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...Humanity is a special state of the developing energy-informational model of the Earth, in harmony with functions predetermined by it from the outside, emanating from controlling objects of a higher order.

It is not humankind (as a social association) that received such a name because of and from humans, rather humans acquired this high calling, because they are an important fragment of humankind, as a state of the general model, possessing extensive creative functions of a high level and order.

Wednesday, 01 April 2020 04:36


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Nowadays, among the public and non-public information network there are plenty of statements of specialists of various levels and professional orientations regarding the most disturbing subject for the entire world society – fast spreading and affecting everyone coronavirus pandemic.

Nowadays, there takes place a multi-level process of information-control corrections aimed at the recreation of the Earth’s initially gained state of the Intelligent orientation in the process of its Civilized development. The next step of such corrections is to be completed before October 25, 2019. It was on the night of October 25 that an important process was completed by the Earth of the recreation of its partial former control abilities to form and control the processes of the true energies being at the higher level and retain its planetary internal energy balance in the state of harmony with the surrounding nature of the Solar System and our galaxy.


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