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Thursday, 07 May 2020 05:03

Reasoning for a common person

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This never happened before and here again…

V. S. Chernomyrdin

People were preparing for a crisis, putting by for a rainy day, but were not ready for a pandemic. How much money was spent on the army reinforcement — and all in vain: an invisible enemy crept in imperceptibly — you can neither shoot him, nor blow him up.

By March 29, the population of 199 countries had been infected with coronavirus. In the world the number of cases exceeded 723,066 people, 33,983 died. In Russia, 269 people fell ill in one day, all in all 1,534 diseased in 58 regions, 68 recovered, 9 died.

The world is placed in quarantine. President Putin announced a week-long “vacation” throughout the country. The people didn’t know what to think about “such generosity”!

Authorities all over the world are trying to convince people to stay home. And there is a lot of talk — some people think that a pandemic is a test for humanity. Others — it is God's punishment! Still others take it for a deliberate provocation with the goal of cashing in. The fourth think this is an “elite conspiracy” aimed at reducing the world's population. The fifth — take it as a warning to our civilization, and the deadly virus is a messenger from outer space.

0In October 2019, a celestial body exploded over China, which could have contained “unknown to humans substances”. The first such hypothesis was stated by the exobiologist Chandra Wickramasingh from Cardiff University in Wales. And immediately, everyone remembered thehypothesis suggesting the dinosaurs became extinct due to a meteorite that fell on Earth and brought a deadly virus. Russian scientists admit that the version of their colleague may be true. However, scientific experiments are necessary to confirm the hypothesis. The ability to synthesize virus-like DNA in long space missions should be checked. And for 2023—2024, an interesting study is planned in this area. When launching the Bion-M-2 scientific apparatus as part of the “Meteorite” experiment, stones with holes will be secured on its casing. They will imitate a cosmic body, in the cracks and crevices of which there are bacteria and material for the synthesis of organics — a certain complex of chemicals. Scientists hope that they will be able to confirm the hypothesis of extraterrestrial origin of life on Earth. I think that “another miracle” will happen, and they will “confirm” it!

But then let us go back to the urgent situation. The World Health Organization (WHO) claims that self-isolation cannot stop the epidemic. The head of the World Health Organization, Tedros Gebreisus, admitted that self-isolation of citizens and restriction of movement WOULD NOT HELP TO COMPLETELY ERADICATE the coronavirus pandemic. So, the measures taken are a nody to the health care system (in those countries where it is available in an acceptable form) and are necessary only to reduce the number of sick people needing medical attention at the moment. In other words, by all measures, states are arranging a queue for doctors in hospitals, who carry very scarce artificial lung ventilation devices and the rest of medical care, for avoidance of crowds in case of many people getting sick at once. The vaccine may be ready, at best, in a year. No one would disclose what kind of vaccine it will be and for what. Billions of dollars are being allocated from budget for this, and — stolen.

Pope Francis and two of his assistants fell ill with the coronavirus. The Prime Minister of Canada and Prince Charles are sick. The information was confirmed that the coronavirus “is spreading” among the presidential administration. There are more and more facts evidencing the laboratory origin of COVID-19. There is the evidence that the “synthetic construct of the chimeric mutant”, the artificially created coronavirus, has been approved by the American research committee. Scientists have experienced the ability of the coronavirus they created to precisely infect humans.

1In October 2019, in New York, “THOSE WHO RULE THE WORLD” discussed the coronavirus pandemic. It was important for them to assess the possibilities of public-private partnerships “during the severe pandemic in order to reduce the massive economic and social consequences.” According to the scenario of “exercises”, 165 million people are to die in the world.

“The epidemic of coronavirus infection is a punishment for the people’s sins”, cries Filaret, the “honorary” Patriarch of the Ukraine Orthodox Church. Gay marriages, gays and lesbians are to blame.

