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369_Series. Salvation of Saviors

Friday, 01 July 2022 22:30

032_369 The image

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People so easily fall for some kind of an image, an outer shell, which is not that difficult to create But do you know what kind of people usually build beautiful facades? Those who hide deep dark secrets behind them... And what is really funny is when these people with the façade begin to believe they like it, but not the created image.

We are used to believing that the main function of the brain is thinking. We often hear that "we need brains in order to thin..." For all that, the idea that "the reality we observe is the product of our brain and depends on our thinking" has been very popular lately. Is it the truth? Man is the only creature with a developed brain. And the main function of the brain is to create the objective picture of the reality (creating the image of something) and physical sensations based on "the signals" from various organs of the body. The model of the world that we know is the result of our brain’s work. And the brain is “trying” to make this model AS OBJECTIVE AS POSSIBLE. And everything that we see, hear, touch, feel is the most complete and objective information that our brain is only capable of receiving. This model of the reality is formed automatically, even at the level of sensations and feelings, that is, before we thought something and turned on logic, even before we were able to speak. On this basis, the image of something that we would like to know or find the right solution for our actions is created. Logical thinking is a later superstructure that Man gained for making decisions and planning activities. Logical thinking IS NOT INVOLVED in creating the world picture! Moreover, it is limited by the picture that the brain had created, by the sensations that are open to us. But logical thinking plays a key role in creating an image of something, because logic is needed solely to solve practical tasks and make the right decisions! Logic IS NOT “to cognize the objective reality”. And when Man tries to use logic for other purposes and build an “objective picture of the world” with its help ignoring what his senses prompt him, he begins to make up all sorts of strange theories such as black holes, an afterlife or life on Mars. All this leads to the substitution of the reality with its theoretical models and makes one’s behavior inadequate, too complicated and unpredictable. This is a sign of some unhealthy thinking that results from the loss of Man’s connection with the reality. This is dangerous and fraught with mental disorders, various hallucinations and other inappropriate actions, especially for those who behave as if they were Gods, “the arbiters of our destinies” and DO NOT UNDERSTAND the consequences of their actions and decisions due to the processes that are going on regardless of the desires and will of people - the processes of transforming everything and everyone, including the brain of people, depending on its real possible restructuring, even within certain brain genotypes, as a criterion of everything that happened in the recent past, as described in the previous articles. If, however, logic is used for its intended purpose - to solve life problems, to plan the actions, to improve living conditions, to build mutually beneficial relationships - then it really helps us to objectively change the world, creating its image we want to see it and by this - MAKE IT BETTER, more comfortable and reasonable, which, in turn, expands our capabilities and contributes to the development of our brain.

We are witnesses and participants of the grandiose historical event of the biblical proportions, similar to which have not been seen in the last two millennia. This is not pathos - these are the realities of today, in which each of us, in one way or another is taking part (even sitting on the couch and doing nothing but “watching” TV or digging in the trash heaps of the Internet). If you look at the history even from these positions, then you see striking similarities every 100 years. In the 1920s, the West tried to strangle young Russia. As a result, something happened that COULD NOT be dreamed of by the European politicians in their worst dreams: in 1924 there took place the birth of the superpower - the USSR. In the 20s of the 21st century, contrary to the efforts to DESTROY RUSSIA, the opposite will happen and, it would seem, completely impossible. Russia will not only survive, but will come out renewed and powerful from the conflict with the West. Any enemy attempts to break the Russian spirit HAVE NEVER BROUGHT ANY SUCCESS AND WILL NEVER BRING it. There is no longer any doubt about this, even with the entire negative attitude towards the state administration and the specific people who control this administration, which, under these conditions, manifested themselves in all respects.

 One of the most important questions that are put before us today is where we are going, in what country we want to live, HOW TO CREATE this image and HOW TO COGNIZE this image of the country in order to really implement it into our lives. This is a very serious task for everyone, which includes the basic personal knowledge of everyone, and the logic of thinking, based on this knowledge, and the ability to comprehend the ongoing. In the spiritual world THERE IS CONVINCTION that Russia is under the patronage of heaven. And this is obvious - even nature is already resisting and will resist the Western world of false values. And not only me is more than sure of it.

