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Every day we speculate about different things. While we do not ever live for the sake of speculations and we hardly ever speculate in order to live.

When writing, you keep analyzing everything that you have accumulated but have not sorted out yet. This makes you see deeper and wider. I suggest everyone start writing. Write down your thoughts. It is of no importance whether anyone will ever read it or will not. The main thing is to put everything together in your head, systematize your thoughts, and you might have a more harmonious picture of the world than you imagine it now, and, above all, you will be able to share it with others. This will help both you and those who you have shared it with, at least somehow, to understand the events ongoing before your eyes for making further decisions. Of course, thinking and reasoning, in principle, are difficult. It's even more difficult to speculate about THE WAY YOU THINK. But the most difficult is to say what you think about your thoughts. So, write down, but leave time for reflections and when the time comes, stop reflecting and START DOING.

Nowadays, public opinion puts pressure on Man, forcing him to fit into a kind of "matrix" created in the framework of controlling people, being dependent on a bunch of conventions and prescriptions imposed on them. The weak ARE NOT ABLE withstand the pressure of society and kneel down. Only the strong are able to defend their right to the way of life that they consider to be rightful, which they have gained through their life experience, including the new knowledge that has opened before them, and not that now imposed by the society, which itself is not able to see what and who it is directed by and where all this is leading. The saviors are to come out of these people. That is the conception of their salvation (preservation) so that exactly they could bring the truth and knowledge to all people.

Life is like a tram that travels on rails and is guided from somewhere above, say, from a satellite. The satellite can stop the tram at a certain instant and then give it a run again, but the tram moves along the rails in one direction and cannot turn off the rails. A man sits in a tram. He has no idea where he ultimately wants to go. The tram goes on its way along the rails, and the Man looks around. And one day – he can SEE A CEMETERY FAR AWAY... There are many who do not feel like living on the rails that lead nobody knows where. They feel like going where they want to, not where the tracks lead. But in order to go to your purpose, you HAVE TO KNOW THE PURPOSE. The purpose of life! Where can Man get such a purpose? Take on faith someone's speculations or revelations?


But if Man does not want to take anything for granted, if he wants to know, there is nothing left for him but to figure out everything on his own! And understand that THE TRUTH IS ALWAYS NEXT TO YOU. But no matter how long you look for it, it is always invisible. And not because it is hiding, or your eyes are not very keen-sighted and the instruments are not the best. The Truth is the truth because it cannot be expressed in the images of human thinking. And what is to be done in this case? – To collect these images like a broken mirror. – To bring together the images of all people. And when people finally get together, then the image will be the veritable truth. And it turns out that people begin to speak one language, because the image that is in front of their inner gaze can be expressed only in one language – the language of the truth. This is difficult for many people, because they are used to thinking that the goals set for the solution are best achieved when all people are arranged according to their qualities, talents and abilities – all are arranged in a hierarchy according to the level of their dignity, determined through their usefulness. The Chinese, for example, believe: like the organs in the body take places in accordance with their nature and functionality, so people in the society ARE TO TAKE THE PLACE corresponding to their talents. Those having the greatest talents are at the top. Those with fewer talents and worse quality are one step lower. In my opinion, the Chinese are not quite right – the society will be a healthy, capable organism only if the brain cells TAKE THE ROOM IN THE HEAD and the cells of the anus – in the appropriate place. It does not mean that the body cares less about the anus. No, absolutely not. With the first signs of the problem, IT (the brain) pushes all his might to CORRECT THE DISORDERS in the waste disposal system. But so that everyone could get maximum help, everyone is supposed to be in the right place. If you put everything together, instead of the organism there will be a heap of incapacitated biological material, which will soon rot away. This is what we are now observing – both indirectly and unconsciously. By virtue of our knowledge, we are taking part in it. Because – the brighter the fires of knowledge flare up, the more darkness in which we had been plunged into opens to our amazed eyes. And the awareness of this darkness is the WAY TO KNOWLEDGE and striving for light.