Patriarch Cyril considers the coronavirus to be GOD'S GRACE AND THE WAY TO GOD. “The Lord calls on our self-confident technological civilization, which believes that everything is permitted and possible for it, to estimate its capabilities (...) so that we, without losing spiritual optimism, understand that God is above all”.

During the quarantine, in St. Petersburg, 70 thousand people worshiped the exposed relics of John the Baptist. And nobody got sick...

2The Holy Monks of Mount Athos call on all Orthodox Christians to “hang the Cross on the back side of their house doors”If you don’t have the Cross, you can make it with your finger by dipping it in olive oil. Yesterday, the Paraklis1of the Holy Virgin was served, and these instructions were “given” (disclosed) by the Holy Virgin herself — to the monks on the Holy Mountain.

Is this the end of civilization? No. This is the END of THE CONSUMER, civilization! The Comfort, for which it is so expensive to pay, should cease to be synonymous with happiness. “We need a new ideology. We need a new religion...” — the messangers of all stripes shout to us every day from TV screens. But not that long ago Napoleon said: “Religion is needed so that poor people do not kill the wealthy”.

How and why the coronavirus came into being and is constantly mutating is still not completely clear to all broadcast heralds. Some of them explain PLAINLY NATURE. Others are equally plain — GOD.

I decided to ask myself “simple” man’s questions who FEAR OF THIS VIRUS, or coronavirus. A person who is afraid that his family, friends and loved ones will fall ill. People who go to the store today with caution, with two masks on their face, because they believe that they will “protect themselves” more reliably, they buy everything, necessary and unnecessary, they are subject to the general psychosis around them, and so on... And when they come home, they no longer understand anything about what is happening from the constant 24-hour broadcast by all the media and the Internet. This is the life of today's “simple” person, who, in addition to everything else, is also placed in quarantine. What advice could be given to such a person? The advice — how to live, how to behave IN THIS DIFFICULT TIME? How to “adapt” to this virus? Although I understand that if this is Man, then he is not and should not be simple.

I am not going to explain the ongoing from the physics (nature) process point of view, referring to my books and articles, which have been read by many, I am not going to refer to information from Nicolai Levashov, Alexander Khatybov, Anatoli Luchin, Nicolai Morozov and other prominent Russian scholars who HAVE HELPED EVERYONE TO FIGURE OUT AND UNDERSTAND — why it happens this way and not otherwise, and how it all is going to end — provided that THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING.

I will tell you so it is clear to people who are not familiar with the New Knowledge and just want to figure out what they should do today, who to listen to, who to believe or not to trust anyone, what to worry about and where to run to...

2 1To begin with — take a seat and calm down, stop running around. Moreover — you’ve got a month-long opportunity — to sit down. Man, in general was not created to run about. Man was created to be able to stop and think about what kind of life we could rather have than the one which we have made ourselves at our own cost. There is another life — the life when you BEGIN TO UNDERSTAND what it is you live for, for the sake of what do you live, instead of just running around until you fall down and die. Almost no one knows where this coronavirus “has come from”, and whether it is a virus or something else. All this constant talking in the media only confuses people and does not give any reasonable and understandable explanations. By the way, THIS IS NOT IMPORTANT TO US, for instance, today. Let us just say that this is a good thingJust think and say so to yourself.

One may ask and this is the advice to a common man? “Yes, it is!” — I answer to myself. Just to a common man. VIRUS MAKES US STOP... It says: “People, stop! Earthlings! Look what you have done to the Earth! You destroy everything you exist in. You kill nature that developed you, gave birth to you, brought you up, and in which you exist”Our world was moving toward a world war — right where we have driven ourselves. There are certain conditions in the individual’s life when he/she enters into such a state and feels unable to come out. No doubt, this will certainly drag such person into some very bad situations, ill actions, and that person will not be able to get out. So, simply said, we were in exact situation.

