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Friday, 22 May 2020 12:56

The brain is the head of everything!

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 Each biological object on Earth at birth receives its own life support system, designed for 124 years of brain function. When the connection between the brain and organs (for example, the pericardial system) is lost, the brain stops the heart.

From the standpoint of orthodox science’s stone hard materialism, our Earth “accidentally arose from a protoplanetary cloud as a result of the Big Bang”, after which a living cell was formed from the remnants of dust by chemical reactions, then itself evolved into a “monkey with a stick”, from which, the brain suddenly formed itself from the same dust, and some biologists even believe that the spinal cord was formed first! And modern scientists still continue to actively “perfect” such a level of knowledge on the basis of Darwin’s evolutionary theory.

Take, for example, “Triune Brain Model” of Paul D. MacLean, an American neurophysiologist who said that the human brain consists of three parts:

  • the brain stem (central part) is the ancient reptilian brain, and – the midbrain or limbic system (mammalian brain) is “mounted” on it. 
  • and, finally, positioned on the top is the human’s own brain, or rather that of the higher primates, since it exists not only in humans, but also in monkeys (chimpanzees), and this is the cerebral cortex.


So according to this version, it turns out that we are all some kind ofrelativeson Earth, and accordingly, when arriving for an appointment with such healers, it would be nice to first clarify who they are going to treat – a crocodile, a horse or a person.

And all would be fine; people would confidently continue to believe that a person thinks with a brain positioned under a bony helmet, that the material basis of intelligence is the cerebral cortex with its billions of nerve cells connecting through the contact areas synapses, and that the cerebellum is responsible for coordination of movements and regulation of muscle tone, etc. If it weren’t for the problems that arise with answering many uncomfortable questions; for example, how do people continue to live with a partial or even COMPLETE ABSENCE OF THE BRAIN under the cranial “helmet”, or why people spontaneously burn? Is the brain “to blame”, because of being “the manager and distributor of all the activities of the body”, and “keeping under his control all the phenomena occurring in the body?” (I. P. Pavlov)2

The famous mathematician, physicist and philosopher Kurt Friedrich Gödel, along with other scientific problems to be solved, conducted research on the essence of intelligence and reason, and at the end of his practical activity (early 80s of the last century) came to a rather interesting conclusion, which to the surprise of materialists, was largely accepted in the general scientific community, namely: “Reason – there is something beyond the extent of the brain”. We must fully agree with his final and deeply justified conclusion. But the true essence of what has been said has remained a mystery and an UNSOLVED PROBLEM to the present day, and not only for materialists.

Instead of the erroneous traditional idea of the brain, for more than a dozen years, another point of view has been available for study and cognition, explaining many of the “oddities” of the functioning of the brain and justifying the suitability of using the “SvetL” Programs, directly interacting with the user’s brain for the purposes of its development and, as a result, physical healing and rejuvenation!

The brain in our view, or imagination, or sense of touch, does not exist. We cannot examine the brain under a microscope, or cut it with a scalpel. We don’t even know what the brain is. The brain is the result of many millions of years of work on the formation of a biostructure (human). And of course, the brain cannot be formed on its own from dust using chemical reactions. The brain is a simultaneously bound state of three spaces; neutrino (higher), antineutron and proton (or ionic).

The “Dark Matter” Generator used today in “SvetL” Technologies was created by Nikolai Levashov PRECISELY ON THIS PRINCIPLE.3

The above map of the brain in the bound state of three spacesexplains that the main workload of receiving the brain’s energy-informational translation and gaining a contact state with the Control System is assigned to two brain states; antineutrino and neutrino, both in non-inertial energy states. Also, the connection Brain cell and Brain organ is carried out at the level of neutrino space. The “SvetL” Programs in this case play the role of a “supervisor” for such processes. DEVELOPMENT AND TRANSFORMATION OF THE BRAIN” (the essence of Man) is carried out in NEUTRINO space.

Proton space is endowed with properties of its self-control and perception of the environment; that is, the perception of space – time, in simple terms, through vision, hearing, touch, smell, and so on.

But this is the lowest level of perception, up to 32 octaves, that which is accepted as a standard by science. All modern medicine also works in the proton space.

And there are no means of control (or of transition) from the lower proton space to another space. When trying to change the state of a living cell, for example, to intervene by way of scalpel or chemotherapy in the ionic part of the cell, a simple disconnection of the control system from the brain occurs, and the living cell exists only as much as the potential of the magnetic impulse of the cell itself is expended.

After all, it is no longer a secret that modern medicine works only with non-living structures. True, experiments are carried out exclusively on living biostructures (mice, rats and others).

In fact, every cell in the body is controlled by the brain, and this control system is not known to modern medicine. The structure of the living cell itself is also unknown. Research under a microscope is a study of a non-living structure, because it is already deprived of communication with the control system, so all recommendations concern only dead structures.4

As applied to humans, a living cell has gravitational frequencies, magnetic impulses, and electrical potentials.

