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369_Series. Salvation of Saviors

Tuesday, 10 January 2023 09:43

040_369 Thinking to understand what is going on…

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1In March 2015, I wrote this article, when everything ongoing today was “gaining momentum”, like the train departing from the platform to rush across the expanses of our Russia. A lot of time has passed - by our human standards, but for the Universe it is less than a moment. I made up my mind to remind you about this article, supplementing it with information that, in my opinion, is more than relevant today, remembering the Russian proverb - "Revision is the mother of learning.1" We can turn a blind eye to what is happening - the sudden and rapid disintegration of the life USED TO US - only until the very fact that we are really in great trouble reminds us of itself in the way that we CANNOT ignore. It is exactly the reminder that we see now, facing the events and conditions that cannot be ignored. The reader will draw conclusions for himself by reading (re-reading and remembering) whether THIS INFORMATION is necessary against the background of the ongoing and already realized by many people...

The locomotive goes first. Next are passenger cars, then freight cars. The train is closed with tanks. PEOPLE GO in the locomotive, in the passenger cars and in the tank. They all see the outside world differently. People sitting in the locomotive look at the world around through a huge windshield, through large windows on the sides. Their horizon of vision is AS WIDE as possible. People sitting in the passenger cars have a narrower horizon. They see the world around them only through the side windows. What is ahead, they can SEE PARTLY, with their cheek and nose pressed against the glass. They only see what is in front of their eyes. The future is almost invisible. Who rides in freight cars - those can see EVEN LESS. There are no windows, only slits. Light breaks through them. If you cling to the slit, you can see a narrow fragment of the outside world.

A tank is a closed hermetic volume. No sound, no light, no smell penetrate there. The only reality for the passengers of the tanks is the SPACE INSIDE this iron barrel. The outside world is not even an abstraction for them, it just does not exist.

The wideness of the horizon determines the scope of the goal. The more a person sees, the more the eyes of the soul open in him - the ability to see with the mind what the senses do not fix. Thanks to their horizon, people from the locomotive HAVE A PURPOSE beyond the locomotive. When there are junctions along the way, THEY GUIDE the locomotive, focusing on the goal (their purpose). If there were no goal, there would be nothing to focus on. The movement would be set by chance.

The horizon of people from passenger cars is MUCH NARROWER. It is enough to recognize that goals can be not only inside the car, but also outside it. But the matter does not go beyond this statement. Much time and effort THEY SPEND on household and work routine. They talk about great things in the kitchen. Their real goals are within the wagon.

The horizons of freight car passengers are still narrower. About the space OUTSIDE THE CAR they only know that it exists. But that's all. The outside world is almost an abstraction for them. They CANNOT deny it, because it is visible through the slit. But they have neither the time, nor the strength, nor the incentive to look into the slit between the boards and ask questions. They have got their hands full.

People traveling in the tank have ZERO HORIZONS. Unlike previous passengers, they do not have the concept of "outside world". This means that if the people of freight and passenger cars in theory can have a goal beyond the train, then the people of the tanker do not even have the thought in their heads that it is possible to have a goal beyond the train.

It follows from this that if your goal lies outside the boundaries of our world, it is first of all necessary to address to those who ride in the locomotive, to many in passenger cars, to some of the freight cars (those who look through the slits). There is NO POINT to contact those traveling in the tank, because the tank is sealed and you cannot get out of it. But there is ONE BUT ... I am self-critical - I spent most of my life in an enclosed space - I was a man from a freight car. Thanks to a chain of events and coincident (now I understand - regularities), I escaped in every sense. And I got to know the information about the existence of which I HAD NOT EVEN SUSPECTED. There came questions: what was I, where from, where to and why? What is the meaning of life? And later there came the desire to learn the physics of the cell (human), the physics of the Brain and the physics of energies. The questions arisen cannot be dismissed. As soon as you think about this subject once, you return to it again and again. If you manage to brush them off, it is only for a short time. But then they pop up again and roll on you with ALL THEIR SECRET and demand an answer. This flow presses on you and says: why? While I was looking for an answer, there were back and forth and extremes. Today, answers to many questions are found, from which I conclude that life, even in a tank, is NOT A FINAL VERDICT. Everyone can go beyond the limits set by the era, culture and fate. And see more if he wants. Therefore, the text is addressed NOT ONLY to all the people from the locomotive, to many people from the passenger cars and some of the freight cars. THE TEXT IS ADDRESSED TO EVERYONE, regardless of where they are now making their life journey.

