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369_Series. Salvation of Saviors

Monday, 04 July 2022 10:53

033_369 The Essence

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The society is developing, but people keep trying to understand the reality using outdated, but so familiar concepts. We are always in thrall of our concepts and images created by them, regardless whether they are good for us or not. Man becomes free only when he himself gives rise to new concepts and moves forward developing his concepts in order to understand today’s world.

To protect yourselves from danger, we need to understand the source of the danger. This will allow us to see the nature of the source and understand its purpose. Then we will be able to understand the plan and means of implementation, create a defense line, strategy and tactics. All this is possible, IF the source of danger IS CLEAR to us. Let us approach the problem through the analysis of intelligible facts. Let's start with the fact that any great action requires appropriate doers. If there is an atomic bomb, then there are physicists who created this bomb. If there is an action of the global scale with a step of 500 years, consequently THERE ARE "DOERS" who think and act at such a scale. And not individuals, but a self-reproducing organism, something like a school. Great strategy is implemented only by schools, but not by individuals. To have such a school, a social mechanism is needed, singling out people from the society with the appropriate talents. The rarer the talents needed, the wider the "sampling area" should be. In some cases, the territory of interest should be at least a country or all of the humanity. As an example is the mathematical elite. It exists thanks to the fact that all of the humanity is "winnowed" for mathematicians. Children of all nationalities and social strata learn mathematics at school, then at the higher educational institutions. As a result, talented mathematicians are singled out, making up the elite.

1If the area of winnowing were smaller, for example, only from relatives of mathematicians or only from residents of a certain country, then mathematics as a science would die in a couple of generations. The stability of the mathematical school is achieved through the WINNOWING OF THE ENTIRE HUMANITY. This allows keeping a high intellectual level, and mathematics develops. But my reader already understands perfectly well that the "winnowing” process of the entire humanity" occurred strictly within the framework of the creation of brain genotypes that dominated at certain times and in certain places. Therefore, only a few can manipulate the "world" history through the distance of 500 years. This is even a rarer talent than mathematics. Therefore, the area of winnowing must be the entire humanity. We need a special system, the purpose of which is to grow the replacement. If there is no such system, the change of personnel is impossible, and hence the action.

It is human nature to find the way out of new problems with old solutions. History teaches: THERE IS NO WAY OUT IN THE OUTDATED. In general, people agree with this, but, not understanding what to do, they return to the old from force of habit. Today one can observe a lot of senseless efforts aimed at the formation of communities, parties and states and, of course, CREATING THEIR IMAGE. The apotheosis of this fuss should be creation of the image of the country in which one has to live and create, get knowledge and develop, relying on one's (own) knowledge. But this line of thought brings us to a dead end. No design of the house could save from the flood. Neither the community nor the state will save us from the impending processes. The community will sooner or later be crushed by the “outside world” like a tractor crushing an eggshell. This is confirmed by the example of all communities - they rot at the same rate as the world. With the state, the evidence base is NOT THAT obvious as with the smaller communities. It seems that if you build a powerful state (or better yet, an empire), modern life-threatening situations will be resolved. Imagination is creating wonderful rulers, a stable economy, a strong army and the list goes on. You can create something like an iron curtain and not just keep the defense, but, by accumulating strength, take the offensive and expand your borders. All this seems to be a good solution, because it is CUSTOMARY AND PATRIOTIC. But this effect arises due to little understanding of the system. The problem lies on a different scale. You can see it if you consider the subject not from the customary, but from the appropriate height.

