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369_Series. Salvation of Saviors

Friday, 01 July 2022 11:14

031_369 Transformation — the third regularity

Written by

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Sometimes it is helpful not to recognize any truths, to doubt the truths that do not allow any doubts, break through the limits of the so called common truths, which exist only because they have always been taken for granted.

Throughout time people have tried to grasp the reality, to make all pieces fall into the right place and comprehend it by asking themselves questions. After all, when there is a question, there is a chance to find an answer. When there is no question, there is no chance to find an answer either. Even nowadays, our logic and reason MAKE UP THEIR ASSERTIONS, starting from axioms – the truths taken for granted, because of their "obviousness". But consistent thinking in sufficiently comprehensive issues under consideration (the systems of what happened or what is happening) is impossible. Therefore, logic is a FUNDAMENTALLY UNSUITABLE AND NO GOOD tool for such a task. We like to think that white is always white, and black is always black.

1We subconsciously want to believe that information that calls into question certain truths is empty verbiage, philosophizing and sophistry. Because, as Nietzsche1 wrote, “the denial of false our mind, logic and common sense judgments would be the denial of life.” In my opinion, our mind, logic and common sense might prompt us that the concepts of reality and illusion are NOT ABSOLUTE and independent truths, but a consequence of the world arrangement, its nature and laws. If other physical laws have operated in our Universe, we would have different thinking and logic. But again - there is no logic today. It is practically impossible to build it in the processes taking place today before our eyes. There are many who try to find it (the logic), but it is not "being found". There is a STARTING POINT. There is COMMON SENSE - this is the continuation of the world laws where it was born. Against this background, thinking is not independent in this sense, but only a continuation of the axioms. But the axioms are based on laws. NO truth SURVIVES outside the circumstances in which it is created and functions.

2The result of today's logical research is one hundred percent PREDETERMINED by the STARTING POINT. Starting from different axioms, you will receive different truths while reading my  writings. Read, think and most importantly - make conclusions – YOUR OWN CONCLUSIONS.

Why has island England has always acted as Russia's main ally in world wars with the united continental Europe? Historians, politicians, political scientists and other "knowing" people HAVE NO ANSWER. Everything that concerns relations between England and Russia is, at first glance, haphazard, except for one thing: when Europe, united either by the Pope, or by Napoleon, or by Hitler, begins military operations against Russia, then England always opposes continental Europe together with Russia - and wins. Although, four times England and Russia fought together, and three times fought against each other. Nowadays, England left the European Union with ill-founded motivation. And in the current situation, she took the side of Europe in the confrontation with Russia's actions in the Ukraine. However, today, when I am writing this, England has begun the process of changing its decisions in support of the actions of the European Union and NATO against Russia.

3Everything related to the relations between Russia and England is a mystery around which there are many fantastic theories with references to documents that no one has seen. References are made to family ties between Russian leaders and the kings of England. For example, there is a legend that Yuri Vladimirovich Dolgoruky (son of Vladimir Monomakh, Grand Duke of Kyiv) was ... an Englishman, because his mother Gita was the daughter of the last Anglo-Saxon king Harold II. No one has been able to confirm this for sure. References are made to the fact that Alexandra Feodorovna, the wife of Nicholas II, known as the GERMAN PRINCESS Alice of Hesse, was a representative of the British royal family in her education and upbringing. Her nee name was Alice Victoria Helena Louise Beatrice, and her mother, Princess Alice, was Queen Victoria's eldest daughter. At the age of six, she left Germany and spent most of her time in Britain at the court of her grandmother, Queen Victoria.

4It is known that the King of England George V and Nicholas II looked like twin brothers, because their mothers were sisters, daughters of the Danish king Christian IX. Therefore, the young Prince William of Wales (1982) is a direct descendant of the Russian Tsar Nicholas 1 Pavlovich, who can claim the Russian throne. This shot was taken on May 24, 1913 in Berlin, where royalty from all over Europe were invited to the wedding of Victoria Louise of Prussia, daughter of the German Emperor Wilhelm II.

