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369_Series. Salvation of Saviors

Monday, 23 October 2023 10:11

051_369 A new reality…

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When you base your expectations only on what you see, you close your eyes to the possibility of a new reality.

Nowadays we live in the society that has neither purpose, nor idea. And without them, any society is NOT JUST dying, it is becoming demoralized. I am sure that in such a situation, the best minds should focus not on discussing the ongoing, but on the reason that generates these events. If it drips from the ceiling, you have to fight with the hole in the roof, not with the puddle on the floor. Naturally, everyone will answer all the life questions put to him in one way or another. Whether he comprehends it or not is the second question. The main thing is that he will definitely live his life in one direction or another. If he chooses the direction himself, he is a Person. If his instincts or habits did it for him, he is an animal. Most of people are in the animal world, because they have never thought about why they live this way and not otherwise. The way they were brought in and were let to go – that way they will follow and live their lives. And no need to be offended – you just should look around carefully. If one person has a WRONG OPINION about the question, and the second DOES NOT SUSPECT about the existence of the question, and the first is mistaken, he is still much higher than the second. In fact, the position of the first is the position of the person who feels an urge to know. The position of the second is the position of an animal that does not know anything beyond the boundaries of the current life, DOES NOT WANT TO KNOW and is not able to know anything like that. There is reading that is caused by emotions, and there are emotions – caused by reading, which are more important. But there is also the mind that is hampered by emotions. We need information (from reading) and the mind to accept or NOT TO ACCEPT this information by our brain. The information is primary, everything else is important (perhaps), but secondary. Nowadays we all need to understand that the main task of our time is to FIND WORLDVIEW. This is a reference point, based on which the scattered demoralizing world can be set in motion. Archimedes said: "give me a fulcrum, and I will move the earth..." We will not say: give us worldview, and we will create new civilization. Not out of modesty, but because no one will give anything to anyone.

1There is NOTHING TO GIVE. And there is no one to ask. Today it is difficult to grasp the revolutionary globality of the ongoing (the global cannot be assessed at the moment of realizing of its appearance). Trying to imagine this in practice WOULD BE A LIE. Because you can imagine tomorrow's reality only with your today’s mind. But this will NOT be TOMORROW's reality, but an upgrade of today's. The reason is that the present only partially follows from the past. The second part follows from the future. The moment of the present is like a contact of processes moving towards each other, one from the past, the other from the future. With such an image, THERE IS NO PRESENT TIME, nothing is moving. There are only successive moments of being. To know what the next moment of being will be, you need to know NOT ONLY what has already happened (the past) but also what will happen (the future). But we at best know the past. We don't know what comes from the future. Therefore, WE CANNOT predict the next moment for the same reasons that we cannot predict the state of water in the next period of time if we DO NOT KNOW whether it will be put in the freezer or in the hot oven. The head of people is a bucket — what is poured into it is in it. Analysis of information is not available to many people, not because they cannot do it, but because it is work. Why work if you may not work… Our brain always follows the path of the least resistance. "It's much quieter to believe once than to live and think every day".1

2Today, the world is rapidly changing before our eyes. You can save yourself in such conditions only through constant SELF-CHANGE - to keep up with the times. Paradox: in order to remain yourself, you need to change constantly, getting rid of the old self. Who CANNOT, he no longer corresponds to the surrounding environment, and eventually is no longer himself. Whoever strives to correspond to yesterday's environment, because it is familiar, and therefore comfortable, contradicts himself. If your current comfort is rooted in the past, this is your tomorrow's discomfort. Just like the feudal lords, their comfort turned into discomfort under capitalism. And they COULD NOT do anything about it, even if they tried to match the situation. "The aristocracy brandished beggars’ bag of the proletariat as the banner to lead the people. But every time they followed her, they noticed old feudal coats of arms on her backside and ran away with loud and irreverent laughter."2 The rescuing of the drowning people is the work of the drowning people. Option one - we OURSELVES MAKE UP the understanding of the whole, from which we draw conclusions and focus on them in our current life. Or the second option is to take ON FAITH subconscious directions and patterns and, without asking unnecessary questions, focus on them in our current life. Today, most people live by the second option. And this is convenient and SUITS LOTS of them. But if there is a desire to move forward, then we must admit that it is extremely difficult for us today. We need to want to understand why we are going in one direction and NOT THE OTHER; why this is good and that is evil, and not vice versa. You need to want NOT TO WISH to take any patterns on faith and limit your thinking with them. It is necessary that the pattern "God exists» becomes equally unacceptable, as well as the pattern "God does not exist". You need TO WANT TO KNOW, but NOT TO BELIEVE! We must finally understand that the truth is NOT A MIRROR and is not like anyone else. By the truth, we must understand not our idea of the object, but the object itself. Then many philosophical speculations about the truth disappear by themselves.