So, let us consider the state as a prototype of the Ark. Let us fix it: the state is a hierarchical structure. It consists of a bearing part (backbone), having the main human qualities: the spirit, mind, will, honor, etc., as well as the secondary part. Since the spirit, mind and will are not inherited, the backbone cannot be created from the children of the "elite", since there is no one to choose from. This means that the weakness and instability of the system is inevitable. Some apologists for the theory according to which only the state can protect people from impending danger say that ALL THE PROBLEMS OF THE STATE are from ordinary people who are not able to be citizens. Like, citizens are a special breed of people, and if you separate the mass from the citizens, as in Rome, a powerful empire will come into being. For a long time, the only supranational player was the so-called "unknown group on the global scale" (for those who know - now these are the remains of brain genotypes 461, as an element of the power control). It incited (and still goes on doing it) orange revolutions, bringing puppets regimes to power, spreading democracy - on a global scale. Today's NEW UNDERSTANDING OF THE WORLD gave rise to the opposition to this group. Potentially, we are superior to the enemy, but our possibilities HAVE NOT YET BEEN REALIZED. There should be no haste here, within the framework of the ongoing processes, created not by people, but realized through them. First of all, it is the expediency that is important now, as well as creation of THE SINGLE IMAGE of our Country (I emphasize - not of the state, but of the Country). Our strength today is in our openness, which allows us to hope for the spiritual and intellectual potential of the entire mankind, while the enemy is forced to hide his cards. The worldview idea which comes into being while creating the image is the only one against which there is no protection. Having penetrated the mind and heart, it takes root there, begins growing and eventually CHANGES CONSCIOUSNESS. Next, there changes the understanding of the world, and further along the chain, will and actions are transformed. A new action eventually changes the world. This is the essence of the phrase "the world is driven by the ideas."

In the era before gunpowder, war was waged with metal. In the era of gunpowder it was waged with fire. In our time, the war is waged with information, since this is the only weapon in the struggle for consciousness. The soldiers of this war are directors, screenwriters, composers, writers and other workers of creative "factories". Making an informational army, they HAVE NO idea about the goal they are working for. Roughly, the army of talents is used in the dark.

2A striking example: directors and screenwriters put sex scenes into the plot of the film not aiming to corrupt people; such a goal is not of their level. They want to attract the audience and make money. What tasks are solved through this, businessmen from creativity and creators-executors do not suspect. Everyone is striving for their small profitable goal, actively working for someone else. The funny side of the situation is that you cannot tell them that they are working for someone else's goal, destroying the foundation of the traditional civilization. Well, of course, you can, but they will not take it, they just will laugh. A few of the creators are able to think why all of them have agreed to go in one direction, without saying a word. And even less are ready to look for an answer. A number of questions arise. In the first place, how is it even technically possible to attach a navigator to all creative people and make them move in the course that THEY DO NOT REALIZE? How can you make a person play a role in someone else's play without his knowing the script? How can the whole army of talents be used as a tool? In the second half of the 20th century, a fundamentally non-violent plan for the destruction of traditional stateswas developed within the framework of the Old Control System, as the last stage in creating the necessary brain genotype and launching the “Destructive Democracy” program, an element in the implementation of the “golden billion” program. For the first time in the history of mankind, manipulative technologies were used as the main offensive tool. Previously, they were also used, but only as a secondary means. In the new type of war, the emphasis was not on the industrial and strategic objects, like in classic wars, but ON CONSCIOUSNESS. The ideological bombardment of consciousness has replaced the traditional worldview with the consumer one. On the basis of the alien worldview, there was created a right myth about the consumer society and a dark myth about the traditional one. After such ideological bombardments, deep cracks appeared in the state body, into which various “wedges” were hammered - from admiration for the consumerist way of life to immorality. As a result, the structure of the country began to fall apart. NO ONE really UNDERSTOOD ANYTHING, because not a single government covered the entire scope of the situation. The processes that began were taken as spontaneous. The Soviet creators of the past and the liberal ones of the present DID NOT and DO NOT INTEND to create a consumer society, but it was they who created it. People who grew up on their books and films became atheists and "believing materialists" not because of eating sausage, but because of the information they “consumed”. The people became identical to the consuming product. It's funny to see how aged creators complain: the new generation offends us. The funny thing of the situation is that THEY THEMSELVES, by their creativity, imposed on people that model of behavior which they are dissatisfied with nowadays. The Creators sincerely do not understand that they spit in the well. Now it's time to drink the water, and they frown... It seemed to the creators that they only create, write books, make films, and compose songs by which they express themselves. Human themes on love, meanness, and honor and so on were raised. Some of them dreamed of making the society better, others were just chasing fame and money. But against their will the strokes of the second plan permeated their works, thus forming a different picture, FORMING THE SUBCONSCIOUSNESS. The Soviet and liberal systems made creators so that they would inspire the society with the materialistic understanding of the world and destroy the religious one.