 It is also inexplicable that in March 1917, Ambassador Buchanan confidentially inquired at the request of Milyukov about the POSSIBILITY of Nicholas II EMIGRATING to the United Kingdom. At first, the answer was positive, but as the protests were growing in public circles against the departure of the former emperor and after receiving appropriate instructions from London, the ambassador was forced to reconsider his opinion and conveyed to the new head of government A.F. Kerensky a categorical refusal to allow Nicholas and his family to enter the British empire until the end of the war. Conspiracy references are made to the fact that the Great Russian Revolution is a “special operation of the Britons”, which led to the LOSS OF STATE SOVEREIGNTY of the Russian Empire, ending with the transfer of the Rights of the Sovereign over the Russian Empire in favor of George V, King of Great Britain.

It is very important to understand that the loss of the state sovereignty by the Russian Empire and the rights of the House of Romanov did not happen in 1917; it BECAME UNCONDITIONAL back in 1913, which the Romanovs and the Vatican “celebrated” with pomp and ritual human sacrifices. 300 years of using and controlling the assets and rights of the Russian Tsardom ended with the complete collapse and bankruptcy of the “effective managers” - the Vatican, the Jesuits, the Germans within the House of Romanov, who at once became ordinary citizens HAVING NO rights, but only obligations and debts for 300 years of robbery of Russia! It should be understood that 300 years of dominion of a motley crowd of temporary favorites represented by secret Lutherans / Catholics / Protestants under the common brand of "Romanovs" clearly did not contribute to the prosperity of the heirs of the Rurikovich / Bikbulatovich, which naturally led to the complete chaos with the possible inheritance and restoration of the Throne of the Sovereign Russian Tsardom. Naturally, both the Vatican and Britain, having received 300-year debt deferrals and new debts to the Russian Tsardom, tried to do everything possible NOT TO ALLOW the restoration of the Sovereign Russian Tsardom or a new full-fledged, sovereign Russian statehood arise! And here we must especially “pay tribute” to the “sons of the covenant”, - skillful usurers who, over 300 years, have acquired unprecedented power and influence in Russia and the world, their activists and agents, like the Jesuits in the Middle Ages, penetrated into all spheres of the society and got the opportunity and tools to sabotage any possible constructive idea and activity in Russia. Having united, they with the Vatican and together with the “Britons”, as a result, I would say, of an outstanding and successful special operation, which consisted of the whole chain of events that naturally led to the loss of the state sovereignty and the rights of the Russian Tsardom. After 300 years and 5 years for the transfer of power and rights (to Russia) from the Russian Empire, the “special operation” ended with the SECRET TRANSFER of the rights of the Sovereign over the Russian Tsardom in favor of George V, King of Great Britain (translated as “covenant land”) as a result of the PLANNED BY THE BRITONS in late February early March 1917, the so-called "February bourgeois-democratic revolution." This process was objective, because to replace the dominant brain genotype 441, manifested mainly in the framework of the so-called "German nationality", there "came" genotype 442 (manifested by "another nationality", which I wrote about in article 30_369), as part of the implementation of the program for the development of the entire brain genotype 44.

The timing of the "revolution" was chosen deliberately, until the expiration of the deadline for the delivery of the transfer balance of the Russian Empire, so as NOT TO LEGALLY ESTABLISH a full-fledged and sovereign statehood in Russia. In the generally accepted historical interpretation of these events, a “scientific-historical” justification is given for the fact that bourgeois-democratic revolutions are supposedly a historically determined regularity related to the inevitable change in socio-economic formations due to the high development of social productive forces. In fact, such “parasitic” theories of materialism are aimed at justifying historical and sometimes anti-human “man-made” actions CONDEMNED BY MANKIND in order to camouflage the existing causal relationship between illegal actions and the adverse consequences that have occurred for all the entire countries and peoples. In fact, no historical regularities exists, because historical events are caused and are the result of the action not of some “historical laws”, but the RESULT OF THE ACTIONS of living people, within the framework of the controlled development process of the entire System, one of which is the implementation development program for all brain genotypes 44, exactly the beginning of the formation of a special group of executors, burdened in the emerging structure of the "golden billion". Therefore, giving an assessment of the so-called February bourgeois-democratic revolution of 1917, but in fact a well orchestrated anti-state coup, with the aim of seizing the rights of the Sovereign Russian Tsardom; it is indicated that the mass anti-government protests of the Petrograd workers and soldiers of the Petrograd garrison resulted in the overthrow of the Russian autocracy and the creation of the Provisional Government , which concentrated in its hands all the legislative and executive power in Russia. But this is only the upper visible and obvious part of the "iceberg".

