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369_Series. Salvation of Saviors

Tuesday, 25 October 2022 03:30

036_369 The idea which time has come…

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There is only one thing stronger than all the armies in the world. This is the Idea which time has come.

It is impossible to shake Man’s confidence in his rightness at the level of the subconscious. At the moment, I am sure it is not only waste of time and effort, but also harmful for the understanding of something and especially the ongoing events. You will not prove anything trying to prove to someone who DOES NOT WANT to listen to anything new and unusual for oneself. But you cannot leave people without the information that you own yourself. Therefore, I decided to write and talk about the new, about understanding the new THROUGH THE EXAMPLES OF THE OLD, which are known, which we had been all taught, and blindly believed in all that, without even doubting – "...whether it was really so...". This can make it difficult to cover the whole picture for those who are ready for the new, but most likely it will be useful in their further research and thought. I am sure of one thing – if my thoughts find some room in your heart, then your life will change. Well, if they don't find it – if it cannot be done, it cannot be done. I am writing this with one goal – to expand the circle of our ideological supporters interested in the New Knowledge, new technologies and help understand the ongoing today in order to move only forward.

1Imagine your life on a ship. You have a lot of things to do on it: paint the cabin, catch fish, set sails, entertainment in the evening... a lot of things to do... your head is going round and round. But where are you going? Hardly anyone can clearly answer this question. Anyone can name one’s goals in life (within the life limits). For some - it's power, fame and money. Others have to plant a tree, build a house and have a baby. The third have some other goals of their own. It is not important which goals one has in life. It is important that they are all within one’s life. But what is the purpose of life itself? What is that you were born for and what do you want to get in the end? When it is unclear what to answer, it is CONSIDERED A DANGER. Man has always been sure that everything in life is clear to him. Only there is not enough money. And if there was money, everything was absolutely clear. And then suddenly it turns out that there are questions to which he does not know what to say. Protecting themselves from the danger that threatens to shake the familiar world, people put labels on this question. They say, for example, that it has a religious subtext, or all that is said today from all sides about partial demobilization is stupidity, obscurantism and ignorance, which means that the question itself is nonsense. At best, they give meaningless answers: there is no sense in this; the meaning is in our position to this question; we need to "just live", it might be over and the like, without seeing the current goals that this question initiated. I do not deny the importance of current goals. I'm just saying that their VALUE IS IN THE MOMENT, because in the long run, there won't be much left of what we value so much now. Leo Tolstoy, in his time, in the "Confession", said in this connection: "Today - tomorrow, diseases, death will come (and have already come) to loved ones, to me, and nothing will remain but the stench and worms. My work, whatever it may be, will all be forgotten — sooner or later, and I will not be there. So why bother?". But it is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to bother, so that in the future the new will come, completely different from us, from what we value today in the material society, created by all of us, but not by our will.

It's very hard for people today – no matter what anybody says. And in this situation to tell them about the fact that everything happening is NOT THE DECISION made by one (albeit collegially) person, but is the development of the situation from February 23-24 THROUGH HIM (through them), with a completely different plan, which is beyond their comprehension, OF COURSE IT IS NECESSARY. But all this run into problems, first of all, solved by people that suddenly arose with declared temporary mobilization, both for the mobilized, and for the parents and relatives of these mobilized, for whom such a thing exposed a lot of questions, ranging from "...why, what for and who for...?, to finding the way out of this situation, as they say – by all "improvised" means, up to escaping (in any way) from the country.

Studying a great number of speeches, statements and arguments of representatives of VARIOUS DEPARTMENTS on our most pressing and most monstrous problems, including all those related to partial mobilization, I CANNOT resist a strange feeling that for the success of the Special Military Operation {SMO) in the Ukraine, we first, or, at least, along the way, as the necessary prerequisite, have to do its analogue in relation to many structures, let's say politically correct, of the Russian state administration, because all the present day so-called liberalism1 – is serving the interests of financial speculators against their own people. Liberalism is today's expression of fascism – the triune fascism (administrative–bureaucratic, financial and national-demographic) in its full AGONIZING MANIFESTATION. Those who doubt can see that not only Russian liberals unanimously support fascists, in particular, fascists in the Ukraine, the goners - Bandera. It is the liberals who are supported by people living in Europe, America and other countries and, characteristically, by the former so–called socialist camp. Liberals, liberalism is the present day fascism of the information age. In my opinion, it's high time to get rid of the liberals, i.e. evident and potential accomplices of fascism are OUR OWN Russian state administration. And at least, at the first stage, teach Russian officials to use their native Russian language so that their answers are understandable to an ordinary normal person like me without translators, because in everyday life, these translations are carried out NOT FROM the BUREAUCRATIC to the Russian literary language, but from the bureaucratic, to the RUSSIAN OBSCENE, although I should note that in the crux of most of these answers, translations into the obscene Russian correspond more than to literary Russian. This is especially true today, within the framework of understanding the ongoing Special Military Operation in the Ukraine and all those world processes that are launched through the events in the Ukraine as their detonator.