3When trying to create the army from the existing so-called, modern "creators", there is a danger of getting a wolf in sheep's clothing. For all that, the wolf himself will not understand what he is. It can be assumed that he will conscientiously take up the creation of the ordered product, but THERE IS NO ESCAPE from one’s subconscious. Not being a Christian, for example, he might paint his product with paints that, in his opinion, are Christian. As a result, you will get a primitive format that works NOT FOR THE IDEA, but against it. Although outwardly everything looks decorous, there is nothing to complain about. Plus, he will stuff it with materialistic and consumer policies, which he WILL NOT SEE himself, but which will get into the subconscious of the society as another snake. All hope today is on those creators who are able to control their creativity. Due to their imbedded intellect or the traditional subconscious that develops only through their efforts, they already understand or feel: there is no “just entertainment”. Any information lays something that forms the concept of the norm. Behavior and action depend on what the norms and the scales of values ​​are embedded. All this forms the world. It is this kind of creators who will “blow up” with their products the consumer understanding of the world, because they are thinkers UNDERSTANDING THE SCOPE of the subject being raised and are able to turn this scope into an emotional format. Only the system can resist the system. An information army can be opposed by another information army. If the enemy has the army of creators, only the army of creators can oppose it. Individual geniuses ARE NOT RANKED HIGH today, for many reasons. Firstly, they do not create that volume of products comparable to the "army’s". Secondly, everyone acts TO THE EXTENT OF ONE’S UNDERSTANDING, while the army "works" in a tough corridor. Is it possible to create such an "army" now? THE ANSWER IS DEFINITELY - YES. Despite the fact that the society is plunged in consumption, there are remnants of the traditional worldview in every Man, including the human creator who takes responsibility in this most difficult task - the task of awakening people! And even the products based on the traditional values ​​are available. Another thing is that it was deliberately ignored, and brisk "cuckoo" opportunists pushed traditionalists out of all spheres of activities. The time has come to thoroughly push the "cuckoo". And instead of the soap-porn-bloody “cheap” stuff that is being imposed on us, to GIVE PEOPLE a quality product that cultivates love, kindness and a sense of pride in the work of the human hands, explain to people that the POWER OF THE ESSENCE OF LIFE lies in its basis, which is the strongest feeling, bestowed on Man - love. Love plays the role of the basis on which the text of the essence of life is “embroidered”. Love here is the DESIRE TO DO GOOD to another MAN, as to yourself. In Paul’s 1st. Epistle to the Corinthians1, extremely important words were spoken: "If I have the gift of prophecy, and know all mysteries, and have all knowledge and all faith, then I can move mountains, but do not have love, then I am nothing." It would seem simple. However, love for so many people is an unattainable dream. For all the seeming simplicity of the subject, St. Paul lists 16 conditions for the existence of love that are difficult to fulfill at the same time: “love endures for a long time, love is merciful, love does not envy, love does not exalt itself, does not pride itself, does not act outrageously, does not seek its own, is not irritated, does not think of evil, does not rejoice in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth; covers everything, believes everything, hopes everything, endures everything...” One of the conclusions from the Message is that once you begin to think of evil, as love turns into hatred, and the essence of life is destroyed because of the lack of the solid foundation.