Knowledge requires changes in consciousness, but no one likes to revise ONE’S LIMITED VISION of the world. One can recognize it without knowledge. It is by this method that religions, ideologies, the so-called HisTo(H)ry and false values ​​are introduced into people’s consciousness. Here's an example of this. It is simple and straightforward. Have we ever thought of the fact that the very first, for example, attempt to process the first heated piece of metal is impossible? For all that, at that historical time, as we are told by historians, somewhere in the 9-7 century BC. Since childhood, it has been hammered into our heads with standard phrases of would-be historians about the first steps in the transformation of the surrounding world… A fire is burning. A piece of ore falls into it (it does not matter who brought it and how it was determined – that it is iron or copper ore – it does not matter). And it doesn't matter how and who threw it there. The melting temperature of copper ore is somewhere around 1000 0С, and iron is 1300–1000 0С (I can be wrong, but not much). However, the fire does not give such temperature. But the one sitting by the fire and the one who brought a piece of ore and somehow determined that it was ore and that it had to be thrown into the fire, REALLY WANTED to make a saw, because it was time to start sawing down trees and build houses and ships out of them, on which one could sail and explore the world. So – both of them really wanted to make the first saw. Let's say that the ore melted and a piece of metal appeared in the fire. In order to forge this piece of metal and make a plate out of it for the first saw, the temperature of this piece must be at least 600–1000 °C. But 850–1000 0С is better. But how to do it without blowing? Let's say they figured it out. But iron (copper) cools quickly in the air. Forging takes 8-15-20 seconds (depending on the piece’s mass that accumulates heat). And again this piece had to be thrown into the "fire" and heated, and again taken out... But one also had to forge this piece on something and forge something (beat-strike on it). Most likely the anvil was a large stone that lay by the fire, and the sledgehammer was a cobblestone, which later became an instrument of the proletariat. But one also had to take the metal out of the fire. What with? With wooden sticks or hands? Most likely, the guys at the fire were coping with their hands, which, probably (my guess, and not historians) both of them, sitting by the fire, had keratinized paws like those that the "Predator" from the Spielberg movie had (the one Schwarzenegger fought with). And not just keratinized, but having something like asbestos in the composition of this layer... And this is also permissible. So they got (forged) a plate to make the intended saw. But then one had to make the teeth of the saw. And for this one needs a file!

THE FIRST FILE ON THE EARTH! But in order to make the first file, you need the first file!


And all that humor is the fact to recognize the absurdity of the entire evolutionary (social) theory, if we bear in mind the history of mankind in the initial period of the tools creation. I am confident that the mainstream of those who have read this, in my opinion, "fundamental arguments" will apply this key basic question to the current situation. The situation of falsehood surrounded us, which is ubiquitous in almost everything. But which, it should be admitted, is crumbling under the pressure of the opened knowledge, the knowledge that had been hidden from us for the sake of the processes that had been "launched" once within the framework of the Program for the Development of Brain Genotypes. You just try to comprehend the stages of any first production process that you had to go through to create any item at all. And even better, to finally be convinced in practice – go to the country house and first make a fire without matches, throw a big bolt there, try to heat it, take it out with your hands, and then just try to forge it with stones... with the same hands!

Well, perhaps, all this was given to people from outside? To all people, except those who remained in the territory that we now call Russia, after the annihilation of people by the invaders. For those remained almost 20 million, such technologies and the technologies, which we still have no idea about, were the normal realities of their lives. Man is not a product of the Species development on the Earth. Probably, this concept is already clear to most of people. And if we take this period for the general history of the creation of basic labor tools (understanding how all this was introduced through people for using by them in their own development), then this method of making steel will be the basis of the entire history of technology. And then the civil history takes on a completely different chronology. Without a steel tool, Man would not have been able to leave the Neolithic... First, a Blacksmith and a Locksmith is to appear in the human community, and then they create Carpenters! When man made steel – not iron, but steel – he created chisel No 1 for file notch No 1... and – then man created the first file. There is no other way. This great strategic tool could handle non-hardened steel (iron). File No. 1 created the first saw for both wood and metal – with a hammer, chisel and file. That is, it was a PRODUCTION BASE for the creation of all the tools of humanity. A Saw for Wood. It saws the board and makes timber. Next – everything else: shovels, picks, chisel ... And then it became possible to make ships, build scaffolding and erect buildings. After the chisel and the knife, a razor was created.