In the last century, an experiment was set up: five monkeys were placed in a cage. A banana was hung on top. If the monkey climbed after it, it was poured with a stream of cold water. When all the inhabitants of the cage formed a persistent taboo on the banana, everyone learned that punishment is expected for trying to get the treat; the monkeys were no longer poured with water. Then ONE NEW monkey was put into the cage and one old one was taken away. The newcomer first of all climbed for the banana. The old-timers monkeys attacked him, saving themselves and the newcomer from trouble. Soon the newcomer realized — you CANNOT EAT a banana. Gradually, all the primates poured with water were replaced with new ones. There were animals in the cage that had NEVER been POURED with water. But the taboo still continued to work. Since the taboo on the banana was NOT REINFORCED (water was not poured), and the banana tempted, the ban weakened. If the first generation of monkeys not poured with water did not even look at the banana, then the second increasingly lingered on the desired fruit. Once, THERE WAS A DAREDEVIL who violated the banana tradition — he took out a yummy and ate it in front of everyone. All the monkeys, especially the old-timers, were in a nervous state. Their facial expressions and gestures signaled the rejection of the banana eater. They showed contempt for a shameless, immoral criminal who trampled the sacred customs of their ancestors. The criminal was uncomfortable with the pressure of the society, but the taste of banana WAS STRONGER. Therefore, when a new banana appeared, he plucked it with even greater speed. And again, to everyone's envy, he ate it. On the third banana, the daredevil had followers. Soon all the inhabitants of the cage, despising all shame, shamelessly ate bananas, including THE MOST ARDENT adherents of the good old tradition. Ignoring the customs of their ancestors, they seemed to make up for lost time, pushing joy on both cheeks (an ambiguous expression). The experiment showed the mechanism of FORMATION AND DESTRUCTION of norms and taboos. When the monkeys were poured with water, the banana ban was reasonable. When pouring was stopped , the ban began to weaken and eventually stopped acting. The animals could not understand why the banana should not be plucked. Monkey’s common sense quickly outweighed tradition. In the modern world, there is EXACTLY THE SAME situation.

