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Wednesday, 27 May 2020 01:28

The Brain Memory, or the Program Memory System!

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The Brain never gets sick because IT is smart. Only working cells get sick.

Nowadays, more and more people are coming to the idea about the fact that the development of our Earth civilization takes place under some kind of “vigilant eye of the Universal Mind”.1

One can believe it or not, but there is some part of the truth in it. For it is no longer possible to take seriously the claims of modern orthodox science that, for example, all living organisms on Earth have been created by “friction of dust and gas”, the Brain appearance is just a consequence of grabbing a stick, and human reproduction is the result of male and female cells’ friction.

No modern theory can prove that the Human developed out of the unicellular. In addition, there are modest statements of the Edinburgh School (England) biophysicists that have temporal characteristics of the DNA development. Back in the 80-ies of the last century they proved that for the mutation of the monkey genome into the human genome, it takes the time that exceeds the entire age of the Earth (more than 4.5 billion years).

At the same time, the mathematician Chandra Wickramasingh and the astrophysicist Freud Hoyle (they worked together) came to the conclusion: “Most likely, a hurricane, sweeping through the dump of old aircraft, will collect a new superliner from the pieces of scrap, than life will accidentally arise from its components”.

It is known that an ordinary person uses only 3–5 % of his brain neurons, the remaining 95–97 % of the brain’s capabilities are blocked, there exists an artificial separation of the conscious (5 %) and the unconscious (95 %). Nicolai Levashov explained in his books that this is an evolutionary reserve of the Spirit, which comes out only when a person reaches the evolutionary planes of higher mental levels. This is on the one hand.

On the other hand, the traditional science considers such a theory to be at least controversial, and more often – just a myth. For example, Svyatoslav Medvedev, director of the Russian Academy of Sciences Institute of Brain, that is, in fact, an academic institution, that only deals with the Brain problems, says the exact opposite – that modern people use the whole of the Brain capabilities, but everyone uses it in different ways, including a primitive hunter. In his opinion, there are a lot of reserves in the Brain, but they are not unlimited, and the point is that when people begin to actively use the reserves, they get neurosis, high blood pressure, etc.

2To put it bluntly, in general, there are reserves, but they cannot be used, because you can get sick, and it turns out that it is supposedly best to remain in the present state of the Brain, go on listening to the academic old-system “fables” and rather “rest in the Lord”. But at the same time, the number of people with mental disorders is growing rapidly, statistics is known to psychiatrists, and it is growing so rapidly that they seriously speak of a kind of “pandemic”.

Thus,we do not live on the meteorite around which a gaseous medium was formed at random, and life on which developed as the result of mixing the remnants of dust, which had nothing else to be used for.

Any LIFE FORM requires support of the frequency balance, and this support is provided on a temporary or permanent basis (the Control System). The biostructures on any celestial body have only the frequency spectrum that is provided by the Control System. This frequency spectrum is provided either by a UFO (a cupola is created, under which the life of the biostructure with a unique frequency balance is supported), or by the object proper, in our case, the Life Support System of planet Earth.

The Life Support System is a unique structure intended for many functions supporting life on Earth, among which are the following:

  1. Storage of the autonomous Brain.
  2. The Brain transfer.
  3. Support of the autonomous Brain.
  4. Connection with the autonomous Brain when changing the program of action.
  5. Memory correction (by pattern).
  6. Partial Brain elimination after death, with its subsequent transfer to other biostructures, animals or creation of humanoids on its basis.
  7. Brain development according to the program.

Some types of biostructures are also provided with the Brain for a certain independent work. This Brain is intended to be busy with something. Each genotype has a different Brain. One genotype is intended for governing, for example, and another – for guarding. What is supposed to be known by one is not to be given to another. But all of them are not supposed to know that they are biological “robots” and their state can be changed at any time by the System. When working, these “robots” must use the system of metric units that is not able to affect the operation of the System, and the knowledge that is provided for them is far from the truth.


The concept of “matrix” should include the biostructure program memory system. Man on Earth has not only memory, but also the set program of action. If there is no matrix, then the person is a robot and he does only what he was given at birth – to live, study and so on. Such a person reacts to an unexpected change in the external situation only in the way he was trained during his life. The basis of knowledge is of no importance, it can be academic knowledge on the basis of “horse education”, or religious, or the one caught in prison, and so on.

