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369_Series. Salvation of Saviors

Thursday, 12 October 2023 00:06

050_369 With your heart and mind…

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The power of the Mind is not in the ability to break through walls with your head, but in the ability to find the doors…

Planes are crashing... People are dying... All platforms are trumpeting about odiousness and heroism in various conjectures and interpretations. The “mighty of this world” speak out, with their explanations aggravating the confusion in understanding the ongoing, but for some reason no one asks the question - why is this happening? What is the basis of all this? Why do people behave the way they do and not otherwise and do not even think about it? There are many who have VERY CONTRADICTORY feelings, most often critical, and they have more than enough reasons, but there is NO EXPLANATION why exactly this way and not otherwise, not superficial explanations, but those based on one’s own knowledge, which is impossible without the true information.

All notions of honor, duty, conscience, responsibilities are NO MORE than directions that the state writes onto the subconscious of its subjects by all means today. We read books where book characters teach us how to behave. We watch films where movie characters set standards of behavior. As a result, we find ourselves covered with a bunch of regulations, norms and taboos, none of which we are able to explain. But this DOES NOT PREVENT us from religiously following them all our lives, comparing and rating our actions according to patterns. For example – Death for the Motherland. But, perhaps, after all, - Life for the Motherland? In matters of what is possible and what is not, we proceed not from common sense and efficiency, but from the program.

1Count Alexei Tolstoy DID NOT LIKE the Soviet government and the proletariat. He wrote the fantasy novel "Aelita". The novel was written well, and the Soviet people liked it. They began giving their children that name. But they DID NOT KNOW that the PREFIX "A" means negation -a-tom (indivisible); a-theism (there is no God). Aelita literally means “not the elite.”

The greatness of writers, directors and other creative figures who are called great is in the art of manipulation. Their works encouraged people to sacrifice their lives and good to what is programmed in the words honor and duty. How many men were killed and women turned into “blue stockings” by these great manipulators...

The transition from the old to new is similar to the transition from the tropical climate to the glacial one. For visualization, let's move to the pre-glacial period, to the world of reptiles. They were a perfect system, they could do without food for a long time, they fed from the sun (keep warm and get energy), plus their size. Only a dinosaur could resist a dinosaur, just as only a chivalry could resist a chivalry. The shaggy, warm-blooded mammals looked like food in comparison. Dinosaurs ate them WITHOUT THINKING about justice, like a pike ate a crucian carp, who began to tell it about universal love and equality, and also about the fact that crucian carp should not be eaten. The pike gaped his mouth open in surprise. It mechanically took a sip of water and, not at all wanting to swallow the crucian carp, swallowed it.”1 But the climate changed - it got colder. Big pros have become big minuses. Enormous size and cold-bloodedness killed yesterday's elite - the dinosaurs froze. If small individuals could hide in cracks from the cold (lizards, for example), where they survived until the next sun, then big ones had nowhere to hide. Big minuses for past conditions became big pluses in the new situation. Warm-bloodedness and shaggy hair have become competitive advantages.

2Yesterday's elite became the food of yesterday's outcasts. The most insignificant rodent in the new conditions turned out to be cooler than the most gigantic dinosaur, so much so that from its hole it looked at the freezing giant no longer as at a king, whom it was scary to approach yesterday, but AS FOOD, which will freeze a little more, and you can start eating. And the freezing giant, understanding the intention of the licking shaggy “nothing” looking at him, thought with horror that the world had turned upside down. NEITHER the mind NOR the heart of the reptile COULD accept the new.

Traditional states today are dinosaurs in the transition from tropical to arctic climate. As long as the conditions are stable, they are the strongest, and their status is unshakable. But since life DOES NOT STAND still, the civilization climate is changing. Following this, the political flora and fauna change. What does not transform to the new climate that dies. The world is a continuous pressure of the new forms on the old ones. If the old cannot withstand the pressure, it collapses and the new takes its place. After some time, the new is no longer new and becomes traditional - the nature of the current moment. During this period, the next new thing is born, which begins to put pressure on yesterday’s new thing. It is impossible to stop this process, because the world is always in motion. Movement creates change. The accumulation of the critical amount of novelty INITIATES THE TRANSITION of quantity into quality. The situation-climate is beginning to change at a fundamental level. There are always forces in the world interested in destroying the old and establishing the new. And there are forces interested in the opposite - in preserving the old and preventing the new. As long as the structure corresponds, firstly, to the ideological climate, and secondly, to the political and economic climate, it IS IMPOSSIBLE TO BREAK it. When it ceases to correspond to the situation and the spirit of the times, it IS IMPOSSIBLE TO SAVE it. Whoever sits at the key positions of the existing system always defends it in the fiercest way. No rational arguments work on them, because their way of life depends on the system. The destruction of the system will lead to the destruction of their lives.