3The observance of the church norms and taboos was very reasonable when people believed in God, and there was Inquisition. When they threaten to burn you at the stake for violating church dogmas during your earthly life and torture you with torments of hell forever in the afterlife, there is an incentive to follow church regulations. It is not only stupid to violate it, but also deadly dangerous. But when religion has become a superstition, and the Inquisition has gone into oblivion, what is the point of taking religious dogmas as a guide in your current life? To what extent yesterday it was stupid and dangerous to violate church guidelines, to the same extent today it is STUPID AND DANGEROUS to follow them (I do not want to offend believers). This is a meaningless sacrifice of oneself and one's own good to no one. But the majority in their actions and intentions CONTINUE TO TAKE as a guideline the attitudes generated by the past. They walk like enchanted along the rut, not trying to get out of it and go their own way, for their nature, their desires and tastes. The taboo artificially created for monkeys was destroyed in 1-2 generations after the PUNISHMENT STOPPED WORKING. For humans, the destruction of artificially created taboos lasted for many centuries. The main reason: the scale of values, norms and taboos born in the "cave" and religious times, the directions for the situation, DID NOT GO AWAY with the passing of the past, because they were renamed as UNIVERSAL VALUES and declared the guiding star. But all this happened in direct connection with the programs for the development of specific brain genotypes. Humanism wrapped the old church and "cave" directions in a new wrapper and declared them the ABSOLUTE TRUTH for a real person. And the real people followed them… If people had not confused, they would have seen the absurdity of the situation: to deny God, but at the same time, to be guided by his commandments. They would have seen that using the measure created for the old world in the new reality is like insanity. The old values, norms and taboos were good for the past, when people got information from newspapers and there was one phone for the whole house. Today, everyone is connected to each other; everyone creates one’s own content and has access to all the information. These opportunities radically change the principles of the world system organization, its architecture and design. "The possibilities of billions of people connected to each other by mobile devices with unprecedented processors, memory capacities and access to information are limitless."3 If a resident of the Sumerian kingdom or Ancient Egypt had got into the twentieth century, he would NOT HAVE SEEN anything new. The same old world known to him, only the speed of movement of goods and people is higher, communications, production, medicine are more efficient. He would have quickly fitted into it, like a monkey, if you had given her the intelligence of a ten-year-old child and money, she would have quickly fitted into the nightlife of any metropolis on the planet. If the same "ancient" person had got into the XXI century, he would have seen a fundamentally DIFFERENT EXISTENCE. Not a cart in which the horse was replaced by a motor, but a DIFFERENT REALITY. We, the contemporaries of the virtual reality, which is growing exponentially, have grown up in the world where two realities coexist, the old one created by mechanisms and the new one created by DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES. We do not see the difference between them and move from one to the other with the same routine with which we have moved from one room to another throughout history. But for the ancient man it will be a religious shock. For him, another existence was associated only with the afterlife or the divine world, where immortal beings — deities and souls of deceased people live. And nowadays we have entered that reality. Let's say for now we are like Pinocchio, who pierced the painted fireplace with his curious nose, behind which he saw a secret door. This process CANNOT BE STOPPED. But very few people are still able to comprehend where it leads to. In a few words: today a person by his nature has a LIMIT FOR PERCEPTION and assimilation of new information, and the system has no limits for the speed of development. The day before yesterday, there was an old system and it developed more slowly, relative to a person's ability to learn new things, due to the system solving certain tasks at that time, which were written about in the previous articles. Yesterday THE SPEEDS WERE EQUAL. Today, the new system is moving faster than a person is able to assimilate innovations. The gap will grow due to the nature of this new system and the LACK of people's WILLINGNESS to comprehend the ongoing, which people are not guilty of, due to the processes that have been INTENSIVELY OCCURRING for more than two thousand years, within the framework of the old control system. Many people cannot match the speed of the system development today. And this is an objective process. The process that has been STOPPED TODAY by the new control system, but the finiteness of this process should be understood in order to begin to OBJECTIVELY ASSESS the ongoing today as a kind of automotority and residual from the old system, practically "sewn" into the brains of people living today. Imagine the world system as a road, and the states are cars. The day before yesterday, a man was a driver sitting behind the wheel of the car. Yesterday he began to move to the seat next to the driver.

4A computer began to occupy the driver's seat. But the person sitting next to it COULD STILL influence the movement, could reach the steering wheel and turn it into the right turn, with his feet and hands he could press the brake or, on the contrary, turn up the gas. Today he is moving to the back seat. From there, he can still reach the steering wheel, but he CANNOT reach the brake pedal and gas. He can show his indignation with his voice if the car is not going where he wants, and this somehow affects the trajectory of movement. The next step of this successive "evolution" (regarding the fate of man, this term looks like a mockery, but, to be objective, the system as a whole has evolved, and the role of man in it has fallen) — man will move from the back seat to the trunk of a car. From there, he WILL NOT BE ABLE to influence the movement in any way. He will even stop seeing where he is being taken. Now the trunk is his world. The person himself is something like a high-tech gear, like a transistor now, the smallest and most important element of the computer. At this, the transformation, within the given parameters of the brain genotypes development, COULD NOT stop. It cannot be said that a person in this system could evolve. Yes, the world system could, but a person... especially within the framework of the so-called "golden billion" being created. If nothing had been changed, the system would have become more and more complex, and the person relative to it would have become simpler and smaller. And the speed of this gap would have increased and increased. The image in which all this would have resulted is HARD TO IMAGINE. This is like the tip of an iceberg, under which something is hidden that is as unthinkable for today's thought as stars are unthinkable for a worm. What could have been – beyond the scope of our current fantasy to an even greater extent than for our ancestors – is our reality. Consumer civilization is the final link of a bygone era and we see and feel this in reality.