5The essence is the product of thought designed to set in order and error-free movement of all the resources of Man in order to minimize his losses and maximize his success. This is THE MOST VALUABLE PRODUCT that is known to mankind. The essence creates the maximum possible approximation to the truth. The essence is similar to the voltage in the electrical grid: there is voltage - and the values ​​​​become necessary, like an electric circuit, and the goal, like electric current drives motors. The essence sets masses of people in motion. The essence is embodied in the educated people brought up IN A SPECIAL WAY to anticipate and apply any changes that may occur in the world. It is people who are the authors, the bearers of the essence. The essence is the strongest experience of Man, which launches him into Cosmos, lets him into the invisible, inaudible, intangible microcosm. For the sake of the essence, Man and nations go to the scaffold. NO ESSENCE - EVERYTHING STOPS. Betrayals, theft, dishonesty always feast in the house where the essence has gone. The essence is directly "woven" into the goal of life and cannot be separated from it. Speaking about the goal of life, it is important not to lose sight of the fact that we are talking about an extremely complex phenomenon called goal formation”. In the current realities, goal formation is understood as the process of GENERATION OF NEW GOALS in the human activities. In order to choose the goal for life in the ocean of temptations, dangers and opportunities, Man need to perform four operations: 1 - to achieve goal setting (to accurately find one's place in the society and the place that seems desirable to him), 2 - find his determination, the image of the future ( choose the direction of his development, the transition from the unsatisfactory state to the desired state), satisfactory, 3 act purposefully (continue to pursue the same goal, changing your behavior when external conditions change), 4 - be expedient (solve the problem of the time of his life, keeping in mind the fact that it consists of three varieties of forms of reasoning (modus) - sequence, coexistence and stability. "Sequence of time" is the linear order of the flow of processes as an endless "arrow of time" directed from the past to the future. "Coexistence of time" is the SET OF EVENTS in the life of a particular Man, occurring simultaneously. "Stability of time" is presented as the productivity of each moment, its significance in the overall balance of life time. If we consider that the sequence is the “length”, coexistence is the “width”, and then stability is the “height” of time. Guyot2, in his time, wrote that “...time would close access to itself for the being who would not want anything, would not strive for anything. The future is not what is coming towards us, but what we are going towards. Boredom, which seized people everywhere today, is the stop of the time of life, and nothing more. But it can be overcome IF THERE IS A GOAL that you want to achieve. The goal is the machine to transform the essence from the static state to the dynamic state through values. The absence of a goal makes Man, a city, a country a victim of circumstances, arbitrariness, and chance. The goal, like a burning light bulb, allows you to judge the presence of values ​​(circuit) and the essence (voltage). These values ​​“glow”, “rotate”, “give warmth”. They are seen and heard, paid for and thanked for. The goal, like the current in a light bulb, is obvious, real, and effective. But the essence of the goal is always hidden from the eyes, like tension. The goal cannot be invented in isolation from the essence and values, the values ​​of life. Scientists were given limited possibilities to study values, and this played its role in the development of people, but nevertheless, some of them, by virtue of their abilities, DID NOT ALLOW the society to forget about the priority of values ​​over all other factors of human behavior. When describing values, for example, people of St. Petersburg, it is most useful to apply the thoughts about the point of values ​​of S. L. Rubinshtein3. He wrote that: “values ​​and ideals are directly related to culture, embodied in its products. The products of culture are presented as "reservoirs" into which Man saves all the best throughout the history. Humanity is the SUMMATION OF PEOPLE connected by products of culture, their activities, each of which makes sense only in interaction. In my opinion, you cannot but agree with him, although it was said at the beginning of the twentieth century. In order to overcome the simplistic idea of ​​the point of “instrumental” and “terminal” values, one should recall some examples from history: in the span of time (historically) there takes place the change of the ideals: the ethics of the Stoics assumed the wisdom of self-control, the Stoics and Spinoza glorified the ideal of the sage. The Greek concept of love (eros) is the striving of the lower for the higher, more perfect. The Augustinian (and Spinoza’s) view suggests the coincidence of movements from bottom to top and from top to bottom. Christianity (Leo Tolstoy) supposes the ideal of love for holiness (saints and penitents). Nietzsche preached love for the superman; the heroic enthusiasm of Giordano Bruno turned out to be the model of the Renaissance ideals. Puritanism considered “dryness”, callousness and ruthlessness to people (Calvin) as a virtue, considering the power of passion as a source of grave sins. It is easy to see that THE ESSENCE OF THE VALUES OF LIFE is something different, much more sublime than what we know, for example, according to the so-called sociological surveys. It is useful, when discussing values, to focus on some postulates. In other words, values ​​DO NOT EXIST beyond the relation to another person. In addition, values, in their pure, concentrated form, are the joys of being. The joy is not of this or that, but joy in general - joy of the VERY FACT of one's existence. And I would also like to remind you that values ​​are not primary. The value for Man is the significance of something in the world. Values, first of all, include an ideal - the idea, the content of which is something significant for Man. Here it is appropriate to recall the categories: "scale", "range of life", its "intensity" and "depth", "spiritual generosity" of the personality. In other words, in the lack of a vivid manifestation of these parameters, it is NOT QUITE TRUE to speak of Man having values.