3The nobles used to love talking about the liberation of serfs by the fireplace over a glass of wine. But one thing is to talk, and quite another is to liberate - to lose a source of income. If the serfs rebelled, trying to free themselves, the nobles suppressed the rebellion and again sat down by the fireplace to talk about the barbarity of the feudal order. Active people NOT INTEGRATED into the system always strive in the fiercest way to destroy the old. If the attacking party represents the idea the time of which has come, the persecution backfires. There appear sacrificial victims and martyrs for the idea, playing the role of the banner around which even more people gather. If the time for the idea HAS NOT COME, the sacrifices are still not in vain. When the time comes, they will be made into a banner, just as, for example, Giordano Bruno was made into a martyr of science, although there was NOTHING SCIENTIFIC in his activities. He was burned because he openly preached a non-Christian religion - Hermeticism. He argued that the Universe is a deity, has no beginning, and consists of many worlds in which God is dissolved. This was fundamentally contrary to the Christian understanding of God. Bruno was persuaded for eight years and, at the very end, was forced by torture to renounce his views and renounce their preaching. But Bruno was very stubborn. He called his teaching “the philosophy of dawn” and was ready to die for it. What science has to do with it is unclear. One thing is clear: when the new fights the old, all means are good. Myth-making is one of the striking powers. It allows you to turn real motives into justification ones, thereby strengthening your position. To see the depth of the conflict between the old and the new, imagine two forms of life. One can live at the temperatures below zero. At zero it dies. Another form can live at the temperatures above zero. At zero it also dies. And are these two lives are in one closed room, where you can set minus and plus temperatures. There is no room for compromise in this situation. A compromise in the form of 00 means death for both. A deadly clash between these two life forms is inevitable. Either one or none will survive. Under such conditions, there is no room for an option where BOTH LIVES are preserved. The new always poses a nightmarish horror for the old, because it comes with one goal - to kill the old. The old always feels it with every fiber of the soul and therefore resists with all its might, until the last breath. It has nothing to lose...

When Christians came to the pagan world, making place for themselves in the world, they NOT JUST denied the pagan gods, but desecrated them as best as they could. Priests and believers who stood up to defend their faith were killed. Christians destroyed temples, denied the value system, ridiculed old traditions, ostentatiously violating all pagan norms. By the standards of the pre-Christian world, Christians are considered moral monsters and a mortal horror of hell. When humanists came to the Christian world, they began to do exactly the same thing that Christians did with pagans in their time. They destroyed churches, ridiculed, humiliated and desecrated Christian norms, going bad. Naked girls danced on the altars and defecated in the holy of holies. They came to the service, and when communion began, they shouted that Christians were eating their God alive. Voltaire2 PUT FORWARD THE SLOGAN “Crush the bastard!” pointing to the Church. Priests and parishioners who defended the faith were killed. By Christian standards, humanists were the DEVIL INCARNATE and moral monsters. Today, the new is knocking on the doors of humanists. The new power will sweep them away in the same way as they swept away Christian civilization in their time. The humanistic civilization, which now calls itself traditional (as every civilization calls itself), has no illusions about the intentions of the new, just as Christianity HAD NO illusions about the intentions of humanism. Therefore, it takes the new for horror flying on the wings of the night. If during the time of the conquistadors the South American civilization had been at the same level of development as the European one, an IRRECONCILIBLE CONFLICT would have occurred between them when the Europeans would have seen that the Indians were sacrificing children to their deities. THERE WOULD BE NO doubt for them about the Indians serving Satan and making terrible sacrifices to him. Faith would oblige Christians to go on a crusade against Satanists. The Indians would be horrified by the Europeans' intention to prevent children from finding eternal bliss and deities from gaining strength to protect the world from dark forces. (According to the belief of the Indians, deities drew new strength from human sacrifices). In the same way, they would HAVE NO doubt about Europeans being the servants of Satan who came to destroy the world. And their faith would also oblige them to go to war against the servants of Satan.​