Today, humanity, by historical standards, is rapidly flying into a new world like a rocket. And it must be prepared that the new reality will give rise to a new situation and rules corresponding to the new environment. The old has SAFELY GONE and WILL NOT COME BACK. The trend is that humanity will become like a single organism, where everything is in its place at will, because they know that it will be worse for them in another place. It is impossible to imagine a new world now. One can only intuitively say that the MAIN VALUES there will be different. For example, money will no longer be perceived as it is now. If a person shows money now, a special attitude arises towards him. In the new system, this will go away, as, for example, the value of heat has gone. Not in the sense that it is not needed, but in the fact that everyone has it. Previously, warmth was a sign of well-being, and a person could hint that it was ALWAYS WARM at home. And everyone would immediately understand what he means – that he stands firmly on his feet in material terms. Now this effect occurs when a person hints at his large bank account. In the coming system, such a hint will simply NOT BE UNDERSTOOD. Like now, a hint at well-being through warmth will not be understood. If someone say in the future that he has a lot of money, it will be understood, as it is now, that his house is always warm. "Well, warm, so what and what's next? What do you mean...?"

"I saw the approaching time when people will no longer be forced to work for a living, when the term "rich" and "poor" will no longer mean differences in material conditions, but will have the meaning of spiritual possibilities and aspirations; the time ... when even knowledge will come from sources that are now even difficult to imagine."4

5It is difficult for people to accept the idea that a set of values and attitudes, revered throughout life as eternal and self-evident truths, were created by past conditions and today HAVE NO other basis than habit. Through the manipulation of consciousness, this habit is still supported today by those who are interested in preserving the world as it is, because it is a source of HABITUAL BENEFITS for them. Traditionalism and conservatism are plunging the masses into a lethargic sleep. The sleeping will deny the facts, whatever arguments you give them, because the mass is by its nature stagnant, clumsy and inertial. No matter how inappropriate, false and stupid the old course is in the new situation, they are inclined to follow it. The generation that grew up in the atmosphere of the old era is psychologically NOT READY to admit that THERE IS NO TRUTH that every truth is according to the situation. No matter what I write here, people from the past era will consider true what is familiar. They are sure that if the weakened and worn – out are adjusted in time, the good old pyramid-shaped state, the patriarchal family, today's people, moral norms, attitude to psychedelics5, all this is preserved in our current existence. The absolute majority is tightly embedded in the system. A person's life can be imagined as moving through a swamp. The main mass stops by chance or sympathy on a hummock, and the person who lingers on it plunges into the swamp. Soon the point of no return comes, and then only death and death awaits him. But there were, there are and there will be few trying to get on solid ground where there is no death. They jump from hummock to hummock, trying not to stop anywhere, so as not to get bogged down in the quagmire until NO one has REACHED the end of the swamp, has not left the realm of death. For those who have plunged into the swamp, this fact is an argument in favor of continuing to sit on their hummock and wait for their OLD AGE AND DEATH. But there will always be few for which the absence of the result in the past DOES NOT MEAN that it is impossible to achieve it in the future. This should be taken into account today by those who have found the strength (do not consider my words high-sounding) to take up the "labor spade of knowledge" and use it to go only forward, consciously chosen path. Those who have stopped, that is, who are NOT LOOKING FOR anything else, who have found everything (in fact, who have lost everything), CANNOT hear these words. When I say that the old world is over and that THE ONLY SENSE of mortal man's life is OVERCOMING DEATH, for them these are empty words, smelling of stupidity and frivolity. Seriously is to conform to the patterns of the old world. To these ideas, they have about the same attitude as the Kaluga inhabitants had to Tsiolkovsky's ideas to explore space with the help of rockets. At the end of the XIX, the beginning of the XX century, the rocket was associated with fireworks, but not with space. With the idea of overcoming death, the situation is even worse. For most people of the XXI century, it is ASSOCIATED WITH MYSTICISM, quackery, religiosity and obscurantism. It's normal for them to live and die the old–fashioned way and DO NOT THINK about changing the order of things. Modern humanity resembles a headless chicken, running very soon, but having no idea where it is running. A modern consumer is a chicken that "just lives", then "just dies". And he is terribly worried that suddenly, before dying, he will NOT HAVE TIME to do everything that the system prescribes to do.