But then we draw a sad conclusion – since we have already learned to think – all these "ancient" frescoes and vases with shaved faces of the so-called "antique" athletes are artifacts were created not earlier than the 17th-18th centuries! It's the same with the "SvetL" Generator and its Programs! The Generator is the "first file"! I am writing this only to give a push and direction to those who began to think and reflect. I am not teaching anyone anything. I am just holding a lantern, and you are going towards the light, if, of course, there is a desire...

The most incomprehensible thing in this world is that, in my opinion, it is comprehensible. Man should find the "mystery of life" in himself, and not blindly believe in other teachings. Read everything, listen to everyone and DON'T BELIEVE ANYTHING until you can confirm it with your own investigation and comprehension. The obvious should be admitted: only those who want to understand do understand. But the heart of the matter is that happiness lies not in knowledge, but in the process of gaining knowledge!

We discover something new for ourselves only when we are ready to receive this information. Until the moment comes, we do not even notice the things that seem obvious to the most. The strongest impulse to philosophical contemplation and metaphysical comprehension of the surrounding world is given to us by the recognition of impending death and a vision of the sufferings and misery of life. If our life had not had the end and had not been filled with suffering, then perhaps it would not have occurred to anyone to ask why the world exists and why it is exactly the way it is.


But on the other hand, we are not able to reach out beyond the patterns into which we have been driven, thus limiting our thinking about practically everything. PATTERNS GENERATE consumer desires IN MAN. While being in their power, he is all determined in this direction. He is neither able to hear any thoughts unrelated to this direction nor adequately respond to the situation. Adequately is not necessarily effectively. When people are running around a burning house in panic, their actions are ineffective but adequate. But if the father of the family is watching football in the burning house, and the mother is putting the children to bed, no matter how effective their actions are, they are a priori inadequate for this situation. If we rate a consumer society from this point of view, it consists of inadequate people. Everyone realizes that they are suffering from a disease called "death". No one doubts that one will die. But only the awareness of the danger DOES NOT PROMPT anyone to seek a solution to the problem. Do not you agree, it is very strange that everyone wants to live to death, and no one wants to live to see life? No one can intelligibly explain why people who know about death, not believing in the afterlife and religious technologies do not respond consciously to the problem? I am sure that you, who are reading these lines now, do not react either.

Man is aware of death, but this knowledge DOES NOT AFFECT him IN ANY WAY. He takes it as in antiquity they took the plague – they considered it an irresistible reality, inevitability, and took it for granted. It is the same today: the problem of a mortal man is his belief in the invincibility of death. Why did he decide that death is invincible? People have never thought about that in their entire life. The absolute majority DOES NOT EVEN THINK about resisting death. Moreover, for people such a thought is as absurd and ridiculous like the idea of ​​overcoming the plague was absurd for a medieval man. "Well, everything is obvious," – this is the approximate argumentation of people. Man can say that death cannot be overcome because such are the laws of nature. But where did he get this dogma? Medieval man could refer to God, to the Church, which gave him such information from God. And modern man – where did you get the information about the fact that death is invincible? From science? There is no such science in the world. On the contrary, scientists say that the task, although being exorbitant, is, in principle, solvable. So I made up my mind to take on this task, already having in my hands the "SvetL" Technologies as a reference point for the beginning of the path, and the knowledge that allows outlining this vector of the path. Once again I want to emphasize, not the solution of the problem of prolonging life, but the solution of the problem of overcoming death.