aIf the parties have different worldviews, different points of reference, each side is confident that it is right, in such a situation there is no room for any negotiations. Compromise is possible if the parties are represented by normal people who have normal views of the world, normal goals and values. But since the concept of the norm 100% determines the VIEW OF THE WORLD, and the conflicting parties have different views, they will have a DIFFERENT CONCEPT of the norm. The difference in views at a fundamental level turns opponents in each other’s eyes not just into abnormal people, but into a fiend of hell and absolute evil, who cannot even be called human. People have normal views. For those who are abnormal, there are special negative epithets with a strong emotional component. The old civilization in a new situation ALWAYS BEGINS to collapse on both sides. On the one hand, it is pressed by its own growing mass. On the other hand, something new is pressing on it, the pressure of which is also growing. This process is usually called evolution. Many people no longer have any doubts about the old world moving to INEVITABLY COLLAPSE. This is not a question of principle, but of time. But the faster it collapses, the faster the place will be cleared for the creation of the new model. The faster we will build it, the faster the resources scattered today in the confrontation between states (read resources for creating death in all its aspects) will be concentrated on solving the MAIN TASK - overcoming death. Everything that was done in the world until the last moment was aimed at death: from spiritual teachings to scientific and technical discoveries. Everything - maybe not the last, not the most significant, but the stage on the way to death. There is not a single thing that would block this path or prevent death. Why? That is the world for now, as we were all convinced of this and are still being convinced of this. Spiritual teachings (to varying degrees) take people away from the truth, replacing GLOBAL CONCEPTS with life ones, that is, those that fit into a person’s life. And what is next, and before that? The idea of VICTORY OVER DEATH today is still considered as atheistic by Christianity, and therefore will be rejected a priori by many people. The vast majority in the world DO NOT WANT to defeat death. Death by one's own will IS NOT death as a tragic interruption of life due to accident, illness, or violence. You can call passing, transition, transformation – as you wish. How can you allow yourself to think THAT THERE IS NO DEATH? This is the most obvious thing in the world and there is nothing to refute it. That is why it is so difficult to get rid of the “planetary” attitude that has been imposed on us since the “introduction” of the reincarnation process through the Control System. You either want to live in the world where there is no death for you, or in the world of dying people. One of such attitudes lives to distract the eye, to transfer it from the point to minor details. Death is salvation from suffering. But why then does death bring suffering and pain into the world? Why does a person, a family, and a nation suffer when death “comes”. Or once it was decided that people had had enough of this - the belief that death would give them salvation, to live, NOT FEARING death, but also expecting salvation. The grandiose fraud with human mortality, in the existence of which almost all people are convinced today, can be destroyed against the backdrop of the ongoing processes of “abolition” of both the religion as the basis of this and the state itself, as the system of controlling people. This means that we will all have a better chance of surviving until the solution is found. From this arises the need to increase the evolutionary speed of collapse to revolutionary speed. For humanists this call makes us about the same as they were to Christians or - what the bourgeoisie was for the feudal lords. But just as spring always defeats winter, so a new idea, whose time has come, defeats old ideas, whose time has passed. I'm more than sure of this. Consumer civilization is the LAST STAGE of the disintegration of the era of humanism. The so-called “age of information” is coming into its own, but NOT AS an era, but as the process (instrument) of intensive destruction of everything that has been imputed to us for the last two thousand years, under the guise of the transition of one era to another. I want to emphasize that there WERE NOT any eras described in numerous so-called historical works, chronicles and “documents”. The time frame for each stage of civilization development (transition from one civilization to another) was based on the parameters of executive step-by-step processes from the programs for “Development of the brain genotypes and Energy biogenesis of body flesh.” The whole history, as the program for the development of the brain genotypes, is the Main Law of History, and NOT ANYTHING ELSE.