And a brain cell is an electro-magneto-gravitational Generator, and the brain as a whole autonomously maintains a balance of energies (albedo) of the whole human body, creating optimal conditions for existence for every living cell. These conditions ensure the harmonious activity of the whole organism as a single system.

The normal functioning of the brain occurs with the following external parameters: atmospheric pressure: 760 mm Hg, column, humidity – 45%, temperature – 23.5 degrees, and the number of gases in the atmosphere corresponds to the norm of the life support system (both the brain cells themselves and the external system). Changing any parameters entails a change in the albedo of the brain.

Unfortunately (or not), the brain is not aperpetual motion machine. It also wears out and requires periodic “repair”, especially in modern conditions of the “civilized” development of a community of people.

And with the “repair” of the brain and the concomitant lack of appropriate external potentials, the activity of the immune system, or defense system, sharply decreases.5

The above picture is a visualization of the possible functional processes of the “SvetL” Generator, creating its own space of “existence”, reconstructing (adjusting) the space in which the Essence (brain) is located, and saturating it with the necessary primary materials (magnetic and / or electric energy fluxes) through the nodes of the energy grid. Thus, the “SvetL” Generator, according to the program, increases the charge density and the dimensionality of bodies whose “growth” boundaries are restrained only by the ability of the energetic structure of living cells to withstand this charge on inertial and non-inertial levels. The life time of the brain today is limited by the program (“karma”), and the norm of life for the Earth is (at a glancing angle of 38.48 degrees) 124 years. Other slip angles change this period. However, the term of 124 years was almost unrealistic within the framework of the old Earth Control System.

But in the conditions of the restoration of the new System, this boundary line becomes accessible, and it has already been theoretically calculated that the use of the “SvetL” Programs can solve these issues quite successfully

Definitions, explanations

Proton (ionic) space is a conditional term introduced to describe what is happening in the framework of the observed world, i.e. its material state (solid-liquid-gas-disorganized plasma), the inertial lowest level of perception of up to 32 octaves, which is the limit for modern science and technology, in which all traditional medicine works.

Neutrino and antineutrino spaces are conditional terms introduced to refer to processes occurring at invisible levels of intangible structures, or the state of energies, non-inertial mass (highly organized plasma, ranged by octave). This is the so-called “Through the Looking Glass”, the place where the Soul, Essence, and Brain dwell – for whom it was so pleasing to call this “something”. In Lewis Carroll’s tale “Alice in Wonderland” there is a conceptual basis for changing shape.

The cell’s magnetic impulse, and gravitational frequencies are various properties of an electric charge, both in atomic structures and in our environment. A living human cell, like all living beings, has gravitational frequencies, magnetic impulses and electrical potentials. A living cell is a multistage (multi-octave) structure; from 32 (ionic) to 96 (neutrino) octaves. A change in the electric potential or magnetic impulse is manifested as a change in the hydrogen indicator pH, which is an indicator of the saturation of a living cell with potential. Each cell of the body is controlled by the brain through gravitational-magneto-electric impulses, magnetic impulses, strictly quantized magnetic and electric potentials. When communication with the brain is broken, a person dies. Communication with the brain can be broken in many ways, including using sounds (or music).

Albedo is the sum of the expenditures of energy and the output power of a reaction. Normally, the albedo of a cell is always zero; if the albedo is disturbed, each cell requires the brain to “feed” or withdraw extra potentials, i.e. this term characterizes the balance of energies in a cell, in an organ, in an organism, and in the atmosphere. Changes in the albedo in the environment, for example, atmospheric phenomena such as rain, snow, wind, drought, lead to unexpected distortions of the electric potentials of gravitational frequencies and the potentials of magnetic impulses, causing involuntary changes in the temperature of a living cell and the angle of slip (grazing angle).

The slip angle of 38.48 degrees is the angle of rotation (slip) of the charge relative to the node. Charge, the essence of electric matter (photons), is well attracted to any pole of a bipolar magnetic particle. In general, the charge has a central part and a “shirt” (contour). The charge moves between the nodes of the icosahedron, having a slip angle and potential.

An octave is the number of charge oscillations between nodes. Imagine a wave having 2 oscillations per second. The degrees of this number (the degree is 2n) is an octave. All frequencies in the atomic structure are based on octaves. There are many types of octaves, and there is a whole system of octaves. The concept of an octave is also introduced to characterize the space in which a biostructure can exist today; as a certain conventional unit of space, as an indicator “n” of the formulaic expression of “certain energy” of a certain frequency (f=2n). The octave and the corresponding energy frequency determine the specific form of spacial construction. For example, the octave 7 (~ 128 Hz, Or 102 Hz) is the lower limit of the existence of structures on Earth, with a decrease in the frequency by at least hundredths of a percent in structures with an octave 7, there are infrasound waves that can destroy, and first of all, the brain. Lightning, electric light – 32 octaves (~ 4.3 GHz).

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