Few words about myself

Fedor Dmitrievich Shkrudnev was born on 21 January 1951 in Moscow.

In 1958 he was enrolled at No. 69 High School in Moscow, from which he graduated in 1968.

In 1968 he commenced studies at the M.V. Frunze Higher Naval School and graduated in 1974, specialising in anti-submarine weapon systems. He was assigned for service in the Red Banner Northern Fleet (4th submarine squadron, basedat the city of Polyarny).

polyarniy 1975

From August 1974 to October 1978 he served in the following positions: commander of a torpedo unit, commander of a mine-torpedo combat unit, assistant commander, and senior assistant commander of a large diesel submarine.

From October 1978 to October 1979 he studied in the navy’s ‘No.6 highest specialist officer’ classes, for qualification as a submarine commander.

From October 1979 to August 1985 he was assistant commander, then senior assistant commander of a cruiser-class nuclear submarine, then from August 1985 to September 1988, commander of the cruiser-class nuclear submarine K-369 of the 11th flotilla of nuclear submarines of the Northern Fleet (based at the port of Gremikha).

In September 1988, he enrolled at the A. Kuznetsov Naval Academy, and graduated in June 1991, majoring in “Command and staffing, operations and tactics”.

From June 1991 to November 1991 he served in Leningrad as a representative of the State Naval Inspectorate.

In November 1991, he was demobilized from the serving ranks of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation (RSFSR) in connection with a transfer to work in the Administration of the President of the RSFSR (Reserve Captain 1st Level Rank).

He was awarded the Order "For Service to the Motherland, 3rdLevel", and medals "For Impeccable Service; 1st, 2nd and 3rd Levels."

In November 1991, he was appointed Deputy Representative of the President of the RSFSR in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region.

PPP 1In May 1993, by decree of the President of the Russian Federation, he was appointed plenipotentiary representative of the President of the Russian Federation in the Leningrad Region.

For active participation in the election campaign of the President of the Russian Federation, he received the gratitude of the President of the Russian Federation. He was awarded the Order of Friendship by Presidential Decree No. 843 of 7 August 1997. In March 1998 he was awarded the International Order of "St. Constantine the Great."

Since 1994, he has been a Member of the Military Council of the North-Western Border District.

In July 1994 he graduated from the St. Petersburg Engineering Academy (external studies).

He is a Full Member of the St. Petersburg Engineering Academy.

In May 1997, he graduated from the Russian Academy of Public Administration with a degree in “State and Municipal Administration”.

By Presidential Decree No. 287 of 3 April 1997, he was awardedthe qualification, “State Councillor of the Russian Federation, 3rdClass”.

Since May 1996, he has coordinated the activities of the North-West Region plenipotentiary representatives of the President of the Russian Federation. He has participated in the election campaigns of all governors of the North-West region. He directed the activities of the Public Representative Chamber of the Leningrad Region, which includes all socio-political parties and movements. The Public Representative Chamber supported and provided 37 of the 50 representatives (‘deputies’) in the recent elections to the Legislative Assembly of the Leningrad Region.

akvariumHe participated in the election of the Governor of the Leningrad region in September 1999.

In February 1999 he founded and then became the leader of the socio-political movement "New Union". In March 1999, he met with the President of the Republic of Belarus, A.G. Lukashenko,and received public support for the “New Union” movement to unite the Republic of Belarus and Russia into a Union State

In March 1999, he was relieved of his post of plenipotentiary representative of the President of the Russian Federation in the Leningrad Region in connection with his transfer to another job. He is currently in the reserve of the Presidential Administration.

In June 2002, he created the NP RUSSIAN SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNICAL SOCIETY, which deals with issues of Russian breakthrough technologies. He is currently Chairman of the Presidium of the Society.

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