This can be treated in different ways, depending on the SPECIALLY CREATED barrage of information and one’s own ability to think. In the majority the comprehension is blunted by the emotions for the events that occur before their eyes and in which they become participants. Simple explanations are important to them, which can normalize their overloaded and excited psyche. In my opinion, the cleverness in explaining the physics of the processes occurring in reality and without people’s participation today is of course important and their understanding (for the beginners) is priceless. But most of them need the information provided to them in their usual understanding, which can influence their behavior and encourage them to take concrete actions within the framework of the ongoing processes. I want to remind the reader briefly about the triune fascism that we all face directly today and it is just impossible not to take this into account in understanding the ongoing.

4The crux of all three forms of inferno2–fascism is revealed for the first time in the "Fundamentals of the Humanity Formation" (FHF). In order not to give the impression of some "artificiality" of the problems of inferno-fascism, I will give some indicative characteristics that are fully manifested today and already comprehended by people. All elements of the "administrative-bureaucratic" facet, its horizontal connections and nodes of interaction in the construction of the Russian political system are DIRECT SIGNS of parasitic violence against ordinary participants of the construction, the vast majority of whom are the indigenous peoples of the country. The parasitic violence of the SMALL GROUP OF PEOPLE of the leading brain genotype, called liberals, over the unprecedented majority of the participants in the construction of the Russian political system IS FASCISM. The "administrative-bureaucratic fascism" exercises its influence and pressure on the structure through the HARSH VERTICALS of state power ("executive", "legislative", "judicial"), which are constantly being modified and strengthened in their interests. The driving force of the «administrative-bureaucratic fascism" is the seizure (theft) of state (people's) values for their own use. At the same time, it most actively interacts and PARTIALLY MERGES with the facet of the Russian political system construction, which has a special status - "financial fascism", the presence of which in the Russian political system is OBVIOUS AND PROVEN. Thus, the "administrative-bureaucratic fascism" is the reinforcing component of "financial fascism" and vice versa, as well as the rest of the other verticals. The constructive ties forming "administrative-bureaucratic fascism" are mainly horizontal in nature, which fit into the system of the "nodal interacting elements" connecting all the verticals of state power in the country. The "nodal interacting elements" are the BASIC SIGNS of "administrative-bureaucratic fascism". It is exactly they who exercise the manifestation of the programmed executing states for their subsequent implementation in the verticals of the state power. "Administrative-bureaucratic fascism" operates both inside and UNDER the COVER of all three verticals of the state power, and, consequently, under the cover of the Constitution, other laws and many by-laws that constantly confirm its state status. To protect itself, fascism is constantly strengthening its "law-protecting" bodies - the Federal Protective SERVICE, the Federal Security Service, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and others, and also creates new forms of its protection in the form of the armed units of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the Federal Drug Control Service, the Federal Tax Service, etc., various departmental, non-departmental and private security structures, endowing them with rights and duties in their interests. By exercising its management activities "in the shadows" (beyond the law), the administrative-bureaucratic fascism "positions ITS "EXTRA-LEGALITY", thereby generating other perverted forms of its essence - oligarchy, organized crime, raiding, police banditry, continuous corruption. "Administrative-bureaucratic fascism", as it spreads to the lower levels of the political system construction of Russia, only develops and strengthens its violent, parasitic properties and their impact on the participants of the construction, generating in the country the energy of pain, death, hatred and destruction. Where do the "legs grow" from? The policy pursued by the world capital fully corresponds to all the signs of fascism. With full responsibility, we can declare the advent of the ERA OF FINANCIAL FASCISM. Financial fascism, through its impact of the oppressive power violence, keeps ALL the FORMS of social parasitism and violence in all the countries, regardless of the type of civilization. And therefore this concerns the planetary inferno-fascism. Or maybe we in Russia should not care about any factor-influencing manifestation of "financial fascism", which has been SKILLFULLY MASTERED by the part of the governing class and turned it into a profession - and work as before, in one shot. But no such luck. Housing and communal services are waiting at the entrance with the support of the representatives from Russian Healthcare, Social Insurance, and Funeral Service and anxiously looking at the bored riot police and a group of sad bailiffs, overloaded with the decisions of either the courts or the prosecutor's offices. It seems that everything is there, everything has been organized, why, then, people don't feel like working - the chamber, both the upper chamber and all the others attached to it, are tormented in thought, in exactly the necessary amount, as the West recommended to the liberals, who have implemented ALL THIS. But we should not forget that NOT THEY have implemented, but it was implemented THROUGH THEM.