2Many people can think only in patterns. What does not fit into the patterns is "stoned". Well, people, looking at the moving Sun and the motionless Earth, could not accept as the truth the calculations that testified to the opposite. And the materialists are like this: they CANNOT admit the things which contradict their practical experience. Why cannot they? For the same reason why you cannot change your way of life, even if you change your world perception. Very few can. The majority will live following the same goals as they lived before this Knowledge. This is the statement - the fact and confirmation that the time has come to do something about it. The nature of our world, society, power and man is such that the destroyer of the society’s foundation, including science, will always be qualified as a dangerous rebel and blasphemer. People always live according to the principle “we haven’t read, but we criticize” ... Because many people say so (who also didn’t read, but heard something somewhere ...). Today we cannot understand in any way that the one who CREATES INFORMATION ultimately shapes the world around us. The one who creates the main information in the certain direction, on which our consciousness and subconsciousness grow, sets the MAIN DIRECTION of development for everyone else and the world around us. The attitude to information is determined by the source of information. If we believe the source of information by virtue of our Cognition and understanding, then this will determine our attitude to this information and its application (or not application) in life practice. For many people, the reason to turn away from the truth is the contradiction in the generally accepted interpretation of the event. You must admit, few people will double-check the arguments of one or another, for example, a scientist, if only because it is unrealistic because of the huge amount of work. Most people always choose the beaten track WITHOUT THINKING where it leads. This is neither bad nor good, it is the same given as the statements: water is wet, darkness is dark, and the mass is blind.

The study of the facts by itself does not advance anywhere. And today, there are many who have already seen this. Imagine a car disassembled to the last screw - a heap of parts. A certain person knows every detail of this heap. Wake him up at night and ask: “What is part number 29486?” - He will accurately tell you all its parameters. But he has no idea about the car (let's say this is a resident of the Aztec civilization, who did not even have a concept of a cart). The second person does not know the parameters of the details, but has the concept of a car. If you set the task of assembling a car from the parts, the first one will not even understand what is required of him. The second one has a chance to solve the problem. The first was an erudite; he knew the parts, but HAD NO idea of the whole. The second KNEW THE WHOLE and therefore turned out to be more capable in an emergency situation. Similarly, with cognition: as long as there is no integral understanding of “what it is”, there is not a single chance to understand what is happening. We can know exactly what N. Levashov or A. Khatybov were like in their youth, where they lived and what they did, what books they wrote and when, and even what is written in these books, and what they wanted to tell us with these books. But as long as there is NO UNDERSTANDING of what they have done in reality (on the basis of what they themselves wrote) as the whole embodied plan enclosed in space and time regarding the ongoing around us (or what we see today with our own eyes), it is impossible to make up the facts in a single structure in principle, because for this, we all have to concentrate our efforts on UNDERSTANDING THE WHOLE and look at the particulars through this prism.

How to concentrate efforts on understanding the whole? What is it about? Where to start and what to “push off” from? When studying the processes taking place today on Earth, it is necessary not only to know the regularities of the phenomenal world, but also to be able to analyze past events establishing a connection between them (to know from the works of N. Levashov and A. Khatybov). You can, of course, “believe” everything that science has presented to us today, but it is ALREADY IMPOSSIBLE to build knowledge on this because the “convincing evidence” that science provides is built in the lack of ANOTHER KNOWLEDGE SYSTEM.


4For example, the Periodic Table, as a "masterpiece" of scientific thought, is a monstrous misinformation on the structure of elements. But it is impossible to move away from it - science is in a vicious circle. If we admit that an atom is an immaterial particle, then the periodic table “breaks”. If you leave the periodic table and look at everything related to the atom, not only quantum mechanics with the Schrödinger equations will burst (I hope there are many who are familiar with this). And here the conclusion arises (if we concentrate our efforts on understanding the whole and look at the particulars through this prism) that the Church (as an example) and all the obscurantism that supports it exist precisely on the basis of the periodic table and quantum mechanics, and also as a means of not achieving knowledge. The Church was created as one of the ways to suppress mental activity, which is a convenient tool in the absence of the Brain - everyone is equal! A direct proof of the absence of science and the ability to understand the whole is the presence of the church.