Physiologically, Man is always able and ready to perform some actions, but does not do this only because of the lack of sense, value and purpose in them. In his time, Nikolai Levashov, in our private talks, explained to me that mentality is something like the level of excitation that is recorded by researchers of higher nervous activity. These are OBSERVED MANIFESTATIONS OF LIFE. In exactly the same way, modern sociologists act, who believe that they know more about the mentality than anyone else. In physiology, these LIFE MANIFESTATIONS produce: the mobility of the nervous system (analogous to meaning), the continuity of the nervous process (analogous to the essence), the balance of the nervous system (analogous to the values) and the strength of the nervous system (analogous to life force). Such a free interpretation of the physiology of the higher nervous activity was needed to explain that Man at all levels - biological, physiological, psychological, social, political - HAS SUFFICIENT STRENGTH only if this strength is based on the meaningful system. There are lots of examples when people, deprived of the ability to move, see, hear, reached the heights of wisdom, influence and recognition. And there are even more examples of the fact when, with the absolute physical perfection, people lived their lives as nonentities, indulging in drunkenness and debauchery, living life as a burden to the loved ones and society. This means that the BASIS OF THE LIFE FORCE is not the strength of muscles and sharpness of eyes, but the mentality, which is a meaningful system. A meaningful mentality starts up the volitional mechanism of human behavior. An empty mentality replaces will with stubbornness and whims, which ultimately lead to fear of life and inner conviction of its worthlessness. L.N. Tolstoy MANY YEARS AGO anticipated the problems of globalization by describing the fear of life. It is for this purpose that he introduces the character of Pierre Bezukhov into War and Peace”. Among other things, he describes Pierre’s mental state and his thoughts, who, after the courtship of Andrei Bolkonsky to Natasha Rostova, fell into depression. “...Sometimes Pierre recalled the story he had heard about how soldiers in the war, being under fire in the cover, when they had nothing to do, diligently find some occupation for themselves in order to endure danger. And to Pierre, all people seemed to be such soldiers, SAVING FROM LIFE: some with ambition, some with cards, some with writing laws, some with women, some with toys, some with politics, some with hunting, some with wine, and some with matters of state. There is neither insignificant nor important, everything is equal; only to be able to escape! - thought Pierre. “Just not to see it, this terrible thing.4

Long before L. N. Tolstoy, B. Pascal wrote about the problem of fear of life: “I don’t know either who created me, or what this world is, or what myself is. I am in a terrible ignorance, ignorance of all things; I don’t know what my life is, what my feelings are, what my soul is – the very part of me that thinks what I say, that thinks about everything and about itself and knows itself no better than anything else. I see these terrible spaces of the Universe, embracing me, and I see myself bound in one corner of THIS IMMEASURED INFINITY and I don’t know why I am in this place, and not in another, and why that period of time, which is called life, is tied to this particular point, and not to another one in the eternity, which was before me and which will be after me. I see around only infinities which embrace me, I am like a shadow that exists for a moment and does not return5.