The image of Russia in the old context is generated by legends about the “Russian mentality”, which, according to researchers, manifests itself in 1– duality – transition from one extreme to another, 2- impulsiveness - readiness for peak loads and neglect of the measured rhythm of activity, 3- inconsistency - lack of the careful development of the complex plans and willingness to act at random, 4- long-suffering - endurance, gradual accumulation of emotions, and in the end, their stormy outburst, 5 - trustfulness - suggestibility, innocence, etc. This mentality "lands" on the vast expanses of the country that occupies one-seventh of the planet, mixes with a harsh climate, Eurasian cultural uncertainty, observations from the time of Mariel Buchanan1, fugitive reports of journalists and official information. FROM THIS SET, an image of Russia is made up, on the basis of which economic, political, and military decisions are made in relation to Russia. They are wrong, most often.

The domestic policy of Russia is also built on the basis of the image of the country, which is created by the domestic researchers. Most scientists fundamentally study certain aspects of the image of Russia, but from the scientifically established particulars, it is NECESSARY TO RECREATE an integral image of the country, but for some reasons this DOES NOT WORK. The fulfillment of this task requires the genius of Pushkin, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, who left their country and the world the image that still characterizes Russia and its people. But time catches up with us all, and there is no longer what it was, but there is a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT COUNTRY, which would have amazed domestic classics. Today, hardly anyone knows exactly the signs of what is called modern Russia. There is no holistic image of Russia, and without it there can be no re-creation of a new country and its acceptance by the world community as its partner. In my opinion, in order to accomplish this task with the available resources, it is necessary to agree that those historical features of the country that foreign and domestic policy appeal to do not exist.

The proof is the apathy of people who do not understand the language of politicians, ignoring calls for the formation of the civil society, etc. It is necessary to understand today that Russia is changing so rapidly that its image can only be considered in the context of the global changes in the world, and it IS NOT LAGGING BEHIND them at all. No other country has proved to be as receptive to radical changes as Russia. In the present day realities, one should NOT EXPECT the geniuses of the "image of Russia" of the Dostoevsky class to come out, but apply the scientific technology, available to modern specialists in various fields of knowledge and creativity, but taking into account the ongoing in the framework of the transformation of the entire world order, according to the well-known reasons mentioned in my works. This will make it possible to form the image of Russia on the basis of the system of attributes that allows one to characterize the final list of key properties of the image of any country in the world.

RUSSIA IS CHANGING. It is changing so rapidly that the creators of the image of Russia do not keep up with the changes. Therefore, from century to century, they offer the world the image that was, but no longer is. In the history of Russia, one day completely changed the features of the country and the character of the people. All external and internal problems of Russia are determined by the fact that the image of the country, as a rule, DOES NOT COINCIDE with its actual properties, features and state of the country. Exactly the mistakes in the image of Russia brought to the events of 1913, 1917, 1941. These mistakes give the impression that the world and Russia go along the parallel paths, and sometimes in different directions, which gives grounds to assert that Russia is in the conflict with the world, and sometimes in the conflict with itself. This is not true - Russia is changing along with the whole world and it cannot be otherwise. Outstanding creators of the image of Russia: Pushkin, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy recorded the changes in the country for THEIR TIME. Their image of Russia was accurate, it predicted everything that happened to the country at the beginning of the 20th century, but it has already become history: Russia is different again, but still does not have its new image, which requires equally brilliant creators. The foreign and domestic policy focused on grandiose descriptions of WHAT IS LONG GONE has led to many historical mistakes. Even Soviet researchers, studying the future of international relations in 1974, concluded in favor of the integrity of the world and the fact that Russia is doomed to integration.

The image of Russia should be adequate to the global changes taking place in the world today. Global changes are much broader and more radical than they are assumed today by those who believe (in line with the Old Control Program) that states and peoples will merge into ONE PLANETARY FORMATION, in which ethnic, national, religious and cultural boundaries will be eliminated. Famous authors of the theory of global changes - J. Attali, F. Fukuyama2, abstracted from the history, culture of ethnic groups, and planned a new planetary state under the auspices of the market and democracy, which unite the world into a rationally functioning machine.

Other authors define globalization as a series of empirically fixed changes, heterogeneous, but united by the logic of turning the world into a single whole. On the one hand, this is the modernization of individual behavior by the influence of macrostructures of the world order, bypassing the NATIONAL-STATE LEVEL of influence. On the other hand, it is the realization of international relations of representatives of different cultures into a routine practice, part of everyday life.