The man's eyes hurt. He goes to the optometrist, he is prescribed drops, the pain goes away. The man appears to have recovered. In reality, he aggravated the disease. The eyes do not bother him, but after six months the LIVER HURTS. If the patient did not come to a narrow-profile specialist, but had an examination (here we mean an understanding of the whole and a look at particulars through this prism), then, for sure, the therapist would see a signal of liver problems in the eye pain. The doctor would remove the pain from the eyes and begin to heal the liver. The eye acted as an automobile sensor, indicating an internal problem.

Or here is another example from another area of understanding the whole and through the prism of this - the knowledge of particulars.

5The fall of a n apple on Newton's head led to the discovery of laws. If Newton had been sitting by a house under construction, then the fall of a brick on his head would have led to much more "serious discoveries." As science proves, "gravitational influence on the Brain" always leads to something. Biology, for example, today very accurately shows that "the reproduction of Man is a mechanical process (as in making fire with a stone and a stick), and due to friction, a desire arises to reproduce one's own kind." The brain is not always necessary, there are cases when pulling a nail out of the head does not damage the brain.

Science, as knowledge about the world around us, does not exist. That is, Mankind today have neither history, nor science. Is this good or bad? On the one hand, it’s good, because the “lack of science” allows obscurantism (churches) and academies of sciences with all scientific institutions to exist perfectly. And it’s bad - because it’s not “trees that make the wind”, as the media informs us daily. Where do we live, how long will Mankind live, what changes are coming at least in the near future - NEITHER science NOR the media ARE ABLE to answer a single question. No one has yet been able to synthesize a living cell, but everyone is ready to do cloning. There is no justification (other than Divine) for the appearance of Man.

Any desire to know (explore, study) is based on the specific instrumental base. This has been known for a long time. And the result of research (Knowledge) is determined not only by a certain accuracy of this base, but also by the meaning of its construction.

Let us imagine a certain sequence that separates the instrumental base of modern science and the instrumental base that is given to us (we can take, of course, if we can and want to) from the heritage that N. Levashov, A. Khatybov, N. Morozov and others alive today"left" to us.

The Instrumental base


Modern Science

Cold Nuclear Fusion



- Signs of operations (+, -, *, /);

- the complexity of solving control problems (class “System Analysis and Operations Research”) N! (N factorial)


- the sign is determined by a complex function, for example, 32 signs are used instead of +;

- the complexity of solving control problems N (without factorial).



Bohr model atom, etc., based on a certain mass (proton, electron, electrino, graviton, etc.)


Frequency-wave-beam model with specific morphology and specific connection structures



Periodic table - built depending on the growth of atomic weight (according to the Bohr model). Reactions are according to the type of mass interaction.


Gravito-electro-magnetic-beam-wave table of Maxim.

Reactions - the interaction of various types of waves and their energies.


Morphology and symmetry.

- 11 axes of symmetry (including time);

- 1 space;

- 1 form of mass.

Morphology and symmetry.

- 18 symmetry axes + 6 translations (without time function), 24 additive and 108 multiplicative symmetry options,

- 3 settlement and

- 8 operating spaces;

- 36 options for transforming a single shape.



Referred to the standard - the number of vibrations of the cesium atom


Referred to the magnetic field of the macroobject.



Empty space, E = 0 (G.I. Shipov, Theory of Physical Vacuum). Emptiness rules the world (everything was created from nothing). Hubble's law based on redshift. Maximum signal speed = C.


Strictly phased space with specific values of gravitational, electrical and magnetic components, superposition of frequencies during signal transmission. The radius of the universe does not change.

Maximum signal speed = 1056*S.


Types of fields and interactions.

- electromagnetic;

- gravitational;

- strong;

- weak.

The rest - see the article "The main concepts in human life".

Types of fields and interactions.

- gravitational;

- electrical;

- magnetic;

- gravito-electric;

- gravito-magnetic;

- electro-magnetic;

- gravito-electro-magnetic.

512 types of interactions of these fields.



- Euclid;

- Lobachevsky;

- Riemann.


- Neutron (1);

- Antineutron (2);

- Neutrino (3);

- Antineutrino (4);

- Neutron-Neutrino (5);

- Antineutron-Antineutrino (6);

- Neutron-Antineutrino (7);

- Neutrino-Antineutron (8).