4 But let's return to our realities - nowadays EVERYONE IS CONNECTED with each other, can create content and have access to a common amount of information. “The possibilities of billions of people connected to each other by mobile devices with unprecedented processor power, memory capacity and access to knowledge are limitless.”3 This is rapidly changing the design of society. As a consequence, the political and economic design will change. Today, the key positions of the old system are occupied by dinosaurs—people born in the pre-computer era. Tomorrow they will be squeezed out by hamsters - people who were born with a computer in their hands, who do not know how to dial a number on a rotary telephone. Hamsters compared to dinosaurs are ridiculous from the dinosaur's point of view. But he who laughs last laughs longest. When the tropical climate ends, conditions change. In the new climate, dinosaurs are not just funny to hamsters, they are now their food. The new generation thinks in a different paradigm, the old is alien to them, they strives for the new. While this aspiration DOES NOT HAVE direction, it is like scattered light - it illuminates, but does not represent any power. But if you put it through the PRISM OF AN IDEA, it will turn into a laser. Quantity will turn into quality - the caterpillar will become a butterfly. But let’s transfer the picture to our reality. We live in THE SOCIETY WITH NO IDEOLOGY. Thinking people have a demand for the meaning of life, a need for answers to big questions: “What is the world?”, “What follows from this?”, “What is Me?”, “What will happen after death?”, “What is the answer to the challenge of death? But not a single developed country has an institution that provides official answers to ontological questions. All questions hung in the air. The US DOES NOT HAVE an official answer to any question. The European Union, China, Japan and other advanced countries also do not have such answers. If anyone thinks that Russia has it, they should know that it has ORTHODOX REVERESSES, but not the answers. The Church has such answers (I’m omitting their quality, focusing only on their availability), but not Russia. I will say more - Russia is FORBIDDEN TO HAVE such answers. The statement looks strange, but you should remember that ideology is a set of ideas and values, answers to basic questions. Keeping this in mind, we open the Constitution of Russia and see: “No ideology can be established as state or mandatory” (Article 13, paragraph 2). Whatever one may say a ban on ideology IS A BAN on having answers to basic questions. Also, for the sake of objectivity, I will say that the Constitution in Art. 2 declares rights and freedom the supreme value, and supports the ideology of liberalism. It turns out that the same document in one article prescribes having an ideology, and in another prohibits doing so. The situation with the Constitution shows what a mess is in the heads of the authorities. The only ones who have answers to global questions are Third World countries where religion is embedded in the state. But even there, NOT EVERYTHING is smooth... Religious answers for a long time and in all respects do not correspond to the level of development of modern society. If you look not at words, but at deeds, religions in developing countries do not play the role of a guiding star that sets the direction for the society, but the role of a TOOL TO CONTROL the society. A holy place is never empty. Society is like a solution saturated with wandering molecules. The molecules are not organized, but show search activity. If you drop a grain into such a solution, crystallization will immediately begin around it.

A similar reaction will take place in society, immersed in an ideological vacuum. If you put a WORLD VIEW IDEA there which corresponds to the modern level of development, and answers to global questions will flow from it, crystallization will begin around it. In the conditions of global communication, people WILL START TO STRUCTURE around the idea, not into a traditional form - not into a state and a party, not into a religious or public organization, but into a FUNDAMENTALLY DIFFERENT STRUCTURE, taken beyond the scope of matter. To visualize the image, imagine: two thousand years ago, the ancient Roman Empire was immersed in an ideological vacuum, like the modern world. Plus, let’s imagine that it had a liberal-democratic system, a computer, the Internet and social networks. And in such an empire Christianity arises. It says that there is a world and GIVES ANSWERS to all global questions, a single goal and meaning of life - to overcome death and get heaven. With global communication, preaching will not take place in city squares and suburban wastelands, but on the Internet. The supporters of Christianity that appear will first be scattered throughout the Internet. When they reach the first critical size, groups dedicated to the new teaching will begin to emerge. People will start producing content and promoting it. This will SPEED UP THE PROCESS of like-minded people emerging. When the number of supporters reaches the second critical size, they will gather in a thematic ideological social network. This will speed up the process again. One day the number of supporters will reach a third critical size: the thematic ideological social network will become global. The authoritarian, undeveloped ancient Roman Empire had religious answers to all questions. Supporters of Christianity under these conditions formed an engineering model known as the Church - a bureaucratic hierarchical institution-ministry. But if the ancient Roman Empire had been ideologically democratic and computerized, supporters of the doctrine would have formed a global ideological social network like Facebook.