Can it be assumed that the virus has saved humanity from a world war? Yes!We can confidently say that if it was not for this virus, then, in the near future, we would have begun preparing for the war, and, possibly, carried it out. You may ask — do we have to say “thank-you” to the virus? The answer is — it is mandatory! War is an argument, indeed. And we definitely were going towards it. “But how could it be?” — I ask myself. That's why we need to sit still and think about it, and just stop running around. We had no other choice. Because we, egoists, came to such a situation (as it has been continuously repeated in history), when only war could have saved us. The war — to make new markets, to renew everything that can and should be renewed, and start all over again — start running and do everything again after everything is being destroyed. And then again, the same thing. This is what we have been doing for the past two thousand years and rather actively. This is understandable at a global scale. But what shall we do today and right now?3

Firstly, the virus itself is global. This is also surprising in today's understanding of people. Take a look and try to understand — Nature, in the broadest sense of the word, has very “amazing things” that we did not even know about. The virus got everyone, and so quietly and, most importantly, very fast. Before that, there were fires, and volcano eruptions, and hurricanes — it happened somewhere out there, not with us — as it seemed to us all the time. This affected only those who were out there but did not affect others. And suddenly — this tiny virus — got everyone. Everyone. This is so amazing today. And most importantly, everyone agrees. Someone also said: “Well, this is not for us! We do not care! The danger will be over, as always, and it will not affect us!” But as soon as the “virus” (I’ll take this word in quotation marks) arrived, everyone was at a loss for some reason, no one thought this through. Has the virus switched off their thinking abilities, or what? So, we have to try to UNDERSTAND A “SPECIAL MISSION” of this “virus”. And you should not talk much about IT, YOU HAVE TO TALK ABOUT YOURSELF, and not about virus, not how to protect yourself from it, but how with its help we can be transformed — each separately and all together.

Then there comes the conclusion — I am staying in my home with my family — and?.. You are not just sitting there — you finally have a chance to think calmly about why it, the “virus”, and the current global situation, are acting so selectively. You stay in your home with your wife and children, and here you begin to realize that you HAVE NOT SEEN them for years. Right now you begin to really see your children and yourself and your wife, and you learn a lot about them that you did not pay attention to, finding excuses like having no time, too much work. In the past, you were getting together for a very limited time. And now you sit all together. Your wife sits there too. Suddenly you begin talking about life, and in general, how everything is going on and what is happening. And then come to the point how you lived and how you are going to live under such conditions. These are the kinds of talks that you are starting to have. And where is the fear that inevitably exists in people, especially in a similar situation? How to overcome it? There is fear of getting infected, of infecting others... Here again, let us think — have other viruses ever come in our lives and what were they like? Whether people ever die of the flu or something alike? We just didn’t talk about it, because we got used to it, we were not interested in it, because IT DID NOT AFFECT US. Every year a certain (large!) number of people die. So what? And now they are dying too, but what is the percentage of deaths compared to previous years? Is it not funny? Although laughter is not appropriate here, of course. We ourselves raise a panic in absolutely natural situation.

But then, perhaps, there is SOME HIGHER MIND, which is pressing all of us? Well, do our thoughts seem to begin working after staying at home? Of course, they do! Logic tells you — the flu and road accidents — they take thousands of more lives. However, no one has ever stayed at home because of this. Suddenly — everyone ran home as if on the command. Something has been implanted in everyone and began to “control”. What is this higher control? What does it want? Or is it the same virus that has already penetrated in to everyone?

No. This is transmitted to us NOT THROUGH THE VIRUS but through the Brain, through our inner sensations! This is such “a something” (here it is simplified for understanding) that works in our brains and hearts. And so we treat this “something” differently, but consider it a virus. Some are sure — there is nothing to think about. Half a bottle of vodka and ... forgot it, that's all. But no, this is no longer the case. Not at all! Vodka does not help. And if you look deeper, you will see, that starting with the top leaders, presidents, prime ministers of all sorts, kings, etc., and down to those who clean the streets — everyone gives in to this “something”, or the virus. And this is not just because the virus infected someone or killed someone. So, perhaps, because every day and every hour, the media is “spinning it all up?”