5One of the first steps in preparing for this event was a special “Act of the Berlin Conference” adopted back in 1884 (as well as the decisions of the First World Zionist Congress, held from August 29 to 31, 1897 in Brussels, which resulted in the famous “Protocols of the Elders of Zion (as the planned vector in the development of brain genotypes 442, in the designation of its belonging to this particular “nationality”), in which the principle of the so-called “effective and justified occupation” was fixed, - “Each country that has raw materials, but is not able to process them efficiently, should allow international concerns and syndicates to exploit their natural resources», which, in fact, was realized starting from the well-known 1991 in Russia. It is clear that, first of all, the concerns were meant which belonged either to the businessmen close to the Vatican, from the City of London or New York's Wall Street. In these plans, a large role was assigned to the capture of the raw material base and infrastructure of Russia. However, some Russian sovereigns, apparently, DID NOT WISH TO HEED the wishes of international financial and political tycoons. The last Tsars - Emperors were more interested in building the national economy. Thus, Emperor Nicholas II issued a decree, according to which foreign capital was allowed to be freely placed in Russia, but the export of raw materials and profits obtained in Russia was limited to 12.8 percent. That is, if you want to develop and sell our minerals, take Russian citizenship / allegiance, and leave the proceeds in Russia. Doesn't this remind the readers of the current events, within the framework of the decisions being made in Russia? As a result, the country got a lot of money, and then, DESPITE ALL the intrigues of S. Witte2 and other high-ranking British agents of influence, a rapid economic growth of Russia began. So the British expert Edward Thorne wrote in 1913: If the Western countries fail to keep Russia, then by 1930 she will have no rivals. Europe and the US will kneel before the mineral giant.” It is not surprising that the businessmen from Wall Street, being essentially the British crypto-aristocracy in the United States, very quickly FOUND A COMMON LANGUAGE with the Crown, making an agreement on the future division of the “Russian pie” and, through their protégés in the US government, declared Russia, albeit a covert , but a very tough war. In December 1911, the US ambassador in St. Petersburg presented the Russian Foreign Minister with a note on the termination of the treaty on trade and navigation that had existed between the countries since 1832. In the American press, the persecution of everything Russian began. Russia was called barbaric, wild, anti-Semitic, etc. DOES NOT THIS REMIND the readers of anything taking place nowadays?

For example, the well-known banker, owner of the Kuhn, Loeb and Company banking house, Jacob Schiff directly called for "putting vile Russia on its knees." Schif and his associates on Wall Street made a bet on INCREASING INTERNAL DISORDERS in the Russian Empire using "revolutionaries" from among the "people of the covenant." And huge financial flows poured into the cash desks of revolutionaries of all stripes - from the Socialist-Revolutionaries to the Bolsheviks. Only one Shif spent about 20 million dollars of personal funds on this "sacred business". And that means that the events we are studying are NOT due to the DEVELOPMENT of social productive forces in Russia and the World, as "scientific" historians say, but due to a specific selfish motive related to the liquidation of Russia as a global economic and political competitor of Britain and the United States, with the removal of Nicholas II from the throne and the seizure of the rights of the Sovereign in the Russian Empire - by the King of Great Britain. To be more precise, it was the “arrival” of the brain genotype 442 to all key positions of statehood and control, with the subsequent implementation through it of the goal vector of the interventionists Control System. In fact, the final phase of the above-mentioned “special operation” began on March 2 (15), 1917, WITH THE ALLEGED ABDICATION of Tsar Nicholas II from the Russian throne in favor of his younger brother Mikhail (Grand Duke Mikhail Alexandrovich), who signed on March 3 (16), 1917 meaningless “Act on the Non-Acceptance of the Throne (and Sovereign) of the Russian Empire, which has already been finally and irrevocably liquidated as a complete bankrupt and, as if it “provided” a legal decision on the fate of the future state structure of Russia and its status, depending on the decision of the Constituent Assembly, which was controlled by the agents of British influence. The current situation related to the missing of one direct and unconditional heir to the Sovereign Russian Tsardom and with the total mess between them and the fact that the New Sovereign State was also not proclaimed, and the right of the Sovereign has the property of continuity, - the King of England George V. (cousin of Nicholas II) took advantage. With the help of the traitors to Russia - British agents of influence led by Lvov and Milyukov, on March 4 (17), 1917, he SECRETLY RECEIVED AND FORMALIZED the corresponding rights of the sole Sovereign to the Russian Kingdom, as the legitimate ruler (junior Sovereign) of its part. In fact, under the jurisdiction of England / Britain on the territory of the former Russian Empire, instead of a full-fledged sovereign state, a colony was created - the "British trading post"! The most important factor influencing the development of events in Russia since February 1917 was the activity of the first composition of the Provisional Government, headed by Prince G. E. Lvov3. In line with the Declaration and relying on the "gains of February", it carried out a number of completely democratic transformations. The law on freedom of assembly and association was adopted; censorship and other repressive bodies of the Russian Empire (police, gendarmerie, penal servitude, etc.) were abolished. Instead of the police department, the Main Directorate for Militia Affairs was created. The structures and leadership of other state bodies were reorganized. A political amnesty was declared. At the same time, the arrest of Nicholas II, as well as his ministers and other representatives of the former administration, WAS AUTHORIZED.