5SOCIAL NETWORKS are non-biological form of life like the State or Religion, Language or Science. Every life strives for its own good. At the first stage, the purpose of any life is - to survive. Newborn social networks were similar to the state. The larger the territory controlled by the state, the more taxes and natural resources it collects from it. The more assets, respectively, the greater are the chances to survive. Social networks are similar: the more clients they involve, the higher the profit, and the MORE CHANCES to survive. They expand like spots on the map. To visualize the process, try to imagine the planet as an outline map. Multi-colored dots appear on it. They increase in volume, spreading in all directions. This continues until they bump into each other. Full coverage completes the first stage of the social networks evolution. At the second stage of evolution, when social networks ran into each other and limitless expansion ended, social networks became like states that covered the entire planet. If at the first stage the engine of development was the acquisition of NEW TERRITORIES, then at the second stage the engine becomes the RETENTION OF THE EXISTING territories from the claims of neighbors. At this stage, states are constantly fighting with each other for the place under the sun. Likewise, social networks are constantly waging wars with each other for the client. They also attack each other, trying to get the clients to their site. Just as the war of states for territory stimulated technological progress, those who did not keep up with it were erased from the political map, so the war of social networks for the client stimulates progress. We can all see how old services are improved or die out, and new ones are offered. The development of social networks is similar to the development of the automotive industry. At first, all factories differed from each other in quality. For example, Cadillac showed a publicity stunt: three cars were dismantled for parts, and all the parts were mixed into one pile. Then parts were taken out of it at random and three cars were reassembled. But Ford COULD NOT do this with their cars. It stayed on the market due to its low price. Time has erased the technical difference. As one authoritative magazine that monitors the auto market stated in 2016, there are no bad cars. Cars differ in brands, design, equipment, etc., but not in technical quality. Cheap cars DO NOT HAVE some options, not because the company CANNOT make them, but because the manufacturer DOESN'T FIND any commercial sense in it. Now there is no question of how to make a good car. The question is how to sell it. Social networks have gone the same way, only much faster. Yesterday they differed in their technical level. What one network could do, another COULD NOT do. Today there are no such problems. More precisely, there are, but they are rapidly disappearing under the slogan: “everything is for the client.” Everyone strives to provide the client with everything so that he does NOT NEED to go from one site to another to look for something or communicate with someone. Search engines acquire functions for communicating or viewing content, and social networks acquire functions of search engines. The engineering issues involved in creating such networks have long disappeared. There is no problem creating a technical copy of any global social network. No problems at all. The only problem today is NOT TO CREATE a social network, but to FILL IT with visitors.

At the dawn of the IT sphere, this problem was solved through original ideas. Now there is no such hope. The giants buy or copy any new original idea. The quality of the idea implementation by giants will be incomparably higher than that of its inventor. Global social networks at the peak of development bumped into each other and are NOT GROWING anymore. There is no room. Every social network experiences pressure from the competitors. By resisting, it increases internal pressure. The world system is trembling with tension. The pressure is constantly increasing, but the increase in tension cannot stop. This cannot last endlessly. A phase transition is predicted. The only direction of transition is from development in breadth to development upward, from plane to volume. Like with war, when the battle went from the plane (in the field) to volume - under water, into the air, into space. Scientific and technological progress has taken yesterday's method of warfare to a new level - from plane to volume. But it cannot take social media to the next level. And commercial motivation CANNOT, either. Whatever fantastic technologies and services may appear in one company, tomorrow everyone will have them. Technical development will improve the quality of social networks, which will only increase the tension of the entire system. Yesterday social media was a caterpillar. Today they are like a caterpillar chrysalis in its final stage - they are about to burst from internal tension. For a chrysalis to become a butterfly, for the evolution of social networks to reach the next level, there must be a WORLD OUTLOOK IDEA.