IN NATURE THERE IS NO law obligating to die. On the contrary, in nature there are organisms that show by the fact of their existence that death can be overcome.


These organisms include, for example, the turitopsis1 jellyfish. Until now, not a single jellyfish of this type has been recorded that would die a natural death. A rodent with a wonderful name "naked mole rat", bowhead whale, Aleutian perch – these organisms die, but never grow old.

If there is no law to grow old and die, there is no concept of natural death. THERE IS A CONCEPT of "body imperfection". IF THE IMPERFECTION IS CORRECTED, death will go away. So there can be only one death from such a position – unnatural. The one reading these lines can agree with many things, but FAITH IS STRONGER THAN KNOWLEDGE. If someone has decided that this cannot be, because it can never be, he is very pip-headed and no facts can shake his faith. ...This is just my opinion. It has to be understood. You don't have to believe anything. I rely on those who understand, not on believers... In this series of articles I am going to describe everything in detail as an integral plan that fundamentally changes my understanding and my determination to at least start going this path

Today, many of us in our development have come to the limit when a new type of thinking is required to comprehend the being. To find it, you have to rely on NEW REFERENCE POINTS – new postulates. But where can we get them? The only way is to look for the support in another being, on which a different type of thinking will be formed. The first step on this path is to find a way to enter another being in order to form a different type of thinking. Our cognition begins with perception, goes into understanding, and finishes with a cause. There is nothing more important than a cause.

It is impossible to solve the problem at the same level where it originated. One has to rise above this problem by rising to the next level. You will never solve a problem if you think the same way as those who created it. Everyone knows that this is impossible. But here comes an ignoramus who does not know this – it is he who makes a discovery.

When I was talking about this idea of ​​mine with other people I respect, I was often asked: what made me want to have all cards on the table, and even the more everything related to the Technologies that had demonstrated their effectiveness in reality? It may seem strange that I write such things openly. With this openness, there is no room for maneuver. "And it will certainly be needed in the future", they told me. It's hard to argue with that. Probably, some actions would be easier to do with less openness. I thought about it ... And I came to the conclusion that it was impossible to keep up with all the rabbits (directions that the Technologies open). You have to concentrate on one thing. Everything else will follow and tighten up. And so, the main step, I SEE IN CREATION A TEAM. The team of the like-minded people who are able to feel the idea. I am perfectly aware of the fact that it is just impossible to do alone what I attempted to. If there is no team, nothing will happen. THE QUALITY of THE TEAM IS critical. And it directly depends on how deep people feel the subject. If they do not understand, if they just gather on emotions, then nothing will happen. That is why I made up my mind to open many things that have not been discovered in my writings and which I, like Nicolai Levashov, covered them in the texts with dots ...

There is only one way to gather those who understand – to DISCOVER EVERYTHING that they need to comprehend the subject TO THE MAXIMUM. An indicator of the team's competence is when people have their own opinion on basic issues. This minimizes errors. In any case, there will be mistakes, but if people have a deep understanding of the subject, so deep that they see the point in investing their time and assets in it (and no matter what kind of assets they are), there will be much fewer mistakes.

The second reason for maximum openness comes from confidence, which is based on my knowledge and understanding of the ongoing events. Understanding that the Old World IS NOT ABLE and will never be able again to withstand the new one. Of course, the Old World could have destroyed the information that is hastening its demise, but it would only prolong its agony. Pandora's Box is already open and it is not me who has opened it, but those processes that no one can ever change. This is the principle of "saving the saviors" – those who will become the team that, I HAVE NO DOUBT, will solve the problem of OVERCOMING DEATH.

And to those who find the determination and courage to take this way, I have a simple advice, but today, in my opinion, is more than relevant. To understand yourself and make a decision yourself, at first you have to drive away everyone who already believes that has made the right decision, who believes that he has understood himself and is trying to understand others. Never forget – it is not kindness that is important, but the emotion of consciousness. Our enemy is not evil. Our enemy is ignorance. One type of people creates a situation. The others adjust to the created situation. This information of mine is addressed to people of the first type.