4No, no and NO! IT SEEMS TO THEM that they are doing it. Many different “conspiracy theories” suddenly appeared regarding the ongoing situation. Where did it come from and all of a sudden? And the Internet is already full of these theories that instantly pass from ear to ear and spread at a tremendous speed, fooling people and clouding the brains of all those who thought they were able to think, analyze, reflect and assume! So many theories — it's hard to imagine. But you, staying home, suddenly begin to realize that all this is some utter gibberish, and, if in a simple way, then just “rubbish”. So, perhaps — some point impacts?..

To make it clear for everyone — this is done in order to shake up humanity. It is like knocking foolishness out of a child: “Oooh!”, and after that he begins to think, hear you and act differently. And a lot have been shaken up (and some are still being shaken up) — from Presidents to ordinary custodians, disregarding the status. But this is happiness and, as the poet said, “Blessed is he who visited this world in its fatal moments”. We are all these fatal minutes. THIS IS THE WORLD RESTRUCTURINGand a very serious one! The restructuring of our understanding and comprehension of everything that has been happening and not just some kind of financial, psychological and the like. This is a spiritual restructuring; when the whole world, all people (both good and bad, and each one at their best) begin to think — why and what for all of us exist? The world will change, and all of this will be forgotten, like everything is not remembered almost ever? Even the Second World War has just sunk into oblivion, not to mention world disasters and the like.

While staying at home, you have to think and understand that everything that is happening on a material level sinks into oblivion maximum within a century. Maximum! But THIS will not be forgotten if we do not allow it to happen! But this will not happen if we understand (and we do understand) that in general it is not a virus. This is good, the highest good, take it as a mercy, which shows us what a terrible world we have created, and how we suffer in it, and HAVE SUNK INTO TORPOR SO DEEP, THAT WE TURNED INTO SLAVES! In the morning you run to your car, start it, two hours to get to work through these traffic jams. You toil, but not work — to refuel your car and come home. At home, when you arrive in the evening, you have little time to watch some idiotic television program, and tomorrow it is going to be the same again. And your wife is doing basically the same. And where your children are — it is generally unknown — in some sport groups for which you have to pay, and toil in order to pay for these sport groups...and so on. That is, such a vicious circle, such a squirrel in a wheel — all the time, and you cannot escape it. Is that normal? Have we purposely created such a world for ourselves? So, let's stay at home now and think about how we can change it. The virus will help us with this. Or rather, — “May the virus help us in this!”

And THERE SHOULD BE NO FEARS! There should be only one fear: not to miss the present moment. And make the right conclusions. That's all.

5And the correct conclusion is very plain: thoughts. Thoughts! Let's think about what we live for. How can we make our life different? Each person is now placed at the very beginning of this path of a chain of thoughts. Let us pull us out of the wheel of the infinite home—work—home—work, stop everything and put us at the very beginning of the path — which one way or another, through reasoning about the expected troubles, through the questions “what now?”, and “what next?" and the like, will bring us to the main thing and the same for all — “why does Man live in general?” We see that SUDDENLY some miserable virus is able TO MAKE US calm: we stay home, we won’t harass, we don’t need billions of dollars, money is disappearing gradually now, thank God, there’s not much left. We do not need anything. We ourselves came up with all this money nonsense, all this wealth, in order to show off before each other in our endless egoism. We have created a consumer society. Therefore, the severity of our disappointment today is intensified by a sense of hopelessness because of ignorance — where to look for a means to escape.