National-demographic fascism is primarily manifested in the genocide of the indigenous peoples of Russia. In this aspect, there are a lot of parallels with those directions that N. V. Levashov singled out in his materials and speeches. The numbers of those who died in the wars waged against Russia and its peoples reached HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS. Nowadays, it is no secret to anyone that the artificial incitement of interracial, ethnic hatred occurs through bribed media and specially trained groups of provocateurs, funded by Western intelligence services and individual organizations operating in all regions of the Russian Federation under the guise of "international humanitarian and environmental funds and programs ". This is also a large-scale project to reduce the "human population" - the International Planned Parenthood Federation, lobbying for "sexual health" and "reproductive rights". The "reproductive right" is promoted - GIVING WOMEN the right to legally kill children - abortions. In the current time, thanks to the promotion of abortion, Russia annually loses about 6 million newborns! These disastrous tendencies are reinforced by the policy of forced vaccination and the use of genetically modified products, while the population of Russia, in conditions of information suppression, is used as experimental material. The propaganda of perverted Western "values" is being carried out with might and main, instead of the normal, high moral standards that have been inherent in our peoples since ancient times. This has manifested itself in FULL recently, and especially with the start of the special operation in the Ukraine, and partial mobilization in the country - which revealed NOT ONLY this. Active falsification of history is an excellent tool for making future slaves, you just need to inspire: "... indigenous peoples have always been slaves, they were born slaves, they existed as slaves, and their destiny from time immemorial has been a slave." In Russia, the blood flowed that much that they HAD TO INVENT the Tatar-Mongol yoke.

 The disastrous reforms in the field of education and active introduction of juvenile justice only make national and demographic problems even worse, bringing them to the brink of doom and hopelessness. Thus, throughout Russia, a group of people with a leading brain genotype, at a very recent moment in the historical development of the programmed consciousness, brought the structure of the political system of the state into the condition of UNPRECEDENTED VIOLENCE against indigenous peoples, plunged by the same programmed consciousness into the state of conscious emptiness, and pursued the achievement of the total power in the state in order to parasitize on the well-being of the population, eliminating its functional endowment, which, in fact, is observed today as the auto-motor-like activities of the Old Control System. However, the complete implementation of the program of fascism, disguised in new clothes, is the irreversible destruction of the entire structure of the state political system, thereby plunging the state itself into the condition of "inferno".

 The list of deeds for all three forms of inferno-fascism could be continued, but THIS IS NOT the current point. And the point is that for both the individuals and the SOCIETY AS A WHOLE, as a result, the line has come, beyond which there is a vicious circle of inevitability and disorder, hopelessness and doom. There are some who are “allowed” to openly show violence beyond of any restrictions of the legal field, while others are guilty perceiving such an infringed position, sometimes arguing slightly and quietly reminding in a half-whisper that there are supposedly some rights and powers in some kind of vague legal field. Otherwise, it is not allowed, in case of dissatisfaction of the disadvantaged part of the society, it is infringed with even harsher violence. The violence and fear generated by money, of course, differ from physical pressure, but their meaning DOES NOT CHANGE from this. Man is afraid of losing his job, losing any wage and crawling before the employer. The pensioner, receiving miserable pennies, lives in constant fear of continuously rising prices. For all that, the management systems of this infernal society have been brought to such a state when any, even the most GOOD ACTIONS of a corrupt and incompetent government, only further worsen the situation in the society. The country whose leadership puts the slogan “We don’t give up our own” at the forefront - no matter who and how understands this slogan - is doomed to serious social upheavals. I would like to remind you here that Ivan the Terrible, Peter the Great, Joseph Stalin - they gave up their “friends” if those “friends” went against the interests of the Country, and the person who “did not give up his own”, even if these “friends” went against the interests of the country, known as Nicholas II, ended his days in the basement of the Ipatiev House.