According to the law of March 8, 1917, the Council of Ministers and its office were renamed the Provisional Government and its office. The Ministry of the Imperial Court and Destinies was abolished. In the second half of March, under the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Department for Local Government Affairs was formed to manage the activities of the commissioners of the Provisional Government. In April 1917, there arose the government crisis, in May the first coalition government was formed, which was still headed by Prince G. E. Lvov. The new government carried out the reorganization of the state authorities. On the basis of the Department of Labor of the Ministry of Trade and Industry, the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Posts and Telegraphs were created. In order to provide assistance to the families of those killed and maimed in the war, the Ministry of State Charity was formed. At the end of June, the Economic Council was established under the Provisional Government to develop the "general plan for the organization of the national economy and labor", as well as the Main Economic Council "to carry out all measures to regulate the economic life of the country by individual departments and institutions." At the end of March, the Special Counsel was formed to prepare a law on elections to the Constituent Assembly. In July 1917, a second coalition government was formed headed by A.F. Kerensky. He, as well as the Deputy Minister-Chairman, Minister of Finance, Cadet N.V. Nekrasov, Minister of the Interior Socialist-Revolutionary N.D. Avksentiev, Minister of Foreign Affairs M.I. Tereshchenko and Minister of Food, People's Socialist A.V. Peshekhonov became members of the Defense Committee.