The globalization formula is global interdependence plus global consciousness. This is transnational capitalism, formed by the transnational corporations (TNCs), and the system of international organizations designed to uphold universal "human values". Undoubtedly, HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS must be the basis of the image of Russia. It is consciousness that determines perception of the global changes in the information society, anthropo-cosmism3, experiments on biotic regulation, on creation of artificial microbiospheres, materialization of an electronic-cybernetic civilization, influence of biopolitics, experiments on autotrophication, cyborgization, ecogeism, co-evolution, etc. Consciousness forms in us that picture of the world, which is acceptable to our understanding, but which, in the main, does not correspond to the present realities. The context of the modern image of Russia, in my opinion, and I am sure that there are many who will agree with me, IS THE PERCEPTION of the impossible as possible, the incredible as probable, the unacceptable as acceptable, the unreal as real. THE POINT OF THE CONTEXT is the political struggle that turns the great, but lagging behind the global changes, into pygmies, and raises the insignificant to divine heights, if they are ready for change.. The future is the point of the context of the global changes in which Russia is included, but IT DOES NOT HAVE its modern image in these changes. There is no point to argue whether this is good or bad. This is the way the world and man are arranged today. THAT IS THE FACT. This fact must be accepted as the material quality and work with the reality and do not complain that it does not meet the expectations.

For a long time I was looking for the meaning of the Picture of the World as the system for protecting human consciousness and found it in Blaise Pascal4: “Only the thought makes Man great. Man understands that he is poor; he is poor, for he is, but he is great, for he knows it. It is not in space that I can find my power, but in the order of my thinking. I would not become more powerful if I owned countries. In space, the Universe embraces and swallows me like a small dot - in thinking I embrace the Universe”. The picture of the world is the result of Man’s formation as the Individuality, i.e. the Man who INDEPENDENTLY FORMULATES his goals. Strictly speaking, this is the formation of the ideas about the world and society structure, mastering the language to describe the world and contact with it, accumulation of information in the memory which is sufficient for accurate self-identification in the physical and social surroundings, the world perception AS THE PHENOMENA that is harmless, understandable, and accessible for reconstruction in one’s purposes.

Lots of people who I had to talk to lately agreed that EVERY PERSON feels some danger coming from the outside. The world that "lies in evil" triggers the state of anxiety. To do something in it, a person must, first of all, identify the specific sources of the external danger. He has to know the source of the danger, what he must not do so as not to attract this danger to oneself, what he must do to overcome it. Thanks to the Picture of the World, Man receives the image of the surroundings, in which all the elements of the universe are structured and correlated with Man himself so that each of his actions is a COMPONENT OF THE GENERAL STRUCTURE. But there comes the Future, and the image of the surroundings, created with such difficulty, is destroyed.

1Of course, the Picture of the world is understood by Man only partially and fragmentarily. The fact of consciousness is not its content, but its presence and integrity. It seems to Man that he has some ordered system of ideas rather than he actually has it. But, nevertheless, the Picture of the World is a protective barrier between the external reality and human consciousness. The Picture of the world is the product of human thinking. It is believed that each historical period of time has its own picture of the world, which is constantly changing, but IS NEVER complete and absolutely true. In an implicit way, globalization was imposed on people, causing them to destroy still fragile traditional Picture of the world. It is impossible to recreate the Innovative picture of the world without outer support. Another thing is whose and what kind of support it is, except for those real ongoing processes that are not subject to people. But against the background of the ongoing, and this must be objectively understood - today there are thousands of organizations that offer citizens on the Internet their services to Change the Picture of the world. Quite officially, the media, advertising, PR, modern literature, cinema, election campaigns, etc. are laboring in this field. So far, money and “methods” of taking it from people, under various “plausible pretexts”, prevail. But by such actions, NOTHING BUT THE FEAR of the future IS CAUSED in people.

The simplest form of protecting a person from the fear of the Future is the way of life. This is what B. Pascal had in mind when he wrote: “We do not linger in the present. We anticipate the future, because it comes so slowly, in order to hasten its coming; and we call on the past to delay its departure, because it is disappearing so rapidly. We are in the present, which burdens us. We hide it from our sight if it torments us; and if it is desired, we are clouded by the sight of its disappearance. We are trying to make the present tolerable with the help of the future and are thinking about how to subordinate what is not in our power...".