Why have I written all this? I want people who, for one reason or another, communicate with me (a lot of people, and I am happy about that) after reading this, – to understand that one of the problems that has risen to its full height on this path is PHYSICAL LACK OF TIME to solve this, I think, the most important task. Just imagine – a person travelling on a ship in a comfortable cabin has an attack of appendicitis. I know how to help him and how to save him. But at the same time, the ship on which we are all travelling begins to sink. I know how to save the ship. Where should I run and who should I rescue? To the cabin or to the bridge? And today, I want to appeal again, all the more by discovering a lot and in the hope that people who will explain my position to those who are turning to me for help and thereby they will make the first step into the team that, I am just sure, will begin to form to move towards the purpose that I started talking about and will continue to talk about in this series of articles, it is for this purpose called "series_369".


*     *     *

The first thing I want to emphasize for the active and potential users of the "SvetL" Programs that ten years of the "SvetL" Programs work for people is a different process compared to ten years, for example, of being under the supervision of an endocrinologist or gastroenterologist – You have to be able and not be afraid to do it – use your developed Brain in practice. If you already own any of the "SvetL" generators, if you use health improving sessions, if you have even managed to find information about these Technologies in a heap of Internet rubbish, this means that YOUR BRAIN ALREADY has a potential and level of development that differs from "so called – basic". It is extremely dangerous in this situation not even empty faith in Technology, not fear of deception or lack of funds – the most dangerous thing is NOT TO MOVE FURTHER. If you dwell on the option "it helped – and it was excellent", if you are satisfied with "it has became better with the Bracelet but I want to purchase the Complex"and then you can live comfortably, practicing the skills of a consumer or a functional manufacturer of consumer goods, then something needs to be changed immediately. Similarly, with sluggishly solvable or unsolvable by the "SvetL" Technologies health problems – if such a circumstance has become the reason to stop your search, you have to start using your developed, and capable of further development, Brain. In fact, IT (that is, YOU) only from this moment really begins to develop. And the biggest mistake in this paramount task (I mean the development of the Brain) will be delegating the solution of the problems to a third party. It doesn't matter who you choose for this role – your development will slow down. Of course, my personal work with the owner can be estimated by many of you as a kind of unique experience, traditionally made of (for the majority) just incredible or unusual sensations, made and come true predictions and "wow-effects". Alas, these are just scraps that you DO NOT HAVE TO BE DISTRACTED BY, but most of you base your conclusions on them, including the effectiveness of personal assistance or the work of Technologies. If I deal with you, this is, first of all, a bad mark for you. This means that you could not assess your condition yourself, analyze and start looking for the causes of the problems, and then deal with them. To implement all this, you do not need to have some fantastic qualities and properties – you just need to stop spinning your wheels around the acquired and familiar stereotypes that warm up the soul (and it is not necessary to do this in one move, although it is desirable – you can wade through thorns). Having done this, you DO NOT NOTICE how you take the first step in the development of your Brain, expanding its frequency range, which means that you are coming close to developing those very qualities and properties in yourself. If you turned for help (to me) – put an end to this "reliable path of development". There is no need to cherish the hope that I will correct something, and then you go on your own. It doesn't work that way. There are many who are tied up firmly and thoroughly, for years – especially in the current hard times. Do not delude yourself with the illusions that you can somehow advance in the course of my work with you in understanding of the ongoing – if you do not receive detailed explanations at each step of what is being done and in what way, you will only get more confused in your own guesses. And the explanations that I can and will have time to give you (you shouldn't count on it too much), will be so scanty and superficial, not really reflecting anything that I do not feel like either writing or seeing them – because it is impossible to convey in words in full measure what is happening to you in reality, and what, how and why I "am creating" out of you. Believe me sometimes it is better not to tell anything at all. Here, just mincing the above I will add that we are now talking about the possible Brain development and not about healing Man with my direct participation, from some of his health problems that have arisen. To save Man from the problem which medicine cannot solve, or, as we are told, is unsolvable – it can be solved in most cases, but again – with the DIRECT PARTICIPATION of the Brain who has asked about it. Some five or six years ago, few people would have been able to understand me if I started to explain this. But now people have changed greatly. They have changed and divided. A bigger part of them will turn away from everything other than official medicine and pharmaceuticals, condemning me as a charlatan, and each of you as a sectarian. A lot of people, with beautiful waves of their hands, will drive the "SvetL" Technologies away from themselves, convincing anyone and everyone that such things are now on every corner and cheap. But very few people will refuse free help, especially when they do not need to move their brains or hands for this. And here let me warn you. I have always said that every work should be rewarded (and not necessarily with money). But I did not explain why. And no one asked me or was interested. Everything is simple here – resorting to terms that are understandable to ordinary people, let's denote it as follows – there must be a balance. In a miniature version – but here albedo works, as well. If you only take – then sooner or a little bit later and on a larger scale, you will have to give something back. Even if you are NOT ASKED FOR. And operating with energy whole structures (for example, within the framework of the concept of a family) – it may not diminish from you personally (especially considering that the work on healing is based and "proceeds" from the work with the Brain), but this fact will hardly bring about some relief for the majority.