The superfluity of information on the ongoing events and the availability of facts and judgments from a variety of positions that the Internet provides, an opportunity to find out and compare, in relation to reality, the opinions of the most diverse specialists — respected, recognized, unknown, fashionable, as well as half-forgotten — all this in a short time brings each individual to realize the LIMITED THINKING even of the most recognized authorities. Virologists, immunologists, biologists, doctors of various profiles voice their opinions, based on their own experience and seemingly fair judgments, make them publicly available with the aim of somehow orienting the panic-stricken or bewildered, but at the same time their statements are the subject of analysis by the same public — ordinary people who themselves are forced to start thinking independently and therefore are able to see the INCONSISTENCY OF THE SUGGESTED reasoning just by comparing them with the reality that gives its answers to the thinking person. Instead of habitually following the appropriate authority, it turns out that you can successfully and with greater return use your own Brain. This cool-headedness successfully and efficiently demonstrates the levers of human control — without any difficulties, the state machine in a short time limited everyone’s freedoms, wrapping the taken measures with “care”. On the other hand, it is also an indicator of the true goals of once built, and now crumbling statehood.

And then it will be more interesting, but more difficult, too — people, first — individually, then — all together will be forced to start making decisions on their own, based on their own judgments. It is exactly for this purpose a training session is launched, taking place these very days, — remember (learn again) — how to “think with your own brain” and then the transition to the new and forgotten skills’ application — ACT, MAKE DECISIONS based on your own judgments, starting with the simplest, and immediately reap their benefits. This will be effective, but painful at the same time (effective because painful).

All previous schemes stop working, all stereotypes are being destroyed — whatever you touch.Any attempt to take advantage of the familiar solutions and ready-made schemes of actions will result in the destruction of the very foundations of these structures. Panic-stricken — you ran to the shops, bought up everything, filled all the corners in the house with supplies — and remained discouraged. You seemed to do the right thing, but the food did not disappear from the stores, the family (and you, too) do not feel like eating pasta every day, and you feel like a duffer who was fooled — but you fooled yourself on your own, so there is no one to blame — it makes you feel hurt a little, but everything clears up in the head, — where all the legs grow from. Some earlier, some later — but everyone will calm down, find themselves in the mess, have inner silent talks and will be made to LEARN TO THINK WITHOUT ANY FUSS AND BUSTLE IN THE HEADS and with full awareness of the consequences. And the consequences of not only new actions, but also already completed, albeit under previously unrealized control, the results of which are clearly demonstrated now. Each individual was left alone with their thoughts, in addition, they were also locked up, and our common place of living — the nature — was freed from our presence. That very nature, which we should be an integral part of, complementing, and not making it crippled.

That is why, staying at home, first of all you should think it over that what you consider to be the truth, is not the truth itself, but what is understandable to you. The incomprehensibly stated truth seems to be a lie. The intelligibility is of crucial importance. I proceeded from this when explaining in a “plain” language, without physics of the processes that are taking place now.7

Taking for the truth the conformity of certain provisions to certain criteria, we restrict ourselves to the framework of these criteria, since we DO NOT HAVE THE POSSIBILITY (not through our fault) to expand the limits of our reasoning by virtue of the fact that we quickly go beyond this framework and start creating MEANINGLESS ILLUSIONS, or, simply put, nonsense. On the other hand, the criteria of verifiability themselves should be at least a greater approximation to the truth than the provisions they verify, and they also have to be verified with something. Under conditions when the thought rushes forward — far and deep, covering those areas, the essence of which there is nothing to check with, there might be a crisis of thinking that can result in something fundamentally new by expanding the scope of consciousness, or, in case of strict observance of the rules and laws prescribed by traditions and the way of life, the circle will be closed, and THERE WILLBE NO search or movement to the truth AT ALL. As a result, the old, currently available testability criteria, designed to serve as an instrument of knowledge, easily limit it, transforming Man’s initial quest for the truth into plowing the most accessible, upper layer of observable reality.

So think about it while staying at home. And not only about that!


The Dilettante of Science’s opinion…

Time is running fast and while I was “talking” to myself (for you), the informationHAS COME OUT TIMELYand has become available to all those who have to stay at home and think over what I wrote above. Therefore, I decided to partially use it, to complete the picture of the ongoing, in order to finish the unsaid. Well, if you want to read the original — follow the link to the Research Institute Center for Preventive Strategies, to many people already known asthe“generator” of the truth and objectivity — “SRI CPS” —

And now having given up the artificially created illusion (as the main goal of all informantsbroadcasting to you from anything possible), try to consider the following.