6At the beginning of August, the position of Chief Prosecutor of the Synod was abolished and the Ministry of Confessions was formed. On August 7, the All-Russian Commission for Elections to the Constituent Assembly (Vsevybory) began its work. At the end of August, the Cabinet of the Minister of War was transformed into the Military Cabinet of the Minister-Chairman - the Supreme Commander-in-Chief. After the liquidation of the speech of General L. G. Kornilov, instead of the government “until the final formation of the cabinet”, on September 1, the Directory of five members was created - A. F. Kerensky, M. I. Tereshchenko, A. M. Nikitin, General A. I. Verkhovsky and Admiral D. N. Verderevsky. To make decisions for the composition of the government in Petrograd on September 14, the Democratic Conference began to work, which on September 21 elected the permanent Provisional Council of the Republic - the Pre-Parliament. Three days later, Kerensky formed the third coalition government. In the first weeks of the February Revolution, local state institutions of tsarism were replaced by provincial, city and district commissars of the Provisional Government. Initially, their rights WERE NOT regulated, and only on September 25, 1917, the “Temporary Regulations on Provincial (Regional) and District Commissars” were promulgated. Along with the Soviets, elected temporary committees of public organizations were created, which included public zemstvo and city self-government bodies. Zemstvos were also created in a number of outlying regions of Russia. The general management of the entire system of zemstvo institutions was entrusted to the All-Russian Zemstvo Union. The law of April 15 in cities with a population of more than 150 thousand people established district self-government bodies (dumas and councils), whose activities were united by the council of dumas. Thus, having created the Provisional Government of Russia, then the “Directory”, concealed with the cover proclaimed on September 1 (14), 1917 of the Russian Republic, the Gang of traitors (you cannot say otherwise) under the leadership of the already mentioned agents of influence: Kerensky, Milyukov, Rodzianko, Milyukov , Guchkov, Lvov, Shulgin and "K", proceeded SECRETLY to the FUNCTIONS of the governing body of the colonial administration in the former Russian Empire, in order to PREVENT the restoration of the eligibility of the Sovereign Russian Tsardom or the New Sovereign State, the heir to the rights and assets of the Russian Tsardom and other our statehoods for 7426 years. When the general task of the covert legitimation to transfer the rights of the Sovereign of the Russian Empire / Russian Tsardom from one Sovereign to another (in fact, George V declared the right to ensure the continuity of succession to the throne and the succession of power as a junior ruler in the Russian Tsardom) WAS DONE, the archives and documents needed by the Vatican and the Britons, the seals were taken out. The Provisional Government of Russia / "Directory" - the colonial administration in the Russian Empire left Russia, and secretly formalized the transfer of the territory under the actual control of the top of the Bolsheviks, who were the same agents / sons of the "covenant". This was the actual "entering" into the power the structures of brain genotype 442. Kerensky, in contrast to the fictional historical "fact" about the flight in a woman's dress from the Winter Palace, a few hours before the sailors broke into the Winter Palace – LEFT St. Petersburg WITH HONOR in the royal Rolls-Royce. At that moment, when "a sailor was running, a soldier was running, firing on the move," Kerensky was already in Pskov, at the headquarters of the Northern Front, from where he imitated the attack of the Cossack general Pyotr Krasnov on Petrograd, whose offensive was stopped by the Red Guards. The same Kerensky / Milyukov with the same agents of the "covenant" - "Trotsky and K" staged a revolutionary show with the shot of the "Aurora", presenting the seizure of power (in fact, the "color revolution"), allegedly resulting from the mutiny of the "Baltic Fleet" sailors ". This "show" with a mutiny on the ships of the Baltic Fleet and disobedience to the naval command was carried out with far-reaching aims and serious legal consequences. It was staged so that in the future George V on behalf of the Naval Command of the Russian Empire and within the legal framework of the same Admiral of the Sea (King of Britain George V since 1910 was an admiral of the Russian fleet !!!) and at the same time on behalf of the Sovereign over the Russian Empire had the legal right at the right time to claim in the International Court of Justice and the High \ Royal Court of London in the official judicial RECOGNITION OF HIS RIGHTS of the Sovereign to the Russian Empire. The "undercover" operation under the guise of "seizure and transfer of power to the Bolsheviks" also provided the opportunity for the royal dynasty of Great Britain to manipulate the leadership of the subjects emerging on the territory of the Russian Tsardom - the RSFSR / USSR and, if necessary, present them at the international legal level as accomplices / heirs-successors " sailors-rebels" with all the ensuing negative legal consequences to the detriment of the state sovereignty and interests of Russia. By the way, there is other documented evidence pointing to the secret transfer to George V of the Sovereign's rights over the Russian Empire/Tsardom of Russia. So the well-known agent of the "land of the covenant" Admiral A. Kolchak, THE SO-CALLED "Supreme Ruler of Russia", during the investigation into the crimes he had committed, stated the following: "December 30, 1917, I was accepted into the service of His Majesty the King of England"! Thus, the so-called “February Revolution” and the October Revolution of 1917 that followed it, or the “Great October Socialist Revolution”, were nothing more than an “undercover operation” for the British king to secretly seize the rights of the Sovereign to the Russian Empire!

According to historical data, they say that the same Kolchak described the events related to the coup of 1917 in this way: “This (i.e., the coup d’état) is done so that in the future all subjects and authorities organized by the “rebels” (that is, RSFSR\USSR\CIS\EAEU, etc.) and their accomplices were automatically considered illegal within the framework of the international and Supreme natural law and the rights of the true Sovereign over Russia...”. And, for all that, the hidden Sovereign and the beneficiary of everything that Russia was and is, remained the British monarch. So, Russia (the Russian Empire) and its peoples became, as it were, the subject and property of external British control, i.e. an object of the control within the framework of maritime and Roman continental, commercial/corporate law, due to the fact that there is no transfer balance of the Russian Empire and its acceptance by another legal sovereign successor entity.