 Lifestyle is the result of Man’s formation as an individual, i.e. the person who is independent in his state of mind. Most people know about the existence of a lifestyle through the example of a “healthy lifestyle” related to sports, proper nutrition, work and rest, etc. In fact, the lifestyle means first of all an all round struggle between the body and the spirit (as one of the components of the “activity” of the Brain), between bodily temptations and spiritual asceticism. It is this struggle, in particular, that sets the boundaries of what is acceptable in nutrition, alcohol consumption, sexual life, maximum stress on the body, methods of treatment - i.e. performance of bodily functions. Globalization, imposed within the framework of the Old Control Program, and the ongoing events, destroying the entire architecture of globalization before our eyes in the first place, has changed the lifestyle of Man in the way that has NEVER EXISTED in the history of mankind. GLOBAL CHANGES put people in the position of the “pioneers”, who are allowed the unacceptable, unreal, impossible, and make difficult the way of life that was the strength of people and brought them joy. The change in lifestyle is manifested in the fact that masses of people began to move in space at distances and at speeds that DO NOT ALLOW them to correctly understand their own feelings: space has compressed. Global changes in the lifestyle manifested themselves in the fact that time has lost its meaning: a person is “connected” to the life around the clock by means of communication and acts according to external need, and not inner need. Energy luxury has changed the way of life, which took away from Man the need to achieve results at the expense of his own, bodily energy. Lifestyle has changed the global information flow. The flow is looking for Man, not Man is looking for the flow: all the information about the world is available to him, but he UNDERSTANDS NOTHING. Almost nothing is needed to achieve at the expense of one's own spiritual power and Spartan bodily asceticism. The desire for bodily comfort prevails over the desire for the heights of the spirit, the heights of understanding and comprehension. In my opinion, the lifestyle is the desire to ensure that every action, every situation, every life choice are aimed at the perfect following the values ​​that are revealed to the seeker in the process of his experience. What values ​​are in line with the global changes today - almost no one knows. The lifestyle becomes an insurmountable mystery, where NO ONE KNOWS the norms for using mobile communications, receiving information on the radio and TV, via e-mail and the Internet. The order and the quantity of food and alcohol, drugs and medicines consumption are completely unclear, all sex restrictions have been removed, the importance of the family disappears and it is not clear how to raise children: what you can do and what you cannot. A NEW LIFESTYLE has appeared - a network style, which lays the foundation for the complete connection of Man to the computer networks. Another way to adapt to life is the Worldview, as the moral form of human protection. Its origin was best described by the same B. Pascal: “Before the omnipotent greatness of nature, mountains, seas, the infinity of the starry night, a feeling of depression comes to Man. The eternal silence of the infinite worlds terrifies me. I see these terrible spaces of the Universe that embrace me. Man is between the two infinities – the infinitely large and the infinitely small - and they both penetrate into him; the visible world in which we live is only a small prison cell suspended between the two abysses – the infinity and the nothingness”.

2Strictly speaking, the Worldview is a system of views, principles, values, ideals, and beliefs, defined as an ATTITUDE TO THE REALITY, a general understanding of the world, and the program positions of people's activities. The subject, the bearer of the worldview is an individual and social (professional) groups, ethno-national (religious) communities, and classes, and the society as a whole. The Worldview is the result of Man’s formation as the Personality, i.e. the Man who INDEPENDENTLY DIFFERENTIATES good from evil, the possible from the impossible, the acceptable from the unacceptable.

3The Worldview is one of the most painful phenomena that crushes the Future in the image of Globalization. The fact is that the Worldview functions as a meaningful system of consciousness, in which all the questions regarding the external and internal being of the subject have already been answered, where all the problems have already been resolved in a certain way. For all that, the Worldview includes the ability to use this knowledge to cognize and transform the world, the belief in their truth as the instrument of activity, basic ideals, principles, and readiness to realize and protect the beliefs and ideals. The Worldview is the INTELLECTUAL CONSTRUCTION which solves all the problems of our being in a unified way, preceding from some higher assumption, in which, in line with this, not a single question REMAINS OPEN, and everything that arouses our interest takes its specific place. It is easy to understand that the possession of such a worldview is the IDEAL DESIRE of people. Relying on it, you can feel secure in life, know what you should strive for and how to most expediently dispose of your affects and interests. Nevertheless, each Man’s Worldview is the result of long, often painful intellectual work, and especially in our present time. Such views become the foundation of Man’s spiritual culture, the essence of his "I". The Worldview always gives Man visions of the whole world with all its mysteries and solutions. It is significant that Man’s worldview includes only the knowledge that convinces him, the knowledge that he feels as true knowledge; only the knowledge by which Man is guided in his behavior is his personal knowledge. Therefore, the worldview is the synthesis and the HIGHEST LEVEL of Man’s spiritual life. The level of spiritual greatness of Man can be reliably judged only by the level of his Worldview, because there are only worldview problems higher than worldview problems. Man spiritually grows together with the growth of his worldview. It is an interconnected process of the brain development.

