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Tuesday, 26 December 2023 11:36

My dear friends!

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My dear friends, like-minded individuals, admirers, and all those who aspire to knowledge, Happy New Year 2024 to all of you!

According to the Eastern calendar, 2024 is the Year of the Green Wooden Dragon. It is believed to be PROSPEROUS and HAPPY, and a good time for starting NEW VENTURES and projects. We are entering an unusual, engaging, and eventful year. However, we do not live solely by the Eastern calendar. Together with you, we live with an understanding of what is happening today, and based on our knowledge, we foresee what lies ahead for us. The ones who adhere to the teachings of the Green Wooden Dragon, and even more fervently watch television, where, for instance, the HydroMeteorological Centre (HMC) drew attention to and highlighted for everyone in the departing year of 2023 (the year of the Black Rabbit), that on Earth (and on some planets) OCCASIONALLY, winds, tsunamis, tornadoes, whirlwinds, earthquakes, and other nature's phenomena beneficial to human health, OCCUR. Explanations are usually provided by the "professor" on TV, Channel One, and Channel Two, stating that "cyclones and anticyclones have gone wild." This "professor" was once expelled from naval school in his second year for poor performance. The scientific basis of the HydroMeteorological Centre (and not only that) and the "professor" himself are borrowed from the "global work" of the writer and connoisseur, O. Henry, in his work "The Ransom of Red Chief": "Wind arises because trees are swaying"...

Just as Papuans are not supposed to know about atomic energy, mortal humans should not possess knowledge beyond the practicalities applicable to their current lives. This has been how things were "constructed" for the last 2000 years, despite the years of Rabbits, Dragons, Pigs, Tigers, and other reptiles. However, in the year of the Black Water Dragon (2012), everything started to go NOT AS EXPECTED, or instead as it should, but without taking into account the forecasts of the HydroMeteorological Centre, "scientists," predictors, seers, and "political figures." So, we have lived together from the Black (2012) to the Green Wooden Dragon (2024) amid ongoing global changes that NO one living on Earth can STOP. However, there are still a considerable number of people who, perhaps by the "command of the Black Water Dragon," have taken the "shovel of knowledge" into their hands and started clearing away the rubbish that has cluttered our minds for thousands of years—practically in all aspects of life and problems. The result is a NEW STAGE —a stage in our understanding and knowledge. Especially since the Wooden Green Dragon promises a GOOD TIME for starting new ventures and projects. Let's begin!2

To prove one's right to greater knowledge, one must pass an exam — conquer (overcome) death and halt aging!

All members of today's (still) consumer society are aware of the APPROACH of DEATH. The rich and the poor, the intelligent and the foolish, the old and the young, all know: in ten, twenty, fifty years, they will die. NO ONE WANTS to die. As Steve Jobs said when he was already ill with cancer, "...even those who believe they will go to heaven after death also do not want to die..." (by the way, this speaks to the value of their faith). Yet, NO ONE ATTEMPTS to react to the problem. Why? Many will say it's empty words, that one should believe in their abilities, and everything will work out. However, this does not diminish the sense of helplessness. If I knew I had another thousand years ahead, I would manage my time differently. But I know I don't have that much time. If nothing changes, my time is severely limited. This fact shapes my further strategy, which I have already partially outlined in my recent articles written for all of you. For all those who have already become NOT INDIFFERENT to what is happening. In such a situation, it is optimal to concentrate efforts on overcoming death. At the very least, to extend the duration of life and address the issue of aging. I started by addressing the problem of aging, and by engaging allies who are also not indifferent. The project has been launched and will reach its "operational parameters" precisely at the beginning of the Year of the Green Wooden Dragon. I will provide detailed explanations in my upcoming articles, which are already in progress. The implementation of a grand idea requires a large number of supporters. To transition from theory to practice, like-minded individuals are needed. "Ideas can't do anything at all. The realization of ideas requires people who must apply practical force" (K. Marx). A person becomes a like-minded individual if they accept NOT ONLY the goal but also the method of achievement. Those who agree with the goal but reject the method EITHER SEEK their path OR REFUSE to pursue the intention of reaching the goal. Only those who agree with the nature of the structure and the direction of movement can join the ranks—WHO SHARE the Goal and the Method. I emphasize that Victory (overcoming) death cannot be the primary goal. The primary goal is derived from the comprehension of the Whole. UNTIL it is EMBRACED, there is nothing from which to derive the purpose. Overcoming death is an intermediate goal dictated by the search for the primary purpose and meaning, just as overcoming aging is the first stage of this global task. I am inclined to think that in the process of moving towards the goal, HORIZONS that are currently invisible will be REVEALED, and there will be results that are currently unimaginable. Solving the problem of overcoming aging can be a maturity test. Those who have managed to ascend from the level of reasonable mortal life to the next level, reasonable immortal life, HAVE THE RIGHT to know the answers to significant questions. Those who do not wish to progress at their current level of development are NOT ENTITLED to such knowledge —not because they are unworthy and so on; that’s not it at all, but because they will NOT BE ABLE to accept them. They might adapt them for entertainment, like the Chinese did with gunpowder. Or, even worse, they might use this knowledge to their detriment.

Life is the foundation of all meanings. There can be no goals and intentions for those who do not have it (life). No matter how lofty one's words may be, the sole purpose of mortal life is to move to the next level. Everything else comes in second, third, and lower places. Later, when society rises to the next level of evolution, each individual will find their meaning in life. What that is cannot be said now. The new humans will be as superior to today's humans as today's humans are to the Pithecanthropus. But as long as humans are mortal, the meaning of life and its primary goal is to CONQUER (overcome) DEATH. "The time has come for man to set his own goal. The time has come for man to plant the seed of his highest hope" (Nietzsche).

The goal is set. Now, it remains to outline the method - the technology - for overcoming aging and death. To achieve this, we need to understand the reason why this seemingly obvious goal has YET to be PRIORITIZED. Why are intellectual and material resources concentrated AGAINST LIFE, on military research, rather than against death? All of this is very strange and requires answers. Without them, constructive dialogue is impossible. VICTORY OVER DEATH is not a dream or fantasy, but a reality that does exist in the world. However, it is currently beyond the reach of science. Science still does not know elementary things; for example, how is electricity transmitted to homes from power stations? The school-level explanation is that the current flows through wires like water through pipes. But this is an abstract image, not knowledge. However, the lack of understanding of the nature of processes does not prevent us from using electricity. The same applies to overcoming aging. It is not necessary for everyone to understand how the mechanisms work, to understand the nature of future discoveries on which the technology of halt aging and, consequently, the prevention of natural death is based. For many, it is sufficient that as a result, people will cease to age and die from senility

3However, LET'S NOT FORGET that we need to welcome the New Year! Celebrate it the way everyone in Russia does, all those who live on this territory. Celebrate it with your close family, dear friends, and like-minded individuals! Light up the lights on the New Year tree and wish everyone good health (as the first step in overcoming aging), happiness, love, and success in work – the very work that will bring everything that is planned! And of course, let's remember the Green and Wooden Dragon! Because the Dragon has PROMISED THE MAIN THING in 2024: an opportune moment to initiate new endeavors and projects that have already commenced!

Happy New Year 2024!

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