The potential of each Man, and even mine, are NOT ENDLESSthe reasons that cause health problems are often very, very far from internal, and in such cases (and most of them) – without developing one’s own Brain, without learning how to use it even for oneself ( for one’s own recovery), it is not possible to take full advantage of my help – it sometimes simply loses its meaning, since there is no basis for creating, for example, a stable multidimensional protection. Heed the advice – health problems, and now even more, when you are armed and protected by the "SvetL" Technologies and everything that has been done with the help of these technologies has already been tested, showing excellent results that few people can explain (here the "product_369" and a new session 3_369 and others – being tested now, but not yet public) – this is a direct possibility for your personal development. Development in comfortable conditions, when everything is good and convenient, is doubtful. Overcoming difficulties, finding a solution to a problem, burdened with inconveniences, of course, look like a feat, but whoever likes it, let them call it that. And for the rest, it is determination.

After a long and unpleasant experience, I have come to the decision – to help those people who are worthy, who really think not only about their own skin, but also about others, who are really ready, having health, to fight for the happiness of others and not for their own happiness first of all. These are the people I HELP AND WILL HELP, and not those who, having received what they needed, get rested, neither thinking about any gratitude, nor my energy spent on him (her).

Summing up everything that has been said and trying to get your understanding, I want to present the ongoing in a somewhat more intelligible way. It is not the fault of people for what had been done to them, but only they on their own (each one) are able to cope with the consequences. It is cruel (and this also reflects a certain pathological weakness and our imperfection) to dip those who were created for consumption and who got accustomed to freebies, straight into the ice hole, from which it is clear with a larger viewing angle, that there are no freebies at all. Realization of this can make you "get sick", especially if you first see and put together the pieces of the mosaic that N. V. Levashov had opened ajar. It’s not their (people’s) fault that straining for them is from the category of something fantastic. For this, there are other forms of perversion, in which it is considered useful to strain and overstrain just for the sake of tension, and to think about the result at some stage of the efforts application there is no longer enough strength or brains. And someone else is so much caught up in his own importance that his brain is convulsed to a non-functioning state. All this in various versions at the current stage is nothing more than the rubbish that is living out his allotted time. Here there is no need to cling to it, and more so – count on its ephemeral reliability.

There are many people who think they think. In fact, they just put old prejudices in a new order. So I want to suggest the way correcting it. Whether I can do it or not is for you to decide.



1 Turritopsis nutricula – With 80 tentacles and only 4 to 5 mm in diameter, this tiny jellyfish bears the coveted name: "immortal". She is currently the only known living creature on Earth with a reversible life cycle.



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