Each space is in its own phase transition structure (rephasing is allowed).

Biostructures - only in the Neutron and Neutrino spaces, the Brain of biostructures - in 4. Life support systems - in 5. All spaces are nested into each other, the outer radius of the Earth's space is the radius of the upper layer of the Earth's atmosphere, the inner radius of space is 7.45 km less radius of the earth.



- by overcoming the force of friction and overcoming gravity (Earth, Sun, etc.)


- change in the friction force itself and gravity itself (of any macroobject).



A randomly collected mass of dust.

Similarity of a meteorite with an approximately uniform mass distribution, there is no data on the causes of rotation (motion)


An artificial structure with an uneven distribution of mass, the total area is 512.0 million square meters. km (taking into account the surfaces of mountains, depressions. It has a life support system for biostructures (18 systems, each has from 88 to 596 pyramid complexes - excluding communication pyramids). Man was brought to Earth 145,762 years ago. The rotation of the Earth is due to the Sun.

A detailed description is appendix 7 to volume 8 "cold nuclear fusion".



Man is the king of nature. There are no principles for the existence of a living cell.

- the heart is the driver of the circulatory system;

- immune status is determined by antibodies;

- forms of organs and their functioning - according to Darwin (from unicellular);

- the brain is gray matter, there is no evidence of another form of existence of the brain;

- biofield is the basis of the latest medical knowledge;

- there are no normative data on the life of a living cell;

- there is no division into genotypes, etc.


Man is one of the structures that has a Brain, and far from optimal. The human brain is a complex set that controls every cell of the body, control is carried out by gravito-magneto-electric impulses, magnetic impulses, strictly quantized magnetic and electric potentials.

Brain control - from another space. When communication with the Brain is broken, a person dies. The monograph presents the communication frequencies of organs, normative data for a living cell, depending on the genotype.

Biofield - the average temperature in the hospital, or rather, the projection of the frequencies of the interaction of fields.


Music line.

German and French system (7 tones - DO, RE, MI, FA, SOL, LA, SI)

Music line.

Russian system (introduced by the Control System in 2007): DO, RE, MI, FA, SOL, LA, SI, NA.

With the help of this particular system, the communication was decrypted. 3 levels are used for communication, no need for alphabetical processing.

Based on the table and a FAR FROM COMPLETE list of differences, it can still be understood that when conducting research (understanding and comprehending the whole) in any field of knowledge of the world around it is necessary to use a very specific instrumental base. I have no doubt that you will never repair watches with a hammer and chisel, but modern science has just such a tool base, and for some reason we are still going this way. To say the very least, then today it is called the inertia of thinking.

And, of course, about BELIEVERS AND UNBELIEVERS.

In the belly of a pregnant woman, believing and unbelieving babies are talking.6

Unbeliever: Do you believe in life after childbirth?

Believer: Yes, there is life after childbirth. Here we are preparing for it.

Unbeliever: Ignorance! There is no life after childbirth!

Believer: Yes, there is. There is light in that world.

Unbeliever: What is light?

Believer: I don't know. But in the light, the reality is perceived in a different way.

Unbeliever: You talk about things you don't know

Believer: No, I don't know it. But I believe that we will move in space there, eat with our mouths and do a lot of things that are hard to imagine now.

Unbeliever: Nonsense! It is impossible to move in space. How can you eat with your mouth?

Believer: I believe that after birth, another life awaits us.

Unbeliever: No one has ever returned from there! Life ends with childbirth. And in general, life is just a big suffering in the dark.

Believer: No, after the birth we will see our mom and she will take care of us.

Unbeliever: Mom? Do you believe in mom? And where is she?

Believer: She is everywhere, we are in her and thanks to her we live.

Unbeliever: Obscurantism! I don't see any mom! So, it doesn't exist.

Believer: I can't see either, but I can feel her singing and stroking our world. I firmly believe that real life will begin after birth.



1 The proverb that in studying it is important to revise the material covered is the best way to absorb information. The roots of the statement go back to the distant past, in the time of a patriarchal family, when the mother repeated the instructions of the father to the children. The proverb is used in cases where they want to emphasize the need to regularly consolidate the received useful information.


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