6And quite recently, thirty years ago, an outstanding researcher of Globalization, A. Toffler6, explained the emergence of fear of the Future: “Under the influence of new experiences and sensations, a mentally healthy Man stops distinguishing the real from the artificial. He loses the ground under his feet, since the very definition of a normal psyche, a normal life, is no longer considered normal. The flow of changes brings unprecedented complications in the lives of people who become victims of the future shock. In the future, a world awaits Man in which there is NOTHING IN COMMON with the world to which he is accustomed. If only machinery had driven off the rail, even then our position would have been quite difficult. The mortal danger lies in the fact that other social processes have thrown off the bridle and are rushing furiously in an unknown direction, refusing to submit to all our attempts to control them”. This quote fully describes the current state of lots of (most) people, the state caused by the processes of the New Control System and, most importantly, NOT UNDERSTANDING these processes (not understanding the ongoing), because people are trying to comprehend THE CURRENT REALITY with the help of the outdated, but familiar concepts, and this causes constant fear in some people, and brings others (most) to the state of indifference to what is happening around them, to apathy. Apathy is underestimated by others; it is taken for a kind of easily banished whim of an idler. Or like laziness, NOT PRESENTING danger to anyone except the close people. But this is an erroneous conclusion and especially in our time. Because apathy is at the same time the STATE PROBLEM AND THE SIGN OF A DISEASE OF MAN. When masses of people fall into apathy, then the country falls into apathy, then it falls out of the world process of global changes, leaving the world historic arena. Apathy, translated from Greek is "dispassion", that is, the state characterized by emotional passivity, indifference, flattening of feelings, indifference to the events of the surrounding reality and weakening of motives and interests.

7Many philologists define apathy as passionlessness, insensibility, indifference, equanimity, coldness, disgust, inertness, lethargy, laziness, "oblomovism". A. I. Yuriev7 pointed out the danger of apathy for the society. He associated it with anomie to explain DEFECTIVE BEHAVIOR (suicide, apathy and frustration). With a rather sudden change in social ideals and morality, certain social groups cease to feel their involvement to this society, they are alienated, new social norms and values ​​are rejected by members of these groups, including socially declared patterns of behavior, and instead of conventional means of achieving individual or social goals they put forward their own (in particular, illegal). BUT IN REALITY, all THE ABOVE is the process of “separating” the specific brain genotype and selecting “unnecessary material”, followed by its removal (up to physical) from the programmed processes related to it.

In our lives today, we constantly balance between grief and boredom. Boredom is mistakenly taken for a domestic problem. Very few people today, in rare posts on the Internet, report their attention to this phenomenon. They write that this mistake was pointed out by Schopenhauer, who stated that experts believed that happiness, apparently, is located somewhere in the middle: so that the sharpness of new impressions WOULD NOT BEGIN to bring unbearable pain, but at the same time, so that boredom WOULD NOT BRING to death. It is important to understand that the deeper the grief, the longer the boredom will last. It is boredom that stops social, research, personal processes, leading to stagnation in all spheres of society. Man intuitively tries to fight boredom, that LEADS TO DEGRADATION of his personality, to sliding towards primitive and criminal forms of behavior. The influence of boredom on Man, unfortunately, was underestimated even by such prominent domestic psychologists as K. K. Platonov8. He defined boredom as a mental state caused by the LACK OF INTERESTING STIMULES and manifested in the decrease in the level of clarity of consciousness. We are grateful to him for pointing out the "decrease in the level of clarity of consciousness." But now it is already known for sure that it is WRONG TO RECOMMEND overcoming boredom with “interesting stimuli”. It was this mistake of domestic scientists - psychologists in the way of overcoming boredom that determined the organization of the society in the USSR, and was one of the reasons for its collapse. However, I can say from my own experience that "personalities with a rich inner world are not prone to boredom." Man is complex, and in addition to boredom, there is also the problem of loneliness, which is so fundamental and so little known that, for example, politicians DO NOT RELATE it in any way to the results of their “political activity”. The fruit of the politics activity is the concept of social solidarity, which is understood as the state of collective ideological integration. Nowadays in Moscow, St. Petersburg, as well as throughout Russia (roughly since 2002), social solidarity has been REPLACED WITH ANOMIA - the state of disorder and illegality. And this is an objective process within the new programs of the Control System. Anomia manifested itself with rapid social and economic changes that disrupted the order in the social structure. With the social norms upset and the restrictions lost people feel like they are in the space without guiding lines. And NOT HAVING guiding lines, people begin feeling TIRED OF LIFE. Their efforts become useless, life loses its value, and there comes anomalous self-destruction, and loneliness as one of its components. To get a real feel for the power of pressure of loneliness on Man, it is useful to remember your own experience. The feelings that many of us have experienced as children - a strong sense of loneliness and the vain hope of finding someone to talk to. Nature, books, meaningful work saved from DEEP DEPRESSION.