The confirmation of the hidden jurisdiction and colonial dependence of the already former Russian Empire and all its successors to Britain is the fact (can be regarded as material evidence in the international court) that even the colors of the flag in the Russian Empire have changed to the colors in the flag of her Mother country. That is, the colors of the black-yellow-white of the sovereign Russian Empire after 1913 changed to the colors of the current "tricolor" of the Russian Federation: - white, blue, red, that is, the heraldic colors of the flag of the British Crown and the commercial flag of Russia (Not superfluous as another proof is the fact that the traitor General Vlasov and his Russian Liberation Army (ROA) staged a parade in front of the Wehrmacht in 1943, in which even then his “guardsmen” marched with the flag that completely coincided with the current tricolor of the Russian Federation, i.e. . with the heraldic colors of the merchant fleet of the Russian Empire and the flag of Great Britain) An additional confirmation is the fact that under the Provisional Government and “the Directory”, not only the flag, but also the coat of arms of Russia became different: the crowns disappeared from the heads of eagles, which previously indicated the sign of independence and sovereignty of the Russian Empire.


8Similarly, the coat of arms on the current banknotes of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation (the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and its "rubles" – as an instrument of the external control of the present Russian Federation as the successor to Russia of Kerensky-Lenin-Trotsky until December 30, 1922) is also depicted with eagles without crowns, which indicates the colonial-currency dependence of the financial system of our country, as well as the fact that the Russian Federation is the tool of the control of the territory of the RC / RSFSR - the colonial administration, i.e. "trading post". Naturally, the TRUE PATRIOTS of RUSSIA, who were grouped around Stalin, could NOT like this status of the country and they tried to get rid of the messengers of the land of the covenant”, arranging the struggle against the Trotskyists and other “messengers of the covenant”, carrying out major “purges” in 1937-1939. And this struggle began at the end of 1920, when Lenin and Stalin became aware that the Trotsky-Rothschild team, which actually seized control of the economy and finance in Russia in October 1917, with the help of their agents, through the People's Bank of the RSFSR formed in 1918 (1918-1920) quietly and quickly drove the RSFSR into debt and burdened all the assets of Russia, establishing in a declarative way (notifying international regulators) its control over the emission of ALL LIABILITIES, debts and new and old money of Russia. This is another of the many (which were and expected us (Russia) ahead), no less "outstanding operation" against us. There is no available documentary or scientific evidence for such considerations, but the fact remains that, constantly at enmity and bickering with Russia, Great Britain always turns out to be her ally in wars with the united continental Europe. And Germany is always the enemy. And today England left European Union and joined the confrontation of almost all of Europe with Russia, and Germany is again the leader of the continental Europe. What does it mean? Probably, after reading this material, the answer becomes obvious.

From the point of view of historic thinking of the ongoing, there are natural regulations in the fact that periodically the countries of the continental Europe unite into a Union, which each time is named differently, or not named at all, but they fight AGAINST RUSSIA ON A COMMON FRONT. Each unification of the countries of Europe is related to the fact that from time to time they fall into a social and economic impasse, from which they emerge each time under the banner of a NEW IDEOLOGY, with a charismatic Pope, or a Leader, or a Chief, or the media at the head. It is not difficult to make sure, after reading the material presented here, that the technology of the united Europe’s attack on Russia is always the same: 1) in the forefront of aggression is an ideology that gathers Europe into a Union (either Catholicism, then the Napoleonic Code, then the “25 Points” of Hitler); 2) the second echelon is THE THEORY OF "EXCLUSIVENESS" of the European peoples; 3) the third echelon are the claims for the living space and resources of the "inferior peoples"; 4) the fourth echelon is the war to EXTERMINATE PEOPLES who have not accepted their ideology and are disappearing from the history of Europe and from its geographical map. Thus, all West European and Central European Slavs have disappeared. In the table, the ideology of the three periods of European unification looks like this:

Diagram of the ideology of the three cycles of European unification before the attack on Russia


It is generally accepted that the “living space” for which the united Europe fought is only a physical environment in which there are all the resources necessary for life, life support: the expanses of Eastern Europe and Russia. This is absolutely true, but this environment is UNREACHABLE WITHOUT IDEOLOGY - the primary idea of ​​it, which is called "metaphysical living space". This conceivable space is formed by its height - the Values ​​of life, its width - the Meaning of life, its length - the Purpose of life, its volume - life force.