 Regarding the current moment - WE, ALL OF US, except for the inveterate scoundrels, who are not so few - we desperately need Victory, Victory in this so-called "conflict". We CANNOT lose it, it must be won. Painfully, I understand perfectly well that the existing system will be winning or losing. I believe that this system should BE HELPED TO WIN, showing delicacy towards it, even in something. And not to defame her and not to “whip her cheeks and stick out all her dark spots”, which are in great amounts, and which I have already partially mentioned about. If this system DOES NOT WITHSTAND, then all that can and must be done is TO CREATE IN TIME something alternative, allowing the state and society to survive at the moment when this system does not withstand and begins to crack under the loads. And this must be done promptly, starting today – this is my position.

In our system, as in any other system, there are LOTS OF DECENT people. If it were not so, we would NOT HAVE SURVIVED for eight months. These are people who preserve human properties despite the fact that we live in a self-interested society. Our society is mercenary, super mercenary, there is one god in it - this is money. And it has been formed this way since the 80s, in fact, and certainly since 91. In this mercenary society, those who preserve all the human qualities have to endure daily. They are isolated from each other, and the surrounding is like granite, it is selfish. It's the same in the military surrounding - to say that there are no selfish people there; somehow it would be very strange. But what is characteristic - the deeper the province, the more difficult the life of people, the less the self-interested, in a sense. The closer all this is to Moscow and to the military elite as well, the worse, the more self-interest. Everything that was revealed with the start of the special operation is a combination of circumstances that are already clear. And after they began to introduce new legislative norms into everything related to the special operation, one thing BECAME CLEAR that these norms HAD NOT EXISTED and they used such a situation quite widely. Among these "users" were many representatives of the so-called "elite". They got rich and became slack. And it was absolutely not for this that they occupied some positions in order to risk their lives. They tend to get rich in a skillful way and share, and lick the bosses’ asses and not at all to work and create. They ARE NOT ABLE TO CREATE. For example, these people do not know how to produce new electronic equipment and there are lots of them, but THEY KNOW how to re-glue stickers and make profit on this. They know how to clean budget money and steal, but they can’t “catch mice”. And you can't force them. They are just different. This is not about the fact that they steal, but could have produced ultra-modern equipment, and if you make them frightened in order to produce – they WILL NOT. They are not able. If you order them, scare them, they will only get scared and that's it.

What for is mobilization for a person who wants to enrich himself? It is needed for him to get rich. He thinks only about this and does only this. Public indignation about the way the mobilization is taking place is related to certain properties of the system, but this DOES NOT MEAN that there are no decent military commissars and it DOES NOT MEAN (from the moment when both public activists and some people in positions started sounding the alarm about the outrageous things that happen during the mobilization), that the situation has NOT CORRECTED. It has improved significantly, because some of them acted normally, while others were a little scared. They got down, complicated their enrichment schemes, but they have not disappeared…

 In order to mobilize 300 thousand and prepare them for conducting serious military operations as part of the special operation, we need a developed infrastructure, we need the so-called framed units3 (combinations), we need training grounds, we need the right training system, we need to prepare people for modern warfare, and not the one that was planned. ALL THIS IS DONE - IN ADVANCE. But it was not done, because it was believed that we would not fight like that. The point of view prevailed that a big conventional WAR is IMPOSSIBLE. It might be either nuclear or global, turning into a nuclear one. And such a conflict (war) is generally impossible, and there is no need to get ready for it. And within the framework of this, the whole framed structure was curtailed, the correct unfolding of everything in the world, including mobilization, etc. As an illustrative example, partial mobilization is announced AND SUDDENLY - in 3 days, the Deputy Minister of Defense - the head of the logistics of the Russian Armed Forces, is removed from his post. Probably, this speaks of the SERIOUS UNPREPAREDNESS for such events. But the TV does not comment on it. It, the TV, says that everything is going well according to the plan.