You can trust such a subtle writer as O. de Balzac, who wrote: “Man is afraid of loneliness. And of all the types of loneliness, the loneliness of the soul is the most terrible. Hermits of the antiquity lived in communion with God; they lived in the most populated world, in the spiritual world... The first need of Man, whether a leper or a convict, an outcast or an ailing one, is to FIND A COMPANION IN THE BOAT. Thirsting to satisfy this feeling, Man squanders all his strength, all his power, all the ardor of his soul. Without this overwhelming desire, would Satan have found accomplices for himself?”

 I tried to summarize all those of our worries that pressing down on us today. But worries and dissatisfaction are indispensable conditions for further progress, first of all, in development, which will allow us to create the Image. The image of our country. In the next decade, the face of the entire planet will change so much that it will be ridiculous for us to remember our current worries. But we SHOULD NOT forget that today, still, 95 % of the Human Brain potential are blocked, there was a separation into conscious (5 %) and unconscious (95 %). That was done on purpose to narrow down the flow of the perceived CONSCIOUS INFORMATION. That made it possible for the intruders to slowly transform Man (with the help of "scientific" technologies) from the analog perception of the world to the discrete one, reducing everything to binary manifestations. Now the process of reformatting the brain is intensively going on, which allows us to perceive the ongoing in the realities.

 The image of the new Russia in today's GLOBAL CHANGING WORLD is characterized by the fact that Russia has changed the most. The country, once again, has become a socio-political laboratory of the world, and was the first to take on all imaginable global tests that may fall on the country. No other country has made so many changes in itself, and destroyed the traditional stereotypes of behavior, as Russia. Today, Russia, like no other country, is open to innovations, and like no other country, has the strength to accept them. Because, finally, the main “point” in UNDERSTANDING ITS IMAGE has been opened, which had been forcibly “closed” for many millennia and had not allowed people to create the GENUINE IMAGE OF RUSSIA. Russia is not a territory, it is not a country, and it is not a state. RUSSIA IS A CIVILIZATION in the full understanding of this meaning. The experience of Russia, I am sure, will be useful to many developed countries, some of which have already embarked on the path of global trials.

Russia today is like a person who went through special trials, but whose return was unnoticed by others. This happens because the task of the country’s image formation having useful experience for the whole world is NOT BEING SOLVED. And the task of formation the image of Russia, clear and useful to the world, is not solved because there is no technology for this work. This, at first glance, may seem complicated and difficult for the technological execution of creating the image of Russia, but it is many times easier than the FORMATION OF THE IMAGE OF THE COUNTRY by the creative geniuses of the Leo Tolstoy class, who are not available in the country today. The main obstacle in creating the image of Russia for its own citizens and for the outside world is the simplification of the task and method to the point where the image disappears or is distorted. The formation of the image of the country is the task either for the geniuses of the Dostoevsky class, or for the professionals of the modern Russian science, who have realized what modern science is today. But not for the office-clerks of the organizations that sell information, who are not able to understand that Russia of February 2022 and today's Russia are quite different states. It is NOT VERY noticeable for many of them, but in a few months it will become real evidence. In the near future, IT WILL BE perfectly obvious to EVERYONE that to explain the expediency of the existence of power as a long-standing "historical tradition" in Russia, as the identity of the "Russian soul", as the search for a "new Russian path" and, moreover, an artificially implanted negative experience of Western states, - turned out to be not only ineffective, but absolutely erroneous. Russia, deservedly - not deservedly (this question is not discussed at all) has already acquired the function of the leader, but not an imperial one in the former historical construction, but the leader who can and ought to lead other peoples IN A DIFFERENT WAY of civilization development, where violence and parasitism are excluded. Global changes in the future are so large- scale that nether any neither single country nor city in the world is ready to accept them. Some industries will disappear and other branches of production will come into being. The most modern technologies will become meaningless and they will be replaced with NEW, UNKNOWN TODAY. Some of today's prosperous territories will be deserted, while others will suffer from overpopulation.