UNTIL an IDEOLOGY IS FORMULATED from the meaning, value and purpose of life, until then neither the Pope, nor Napoleon, nor Hitler could have an idea about the “physical living space” which they wanted to win for the life of their “citizens”. This "metaphysical living space" IS CALLED - A DREAM. The “American dream” is known, but the same dream led European sailors across the oceans in search of “physical living space” from England (James Cook and others), Portugal (Vasco da Gama and others), Spain (Columbus and others). The dream of a “metaphysical living space” draws a scientific Picture of the World (a map for the route to the Meaning of life), a Worldview (Life values ​​are the reference points in life’s trials), a Way of life (The meaning of life to overcome one’s fears), a will to live (Service beyond one’s strengths). This Dream becomes the consciousness of the nations. The study of the history of the wars between the countries’ unities of the continental Europe and Russia showed that all of them: the Pope (“Bible”), Napoleon (“Civil Code”), Hitler (“25 points”), Alexander Nevsky (Orthodoxy), Mikhail Kutuzov (Motherland), Joseph Stalin (Marx's "Capital") HAD IDEOLOGY. In the cases described, the ideology of Russia won. Nowadays, Europe is again experiencing NOT THE BEST times against the background of the fantastic rise of China, India, and Korea. The available physical living space "collapsed". Europe again has to unite under the banner of the Breton-Woods Accords and the Washington Consensus, armed with the liberal ideology.

So far there is no obvious leader, but Napoleon, like Hitler, SUDDENLY APPEARED in the roles they were NOT EXPECTED. But the events in the Ukraine, which are taking place today before our eyes, clearly have not yet influenced his appearance and WILL NOT INFLUENCE a priori. Everything is happening within the framework of the New Control System and the solution of the universal world problems that CLEARLY MANIFESTED themselves at the beginning of the events in the Ukraine and have to be resolved as one of the elements of the New World Order and the new life providing system, precisely through those people (leading the countries involved in these events), or rather, through those Brain genotypes, which will “leave” the historical scene, on the “wave of their current initiative”. They still have some administrative-military signs, as the former "institutions of democracy", losing every day and hour its former state of suppressing impact on the World. Those remaining signs have now got themselves up in the form of triune fascism: Financial fascism, Administrative-bureaucratic fascism and National-demographic fascism. Any attempts of the militant West to recreate the violent Construction with its past coercive impact, aggressively manifested by hidden clan formations with the support of NATO power bloc, are completely isolated from the reality and WILL NOT have the former success anymore. Their time has passed. It is hard for the pseudo-elite of the World to come to terms with this, therefore, with the help of their obedient media, they are trying to create a distorted socionic picture of the World based on disinformation, distortion of history, outright lies and slander. They are forced to fight with an alternative point of view, restrict freedom of speech, introduce censorship, persecute dissidents, and expel objectionable media. But lots of peoples of the planet ARE IN THE PROCESS OF REALIZATION that the World is much larger than the expansionist Europe, the hegemonic claims of the USA and Great Britain to the level of their “importance” declared by them in the organized international spheres of people's existence. This is an objective process, the change of which is NOT SUBJECT TO ANYONE who is directly or indirectly involved in the ongoing events. All this concerns Russia directly and requires today a SPECIFIC PUBLIC IDEOLOGY, the ideology that carries a real global Idea that people will understand and accept, which will unite all the peoples of Russia and which, I’m not afraid to say, will become uniting for all the peoples of the World.


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1 Nietzsche - Beyond Good and Evil.

2 Sergei Yulievich Witte (1849-1915) - Count (1905), Russian statesman, honorary member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1893). Minister of Railways in 1892, Minister of Finance from 1892, Chairman of the Peace Cabinet from 1903, Council of Ministers from 1905-06.

3 Prince Georgy Evgenievich Lvov (October 21 (November 2, 1861, Dresden - March 7, 1925, Paris) Russian - statesman and political figure. First Minister-Chairman of the Provisional Government of Russia from March 2 (15) to July 7 (20), 1917. Member Party of Cadets (1905-1917) During the February Revolution, Emperor Nicholas II, simultaneously with his abdication, appointed Lvov head of the government of the Russian Republic, with the functions of head of state.


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