6Looking from this position at the totality of the situations and details, the world is a magnificent gift box, a precious case of the ideological vacuum, liberal democracy and scientific and technological progress. It is made to keep the diamond of incredible value - a WORLD VIEW IDEA. The box is empty and open, awaiting its treasure. Nowadays there are lots of global commercial social networks, but there is not a single GLOBAL IDEAL, SOCIAL NETWORK, since there is no ideological idea proportional to the level of the society development. In addition to the previously listed indicators of such an idea (from it the main goal and meaning of life, the concepts of good and evil, etc. are derived), it has another quality that perfectly correlates with the subject of social networks: the potential to support the entire humanity - all 7.5 billion people living on the planet today. Today, not a single so-called “global idea”, no matter whether scientific or entertainment, gastronomic or everyday, will be able to retain billions. The idea of riding a motorcycle or cheering for football, the idea of ecology or equal rights for women can attract and retain large numbers of people. But even in theory, it is NOT THOUGHT that they can attract all of humanity. The idea of overcoming death is in fact not ideological, because it is not derived from the scope of the Whole. But in scale it is ideological. For now it is impossible to think of anything ABOVE IT. Any other idea is smaller compared to its background because to achieve any idea it must be available. Life is the basis of all goals, meanings and achievements. And since all people are mortal, THE IDEA OF OVERCOMING DEATH is capable of holding up all of humanity.

7Religion is the social network of the past era. There have been many religions, and humanity HAS NEVER BEEN united into a single construct. Nowadays the world is immersed in a global ideological vacuum. Consequently, if you PUT AN IDEA into it, a global ideological social network will come into being. This will be a new identity that does not exist today - a SUPERSTATE POWER, which can be called a Virtual State. It will hang over the planet as a superior force in the same way as the Vatican once hung over the Catholic states. Against this background, the history of material existence can be imagined as a runway on an aircraft carrier. At the beginning it is flat, and at the end it is raised at an angle so that the plane can take off the deck. History began at the moment of the material world emergence. At first it was dead matter that evolved for about ten billion years - rolling down the runway. Four billion years ago, life evolved - the speed is increasing. At the moment of the intelligent life birth material existence reaches its finish line – TAKE OFF at the end of the runway. But over the last 18 thousand years, due to certain circumstances and the “capture” of our planet, while solving completely different problems through the Earth’s control system, changed by the “invaders”, it was divided, within the framework of the “development of the brain genotypes”, into segments: cave, slave, feudal, capitalist. The last segment is the consumer society. At its very tip, but already within the framework of the “breakdown” of the old Control System and the GLOBAL CHANGES that began in connection with this, affecting everything and everyone - THE INFORMATION AGE. And just as the airplane, having reached the end of the runway, takes off from the deck into the sky, so the world of matter in the new era will move to the next level of existence - into the NON-MATERIAL world. And it will be lifted there by the Virtual State. This process has already begun. It began in many aspects of our existence today, including the transformation of the administrative and bureaucratic vertical, created from 2000 to 2012 so carefully and reverently. And about which I will remind you in the next article on the basis of the completely public material, and for those who have NOT YET “GOTTEN’ to the historical work “Fundamentals of the Mankind Formation”, this will be an impetus to discover this information for themselves. These processes are rapidly gaining momentum and precisely within the framework of this information era. They are under way in almost all areas of our life support today.

8All of us see and hear all this, and there are many who already understand what is happening. As an example of the current concern for everyone is the matter of the so-called corruption, which is NOT ONLY alarming, but has also become a “talk of the town”. Here you need to understand that the “restlessness” of the current leadership, which is “worried” about the growing corruption, is in vain! Corruption is NOT THE OFFICIALS’ disease of the society; it is a programmatic state of the executors of brain genotypes 42 and 44. This is their vital, functional executing mission, ENDOWED TO THEM from the outside by the old System (born within the framework of the consumer society created by these executors). Therefore, it is possible to fight corruption only BY ELIMINATING this “mission”, however, together with the executor, and not otherwise! Now this is the task of the new System; it is NOT INSTANTANEOUS in its completion, but in a fairly short time (even in our current understanding) it will be completed. During the development of this process, one must at least try to select individuals of the different brain genotype for such work, and the result will be obvious. But the current leadership does not have such a “genotypotamograph” with which it would be possible to determine such a genotype, and who will allow them to isolate it from the finances generated by them (financial fascism, to be more precise). This is a private task. It has a solution that CANNOT be made public today, but it is already partially being implemented. Let me remind readers that it was in this way, regardless of people, that a certain DESTRUCTIVE ACTION was carried out by the invisible state of parasitism, which manifested its effectiveness in severe material and social infringement, up to a destructive effect, especially on the historically indigenous peoples of Russia. And people need to know this. The processes are under way... And in the very recently held elections (single voting day on September 10) - which, according to the results, evoke very CONFLICTING FEELINGS in people, most often critical. There are more than enough reasons for this. Moreover, in all countries of the world, elections today play a destructive role, splitting the population into two almost equal parts and creating reasons for non-recognition of election results due to obvious and imaginary violations. But no matter how bad the elections are, it is impossible to form a legitimate leadership of the country without them.

