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Monday, 04 July 2022 10:53

033_369 The Essence

To protect yourselves from danger, we need to understand the source of the danger. This will allow us to see the nature of the source and understand its purpose. Then we will be able to understand the plan and means of implementation, create a defense line, strategy and tactics. All this is possible, IF the source of danger IS CLEAR to us.

Friday, 01 July 2022 22:30

032_369 The image

We are used to believing that the main function of the brain is thinking. We often hear that "we need brains in order to thin..." For all that, the idea that "the reality we observe is the product of our brain and depends on our thinking" has been very popular lately. Is it the truth? Man is the only creature with a developed brain.

Throughout time people have tried to grasp the reality, to make all pieces fall into the right place and comprehend it by asking themselves questions. After all, when there is a question, there is a chance to find an answer. When there is no question, there is no chance to find an answer either. Even nowadays, our logic and reason MAKE UP THEIR ASSERTIONS, starting from axioms – the truths taken for granted, because of their "obviousness".

The collapse of the thinking foundation means that Man is locked in the closet of everyday realities. This can be compared to the Newton physics. It's perfect for the pressing matters. The calculations that build bridges, create cars, and sew boots are all based on the Newton mechanics. But this mechanic, by its nature, does not allow you to go up or down to another level. It puts the limit to knowledge.

There are no problems in the world which solution could be halted due to the lack of money. Everybody does not move because of the lack of ideas. The reason is that the mind is bound by the total, elementary, eternal and obvious truths. It cannot make a step beyond the lines outlined by them, while the new is always beyond the lines of the known. Everything within the lines, at best, is an upgrade of the old truths, but not new at all.

Friday, 29 April 2022 02:08

028_369 The chess board

The larger the scale of the subject being brought up and the deeper it is, the more vigorously people defend the truths they are accustomed to. Few people can bare criticism of their elementary truths. No wonder Descartes said that the main obstacle on the way to new views and knowledge is OUR ABC TRUTHS. In the things you like, you will exaggerate the pros and downplay the cons. In the things you don’t like, on the contrary, you will exaggerate the minuses, and downplay the pluses.

When they write that the name of the hero who accomplished a heroic deed is unknown they usually mean a woman.

And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness (Genesis 1:26). As you can see, the story of the creation of Homo sapiens is in the singular - "Let us make a man." Here THERE IS NO TALK about a man and a woman, but about the single containing male and female nature. However, later in the text, the singular suddenly becomes the plural: and let them have dominion over... (Genesis 1:26).

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