The modern world is a sagging, cracking and collapsing structure in all its parts. It is maintained only at the expense of concepts generated by the old worldview. Since the previous view of the world collapsed, the concepts left after it are hanging in the air. Today it is not even a colossus on clay feet, but MUCH WEAKER. A person is so arranged that he WANTS TO SHARE the information that struck him. If these articles of mine still make people (I really hope so) think about the ABSURDITY OF THE ONGOING, it will greatly accelerate the chain reaction of the old world collapse that has already begun, from which a new reality is structured as a phenomenal event of the present time. The main difficulty for using the "new reality" as a unifying idea is the problem of its understanding, both by people and officials. And this is despite the fact that the "new reality" is not only at the door of our life, but is already present in all spheres of life. But most of the population, and even politicians, as I have already said, do not notice it, and try to live as in the old reality, which is no longer there. All those who still decided to take up the "spade of knowledge" should begin with accepting three axioms:

The first axiom - the new reality requires understanding, not knowledge, which is not the same thing. V. V. Rozanov6 described the difference between understanding and knowledge most thoroughly and accurately in his time. In his opinion, "Knowledge is fragmentary, incoherent; it DOES NOT CONNECT various events into one whole, inextricably linked by an internal causal connection. In knowledge, everything is accidental and inexplicable. Knowledge increases through the SIMPLE ADDITION of one knowledge to another. Each gained knowledge is closed in itself and does not necessarily cause new knowledge, is limited with outer signs and external forms, but not by the inner nature of the phenomenon being known." He maintained that understanding, on the contrary: "... is necessarily formed with a purpose. Understanding reveals what lies beneath external objects and forms, what produces them. The purpose of understanding is to comprehend INDIVIDUAL PHENOMENA in their mutual connection, to understand the whole, the parts of which make up this phenomenon. In understanding, everything is necessary and clear. The truths GET TOGETHER ONLY in understanding. Understanding is formed with the dominant participation of the human mind, and feelings are only tools for it." According to A. I. Yuryev7, with whom it is impossible to DISAGREE today – there are four types of understanding: 1) "restoration of destroyed information", 2) "reproduction of previous information", 3) "anticipation of subsequent information", 4) "realization of the presented information".

 The second axiom. All phenomena, events of the "new reality" are its elements as a system. The "new reality" system must meet the following assumptions:

- have a hierarchical organization, i.e. the lower-order system is embedded in the higher – order system so that its output effect is perceived by the HIGHER-ORDER system and transformed into a process,

- be purposeful, because a PERSON IS INVOLVED in it, and it is artificially created by him,

- each element of the system must obey a COMMON GOAL. The goal is the starting point for the development of the system, the goal determines the activities of the system participants, the goal allows you to judge whether the system is working correctly, – each element of the system should influence all its other elements, and the output effects of individual elements should be transformed into the output effect of the entire system,

- measurement, appreciation, feedback should be INTEGRAL ELEMENTS of the system.