8Indeed, the former Sichuan Control Complex, which has not yet been completely liquidated to this day, on December 7, 2019 (at 01.15 Moscow time), there occurred a RELEASE OF CONTROL INFORMATION.

There is no need to go into detail in a public format about all the subtleties of this release of information that happened by chance or not,but it was of a programmed nature at the previous governing planetary level AND WAS OF A PAST PROGRAMMED LIQUIDATION CHARACTER. It was from this moment that the process of the programmed character started, spreading westward in a strip approximately oriented to the 40° North LatitudeThis determined programmed processwent around the planet along the specified strip, completing its “round” on March 24, 2020 at the point of the Sichuan Control Complex. This is only THE PROGRAM SETTING; it is not yet connected with its actual implementation. Well, this has led to some rather large-scale “concern”. The next “release” will TENTATIVELY HAPPEN MID-AUTUMN of this year. Here I emphasize for those who follow the subject. The programmed process will also take place in the northern hemisphere in a strip slightly higher than the accomplished. There will be no more information and no answers to clarifying questions. There is plenty of information for an independent judgment on SALVATOREM.RU — “The Foundations of Mankind Formation”.

A few words about the “virus”. As a result of such an information “release” and under its controlling influence in the radius of the Sichuan Control Complex activity, in people’s bodies OF THE CERTAIN BRAIN GENOTYPE, synthesized structural energy substances were formed at the pre-atomic and atomic levels of the dimensionality scale, which, within a few days, are converted from non-inertial states of energy into specific formations of the inertial (material) state. This is how the most important Cosmo-physical process “From non-being into being” is realized. This is the manifestations of one part of the Being2 as an energetic substance possessing a specific structural form, specific physical parameters and specific potential, that is, functional behavior! True, it is not good that it is destructive, but this is no longer important. This is such a super “virus”.

After “launching” such a “virus” in its manifested material state, its spreading around IS NOT A PROBLEM, since its “transmission” in a certain part may already have a conditional contact character. It is not necessary to cuddle up or somehow contact directly with the carrier of such a natural “gift”, it is enough to be within the reachable effectiveness of the magnetic field of the individual, the carrier of such a “virus”. Approximate dangerous distance can be of 1.5—5 metersdepending on the condition of the patient. By the way, the more serious the condition of the patient, the greater the mass of his magnetic field for the reasons of the protective nature of the body, which means its actual “infectious” effect increases with the distance increase.

THE PROGRAM HAS ALREADY BEEN STARTED UP at the programmed level, and in the northern hemisphere, the population from among those who are not integrated into the future will get this “programmed control” state, but it is not worth arranging tragedies out of this, IT DOES NOT MEAN ANYTHING for the individual who has got it. It makes no sense to try to eliminate such a “natural gift”, since it is not known what capabilities of “constructive coercion” such a virus possesses being in the flesh of people, if you try to eliminate it.

The only REASONABLE WAY TO SOLVE this problem is to REPLACE ITS ENERGY-INFORMATIONAL FUNCTIONAL ESSENCE by substitution and thereby“neutralize” it, WITHOUT INTERFERING WITH ITS application for other purposesincluding not destructive ones for the existence of the flesh cells. Carefully reflect on what has been said and remember everything that you already knew about the the “SvetL” Programs and recently “given” to us what is called VVV—369and in common language — Mumijo. There are even more serious and already tested ways to solve this, but so far it is premature to “voice” it.

So, Russia has no problems in solving this terrifying scientific problem!!!!!




1 Paraklis (Παράκλησις — “earnest prayer, consolation”) is a prayer in Orthodoxy, which is elevated to the Most Holy Theotokos with all spiritual grief.

2 We should not forget the essence of the first secret key that was left for people two and a half millennia ago by the sage Lao Tzu, related to the knowledge of the truth: “All Existing is revealed from being. And being — from non-being”.

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