Today's virtues will become the butt of jokes, and yesterday's "vices" will be considered conditions for success. All religions will still be needed, but they are going to be leveled in the end. There will be no national distinction. This is becoming more and more apparent today, and the borders will only be blurring further. Everything will be “brought” to the universal brain genotype 385. It will take the lives of a few generations. And it is NO MATTER where Man lives, it is all that matters whether he lives IN THE ZONE OF THE GUARANTEED LIFE SUPPORT. Then he lives a normal life. And as for his nationality – well, everyone will begin to forget very soon. It is important to understand that the Motherland is that functional - territorial endowment that fully supports you. And not within the limited framework of some kind of financial support, political, ideological or otherwise - all this is nonsense invented by people. Life support is something absolutely different. These are the processes to control the life of your body - the flesh, your Brain (Soul, Spirit), your Mind. These are the true elements of Life Support, and depending from which Complex your Life Support comes from, your Motherland is there. Today you are satisfied being in the territory where you were born and live. Everything suits you - living conditions, the elements of cohabitation with neighbors, friends, you have everything, and then some elements of certain “déjà vu” (nostalgia) might begin to appear and some magnetic power will draw you to the place where there is a guaranteed support of genotype 385. And it will mainly be Russia! And for Russia, in particular, it will be ABSOLUTELY OF NO IMPORPANCE what nationality is Man, where he comes from, whether he was under some special or not special living conditions, all this in general - WILL BE OF NO IMPOTANCE. The population to be integrated into the future will get together. And what language the people speak, what nationality they previously belonged to, what color their skin is - all this will no matter at all - in the end, everyone will be “equaled”, as ALL ARE EQUAL. This will be the ESSENCE OF CREATING THE REAL IMAGE OF RUSSIA. Now it is impossible to imagine such a thing, but in the near future, all the above said will manifest itself in the minds of people. You will not even notice how everything will turn into reality. Such an amazing world is being embodied before our eyes, and we are all lucky to live in such a historical moment. Therefore, today, all over the world they are talking about the need to “rediscover oneself”, or “reinvent oneself”, at least “to aware oneself in a new world”. One tactic is to wait lazily for the development of the events; the other is to proactively shape changes considering your own interests. It has long been said: The future is not what is coming towards us, but what we are going towards.



1 Paul, commonly known as the Apostle Paul and Saint Paul, was a Christian apostle who spread the teachings of Jesus to the first century world.

2 Jean-Marie Guyot (1854–1888), French philosopher and poet His main works are Morality Without Duty and Sanction, Problems of Modern Aesthetics, and Unbelief of the Future. The basis of morality, from Guyot's point of view, is not selfish calculation and not an abstract consciousness of duty, but the desire for the fullest and widest possible development of life activity.

3 Sergei Leonidovich Rubinshtein is a Soviet psychologist and philosopher, the founder of the Marxist tradition in Soviet psychology. Initiator of a distinct tradition of "activity approach" in Soviet and then world psychology

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6 Alvin Toffler was an American writer, futurist, and businessman known for his work on modern technologies, including the digital revolution and the communications revolution, with a focus on their impact on cultures around the world. He is considered one of the world's foremost futurists.

7 Alexander Ivanovich Yuriev (October 6, 1942 - November 26, 2020) Soviet and Russian psychologist. Creator of the scientific direction of political psychology in the USSR and modern Russia. Doctor of Psychology, Professor

8 Konstantin Konstantinovich Platonov (June 7, 1906 - October 5, 1984) - Soviet psychologist, doctor of psychological sciences and doctor of medical sciences, professor


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