 Politics today is transformed into a MULTI-LAYERED PHENOMENON with a hierarchical organization, i.e. a lower-order system is embedded in a higher-order system so that its output effect is perceived by a higher-order system and transformed into a process. The levels of the policy system are: a) factual, b) the level of the context, c) the level of subtext and d) the level of sacred understanding of politics. Before the appearance of the new reality, the factual level of the policy system was enough (facts, deeds, dates, names) discussing housing and communal services problems, compromising each other, etc. Before coming the "new reality", the simplest, PRE-POLITICAL LEVEL of understanding was used - the factual one. But politics begins at the level of its context, implements a person's attitude to life values, raising some of them and diminishing others. Strictly speaking, context is the verbal and factual set of names, events, dates, and their interpretations, which MAKE IT POSSIBLE TO UNDERSTAND why and which people's life values are accepted and which are rejected. The subtext of politics consists of its goal-setting (determining the initial place of people in the political picture of the world, and indicating the direction to the place that is the subject of their dreams, fantasies, etc.); purposefulness (accurately determining the direction of their movement towards the given goal); determination (searching for resources that are necessary to move towards the chosen goal); expediency (calculation of time, schedule of reaching the desired point in the political picture of the world – achieving the dream). To do this, you need to have a scientific political picture of the world, which determines the goal as a dream - a "new reality". Today we all saw ignoring this in what is happening in the Ukraine and the processes that have begun in the Middle East. This is the destruction of the structure of the past organized existence, through the speculative effects that occur, which are quite convincingly demonstrated on the "waste disposal site": Israel, Palestine, Iraq, Syria, and Iran and, of course, some European countries. Parasitic violence is disposed of on this site. Political pathologists, of all countries and ranks, who have lost their understanding of reality, SHOULD NOT escalate anxiety about the ongoing. This disposal WILL NOT HAVE any global military scale (in the full understanding of this terminology, and even more so, with the use of nuclear weapons).

The highest level of politics understanding as the system is the sacred level, in which politicians hide its meaning. No esotericism: the SACRED LEVEL of understanding of politics contains various versions of the purpose of human life, around which there has been a political struggle for many centuries. All modern politics is the struggle of purposes, within the framework of putting the finishing touches set by the old control system, through specific brain genotypes 42 and 44 that are dominant at this time, but it still seems to many people THAT THIS is the struggle of economies, armies, special services, etc. It was believed and is still believed that whose meaning of life is inculcated in the consciousness of huge masses of people, that one without using weapons defeats anyone, even the most numerous, and heavily armed enemy. And what is happening today is the STRUGGLE OF MEANINGS, which was not done before the appearance of "the new reality at the door."

6The third axiom. All elements of the new political reality are interconnected, because each of them must influence all the other elements, and the output effects of individual elements are transformed into the output effect of the entire system. In politics, as in the system, there is NOTHING ACCIDENTAL and NOTHING SUPERFLUOUS. Every event in politics is inextricably linked with all other political events. Just as in other natural processes, all elements of the system are interconnected in politics. As, for example, in Ohm's Law, the voltage of the electric current (U= IR), the current strength ((I=U/R), and the resistance (R=U/I) are interconnected.