9Therefore, it is necessary to look for such technologies of election campaigns, which would consolidate the population around the idea that unites them, and not turn them into groups of people hostile to each other. The main difficulty in using the “new reality” as the UNIFYING IDEA of the election campaign was the problem of its understanding by both election organizers and voters. And this despite the fact that the “new reality” is not only on the threshold of our lives, but is already present in all spheres of life: there is already a new political reality, a new economic reality, a new social reality, a new educational reality. But most of the population, and even politicians, DO NOT NOTICE it, and try to live as I they are in the old reality, which no longer exists. To understand the new reality, it was necessary to use this election campaign, because it affects the interests of representatives of ALL GROUPS of people and practically all illusory parties. All of them have already lost everything they had. They will have to start all over again in the new reality and through collective efforts gain new achievements in the new reality. However, it would be VERY MISGUIDED ADVICE to limit ourselves to such a superficial level of judgment. The elections themselves are an element of the so-called democracy, which is shouted about at every corner. Democracy in reality is a fragment of an illusory veil that covered the entire post-Soviet space with the rainbow colors of “social and legal equality” according to Western stencils of their Western consciousness and limited mentality, which NOT ONLY theoretically, but practically CANNOT take root, especially in Russia. Democracy, as an artificially implanted program, no longer exists in Russia. The main reason is that the old control programmed process has been stopped. Perhaps, in their hearts the pseudo-democrats would like to implement something for the “electorate” out of everything they promised, but who will allow them to do this? The old executors of the Conceptual Power4 are removed from the implementation of the program processes, and there will never be new ones for them. Politics and the election campaign have a powerful weapon against the terrifying appearance of the new reality as a system - its elements are its meaning, its goals and values. They should have BEEN ELECTED for the main directions of this election campaign. But this was not done, because the New Reality requires understanding, not knowledge, which is not the same thing.

For Russia, the new Vector of the Goal is objectively prescribed to be the ORGANIZING SAVIOR of Humanity. We have to be ready and have such a new power structure that will allow us, in the shortest possible time and in the most difficult conditions of the changing ongoing situation happening before our eyes, to organize and move to the NEW STRUCTURE of the social organization of Man. Moreover, we will have to not only accept into our territory PART OF THE SURVIVING population from other regions of the Planet (pay attention to those “natural” disasters that shake many regions and do not find any intelligible explanations even among the scientific world), but also provide ORGANIZING ASSISTANCE in the places of their traditional residence, where the conditions of life providing and life support WILL BE PARTLY recreated. In this regard, completely different approaches will be required to form a new state structure in Russia as a whole, changing the basic principles in the strategies of federalization and regionalization, taking into account their fundamentally changed functions and scales. Such basic fundamentals should only be grasped with the “heart and mind” and not with the benefit of temporary individuals.



1 Saltykov-Shchedrin, “Crucian carp the idealist.”

2 Voltaire (November 21, 1694 - May 30, 1778) birth name of François-Marie Arouet. French philosopher - educator of the 18th century, poet, prose writer, tragedian, historian and publicist.

3 Klaus Martin Schwab - German economist, founder and permanent president of the World Economic Forum in Davos since 1971.

4 Conceptual power is the power of ideas that have dominated human society for thousands of years and the power of people capable of generating such ideas. It is autocratic by nature and ignores the “democratic” procedures of society, which do not see and do not want to recognize its autocracy.

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