6For at least eight years, the Ukrainians, somehow, have been building up their military potential. There is no need to exaggerate either the properties of the Ukrainian army or the properties of the Ukrainian officials - they are EVEN DUMBER than ours, but the system was transformed to a military footing and it was guarded all the time by foreigners who knew how to control when they wanted. AND THEY DID WANT. We didn't have it. This means that all of us today are faced with the problem of the infrastructure, with the methodology of practical training, with the problem of supplying equipment, its use, and so on. A lot of these problems have manifested themselves, and they will still manifest themselves in different forms. I do not mean that the system WILL NOT SOLVE them, I am saying it again - THERE IS NO REPLACEMENT FOR IT. This is a huge system that includes millions and millions of people. It needs HELP TO RESIST, but if you don’t immediately begin to take into account all the flaws, calculate the loads under which it will collapse and track its failures, then we WILL NOT HELP the system, but will encourage it in its worst features: self-interest, mediocrity, and others. And there is too much of it! It, this system, within the framework of the tasks of the old Control System, was created for comfort, for miserable existence, for glamour, and not at all to plow and plow. And now we have to use this system for other purposes. People would have known and solved all this themselves if the causes and effects have been clarified. But they are HAVE NOT CLARIFIED so far and are unlikely to be clarified for the majority. From this darkness there grows a complete misunderstanding of the happening. The most real is always the most distant. The most real, to which domain expediency and understanding belong, are so different from human concepts of the ongoing today that they DO NOT CORRELATE and DO NOT COOPERATE with them, but are used in their own interests. “Expediency... operates through causality."

Now everyone understands that it was necessary BEFORE THE START of the Special Military Operation, to “tighten all the nuts”, to prepare for hard times. But a fundamentally different concept prevailed, according to which our army is NOT a MIXTURE of heroic people and bedbugs, but something ideal - LEGENDARY AND UNCONQUERABLE. This was facilitated by the people who, either selfishly or out of stupidity, go on doing it. And this concept prevailed with all its costs. Even after it became clear that IT WAS FALSE, such logic was inert, it did not disappear, and it started to go down curving. And there began a segmental decomposition within the fractions of the total military contingent. And then, based on what they hammered into our heads when they showed people with horns in their pockets, screwed to a machine gun or behind their belts. That is a good picture that HAS NOTHING to do with the reality. With these magazines on your belt and with something strapped to the machine, you can take stalls and even shops. But you can’t fight, it’s impossible to conduct a fire battle for a long time, because ammunition is brought by cars or wagons, and even for medium motorized rifle units, in conditions of continuous firefight. So if you have something rotten on both sides, and NOT ROTTEN in the middle - then in a different way, as part of some partial collusions (either on an ethnic basis, or a criminal one or, who knows, what other basis), the rotten one will leave and close them from below - this means that it is impossible to bring the required amount of ammunition. Then the best part can either die or be captured. And then - what do they do? They begin to break through the corridor to leave, which was done by separate units and Rosgvardia, and other representatives of the best who fought heroically, destroyed a lot of the enemy, but WERE FORCED to retreat due to the prevailing of this kind of things. This is about the events in the Kharkov direction. What were the reactions to this? Firstly, the reactions were slow, because they were afraid to say the bottom of it. Secondly, immediately there began “songs singing” about the fact that “... they just maneuvered, crossed to the other side of the river and took up a brilliant defense there...” It was a downright lie, because they were afraid to tell the truth. Then certain representatives of such a wise, pragmatic military direction began to say that winter was ahead and why that space on the other side of the Dnieper, it was necessary to optimize everything and give up a hefty piece in the south and lie down behind the water barrier. It was STOPPED, CUT SHOT, and as I see it, the reactions followed from the highest level. The situation has changed again.