THE NEW REALITY is novelty; it is something that HAS NEVER BEEN before. And the difficulty of understanding it is achieved by "going beyond the novelty of the new reality", where its signs are hidden: unusual, because there are no ready-made "good" answers for it, unacceptability because of its apparent unnaturalness; suddenness, because novelty is revealed exactly when it was not expected; surprise, because the new reality turns out to be quite DIFFERENT from what it was foreseen. And they are interconnected, like the parameters of the electric current in Ohm's law. Naturally, these four emotionogenic8 factors cause a person to have mental reactions that PREVENT UNDERSTANDING of the new reality, and unwillingness to accept it, and even live in it. They cause people to fear the new reality. Under the influence of new experiences and sensations, a mentally healthy person no longer distinguishes the real from the artificial. The ground goes out from under his feet, because the very definition of a normal psyche, a normal life is no longer considered normal. The stream of changes that are rapidly taking place today before our eyes brings unprecedented complications in the lives of people who become victims of futuroshock9. We cannot imagine that in the future a world awaits us all, in which there is NOTHING IN COMMON with the world to which we are accustomed. In addition, the new reality causes a feeling of loneliness, which appears with rapid social and economic changes that disrupt the order in the social structure. The upsetting of social norms and the loss of restrictions make people feel that they are in the space without landmarks. And the new reality, with its incomprehensibility and scale, causes boredom and apathy. But this is the PROCESS OF CHANGING the control system, which is inevitable. With such an arsenal of knowledge, it is possible and necessary to TRY to TURN people's negative emotions from the collision with the new reality into its comprehension and into a joint search for solutions to innovative problems in removing excessive emotional tension and informing people about methods of adaptation to the new reality, which gives rise to a trend towards the abolition of the concept of "the absolute truth". The truth is NO LONGER DOGMAS, but a personal opinion. With the collapse of the old worldview, under the pressure of the new reality, it suddenly becomes clear that all the patterns, norms and taboos declared as the ideal are nothing but manipulation in order to encourage people to live against their personality, taste and individual characteristics for the benefit of the state and its elite. For believers, - it is also for the benefit of their religion and priests. Sometimes it seems to me that with each our choice we just create a new reality, leaving in a different plane the one where the choice was not made, or made, but different. And there are millions of realities where the events take place in different variations. And we are in different versions. But one way or another, we WIIL NOT KNOW what is there. For the choice is made. The Rubicon has been passed. And in another reality, there are others different – not we. But all those who urge to know and have chosen this path, have the MOST POWERFUL WEAPON against the frightening appearance of the new reality as the system – its elements are its meaning, its goals and values. They should be chosen as our main tool in the knowledge aimed at REVEALING THE MEANING of the new reality – so precious, for which it is worth living. Meaning appears when a person realizes himself responsible for something, in relation to someone or something. Life has a meaning that is always beyond one's own self. Life must CONFIRM THE VALUES of the new reality so that they irresistibly attract all people. So that they are ready to defend what they understand and what they know. The values of the new reality should manifest themselves as feeling, as passion for a person's occupation, consistent with his understanding and his knowledge, comparable to love. Life values is the way to give people a person’ gift, his talent, everything that he is rich in by nature. This is necessary TO FORM THE PURPOSE of a person's life in the new reality, which would direct his consciousness far beyond the horizon of the known, visible, understandable to other people, so that it would tell people what to do, find his place in the picture of the world, the path of his movement through life. And only in the system of the balanced meaning, values and goals – a person ACQUIRES the vital forces NECESSARY for him to maintain clear and full consciousness, the ability to work "beyond his strength", overcome resistance on the way to the goal and meaning of his life, get rid of uncertainty, worry, a tendency to be afraid of something in the new reality. Moreover, if he is imbued with an idea that is more global than anything today – to overcome old age and defeat death.



1 N. Korzhavin poem "Naivety".

2 Marx and Engels "Manifesto of the Communist Party".

3 Klaus Schwab, President of the Davos Forum.

4 N. Tesla.

5 Psychedelics are a class of psychoactive narcotic substances that change perception and affect the emotional state and many mental processes. Psychedelics can introduce a person into a volatile state of consciousness.

6 Rozanov V. V. – About Understanding. M., 1996

7 Yuryev A. I. Doctor of Psychological Sciences, Professor. Honorary Worker of Higher Professional Education of the Russian Federation. Founder and director of the Institute of Political Psychology and Applied Political Studies of the Leningrad State University named after A. S. Pushkin. Founder (and first head) of Russia's first Department of Political Psychology at St. Petersburg State University.

8 Emotionogenic factors are external or internal conditions that affect a person's emotional state and behavior.

9 Futuroshock is the fear of people for their future caused by the instability of the political, economic, social situation, rapid and radical changes caused by the acceleration of technological and social progress

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