Even the scientific Worldview IS NOT something complete, clear, and ready; it is achieved by Man gradually, in the long and difficult path. It was different in different historical epochs. Studying the past of mankind, we see everywhere the beginnings or separate parts of our modern worldview in the environment which is ALIEN TO US and ALIEN TO OUR CONSCIOUSNESS in the connection, in the concepts and constructions of bygone times. Over the course of centuries, one can trace how the worldview of the past generations, alien to us, gradually changed and acquired the present day look. But in the course of all this century-old long evolution, the worldview remained scientific only within the framework of the science that existed within the framework of the specific human brain genotypes development and nothing more. Confirmation of this is the statement of Sigmund Freud - “The worldview based on the science, in addition to the affirmation of the real external world, has essential features of negation, such as: limitation by the truth, rejection of illusions. Who among our contemporaries is dissatisfied with this state of affairs, who requires more for his comfort at the moment; let him acquire it where he finds it. We will not be offended by him, we will not be able to help him, but we will not change our way of thinking because of him”. The destruction of globalization, which is taking place before our eyes, is still NOT OBVIOUSLY RELATED to the problem of changing the Worldview - traditional to innovative. But this is already becoming the life position of the citizens of Russia. In addition to understanding the picture of the world, Man builds his LIFE POSITION all his life, as a volitional form of psychological protection. According to the same B. Pascal: “The inner struggle of the Mind against passion divides people into two classes: some have abandoned passions and want to become gods; others have given up the Mind and want to become animals. But neither one nor the other can achieve this; the Mind is always present and blames the insignificance and injustice of the passions, and the passions are alive in those who would like to give them up. THE LIFE POSITION is the result of Man’s ability to control his behavior - he becomes the subject of his behavior, i.e. the Man who achieves his own goals. Strictly speaking, this is the formation of thinking, which makes it possible to distinguish the essential from the non-essential; development of one's will to a level that makes human behavior arbitrary; giving their affects a socially approved constructive form of creativity; assimilation of the complete set of stereotypes and standards of behavior sufficient to protect against external arbitrariness. Cities, roads, fields, etc. are THE BRAINCHILD OF THE LIFE POSITION of the masses of people. The life position imposed and built within the framework of the development of the human brain genotype is the attitude of people who have not yet become Humans in relation to the way of earning their living, or rather, to labor (not to confuse with work). It is the goal of the state, and the dream of every Man starting an independent life. It was the LIFE POSITION that, until recently, divided the society into two unequal parts: the first considered work to be a reward and mandatory for life, the second - explicitly (for example, thieves in "law") or covertly (regulars of smoking rooms, kitchen talks) considered work a punishment and avoided it by all available means. Today the LIFE POSITION, slowly but surely, DESPITE all the obstacles, IS BECOMING A GUARANTEE of the right, honest and respected life of Man. It must be, and I am certain it will be when people themselves understand the difference between what we call “работа (rabota)”= labor and what should be called труд (trod) =work of Man. The Life position always affects the image that we all want to create - the image of our Country - our Russia. The basis of this life position is to struggle, not to give up and get our way. But only our own way, not someone else’s...





1 Meriel Buchanan (born September 5, 1886 - February 6, 1959) - British memoirist, daughter of the last British ambassador to the Russian Empire; author of public articles and books about the royal family and Russia.

2 "Sustainable development" is a metaphor for the new world order, which is nothing more than control over resources (including information) and human behavior (psychosphere). The main thing in this order is the preservation of power, property and privileges of the world elite, whose ideological representatives are Attali and Fukuyama.

3 Anthropocosmism is a synthesis of philosophical, natural-science and sociological ideas about man, his place in the universe and the cosmic prospects for the mankind being; a system of views, ideals, according to which a person is an organic part of the cosmos, subject to its laws and to a certain extent influencing its evolution.

4 Blaise Pascal (born June 19, 1623 in Clermont-Ferrand, died July 19, 1662) is a physicist, mathematician, philosopher, and writer.The man of amazing intellectual abilities, manifested already in early childhood. His discoveries in mathematics and physics laid the foundations of modern hydraulics and computer technology, and his writings influenced the formation of literary French. Pascal's name is carried by the unit of pressure (1 Pa), the Pascal programming language, and the university in his hometown.



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