 Now about referendums. Did everyone understand what it meant to go to these referendums? This meant a RADICAL CHANGE in fact, what was said earlier, the very philosophy of the actions being carried out. We now say that these territories have become the part of Russia, and, of course, this is correct. But something else had been said - that the government would be corrected and a new brotherhood would arise at the level of turning the Ukraine into a friendly state like Belarus. So it had been said. Now something else is being said, and this other thing has an irreversible character. Wasn't it initially clear that no Ukraine would recognize these referendums? So the only major task here is to change the WHOLE of PHILOSOPHY de facto and tell the people who are in this territory that we have irreversibly crossed the Rubicon not at the level of President, who crossed it on February 24, but at the level of the Constitution, all levels of power and the entire Russian state and society. But now people are waiting and do not understand how exactly everything will happen next, and continuous indignation arises - why didn’t we do this before and what are we doing at all? However, in my opinion, this is an objective process that has made many people look around and start thinking. We should think and understand that if we take inventory and want to reconfigure the existing system, then we need to start cutting off everything that has rotten and building the new, carefully, gently, WITHOUT HITTING the system. And only then - WE WIN. In addition to changing the configuration, it is necessary to tighten control over the functioning of the system, as well as the introduction of the new components that WOULD NOT DESTROY the main system frame. Only this delicate operation is able to bring victory. Among those who went to the mobilization points today, there are a lot of people who are sincerely and selflessly doing their duty. They will fight very well if they are properly trained, equipped, and the correct military, strategic and other schemes are created. And they will start it in the right way, without a double bottom, if they are told the truth about the ongoing events. Numerous reflections, consonant with the President of Chechnya Kadyrov - "to mobilize half of the employees of law enforcement agencies", WILL NOT PASS. Because law enforcement officers are part of the same consumer society created over the past 30 years.

Many of them make a career and are not at all inclined to die for their Motherland.

The only way is to take inventory of everything military that is available, to give way to those who can live in conditions of tension and creation. Remove the rotten, imprison thieves (or maybe do something more radical with them and others involved), connect technical equipment with people; teach them in a new way and properly. Inventory or death, regroup or die! And if this is not done right now, then it will be too late.

 If we use the information, ideology and strategy as we are using them now (just on the principle of the primitive ways of the existing), then all this, EARLY OR LATE, will turn into the worst that only can be. Because the existing complex possibilities will NOT BE USED, and the primitive ones will not be used effectively enough and they will have to be increased – something will begin to which all those who have led the Ukraine to its current state are pushing us all the time. They are just howling - "well, hit with tactical nuclear weapons, well, hit...". Another trap, because this linear escalation was calculated by the enemy. This means that all that can be done is to carefully use the existing means of the system, change configurations, encourage, activate, put forward human material that has shown its effectiveness and remove these gangrenous parts that naturally exist in the system when money-grubbers were put on the pedestal and they were produced more than 30 years, by the totality of the system of the corresponding spiritual production. This is a delicate operation. But only this operation is able to give us victory. Everything else is leading us to trap and dead end. We have to take inventory of everything that is military, REALLY MILITARY VIGOR and saturate it with opportunities, strain the military-technical sector, give way to those who can live in these conditions of tension and creation, ruthlessly remove the rest, imprison thieves or do with them and others involved - something more radical. Connect the technical equipment with the human contingent, because you can give them any tanks, but if they have junk in them, so it will be junk. Teach in a new way and military science. Should laws be tightened? They should! Is it necessary to mobilize people? It is. The question is that it needs to be done in a complex, systematically, based on the comprehension of the inventory that SOMEONE MUST carry out. It still has to be done. But if you do some things now, it will really affect the current situation.

As an example (and this applies to all people who live today in the attached territories), before becoming a full-fledged Russian, that is, obtaining an internal civil passport of the Russian Federation, an applicant for obtaining Russian citizenship must PASS THE PROCEDURE of taking the oath of Russian citizenship. This requirement appeared relatively recently - the relevant law ENTERED INTO FORCE on September 1, 2017. Probably few of the readers know about it. But a little earlier, on January 26, 2016, following the meeting of the Anti-Corruption Council, President Vladimir Putin APPROVED THE INSTRUCTION:

a) inform persons holding public positions in the Russian Federation, positions in the federal public service, positions in state corporations (companies), funds and other organizations established on the basis of the federal laws, positions in the organizations established to fulfill the tasks assigned to the federal state bodies, appointment to and dismissal from which are carried out by the President of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Russian Federation, as well as other positions provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation, about the need for timely and proper fulfillment of the obligation to report in the prescribed manner about the occurrence of personal interest in the performance of official duties, which leads or may lead to a conflict of interest;

b) to ensure the provision of methodological assistance to the persons named in subparagraph "a" of this paragraph, in the preparation of appropriate notices of the occurrence of personal interest in the performance of official duties, which leads or may lead to a conflict of interest.

