted them. He asked our group whether we could understand sufficiently what he was saying – and we were then happily only with Niciolai’s own English words. One cannot begin to describe what transpired in those seminar rooms. Nicolai used his considerable abilities to transmute and even transport those of us in the room.

Initially, much was taught and discussed by Nicolai about how the physical and spiritual bodies functioned and how to make changes for positive health and outcomes – moving toward a future of materialistic idealism, creating with the mind. As said, New Knowledge was explained and given to us for our own – the same New Knowledge we are now able to read in the amazing books left for us.

We were present with Nicolai as he drafted and published his first books, The Final Appeal to Mankind in 2 Volumes, and the first volume of Spirit and Mind. Nicolai diligently and quickly developed the computer skills necessary for creating images that depicted the scientific principles he wanted to convey to his readers. Many of the images are now well known and used for discussion amongst those exploring new knowledge.


We students were privileged to become the first owners of editions that had been rigorously edited and then meticulously translated into our cherished English versions. Still today these tomes of knowledge convey the incredible details that explain the inexplicable – the origins and development of life!

Nicolai had mastered the art of “layering” in his writings. He explained that several readings might be required to take in the layers that are there. I found this to be very true in my own experience of reading. In re-reading of segments, which I often do, it seems I find a totally new understanding in the text. There is depth there – with new meaning.

As our brains intensely struggled to grasp what amazing gifts we were being given, we were constantly bolstered by Nicolai’s work on those very brains. Changes happened rapidly. We did not have many moments to ponder what would come next.


Over time, we learned more and more about what Nicolai and his wife, Svetlana, were accomplishing to save our planet and humanity. Nicolai was able to find and destroy a parasitic system that could have forever prevented the evolution of humanity and its movement to higher civilizations. We are now creating and experiencing our positive future because of what Nicolai was able to prevent with the parasites, at the same time taming destructive hurricanes in the US, making repairs to the ozone layer, and doing more that opened our planet to the progress and vector we were meant for.

And what is next? – the present is our future. I and a few more who knew Nicolai are privileged to be associated now with Fedor Shkrudnev. And Fedor has taken us steps beyond. Through fortuity, perhaps a touch of destiny, intentional life purpose, or some combination, I have been privileged to meet and work with Fedor Shkrudnev as he develops technologies based on the life generator initially created by Levashov and later transferred to Fedor for his use in helping to save humanity – and the planet. Of course, I regularly devour the English versions of both Nicolai’s and Fedor’s books.


Thanks to Nicolai and what he was sent here to do on this the date of his birth, answers to the mysteries of our universe are there for us – the knowledge is invaluable and not available anywhere else! One cannot say how precious the experience of reading is – the gaining of knowledge about our true past and how the future is unfolding.

Start or continue your journey now on this day of celebrating Nicolai’s coming to the planet. Have gratitude for this and to the mother who brought her son to us.

We are moving to the new future!

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