Among non-matrix type of people, there is division into 12 categories according to the state of the Brain (12 “tribes” from different sacred legends).

The first category includes people with the Brain capable of being trained. The Brain has a complete structure for reading and recording information, as well as an adequate response to new information. The 12th category includes people with the Brain without a recording system. They are robots, they are given a program from birth, and they cannot be given anything beyond the program. They are recognized by – “vacant” look and inability of any information perception. You can tell them a hundred of times about the existence of life on Mars, but it will not be perceived, because this type does not have a filter on Mars. This type includes mass murderers who work out the set program. The program is set by matrix type of people.

The matrix type includes people at the top of the hierarchical pyramid. When creating a matrix type of people, the biological structure (the shirt) has additional frequencies, the use of which allows the Control System not only to control, but also to make correction, recording and replacement. Reincarnation is also included here (the old matrix is ​​put on a new shirt).

The matrix type of people is constantly under the supervision of the Control System and their actions, as well as the actions of the surrounding people are corrected by the Control System. The response of the Control System is 0.1 sec.

MATRICES ARE STORED in theControl System Structure (Tibet, Kailas). The appearance is a clot or a ball lightning with a set of more than 17 thousand frequencies, united by a clock frequency of octave 64. Matrix groups of the same type are stored in a separate “chest”. After starting up the matrices, the reaction of the matrix biostructure is checked against the content of the chest, while the elements of the biostructure shirt can be changed, up to replacing the shirt itself.3

When forming a new matrix, a cyclic sequence of actions is controlled.

For example, when you see a tram, you have to enter it, take a ticket, go to the necessary stop and get out. The number of actions is numerous, but they are all interconnected in cyclic sequences.In a non-matrix type of people, these functions can be damaged and can no longer be restored. In the matrix type, the restoration of the damaged functions occurs after each 7–day control.4

Some elements of “MATRIX” or PROGRAM MEMORY in the behavior of people have been noticed by the modern traditional science, but, of course, there were made very peculiar conclusions, to put it mildly. Instead of cyclic sequences of actions, scientists are discussing the economy of the Brain. For example, Corresponding Member of RAS S. V. Medvedev says that there is a certain mechanism in the Brain, the so-called “error detection”, i.e. the Brain supposedly checks the correctness of routine actions. Say, when people get up in the morning, then they have to wash, brush their teeth, take a shower, and drink a cup of tea or coffee and all that. All this is done mechanically, practically the Brain does it itself. It turns out that the Brain takes a lot of things directly on itself, making people free for real lofty activities. And in many ways, allegedly, it guides a person, controlling a lot of routine actions.

5But only sometimes the Brain for some reason is prone to deception. For example, hallucinations, – the person who sees them is almost impossible to be convinced that there are no “trips”. Therefore, this is the same “economical brain” (in the academic science opinion), instead of controlling routine actions, it suddenly starts to fool people, providing all the fullness of sensory information so skillfully that hallucination turns out to be a reality!?

In fact, the information load on the Brain has increased sharply, the previous interventionists’ restrictions and standards have been destroyed, OURBRAINhas found itself under the conditions of the so-called “informational abundance” of high quality, but whether the previous consistency with the living cell of a physically solid body continues. And here, everything is quite ambiguous, since it completely depends on the Brain structure and even on the daily actions of a particular individual. Nicolai V. Levashov said that every person perceives only the information, which he is ready for.6

Against the background of the ongoing changes in the Human Life Support System, all the processes are of intensive nature and are informationally directed, first of all, to “bringing” the body (Man’s shirt) to the “proper” state. Naturally, only through the Brain, as the main performer in this process. But both the Brain and the human body, in most cases, DOES NOT COPE with this information load.This is the reason for the current SHARP AGGRAVATION of various diseases of people of nearly all age groups.

Right now, a very sad PECULIARITY OF THE BRAIN is that for the rest of the organism, it began to be a FOREIGN body. That is, the information flows affecting the Brain development are so powerful that the BRAIN (though if it is present) “is developing” FAST and IS NOT ABLE to “pull up” the development of the body (the shirt) to the proper state. And this is manifested by growing progressively worse diseases.

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