Deadline - March 1, 2016;

c) Submit proposals in accordance with the established procedure: on the introduction of the procedure for taking an oath by state civil servants and disciplinary liability in case of establishing the facts of its violation;

Deadline - April 1, 2016

And no one knows about it today. But let's ask ourselves a simple question – are officials civil servants with civil ranks (equivalent to military ones), and NOT UNDER an oath of service to their country and to us - the people of this country? Can it be so, and even more so today? Officials of the so-called category "A" - the top leadership - the Actual State Councilor of the Russian Federation of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd classes (equivalent to military ranks - Army General, Colonel General, Lieutenant General) and without any obligations to the Country and its people! I will not indicate here the name of the one who did everything to ensure that this order of the President of the Russian Federation WAS NOT IMPLEMENTED. And why it was done - IT IS NOT DIFFICULT to guess observing the current business and not only the current one, of this so-called "cohort of all-powerful managers" and "arbiters of our destinies." So, shall we start with this immediately? I will write my vision of the Oath and the consequences of not fulfilling the Oath in the next article, because I think that people should know this and I am sure that many will agree with me. This is what it is - the transformation of the current system without its destruction and the beginning of the removal from it (the system) of everything vile and unacceptable, everything that really manifested itself in all its “glory” after February 23. But the most important thing in this is the people’s understanding, ordinary people, who had no idea why everything happened the way it did and what it all led to... and could lead to in the end.

 I believe and know that Russia will withstand. I believe that the Russian people are the last living people of the so-called white race. I am absolutely sure that this is the MISSION PEOPLE and that the fate of mankind, and not only the fate of Russia, depends on THIS PEOPLE WITHSTANDING. That's why, I DO NOT CONSIDER it is right, in this situation, to destroy and bring down the system. It's called cutting the branch you're sitting on. Everything should be more delicate, smarter, and more complex. Most importantly, I believe, that this is all for a long time. That even if in this situation there are no breakdowns like Kharkov, then all the same, strategic alignment over a long interval requires only one thing, NOT DESTRUCTION of the existing, but its rigid transformation, and most importantly, the spiritual production of Man with a new worldview. This will allow us not to copy the patterns of the past era, as obvious as they seem, and so non-working today. As long as they try to replace the worldview vacuum with the idea of everyday life, the situation cannot be corrected even in theory. This is essential.




1 Liberalism is a bourgeois political movement of the XIX and early XX centuries, which defended the restriction of the monarchy by parliament, the expansion of electoral rights, bourgeois freedoms -speech, press, conscience. Liberalism was widespread during the struggle of the industrial bourgeoisie with the feudal nobility for power. With the development of imperialism and the growth of the revolutionary movement of the working class, liberalism is coming to naught, since the bourgeoisie, facing the threat of a socialist revolution, is increasingly turning to methods of violence and terror against the working masses. The ideas of liberalism, picked up by the compromisers from the Second International, serve in their hands as a means of deceiving the masses. Liberals are always and everywhere defenders of the capitalist system. 2) Liberalism is also called a tolerant, complacent attitude towards class enemies. Lenin and Stalin have always cruelly criticized rotten liberalism as criminal complacency and soft-heartedness bordering on treason to the working class, as a lack of class vigilance to a disguised enemy.

2 Inferno –nature is like hell, the focus of evil for thinking, feeling beings. The tendency of an unsettled society to withdraw into itself when, according to the laws of evolution, the fittest begin to succeed – sycophants, opportunists, obedient, non-initiative performers, which leads to an increase in incompetence in public affairs and, ultimately, to the death of society. The only way to avoid inferno is the restructuring of society on the principles of science and the transition to a genuine understanding of what is happening.

3 A unit (compound) in which the personnel of a peacetime formation are staffed by half or less of the wartime staff is called in Russian military terminology a framed unit (a framed compound).

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