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Tuesday, 16 July 2019 01:21

The wonderful gift of Nicolai Levashov

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What a beautiful and miraculous gift it was to meet Nicolai Levashov, who would become my healer and my teacher.1

Upon first stepping into his presence, I could feel his warmth, energy and caring. And upon being honored with becoming his student, I became aware of his broad knowledge. The magic stops being paranormal and transforms into knowledge through understanding of Laws of Nature. Nikolai taught us many things we did not know and could not imagine. He taught us how the universe was formed and developed, the real story of human development, and the true etiology of human disease and health.

As with the other students, I was curious to know how we humans could access the parts of our brains that we knew were there but lay dormant. Most of us had heard that we only use 2-5% of our brains. What we learned was that to increase our brain access took hard work and effort and the good fortune to have the help of a teacher and healer who could transform us. This good fortune took place not only for me, but for all his students in America. Nicolai Levashov, a great Russian Scientist, inventor, physicist, and master healer was that teacher.

Nicolai was able to control the processes of Nature and possessed incredible abilities in many ways, not accessible to ordinary people, including us. Levashov created Technologies, primarily for the development and overall recovery of Man. It is a technology of energies from the realm of the unknown today. The generator, which Nicolai created, transforms this Natural energy, so that it can interact primarily with the human brain, which in its development begins to solve the problems of human healing. To make progress as students was daunting and required ardent dedication. We had to be cleansed from the toxins that resided in our physical and spiritual bodies, and we had to learn to think in new ways ... to develop understandings far surpassing our previous limited and limiting awarenesses. Nicolai took us beyond the well-known five physical senses into the subtle matter worlds. There we were given the opportunity to learn to operate the brain apparatus he gave us ... something that enabled us to affect and change matter with our conscious intention. Imagine seeing on a monitor real change in brain waves as a result of transmitting this type of intention. Nicolai could do this. We students strived to approach such evolutionary development.2

Nicolai also gave us blocks of information, like unopened books, installed into our brains ... and crystals (folded pieces of the universe). These fantastic devices could be opened when each individual was ready, when there was sufficient evolutionary development. How would we know? We should just ask our brains. Who answers? It is in fact our own consciousness that knows and will tell us when we are ready.

The development and healing of his students and others fortunate enough to experience his gifts was only a small part of Nicolai’s work and purpose. His caring for humanity and the planet seemed limitless. There was never a time he was not working. He slept very little because in the night he traveled to the non-physical planes, returning to his body shivering from the cold. There, on subtle levels, he worked to save our Planet and all of us.. I did not doubt but also could not fully comprehend what he described about the cold until I had a rare experience. On one of only a few occasions that I was permitted to travel to other levels (though surely not as far as Nicolai) I learned by experience the feeling of intense cold that came from being “out there.” Wrapping myself in blankets had no effect. My spirit had to return to the physical plane before there was any warmth, taking a very long time to become normal. In order to help transform us and the world around us, Nikolai had to experience this chilling cold every night after returning to the body.

3Nicolai taught us that “…to change the universe we must change ourselves”. His dedication is still not fully appreciated, but certainly will be in the future. He left to us all his beautiful books, in which he laid out a lot of things that were hidden from people and were unknown to them. He left to us the information, which helps people to receive the New knowledge, and allows them to understand the realities of what is happening. He left to us all his Technologies, which today are already embodied in life and reality, and which have already proved their effectiveness in improving and developing the consciousness of the people who use this Technology. When I and many of his students in America learned that these Life Technologies, created in Russia with the direct participation of Nicolai, were named SvetL Technologies in honor of his faithful companion Svetlana Levashov, we were very pleased that Nicolai’s life work was continuing. We were even more delighted to find out that these Technologies are applicable not only to the human, but also to the flora and fauna around us.

Today, мany of my friends and students of Nicolai want to use these Life Technologies for themselves. I decided to write this article because I and several other people with whom I am friends and who were Levashov's students and had experience working with Nicolai, having learned about these remarkable technologies, decided to acquire them to test their abilities. I and all of my friends, who at the moment have already acquired and used these Life Technologies, are simply delighted with their work and confirm their undoubted effectiveness in improving and restoring the body and developing the Brain. We started small, from the “small” carriers of the Life Generator in the form of Pendants and Bracelets, and now we are looking forward to experiencing the programmable SvetL devices, which are on their way to America. All of this became possible only for one reason – Nicolai Levashov left his Technologies to his follower – Russian scientist, Navy Officer Feodor Shkrudnev, who today continues the work started by Nicolai and successfully develops SvetL Technologies for the benefit of people, flora and fauna, which he writes about in his articles and books, just as Nikolai Levashov did.

Thanks to the knowledge and efforts of these two scientists, new technologies that are consonant with the laws of Nature and the Universe continue to be introduced in the world, and true Humanity and ecology are being restored.

Today Life Technologies are available to everyone. Use your right to know about it:



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